big brother 13 Porsche

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Brendon opinion on counting votes “it’s not rocket science but if it was I would be good at that to”

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big brother 13 Porsche

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4:35pm Ktichen Cassi and Porsche aka Keiths Angels LOL – Basically Porsche is rehashing the conversation she just had with Keith. key points is that she still mad at Keith and she doesn’t think they’re will ever be trust again. She mentions keith’s plans and the “keith angels”. Cassi just listens doesn’t add much. Porsche brings up the mystey6 and how they have “requested” she go up to the HOH later to talk to them Porsche wants to make sure she’s looking good for when she goes up there so they don’t think she’s falling apart. Adam walks in and talk changes to general Bsing.

big brother 13 cassi

big brother 13 HOH

4:50pm HOH Rachel, brendon, dani and Porsche Porsche walks in and jumps on the HOH bed, Rachel: “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!… so whats going on?” Porsche groans: “I like think everyone is feeling bad for me “. Rachel agrees tells her that Keith is going home. Porsche starts to explain her talk with Keith in the have nots room, Porsche: “Keith asks like Why are you not talking to me… I’m like so you through me under the bus, outed my alliance, and your telling me we’re doing this….” She tells them that the only conversation she had with him was about their past relationship and how they both have recently been broken up and how they are both heart broken… Porsche: “We were going to call is a flirtmance and not a showmance” . She rehashes the conversation for the 3rd time today.. adds that she was asked earlier by the guys (dom) that if she wins HOH who will she put up at that point Keith who was also in the room laughed about the idea of her winning the HOH. Porsche says she told them that was a stupid question because she’s on the block and could go home she’s only worried about the POV then asked Keith if she could put her own partner up.. (Shes trying to distance herself from Keith as much as possible) She then mentions another instance where her and Keith were talking and he asked her if he thought the POV was going to be physical and her reply “Of course it’s going to be something physical you didn’t hear them building it all night”. She then goes on to disclose all of keith’s plans to befriend the mystery6 .. Porsche also brings up her conversations with Cassi and how Cassi said to her she didn’t trust POrsche because she spends too much time with them (the mystery6). She fully explains the Keith’s angels to them.

Brendon asks her about the POV and where her head is at, Porsche says she is thinking about throwing the POV comp so they can get rid of Keith but she’s going to make it appear that she’s really trying. Dani mentions that if she can dry then do so of Keith comes up to her again to Beg for forgiveness. Brendon begins to school Porsche in how to play the social game and how her going on the block will show her how important it is. He says he appreciates that she was so loyal to Keith up until he flipped out on her and started throwing her under the bus. Porsche: “My hormones are like WHOOOOohOo thats why i’ve been crying… i deserve a oscar” They all tell her Keith leaving this week is a good thing for her because it’ll let her get her mind back in the game were she needs to be. Brendon grills her about the relationship between Keith and lowan. Porsche tells them that with Keith gone she doesn’t know where lawon will be. Brendon tells her they will know who is voting to keep keith and those people will be going home the following weeks (a little confident aren’t we) brendon about figuring out the votes on thursday: “it’s not rocket science but if it was I would be good at that to” POrsche gets up to go She assures them she will tell the other that Brendon and Rachel only wanted to know how she’s holding up beign on the block and dealing with Keith’s behavior.

big brother 13 HOH bredon

As soon Porsche leaves Dani tells them about a conversation she had with cassi and cassi said that POrsche told her that rachel said cassi’s name for nominations. rachel: “OMG Porsche said that.. so she is BLANK with us to” they all agree that Porsche is trying to play both sides but they think Porsche may be more with them. brendon tells them that POrsche is a horrible game player, Dani agrees “She trying to do damage control for herself but it’s not going to work”

big brother 13 bucket toss

5:50pm Bucket toss in the kitchen Most of the house is playing this game here’s the rules 6 buckets decreasing in size in a row on the floor. In single file each player tosses on of 4 different sized balls starting with the bucket which is closest to them. If you sink the ball in the first bucket you get your ball back and can try for the next bucket. If you miss you loss your ball and have to get at the back of the line and try again. Run out of balls and you’re out.

big brother 13 jeff

big brother 13 lawon

6:25pm Cassi doing her hair Lawon watching.. just chit chat and laughs

big brother 13 cassi colvin

6:31pm POV COMP is underway
We have a new Image Gallery here’s how it works, Every minute we take a screen capture from all 4 cameras inside the Big Brother house then we dump them into a Daily Screen capture post. Voila a ton of Live feed Screen captures all time and Cam Stamped Live Feed Image Gallery

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Just put the camera on Cassi yo!


who got picked for veto comp ?




HAHA I cant stop laughing at the fact that Brendon AKA Needledick is telling Porsche how to play the social game!

Brendon is smart and physically fit but his social game is garbage. He must have a short memory last season He hooked up into a showmance in the first few days and then proceeded to make themselves complete outsiders from the entire house and was never really accepted by any of them. They only kept him around to further there own games

Dani, Brendon and Rachel are all getting way ahead of themselves, remember expect the unexpected!

kathie from canada

I hear ya’ Simon. The only thing I had been really hoping for was to see Dick torment Rachel. I loved the way he was constantly ragging on Jen, so I figured he could really rock R’s. confidence and nix her game. But kudos to you and Dawg for putting together this awesome site. Lovin’ it!!


just finished watching BB2 on youtube awesome cast and season
Monica ( Monya)
Bunky/Kent ( the odd couple)

Least Favorite
Shannon (BIOTCH)
Nicole (nutty chick)
Hardy ( liked him early on, but was a dick towards the)

Didn’t like the Evil Dr. at first but when C Town got evicted
I started to like him. he did his thing.

Just had 2 get that off my chest.


Hardy ( liked him early on, but was a dick towards the end)


Why am I not surprised yo. LOL


there are 2 POVs now? or do both of the duo win POV


yayayya i’m backkk i love Rachel and brendon

Day Yum Yum