Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TMZ “Big Brother Cry-Baby’s Star-Studded Apology”

Nothing says “I’m sorry” like naming a celestial object after the girl you cyber-cheated on — which is why bawl-my-eyes-out Brendon from “Big Brother” just threw down $109 to christen the star, “Rachel Reilly.”

According to the International Star Registry, Brendon got the appropriate paperwork in order this week — certifying the star’s new name — and even purchased a $70 bracelet with the star’s coordinates to sweeten the deal.

It’s not his first attempt at an apology — as we previously reported, Brendon posted an “I’m sorry” video online recently … after his ex-GF and “Big Bro” co-star Rachel allegedly found out he sent pics of his schlong to a girl he met online.
No worries though — if the video didn’t cut it, a paper star certificate and bracelet definitely will do the trick. Right?

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16 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: TMZ “Big Brother Cry-Baby’s Star-Studded Apology”

  1. Why is this pathetic saga of Brachel still going on. Is not any of the other interesting HGs doing anything? Let’s hear more about Brit.

  2. These two losers so totally deserve each other.
    Although I’m shocked she hasn’t dumped him yet since he has no money.

    1. Hey chessie_K I haven’t checked my BB email or awhile :( i’ll give it a look tonight though THANKS!

      I’ve been busy rebuilding the site hopefully we’ll have something new and exciting soon.

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