Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel Reilly Talks to OK Magazine About Brendon Cheating via Skype

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 talks exclusively to OK! Magazine reporter Jenn Hoffman to clear up rumors about the Brendon Skype cheating incident.
Rachel says that she is sticking by Brendon as a friend and that she is giving him another chance but that he better prove himself to her. Rachel thinks Brendon got taken advantage of and that these girls saw the opportunity to lure him in and that he fell for it. She says that they seduced him on the internet via skype and that he fell for it because he’s a man. Rachel says that she still wants to marry him and be with him for the rest of her life… but that he messed up and has a lot of proving to do….

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Curtain Call for BB

Oh NO! More and more, it looks like a Speidi-like attempt to get publicity. I hope that the ploy fails and Brenchel are NOT cast on Amazing Race. (I would still enjoy seeing them cast on BB reunion because at least Rachel was playing the game during her season — unlike the top 3 finalists who’d never even watched BB before — just like with Survivor where Dan, Kelly, and NaOnka were not fans and just recruited — recruited cast members just suck the life out of a show.)


yea i was gonna say the same about it being for publicity


Does anyone really believe this happened? I don’t. I believe the two of them set this up for media attention, publicity. I think they went in and made a twitter account in a bogus name and did it themselves. Bottom line is…they know their 15 minutes are up and they are grasping at straws. That apology Brendon made was a dead giveaway. This video of Rachel is a dead giveaway . They are both obviously crazy. This is almost as bad as the balloon boy story.


i think the real funny thing about it is that no one with a half of brain really cares anyway lol

Karen S