Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dicks Still Missing probably dead, Rachel’s laugh is back and Doms ready for Valtrex to call him

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds july7

11:02pm Kitchen Keith, Jeff, Adam, Dom are bowling in the middle of the kitchen. Shelly and Jordan are chit chatting at the counter Rachel, Cassi and Porsche are at the table chit chatting. Dom wants him and Jeff to have a secret “special” Handshake

Shelly how long did it take to get you’re money. Jordan explains what happened when she got her money and how she asks her mom to photocopy it for her cause it’ll be the only time she has that much money. Shelly asks if they took the taxes off.

shelly asks her if she is kept busy with “Gigs” Jordan everyone calls Jeff I don’t hav a agent or anything I just tag along. Shelly “Jeff has a agent?” Jordan “yes” Shelly asks about Amazing race and Jordan starts expalining her experiences and how she wasn’t nervous to be in front of the camera but more affraid of being outside the country. She points out that even Jeff was scared at time.

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds july7

11:08pm Chess Table Brendon and Kalia . Brendon explaining Chess to her.. She tells him that she knows how to play Checkers Brendon says checkers is easy compared to Chess and goes on to explain it to her. Kalia appears to be putting on a act… 20 minutes into the match Brendon says “I’m really rusty” (He’s beating her by a healthy amount) Kalia replies “Well Apparently i’m not much of a match” she points at all of her pieces he’s captured. (She has to be playing brendon pretending not to know how to play chess)

11:13pm kitchen Jeff, Lawon, Shelly and JOrdan. Jeff mentions how excited Dick is to be on Big Brother, “he’s big brother google ” They are all wondering

if Dick has Health problems, Jeff brings up dicks web shows says its not fair if they are letting him do it. They are still freaking out about Dick being gone for 3 hours.

11:25pm Have nots Adam, Keith, Cassi, lawon and Dom. Cassi is shaving Dom’s “uni brow”, Lawon “Yup i’m the gayest guy in the house” He then puts his bright red sunglasses on. Adam asks keith what he would be normally doing tonight, Keith “if it’s Thursday back home be and the guys would be out cause it’s college night… get some young girls”

11:30pm Kitchen Lots of side talk going around.. most of them are still talking about where Dick is. Dani keeps mentioning her season and how things were different. (Somehow I though rachel would be the one doing this but instead it’s Dani walking around the house like she the boss talking about BB8 like is was the most epic thing on the planet)

11:34pm Fortune Room Keith and Cassi. Keith and Jordan are up on the block They are talking about him being nominated was out of the blue and they don’t understand it. They are soon joined by the rest of the bunch Jeff, Dom, and Dani. Talk shifts to Herpes commercials Dom says he would do a herpes commercial if he got paid. everyone in the fortune room except for Dick, Adam and Porsche

After exhausting talking about where Dick is the fortune room group they start talking about Dom lying about his age. Jeff “when they were pulling on your pants they saw your ass it said Spring break 2011” Dom laughs “that would be the end of my carrer”

11:49 Kitchen table Adam and Porsche. Briefly talk about her and Keith being up on the block both are shocked they were picked. Adam brings up wanting to know where the hell Dick is. Porsche thinks it’s strange that Dani is acting all normal even though her father is missing. They are starting to think that maybe there was a family emergency and Dick had to leave. Porsche wonders that if something happened to Dick they would probably of told Dani. Adam doesn’t think so because Dani is another player Dick probably had to sign his son as the emergency contract they couldn’t have Dani because whatever she found out could impact the game.

Adam and Porsche going over productions choices for the cast this year.. Looking at the memory wall Adam says his GF told him if Rachel is on the show again she will freak. Adam is amazed he’s playing BB with DICK. They wonder who the fan favorite will be this year.

Adam is doing a mad awesome Jerry impersonation

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Dick’s at the same place the other 6 original houseguests are at; Allison Grodner’s belly. Or, I don’t know, maybe in the diary room soaking up all the attention and waiting for AG to start cheating to help him win again.


Simon, sweetie, you are just out of practice. You will be back up to speed in no time. You know, I find all the return guys acting like they own the place. Making fun of the new players. Lets hope those new guys have some sparks among them. And, where the hell is Dick?!?


I agree, BBGrandma! I want to see some fire in the new players!! It’s driving me insane not knowing where Dick has been. I’m East Coast and stayed up to watch BBAD wanting to see how him and the others act, ugh!


BBLOVE, I know, wanted to see that too! The dick just disappeared it sounds like.


oooo Dani let something slip she said “she couldn’t say anything” she knows what’s up


Simon, right now that damn hat she is wearing is annoying me. She has it pulled down so far that she has to tilt her head to see instead of just pushing the hat up a little.


Oh, LNM, don’t hold back on our account. This is just the first night. Rachel’s laugh will get worst!


Haha! I’m being nice ’cause I can’t even think of a word to descrIbe that heinous laugh. Ughhhhhhhhhh. Everytime I see that girl all I can do is crInge.


It been almost 1 hour that all we see on the Feed is a shot of the fish tank and the words “We’ll Be Right Back”.

I’m seriously thinking something bad might have happened to Evil Dick and CBS might not want to let the news out of the bag to EVERYBODY just yet or maybe he quit.

I doubt they are setting anything up at this time.


I just gagged at the thought of Jessie coming back.


gah no jessie! that jason dude would be better…he probably already signed most of the paperwork anyway.

Game On!

Who was the guy that Dani hooked up with while two-timing her boyfriend? Maybe he will come back in ED’s place???


That was Nick Starcevic from BB8… that would be interesting if he came back in Dicks place..


Nick is dating Kristie B. from Big Brother 12, he wouldn’t go back in to team up with his ex….. this makes three ex-BBHG that he’s dated.


If Jesse comes back in there will be no living with Rockstar! Simon, I have been away too long. Everyone has been saying ED is gone and I sat here and kept thinking, “Which one was Ed?” Dumb! Evil Dick is ED. Okay, I am back in the game. Grandma’s old but she sure is slow!


Jesse is the lesser of the two evils. I’m still mad at him though so it would not please me at all if he returned.


Oh, I forgot, Rockstar, you two had a lovers spat. Okay, we don’t want that jerk back!


Where is Dick? Is this part of the game?
Dani just asked and they won’t tell her what is up! Not fair to her…..


Does anyone believe that Dick and Dani aren’t actually on speaking terms again? I hope nothing bad has happened to Dick healthwise and if so I feel they should inform the other houseguests.


Also Simon, I’m loving the new mobile version of this site, it’s so much easier to navigate from my iPhone, THANKS for all the work you put into this site, it is much appreciated!


Is Dani on drugs? She looks horrible.


Dani does look horrid. And sorry Simon & everyone but I cannot catch up on all the comments but I did see Dick’s picture was shadowed here. Is he off the show for good then? Can someone update me on how/why? Thanks & it’s good to be back on here with all you! Some of you I recognize from past seaons :)


He left the show, at least that is the buzz all over the internet. No one is saying why yet.


He ate is sisters leg so he had to leave


Don’t know if you remember me (I coined the nickname “Pig Pen” for Nat, but I’m back! Looks like a great season and my favorite JEFF (most gorgeous man in BB history) is back! :) Simon, the iPhone mobile site is nice, but where do I find the pics of all the cast with the nominations, etc. you have on the Internet site? Thanks for always keeping us up on all the juicy season info!


Hi iheartjeffxoxo, I also <3 jeff! He is adorable and I love Jordan too! OMG I will never forget Pig Pen! She was nasty, hence her other nickname Nastalie!


hayden fan – please forgive me for the swears you will read from me as I declare my hate and disgust for Jordon and Jeff


Jeff is just so gorgeous – and funny! I’m a midwestern girl myself (Jeff=Chicago, Me=Minneapolis ::sigh::)…I totally love and get his sense of humor. :) I was happy to see Dick back, too. What happened to him though. I’m trying to catch up right now.


hi haydenfan – I think Dani looks horrible because her hair is soooo dark. She needs a couple shades lighter with some caramel highlights


Hey Rockstar! It is much too dark for her. She was very pretty with blond hair, I thought.


I totally agree, I felt so bad for her, everyone was so freaked out that Dick was there that they forgot about her!


Dick left due to “family problems” not related to Danielle. It was said his mother had passed (or was ill) but if that was case seems Danielle would of left too, either way hes gone.


Such a bummer too cuz I was looking forward to him on it this year & stirring up some stuff! I am just wondering if they are gona bring someone else in or not do an eviction, cuz it seems that just moving on like nothing would mess w/ numbers at the end of game etc. His picture has turned to black & white in the house so we know hes not coming back.