Big Brother 13 Spoilers: * UPDATED * Adam asks Shelly what happened last night? Shelly says that she doesn’t have a clue!

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10:10am – 10:20am Adam wakes up and goes out into the kitchen and starts talking with Shelly while she cleans the kitchen. They talk about what happened last night with Keith. Adam asks Shelly what happened last night? Shelly says that she doesn’t have a clue. Adam says that he has a clue and says that he takes it all in and observe it. Shelly says that she thinks Keith must feel a little bit crazy for all that last night. Shelly and Adam talk about how they are concerned that Dominic and Cassi because they stayed up all night talking with Dani. Shelly says that it’s just weird. Adam says that he is going back to bed, and then he tells her that he had a dream where he had to go back to the office but that he was still a part of the Big Brother game. Adam heads back to the bedroom and Shelly continues to clean the kitchen.

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10:35am – 11:05am Lawon gets up and goes through the kitchen to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Shelly says good morning as he walks by. No wake up call from Big Brother. All the other are still sleeping with the lights off. Lawon finishes up in the bathroom with brushing his teeth and his facial and goes back to the bedroom to read the bible.

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11:15am – 11:40am Big Brother tells the houseguests that its time to get up for the day. When the feeds come back Adam and Porsche are in the storage room changing their batteries. Adam, Cassi and Shelly are now in the lounge room talking about last night and how Keith went BLANK bonkers. Shelly says that it was one person on our side that was wigging out. Shelly starts talking about production and then Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the feeds come back Adam says that his momma always told him you can’t be rational with irrational people. Its not what you’re saying its how you say it. We’re not on the block yet, so we don’t know what its like. Cassi says yeah, but you’re not on the block for death. Cassi says that everyone was so emotional last night. Shelly says that someone wanted to puff up their feathers and say they were angry. They start talking about how Dick went home last night. Adam says that its a blessing and a curse. Shelly asks so what was the blessing and what was the curse? Adam says that someone went home, but that we didn’t have to send someone home. Adam says that he couldn’t wait to play against him and they took him away. Adam says that there is no way he left as a twist. Adam says that he lives for this show he wouldn’t leave unless it was something big. Adam says that when he came into the house he was so excited when he found out he was going to play with Dick… and then he left. Cassi then says …somebody.. somebody please get me some Gasex!! Adam says I have some you can use.

11:40am Dominic and Porsche are talking in the kitchen. Dominic says that he thinks all the new kids are still on our side, especially after last night. Porsche agrees and says Yeah! Dominic says that after last night the implication is that, after Keith’s blow-up, he might be in more danger of eviction than Porsche.

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11:50am In the have-not room, Keith, and Cassi are talking while Kalia and Lawon watch. Keith is trying to explain his actions last night. Lawon leaves and Kalia just lays there motionless while they talk. Keith says that you have got to vote and do what’s strategically best for you, it’s a game! Keith says that going into this he said never make anything personal. Come here and play the game. I wasn’t mad or angry or upset but I had my idea and of course I am going to be upset with Porsche… she was the first person to turn. Keith says that he was upset because when they first came into the house before the vets came in … they all made a deal to stick together. Keith says that Porsche was the first one to sway to the other side and turn … she needs to be the first one to go. She brought that on herself… that’s what she did. We came in here as a group and when you break that bond …its disloyal. Keith says that there was no need to go talking or campaigning with them …we had the numbers. Cassi says yeah right now we have the numbers.

12pm Shelly, Lawon, Cassi and Porsche are in the lounge room talking and joking around. Dominic pops into the room and just jokingly asked they would be okay if Vanessa Hudgens came into the house and he left with her. Cassi then asks Dominic, if came into the house and recruited him for his pack, would you leave? Dominic says that hell ya he would leave. Cassi asks what if you didn’t get paid? Dominic says yeah i’d still go!

12:15pm Dani and Keith are in the storage room talk. Keith is telling Dani that everything he said in the diary room about her is 100% real. Dani says well it’s like taking a strong competitor and cutting off their arms and legs. Keith tells Dani that she has nothing to worry about because she is safe for four weeks. Dani says that not one person in this house can understand her situation with Dick being gone. Keith tells Dani that she’s good in the game. Dani says that she feels like she is useless because she can’t do anything in the game because she has the golden key. Keith starts talking about how Porsche is a very disloyal person.

Keith tells Dani that he’s a smart guy… Dani agrees that he is… Dani tells Keith that he should do something to change things up. Dani says that now that Dick is gone the game isn’t teams anymore and that they’re back to square one. She says that they took the cards… everything’s reshuffled …and it’s a whole new game now. Keith says that he wants to win this game but that he wants to make friends with everyone. Keith says that he doesn’t want to come across as cocky or brash. Keith says that he has no personal issues against Dani or Jeff. Keith tells Dani that she is slick. Dani says she’s not as persuasive as her Dad is… Keith disagrees and says that she’s a good player. Keith says he isn’t going to take anything personal, even if he leaves the game tomorrow. Keith leaves storage and Dani leave the storage room.

12:30pm – 12:40pm Up in the HOH room, Rachel and Brendon are talking. Brendon says that he doesn’t trust Dominic, Keith, Lawon, or Cassi and that they need to take out one from each couple so that it eliminates them having to bringing in a newbie couple to their alliance. Rachel wonders if maybe they could pretend to bring someone in and feed them false information. They then head downstairs. Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Brendon, Adam, Dominic and Rachel are in the kitchen talking about random stuff and cooking lunch. Meanwhile, Cassi, Lawon, Shelly and Porsche are in the lounge room talking about relationships.

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So, one of the comments on the EW recap states ED was removed from the house by production. (Not sure if that’s true or not, but it sounds plausible.) If it is true, I’m wondering if something happened between him and Keith. I can’t see ED getting physical. Gah! I hate that Dani gets a free pass for the next three weeks.


Okay, so if you read the comments on the previous post (, starting from comment #9 by Me, it’s sounding more and more like ED violated terms of his contract…possibly by posting that video. (Thanks again for that link, Me.)

I guess we’re going to have to wait until Sunday to see what, exactly, production/CBS has to say about ED’s departure to know the real truth.

Either way, I am super bummed. My sis thinks she just might boycott this season b/c of it.

Sorry Simon & Dawg if I’ve broken any rules by my last posts (didn’t mean to!), but I just hate not knowing so I’ve spend the morning trying to figure out why he’s gone. I know I’m just posting rumours, etc., but for now, that’s all we have. 🙁 I really hate that Danielle has been given a pass.

I’m wondering how much fan outrage will happen when Sunday’s show airs and those who don’t read online stuff find out ED is gone. I’d love to start a campaign to have them bring ED back, but I doubt it would work.

So much for the crazy summer I was looking forward to. 🙁


Here’s the blog that ED himself posted on MySpace regarding his intentions of airing video blogs of what goes on in the house, while he is in the house. That is definitely a breach of contract and subject to extraction from the house: Sad but true! Unfortunately, it looks like ED brought it on himself. He tried to pull a fast one, and didn’t get away with it. The only time houseguests are allowed “outside” contact is when they win HOH and get to post on Twitter. He was trying to capitalize on activity in the house, while still in the house, without production knowledge and without HOH privileges. Once again, info you share on a social website can be a downfall. I love the guy and would have loved to see him stay in the house, but he broke the rules. I’m sure production will never “fess up” to that fact and the public will always be kept wondering…whatever happened to Dick??!!


I hope you realize thats from last year. Look at the date it says June 22, 2010 he was talking about posting vids about last seasons BB when he wasnt in anywhere near the house. That is most def not why he left.


Just watched that video and yes I agree it’s most likely because him violating the contract, but at the same time I don’t see it as being a big deal, as this posted after he world knows that he was in the house, I hope BB aren’t that lame to expel him for that little stunt and destroy any possibility for BB13 to actually be a good show and not the crap that leads to the rest of the vets overpowering the newbies and have Brenchel end up winning to pay for their wedding to have a Big Brother wedding.


OMG! A “Brenchal” Big Brother wedding on behalf of this mishap would be nauseating! WE FORGIVE YOU ED!


Maybe the fortune teller machine in the house gives fortune or mis-fortune when you push the button. Maybe Evel pushed the button on the fortune teller machine and his card read “24 Hours In Solitary Confinement”. That would definately fall under the “removed for production purposes” umbrella. They did try the solitary confinement last year with Hairden but it didn’t really work because he could talk under the door.


I think this has something to do with that fortune teller machine in the house. It could give fortune or mis-fortune. I think Evel pushed the button on the machine and a card came out that said “24 Hours of Solitary Confinement”. They made a lame attempt at that last year but it did not work because Hairden could talk under the door. This would also fall under the “removed for production purposes” umbrella.


Oh, I had hope for a second that you might be right…until I realized Dani would not have been given a golden key if it was 24 hrs. solitary confinement. That would have been nice, tho…and a fun twist (sort of.)


Unless it was all part of a set-up to keep them on longer. But that wouldn’t be fair because she would have gotten the key on false grounds. Nevermind…..


It really sucks that ED is gone. I didn’t watch bb8 so i was looking forward to seeing him


can someone tell me how and dani has the golden key? i thought that was given to member of the pair nominated for eviction who is not evicted??


dick is out of the game dani was given a golden key from production because her partner left.


Simon, good day! Why is the Dick gone? Or have you already explained that?


oh ok…don’t know if i agree with that but ok….thanks for explaining!!!


oh ok….don’t know if i agree with that, but ok…..thanks for explaining:)


this is the worst casting in all the years of big brother. not recording these episodes. don’t care about any of the houseguests. the rachel and dick creatures.. is that the best CBS can do? and who wants to see people play who’ve won before? not me.


wait i don’t get it why are they all asking what happened to keith last night? what did he do did i miss something haha


I think the newbies are dumb they are not sticking to there plan and im sure that a newbie will win HOH next week.

This Guy

Not a fan of any of the newbies. Then again, not much of a fan of the returning people either…


At least it’s not Jesse & Natalie returning. Not only would that be “beating a dead horse,” but it would have turned me off to BB completely this season. A season of all “newbies” would have been preferable. But, once again, “ratings worthy contestants” win all, unfortunately. I don’t know who I am rooting for this season, but it will definitely be a “newbie.” I’m tired of reruns!

Day Yum Yum

I am not buying for a minute the crap Danielle is selling!! She and ED came into season 8 under the same guise of “we have not spoke in 3 years and we need to re-build our relationship!!” “We hate each other!!” Then she treated him like shit the whole time but they paired off and ran to the end. When he won the money he bought her a new sports car and took her on trips overseas now they hate each other again?? I am not buying it for a minute!! Plus she keeps talking about him and he left last night!! Also, he talked about her dating Ollie just less than a year ago so it’s all a smoke screen with those two!! I really cannot stand her in particular and they should try to get her out soon as her golden power is gone if they know what is good for them!!


I agree!


ED can’t be gone! I hope this is some kind of twist from BB. I would love to see Dick and Rachel get into it. Now the only thing we have to look forward to is her annoying laugh?


Simon, can you help me. If I click on a comment in the Recent section it takes me to a page top, not to the comment, and sometimes that page doesn’t even have the person who’s comment I clicked on. Am I doing something wrong????


Now I am like frozen to the same page everytime I hit on someone’s comment and they aren’t there. I will click for a emails and wait for a reply because from there it ususally gets me to the comment.


I am now pissed as far as i am concerned game is ruined start over i was looking forward to evil the rest of the cast sucks, you even have rachel being nice so friggin fake and whats worse so much for being live i turn on bbafter dark to find they r getting ready for pov today such a set up and really it took them this long to figure out evil supposedly broke contract BS


So ED broke the rules and posted about being on the show, and said he would address the cameras while on the show to promote his new channel and was expelled.
Here is the link to his video that went live yesterday while he was in the house.
So long AD we hardly knew you.


What a dick!


I wish they’d do a “masterminds” season. Or honestly any theme where it was all of one type of player. All jocks, all ditzy girls, all older people. The idea is they probably couldn’t play the game they’d naturally play the game, so they’d be forced to improvise and adapt far more than usual. Also, I’d love to see Eric get to play again without being held down by being America’s Player.