Jeff 3 Big BRother 13

POV WINNER is Brenchel, Brendon: “At least if we get rid of Keith this week us guys can feel better about our abs”

8:20pm HOH Jeff, Brendon and Rachel Brendon and Rachel win POV. They briefly talk about the competition having to do with spelling/puzzle to spell the words VETO. Jeff comments that Brenchel completely blew the other teams away with it, “Dude you killed it Dude we didn’t even get one thing…dude”. Rachel and Brendon are talking about whether or not they should they should use the POV and seem pretty convinced that they won’t use it. They start talking about the comps they need to study for, Brenchel goes to town calculating volumes and converting oz to litres etc etc.. Jeff gazes into space. Brendon says that his head is hot jeff: “you gotta do twice the work as me”….

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big brother 13 Porsche

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Brendon opinion on counting votes “it’s not rocket science but if it was I would be good at that to”

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4:35pm Ktichen Cassi and Porsche aka Keiths Angels LOL – Basically Porsche is rehashing the conversation she just had with Keith. key points is that she still mad at Keith and she doesn’t think they’re will ever be trust again. She mentions keith’s plans and the “keith angels”. Cassi just listens doesn’t add much. Porsche brings up the mystey6 and how they have “requested” she go up to the HOH later to talk to them .Porsche wants to make sure she’s looking good for when she goes up there so they don’t think she’s falling apart. Adam walks in and talk changes to general Bsing.

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Keith Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – kalia on Keiths Game: ” literally shot himself in the dick last night”

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BIG BROTHER 13 – 3:00pm HOH Rachel, Jeff, Jordan

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Jeff is thinking they should try to get Adam on their side by telling him they have another couple on their side.. he also thinks they should try and flip Cassi and Shelly. Rachel: “if Keith goes home this week both Dom and Cass are going to be like CRAP what do we do now” Jeff says that cassi know she has a chance with us but DOM has no chance, Jeff: “I was making fun of him downstairs” Rachel completely agrees says that Dom isn’t even hiding that he’s with the other side.

Brendon barges in. Jeff: “You came in with a vengeance”.. They start chatting about how dani must feel at a disadvantage because when they get to final 5 they have their pairs but she’s by her self. Rachel feels sorry for her, Jeff says not to worry non of them mystery6 are going to backstab each other let them just get to final 5 and play it out at that point.

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adam Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – “Rachel please put on your microphone” Dani: “Her big T***** are hiding it”

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2:00pm HOH Dani, Rachel and Brendon
Major game talking – Dani wants them to get Kalia and Lawon on their side Rachel agrees Brendon isn’t sure about lawon. Rachel doesn’t trust Keith she mentions the conversation Dani had with him earlier in the day, Dano says nothing important was talked about it was mostly Keith giving her some support for loosing her “duo” in the house. Rachel warns them that Keith is playing up the smooth talker attitude but it’s a complete act. Dani notices it to and thinks it’s a stupid tactic. Rachel gets called into the DR, on her way out Dano jokes “you have something going on in the DR”

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Shelly tries to talk Rachel out of quitting and tells her she has more people on her side than she thinks she does..

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12:40 – 1pm Jeff and Jordan hang out in the bathroom in silence while the other are in the kitchen eating and talking about random stuff. Jordan gets up and they head into the storage room to find something to make for lunch. Most of the houseguests are in the kitchen eating and talking. Adam says that he wants the POV to happen already. Brendon tells Adam that they usually pick the power of veto players a couple hours before it happens.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: * UPDATED * Adam asks Shelly what happened last night? Shelly says that she doesn’t have a clue!

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10:10am – 10:20am Adam wakes up and goes out into the kitchen and starts talking with Shelly while she cleans the kitchen. They talk about what happened last night with Keith. Adam asks Shelly what happened last night? Shelly says that she doesn’t have a clue. Adam says that he has a clue and says that he takes it all in and observe it. Shelly says that she thinks Keith must feel a little bit crazy for all that last night. Shelly and Adam talk about how they are concerned that Dominic and Cassi because they stayed up all night talking with Dani. Shelly says that it’s just weird. Adam says that he is going back to bed, and then he tells her that he had a dream where he had to go back to the office but that he was still a part of the Big Brother game. Adam heads back to the bedroom and Shelly continues to clean the kitchen.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Keith says he’s going to drop a bomb .. Dani asks yeah, what like how Brendon does all the time?

4:20am When the feeds come back, Dani, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Rachel are talking in the HOH room. Dani says hey guys I figured out our alliance name … the DCA… the Dream Crusher Alliance. Jeff laughs and says yeah. Jeff, Jordan and Dani leave the HOH room. Brendon and Rachel continue talking game in the HOH room. Rachel says that it is so weird that Dick would leave. Brendon says yeah its so weird because Big Brother is Dicks life. Rachel says that she wants a clean slate. Brendon says he won’t turn on anyone in this room and that they can’t doubt them. Brendon says that we can totally trust everyone that was up in this room. Brendon says that we need to focus on getting hold of this thing and that they need to be afraid of three players. Dominic, Kathy, and Keith. Brendon says that they are missing a vote and that they think they can.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds july8 1252

Keith’s Worried Kalia has flipped Adam.. Adam: “NOPE”

12:20am Have Nots Dom, Keith and Lawon talking about Dani acting the about dick being missing.. They start talking about it being them vs the returning houseguests. They all seem convinced that dick being gone is a twist

Adam, cassi and Shelly joins them they they are talking about how glad they are Porsche is going home. They start wondering what they should do if they win VETO. Dom thinks it’s a partner comp and if Porsche/Keith win they both get taken off the block. Keith mentions that maybe he should through the comp so they can oust POrsche. They all agree that they are not suspicious of each other. Dom doing a lot of theorizing he thinks if Porsche goes home nobody will be mad.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds july 7th

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – “It looks like menstrual Blood.. Like Rachel are you Bleeding”

I think POrsche said that could of been dani
10:10pm Fortune room

Here we go… lounge brief talk about playing a prank on Dick. Dani Joins them, they start asking her if DIck is another twist she says no. They start suggesting hiding his key, Dani joins in reminds them she hasn’t talk to her father in years. They Dani if Dick is doing a live blog in the DR she doesn’t think so they all agree that wouldn’t be fair. Adam charges in asks tells them he found a piece of paper in the living room it was under a nominations chair cushion. Most people are giving Adam a hard time saying he’s making the paper up. Adam swear to them that he’s telling the truth. Brendon makes Adam promise him he’s not lying about the paper and if he’s lying he has to give up bacon and cigarettes for a week. Porsche says she feels like she’s playing the game “clue” with all the secret message laying around. Jordan brings up that the POV is tomorrow.

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