Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TMZ “Big Brother Cry-Baby’s Star-Studded Apology”

Nothing says “I’m sorry” like naming a celestial object after the girl you cyber-cheated on — which is why bawl-my-eyes-out Brendon from “Big Brother” just threw down $109 to christen the star, “Rachel Reilly.”

According to the International Star Registry, Brendon got the appropriate paperwork in order this week — certifying the star’s new name — and even purchased a $70 bracelet with the star’s coordinates to sweeten the deal.

It’s not his first attempt at an apology — as we previously reported, Brendon posted an “I’m sorry” video online recently … after his ex-GF and “Big Bro” co-star Rachel allegedly found out he sent pics of his schlong to a girl he met online.
No worries though — if the video didn’t cut it, a paper star certificate and bracelet definitely will do the trick. Right?

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Part 2 – Rachel Reilly Skypes about her cheating man AND the girls that seduced him.. PLUS a TVGuide article!

She’s not just living a soap opera these days, she’s also appearing on one. Big Brother 12 vixen Rachel Reilly just shot her fourth episode of The Bold and the Beautiful — airing January 24 — and it’s proving to be a much-needed distraction from real-life events. Reilly recently became the innocent third party in a sex-Skyping scandal in which her man, Brendon Villegas, whom she met and fell in love with on Big Brother, sent photos of his naked genitals to a woman he met online. (In an apology video, Villegas claims he was being blackmailed).

The incident abruptly ended Reilly’s relationship with Villegas. It may also have ended his gig on The Bold and the Beautiful. Reilly plays a waitress at the show’s Bikini Beach restaurant. Villegas had been playing a bartender there, at least until the scandal broke. She was invited back for the January episode. He wasn’t. Meanwhile, Reilly’s keeping a stiff upper lip.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TMZ’s take on the Brendon/Molly Shephard Scandal “Brendon cries more than a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert”

  SHOCKING! Brendon and Rachel from “Big Brother” have broken up.   MORE SHOCKING! They split because Brendon sent photos of his P*NIS to another woman!   In one of the most ridiculous, cry-babyish, pathetic videos to ever hit the web — Brendon recorded an apology to his former reality TV show girlfriend for sending […]

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BIG BROTHER 12 Molly Shephard SCANDAL!! Brendon caught j*rking off for another girl …several girls ..BRENCHEL is no more!

EXCLUSIVE TO ZACKTAYLOR.CA:   Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 have split after Brendon was caught j*rking-off on webcam for another girl!!   An aspiring model named Molly Shephard Tweeted Rachel telling her that Brendon was masturb*ting on webcam for her the other night, which lead the two reality stars to have […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Mark Long’s YouTube interview with Britney Haynes – Why wasn’t Britney wearing her ring?

“Hotel Talk Show” – Mark Long’s Sits Down with Big Brother 12’s Britney Hayes in Fayetteville Parts 1 – 3 Nakid Reality’s Mark Long (MTV) met up with BB12 America’s Choice winner Britney Haynes at Hill Place in Fayetteville, AR and asked all the questions everyone wanted to know including… Why wasn’t Britney wearing her […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TVGuide Interview – Brendon and Rachel Soap Up for The Bold and the Beautiful

She’s back, bitches! Big Brother 12 firecracker Rachel Reilly, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress before she became a reality-TV villainess, has landed a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful. She’ll play a waitress at the show’s tropical hangout Bikini Beach, and be joined by her Big Brother beau Brendon Villegas, who will play […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Big Brother 9 Champ Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges, and admits to not paying taxes on BB winnings..

  “Big Brother” winner Adam Jasinski just pled guilty in Massachusetts federal court for possession of oxy pills with intent to distribute — and get this, the feds are also nailing the guy for dodging taxes in the process.   As we previously reported, the DEA arrested Jasinski last year for trying to deal 2,000 […]

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The Bold and the Beautiful casts Brenchel from Big Brother; Plus PopTalk videos ..and more..

  The Bold and the Beautiful casts Brenchel from Big Brother by Lynette Rice   The latest Big Brother showmance will follow in the footsteps of Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd by making its debut in CBS daytime next month: Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, a.k.a. Brenchel, will appear in two episodes of The Bold […]

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