Joe tells Sarah to not let the kids watch the HOH competition. Frank says they can watch the first 25 seconds.

POV Holder: Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots
Last Evicted Houseguest


9:50am Shane and Joe go into the storage room. Joe says that he talked to Ian last night, and that Ian told him that he is safe but only if there isn’t a replacement. Joe says make sure Dan would vote for me. I think he will put Frank and Jenn or Frank and Dan. He said that you are completely safe and Danielle is safe. If Frank goes up and it sticks, we have to get rid of him. Shane says yeah we will discuss that when it happens. Shane says that he was talking to Danielle and Dan before he went to sleep about what power of veto competitions. Joe says just make sure I have Danielle’s vote.
The trumpets sound and Joe starts doing the hula hoop.

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Joe tells Frank that he (Joe) will be put up on the block if someone comes off the block. Joe says that he thinks Ian has a deal with Dan because he isn’t even an option to go up. Joe says that he didn’t say it I am just speculating because Ian told me I am the replacement and Dan wasn’t even an option of going up. Joe says it will probably be you and Jenn going up on the block. Frank says that he talk to the little man last night too. Joe says that we will just need to win the veto. Joe and Frank leave the arcade room.

10am In the kitchen, Frank, Jenn, Shane and Joe are talking. Frank comments on how he finally gets to take off the carrot suit. Joe says that they said it was a busy day today maybe Have-nots? (Maybe a luxury competition) Dan joins them in the kitchen and says that they told him they aren’t allowed to go back to bed.


10:10am – 10:30am Frank comes out of the diary room and tells Joe to get out the roasting pan, we’re having carrots for dinner tonight! This herbivore is no more! Joe tells his wife Sarah to not let his kids watch the HOH competition, he will not live that down. Frank says well they can watch the first 25 seconds. They all laugh. Shane asks if the diary room had a lot to say about that? Joe says oh yeah. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Shane asks Joe if he even got hit by the comet. Joe says no, that was the most embarrassing moment of my life.


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10:35am – 10:55am Dan, Ian, Shane, Frank Jenn and Joe are in the kitchen making breakfast and talking. Dan talks about after he first met his wife he waited from Saturday till Wednesday to call her. He says that she had told her friends that if he didn’t call that day he wasn’t going to talk to him. Frank says that he calls girls right away some times and then won’t call them for 3 weeks, so they have no idea what’s going on. Ian says that he test the waters with a text and if he gets a “Heyy” back with two y’s he knows he’s in. They tell him he was lucky. The trumpet sounds again and Joe gets up to do his thing.


11am – 11:20am Joe tells his wife to tell the kids to stop laughing. They wonder if Ian will get a Pandora’s Box. Ian says that he will open it if there is one. Joe, Frank and Jenn are cleaning up the kitchen. Big Brother then switches the live feeds to TRIVIA…

11:40am TRIVIA continues… Pandora’s Box? Have-nots Competition? Luxury Competition?

12pm TRIVIA..

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Go DAN Go! Get out frank, then get out Ian!! The end is near!


Dan get Ian…hmmm…Ian is not Brittney. Brit couldn’t win anything and hid behind others. Ian, well he is a lot smarter then Dan. Dan has a great social game but like Britney hides behind others. If Ian does go, its not because of Dan. That was Frank mistake letting revenge come before game. So Frank what was accomplished? You got rid of Brit because you wanted revenge for Boogie! Boogie is out the game. You needed to be cold and calculating and instead got all emotional. Now you going on the block again…and guess what…its double elimination time and you won’t be competing in the next HOH. That’s all on Frank, a major bad move. So Frank’s side kicks Jenn and Joe to the rescue? Good luck with that! All Ian needs to do is get pass the next HOH. If he has to work with Dan to get that done, so be it.

Roisin Dubh

Frank was going on the block no matter what. He trust Jenn because she’s the only one who hasn’t lied to him. You make it sound like the kid has choices. His back is against the wall. By taking Brittny out he took out a great strategist( God that hurt to say that) Ian is book smart but he is sidewalk dumb. Talk about playing with emotion, Ian should’ve put Dan up, he can’t win squat, easy power move and after what he did last week nobody would’ve voted for him except lunatic girl. Then Frank should’ve been the target for the second eviction. Poeple obsessed with Frank get destroyed, haven’t you figured that out yet?

Capt. Obvious

I suppose you’re not a fan of Dan’s as it makes no sense for him to actively work to get Frank out. He could let it happen, but it does not really help him at all. The perfect scenario for Dan is to find a way to convince Ian to backdoor Shane, then win HOH and get Ian out next week, then hope he’s got Frank in the bag having earned his trust, so the next HOH evicts Joe.

Then Dan wants to win the final four HOH to ensure his safety, then win veto and let Danielle evict Frank.

He should be the final HOH favorite over Danielle and Jenn, he takes Danielle to the final giving her $50K as her coach and winning the big prize by unanimous decision.

Dan is motivated to win and make history…that result would seal the deal as the best ever.




Yeah you both are right! I don’t really care how Dan does it but I hope he does it. There is always this talk about winning again and how he can’t get the vote cuz of that but I think that if he gets to the end how could you not give it to him, he deserves it!


PLEASE QUACK PACK get that CHEAT FRANK out of the BB House this week. My heart if with Dan because of all the crap he has had to put up with and especially after his move to get him off the block and want him to win but would actually be happy with any of the Qucak Pack winning!!! GET RID OF CARROT TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope frank doesn’t go home!!


I really hope Dan talks to Frank and gets him to be patient and keep Ian calm, telling him that either the two of them or Jenn is going up, but Ian has talked a lot about backdooring, so there’s room to work. They need to be very cool, play for veto, and let some things play out.

I think Dan knows that he wants no part of the block, which means he will deflect Ian towards Frank and Jenn. Everybody saw how Jenn reacted to the block last time, so Dan has to know that her volatility puts him an Danielle at risk. Frank telling Ian about Dan’s post funeral shenanigans might be manageable for Dan, but Jenn revealing that while Frank proposed Dan’s plan- which was Britney specific- it was Danielle who convinced her is a potential game changer. Right now Ian thinks Dan scrambled to save his ass, which is understandable, and it was Frank who made Britney the target. If he discovers just how deep the Quack Pack is fractured, who knows what the little dictator does.

Dan needs to be ready to go with Frank to Ian and reveal what happened post-funeral with a bit of spin. They tell Ian Shane was the initial target, but Danielle refused. They say Danielle is weak and gullible and that is why Dan said she was dead to him. She was more concerned about Shane than him or the Pack. Dan says she would not go along if Shane was the target and She volunteered Britney instead. Maybe they can lie and say that before veto, Shane was already talking to Danielle about getting rid of Ian or Britney. Then Frank can say Shane was the first guy promising to vote Britney out and that him and Joe were proposing final three deals. Ian will see that Shane is covered with him, Danielle, and the Powerhouse. If need be they can coach Jenn up and use her to confirm the story.

I think Dan with Frank’s backup can convince Ian that Shane would be in jury instead of Britney, had he not manipulated and controlled Danielle, and that Britney’s fate was sealed the day of the veto ceremony when Shane was 1st one to turn on Britney and began plotting with Joe, looking for a parachute. It’s not the perfect plan and it has risks, but Dan’s move last week was a game changer that really did tie him and Danielle to Frank and Jenn at least until Shane and Ian are neutralized. The Quack Pack is a facade at this point and Dan knows this, so he needs to make sure Frank doesn’t blow up his spot.


Win POV Frank!!! Thursday hope Ian joins his Brit.

Dark Horse

you do realize that someone will leave this week…and join brit before anyone else does…

*scratches head* did I watch a different BB last night.


I think theres another double eviction. So if Frank wins pov theres a possibility that both joe and ian could be evicted.


Yes Yes I want Frank to win…I want Ian out of the house so he can join his big sister Brit. Dan has a deal that if he is wise he will honor to keep Frank because if it wasnt for Frank getting Jenn to use the veto to get him out of trouble He would be the one in that Jury house with Ashley instead of Britt. Ian is a liar from the start. What was it Britt called Dan before the voting started? Judas? So if Dan is Judas (since Judas betrayed Jesus in the Bible) does that mean that Britt has a Jesus complex? Sorry Britt you were not even good let alone close to what Jesus was. Glad she is gone..Frank’s plan was to get her after he got Dan out. Dan was a target only because he was protecting the wee willy liar and they were accusing him for what Ian had done because Dan was silent all the time the tirades were going on. Perfect plan would be like someone on here the order from backdooring shane..which would deminish Danni..then next hoh take out Ian then Joe Floppy then Danni then Jenn then the final two would be Frank and Dan. Dan would be second place winner but he has money in the bank off this game.


Here’s the thing everyone… frank has 1 perfect move that will help him move forward and avoid being put on the block. Frank needs to go to Ian privately and lay it all out there regarding the Dan coming off the block / Jenn using the veto. Tell Ian that Dan’s funeral was all for show, dan asking frank to come up to hoh after “funeral” with “bible” to explain was all for show. Dan threw the quack pack under the bus, and dani is IN ON IT! She has been acting the whole time in order to gain sympathy so that everyone would vote of Brit. This will really piss off Ian because they all felt bad for dani and it was an act. When Shane finds out that dani was playing him he will be pissed that he voted out brit. Joe never wanted to evict brit, so he will not be happy with dan or dani. Ian should then put up dan & dani, and if either one of them win veto, the other goes home. Now they are alone in the house with no one on there side. If dani stays shand and ian will be pissed at her anyway, and if dan stays good luck getting joe and shane to work with him. Ian can make a deal to get out dan if he ends up staying should he get the veto, so that a “coach” will not make it to the end. Frank likes players to play the game, so I think he will work with Ian til the end. This seems to be the only way for Frank not to be put up!


That is a great plan for Frank i hope he is smart enough to do it


Brittany was making a joke with the judas remark. It’s a reference from season 10. A reference that everyone else understood, other than you, frank, and jenn.


And it was funny.


What happened to Dan’s bible? He used to read it nonstop, but he hasn’t touched it since Monday.


Tell wifey to not let them watch last night’s flashbacks too. It was traumatic enough for us feedsters, just think what it would be like for the kids!


joe i think your kids will be more embarrassed that your the guy known for jerking off all the time in bb then the fact you cant hold onto a rope everyone can already see your fat and nonathletic also good luck opening a restaurant or getting a job as a chef since you never wash your hands and the house guests talk about how much your cooking sucks


You’d think that, with all that “working out” he’s been doing at night, he would have a stronger grip on that rope! That comp should have been right up his alley!


He should have forearms like Popeye by now…or at least a right forearm like Popeye…


they can put frank up all they want but he isnt going anywhere. dude is a man among lil boys


That may be true…Frank is a man among boys; however if Frank slips one time..then he is gone. That’s a lot of stress to be on top of your game 24/7 and you can see its toll being taken on Frank. Frank called Ian “little man” this morning. Frank is that the same little man you went crawling to last night trying to get Ian to put up Dan vice you. Frank, you were so transparent and pathetic. Ian saw right through you. Oh yeah, get Joe involved. The same Joe that Ian says kisses up to anyone in power…hmmm…Strike two! How about sending Jenn up there to change Ian’s mind? Opps the same Jenn that displayed her outward hostility to Ian these last few days. Strike three! Frank you have no moves… must win the next POV or even the next 2 POVs(Frank can’t compete the next HOH. I highly doubt Joe or Jenn winning the next HOH).


I get a lot of people hate Frank unconditionally and take offense at every little thing that comes out of his mouth. But guys tend to have nicknames for their friends (Frank is pretty consistent on this front), terms of endearment if you will. Ian’s size has been an in-joke among the HG’s since day 1. Ian himself was saying last night that he weighs 125lbs normally and dropped to 105 on slop. “Little Man” would only be a slight to the hyper-sensitive, which Ian clearly is not, so I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.


One other thing, see the posts (including my own) that lay out just how Frank and Jenn could torch Dan and Danielle before you make preparations for Frank’s funeral. Not saying it works…but it’s definitely a play.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Frank “talked to the little man” last night?
Joe stroked “the little man” last night.


BB should tell joe to calm down on the masturbation.


Now that’s funny.


You’ll go blind!!!! Ha haaa


I can see it now.

“Joe, please remove your hand from your penis. Seriously. No one wants to see that.” – BB


I’d love to hear:
“Joe, stop choking the chicken!”
“Danielle, stop eating!”
“Frank, stop being a douche!”
“Jenn, do something…, anything!”

Frank farts



Quack Pack Alliance! How about give up now so Frank will keep winning two PoV. You guys continue to make more mistake. Frank will steamroll and save your embrassment! Ian & Joe or Dan needs to go. Go Frank Go! Win your PoV (twice) so Quack Pack can wet their pants.


frank never jerked off but ashley was blowing him for weeks to completion


wonder if redneck danielle is twiddling that hillbilly clit of hers


Jenn wants that job.


Frank will win POV, Joe will go home,

Danielle will win HOH and Ian will go home on DE night, Thurs.


Joe will win POV Frank will go home.. JOe will win HOH Dan will go home
Joe sweeps Final HOH
JOE Shane Final 2 JOe wins 7-0



Keep dreaming Simon ;) But, it would make for great TV


I’m all for that!!! Joe wins Veto and saves Frank! Leaves Dan and Jenn on the block. If Dani and Shane keep Dan and Joe and Frank keep Jenn, Ian has the final vote. Will Dani vote out Jenn? Will Ian send Jenn out over Dan? Ian’s ego could be stroked to get out the last coach instead of his HOH record to be Ashley and then Jenn cuz’ that’s pretty lame for a final two speech!

VA Vet

Well Simon, you’ve got me convinced. I’ve never seen such a sorry bunch in all of BB. Would be poetic justice if Joe won. Even better would be a Joe/Jenn final two!


I will be SHOCKED if the POV turns out to be purely physical and Frank comes away with another win. Ian should just grow some balls and try to BD Frank, but obviously he won’t, this dude is completely under Dan’s control again lol I’ll die of laughter if Dan gets him to evict Jenn or Joe XD

It’s been brought up before, but nobody is really putting any serious thought into Jury votes and/or positioning into the f3, except Frank and Dan. I mean, Ian is basically rolling through this game day-to-day like Shane, yet, he is actually in a worse position with nobody to fall back on…. How naive do you have to be to immediately go back to the guy who single-handedly destroyed your game? lmao


only way Joe wins an HOH is if its a masturbation contest, kids useless otherwise but he can surely pound one out

Ian's Man Boobs

Joe needs that 50K to pay for future therapy for his kids after they see their dad’s gross behavior.

The kids may also need some help with trying to forget the sight of Ian’s man boobs and hairy butt patch.

Dark Horse

I think Joe’s wife should be more embarrassed…she married the thing!

For me…looking at Joe is completely disgusting!…wouldn’t be surprised if he did porn in his past…IDK maybe its that landing strip thing on his chin.


Yes-I’m sure you have no gross habits! I don’t get the bashing of everyone on a personal basis . Chill and stick more to the game.

Dark Horse

Too funny…

Ian is HOH and still people are looking over this week, saying Ian will be gone next week…

So you do ya think is going home THIS week…cause somebody is and it’s NOT Ian!

Dark Horse

OMG I sound just like someone on here…

let me re-phrase…I’m so glad Ian will NOT be the first one evicted on Thursday…I’m just happy he got to win HOH and finally get a room & letter. POV will be important during DE.


I believe that Thursday is a double evict night, so Ian could go if whomever gets HoH kicks his little mouse ass to the curb!! but really don’t care now who wins, I’m just happy that that dumb ass Brit is gone, my ears are almost back to normal!! poor Ashley has to listen to all that shit coming out of Brits mouth!!


I really hope Frank and Jenn will stay and get out Dan, Danielle, Shane or Ian.


I may be in the minority but dang it, Joe is growing on me. I don’t want him to win but I want him to stick around.


Me too-with Brit gone he is the only entertainment left!


Frank wins PoV, put up Joe as a replacement.
Joe evicted
Shane wins HoH Frank & Ian. Frank wins PoV Replace Jenn
Ian evicted
Bye Bye Ian!


Last week was super exciting with Dan’s great move. It was definitely one of the best in BB history.

One of Frank’s biggest downfalls is that he can’t keep his rantings to a minimum. Yes, he was super loyal to Boogie but he was such an a** anytime he or Boogs got crossed. In this game you have to show some control in front of others. It is best in the game just to talk about people behind their backs. He does that also like last week when Boogie was still around but he should have laid low as best he could.

Frank’s social game is pitiful. Instead of just choosing to make deals last week he should have tried to make some friends. He should have played the I’m defeated card after this week.

I am so over Frank. I just hope he goes first or second on Thurs. Frank made no attempts to make friends with anyone except with Boogie all season. Even though he is a comp beast, I don’t think he will win in the end against anyone because on finale night he would sit there answering jury questions with that overconfident smirk/smile on his face with his hands flying everywhere. He’s just a pompous who thinks because he is LIVING HIS DREAM that he has a certain entitlement over everyone else.

Most importantly I want Frank GONE so Cap’n Wedgie will STFU!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle's Pathetic

Oh ya, like Ian shows ANY self control!! Bla hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank FTW!!!

……. and leave the Capt. alone….. he’s allowed his voice as much as you are :)


I hate the quack pack. No idea why Ian feels loyalty to them.


Can DAN please win HOH during DE, puts up Shane and Dani, Shane wins POV, Dan puts up Ian, Dani goes home. Kay bye :)

Dr. Billy Kirby

ian danielle joe and jenn need to go and let he big boys eat


Frank needs to rat out Danielle and Dan. It wont save him but at least the info will be out there.

Tucker T

I wonder how many “hey-y’s” Ian will get after this show? That was hilarious. I bet he doesn’t get too many of those reply texts.


Ian, I would love to see you to go tp the jury house. That way, you can be with Ashley. Making out and Frank will be jealous. Don’t worry! He not alone. Joe or Dan will.


Ian locked out of hoh ? hmmmm :/


I am always for the “underdog”! Like Rachael in BB13 always being picked upon, yes I know she was a cry baby and drama queen but it was good TV. Frank has always been on the block, and he had to struggle each week to survive, now that is determination on his part. I know that his social game has not been up there but hey brother still standing. I would like to see Frank/Dan final 2. It would just make all of us rise from our seats and knot up our stomach and I am sure rating will be high in the finale. All those who stop watching even though we know there is a tiny possibility maybe they still peaked at it but won’t say. Sorry, but BB is an addiction for me even it the show upsets me and I say I will never watch again. I can’t let go. I love BB, a die hard fan


Whats new Frank is in trouble again.He better win the pov if he does he might be good next week Ian will probably let this hoh go to his head and make him self a huge target by next week.Im thinking the great otev might be the veto comp this week


Ian is not playing the game to win, he’s playing the game for Frank not to win. the best move for Ian to make for his HOH nominations would be Dan and Danielle. if one of them would win POV, the opportunity to backdoor Frank is there. the QP is one of the most dumbest alliance ever.

Trey Gorman

Danielle is almost perfectly covered in this house. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which she doesn’t make it to the final three.


Ian should just self evict for having man boobies. I can’t believe I actually thought he was kinda cute at the beginning, that is until he took his shirt off and became a major a$$hole.

Frank FTW!!


I have a feeling pandoras box will save frank this week. I would be the first person to not open it


I didn’t think Frank could play in POV after cheating last week??

VA Vet

In order to plan a “back door” (putting aside any debates about the “accurate” definition of back door), one would need to know who would be playing—- that everyone playing would be willing to use it if they won—that the person you want to back door won’t be winning the POV—–and that you have the votes to evict if by some miracle all of the above falls into place.

In the current situation, Frank has a 75% chance of playing for the veto (one of the four names in the bag of which three will be drawn) and Frank knows all too well that he could be back door-ed so he would compete just as hard as if he were on the block.

Better to put him up initially to eliminate any doubts about his situation and add a little extra pressure. That way, we know that we have a chance to evict him if he doesn’t win veto and if he does win veto, he wouldn’t be going anywhere no matter what.

Furthermore, we don’t know what type of competition the POV will be and contrary to some here, Frank is not invincible.


so much luck involved at this point with bizarre crap shoot hoh and pov comps, any hack could win

Dr. J

Joe didn’t do well in the HOH comp because his peter clamps are always cramped from pounding his twinkie. Cream filled and it’s what’s for breakfast! Ugh Joe, go to the toilet or shower to pound the prince or wait for the natural nocturnal emmision to happen but please quit doing that and then not washing your hands. Peeing your pants watching HOH comps, pounding the pickle, and just being filthy overall would keep me from going to one of his restaruants even if the meal was free. Of course we’re talking about the guy who asked his teen age daughter if she has had sex. None of his business although I don’t agree with it if she did. Still he’s a pervert who needs to be watched closely.


Everyone of these people have ZERO loyaity but FRANK. Renegades won because they stuck together and did’nt panic. Dan is a Puss%. Always switching alliances. It’s not game play it’s fear.


over under on loads blown by Joe ? i’d say around 60


Ian opens Pandora’s Box YO.. get’s a xmas tree of presents including a visit from Jessie…

Did he get a power this late in the game?


Of course Jessie was in Pandora’s Box. AG just doesn’t get it. We are sooooo over Jessie. We were over Jessie in Season 10. It looks like the house got “punished” with healthy food. Not much of a punishment when most of them are on the healthy eating train anyways. Has anyone heard what Ian got? Maybe the DPOV or the coup de Jeff? I hope so!!


Ha ha ha ha… Jessie came back to the Big Brother house!


HaHaHa Ian! Your not so tough now. It’s call tough love! You should learn your lesson that never mess with Frank.


Can someone name all the alliances in the house? I’m getting a bit confused


carrot pack
quack pack
Ian + bismuth crystal + hammock
dan + memphis
dan + frank
jenn + frank

Dan is THE MAN

LOL – Ian + bismuth crystal + hammock
My favorite! :-)


But who is in the real alliances? Please name the alliances w the names of the people in them I’m SOOO confusec


I like masturbating as much as the next person, but if Joe is embarrassed by his HOH comp performance… how does he think his kids will feel when they see him choking his chicken. Ewww.