Big Brother 12 Spoilers: The Bold and the Beautiful casts Brenchel from Big Brother; Plus PopTalk videos ..and more..


The Bold and the Beautiful casts Brenchel from Big Brother
by Lynette Rice

The latest Big Brother showmance will follow in the footsteps of Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd by making its debut in CBS daytime next month: Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, a.k.a. Brenchel, will appear in two episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful on Oct. 25 and 26. Reilly will play a waitress and Villegas, a bartender in a scene with Hope (Kim Matula), Liam (Scott Clifton), Bill (Don Diamont), Katie (Heather Tom), and Amber (Adrienne Frantz).

Reached by EW, Reilly acknowledged that the role wasn’t much of a stretch — she worked as a VIP waitress in Las Vegas, after all, before joining Big Brother this summer. But the gig represented the opportunity of a lifetime because she’s been a longtime fan of the show. But enough about the soap cameo: Has she followed through with her plans and actually moved to Los Angeles to be with her man? “I’m in the process! I’m going to make it happen!” she told EW. She’ll miss Sin City, though — especially the folks who were nothing like BB 12?s Ragan and actually liked being around her. “Oh my gosh, everyone has been so supportive. I was shocked. Everyone hated me in the house and I was convinced everyone in America hated me. But coming back to Vegas, everyone was so welcoming and supportive.”

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Yeah, I took the survey Dawg,. You should’ve made it longer. You know, like one of those others online survey that promises you’re going to win a iPad or something expensive, then makes you go through 2 yrs of questioning. By the time, you’re tired and decide to give up on the survey, they already got your age, income, DOB, etc……….even your dog’s middle name.




tried to take your survey man but it kept eliminating my answers. Is it a test?

Kathie from Canada

Hey Dawg – I tried but ditto to elfsmommie. Then when I completed the 75% part of the survey, I tried repeatedly to advance by clicking on ‘next’ but nothing happened. Should I try again later?? Happy to help you out.


If the deleted answers were from the “rate from 1-5” part of the survey, it happened because you need to rank each answer and the numbers can only be used once……if that makes any sense (I took the survey many hours ago and have forgotten the choices). So if “security” is most important to you, you choose #1 and cannot use #1 again so when you answer about navigation you can only choose #2-#5 and so on. Hope that helped.

Kathie from Canada

My bad! Thanx for that! Hope this helps you Dawg. Mission complete.


Hey! I took the survey and had no issues! =)


I took the survey and had no issues with the survey, but big issues with the subject of online advertising… I hate it! But I do shop online.


Did the survey Dawg…Do we get to see the results?


Survivor: Jimmy J said it was the hardest thing he has ever done, even harder than superbowl, so I guess it was time for him to go, but I enjoyed his teamwork.


Electra, Jimmy Johnson should not have been voted off, that was a dumb move done out of insecurity. He was a great morale builder for the older folks and now who is going to lead? Too bad, no body would ever have given him 1,000,000…I would have taken him to final 2.

Another thing, I don’t like the tribe mates who are picking on the young girl who lost her leg at 6mos. of age… and from a school teacher to behave like that! Appalling!!! She is able bodied, works hard and aligned herself badly…. her only real fault, I don’t like that crew!


After watching the last Survivor, I couldn’t really tell what Jimmy J. was thinking. He all but told them, “It’s OK, go ahead and vote me off.” I don’t think he was the weakest link as the other Jimmy and his alliance implied. However, if you want to look at it another way, he saw/knew the tribe was going against him, so in the end he saw himself being voted off as the way to strenghten/unite the tribe again. He kind of took one for the team, so to speak. It’s hard to say who will do better, b/c the older tribe are getting along good so their camp is relatively harmonious, but they’re not doing so well in the challenges. The younger tribe are very confrontational (I think Naonka is a real bitch), but they do well in the challenges. In any case this season of Survivor in three episodes has already been better and had much more drama than the entire BB12 season.


Well said! I agree with the analogy up to the point of the young ones winning everything… they only won by very little in last weeks challenge and were actually losing during most of the competition. Naonka is scary and she’s around young children…major personality disorder going on there, but I think these people are cast for drama. I also agree that this season of Survivor is going to kick ass on BB12… too bad the season was so uneventful. I blame casting.


Survey done Dawg. Good luck with your project.


mine is done too..


Rachel can’t read can she? She said she couldn’t believe how many supporters she has? Are you kidding me Rachel? WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *insert weird ratchel laugh here*


Am I the only one who caught Rachel borderline reneging on moving to LA to be WITH HER MAN. Let the count down begin… until this relationship goes the way it should have in week 1. One hook up and over.

Curtain Call for BB

I missed that … oh do you mean that she’s in LA 4+ days a week and in Vegas 3 days? Or something else? I’m honestly surprised that it’s lasted as long as it has. I thought it’d be dead before the jury was over.


Rachel is not going to LA IMO, she will never leave her Vegas. What a joke she is and Brendon is dumb for believing anything she says. Both of them are just dumb and ignorant and most of all laughable. LOL


I think she will go to LA, for a little while. Probably they’ll do something like move in together and see how the relationship pans out. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but she’ll want to see. She’ll probably keep her place in Vegas so she has someplace to go back to if things don’t work out. Granted, most showmances don’t have a good track record, but I still think Brendon and Rachel are a good couple and good for each other, so I’m one of the few hoping for the best for them. If they make each other happy, then it really doesn’t matter what the rest of us think.

Curtain Call for BB

Simon and other Matt fans, Matt has his own website now

Dawg, I completed your survey. Not a bad design in your survey — I’ve seen far worse ones on Survey Monkey.


Rachel on a Soap Opera??? She is a soap opera! I can’t imagine she is much of an actress but this must get right under Britney’s skin to hear this news! I might tune in to see the wreckage.


Don’t you imagine the director gave Rachel instructions “whatever you do, DO NOT laugh”.


I think that conversation went along the lines of: Director: ” You know that laugh thing you do? Well, try not to do it!” Rachel: ” You mean my cute little giggle that everyone loves?” Him: ” Uh, no, the one where you sound like you have sleep apnea, you cackle, gasp for breath, snort, and cackle again?” Her: ” But Brendan thinks my laugh is great and cute and it wouldn’t be me without it!” Director:” Okay, let me rewrite the scene and you can walk in showing your cooch, serve some drinks in a low cut top, and walk out… no lines then!?” Rachel: ” Deal, see I drive a hard bargain don’t I !?”


OMG, you were there!….you are right on. Especially the part about showing her cooch. She probably will wear that short short dress that she had on for that comp when she “forgot” her underwear and all we saw were a lot of blurred spots.