BIG BROTHER 12 Molly Shephard SCANDAL!! Brendon caught j*rking off for another girl …several girls ..BRENCHEL is no more!


Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 have split after Brendon was caught j*rking-off on webcam for another girl!!

An aspiring model named Molly Shephard Tweeted Rachel telling her that Brendon was masturb*ting on webcam for her the other night, which lead the two reality stars to have a very public online fight, with Brendon finally apologizing and begging for Rachel’s love back…

“I disgraced rachel and I am sorry to all. I had a skype relationship with another. I have never slept with anyone else no matter what crazy says. I messed it up and cannot undo it. My heart is broken and I did it.”

Rachel finally told Brendon to leave her alone, and that she was heading to Vegas to “get over him”.


My fling with Brendon started randomly. I added him on Facebook when he started his Facebook back up. I didn’t believe it was really him at first. Later on he posted a video of himself which was “welcoming” to his Facebook for the fans. At one point I messaged him about a status. At that point he took an interest in me.
We exchanged Facebook messages for a bit. I was cautious at first I still wasn’t sure if it was really him despite the video. I believed it was him. Eventually we started talking in a flirty matter. He made no mention of Rachel. I asked for his number and he wasn’t ready to provide it. He wanted more proof I was who I was and that he could trust me. I obliged knowing how I felt. After that he provided me with his number and the texting began.

The text relationship was overly flirty on his end. He never wasted a second to tell me how cute I was, how he thought I was sexy, how he liked that I lived close. I questioned his relationship status at this point. He told me that they were staying together for the fans and for the show. He said they both wanted a chance to be on All Stars and keeping a sham relationship was the only way to make themselves stay interesting. He assured me that what we were doing was fine and we weren’t being cheaters. Brendon assured me that there was a rough patch, they lived far enough apart and that their relationship meant too much as a commodity to be wasted. She especially wanted to be back on television and he didn’t hate her. They remained friends and he would give her that. I believed him. He had made me feel special told me how pretty and smart I was. He even joked how we both were interested in the same things.
For the full article: ZACKTAYLOR.CA
Twitter Account: Molly Shephard

Brendon’s explanation about why he showed his wang on skype:


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Heh heh heh…looks like someone took the spotlight off of Lane! lol

Curtain Call for BB

Oh I haven’t been here in forever but I saw this on TMz and I knew you would have all the dirt on pencil duck!


A douche is as a douche does. Nice acting job on the video. I love when people try to make themselves cry but there aren’t any real tears coming out. Whatever story there was he made it worst with that video. I personally think he likes the attention and drama. Talk about no self respect including that Molly chick. And somebody please take this guy’s webcam away .lol. He’s crying, showing his penis, dude too much information.


Excuse me, Curtis, Ive seen Brendons dick (like everyone else). I don’t see a needle.

Curtain Call for BB

Then again, I wonder if it’s all some SPEIDI-type trick to bring them back into the public limelight since, like the rest of the BB cast, I think they’ve realized that fame has been very fleeting.

Oh, and yes, I have lots of Schadenfreude 😉 that obnoxious Jersey guy still seems to be in Jersey (not in Hollywood cast in some flick!).


Grenade Yo!




What does CBS think of Brendon scandal?