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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia wonders why Rachel Never targeted the biggest Floater in the game **Updated**

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5:36pm Candy Room Kalia and POrsche Kalia is saying how weird it is that Rachel goes around all year preaching how they need to get out the floaters and people that don’t do anything and here she is not nominating the biggest floater in the game. Kalia goes on about how Adam has seriously done shit in the house and she keeps him safe. Porsche thinks once it gets down to final 5 all that floaters must die rhetoric is over everyone wants easy people to beat in the end. Kalia knows she points out that is the reason they always have a pack of losers near the end. (Honestly Kalia you’ve made so many mistakes this year i’m surprised you’re still around)

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan doesn’t think Porsche deserves to win BB13 she’s already won “10 grand” + her stipend

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3:31pm HOH Adam, Jordan and Rachel Adam is swearing that he will not use the Veto if he wins it and he will fight his hardest to win the veto. Adam goes on about how he wants to stick to the plan go final 3 with JR. Adam thinks the number one thing they need to do this week is get rid of Kalia because they know the next HOH will be questions and she’s already proven herself to be very strong at those comps. Rachel says that Kalia offered her a final 2 yesterday. Adam again swears that he is friends with Porsche but they have no game agreement.

Rachel says it will be Porsche and Kalia on the block. Jordan is pissed at Porsche and Kalia for suggesting that Rachel puts up Adam/Kalia or Adam/Porsche. Jordan says the only reason they are suggesting that is because they want to get her up on the block. Jordan doesn’t care who wins the game as long ad Porsche or Kalia are not in the final 2.

Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel tells Porsche that Kalia tried to make a final two deal with her..

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2:20pm – 2:45pm Porsche is up in the HOH room talking to Rachel. Porsche begins campaigning to Rachel. Porsche begins to talk about her HoH blog and all the nice things she said about Rachel in her HOH blog. Porsche talks about how she enjoyed having other people to just get out of the game with and have normal non game conversations. Porsche says that she almost wanted to say that it was a good decision about voting out Shelly. Porsche tells Rachel about how upset Shelly was when Rachel called her a bitch. Porsche says that she doesn’t understand why they didn’t come up and talk to her during her HOH and that they only went to talk to Kalia. Porsche says that she felt left out on all the deals that were going on during her HoH. Porsche says that she will probably do good at some of the HoH’s but isn’t she would do well at the morph competition. Rachel tells Porsche that Kalia doesn’t have your best interest at heart.. she is looking out for herself. Rachel says that I have been a better friend to you than Kalia has been. Rachel says that you can even bring Kalia up here and we can talk about how she isn’t looking out for you. Porsche agrees and says that everyone is playing for themselves.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel opened Pandora’s Box & got stuck with Jessie AGAIN while the others got a shopping spree WITH Tori Spelling! *Updated*

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11:50am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, All the housguests are in the kitchen try on clothes. Rachel says that she grabbed Adam a tshirt and he signed it for you too. Adam says awesome …thanks ..these tshirts are worth $3.50. They are all trading and giving each other the clothes that they grabbed but didn’t want. Adam asks so he is a wrestling star now? Rachel says yeah impact wrestling. They talk about Rachel got stuck with Jessie. Rachel yells I can’t believe you met Tori Spelling!! Adam says I can’t believe you got stuck with Jessie AGAIN! Jordan says that she was listening to them from down here and heard shopping spree. Rachel opened up Pandora’s Box and got stuck with Jessie, while the others got shopping spree. The girls are all giving Rachel some of the clothes they grabbed. Adam talks about how its the best day because he got to meet Tori Spelling. Rachel talks about how Jessi was doing all the posses and stuff. Rachel says that when she saw that it was Tori Spelling …she thought there is no way I can open it ..but says that she does a wedding show..

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 2nd, 2011 Updated LIVE!

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12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

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Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel & Jordan think if nominations are this morning ..they might have a night POV competition.. *Updated*

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8:30am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. Rachel and Jordan are getting ready up in the HOH room. Jordan tells Rachel about how she talked with Adam after she left the HOH room to go to bed. Jordan says that her and Adam were talking about and about how they talked about the different scenarios. Rachel says that there are there is still a lot of game left to play. Rachel says that she doesn’t think this will be a full week. Rachel and Jordan are talking about how maybe there will be a double eviction or another fast forward. Rachel wonders if there will be a night time veto tonight… if we have nominations this morning then maybe it will be. Rachel says then maybe there will be another eviction on Sunday. Rachel tells Jordan no to tell any of them. Rachel says that there is only one more live show before the finale. Jordan asks Rachel if it seems like she is over it. Rachel says that she knows how it is when Brendon left I didn’t want to anyone …and I am sure its the same with Jeff. Jordan says that she isn’t over it and doesn’t want it to seem like that. Rachel says that she just wants Jordan to try in the competitions. Jordan says oh I will. Jordan says that we are different players that balance each other out… I am good at social and you are good at competitions.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia tells Rachel, if you can guarantee that I won’t go ..then you can put me up.

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12am – 1:25am Porsche, Rachel and Adam are still playing cards. As they play they talk about past competitions and other random stuff. Rachel talks about dying her hair red again. They ask where Jordan is and Adam says she went to lay down and asked to be woken up in the backyard opens up. Jordan is laying down in bed. Kalia is in the diary room. They talk about the golden keys and how long ago that was. Rachel talks about he being banned from the internet because she had a fee problems with what people said about her last season. Porsche asks really banned? Rachel says yeah from Brendon. Kalia comes out of the diary room and joins the card game. The conversation turns to bashing Shelly. Kalia says that she will have some words for her when she gets out …she used people to stay and we all used her for a vote when she swung from side to side…. and we used her for cleaning. Rachel asks I don’t know why you didn’t vote for her to stay. Kalia says that moments before Jordan said she was leaning to vote for her…and then because of who would be the least pissed at being voted out. Kalia says in her goodbye messages she told Shelly has been lying to everyone and flipping back and forth from side to side and that she can flip her vote out the door. Rachel says that is pretty much what she said too. Adam joins them again. They play a while longer and then end the card game.

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Big Brother 13, Jordan to Adam “We’ve saved you 2 weeks now you owe us” **updated**

Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche says she said some mean a$$ sh!t in Brendon’s goodbye message… I was obviously drinking that night.

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam says his best Move of the Game was voting to evict Lawon

Big Brother 13: Adam ” As of right now I don’t deserve to win Big Brother 13″ **updated

Big Brother 13 Spoilers, Rachel : “Adam is a wild card.. Shelly will stab you in the front Adam will stab you in the back”

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – August 31th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan tells Adam that she can’t keep Shelly .. I just can’t get burned again. *Updated*

Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly says I will swear to god and America that I will not go against you, I would be the BIGGEST A$$HOLE LOSER.. if I did that I deserve to lose my job.

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