IAN Opened Up Pandora’s Box and Released Jessie Godderz into the House!

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12:15pm When the feeds return, Ian opened Pandora’s box and said that it said if you open it you may have the beat Christmas ever. He says that he opened it and there was a Christmas tree and it said all the gifts were his. He says that they were all just a bunch of toys. Frank says so you didn’t get a veto? Ian says no just a bunch of toys. Danielle is blowing up an inflatable alagator. Apparently Jessie Godderz was in the house. He told Frank to shave his chest. Jenn talks about how Jessie drank all of her lactaid milk. She says that she told him that’s all she has and he said he would help her out with it. Jessie took all their beer and junk food and gave them healthy food. The house guests are trying it, Ian runs to the kitchen sink wanting to puke it tastes so bad.


12:25pm – 12:40pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. The house guests realize that BB gave them a new hammock. They tell Ian that it’s a Christmas present for him. They comment on how the BBQ is gone. Jenn says that Jessie wasn’t a fan of Joe and his cooking. (LOL) Dan talks about the other seasons Jessie was in and how he didn’t get too far. Dan says that he was going to rag on him, but figured he wouldn’t that we would just take our poison and not make it any worse.


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12:40pm Jenn and Ian are talking in the backyard by the hammock. Jenn trying to fish for if she is going up on the block. Jenn says that there are a lot more people in the house that are just cruising. Ian says that his decision will be strategic and not personal. Ian says that he knows who she is talking about and says that he doesn’t respect a floater or people that don’t make big moves. Ian tells Jenn that she is a hell of a competitor. They end the conversation and Ian goes inside to get his swimsuit on to go in the pool.

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Joe comes up to the HOH to talk to Ian. Joe says that the bottom line is that obviously we are allies but something that bothered me was that you might put me up as the replacement. Ian says that there is the temptation that if I put up one of the others, people might be tempted to get one of them out rather than the target I want out. Joe says that he is assuming Frank is the target unless the he gets the veto. Ian says yeah. Joe tells Ian that he promised Britney before she left that he would be one of Ian’s closest allies. Joe and Ian shake hands and Joe heads down stairs.

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1pm – 1:15pm Ian heads outside and talks to Dan and Frank about the presents he got like a telescope, a volcano, crystal rocks, spinning globe, floating UFO, pool stuff, a mask and snorkel, clothing, etc. Frank says was there a diamond power of veto hanging from the top of the tree. Ian says no. They talk about how the hammock must be part of his present too. Ian figures it’s probably about a grand. Frank talks about how Jessie was ripping on him and how he (Frank) was about to do a rap about him to burn him but decided not to. Ian says that he is glad he wasn’t down there because he figures he is the type of kid that Jessie would have beat up in high school. Joe says no he is a little guy like you and used to get picked on so that’s why he worked out and got bigger. Ian says oh. They talk about how Jessie was in a Santa suit. Ian says that he was going to joke when he came down that he got a date with Michele from his Dan’s season but decided not to. Dan says that Jessie called him a stooge. They talk about how Jessie was nervous. Joe says yeah he was shaking. Ian says there was one present from J Crew that said it was from his parents. Dan wonders if they will ship the hammock to his house. Ian says yeah right. Dan says why not. Ian says that it said everything under the tree is his to keep, but I have no use for a volcano kit. Dan says Frank says that he called it, he heard the door open before the knock. Big Brother cuts the feeds.
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1:40pm Ian says that he is most upset about the beer being dumped out. Dan and Joe talk about how Jessie didn’t find the bottle of Champaign.


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1:50pm Frank makes fun of Danielle for flirting with Jessie. He says that she was grabbing his arms. Danielle says no he told me to grab is arm. Danielle says that Jessie was calling Dan a bean poll. Danielle says that he isn’t ugly; he is just way too big. Ian says that he was bound to visit at some point. Dan says that he was shaking. Danielle says that he was shaking real bad. Danielle says that they he told Frank he would lose weight if he lost some hair. Frank says no he told me I would get more definition if I shaved my hair.


2:25pm Dan is in the kitchen looking at the memory wall. The trumpets sound for Joe to do the hula hoop. Dan says that he can’t lose this game to a man with a hula hoop. Dan says he is the last coach in the game. Dan says that he and Danielle never thought it would happen, but I’m happy it did, survival of the fittest. I am still here, still alive, let’s go! Sick it in, punch it in, make a move when I get a chance. Dan heads back outside. Dan and Jenn are sitting on the backyard couch in silence. Danielle and Shane are sun tanning, while Joe is floating around in the pool.


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122 thoughts on “IAN Opened Up Pandora’s Box and Released Jessie Godderz into the House!

  1. Good god….now we have two tards in her between Jessie and Ian I wish someone would just light me on fire and get me the F outta here…BB is getting waaaaay lame

      1. Actually they are….AG is right here forcing me to watch every minute of it, plus commercials all while inhaling the dank dew from betweenst her oversized thighs.

        You tool bag, if you don’t think that productions lack of new and creative “twists” or “boxes” or “guests” isn’t played out then you haven’t been watching this show long enough, or it could be that it’s just my humble opinion…so back up son

        1. Is it wrong that I pulled my tube to that picture? I wasn’t sure if it looked hot or not, so I went ahead and sprayed ropes just in case

    1. BB needed to give Ian a bra for one of his gifts. I’m sure he could use it more than a volcano kit.

      They kind of mocked him by giving him toys and rubbed it in that he acts like a child.

      Did anyone notice how excited he was about the HOH food basket?? Lame!! It’s just snacks Ian, not Lapdances!

      I hope this dufus walks out on Thursday, especially if he gets my boy Frank evicted yo!

  2. Jessie, the man, the myth, the Big Brother Legend once again graces the house with his presence. Awesome. Can’t wait to watch.

    1. I certainly hope that was sarcasm. I think they could do something better with the house guests’s time than making them spend time with that piece of shit again, like making them hold their breath until they all pass out. That would be much easier to watch than Jessie.

  3. Jessie.. really BB.. is that the best you can do? Why not go ahead and bring back the Rachel creature too and give her another half-million. Why in the hell would you insist on bringing back people that weren’t liked? Do you think it’s gonna make me watch more? How about less.

    1. Who are you to say who everyone liked? I don’t like Jessie but I happen to like Big Red! She put some excitement into the show and kept After Dark alive so if you don’t mind, keep you f-ing opinion that you know everyone else’s mind to yourself!

      1. We are counting on Captain. He has the Golden Power of Grammar Destruction. This power forces fanss of BB and Houseguests not named Frank to self evict.

      2. I’m just respect his gameplay not like Ian. He has a evil heart. That why Frank will overcome the odds.

        1. Frank is good at only comps, but I have read your past posts and the only type of game play you respect is winning comps. If that was then only thing to Big Brother then it would be a waste of time to watch. I watch for the sociopolitical intrigue, and Frank just sucks rocks at that.

    1. Not me! I want him gone. His only ally is Jenn!??? Who????
      Before his big mistake was only having one ally in Boogy.
      He doesn’t make a good alliance that will stick besides that.

  4. LOL Jessie and Dan in the same house, again! I remembered Season 11 when Dan came back to host a competition and Jessie didn’t look too happy to see him.

  5. I guess the rigged PB has been used so now it’s just crap/entertaining PBs from here on out.
    I hope Frank and Dan survive the week as it would make things more interesting and that Dan is staying truthful to Frank and pulls a fast one on Ian.

    Frank needs to wait and see how nominations and PoV results before he tries to betray Dan to Ian. Too early and word gets out Frank is back to being solo.

  6. Do you think Ian may have lied to them. Did Ian get some Mr Wonky Wonk power to save himself and one other player during double elimination coming up. Could he have the power to save himself and causing someone else to be nominated. Maybe a safe week or I always that this would be a cool wonky power… take the HoH. So say you are Ian and you just got nominated, you can take the HoH and put up whoever you want even the HoH. It would piss a lot of people off, but hey Production Giveth and Production Taketh away.

    1. Since it is a double elimination this week, wonder if the item is he chooses three people on the block and they vote for who to keep in the game. That may end up hurting or helping his HOH. Now everyone would be going for that POV. Now that would be real interesting to see.

  7. If Ian got a power in that box i’m gonna have to agree with alot of people on here that say production rigged the game

    1. Frank, Jenn Fans will call it rigged
      Ian Fans will rejoice
      Dan Fans won’t care because nothing will bring Dan’s game down even if he’s evicted he’ll trick julie chen to let him back in
      Shane, Danielle Fans won’t care
      all 3 Fans of Joe won’t care the guys a powerhouse no Big BRother power will stop him.. god couldn’t stop him he’s that good.

      .. such is the life of us Big Brother Fans.

      1. “Dan Fans won’t care because nothing will bring Dan’s game down even if he’s evicted he’ll trick julie chen to let him back in…
        all 3 Fans of Joe won’t care the guys a powerhouse no Big BRother power will stop him.. god couldn’t stop him he’s that good.”

        HAHAHA I died

    2. I love how everyone is up in arms over production rigging a rigged game. It doesn’t seem like the Coup d’etat bothered anyone. How about the ridiculous Diamond power of Veto? Of course the game is rigged, but at the end of the day, who cares!?! Just enjoy it for what it is, a social experiment where you can watch complete strangers who are trapped in a box go crazy out of their mind in a 2.5 month period

      1. Exactly!!!

        I’m a big Evil Dick fan and even I realize if there wasn’t an America’s Player working for him, he likely doesn’t make final 6. Every season I suspect production is helping certain players out. Big Brother is a brand, a business, a TV show whose sole purpose is high ratings to please advertisers and CBS wants ratings so if that means they help the ratings, so be it.

        I’m a Frank fan, but if CBS thinks him going helps the show and they have a memory veto contest, then so be it. If on the other hand they think Frank helps ratings and make the veto something physical, that’s fine too.

        I think though that Big Brother tries to create fireworks and drama far more than they care about who wins.

    3. Oh make no mistake i would still watch,but i have always been an advocate of saying the game isn’t rigged.If Ian has a special power in back to back weeks i can no longer take that stance,and must admit defeat.Especially since it would be back to back years that its looked suspicious(talking about rachael and the duos thing of course)Regardless though it’s an entertaining show.

  8. I hope Ian got a special power or something he deserves it with what Dan is now tring to talk him into being in the renegades with him, does anyone else buy it or do you think he was just tring not to get nominated this week ?

  9. Ian had to have gotten something else, right? Otherwise this season seems like it has had the worst Pandora’s Boxes yet.

    1. A veto that wasn’t used
    2. $3,333 (A lot of money, yeah, but less than what Mike won and about the same as what Ian has already banked)
    3. Toys
    4. Jessie
    5. A new hammock, one less grill

    Nothing that has done much for the game at all. Ian has to be hiding something.

  10. ROFLAO Jessie back… OMG that is too funny. I recall jessie making Rachel exercise and making her life miserable while the others partied. LOL This is too funny. Might have been a special veto or something we’ll just have to wait to find out. Puke Ian puke on the health food he gave you. Wow what a funny situation right now.

    1. It was Britney that opened Pandora’s Box and her punishment was the one hour workout lesson with Jessie.
      The rest of the houseguests got a Hawaiian luau.

  11. Jessie back into the house – ugh!! Come on production, Jessie is horrible. By bringing him back into the house, even for just a short time, you’re punishing the houseguests AND the viewers!!

  12. Argh! Why Jessie all the time? Bring back Holly from BB5 to flirt with Shane. Bring Kent from BB2 and Josh back from BB3 just for a WTF factor and to be their socially awkward and uncomfortable selves!

  13. Why won’t frank rat Dan out???
    Doesn’t he realize obviously Dan would go to Ian and try to reconnect the quack pack..

  14. Usually a Pandora’s Box gives good and bad.
    I think the good was Ian getting a new Hammock and bad was the others getting Jessie.
    If Ian got something more, you’ll see it on the next show on Sunday.

    I think Allison needs to stop using Jessie to torture the viewers and just hire him numerous times per year to come stay with her and have his Little Brother check out her Pandora’s Box.

  15. When Rachel got stuck in the room with Jesse, she didn’t get a power. I don’t think Ian is lying, there is no power this time.

    1. Jesse was Rachel’s punishment so she got something bad and the houseguests got something good. This time the houseguests got the bad (Jesse) and Ian got something good (presents). Opening PB doesn’t give the HOH good and bad, only one or the other. There’s probably something more to Ian’s “presents”.

  16. Did you see Janelle’s twitter being broadcasted during the live show saying something about her wanting Joe to win because he was the most loyal guy in the house? I find that funny…

    1. But wasn’t Joe loyal to Janelle.I don’t remeber Joe ever betraying/going against Janelle.Now,the other two members(Ashley&Wil) of her team weren’t loyal to her.But Joe was.

  17. I think Ian got a veto or some power but is keeping it secret I doubt all they would give him is presents and jessie.

    1. Prior to today, Pandora’s Box has been opened 9 times. Only three of those times has the box contained something that could alter the game – Diamond POV to Matt, Duo twist for Rachel/Jordan and veto power for Ian. The odds that there was a power in PB this time are slim to none. The two other times Jessie has visited BB in relation to PB, the opposite side of the coin has been fun (Luau Party and Shopping Spree). So, I highly doubt that BB would give Ian another power.

    2. Ian said he was told that everything under the tree is his. If the veto was not hidden in one of the toys then maybe BB hide it under the new hammock and it will belong to whoever finds it.

  18. blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/08/big-brother-14s-janelle-pierzina-its-all-hate-with-mike-boogie.html

    I found this kind of sad that she respected Frank’s game, but her hatred for Boogie was so high because of all stars that she used her time in the house to turn all of the HG’s and her fans against him, when she should have singled out Boogie or the floaters she has always claimed to hate.

    1. Yeah their hatred for each other probally cost them both the game.Frank would of been a much better ally to janelle than wil or ashley but she couldnt see that.Just think it could of been team powerhouse plus 3 janelle,boogie,frank and joe

  19. Janelle was never loyal to anyone but herself and so is Joe. He is such a fool he believed her BS and voted for her and it cost him in hate factor points. She deserved someone like Joe IMHO.

  20. Is this the first time they have had pandoras box in back to back weeks i cant remember it ever happening wheres ian when you need him the bb encylopedia

  21. The last time I saw the DPOV given out (Matt?), he was told that he would lose it if he mentioned it to any of the house guests.

    On another note, BB should have brought back Danielle Danato for a whole day. She is one smoking hot woman!

  22. I love that pic of Danielle.I dont know whats wrong with shane cause i would be tearin that phat a** up every day of the week and twice on sunday

  23. Frank needs a DPOV desperately.

    I refuse to believe Ian’s Pandora’s Box was just gifts and Jesse. There has to be something else to it.

    Come on BB, give Frank his power! Keep things interesting!

  24. Because of football BB was set to record at 1:30 am. The first half was some Late late show then the DVR cut off BB before the voting….I am so effing pissed!

    1. I hate it that DVR’s can do that, I mean wish they could be smart enough to get that if the show is not on at the set time, to NOT RECORD LOL

      1. My DVR recorded the whole time (we were preempted on the West Coast for the convention….20 mins of it).

        So anyway, my DVR (DirecTV) recorded 9 to 10. I also watch Saving Hope, so I went into that one while it was on and just extended it for 30 mins…got the whole episode. It was okay with me to miss 20 mins of BB because it was the end of it….Britt leaving and the first few mins. of HOH comp. No biggie.

        Also, I really feel like I get a total blow-by-blow here on this website. I even blew BBAD off my queue because it’s pretty redundant.

        If you have DirecTV, you may have the option of doing what I did while watching it….just a thought.

  25. Simon, why are you punishing us with pictures of Danielle’s caboose? Aren’t we suffering enough listening to what comes out of the other end?

  26. So every lame Pandora’s Box will involve Jessie?

    Oh and the last pic of Dani booty is nice, shame shane don’t wanna hit that at least once

  27. First of all, watched Brit’s interview with Jeff on CBS.com. Great interview. Watch it when it gets posted.

    Second, since its inception, PB has never contained two powers in one season. I seriously doubt that they would start now. I think we are done with “special” powers.

    1. I watched it too! If you love Britney, and find her sarcastic humor funny then I highly recommend watching it when it gets posted to CBS’s website. She had me laughing out loud a a ton. She did a hilarious Joe impression, talked about Shane’s being straight out of 2002, and called Jeff out a few times too. Girl is funny!

  28. I think Dan will use Ian just like he did before. Ian needs to mind his mother . In her letter she said Make good decisions for yourself that will help you!

    1. I think Ian’s mom’s letter was in response to his reaction of her last letter when he was so guilt ridden about his choice to turn on Boogie and Frank, evict Boogie and try to get rid of Frank. His angst that he wasn’t being true to himself and being honest. Her new letter is letting him know that it is okay to do what he needs to do in order for him to advance in this game. And that is why he is committed to working against the other side of the house and Joe.

  29. Frank got this! No matter what! Make Quack Pack Squirm! Win that two Vetos so quack pack will suffer.

    1. Cap,

      I’m a Frank fan…but are you copying and pasting your comments from last week?

      Frank and Jenn have Dan and Danielle by the short hairs. Ian doesn’t seem to trust Dan and thinks Shane and Danielle are loyal only to each other. The Quack Pack is an illusion. Joe has smoke coming out of his ears from running to everybody…I do have to give him credit for keeping all his stories straight. For him that will be the top line in his resume, should he face the jury…

      C’mon, you can do better than that. Gotta put some effort into it.

  30. i dont know why jen and frank aint throwing dan and daniell under the bus ,thats why brit went home she woukdnt throw dani under the bus,frank should of struck first last night but he didnt,on bb u have to run people over ,geeez cmon jen just do it,, telll ian,

    1. It’s way too early for that. They want to at least see who is nominated. If it turns out to be Dan and Joe, they will have done it for nothing. As soon as Frank and Jenn feel threatened, that’s what they will do…unless the four can find a way to throw Shane or Joe under the bus.

    2. Ian understands this game better than almost anyone. He is ready to forgive Dan whatever temporary move he had to make to get himself off of the block. What Dan did to Danielle is real….he attacked her…her reaction was real and not made up. Dan did what he had to do to get off the block. He agreed to ally with Frank and Jenn and hoped he could get Dani to follow along. He did not know whether or not he would be able to recover Dani after that. No one know that Dani is aware that Dan fabricated the entire thing, explained it to her, and she forgave him. They pretty much assume that his attack on Dani was all for show, but assume that Dani was an injured victim in all this. As far as Dani asking Jenn to use the veto to but Brit up…Dani can easily explain that away in that Brit sold out her and Dan’s partnership when she deemed Dan was expendable and tried to make a deal with Frank that only included her (Brit) and Shane….and that if she survived the block Dan would still be a greater target.

  31. I don’t get why nobody is really going up to Ian to plead their case on why they shouldn’t be put up, isn’t nominations today? Of course floaters Jenn/Joe went for it since the power has now shifted, but you would think Frank would at least offer up some information about the Dan/Danielle skit and try to get him to see that there is no “quackpack” and nobody has his back. I think if Ian went with Frank (can’t believe I just said that) he could make it to final 2 or at least final 4 with the floater newbies. Dan made a good move last week but I don’t want to see him win again.

  32. Anyone else sick of joe sucking up to whatever hoh is in power his comment to Ian about him promising brit he would be ian’s allie is laughable i don’t believe brit asked him that and his loyality will last until the next hoh.

  33. Not just on his tool! He is moving up in the poles – into the single digit approval ratings, up forma fraction of a point. Now he’s on Dan’s radar.


  34. So it is safe to say that Frank and Jenn are going up…. Frank wins POV. Jenn goes to jury. Danielle wins the next HoH…. Frank and Joe go up. Frank wins the next POV. Ian goes up as a Pawn. Joe goes home. Dan wins the next HoH puts up Frank and Ian. Frank wins the POV again. Ian goes up against Shane. Ian heads to jury. and our Final 4 is set up with Dan, Danielle, Frank & Shane.

    1. Frank is not going to win that many povs in a row. Possible, but not probable.

      On another note, why is everyone on this site saying Danielle is fat? She is so not fat, at all…She isn’t skinny, but she certainly isn’t fat.

      1. damn right the only fat she is is P.H.A.T pretty hot and tempting its rare to find a white girl with a nice donkey booty

      2. I’m of the assumption that most people are calling her fat because she keeps mentioning how fat she is when she clearly isn’t.

        1. I don’t think she is fat either. She actually has a nice build but her whining, complaining and insecurities make people dislike her and instead of saying that she has a terrible personality, they insult her physique because she is obviously so self-conscious of it. Cheap shots. I still don’t want her to win.

          But hell, what do I know? I’m a pair of boobs.

  35. Will Ian make another power move and send the biggest threat in the house Jenn to jury? Seriously if for some reason he is unable to get Frank out he better at least take a strong competitor out or he will be the most useless HOH in history.

  36. Big Brother house.

    And Captainwedgie will tell us how Frank is going to come back in the game.

  37. I love how Ian is telling Jen he respects players who make big moves. What has he done? Oh he voted to evict boogie (boogie was going home anyway). Oh wait he nominated Frank and Ash (Frank won POV, Ash sent home). Or wait he won the second veto (Got his closest friend sent home)! Good job Ian, you’re the best player this season.

  38. Maybe Ian got a power that allows him to bring Brit back. I know, wishful thinking, but the feeds are so dull without her!

  39. I think Dan should talk with Jenn and Frank and make a plan that if they are both nominated they throw the veto to him, he returns the favor to Jenn and takes her off the block, Joe pops a squat and then they have the votes to keep frank, but keep Ian thinking Frank is going out this week like he did to boogie. Then Ian only has Shane ( if even) the next week and they get him out. Then from there survival of the fittest. That would be entertaining, get out Joe (although I will miss all the powerhouse posts) and then Frank, Dan and Shane can battle out for who brings Jenn/Danielle to the end to win.

  40. Frank was right about how Ian should go with him to the end because he is in trouble if he doesn’t. Not because Frank is going to take him out but Frank has had his back before whereas the others will take him out in a heartbeat if they get a chance. Ian cannot play in the DE HOH but could play in POV comp. He could be in trouble this Thurs. So he needs to work with Frank and really try to be with Frank and not pull any more shenagians like he did before. Dan should go, Joe should go, Shane should go and he’d have a chance. I don’t want to see Dan win it again either. His loss will leave all newbies in the house to fight it out. Shane had better seek the council of someone who knows the game like Frank or Dan because it’s obvious he is totally clueless. And listen to Frank, he does know strategy despite some thinking he is dumb and can’t play without Boogster. He graduated with a pre med degree which is no easy task and took off for a while before going back to school.

    1. Nobody except Jenn is trustworthy in the house. Frank is pretty much on his own with Jenn until the end. The only way he will stay in the game is to keep winning POV’s and HOH’s…which I think he could actually pull off.

      I think at this point, Everyone in the house has told Frank they are in an alliance with him…and then turned around and screwed him.

  41. Ian says that when Frank gets nominated – he treats people like s###t. Of Course, he does…………Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were on the block practically every week? I am very much a Frank fan because he has had to fight to save himself from the start of the game. The Silent 6 alliance screwed him and there must be a thousand alliances and not one of them is loyal to Frank!

  42. I think frank will be gone because eventually he will be brought back again possibly at all stars or another season like they did with rachel and frank will win that season. I think production started out making it so frank would win in the finals. But now with ian i think production will push for him and have frank win it on another one.

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