Frank wonders if Ian got more than he says he did. Dan says it would be an easy way to disguise it with all the presents.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest


2:50pm – 3:15pm Shane and Dan are in the kitchen alone. Dan asks Shane how he felt about everything. Shane says it’s good. Dan says that they should be good till the final four. Shane says that he doesn’t trust Joe and wonders why Ian isn’t putting him up. They both agree that they think even if Joe wins veto, he won’t use it. Dan heads outside. Ian and Dan chat about the new hammock and how Dan looked into getting one. Meanwhile, Joe, Danielle and Shane are in the kitchen hanging out and eating.

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3:15pm – 3:25pm Frank and Jenn are on the backyard couch. Frank tells her that he hopes Ian puts her up against Joe or Dan. Jenn says that she had two conversations with Ian and says that he kind of said he wouldn’t put me up but that he was so wishy washy. Jenn says that it would be to obvious if it was you and I. Frank says that Ian says that he is more worried about the post nominations. Jenn says that she thinks that is a lie. She says one good thing is that he likes me more than Joe. Frank agrees. Frank says that another good thing is that he doesn’t know that we have deals with other people. Frank says that he told Ian that the main reason he wanted to get rid of Britney was so that he would be alone. So why not come work with Jenn and I, you will be the fourth person on the totem pole with Shane. Frank says that he also told Ian that keeping me and Dan would keep bigger targets in the house which keeps me safe. Jenn says that she thinks Danielle won’t vote me out over Dan. Frank disagrees. Jenn says that she just hopes Ian isn’t making a personal decision or making it personal.

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3:35pm – 3:50pm They talk about what type of a competition the veto will be tomorrow. Jenn says that she thinks it will be the spelling competition. She says she would be good at that. Frank says that if you and I aren’t up on the block together and I am, then I will try and throw the veto to you so that you can take me off and then we will both be safe. Jenn says that Joe fell off and she didn’t even realize it until he was standing by you. They talk about how surprised they were that Dan didn’t win it and say that he should have been better at it. Dan comes over to join them. Frank says that he was talking to Ian and is almost sure I am going up. Frank says that he is trying to tell Ian to put up Joe without saying his name. Dan asks do you think all of us will make it through. Frank says he hopes so. Frank says that Ian told Joe if someone wins it and comes down then Joe will go up. Ian is worried about Joe winning it, and I don’t know why. Frank says that Ian keeps talking about bigger fish to fry; I hope he is talking about Joe but maybe he is talking about you (Dan). Dan brings up how Shane and Danielle are untouchable. Frank says that he told Ian that he is just a big a target as I am. Jenn says he has to realize that. They talk about Jessie. Frank wonders if Ian got more than he says he did. Dan says it would be an easy way to disguise it with all the presents. Jenn says that he (Jessie) was just pissed because I was the only girl that wouldn’t go any where near him. Yuck! Jenn heads inside. Dan talks about how Jessie was a big time trouble maker and wonders how Frank would fair with him. Frank says that he would go into beast mode on him if he did. Dan wonders if he can hit hard. Frank says he can’t be that quick. Dan comments on how Jessie must have had heels on, he could never see eye to eye with me. Frank says Santa heels! Frank says we got to survive this week. Dan says if you were to save the three of us it would spook him (Ian) out. Dan says the best case is us having three votes on the side line. Frank says that he doesn’t want Jenn to go but I think we could still have the votes. I think we could get three votes.


4pm They talk about if Britney is in the jury house already. They talk about how Britney called him (Dan) Judas. Frank says it would have been funny if she hadn’t also busted you on the ego thing. Dan says that when he goes out he will be nice, there’s no need for that. When your number is up, it’s up. Frank says that they only thing he regrets is how he handled the little man the other day. I just wish I could have calmed him down. Dan says that some time it helps you out when you don’t think it could. Like I regret how I handled the Pandora Box POV. He says that he doesn’t usually lose his cool and wasn’t happy that he did. Frank says but maybe you wouldn’t have said that rat comment and I wouldn’t have heard about it. Frank says that its mind blowing that I have been up on the block more than I haven’t been. The only time I haven’t been on the block is when I have been HOH. They talk about how bad Joe was in that HOH comp. Dan says that Jerry was in better shape than Joe is. Frank says that he worries what the fans think of him. Dan says that Frank might have taken some heat for his association with Boogie. Frank hopes he raised Boogie up a bit.

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4:15pm – 4:20pm Dan and Ian discuss what the power of veto competition might be tomorrow. Ian thinks its about time in the season for the Otev or Morph Competitions. Ian then goes to swing on the hammock. Dan lays on the couch in silence. Danielle is in the bathroom blow drying her hair.
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4:52pm Nothing much going on

4:57pm Cam 3-4 Danielle is caking on the makeup trying to cover up her face. She comments that her Rash on the neck hasn’t gone away.

5:23pm Trivia yo
6:04pm Trivia

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Britney's Disgusting Pepto Bismol Dress

This kids gonna screw up his week of HOH. He may say that he doesn’t want it to be a waste of nominations, or whatever but I predict his love for the queef pack will taint his decision to make a move worth making this week. He’s such a tard

BTW Britneys’ dress was just as bad as Danielles’ Orange dress….only difference was it looked like Pepto and fake pink beads around the top looked like the Pink Panther gave her a pearl necklace



YEAH, FRANK AND JENN ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK!! Now if only production does not help Frank cheat this time in the veto and that disgusting Carrot finally goes to JURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please let Frank go and not be able to continue to cheat his way in this game!!!!


I’ve never really been a big Jessie fan, but I wonder how he feels about it that BB keeps using him as a punishment or annoyance to houseguests.


He’s making good money for it I am sure. Why should he have a problem?


Does Ian not realize he has titties? I just barfed a lil’ in my mouth.


Really? That’s the best you can do-stay silent if you cant say something intelligent.

Ian's Man Boobs

Ian needs a bra or a tshirt. Either way, no one wants to see that mess.

He has had lots of opportunities to learn workout techniques from Shane, Mike Boogie and Frank and instead he just swings away on that stupid hammock and talks to himself.

The boy is clueless.

Ian's Man Boobs

I didn’t think of that. Very possible. Poor kid.

I really feel sorry for him most of the time.


frank hopes he raised mike up a little bit? not difficult to do when the starting point for both is the bottom of the ocean.

i hope ian has a surprise power too, but i doubt it.

with frank and jenn going up (most likely), as with each season, the power from here on rests with the veto. hope ian wins it!


That comment struck me funny as well….Frank raising Booger up..hahhaha The only thing Frank raised up is his inflated ego


I’m on the same page as you….I laughed out loud when I read that statement from Frankenstein.


I am a fan of Franks so this might be a little biest,but if Ian is trying to avenge Britney than why not go after Dan and Danielle.The longer you leave Dan in the game the more dangerous he is,and the last person he is going to take to a final 2 is Ian.Say what you will about Frank but he hasn’t back stabbed anyone in this game(yet)So if Ian can get his word that he will work with him Ian than joins a team of 3 both of which he might be able to beat in the end.Where as dan he cannot beat because if dan is in the final 2 he deserves to win because there is no way the other house guests should have let him get there


i’d rather see dan and shane go up, and frank as a replacement…


HOPE FRANK GOES UP!!! Cheaters need to go home!!!!


Frank and Jenn need to tell Ian, Joe and Shane that Dani went out of her way to backstab Britney. Break out a damn Bible and swear on it like Dan would. It may not work, but if Frank sits back and does nothing, he’s gone.

Ian's Man Boobs

Truly, the smartest move would be Shane, Dan and Frank in some combination. If Ian just got one of them out then he would be doing good.

He can’t beat any of them in the final 2.

The problem is that he freaks out and can’t handle the game. Britney was his brain and now he has to think for himself. Should make for an interesting week.


I agree, I don’t know why Ian won’t put them up instead. Dan’s the one who ratted out the stupid Quack Pack and Ian. Frank would’ve known nothing about Ian and would’ve kept Britney safe otherwise. Ian’s so stupid, I hope he’s gone next week.


This is a good point poor Ian he might be sending the wrong person home this week and hurt his only chance to back door Dan or Shane.
Good luck to all the players may the best player win. Thanks everyone for all your awesome insight and trying to not make the game personal.

Amy N

I’m still hoping Dan can make it to final two with someone. My first pick would be Dan and Frank. I would love that! Time for Joe to go, I can’t handle anymore night shots of him *Sudders*

Joe's Boxers

OH COME ON AMY. How can you say you don’t like the Powerhouse Pull sweetheart???



Me too, I want Frank and Dan in the final 2. They’re the only two who truely deserve to win. The rest are just floaters and backstabbing, lying ,mole Ian’s just a robot who does what he’s told. I can’t stand that twit, I hope he’s gone next week.


Omg if Frank thinks he help Boogie, because he associated with him, he really crazy. That guy has one hellva ego. Give me a break. I hope Ian win the pov and gets him out of the house. Then they both think they would be more graceful leaving the Brittany. PLEASE!!!!


43% of the poll want Frank gone this week!


I’m surprised seeing as Frank was leading the poll as Favorite Player left in the game, not by much but leading still. Simon do a poll asking people who they want to win the game, or who they want to face off in Final 2. Or maybe you’ve done it before I don’t remember……..


I voted for Frank to go home by a mistake. I thought this poll was the same as the others, favorite player.

Ian's Man Boobs

And 42% said Frank was their favorite player. Insanity.


Insanity??? I happen to like Frank, to each his own.

Ian's Man Boobs

Oh I like Frank too. I just meant that in the polls it is about even as to how many like him and how many do not. I think he is an awesome player and he is my 1st choice to win.

Frank is a great competitor and I am hoping he doesn’t get voted out/backdoored this week or next.

I think Dan is a mastermind but what he did to Danielle was really mean. I’m not even a fan of Danielle but hurting her feelings in front of everyone was wrong. I don’t think Frank would do something like that.

Go Frank YO!


That was the way I voted. Can’t stand his ego. Worse than Dan’s.


I think I would’ve been a fan of Frank’s if I knew that Sid Vicious was really his day, I thought Y’all was BSin about that… Now tha6 I know I’m a lil bit of a fan


Dad, not day*********

Nicky Brand

It’s true. The wrestler Sid Vicious, not the punk star, of course. His real name is Sid Eudy.

Please Explain

I’ve watched this entire season and have seen Frank defy the odds to survive. he does not lie to anyone, he just plays the game. I really need someone to tell me why there is so much vitriol on this site about him. not looking for an argument, just really want to know what I’m missing. thanks


“I’ve watched this entire season” I imagine you are meaning you watch the CBS broadcast.. CBS broadcast != what actually goes on in the Big Brother House

Please Explain

should have mentioned I have the feeds as well; carry on.


If you watch only the episodes, you probably thought Frank was a nice guy getting picked on by everyone. Just like you probably thought Jeff and Jordan are sweet and Rachel is a decent human being. If you watch the feeds though, it’s pretty clear that Frank is an egotistical douche, Jeff and Jordan are not that nice, nor are they very interesting or smart, and Rachel is a trainwreck. The episodes and the feeds are two very different shows. CBS only shows you what they want so the viewers react a certain way.


Frank is a class act. His only fault is being too loyal to Boogie.
He’s honest, friendly, and fun.
Chloe, I agree w JnJ and Rachel, but you really got Frank all wrong. He’s a good guy.


I only watched the show and still hated Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. But I do like Frank because he seems like the constant underdog. I couldn’t stand Britney and am SO HAPPY that bitch is gone and now I want that little runt Ian out.

Cant get rid of Frank

There is no rule saying that egotistic douch bags dont deserve to win the show. Dr. Will was egotistic and so was Evel Dick and Boogie, and won all have won the show. This is not a personality contest in case it was not obvious. I also disagree on the Rachel comment CBS did paint her in a bad light season 12, and if you noticed in season it was13 Porsche, Kalia and Danielle were horrible and said aweful things about her that were uncalled for and had nothing to do with the game…..and I dont remember this cite posting horrible things that Rachel said about them.

As someone who watches the feeds all I can say is that the hate against Frank was very much created over nothing. And the more he won comps, the house guests hated because they could not get rid of him. And seems that most people on this cite love to jump the ‘I hate Frank train’. The rest o f the house guests are really quite pathetic, they have been trying to get of one person the entire season, and have failed every time. Big Brother is not a competition of who is the most likable person in the house, its about who is playing the game better.

Cant get rid of Frank

while he does lack is social game and power, maybe Frank can prove that it is possible to win through BB. This a comment that I have heard many past winners say , that it is impossible to win through the show, meaning winning HOH and POV week after and after and whenever eligible. But maybe it is possible an Frank is proving it. The same way that Dr. Will proved that it is possible to win without winning any comps or that Evel Dick proved that it is possible to win after making everyone hate you.

I hope Frank is nominated so he play in the POV.



& People talk about how Frank has no social game when wht they fail to realize is that he couldn’t have a social game.

If you’re considered a target from day one, put on the block week after week with everyone against you, you have no chance to have a social game.

No one trusted the guy, and not because of him but because of who he was aligned with.

Janelle started the Anti-B/F campaign, the houseguests jumped on it & those here followed suit.

Then people say that Frank had a bad attitude.
Well why wouldn’t he? If your back is up against the wall week after week, with these SAME people trying to take you out for absolutely NO reason, wouldn’t you harbor some animosity towards them?
He has every right to be upset.

The guy has been fighting since week one & if anybody deserves to be in the final 2, it is him.


Frank could have played a much better social game from the beginning. Instead, he decided to go along with Boogie and treat everyone else like crap. His ego is beyond out of control. That’s why people hate him. If he had been gracious and worked on his social game, he may have been able to take the target off of his back early on. Instead, he decided to be an inflated antagonist. Even his comments about women are disgusting. He waits 3 weeks to call a woman? That’s why he’s still single. He treats everyone like they are beneath him and that they should just bow down and be grateful if he simply looks their way|>


Lmao. Is BB becoming like TGH?

This is not a popularity contest!

Im a woman, and I truly dont care how he personally feels and does things.

Why is his outside life being brought into it and determining whether he is a good player or not?

Players like Evel Dick did way worse and have done way worse in their personal lives and it has never entered the game. Evel Dik treated people like absolute shit yet he is put on a pedestal.

People simply need a reason to dislike Frank.

Frank had NO chance to have a social game, period.

If people are targeting you from the jump just because they were being sheep , what are you supposed to do?

They didn’t believe a word that came out of his mouth simply because he was aligned with Boogie which is to no fault of his own.
He aligned with his coach, just like the others star players aligned with theirs !

What do you guys not get? Janelle planted the seed, and it grew. He was trusted by no one; thought to be an amazing competitor when the only one winning comps at the time was Shane.

They wanted him out and they still do. What they fail to realize is they continue wasting time & they continue to end up evicting weak players, that they have every shot in the world against.

They had it against him since day one, he’s still there & deserves it.


Chloe, I do not watch the feeds but I do come to this website and check up on things and I still cannot see why people dislike Frank the way that they do.

Britney has honestly said worse things about players in the house but instead of being reemed for it, she gets deemed BB house comedian.

It’s crazy how certain people can get away with things while others can’t, all based on favorites.

I’m okay with people not liking somebody because of something they said, but at least be consistent about it.

Whether you like Frank or not, you have to admit that Frank has put in more work than ANYBODY else this season.

He was target from day one and still manages to be there.

I’m sorry, but he deserves the win.

Frank will be Rachel 2.0 ; some people hate them while on the show, but once they make it to the end, they will gain respect for them.


I agee with you.


Ian says that when Frank gets nominated – he treats people like s###t. Of Course, he does…………Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were on the block practically every week? I am very much a Frank fan because he has had to fight to save himself from the start of the game. The Silent 6 alliance screwed him and there must have been a thousand alliances and not one of them is loyal to Frank! I am really dumbfounded about how Ian trusts Dan; 1) Dan ratted him out 2) Dan got his trusted friend out. 3) Dan ratted out the Quack Pack 4)Dan has already won half million.

Danielle's refection

Yea, but Dan treats him like a person and a friend, not just like someone that is without value and beneath him , like Frank did, and still does. And, I am still very mad at Dad right now, for stabbing Brit & Ian in the back.


Oh give me a break!! It’s so clear that Dan’s just using Ian!!


I agree man! Like I don’t get why Ian is not targeting Dan or even Danielle! He’s definitely making it personal. Even though Frank made it personal last week, he realized when Dan rated Ian out how dumb he was for thinking Dan was the rat! I’m sorry but if Frank makes final two he should get some votes. yeah you gotta have a good social game but if you have been wining comps then that should be taken into consideration. Like lets say if it was Danielle/Frank in the finals it would be so personal to vote Danielle despite her not doing much and being Dan’s puppet. It would be the same if Danielle was with Dan final two because they wouldn’t let Dan win again even though he should cause of the game he played. I just don’t want a season where a Floater wins aka Jordan season 11! worst winner ever!


ITA with you, I think Frank deserves to win above everyone else. He’s always had to fight every week and has won lots of comp. He’s not a floater like most of the players left either. The show’s going to be SO boring if he goes home.


ITA, that’s what I’m trying to figure out!


What a boring week with little power trip boy in power. So sick of Ian and I am having a hard time admitting I actually liked him in the beginning until he became a two faced little mole. He even looks like a mole the more he’s in the house.

Carrot Teddy

Does Ian have like some form of autism or asbergers, cuz he acts like he does with the walking on his toes, the facial expressions, the constant rocking and hammock swinging. This post isn’t meant to be mean, just was wondering


He may…but he also said earlier in the season that he changed his actions such as the way he walked to come off a certain way in the house, maybe to not be seen as a threat, or for pity.

Ian's Man Boobs

I don’t think Ian is that good of an actor. All signs point to that boy having Aspergers.

I heard him say on the feeds one day that he is confused as to how to act around people and is having a hard time understanding body language as well. Very typical symptoms along with the constant rocking, mumbling, child-like qualities (teddy bears and he is 21…wtf) and his sharp memory.

I think if he does have it, then it is kind of sad that he is in the BB house and being put through so much emotional dysfunction.


when is nominations?


soon.. it’s going to be Jenn and Frank..

Nicky Brand

I think it would be smarter to put up Jenn and someone else, maybe Dan, hoping Frank doesn’t get drawn for POV comp. Then no matter who wins, take down the other person and put up Frank. They should know by now that Frank always gets POV if gets to play in it.


I swear they are doing them later and later.
I know PB postponed it today, but still each week it seems later.
I may be wrong but I believe when Janelle got nom’d it was between 11 am and Noon. Wish they would do it about that time every day, give us a day of people whining!


Never mind what I said above, I just remembered Janelle got nominated during the POV on Monday.
Getting my ceremonies confused, seems like there is a lot of nom switching this year!


Isnt pandoras box a good thing and a bad? Jessie goin to the house I would say is the bad thing. Ian getting crappy toys isn’t a good thing either. He must be hiding something………


I REALLY want Dan to stay in the game I have no clue what alliances are still in or new in the house Someone help me with that please? I don’t like Ian at all bc he really did screw over BOOGIE -love him

Ian's Man Boobs

I miss Boogie too.

Dan is a genious.


Damn! I miss Britney’s tiny whinny self (

Hello Simon…Hello Dawg…

Danielle's refection

Please give me a break!

Danielle's refection

Step away from the mirror.


little does Ian knows that the only person left in the house he can honestly trust is Frank. Dan, Danielle and Shane are looking out for themselves for the final 3. they will take either Joe and Jenn with them to final 4, Ian is going home on double eviction night.


What did Pandoras Blx even do? Just put Jessie in the house for how long


That picture of Danielle is going to give me nightmares tonight.

Danielle's refection

Tell me about it!

BB Fan 5

Right! It looks like Halloween makeup! Terrifying

Kathie from Canada

Simon, the Pandora’s veto that Ian still has?? Is it now null and void given than he is HOH?? Would he still be able to use it during the double eviction should he be put up in the second part?? Or could he use it to change one of his own nominations to backdoor another player?? I’m hoping it is just a dead issue now.


Pandora’s veto was only good for 1 week


I anyone is questioning why Frank is not so popular they could have not watched BBAD. CBS gave them a good edit. Don’t forget during the 6 team allance, Frank wanted to vote Dan out, Boogie talked him out of it. Boogie had such a big ego he went for the money, while Frank sat on the sides. So, it was Frank who first wanted to go against the S6. Liked that Ian did what he did. They B/F treated him like a dumb little kid and now it’s coming back to bite Frank in the ass. KARMA. I would really like to see Frank go home. Hope Dan, Dani and Shane go home … these 3 at least were loyal to each other through out the game. Wonder who Danielle would pick .. Shane or Dan? Will be tough when the time comes. I think both will take her. She won her HOH at the right time, made everyone think she would be a contender in endurance.


If you care about my sanity vote Danielle in the poll above

Vote Dawg is reign of terror must end

Danielle's refection

Already done. However, before she goes, I want her exposed.


would be nice if it was Shane that figured it out.. That could be the drama we need for this week. COME ON Diary Room make it happen. Better yet just tell Frank straight up and give him a way to get proof.. let Dan have to struggle a bit more for his 500K

Danielle's refection

Production would have to do it, Shane couldn’t figure it out on his own, and evidently Frank don’t have the nerve to go against Dan. Come on someone shake up Danielle, she has it too easy right now.

Ian's Man Boobs

Now that would be a good week!

Simon, you need to be on the next BB!


LOL@ #Moobs


Simon I thought you and dawg were in an alliance…are you turning on him?


yup.. tossed a grenade at him gonna get him voted out of here


My take on these tools:
Jenn: who the fuck are you
Shane: huge betamale…ya keep wearing the pink
Dan: much respect but using your religion to your advantage…pathetic
Danielle: way to much to say about this chick but she is so insecure its ridiculous…she thinks being a nurse is intimidating LMFAO
Ian: you are a fucking rat and you are not cool stop saying bubba… clown
Frank: much respect for being the comeback kid but God get your ego in check…YOU’RE ALONE.
Joe: its not a coincidence I put the next Bobby Flay celebrity chef last. The guy is the definition of a person who is touched in the brain. Having said that the guy is a POWERHOUSE and is untouchable. Might as well write the check and give this guy the title. He clearly is the best reality television player ever………


Boogie, is that you?


I am seriously thinking PB gave Ian a power. If jesse was the bad and little to no cash for Ian, he is the perfect guest for BB to give it to besides Dan. Frank took being benched for 2 HOH’s so he wasn’t available and no one else is deserving, so why not Ian.


I think you are right because last night in the live show they said this is the most importune HOH


I agree. Winning some toys and having the legend in his own mind unleashed on the house doesn’t sound like enough to make it the most important HOH of the summer.


Step one:Frank will put up on the block
Step two:Frank wins PoV
Step three:Take himself off the block
Step four:Forcing HoH nominated to replace the nominee like Joe
Go Frank! Win your PoV!

Dr. J

I think BB needs to put some salt peter in Joe’s salt shaker. They give it to the troops to keep the privates from going to visit the drill Sgt. at night. I do hope Ian wakes up and sees that Frank would be better for his game than any of the others.

Ian's squeeky hammock

Why did CBS give Ian toys? Are they trying to garner him the sympathy vote to make him look more like a little kid than he acts already? He is 21 and in college, geeze.

A new hammock, HA! I will be avenged and come back to squeek again!!!

Team Ian Big Dog

I think that Dan and Ian are going to figure out that Dani and Shane have been throwing POV and HOH’s so that Frank would always win. I think there goal was to eliminate the coaches. Always seemed strange that they could never get him out. When they found the opportunity to get Dan out, they threw it to Frank.


You’re kidding, right?

VA Vet

AHA, Someone actually gets it!!!

Danielle and Shane aren’t the only ones that were blowing competitions. Add Dan, Britney and Ian to the list. (Ian clearly didn’t try to get the second shamrock and Britney gave the music comp to Frank because she AND ONLY SHE supposedly could not hear the music). Joe, Jenn and Ashley could only compete if it was a stupid comp (like taking punishment) or if they accidentally fell into a win. No wonder Frank keeps winning the veto comps.

Lest we forget, when Shane was actually trying, he won three POV’s in a row plus an HOH with Frank participating in at least two of those comps. Oh yeah, production also saved Franks butt by having the reset before evicting Frank making Shane’s HOH a total waste of a weeks programming.

In BB 10, Dan didn’t win anything in the first half of the season and won SIX comps in the second half. He’s playing the same game this time around.

Frank is one of the luckiest persons to play BB, second only to Rachael.


Someone needs to explain to Danielle that because she has small eyes/eyelids, that caking up on eye liner is not good for her. It actually makes her eyes look smaller and she looks cheap and weirder looking.


BB doesn’t just spend precious budget money for no reason. Obviously, Jessie is the only willing former HG/”human punishment” who’ll keep coming on BB just for the cash/exposure every year. (Being forced to watch him every year is liking all of US being put on slop!) Yeah right, BB just felt like giving Ian a bunch of prizes, because they’re nice people! There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Ian didn’t receive a Coup d’etat/Diamond Power Of Veto-type power inside PB, especially after him losing Britney last night! BB knew that as long as they didn’t freeze him to death (like they did on the “ship”), he’d win that type of HOH endurance comp, especially right after Britney was sent to Jury. Ian is unlike any other BB14 HG still in the game. Young, quirky and diabolical, but most of us somehow still have a bit of a soft spot for the kid. He’s an underdog. I think AG badly wants him around, at least for a while longer. Frank thinks Ian got Boogie out. Ian told Brit he’d avenge her eviction. Most HG’s surprisingly “forgive and forget” whenever they’ve been done wrong in the house. Most HGs treat Thursdays like “March Madness.” Just survive and advance in the game. And then they almost always just “kiss and make up”. Where’s the drama in that? We need more “I want revenge” lingering bitterness in the house. And if there are 2 HGs left in the game who, deep down, DO hold BB grudges for a while, it’s Frank and Ian. Last week was high BB drama. That’s a good thing. The second veto helped with that, even though it wasn’t used. Because once Dan realized Ian/Quack Pack wasn’t saving him with it, he came up with his master plan. To me, as the lone vote to keep Brit last night, giving Ian an extra “save himself” power is AG’s best chance to keep the two most “emotional” players in the game. Frank wins POV’s. Ian? Not so much. Therefore, I am 90%+ certain that Ian got a little “extra something” put in his Christmas tree today. Today’s PB just makes zero BB sense otherwise…..

VA Vet

“Precious budget money”? At $1.00 per text, do the math. Votes for have nots, votes to bring vets into the game, votes for favorite player of the week, etc.


That texting/voting $$ goes directly to CBS, not BB’s “Fly On The Wall” productions. BB’s budget does not “expand” due to viewer text votes revenue. I 100% stand by my original point.

Dr. J

Wow Frank and Jenn on the block? I’ve got to give it to Ian he goes for the big potatoes… JENN. Why not Shane and Frank? Nooooo, he’s been suckered by Dan. What a fool and I hope Dan takes his happy bottom out of the game. They had to give Ian toys to keep him from crying all the time. I mean that’s what you do with kids give em toys and keep em entertained. I do wish Ian well and all of them really despite some of my other posts. I don’t hate any of them and I think it would extremely difficult to be on TV like that. A lot of pressure on all of them I’m sure. Looks like my man Frank is in deep do do again unless he can pull off another miracle.


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