Kalia: “If Rachel tries to take a card out of my hands.. it’s going to be philly take it to the streets”

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12:07pm Adam, Porsche and Adam Adam: “I apologize now if I get violent..Not that it will be on purpose” (Adam actually is a really nice bloke.. wish he would do something)

Kalia is saying that if it’s OTEV and given all the tension in the house there’s going to be blood… Kalia adds that rachel is probably going to get really physical. Adam and Porsche agree. Kalia: “If Rachel tries to take a card out of my hands.. it’s going to be philly take it to the streets”
(They are planning it will be otev one of the more physical comps in Big BRother)

Everyone is on edge they are just walking around waiting for the comp to start. They keep talking about how physical it’s going to get and how there ready to “Throw it down”. Even Adam is pumped

12:23pm They’re going over the possibility of it being a Punishment comp. Kalia and Porsche start doing their stretches… (Shit man they are pumped .. adam is pacing around like a caged lion)

12:30 they’ve been talking about Big Brother 11 for some time. Porsche still stretching. They briefly mention the feeds saying that there’s buttons you can press so you can track a houseguest. (nope it’s not that sophisticated).

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Noon in the HOH Jordan and Rachel are studying. A bit ago they were both mentioning how important it is for them to get Veto so they can have all the power. Jordan is still very much pushing Porsche to go home this week. rachel still favors Kalia they are both worried that Kalia will win the HOH next week.

12:36pm POV Comp has started
1:47pm POV yo
2:14pm POV yo

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i like to see Adam win, just in case he decides to start playing this game, but Rachel on a great roll right now its hers to lose


Adam is going to get his ass kicked by girls

Nick B

agreed, i’d be stunned if adam bested rachel in this.


Get ready to be stunned! Adam won POV and Kalia is already working on him!!


Would someone PLEASE put some tape over Kalia’s mouth.


Adam won veto lmao!


I still think adam will throw it only becasue if he doesn’t have it he donen’t have to make a chose of side he knows at this point he safe either side even if he does go on the block


Adam won Pov

team rachel and jordan



Go Porsche!!


GO TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL; CAnnot stand the other three in the house. BORING!!


Go RACHEL & JORDAN!! Win that veto & send Porsche home!!


it’d be nice if next season they had a cast that was actually interesting.


Go Porsche, Kalia or Adam (one can dream).


does she ever wash her hair? it always looks greasy………


Go Rachel & Jordan!!!!




It would be nice if adam switched sides again and won pov and used it on porsha. Of course that most likely isnt going to happen. Adam you are not going to win if you go to final 3 with R&J. but i dont see him winning at all even if he goes to final 3 with kalia and porsha. He would at least have a better chance though if he stuck with the newbies. Im hoping porsha wins this pov, i want her to win soooo badly.


I agree none of the newbies stand a chance against the vets, too bad Adam doesn’t see tha,t the guy thinks he’s a gamer lol


Adam thinks he is a superstar. Do you realize that he’s been and will be the deciding vote as long as he is in the game?


Me too!!


I too would like P to win but if K wins and J goes up in her place, A would at least be forced to choose between P & V, newbie with whom he likes and J. He’s always said he wants a newbie to win but, sadly, I think Adumb is delusional and actually thinks he has a chance to be that newbie who wins the game. What a bloody fool!


That’s what I’m afraid of too and it’s totally whacked! He can’t win against any other house guest in there except maybe Kalia and that’s a long shot. So what will he do if he doesn’t play the POV? Chances are pretty big that he’ll send Kalia home.

The mind boggles. I don’t want him in final two, but I’d feel better about it if he at least tried to get his head in the game.

Not a PHD student

If it doesn’t envolve food The Buffet Kalia has no chance
If it envolves walking and breathing bag of rocks Jordan is done
If it doesn’t envolve Jeff Pucker Lips Adam will focus all his enegy on finding Jeff’s ass to kiss
If it’s physical, Pancer’s swing of her hips will knock the fake breast out of boy george, but boy George will back swinging or balling

This will come down to Pancer and Boy George with a victory for boy George, just by a hair (probably the hir under her upper lip)





Casual Observer

Hmmm, what a scenario. Kalia and Adam seem determined to not let Rachel get over on them. I would love to see both of them step it up. Philly and Jersey in the house. Besides, Dani I really don’t think I ever seen another woman go up against Rachel while in BB.

Big Sister

If this is physical and tailored to Rachel again, there can be no doubt about Production’s intent.

kalia the hut

even if it wasn’t tailored for her, people are still going to be calling it fixed if Rachel won fair and square.


If it’s OTEV it’s physical and also a comp that is often played at this point which is why everyone is guessing it. If it’s played every year how is that rigging? It’s just production being unoriginal…


It really doesn’t matter what Production does its never going to be right for everyone so suck it up people and get a life this game is full of twists and turns always has been its only TV don’t take a stroke over it LOL

kalia the hutt

even if they did, those people already know that others who are in better shape will have an advantage. they came into the game fully aware of that.

all competitions can’t simply just be questions/mental games…. because that would then favour the brighter house guests. For it to be truly fair, it needs to be a balance of mental and physical games.


Ummmmm, why are they ‘worried Kalia will win HoH next week’?

Next Round: Final 4, it’s pretty much the Veto Winner’s decision as to who stays and who goes.

It doesn’t matter who wins HoH next week. They already know it’s NOT going to be Jordan, so yes, whoever wins will be Final 3, but Rachel & Jordan need to win the veto regardless if Kalia/Porshe/Adam win HoH (which is inevitable).


Because they want to get Kalia out before final 3 and if she wins HOH she’s guaranteed safe. Yes Veto decides who to send home, but only out of the HGs that are not HOH.


So, where is Adam’s head at. If he won veto would he use it or is he probably sticking with the vets?


Adam is fatter, bald, bearded version of Jordan


Huge LOL… Perfect description of both!




LoL! Yup, that about sums it up!

Midwest Fan


Jeff sucks

Wait so we wont know who won the pov

Julia Christine

yea, we will know by the way they react afterward..


Usual one side is happy while the other is sad/crying, but what are we to think if they are ALL crying/sad?

kalia the hutt

they saw adam naked




Ewwww. Almost as disgusting as seeing Aunt Cowlia’s shaved hooohaaaa.


Odd that it’s a secret comp. I suppose there is a slight chance that Rachel might not win a physical comp (as per Production’s wishes), so they may have to keep re-doing it until zitface gets it.


No, that’s a default screen when they’re doing comps. Comps are blacked out on the feeds except for long HoH comps.


I want to see Porche and Rachel race to the top of the hill or whatever in the comp and Porche knocks Rachel down and Rachel go screeching and tumbling down and takes out Jor and Adumb down like bowling pins. If not, then yeah Kalia can go philly take it to the streets on Rachel, that’ll do.


LoL!! From your lips to God’s ears Kate! Here’s hoping!

BB production feeds

Only “philly” Kalia knows about is a PHILLY STEAK!!


Best case scenario for the newbies is if K wins PoV, Jordumb goes up and Adumb is forced to choose between P (a fellow newbie) and J. I still don’t have much faith in A making a game defining move for him and voting out J, unfortunately. Looks like the remaining two weeks will be pretty uneventful if, as I suspect, K or P get evicted. Here we go!


Jordan has said a couple times that in her season, the final HOH doesn’t play in the veto! Umm, am I missing something. I think we all pay better attention than Jordan in this game, but I could be wrong. Final 4 is the last veto, right? There is no veto in the final 3 HOH! Rachel never corrects her though! I am watching this too much! Jordan is starting to confuse me!! She says that if she wins HOH, it would only be Rachel and Porsche playing for veto. She is wrong, right??


Right, once again, Jordan has no idea what she’s talking about. You would think that she has some concept of a game that she has already won, but no. In her season, the HOH(Natalie) did not play in the veto as a punishment for opening pandoras box. That was in the final 4 veto comp. Everyone plays in the veto.


How come Jordans pic on the side is 2 face?


Because she is nice, but could be a bitch

Head of Household

No she can’t…she’s done nothing of the sort in BB11 or 13

Casual Observer

Think long and hard it will come to you. We know you can do it. Don’t pull a Jordan on us.


jordan wants porsche gone because she wants adam to carry her to final 2

rachel wants kailia gone so she wont win hoh this week

cant wait to find out who wins hope its rachel jordan or adam..

i dont know why porshe or kailia feel like adam will rescue them …..this nigga wont use that veto if he does win ….i swear kailia and porsche makes me sick to believe adam bullshit.. adam looks out for adam


totally agreed, Jordan should go this week! I hopee!


OK.. I am not up on the BB lingo. What is OTEV? I have watched for several seasons, but never really followed the message boards until now. thanks!


OTEV is a competition that they have done for the veto competition before.. It is veto spelled backwards, It has varied in differnt seasons one year it was a singing clam telling the house guests to find something and bring it back to him the last one back is elimiated from the competition and it keeps going till one is left. It does get quit
physical at times fighting for whatever they are to bring back


It’s for Veto spelled backwards and it’s been a competition the last couple of seasons. Do you remember the competition with Otev the gorilla in season 11 the had to run down the hill and find the banana with the HG’s name on it that was the answer to the question that Otev asked them. and then run up the hill to present the banana to Otev. Season 12 it was a clam but the same competition.

Uncle Cool

VETO backwards.

A giant monkey.

They have to look for bananas with houseguest names on them and give them to the monkey.

Each round, someone is out until someone wins.

If I remember correctly…

Russell K's baby momma

This might be a dumb question but what is OTEV? Someone please tell me!


VETO spelled backwards.


OTEV is veto spelled backwards. It is a veto comp with a big face they call otev asking the houseguests questions and they have to run through the backyard looking for cards with the answers on them. Then they have to run back to otev with the correct one. It is real physical, or it can get real physical lol.

Russell K's baby momma

thanks 🙂


OTEV= veto backwards. It asks questions (that are pretty simple) then they have to find the item with the house guests name that’s the answer. They then take that item back up to otev (climbing up a ramp). I think there’s a possibility it could be a large fortune teller though maybe and tarot cards with names (someone else mentioned this I believe). Otherwise I don’t see how the fortune teller will enter into the season.

Russell K's baby momma

ooooh, ok. I am excited to see what it is this time! 🙂 I would love to see Rachel and Kalia throw down! hee hee


Well, since OTEV needs to talk to ask the questions, then it’s perfect opportunity for a Fortune Teller OTEV (as opposed to gorilla OTEV in past seasons) to talk.

Just for giggles, I wish production thought of using Shelly’s manly voice for the fortune teller.


Kalia: “If Rachel tries to take a card out of my hands.. it’s going to be philly take it to the streets”

She meant “Philly Cheese Steak”, no threat there besides to the arteries

kalia the hut



Now THAT was FUNNY!!


Yeah, like she is some Philly bad-ass that people should be afraid of. I am sure Rachel is shaking in her shoes. She’d take Kalia in one punch. LOL. Since when has Rachel CHEATED in this way? Kalia is just a major jerk who loves to hear the sound of her own voice telling everyone how great she is. She is a spoiled brat and I can’t wait until she goes home so maybe someone else can have a conversation without having to hear her droning on and on about herself in the background or over the top of someone else talking. If the conversation isn’t about her, she will start a 2nd conversation with someone else and talk over them too. I have witnessed people try to make comments while she is talking and she just talks over them. One night, Adam had one comment that he had to say about 20 times because he would start to talk and she would just run over him. I can’t stand her and her arrogance. Bye bye Philly!


For the hundredth millionth time , OTEV is VETO spelled backwards, it;s not rocket science, and it doesn’t take a spelling bee champ, to figure it out… don’t remember what the OTEV competition is, but I know it’s done at night lat one was face morph.


Otev is not played at night. the face morphing competition is a totally different comp. which is played at night.


Oh OK…. What was last season’s OTEV?


OTEV is VETO spelled backwards, but it is also the name of the robot thingy that reads them the clues – OTEV reads the HGs a clue, they have to run (i think into the house) and get it, bring it back outside where they step on this mattress pad thing when they return – BUT for each questions there is one less mat – so the person who doesn’t come back in time is out unless one of the HGs who is on the pad gets it wrong


Rude and wrong!


I am so sick of Kalia bringing up how she is going to go “philly” on people and how hardcore philly is. Philadelphia means nothing to anyone. No one cares about it in the States plus she already revealed her upper class upbringing. It’s not Harlem, the Bronx or even Chicago. She is seriously delusional.

Casual Observer

Damn, its evident you don’t know jack about Philly or the US.


listen, if you are from the streets of any major US urban city, then I would say that chances are good, you just might know how to throw down – but even if Kalia is from Philly, she is not from the streets, no doubt she is from a nicer part, and the whole urban street smart agression, “protect ya neck” mentality does not apply with her – she went to Spelman for goodness sake – so she sounds even stupider and more vapid than usual by saying that


thats exactly my point. And yes i know about the US I’m from Chicago but not “the streets.”


right, me too, i am from Brooklyn, there’s a lot of “street” here – but my family is middle class – so as long as i am not roaming around from 3:30am to 5:00am, it’s all good….lololololol


This is one comment that I totally agree with you. Kalia isn’t a bad-ass, she just likes to brag that she is. OOOOOOO, so scary!!! LOL


otev was a comp from jj season they had to go grab cards and bring it back to a raping tribal head thing

Team Rachel" Go Big Red"

“raping”? don’t u mean rapping?


Please gotta be OTEV..Jordan got the advantage of winning the POV. Rachel, Hope it helps because as right now. The Veterans got the advantage over the newbies. There is no way Kaila, Porsche, or Adam can’t beat Rachel and Jordan in OTEV event.


You can always count on production to cut the feeds when they are “cooking” something.

Poor Team PorKa.


Why would anyone vote for Jeff to be fan favorite? Am I the only one that is so turned off by his bullying,
entitlement. He has already won 15.000.00 dollars. Jeff and Jordan are the most hypocritical 2 players in the house. They want everyone to worship them and then cuss people out if they think they should win.


America will vote for him for the dame reason they voted for him in his season, “his good looks” , he could’ve smacked Jordan, and America would still vote him America’s Favorite…. They love Little Jeffrey a.k.a Clown Shoe”


I couldn’t agree more!! While I suspect outside of the house they both have their redeeming qualities, inside the house they are are like nails on a chalk board – annoying as hell.


bc JJ fans are mindless, numb, brainwashed followers who engage heavily in fantasy projection…that sounds mean but I am actually trying to give an objective explanation:)~


No, sounds more like crying Dani fans to me. Pick a side and cheer for it without bad mouthing the other side shows CLASS. Of course, based on your post…..judge yourself.


me thinks the lady doth protest too much (waayyy too much!)


JJ fans are not as you say! You know very little about what you speak of in regards to their fans. Your comment clearly identifies your intelligence or lack of intelligence, I should say!


yes, you are right, considering that I have an undergraduate ivy league degree and am pursuing a graduate degree in psychology….yes, lack of intelligence, yes, yes, yes

sorry, but this isn’t personal, many people say this or some variant of it, think about it, if you feel that strongly for people whom you do not know and are perhaps ill-deserving…..


I couldn’t give a crap about your ivy league education. I also have a master’s degree and I disagree with you, so does that make me smarter than you since you are only working on your degree? What does that have to do with anything? I know lots of educated people who have the common sense of a gnat and can’t get their crap together. And Ivy League? Brag much, do ya? I will tell you that unless you are going into politics or high finance, no one cares where you went to school after a couple of years & you will have to prove yourself, not fall back on your school name. This is why I can’t stand Kalia. She is a superior braggart who thinks she doesn’t even fart! I could not care less that she went to Spelman or that she has never had a car payment in her life because her parents have bought her multiple cars. She’s so full of herself.


rambling with all these teeny tiny words….jealous much? and thank you for proving my point about JJ fans. THANK YOU!

by the way, if someone accuses you of having a lack of intelligence and you bring up certain aspects of your curriculum vitae as a defense tactic, i hardly consider that bragging. facts are facts. and you are wrong, your education comes into play in fields other than politics (really, politics?) and finance. but i wouldn’t expect philistines such as yourself to know these things. believe me, i deal with it everyday so why not a BB website!!!


I had to use tiny words so you could understand them. The fact that you go on a name calling rampage against anyone who doesn’t agree with you and then try to call it objective is laughable. You will be a terrible therapist. I can see you have no empathy and no understanding that this is a GAME and that people root for their TEAM, just like any other game. That doesn’t give you the right to play arm-chair psychologist to millions of people just because you went to an ivy leage school. Grow up and get a different degree where feelings aren’t involved. You seem to be the one that needs to be on the therapist’s couch if all you have is name calling and bragging going for you.


Philistines? Did you have to break out your little dictionary for that one? Ouch! (lol) Saying you are educated and intelligent is one thing. Bragging about how superior you are because of the school you attended is another. I am certain you are not dumb but you certainly sound like it with your put-downs. Once again, a college education doesn’t mean you have any common sense, which you prove by your name-calling and assinine assessment of fans who disagree with you. Maybe some day you will grow up and figure it out. Oh, and CV??? You have the beginnings of a simple resume, not a CV.


it’s funny bc you have no idea who old i am, my profession (to speak of resumes), and where exactly i received my education, though you sound so self-assured…must be the reason why you stay behind a computer screen typing away with vitriol true to the fat, ugly loser stereotype of a computer blogger you so easily uphold (must be your one and only accomplishment life since you are relentless but oh so wrong)

and i know it will ROCK YOUR pathetic little world to hear this but i wouldn’t never even think to use a dictionary for a three syllable high school level word like philistine and the fact you bring such a notion up reveals how stupid you truly are….trying reading more, BB less – finding the balance in life that I have acheived is difficult i know and you may never achieve it (or anything else for that matter) but keep hope alive, okaaayyyy?? (talk-ing….real….slow….so….you…un-der-stand….me….now)


i meant *how* old i am (if i don’t type things exactly as they should be, i have a feeling you aren’t quick enough to pick up on the context of what i say)


In other words, you are trying to use your ‘psychology’ education on JJ fans to analyze them? Is this what they taught you in school, to project your feelings on others? Maybe grow up a bit and get that master’s degree before you psychoanalyze people based on who they root for. You’ve got to be kidding me with this “analysis”. Maybe JJ fans just like nice people. And don’t get me started about getting angry or lying. That is the name of this game and everyone has to lie at some point. KPD were the most catty women I have ever heard. They talked about EVERYONE behind their back in derrogetory ways, even each other when one would leave the room. I hate these kinds of girls who think they are so much better than everyone else that they have a right to tear them down and you sound like you would fit in really well. Maybe they don’t teach this is school but don’t use your degree to hammer other people about THEIR intelligence.


i must have really hit a nerve with you….lolol…i do tend to have that effect on people, especially mindless, brainwashed ones:)~~


Once again, you prove to be too immature and arrogant by resorting to name calling when you don’t have a valid arguement. “Especially mindless, brainwashed ones” Really? You can’t even come up with NEW insults? I’d love to see you have to defend your tasteless psyco-bullcrap and name calling in your master’s thesis. EPIC FAIL! And is this what you will teach your patients, right? That when you disagree with someone the best way to address it is to go on a name-calling, bullying rapage to make themselves feel better and more superior, like yourself? Sounds like D- work to me. Seems like you like to bully and hold you degree over the head of anyone you feel is inferior. FYI, I HAVE a master’s degree, I am not “pursuing” it as in “haven’t been accepted to grad school yet but want to brag about it anyway.” If you are in grad school, your professors would be ashamed to call you one of their students.


Oops, accidentally hit Submit. One more thing: “sorry, but this isn’t personal, many people say this or some variant of it, think about it, if you feel that strongly for people whom you do not know and are perhaps ill-deserving…..” Really? You don’t think calling people mindless and brainwashed isn’t personal. I don’t know you and I don’t know them and you don’t know me or them. Maybe you should take your own advice because you seem to feel strongly about different people that I happen to feel are UN-deserving (FYI miss superior intelligence, ill-deserving isn’t a word) yet you feel that gives you a right to call me and others with similar feelings names. Yes, you hit a nerve because I hate superior bullies like you. You won’t get far in real life with that attitude, believe me.


LOLOLOL “ill-deserving” is a derivative of ill-deserved, it expresses a nuance of meaning that “undeserving” cannot and does not – and proficient writers often take such liberties once they have mastered language and grammar and want to convey specific (often intricate) ideas and/or the intentionality of said thoughts and ideas…but wait, what am i doing, why am i even bothering to explain something you can’t possible understand!!! you’re barely hooked on phonics…..guess it didn’t “work for you”! how sad, too bad:( hahahaHAHAHA


you ALREADY have a master’s degree (from a state school no doubt HAHAHAHA)….WOW you must be old then! why do you keep making me feel bad for you:(


Maybe you need therapy to figure out why you are always having to defend yourself outside of this website. Sounds like you rub most people the wrong way with your attitude.


stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself….seriously

Sin loi m' boy!

rachels mantra is nobody gets between her and her (fill in the blank, lately its been her fiance from her man but i get the feeling shes used that phrase before), it’ll be competitive between rach & porsche but sadly rach will win & i feel it’ll be a legit win, noms remain, adam votes to evict kalia, jordon votes to evict porsche…tie, rachel gives her deciding vote to evict kalia.
now why is porsche dressed like that…remove an item of clothing or 2 & give me a wiggle…


I hope Rachel wins, she is the only one that gives 100%, in the comps. Does anyone notice that most of the nastiness is out of the house since Dani and Shelly are not there??? Yes, there is still a little bashing here and there, but it is nothing like it was. Makes one go hmmmmmmmmm.

Rachel's shrink

I’ve pretty much tuned out big brother at this point, but I occasionally still stop by here.

I saw a comment posted on an earlier thread that suggested the houseguests were talking about BB being rigged, and the feeds immediately switched to trivia, but the mics were left on.

It was said that production could be heard confirming that the show was rigged by what they were saying to the HGs.

Is there any truth to the above?


Yes, Dawg confirmed


What thread?

Rachel's shrink

any chance someone can youtube this before it disappears?

Jedi Jani

Feeds come back and Porsche is toothless……and Kalia lost her weave…..and Jordan is confused …. and Adam is still looking for the bacon competition to start …. and Rachel is wearing the POV necklace while holding Porsches teeth ……


If it’s who can put the most snot on the clean dishes (or the counters or refrigerator), Adam will definitely win.

Was bbfan, lol

Is the veto happening now? Anyone know whats going on?


Adam just won Veto.


is that true?

Midwest Fan



Wow,Adam won Veto! Just hope he uses it now.


I would love to see Rachael win the whole thing! I don’t really like her, can’t stand to watch her eat, or even talk but I feel she has played the hardest in this game and deserves to win over any other house guest!! I LMAO when I see P&K playing with their little toys to try and figure out what will happen next! Can’t stand them… And Adam for sure does not deserve a half mil!!! He is a joke! But he has floated all the way to the end I think so what ever happens will be interesting, as long as it is not Porka, or Kalia the hut! they make my skin crawl! Good Luck Rachael!! Hope you win the POV and send Kalia to the JURY HOUSE! Then Porka, and then Adam and let Jordan and Rach be in final two!


Perfect finish for this season. Jordan and Rachel final 2


I’m dying here…..!!! Need to know!!!


Most people Now see that the game is Rigged and Pre-Planned!! – BB uses twists and Pandora Box to manipulate the game!.. Week ago Newbs were fully in control and Rachel and Jordan were about to go!! – they gave Porsche a Pandora Box that nullified her hoh!!.. the following pov and Hoh comps were designed for Rachel with her strong legs and thighs!.. they knew R would win so they had Jessie all lined up to reinact their stunt. BB does not want R to go.. she is good for ratings! R Rachel’s Pandora box did not take away from her goh! – stop interferring BB!.. Stop playing fav! – I will never watch BB again!!


Tired of BB production manipulating too. This season it is so obvious. Don’t think I will be watching next year. Liked it when “Real People” were in the house. Too many people in show business or modeling chosen.


Go Rachel go Jordan!!!! Please win pov!!!!! You girls can do this send kaila home!!!!!




TZM reports that AG told everyone they are losers and declared herself the winner, runs off with the $500,000 and swears nothing was rigged..


The impossible has happened! Adam just won the OTEV veto comp!


what does it mean the comp is secret? Aren’t they all until they air on TV? What is different this time? CONFuSEd?????


Adam won POV!!! Hopefully he grows a pair and uses it on P/K!



Midwest Fan

Adam won POV.

He gave Jordan a necklace his girlfriend gave to him as a sign of his good faith ( Ass Kissing).

Nick B

wasn’t everyone just mocking Shelly for giving out junkie trinkets?


Adam won the veto according to another site! He finally won something! Now let’s see if he screws JR!


Adam won POV! Time to make a game move dude!!




Adam won the pov…it was otev.


sounds like Adam won POV but lets see if he uses it…I cant pin that guy down…he has a poker face and i cant tell who he is working with


What really is the purpose of the strategy chips that Dani used and now Porsche and Kalia use. Seems dumb to me. They really are idiots.




Let the drama begin……

Jedi Jani

Adam told Rachel and Jordan they were all still 3 and then wouldn’t commit to Kalia taking her down and now is telling Porsche she is safe…..looks like Kalia is on her way out!!!!! Let’s hope so…..

C Ya Jordan

If Adam has a half a chance of winning, take porsche off with the veto…jordan goes up. Vote Jordan out….Rachel can`t compete for HOH so she is a goner unless she wins the Veto next week. Final 3 is Adam, Porsche and Kalia. If she keeps either Rcahel or Jordan they already have guaranteed votes in the house. America thinks you are a clown Adam…..now is the time to man up, grow a pair of balls and try and win the money!