Jeff 3 Big BRother 13

POV WINNER is Brenchel, Brendon: “At least if we get rid of Keith this week us guys can feel better about our abs”

Jeff 3 Big BRother 13

8:20pm HOH Jeff, Brendon and Rachel Brendon and Rachel  are the  POV Winners. They briefly talk about the competition having to do with spelling and puzzle to spell the words VETO. Jeff comments that Brenchel completely blew the other teams away with it, “Dude you killed it Dude we didn’t even get one thing…dude”. Rachel and Brendon are talking about whether or not they should they should use the POV and seem pretty convinced that they won’t use it. They start talking about the comps they need to study for, Brenchel goes to town calculating volumes and converting oz to litres etc etc.. Jeff gazes into space. Brendon says that his head is hot jeff: “you gotta do twice the work as me”….

They start talking about how Keith getting evicted will change the house setup. They all agree that with Keith gone Dom and Cassi will be lost and cassi will be easy to rope in. Jeff is the only one out of the 3 of them who isn’t 100% about Cassi. Brendon: “At least if we get rid of Keith this week us guys can feel better about our abs”. Both Jeff and Brendon think they can trust Adam, but they are worried if they nominate Dom next week they might anger the house.
Brendon starts to describe a scenario where if they take rachel out then he’ll get the golden key and be able going after them like a mother F’er. Rachel reiterates that they need Jordan to win next week so that Jeff, herself and Brendon can compete in the following weeks HOH. Rachel leaves. Brendon tells Jeff him and Rachel are playing chess the rest of the players are just playing it day to day. Brendon starts dropping “fcks” every second word. Brendon f-ing tells Jeff that he’s f-ing stressed out because he feels that he’s f-ing trapped in the same f-ing pattern as last f-ing year Where he’s f-ing winning everything to f-img survive. Winning f-ing stresses him way the F out … Rachel comes back and Jeff leaves. Rachel and Jeff talk about how important Jeff and Jordan are to their game. Rachel: “If we lose them we’re in the same spot as last year” Brendon agrees says this year is much easier than Big Brother 12 because they have allies this time around.

Brendon 3 Big BRother 13

Brenchel 3 Big BRother 13

kitchen Big BRother 13

8:40pm Kitchen Most of the other houseguests milling around the kitchen making food.

Keith Big BRother 13

8:45pm Kitchen table Keith and Porsche Porsche says she eating then going to bed. Thy start to whisper hard to make out… POrsche asks what he thinks Brendon and Rachel will do. Keith doesn’t think they will use the Power of Veto. They are weighing their options and think they should try and get Lawon and Kalia put up and they can get rid of kalia.. Keith doesn’t like Kalia he thinks that other people in the house would like to see her evicted. Porsche changes the subject and wonders if they will ever see Julie Chen in the house… She looks at a camera says “Hi live feed watchers


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Allison Grodner wouldn’t feel any better about her abs though. She hasn’t felt anything in 11 years.


Did Keith and Porsche make up all of a sudden


I hate when people call thinking ahead playing chess especially when their not even thinking that way, Nothing that Brenchel does is brainy chess thinking.

Brendon is an idiot if he thinks that them winning has anything connection with last year, A. the newbies pretty much suck at everything Big Brother so they don;t have to worry about anybody really


who are the have nots? Cassi and who else??????????


Lawon, Cassi, Kalia, Shelly

Canadian Fan

Geeez, Brendon has more camel toe showing in those tights then Boy George, He really doesnt have any grapes, lol

Canadian Fan

Or as its known up here in Canada, Moose knuckle, camel toe is kind of middle Eastern.


You getting nasty now, Canadian Fan????

Canadian Fan

No Grandma, im just jacked up on that good old Canadian beer, lol I find it hard to be nasty anymore, all my nasty has turned into love over the last few seasons, I try but I just dont have that edge anymore, getting old and mellow I guess. Maybe once the season picks up, I will get my mojo back,


CF, you know I have no problem with you and your beer. Which I could have one with you. But, I hope you get your mojo going because I love it when you get all rallied up. After all, I have your back and I don’t want to be back there and all I get is beer farts!


I never thought I would see the day Brendon annoys me more than Rachel but if his head gets any bigger he wont fit out the HOH door when he joins the masses back in gen pop next week


I think it will be interesting to watch the dynamics of the Brenchel/Jordeff allianace pan out. Rachel and Jeff are the ones who win all the comps., but Brendon and Jordan are both a little better at the social game. Brendon b/c he is not as annoying as Rachel, and Jordan b/c she’s friendly and not perceived as a threat. The problem I think I’m seeing with the newbies is that they’re trying to draw on the games of past guests instead of making their own plans. Learn to roll with the twists instead of trying to be someone you’re not.


big booty