Jordan wants Porsche out, “She told me she never wanted to play game… she shouldn’t win she never did anything”

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2:53pm Storage room Adam He looks in the mirror says “YA YA  BLANK YA” he starts counting on his fingers… (Seriously WTF is this guy doing on the show )

2:55pm KP Bathroom Kalia and Porsche are talking about Adam and how he basically wants to go to final 3 with Rachel/Jordan instead of KP. Porsche is a little pissed she’s blow drying her hair can’t hear  BLANK.. Kalia starts to cry says that she feels that this entire game they’ve been in the same position trying to flip ONE vote against the Vets.

3:15pm General Chit Chat..

Adam starts explaining his strategy during the OTEV comp. He was scanning for names all the time and when he found a name that was relatively unique he would remember where it was. He points out that there was a lot of Common names like Lawon and Dominic he knew they would never ask a question about those players because there names were too common would make the comp easy. Everyone agrees that “Jeff” was the hardest name to find. Jordan: “POrsche was the one that Grabbed it first”

3:30pm General chit chat Porsche, Adam and Rachel being social, Jordan just sitting there pulling her hair. Rachel asks Porsche if Kalia is int he DR and if she alright.. Feeds cut.. rachel is trying to get everyone to play cards.

3:35pm HOH AJ Adam tells Jordan that he basically told Kalia that he’s pissed off at her and he’s not using the Veto. Jordan asks her if there is anything they can do to get Adam to flip sides. Adam says no way, he’s telling kalia he’s thinking about it but in the end he won’t be using the VETO. Jordan asks him flat out if he has a final 2 deal with Porsche. Adam says no. Jordan asks if he’ll take JRA or JPA. Adam says he will take the vets to the final 3 that’s the way he wants to play. Jordan starts saying that Rachel and Jordan played the game the entire time they deserve to be in the final 3 eith Adam. She doesn’t think that Porsche deserves to win because she didn’t play the game and she’s only on the show to further her career. Jordan: “She told me she never wanted to play game… she shouldn’t win she never did anything”. Adam keeps telling Jordan that he’s 100% going final 3 with JR she doesn’t have to worry if he wins HOH he’ll put up Porsche. Jordan starts saying that it’s not about who is your best friend it’s about the game and who is a bigger threat. Adam agrees says he’s always been with JJ he always will be. She says she had that deal with Kalia week 2 but thinks Because Kalia put JEff up then the deal is really off. Adam and Jordan high five they both agree final 2. Adam: ‘I  BLANK needed that Veto for myself”..

(Jordan is using the argument that Porsche is a  BLANK player and because she never talked game to JOrdan she doesn’t deserve to get far in the game. She then uses the argument that Kalia is too strong a competitor to keep in the game and they must get her out this week. adam eats all this up and has attached his lips to Jordan’s ass. As it stands now Adam will not use the POV.)

(3:42pm HOH cam 3 Jordan being insane)

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4:00pm Purple room Cards with KPR, Jordan resting in the candy room and Adam listening to music in the HOH

4:37pm cards and Sleeping yo.

4:50pm Purple room Adam and Rachel Adam is telling rachel about her HOH CD. He says some of the songs have rock elements in them there not too “Twangy”. Rachel says she really only likes a couple songs on the entire CD. (It doesn’t seem like rachel like her HOH CD.. Jordan however loves it.)

4:55pm Purple Room RKAP playing cards having a good time.. Jordan sleeping.

5:30pm JRKA Playing guessing games..

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276 thoughts on “Jordan wants Porsche out, “She told me she never wanted to play game… she shouldn’t win she never did anything”

    1. Option 1
      So this is what has to happen for Adam to win.
      Final 5 = KPARJ (check)
      veto : Adam (check)
      veto used : Jordan goes up
      Jordan is evicted 2-0

      Final 4 = KPAR
      Adam really has to win HOH but KP can too. R can’t compete. R wants KP gone more than A
      Rachel wins POV takes herself off.
      Rachel evcits K or P

      Final 3 = RA + K or P
      Final 2 = RA

      Adam’s has to go to the final 2 with Rachel. But first he has to use the veto. He will earn K and P votes. Then KP go to jury and conivnce Dani and Shelly that Adam saved them and got Jordan out. Now Adam has gained DKPS’s votes.

      Option 2
      Adam doesn’t use veto
      Final 4 of RJA + K/P
      whoever remains from K/P wins HOH
      A wins POV saves himself
      Says sorry but I have to evicts R he has no other choice. (basically saves Jordan because she isn’t as good as R)
      Final 3 : JA + k/P
      Hoh winner: is K/P
      Final 2 : A + K/P
      Adam has : JJBR
      K/P has : DS + K/P

      Their is one more option but I forgot lol.

      These are Adam’s only shots at winning this game. There are no other ways he can win.

      1. I’m not sure about that. There’s no way Adam can’t beat K/P. However Adam has to stick with J/R because I know both K/P will go to the Jury House:
        Final 3:Jordan vs Adam vs Rachel
        Rachel win part 1 of HOH competition: Automatic bye
        Jordan win part 2 of HOH competition: Jordan has advantage with Guess the HOH winners. She got 9 out of 10 correct in .18 sec.
        Jordan win part 3 of HOH competition: Takes Rachel or Adam

      2. well if that is what you think of everything… ps you comments suck… they why are you one here everyday making sucky comments and still watching BB…. I get it .. you just want to complain … I am guessing you may be related to Kalia… seems thats all she does anymore….lol

    2. The only person that deserves to win is either Rachel for the vets or Porch for the newbs

      Jordan and Adam are floaters and simply did NADA

      and Kalia is just soooooo annoying and pathetic and Dani like – that if she wins BB13 sucks (I still don’t know who she is -it’s as if Dani is still in the house)

      Adam (the bipolar) won the POV but he’s so unpredictable that we might as well wait three days to finally discover who he’s with-
      this flip flopper is driving us insane. If he wants to win first place he has to take Porch to the end, that’s his best shot.

      vote Kalia out !!! please…

        1. That was her and Jeff’s problem this entire game. They kept trying (keep for Jordan) to boss everyone around and tell them what to do. Like you said, the nerve of anyone else trying to actually win the game for themselves.

      1. I am tired of people saying that Jordan has done nothing just because they don’t like her. I don’t like her much either, but come on, give her some credit. She made it this far, and Adam too. People forget that BB is a social game as well (or even more) as physical. This show started as a social experiment and evolved into what it is right now… nobody can exxpect to play a pure physical game, win every competition and make it to the end (like BR tried at the beginning and quickly backfired and they had to start playing socially). Remember when Dick left and all the Vets started to cry (including Dani) because they thought they couldn’t win) until they realised they had to start playing socially since they didn’t have the numbers.

        I don’t like JA because they got in the way of the people I liked in the beginning, but by making it this far they prove the importance of the social game. The players that start winning competitions go first and the ones that play behind the scenes are the ones that remain… because it is a social and mental game. If it wasn’t there would be no point in having them uncommunicated on the house, and the worst at the competition would automatically be eliminated and that would be boring.

        so we might not respect the game some people are playing but it is actually a good strategy to lay low and not be a threat… so all of you who hate on social players I want to see you go to BB and win every competition to make it to the end… lets see how successful you are.

        1. ACTUALLY, Jordan was tied winning the most HOH in her season plus she also won a veto. She also played a perfect social game to boot. She clearly “deserved” winning………

        2. Jordan has done nothing but ride coattails. When it wasn’t Jeff’s coattails, it was Rachel’s. Albeit she is a nice person with a great social game (when she isn’t acting like a self-entitled brat), all this talk about Porsche “having enough money” or “not deserving to win” is EXTREMELY hypocritical of her. Everyone in that house is more deserving than Jordan.

    3. Oh my gosh Adam use the veto your just ensuring a rachel or jordan win! He’s so dumb get smart Adam come on think with your head not your heart!

    4. I hope Rachel makes it to final two. I wanted Jordan as well, but she always talks about floaters and Rachel is the reason she’s been in all this time. Then she goes to Adam and says final two. WTF she would really take Adumb over Rachel. I think Rachel has a better chance with Porshe. If Kalia was serious she should have teamed up with her. Idk Jordan and Jeff already won a lot of money. I didn’t like her talking shit about Porshe winning the money cuz she did too. Who cares? Rachel is the only one I can justify wanting to win.

    5. jordan sucks, porsche did x1000 more than jordan, god shes sooooooo stupid, and has a lack of self awareness like rachel.

  1. Jordan needs mental help, she actually thinks she deserves to win and no one else deserves it unless they were in her alliance, Porsche has done more then Jordan has and Jordan already won 500k, Jordan deserves nothing


    1. Jordan wants Porshe gonna…because she is jelous, and she knows he will loose to porshe final 2, because Porshe had a better game play than her.

      Jordan is full of shit

      1. First of all , what is soooooooo bad about Jordan that makes u think that ????? So i think that u ppl should zip ur mouths . I actually really want Jordan to WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She deserves it , way more then Porshe. Just like Jeff said : She maid a decision that someone who isin’t even in the house anymore would have wanted . I mean seriously ! Now Jeff is gone cuz she did that !

        1. Jordan has done nothing in this game at all….she rode the tail of Jeff and Rachel and Brendon…..she already won once and if she does it again yay for her…I truly think that she doesnt deserve anything for doing nothing…..shes jealous of Porsche!!!!

          1. Serioulsly, why would anyone be jealous of a gummy girl with fake boobs? I’d take a natural beauty like Jordan over Pacer any day!

          2. Considering that Jordan is neither athletic (for endurance and physical competitions) nor smart (for mental competitions), she had to do what she had to do to advance. That is OK and I respect that. But for her to criticize Porsche is the height of hypocrisy, especially when she is talking about Porsche to Adam (another good-for-nothing-son-of-a-you-know-what).

            It’s amazing how CBS edits on the TV show and the live feeds seem to sharp contrasts in Jordan’s personality.

            Yeah, the feeling of entitlement has to stop.

            I wouldn’t be too upset if Adam won the $500k. (as long as it’s not Jordan)

          3. i don’t know why so many of you guys are bashing Jordan. Everyone has a different game plan and it is obvious it’s working for her, a lot of you guys are complaining how she never win competitions but the game about of big brother is not about how many compeition you can win it’s about lasting until the end. Winning compeition can help you survive in the game but it doesn’t mean you are going to win. I don’t understand why people are calling Jordan a floater? She has been loyal to her alliance since day one. Don’t bash her game play because alot of people including myselff would probably not get as far as she did.

          4. you don’ t think jordan deserves to win, but what has anyone else done to deserve to win, and I’m not including rachel
            porsche and kalia are dani clones playing the game for dani

      2. Not sure about the jealousy thing but Jordan is definitely DELUSIONAL saying that Porsche hasn’t done anything, the continous pulling of her hair has affected her brain cells. Not a fan of Rachel but I will go for Rachel or Porsche. Jordan is such a hypocrite, can’t believe some people don’t see through her mask.

      1. Jordan doesn’t deserve to win but if she’s final 2 with Rachel i will be rooting for Jordan because Rachel is such an evil person i would love to see someone who doesn’t deserve it beat her.

      2. Me being Team anyone but Rachel has nothing to do with who deserves to win more, I think the 3 people who deserved to win the most are all in the jury Dani/Brendon/Jeff

      1. porshe only won the hoh and she got rid of shelly and shelly wasnt even
        a big threat so that was very useless, did a lot more than porshe
        because she won bb 1’s season, maybe she didnt work as hard then but maybe that was her stradegy
        and it worked pretty darn good cause she is rich now

        1. How can you like Jordan and still respect the game of Big Brother? To me, they’re mutually exclusive. The coup de’tat, the duo twist. Production is what’s keeping this girl alive, not any ability she posseses.

        2. Well Porsche wanted to get rid of Jordan or Rachel. Cuz she didn’t know that the production would bring the duos back and keep Jordan useless ass in the game

        3. Jordan is far from rich. She had to pay taxes on the 500,000 and she used most of the rest
          to buy a house for her and her mom in South Carolina. Unless she plans to live with her
          mom the rest of her life it’s not going to do her much good, but that is Jordan, generous.
          If she wins again she can buy a house for herself. If she were rich I doubt she would still
          be working as a receptionist in a hair salon, seriously!

        1. Porsche teamed up with Dani and Kalia to take on the entire house and they took complete control of the game until the duo twist. What did Jordan do?

          1. Complete control of the game until the duo twist? Then why wasn’t Dani still there, she was gone
            before the duo twist. I will concede one thing to Porsche, she couldn’t compete because she got
            a golden key for surviving a nomination. This was a stupid idea from production and I think contributed
            to a somewhat lackluster season; that and the poor scarcity of fights. I was looking at some old
            clips of Jordan’s winning season and the fights were epic. Plus there were no showmances, Dom
            tried but he wasn’t there long enough and BR & JJ were already couples so it was like watching

            1. You are so wrong!

              JJRA was the team that only took control for one week.

              Since the golden keys was no longer in effect DKP won 5 HOH’s while Jeff was the only member on his team to win HOH leading up to the point where PB brought back the POV duo twist.

              The BB twist have been coming in a timely fashion to help out the vets.

              I guess if you want to count the BB twist helping the vets control the game for the whole season then you have a point but they didn’t control the house on their own, they needed help from production.

        2. Who cares about Jordan’s season. Porsche wasn’t in that season. And also Porsche didn’t have a chance to play the first 3 or 4 weeks, who knows what would happen then.

    2. Okay, so in your world, the Prez doesn’t deserve to get re-elected because he already won once. And, your pro football/basketball/baseball/hockey team doesn’t deserve to win back to back titles because, well, they already won one. I could almost swallow your argument if Jordan had taken what was left of her winnings, after the gov’t took its share, and frittered it away on luxuries. But, she didn’t. She bought a house for her mom and brother. EVERYONE left in the game has a legitimate reason/argument for wanting to win the money.

      Personally, I would like to see Rachel win it all. I was not a Brenchel fan last season and was pretty much hating on them this year. However, I never got to see Rachel without Brendon. I am thinking that he actually brings out the worst in her. Since he left and she is no longer under his controlling influence, she has upped her social game, she is thinking strategically and less emotionally and she has attacked the competitions. Money aside, I think winning would do wonders for her self esteem issues.

      1. the argument isn’t that.. (and don’t compare it to those scenarios) Jordan has done absolutely nothing! if she wins it is just because she won it before, or she is a veteran.. those would be the only reasons. NOT because she worked hard this season. and because of that, no one except for jj fans want jordan to win because she was a waste of space this whole season minus.. second week HOH. #luck

      2. If you would like to see Rachel win then I do not think you should be rooting for Jordan at this point…Jordan will turn because she does not think she can win against R…….I think that her plan was to go to the end with Adam all along…now she is sweating since she is scared that Porshe has an F2 deal with Adam

    3. but jordan did allot more than porshe, jordan
      was playing the game since day one but porshe only started
      ever since dani manipulated her into turning against rachel
      but jordan also won a hoh and tha tactually brought her further in the game

    4. if you were on this show and didn’t believe that you deserved to win or someone from your alliance, then you are an idiot. jordan didnt come back not to win, unless maybe it was against jeff. of course she thinks she deserves it more than anyone else. and please, porsche hasn’t done more than jordan, they are about the same, i personally think porsche is worse though. she floated around in the beginning til she latched onto dani and then hid behind her the entire time, then won and HOH and a veto and then went right to that pandoras box and erased her HOH and veto. jordan has won an HOH fair and square, just because jeff and brenden threw away their turns at the golf doesn’t mean they would have beaten her, she tends to do well at the skill comps like those. i think jordan has her type of game play and it works perfect for her, and i think she is trying to prove that she can get far twice by using her same gameplay. porsche however has admitted that she just wanted to be on the show for the camera time, and even said at one point that she didn’t want to go to the jury house because there were no cameras there.

      1. I feel kinda sorry for Porsche. She went on BB for camera time? Then why doesn’t she fix herself up more?
        She lounges around in sweats all the time and ate too much to wear her bathing suit. I have a feeling
        she comes from a family that is not very well off, I could be wrong of course because I really don’t

        Rachel deserves to win but I don’t think she will unless Jordan & Adam are in the jury and vote for her.
        That would give her Brendon, Jeff, Adam & Jordon’s votes and Kalia or Porsche, Dani and Shelly would
        vote for her opponent. But Adam might vote for Porsche so maybe Jordan is right, get Kalia out instead of
        Porsche. I don’t think she’s jealous of Porsche, what is there to be jealous of? Looks? Jordan is adorable
        so she doesn’t have to worry. Lifestyle? No way, Jordan is very conservative compared to Porsche,
        definitely not a hootchie mama looking for a sugar daddy.

    5. Jordan deserves to win over everyone, anyone who doesn’t realise that clearly isn’t thinking straight
      team JJ ftw (oh and add the retarded YO to make it official!)

    6. I beg to differ..winning comps mean shit in this game…Porsche won a cpl of comps while suckin Dani’s ass the entire game,after her free 4 wks was up.Never yet has Porsche made a move herself (Jeff’s eviction) “It’s what Dani would want” Jordan has strategized this whole game,told ppl what they needed/wanted to hear etc.It takes a social game also and Porsche isn’t social to anybody,unless her ass is on the line.Not saying she doesn’t deserve to win…I’d actually like to see J/R/P in final 3…but to say she has done more in the game than Jordan,which I believe she is tied with in wins,is crazy.

  2. i dont understand why ppl what Jordan to win when she won be4, i know she nice i like her too but let someone who havent won be4, and Rachel god cant stand her act like little high school girl

        1. Exactly Jordumb doesn’t deserve it, she didn’t win anything the whole season she is not winning this game

          Out of the remaining players in the house I despise her the most followed by Rachel, Adam…

        2. I am on the fence about jordon i think she sucked at compitions but she has a great social game eveyone in this game either loved her or over looked her she even had people from other allience trying to not put her up and bb isn’t just about winning comps if it was the bigger players would still be there. It is also the social part and she has played that and used it to not only save herself but other. Look at adam he isn’t a rachel fan but he will keep her in the game becasue of jordon so i guess it depends on what you deem to be a good player the competor or the social butterfly lol

          1. I was just thinking about this. The fact that it looks like Adam would pick Jordan over Porsche really surprises me. Do I think he’d pick Rachel over Porsche, no. But if he actually lets Jordan pick who else to go if he wins HOH and POV, than that’s basically picking Rachel. I’m not sure if we should give Jordan all the credit for this loyalty (maybe Jeff was part of it) but I actually never thought Adam was totally a floater. He has basically stuck to you side and voted the way he thought was best. If Jef would’ve wanted him to keep Brendon for instance, he would’ve still voted him out.

          2. You did not just call Jordan a social butterfly. She is not protecting Rachel, and Adam does not want Rachel in the game. She has no social game at all unless you’re charmed by people who walk around with blank stares. She did nothing to recruit the other girls for her alliance. Jeff hung out with Adam and gained his trust, it wasn’t Jordan that did that. The only thing that saves her is that she is a weak player and they think they can beat her in the final 3.

          3. no she doesn’t, she is just so stupid that people disregard or condescend to her….shelly said the same damn syrup sweet stupidity for a while and people didnt think she was “nice” – it was the first hint that something was up bc they knew she had a brain and was playing the game…with jordan they treat her like a pet and let her roll over and rub her belly for her as she babbles incessant moronic nonsense until she goes to sleep and next thing you know it’s final 2!!!!

    1. C’mon Scott. This is THIS season. Your rationale is like those that vote someone onto an all star team because they did well in the past. That drives me crazy. It should be based on what is happening in the CURRENT season, whether it be sports or Big Brother. Porsche basically didn’t talk game until two weeks ago. She hid in the weeds so to speak. Jordan has been an active member of the same alliance since Day 1. Those that have played the game throughout and deserve to win are: Kalia, Rachel, or Jordan. I’m giving Kalia the benefit of the doubt since her 1st HOH was a total disaster. Now that I have listed who SHOULD be the top 3 (but won’t be)…Rachel definitely deserves to win the $500K. Never thought I’d ever say that. LOL

      1. I agree it is about what she has done in this game jordon has played the game she has a good social game porche only started playing the last week and dani only jump there becasue she had no where else to go but i have to say the newbies played the dumbest game from opening pandor’s box this close to the end to putting up your own allience how dumb is that. They have made one mistake after another which i have no idea why anyone wants them to win they are in this spot because of them. Everyone wants to blame production but the newbies did it all to themselfs

        1. she has been playing since the beginning, she just didn’t have a set alliance from the beginning like the vets did. She played the floating game. and it worked. Jordan’s game wasn’t much different.


      2. Sorry…after Kalia’s HOH she should not win anything….they would not be in this position right now if it was not for her since Rachel would have already been voted out…..she does not know how to play or think and the only things she has done right in this game, she took pointers from Danni…even though Porche took pointers from Danni as well…at least she was not afraid to go through with what needed to be done….Production saved the precious vets that had the advantage from the begging since they had partners, strong alliances, and had already played the game before and learned from their mistakes….this season seems to be a fix…but since Danni created the revolt I have been addicted….I really think Danni’s only mistake was aligning with Kalia…she just doesn’t have it …but there really was no one else with any real savvy for her to depend on….

  3. Yeah….Adam is the dumbest, stupid, idiot, and whatever that f*** he can be

    the reason he wont use the veto is simple… he is a looser and is scared of men, he is scared of Jeff

    Production only choose him to be in the show, because they really wanna a veteran to win..


    1. Calm down before you have a heart attack. I think his best move would be to be in final 3 w/ Jordan. At least she’s someone he can beat in comps. He won’t be able to beat the other ones.

  4. I knew he probably wouldn’t use i think if it was rachel that could go home he might but i don’t think he will turn on jordon he said it right there he has always been on jj side

  5. me either..

    procuction choose him to be on the show…because they really wanna stupid people like him to let the veterans win.

    1. they specifically picked JJ lovers. kalia, shelly, and adam. kalia won’t put jordan up, adam won’t used the veto so jordan can go up. at least shelly had the gall to put up big jeff and i give her props for trying to further her game even though it got her straight to the jury house.

  6. Jordan is the one that wanted to QUIT after Jeff got evicted! She should get nothing for basically quitting. If Rachel wouldn’t have been there to talk her back into the game she wouldn’t even be playing. Omg, what a lying, conceited, going-bald, whiny baby Jordan is! So full of herself and entitled. Has she ever been told no? It’s about time! Man up Adam!

  7. i hope adam keeps his word and takes jordan to the end, the only hope he has is that everyone will vote for him to win because they don’t think it’s fair that jordan wins twice… other than that he’s not gonna win against kalia/porsche/rachel…

  8. Adam you should do the right thing. Don’t use the POV on neither Porsche or Kaila. JR will take you to the final 3. Porsche and Kaila don’t deserve that far because remember Adam, Kaila decided vote to evicted Jeff. Jordan was upset. You vote for Jeff to stay. You should do the right thing, Stay with JR. Final 3. Porsche don’t deserve anything and neither is Kaila. Jeff is your workout buddy and hanging around JB. Do the right thing and don’t use the POV. Just stick with the veterans. You don’t want to send Jordan home. She always got your back. Adam, just go with the veterans they been fighting hard to make that far than PK because of cockiness and aggrogance. You don’t want Porsche or Kaila in final 3. That would be taking the easy way out. Stick with the Veterans all the way. JRA all the way to the final 3.

  9. in my opinion, adam is making a mistake is he doesn’t use the veto to take pinto down. rachel and jordan have not intentions of taking adam to the final. where as, he made a f2 deal at the beginning with pinto. why he wants to keep jordan in the game i have no idea. she’s won money before and now all she does is goaround whining and complaining and acting entitled and snobby. whatever he does, if it doesn’t work out for him, then he has to live with it.

  10. I don’t understand how someone can have pretty much all the power in the house and STILL be attached to someone else’s ass…Adam is a loser! I would respect his decision to use/not use the veto if he would make it for himself instead of attaching to Jordan and hanging onto her every word

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Adam is so stupid! Like why wouldn’t he use it!? And people who say Korda is a flotter! Like wtf!? She only chose her side from day one and people say her gameplay sucks… Umm yea she only won before so yea she’s just terrible isn’t she?

  12. Adam is an idiot he will not use the veto, this was his chance to get rid of Jordan…When they make it to the final 3, Rachel and Jordan will get rid of thim….Loser!!

  13. I don’t really care if Adam is going to use the veto or not, either way it looks bad for him in the end. Jordon and Adam haven’t really done much in the game, Kalia and Porsche are tied in my eyes.

    Rachel however as annoying as she is really deserves it, she works for the competitions she has won “rigged” or not.

  14. Oh Simon. As much as I love your site, you just cannot help but be spiteful to Jordan. What did this girl do to you to deserve the spite? I know how much you love Danielle and her army, but couldn’t you be at least a bit more objective to what you are reporting?

    1. oh jordan, can you please read a damn book instead of twirling your hair and not offend me by being an egregiously dumb woman, i know you plan to feed off of men who treat you bad and anyone else you can for the rest of your pathetic life, but please, read something just to pretend you reach at least the minimal level of intelligence accept for us human beings

      p.s. that really is what you sound like

      1. What gives you the right to show such disrespect towards Jordan? Do you know her? Comments such as yours need to be CENSORED!! This is merely a TV reality show… Stop attacking Jordan with your rude and ignorant comments!!

  15. Annoyed! Jordan is so annoying! She really thinks she deserves this when she has said she only did this for Jeff, she didn’t care to win!

    1. jordan is trying to use psychology, bless her heart to drill into anyone’s head that pinto is not deserving. she knows that adam is close to pinto and that he will probably use the veto to take pinto down and she will go up and get evicted

      1. That car is an AMC Pacer, which does fit Porche’s game play. The Pinto would explode in fire with a rear end collision and I don’t think that would bother Porche much.

    2. Jordan believes Rachel is thinking of taking her out without voting her out, clean hands, one more jury vote from her ally, plus she would get Jeffs vote thats a twoferone deal. Rachel knows that Kalia/Porch would vote for Adam so she needs Jordans vote in the jury house. Rachel is thinking game, she knows she can beat Porch/Kalia/Adam in the final if she gets enough vets in jury. Rachel is playing the smartest game. I hope she wins, at the very least she should get America’s favorite player she deserves it. I always liked JJ but Jeff was a sore loser, anger mgt and THE clown shoe should be his prize and Jordan can’t win much she is to wimpy about pain and has that obsessive compulsive hair tugging going on, just shave it Jordan..

  16. When adam gets out of the house and see the tapes, he going to shoot himself in the foot. he will see all of the bashing that JJ did against him, calling him bozo and everything else. he’s really going to feel like an idiot for being loyal to them

  17. I think Rachel should win the whole thing hands down with Adam in second. Jordan’s a nice girl but she won already and jeff has won 15 g’s. Plus he’ll probably get Americas favorite player. K & P need to go….

  18. OK im over it! Jordan what the crap have you done?! I was suck a Jordan fan the first time..proud she was from my area…DAMN ! She wants to put down K/P for doing much in this game …REALLY REALLY? All shes done is be Jeff’s puppy and now Rachel beast of burden……REALLY JORDO

    1. Let Adam go to the final ..he wont win! At this point i only WANT Jordan OUT! The self righteous entitled finger pointer is so selfcentered that she now makes Rachel seem tame and reasonable. I wish Adam had a back bone..but he doesnt…so thats that.

  19. Jesus people, can you please calm down.. you do know this is a tv show right? That whomever wins, it doesnt affect your life in the slightest… There are a lot of crazies out there and some of you may be included in that statement.. I have a feeling that if Adam doesnt use his veto that some of YOU will be calling his gf and threatening her…..RELAX PEOPLE!!!!!!

  20. I actually think he is playing it really, really smart. He knows that if he takes Jordan to final two that the newbies would control Jury and the newbies do not want a vet to win especially someone that has already won so he would probably win the $500,000, and if he stays true to Jordan and Rachel and somehow Porsche and him make it to the finale together then Jordan, Rachel, Brendon and Jeff would vote for Adam to win because he stayed true to his alliance and he wins the $500,000 because the vets would control the jury. Even if he goes to the finale with Rachel I could see him winning because some people in the jury house do not like Rachel and might vote for Adam win. HE IS PLAYING THIS GAME TO WIN

    1. I have thought about it and have the same thought as you, I think if he does do that, he’s got a majority of the votes, especially if he starts winning a lot… He’ll prove to them that chilling until required was a game move, and they’ll respect that, it successfully got him to the finale.

    2. This is stupid logic. He is playing for $50,000. If he goes against Rachel or Jordan, he dont have a chance in hell to win and thats if he makes final two. This is probably the only game move he has and he better make it.
      Like I said before, once the evicted house guest goes to the jury house and calm down and realized that it was just a game, they will make their votes based on strategy and game moves.
      He has a better change to win the $500,000 if he goes against Kalia and Porsha.

  21. I agree, winning before does not matter, but the previous season Jordan had fought her way in to the finals, this season she has not done anything. Plus she acts like she’s this great game player, I’m fine with people floating or lying, just admit it, these delusions drive me nuts. Rachel ftw!

  22. Everyone is calling Adam stupid for not using it, as if it’d be a great game move for him to use it. BUT, think about it. If he used it, and Jordan went up and went home, then Rachel goes home the following week and it’s Kalia, Porsche, and Adam in the final 3, he will then definitely LOSE to either Kalia or Porsche and he will be GONE, and Kalia and Porsche will be final 2. The end.

    If however, he doesn’t use the veto, then Kalia goes home and next week he has a decent chance to win HOH against Jordan and Porsche. He wins HOH and Porsche goes home. It’s then a final 3 with Rachel and Jordan, and he has a really great chance of turning that into a final 2 with one of them and winning at least 50k, maybe even 500k if he’s up against Jordan since most people won’t want her to win again.

    So really, NOT using the veto gives him the best chance to make it to the final 2 and take home some cash.

        1. Delusional. Rachel and Jordan will take each other (nullifying Jeff and Brendon’s votes) to take Adam would assure two votes against you right off the bat (Jordan taking Adam would result in Rachel/Brendon voting Adam out of spite).

          Anyone that thinks Adam should ride RJ’s coattails to the end are the remnants of camp JJ.

    1. Totally agree. His best chance is taking a vet and hoping he ends up beside Jordan (especially if he wins another comp or two and isn’t just taken). If he turns on the vets, he will lose those votes. I think his best chance would be to win out in the end and take Jordan or Porsche winning out and taking him.

  23. OMG, I absolutely know that Jordan and Adam are two of the dumbest players to be on big brother!!! Jordan has never earned anything, she’s just “special” but is absolutely a big fat-legged liar!!! Adam is just a fat kid people pleaser trapped in an adult body!!!

    1. ya whatever happened to the rockstar “badass” mentality that he came in with?! what a fukn loser.. its all an act.. i mean HE loves 90210 and apple tinis.. who picked this guy?! wtf big brother COME ON!

    1. jeff won $ 25 thousand plus about $ 3,500 dollars in competition in BB11. Jordan got $500thousand and $1,700 in competition is BB11. Season 13, so far jeff has won $15thousand

  24. wow jordan is so immature this is what shes thinking in her head ‘porsche doesnt deserve to win because she was dani best friend and she didnt use the veto to save on my fakemance buddy big jeff because dani wanted jeff out so she have to leave’

    by the way im not team dani, porsche, kali, or even adam
    Im team big brother 14 needs to start this winter with a new producer if this show is to be saved

    1. very well said but after this years “rigged” BB, I really dont want to waste my time…hope bb14 is revamped for loyal fans like you. peace out

      1. oh yes you can.
        you obviously haven’t taken many undergrad science classes.
        The simple fact that she keeps saying she’s a “scientist” tells all… and all you have to do is skate by and make C’s in the right classes to get a basic study undergrad degree- which doesn’t take much. I wonder how come she’s never bragged about her grades or honors? We all know if she had them she WOULD. Because she skated by.

        1. Actually I have my BS in Biological Sciences and in core classes I had to maintain a B- or above in order to pass.

          1. OK that is different than a bachelors in CHEMISTRY.
            I know that because I have one, along with one in Nursing, along with a MSN.
            And I’m so proud of you for having a B average….
            but my point is that she’s not any smarter than an average college student for having a 4 year chem degree. It’s a bunch of undergrad science classes plus a handful of chemistry classes. Just means that instead of humanities or maths being her strong point, it was science.
            Not a genius if she has one.

  25. Jordan claims that Porsche never did anything in the game. Porsche is responsible for that simpleton still being in the game. If Porsche had not opened Pandora’s box Jordan would be in the Jury House now. She would then be complaining to Jeff that Porsche’s POV win sent Jeff to the Jury House, and Porsche’s HOH win resulted in Jordan being in the Jury House. At this point Idon’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Jordan.

  26. Adam truly sucks if he does not use the veto. Him saying that he wants to take the vets to the end is just ridiculous. I cannot wait until he gets out of the house to see how stupid he looked on TV and for him to see that most people think that he is one of the worst BB players ever. I don’t care if he walks away with 50 grand; he is an embarrassment to the game. I know that floating is a strategy and see nothing wrong with it, but the way that he is kissing the vets ass is sad. Can we please get a good season of BB!!!

  27. As much as Adam annoys me as a person, his game really isn’t any different than Jordan’s was the year that she won… Except he isn’t a sweet blonde southern belle that America fell in love with.

    He has no enemies, everyone likes him (or at least don’t totally “dislike” him)… And he has FINALLY gotten off his butt and started winning something just like she did near the end of the game.

    And in Jordan’s season she also had herself attached to Jeff’s ass like Adam did this season… But THAT was a showmance so no one talked trash about her for riding Jeffs coat tails…. Whereas Adam is picked to pieces for it.

    When an attractive woman played the game THE SAME WAY America thought it was “adorable” and “smart gameplay”… yet when a guy does it he is “lazy, useless, and a waste of space”????!!!!!

  28. If I was Adam I would tell Jordan that she hasn’t done anything this season and that she didn’t deserve to win because she has won 500k already and didn’t need the money. Then I would remind her that Porches couldn’t play the first month of the game because she had a golden key that the “vets” gave to her because they evicted Keith. Then I would remind her that if they didn’t want floaters in the game then they (JJBR) should have gone after them when they were HOH. They could have gotten rid of Kalia/Lawon in the second week if they hadn’t evicted Cassi. Needless to say Jordan is a complete airhead that thinks just because she is a “vet” she deserves to be in the finals or, dare I say, win the game.

    I would then go to Rachel and tell her that Jordan just made a final 2 deal with me. After which, I would propose taking Porches off the block to get rid of the princess. I would let her know that she wouldn’t go up on the block if I win the next HOH. She would have to guarantee her safety by winning the POV, just like the “vets” would tell the other HGs.

    Adam needs to man the f#@k up and start acting like he actually wants to play the game. He needs to get mad and fight for himself and not for Jordan or Rachel.




  30. Maybe Adam is one of the top players ever………

    Whatever you do or do not do is your game play,

    this includes floating. That is what Adam did, FLOAT

    he had a good social game and his game play was

    to be a floater. That seemes how he decided to

    play BB.

    1. And where did being a floater get Zach from season 8? A one way ticket straight to the jury house. And Adam’s social game is very weak. If he has a good social game he’d be in the best spot to win the whole game. He’s in the house with basically three people he can’t win against. And his original plan was to go to F3 with JJ where he wouldn’t have won either. And his strategy was not to be a floater because he really tries to win comps but he just sucks!

      1. I think Adam wasn’t trying his hardest, I think the greek comp where he almost beat Jeff kind of showed that. I don’t think he ever thought both JJ would make it to the final three, someone would’ve take at least one of them out. But if he did, I think that he thought if he made it to the end with them he could beat them b/c of questions. He probably then would’ve taken Jordan. Maybe I’ve been giving him too much credit, but he’s such a BB fan, I thought he had to have a plan.

  31. How can anyone even think for one minute that Adumb will use the POV? We all know that he doesn’t have the gonads to do it. He would rather settle for 3rd than to try and go all the way! It would be nice if he would decide to shake things up and the look on JJ’s face would be priceless! What happened to the big bad “metal head” that was going to kick ass and take names in this game??? What a joke, he floated during this whole game. Do you think it was just a coincidence that he finally won the PPOV after doing nothing all season? I have been calling the outcome for the last few weeks. I knew that Rachel would win the HOH and that Adumb was going to win the POV. And what exactly has Jordan done all season?? Besides play with her hair and looking stupid??? This has to be the worst BB so far.

  32. Say what you may about Rachel, but she has played a better game then all of them. Sure, she gets emotional, but those other players are just a bunch of cry babies.

    1. No, she hasn’t. First, she came into the house as half of a power duo. If Brendon hadn’t won his fair share of competitions, she would have been a lot more vulnerable. The advantage that the vets (except Dani) had was that they had a partner they knew they could count on. The newbs had partners, but how do you trust them as much when you don’t even know each other.

      Second, the first HOH was thrown to Rachel. Dani is a competitor and she would have hung on that banana all week if she wanted to. But her and Dick knew that it was better for them to make a deal with Rachel and let her put the target on her and Brendon. Rachel won the second HOH against Brendon. They had a strategy worked out so that one of them would win. It didn’t matter which of the two actually won the HOH, it still meant safety for Rachel. This last HOH and the POV were completely tailored for Rachel to win. Nobody else had a chance. If CBS hadn’t pulled the stupid twist out of thin air, Jordan would have gone home and Rachel would be a lame duck HOH right now. Honestly, Rachel couldn’t have done it herself. She is not as great a player as she thinks. Last season she won comps, but most of the guys (the Brigade) were throwing them, so she really only beat an older lady, a girl and a gay guy. This year, the golden key prevented Porsche, Dani from competing, and Adam, Shelly, Lawan and Jordan are not exactly strong competitors. If Rachel wins, and it looks like she will, it is more thanks to CBS than her own game play. I want Brenchel to go away and never ever return to my TV screen.

  33. Jordan is BOLD! She’s been talking a lot of shit lately. I cannot believe how arrogant she is about winning this money. CBS does one hell of a job by making her out to be a sweetheart. This girl really thinks she deserves this money. I mean she doesn’t do anything but twirl her hair, complain, eat, and sleep. And she has the AUDACITY to say who shouldn’t win the money. She even stated that she won TWO THINGS. No you got an HoH handed to you and Rachel won the veto that saved you.

    I don’t see how people can defend JJ. They’re greedy. Make themselves out to be people with so much integrity, but they’re no better than anyone else.

    1. I can’t see it neither, this shit is more than just being a fan it’s straight insanity….

      self entitled they are, only thinking of themselves and who could get them further, and if ANYONE tried to go against them they would threaten them… that’s all I noticed from JJ this season…. They even went against their so-called besties Brenchel not one not 1 but 3 occasions, the only reason Jordan is so tight with Rachel now is she needs Rachel to carry her to the finals, because she knows nobody would vote for Rachel if she’s next to Jordan…

      I thought she was adorable and sweet in her season, but I’ve removed the blinders and saw the true Jeff and Jordan.

  34. and what did you do jordumb? you only lasted 9 mins in the last HOH challenge leaving it up to rachel to win and you only got HOH because Brenden threw it for you to get. so pot calling the kettle black I’d say.

  35. I think if Jordan makes it to the final 2 with whomever, she deserves to win it as much as the next guy. For the fact, she was one of the biggest target’s in the game and survived to the end, with her alliance in the beginning, then aligning with Rachel and Adam. It’s not always about how many HOH’s and POV’s you win, but what you do in between that time. I think Adam wants to make it to final 2 or even 3 and respects the game enough that who ever fights and wins of the 3 will move on and the jury will respect him more, or even give him the $500,000, for remaining loyal to the end with his alliance. I think he knows if he is sitting in the final 2 with Kalia or Porsche, he won’t win!

  36. I don’t think we’ve ever had a season with six girls in the final, and before any of you try to correct me, I just like you to give me one example in the game where Adam demonstrated he had any balls.

  37. Is it just me, or is Adam’s gameplay very similar to Jordan’s the year that she won?!

    He doesn’t have any enemies, is liked by everyone (or at least not totally disliked) just like her… He is FINALLY getting off his butt and winning near the end just she did in BB11…. And they both had themselves attached to Jeff’s rear end to further themselves in the game.

    When the attractive southern belle played that way the year she won it was “sooo cute”, and “smart gameplay”…. yet when a guy plays the same way he is “lazy, useless, and a waste of space”???!!!

    1. No, ‘lazy, useless, and a waste of space’ perfectly describes Jordan, and any true fan of BB does not respect her game. The thing about Adam though, is that he doesn’t have that self-righteous sense of entitlement that Jordan does, so he is definately more likable.


  39. Adam needs to use the veto if he wants to win. He has a better chance of winning with K/P than with R/J. Nobody in the jury house but Dani likes K/P, so if he take either one of them to the final two he could win the 500 grand. R will win hands down if he doesn’t make a move now. He has been loyal now it’s time for him to play to win.

  40. Jordan wants Porsche out, “She told me she never wanted to play game… she shouldn’t win she never did anything”

    Pot let me introduce you to tea kettle

    Porsche did a lot more this season than Jordan

    1. that’s what I said. I don’t like porch and think she skated by til just recently but jord hasn’t done anything up to this point except twirl her hair and yell alot. sides what did jord do with her last winnings? I mean she is working as receptionist at a beauty shop and that can’t pay much plus if you won 500k why would you work? shit invest that money and live off the interest is what i would do.

      1. What did Jordan do with the money? Well let see…..she paid approximately 40% to the good old IRS….so that leaves her with $300K….then she bought her mother a house (because just prior to BB11, her family lost their home and was living with the grandmother) so that her mom, brother and herself would have somewhere to live. She enrolled in college and has put most of the rest away to pay for her education and help her brother get an education. She is working, because she was raised with a work ethic, is my guess, and feels that she should. At least she didn’t blow the money…she is trying to better herself and help her family with it.

      2. Porsche was a coat-tail rider until she was forced not to be when Dani left, so let’s not forget that fact, shall we…..

    2. Exactly! The vets are the one’s who gave Porsche the golden key where she didn’t have to do anything for 3 weeks. And Porsche actually won competitions by her own doing and not have them handed to her. Jordan is just mad because Porsche didn’t use the veto on Jeff.

  41. It is my personal feeling that Adam would be foolish to consider putting Jordan out this week: Jordan is a no-op that cannot win competitions, unlike Porsche and Kalia, who have both won some – getting Porsche or Kalia out means that Adam’s chances for winning HoH (and a sure-bet final-three) go from 33% to 50%. (Assuming that Adam, Porsche, Kalia all have equal-chance of winning and that Jordan has no chance of winning.)

    Looking forward into the final-three competition, Adam’s chances of defeating Rachel/Jordan are 50%, vs. Adam’s chances of defeating Porsche/Kalia (33% or lower). Ultimately, I think it fair to say that second-place is the very best that Adam can hope for at this point; that said, if Adam can put out either Porsche or Kalia this week and then either Jordan or Rachel the following week, his chances of going to final two increase dramatically (because then both remaining players would be keen to take him over their rivals).

    1. Finally!!! Someone using logic!!! Wtf good would it do adam to take out jordan this week?? Take out kowlia then go from there. Jordan isn’t winning shit, it would be a horrible move!!! Damn, some people are so anti-Jordan on here, and I agree she’s doing squat…exactly the reason NOT to get rid of her. DUHHHH!!

    2. I agree except that Adam probably thinks he can still with $500,000, and if that is the case, then he needs to get rid of Jordan this week, then only have to worry about Rachel winning POV to prevent him from going to the final three and from there, he must know he has a better shot of getting to the final two with PK then with JR because JR are more likely to take each other even if you don’t think that Jordan would be a challenger in the 3-part final HOH than would PK. My two cents…

    3. The only vote that Kahlia has for sure in jury is Dani’s. The vets despise her. Jeff will vote personal, so whoever she is up against will get his vote. Ditto for Brendon. If Jordan is the last vet standing, she will win against any of the newbs. Same with Rachel.If there are all newbs in the final then the vets have to vote based on game, and people like JJBR will vote based on emotion. This is the only way Adam will win. He can only do it if he is next to Kahlia or Porsche. If one vet is in the final 2, they will win. Lets say Rachel is there against any of the newbs. She automatically has Brendon, Jeff and Jordan and probably Shelly, which is all she needs for the win. If Jordan makes the final 2 with a newb, Jordan wins because Brenchel, Jeff and Shelly will give her their votes. If Rachel and Jordan are together, it’s a tossup.

      The only way Adam can win is if he is sitting next to Kahlia or Porsche. If he doesn’t see that, he is stupid. Dani was right. He is just signing a cheque over to the vets. I hope he finally steps up and helps get the vets out. Even if he gets Jordan out, they hate Porsche and Kahlia more.

  42. Adam seems like a really nice guy, a little weird with his appletini, Tori Spelling obsession, but a nice guy. But he is probably going to go down as the worst player in BB history. Now I know some people will argue that he has gotten this far and is going to be in the final four. Final four and final three is great! The problem is final four and final three is not going to get him any money. Rachel is the strongest competitor and she knows this game and she also knows that while people always claim that they will vote for the best player, she also knows that emotions play a part in any vote. If she were to get rid of Jordan and take Adam to the final two, she risks the possiblity of losing 2 jury votes (JJ) as well as any other people who like Adam more. He is thinking as a fan, not a player.

  43. Here’s my prediction with Kalia being evicted and JRPA in the F4 (ADAM WILL NEVER WIN)







  44. Everything that comes outta Jordan’s mouth translate clearly to “Please Carry me to the 500k, Jeff would be so proud of you”

    So self entitled, I knew she gave the call to Shelly only to keep her alliance to JJ..

  45. “Seriously WTF is this guy doing on the show”

    Production promised him before the season started that he would get to meet Tori Spelling if he helps carry either Jeff or Jordan to the 500k.

  46. BB has really been a mess this year. If they only let the game play out w/o changing it for ratings or whatever. Adam will poop his diaper when he sees how America loathes him and his moves. Someone who wants fame so bad has zero chance of anyone caring if he falls in a hole when he steps outside the door. Jordan should have stayed at home…she has shown herself to be a real sourpuss, not America’s sweetheart. B4 anyone tells me how great she is, I don’t care if she wins, that;s fine but she has said some really stupid and mean things. Good luck to them all. In the end, the vets will carry on with their t.v. careers and the newbies will be the poor pathetic nobodys they were when the came in…too bad, so sad.

  47. Jordan talks like she has made an impact in gameplay this season. she hasn’t done shit and acts like she in control now. she must of been sucking production’s dick all this time to even think this way.

    1. No Jordan is not a floater. A floater is person who kisses the ass of who is in power as the power shifts. For example, Adam. Jordan is a coattail rider who doesn’t do jack shit. She relies on other people to carry her.

  48. Will Porsche or Kalia please point out to Adam that if he is in the finals against either Rachel or Jordan that he will already be down 3-0 (Jeff, Brendon & Jordan/Rachel) and will need everyone else, meaning both of the people he doesn’t save this week which he can if he takes either one down plus Shelly and Dani. Even if he just wants $50,000, I think he may be shooting himself in the foot as both Jordan and Rachel seem for real intent on taking each other to the end even though both would be much better served taking anyone else. This is logic that anyone inside the house should be able to see, except maybe how genuine JR are about taking each other to the end. Am I crazy or something…?

  49. I think Adam shouldn’t use the Veto because he
    has the best shot of going to the Final 3 maybe
    2 but that’s it.
    You know Rachel who I didn’t appreciate her
    game last time ! But this time I think Rachel should Win!
    She has done the best and If I was voting She’d get my vote!
    It was the Floaters Season! and I think that the procedures
    knew that! Look what Kaliha, Porshe, Adam and Shelly did!
    and What Jordan did! Now the Only people who were in it!
    Really playing were Jeff, Brendon, Danielle, Rachel the
    others who played after that were Jordan, Kahila,
    ( from the beginning), Shelly, Adam , and Finally Porshe
    who in the last 2 weeks started to play after Jeff talked to her.
    I think the FINAL 2 SHOULD BE according to all things it
    Should be Rachel and if Porshe does as well it Should be her.
    Rachel wins!

  50. “Kalia starts to cry says that she feels that this entire game they’ve been in the same position trying to flip ONE vote against the Vets”

    LOL I guess fatty forgot about week 1 and how she voted with the vets and was one of the first people to screw the newbies. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

  51. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t stand Jordan more than Rachel now. She actually thinks she did something this season

  52. I dont understand how someone could not like Jordan. What you see on TV is real. I watch the 24/7 feeds probably more then anyone and Jordan is genuily the nicest person Ive ever seen. 1.Shes beautiful. 2. Shes kind. 3. Shes gullable. Thats = perfect ladies and gentleman.

    And if her kindness and honesty is what gets her to the end, AGAIN, then theres no arguing her legacy in Big Brother history. Anyone who denies it, is a straight up fool.

    1. most people hate her because she’s being a hypocrite…. i don’t find her bad but I even find it a little pathetic when she complains about people not doing much when she’s in the same boat herself.

      Having said that, I wouldn’t mind her winning the game at all, it would be fun to watch a bunch of newbie/dani fans blow their lids.

      1. That’s really what my problem with her. Two things I can’t stand are undeserved entitlement and hypocrites. Jordan’s spewing both in spades.

  53. I’m starting to agree with Simon about Jordan being bald soon, because all she’s done this season is pull her hair, you can pull on your hair all day you will not get any smarter, your thought process is not controlled by your hair, guess someone told her that and she ran with it….

    1. I hadn’t thought of that. Sort of like a lawn mower, you pull the cord and it goes. I think she forgot to prime her brain first tho. ;)

  54. Adam needs to hep get jeffs sack out of his mouth…wtf….taking jr to end is handing them the money……jordan already won once for doing nothing…now he gonna hand it to her again….Rachel is just a psycho….big brother really disappointed this year bringing back the vets against newbies…..why bother…..

  55. Adam u suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk…………….. hope u enjoyed your 15 secs of fame…… Dani is right, u are the worsts BB player in history…. go home loser….. I don’t like Boy George, but if comes down to Adam and BG, BG wins….. unbelievable floater….. Go Porsche…..

  56. BB has been maniputating the game so Rachel would stay longer. Rachel would have gone last week but BB comes uo with Pandora box to completely turn the game around! – the pov and hoh r won were designed for her!.. they even has Jessie waiting for her!.. Let the houseguests play and stop interferring to save R and Jordan!.. I’ll bet the fortune teller will talk for R and J!.. they locked the door before Shelley figured it out!.. BB is cheating!

    1. production didn’t force Porsche to open pandora’s box. Porsche knew there would be consequences and she was ready to accept it. it was her decision.

  57. Jordan thinks Porsche doesn’t deserve to win beacause she never did anything. JORDAN is calling someone out for doing nothing? A girl who won two competitions, neither of which were handed to her and I am betting production did not plan on her to win, and has survived in an alliance of underdogs through multiple votes, has done nothing compared to the great Jordan.

    My god, the hypocrisy.

    I get wanting to vote Porsche out, and I agree she made it clear early on she was only here for the exposure, so if it catches up with her then that is her own fault. But the thing I have truly hated about this season is constantly hearing a bunch of people who have played bad games criticise others bad gameplay.

    The truth is this whole season has been nothing but one lousy example of game play after another. Ever single one of these people from Keith to everyone still left. And that is with 5 people who have played before and 2 super fans. It’s horrible and there is no real excuse.

    These guys are all lucky Evil Dick didn’t stick arund, he would have eaten them all alive. And I say that even though I think ED is incredibly over rated as a player. Everyone has just been THAT bad this season.

    1. Yes, they’re very lucky ED is not in the house. What I like about ED is he doesn’t complain about being on the block and he isn’t scared of a challenge. He also isn’t scared to talk shit while on the block which is always entertaining. ED would have had Rachel self evicting, Jordan crying her eyes out, and Adam cowering in a corner trying to find his balls.

      Gosh, ED would have made this season.

  58. Dumb Jordan You won in the past without doing anything!.. Now you are in final 5 and you done Nuthin!.. Porsche ha has dome ten times what your dumb sleazy A has done!

  59. Adam doesn’t have the guts to use the VETO, I wonder what he will think when he reads all the postings, this year should have been titled Jordan Big Brother 13

  60. If Adam gets Jordan up on the block and has the balls to vote her out, he will be remembered as a great BB player.

    If not, he will forever be known as the worst player in BB history.

    It’s entirely up to him.

  61. Jordan won her first bb with JEFfS HELP AND jeff has got her this far with his help again, but I beleive RACH will end up going to the finale two with jordan and rach will w

  62. Adam finally wins something! But is he smart enough to use the POV and force Jordan on the block? Probably not. He is behaving just like the idiots that handed Boston Rob the win on Survivor. Adam is an idiot if he thinks that he can aspire to final 2 with Rachel and Jordan, and even if he does get to the end, the jury will ask him what he did to deserve the win, and aside from winning one POV all he can say is that he floated with the power. Nobody will give him a vote if he is against Rachel or Jordan. I don’t think he could even beat Porsche. The only way he could win is against Kahlia, and he wouldn’t deserve it, apart from Dani everyone hates too much to give her the win over Adam. Hopefully Adam grows some cojones and uses the POV. Rachel won’t be able to play for HOH, and if they manage to keep her from winning POV, we will have 3 newbs in the final 3. None of them stand a chance against Jordan or Rachel. Surely Adam must see that, but I am afraid he cares too much about the fake friendships he has with JJBR to play the game to win. What a depressing season. I don’t ever want to see JJBR or Jessie again. Hopefully next year we have all newbs, a good mix of real people and some creativity and imagination to make it all less predictable. I still think the Pandora’s box was a blatant interference in the game. Other years the last twist that impacts the game happens when the jury starts forming. Never at final 6. If Shelly or Adam had won the POV and taken Rachel and Jordan off the block, who would there be to put in their place? I guess CBS didn’t think that scenario through, and gave them a challenge that only Porsche and Rachel could have won. Adam, Shelly, Kahlia and Jordan were obviously not going to win that one. Why was season 2 and Season 10 so great? Because CBS let the players play the game. Why was it so fun? Because the HG and viewers didn’t know what the next competition would be. The new BB motto is “Expect to see what you’ve already seen”.

  63. Case Scenario:
    Choice (A)
    Porsche (N) vs Kaila (N)
    Adam don’t used the Veto
    Evicted Porsche-Jordan,Adam
    Evicted Kaila-None
    Porsche evicted 2-0
    Next competition-Question
    Outgoing HOH-Rachel
    Three Houseguest for HOH:Adam,Jordan,Kaila
    Nomination:Kaila vs Jordan
    Replacement Nominee:Rachel
    Evicted Kaila-Jordan
    Evicted Rachel-None
    Kaila evicted: 1-0
    Final 3:
    Rachel vs Jordan vs Adam
    Part 1 HOH competition:Rachel (bye)
    Part 2 HOH competition:Jordan (Advance vs Rachel)
    Part 3 HOH competiton:Jordan by tiebreaker takes Rachel
    Evicted Adam
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Shelly,Dani,Kaila,Porsche
    Rachel to win:Brendon
    Jordan wins 6-1:500K Second consecutive win first female to held back to back
    Rachel runner-up:50K
    Jeff wins America Houseguest
    Choice (B)
    Porsche (N) vs Kaila (N)
    Adam not used POV
    Evicted Porsche:Jordan
    Evicted Kaila:Adam
    Decided vote by Rachel
    Evicted Kaila:2-1
    HOH competition-Question
    Outgoing HOH:Rachel
    Participate Houseguest:Jordan,Porsche,Adam
    Nomination:Porsche (N) vs Adam (N)
    Rachel wins POV keep the nomination the same
    Evicted Adam:None
    Evicted Porsche:Rachel
    Evicted Porsche:1-0
    Final 3:Adam vs Jordan vs Rachel
    Part 1 HOH competition:Adam wins (bye)
    Part 2 HOH competiton:Jordan wins (advance vs Adam)
    Part 3 HOH competition:Jordan wins takes Adam
    Evicted Rachel
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Brendon,Rachel,Shelly
    Adam to win:Dani,Porsche,Kaila
    Jordan wins 4-3:500K First woman in Big Brother History to win 500K twice
    Adam runner-up:50K
    Jeff wins America Favorite Houseguest

  64. jordan is the smartest person playing…….shes letting others get their hands dirty but i want her to win or rachel cause at least they fight together. The others dont know who they are really with. If adam was smart though he would use veto on p and then vote out k, that way he would know thatp was with him then that woulkd leave hoh 2 against one to get r out but if he goes with kp he will go home thurs

  65. I used to love the game of BB, but now it has not about the game anymore! It is all about who prodcuction chooses to manipulate the game for. Jordan is not a good game player wasn’t the first time and still isnt’. Why people continue to be on her jock because is supposedly “nice” and a good social player I will never understand! Her social game sucks as well…the only person she really talked to and was loyal to was Jeff!!! She would not still be there if America and production didn’t LOVE HER! I so miss the days when BB was about who played the best game…..

  66. It is so funny everyone putting Jordan down saying she did not play a social game if you watched the live feeds yet everyone in the house that are living with her all say what a good person she is and they all like her so I guess the people that are watching the feeds are just jealous because I would say the people around her in the house would know more than any of us. I know you are going to say they dont see her when she is talking to Rachel and Adam but thats the point a social player…………And know I dont think she deserves to win on game play but I also am not the one voteing…..I think on game play Rachel is the only one there that deserves to win and I never in a million years thought I would say that…….

  67. Jordon is an idiot for thinking she deserves to win she is so sad to watch and she looks cancerous ugh ms scientist needs to find a cure for her acne

  68. Ok…. Adam is driving me nuts why in the hell would he help the vets try & win the game does this dumb ass realize neither one of them will take him to the final 2& if they do he will not win against them!! He has got to be the biggest butt kisser in BB history Jeff is gone & his lips are still glued to his ass!! Jordan had a nerve to say Porsche hasn’t done anything WTF has Jordan done but ride R&J’s back, look like a deer in headlights, twirl her hair & act like she’s entitled to win give me a break!!! BB please spare us all the agony & write J&R their checks bcuz the way this season is headed that’s who’s going to end up in the final 2!!! I would rather see Rachael win it she’s the most deserving of the 2 ….why in the hell are these ppl keeping Jordan around is beyond me!!!!!

  69. Is it me, or does Jordan seem just as much of a bully as Jeff did??? I can’t believe that these morons (Adam, Kalia and Porsche) just let these people bully and threaten them in making them go their way or else. Weird, that there isn’t more arguing – what is wrong with these people? Don’t they know that they are fighting to win $500K? It is almost like they just want to be liked so badly, and that means more than playing the game for money. I miss Shelly and Dani – at least they had balls and stuck up for themselves and didn’t allow the others to bully them.

    1. I agree with you 100%. said so previously on in this forum.
      From the beginning, JnJ have attempted to intimidate anyone that was not on their side. Jeff especially seemed to think he was entitled to win.
      CBS should pay Dani for turning on the vets and saving the show from being doomed to predictable outcome.

    2. Yeah, I always said that Jordan is far from being an innocent sweetheart. She had Jeff to protect her both seasons, he was the target and both times he went out because his ego and paranoia and vendettas got in the way of common sense and smart game play. Jordan feels entitled. She says Porsche doesn’t deserve to win because she has done nothing. Well, not true. Porsche was the one the newbs wanted out week one, and she turned the tide and stayed. Then she couldn’t play for 3 weeks, and she did what Dani should have done, lay low and let people make enemies, then come out winning when the golden key ended. That was smart game play. She was loyal to Rachel until Rachel turned on her, so she flipped. Smart move. She won a POV and didn’t use it, which took Jeff out of the game and then won HOH. Her only really bad move was opening Pandora’s Box, but everyone opens it and I think the fortune teller would have come into play to save Rachel/Jordan if she hadn’t opened it.

      As for Jordan, she was on her way out of the house soon when Jeff used his wizard power. The twist saved her. And she wasn’t all that nice in her season. I remember one night when she was crap talking about Russell and then got in his face and chest bumped him. When Jessie left and his girls were crying, she was laughing at them, but when Jeff went home she acted like a spoilt brat and cried for 2 days. She didn’t deserve the win in season 11 and she doesn’t deserve this one. All she has done is ride Jeff and Brenchel’s coat tails and win an HOH. Kahlia the Cow has actually played harder than Jordan. In fact the only one that has done less in this game is Adam.

  70. getting Jordan evicted would be his best move but Adam is a wus and he doesn’t have the guts to cross jordan (jeff) by using the POV.

  71. Adam is really pissing me off. Twice he had a chance to really change the house, once by flipping to keep dani and this one to use the veto. Both times he was too afraid to do anything. Does he think that by just sitting back ) and making the easiest(and dumbest) decisions he will convince anyone that he deserves to win?

  72. Does Jordan not realize that Porsche having the golden key benefitted her bc she vote how they wanted…and its a two way street…I don’t see Jordan talking game to Porsche!

  73. WTF Jordum??? Porcshe hasn’t done ANYTHING??? What exactly have YOU done?? NOTHING!!! You’re the one who said you didn’t care who wins and that you didn’t even want to come back! LEAVE you greedy BITCH, you WON already!

  74. ” (Jordan is using the argument that Porsche is a shitty player and because she never talked game to JOrdan she doesn’t deserve to get far in the game. ”

    Jordan is retarted and jealous of Porche! Jordan should look at herself…she’s a BIG FLOATER and bump and ”NO BALLS” ADAM don’t deserve to be in the top 5 too!

  75. jordan really believes she is playing this game?? First of all adam should pull someone off the block so rachel puts jordan up and get their one opportunity to get her out because she’ll keep making it into the finals and end up wining again because evryone in jury will be like jordan’s so nice she deserves to win. So they should see that its now or never because they would want someone new to win not a mega floater she is. like how does rachel the one who hates mega floaters want to keep her as an ally?

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