Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Kalia wonders why Rachel Never targeted the biggest Floater in the game **Updated**

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Kalia and Porsche Nominated

5:36pm Candy Room Kalia and POrsche Kalia is saying how weird it is that Rachel goes around all year preaching how they need to get out the floaters and people that don’t do anything and here she is not nominating the biggest floater in the game. Kalia goes on about how Adam has seriously done shit in the house and she keeps him safe. Porsche thinks once it gets down to final 5 all that floaters must die rhetoric is over everyone wants easy people to beat in the end. Kalia knows she points out that is the reason they always have a pack of losers near the end. (Honestly Kalia you’ve made so many mistakes this year i’m surprised you’re still around)

Porsche says if Adam wins this veto he can take one of KP down and put up Jordan then they can evict Jordan because they control the votes. The next HOH it will be Kalia, Porsche and Adam competing so they can take out rachel. Porsche: “we’ll have an all newbs final 3”
Kalia hopes Adam does win it.. she hopes he at least tries. Porsche thinks he will because if one of KP win it then Adam goes up. POrsche mentions to Kalia that Rachel has told the entire house about her offering Rachel final 2 last nigh. Kalia: “ohh… I knew that” Porsche says she tried to explain to Rachel that Adam will take Jordan to the finals because there’s no chance for him to win against Rachel. Kalia adds that theres really no chance for Adam to win, she also thinks that rachel will not win against Jordan in the final 2. They count the votes, Brendon for rachel. Dani, Shelly, Jeff, Kalia and POrsche for Jordan. Porsche explains that when she was talking to rachel she told her that her chances of winning are better if she sticks with KP but apparently Rachel doesn’t think so.

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6:18pm Adam eating KPJR Sleeping.. There all sleeping because they think POV could be tonight. They’ve just started the lockdown.

6:40pm everyone sleeping..
7:26pm Sleeping yo

8:00pm Kitchen JRK They are talking about the Jury house, Dani and Shelly. (Feeds cut in and out) The general conversation is that Dani and Jeff didn’t get along before the show. Apparently Dick and Dani were calling people trying to find out who else was selected to be on this season. Jordan is sure that everyone is getting along in the jury and having a good time. She adds that BB11 Jessie and Natalie were together like Rachel and BRendon were last year amd Jessie voted for JOrdan to win the money so people change in the Jury house. Kalia and Rachel say they didn’t think so. Jordan disagrees tells them that JEssie had a huge crush on natalie. (No way was Jessie and Natalie anything like BR BB11)

They start talking about Shelly and how INSANE her lies were. Kalia and Jordan bring up a couple conversations they had with Shelly where Shelly swore up and down that she did not lie. They all think Shelly is a nice lady outside the house but inside she lied to everyone.

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Now the questions to be asked Simon, are:
1) Can A pull of a PoV win (without Jeff’s help)?
2) If he wins PoV will he find his balls in time to take P off the block so that J goes up?
3) If A can’t find his balls, will he grow a brain soon enough to help him realize this would be the game defining moment he’s been saying he wanted (for weeks now), and actually vote out J with P?

I know, I know, even considering Adumb as a serious contender to win anything, is like saying the Leafs (Toronto Maple Leafs to those who forgot we had a hockey team) have a real chance to win the Stanley Cup this year ……….. Humorous!!

[Footnote: The last time our Leafs won the Stanley Cup: 1967 πŸ™ ]


Actually that would be the dumbest move that Adam could make. J and R have already told Adam that if he makes final two and they do not they would all including Brenden and Jeff would vote for him to win the money, but if he is the reason that Jordan or Rachel get evicted then they would vote for anyone but Adam potentially costing him the game. There is absolutely no way that either K or P would take him to final two and actually doubt they would take him to final 4. Also, if he makes final two with either Jordan or Rachel he would at least be guaranteed $50,000. He would be an idiot to take either K or P off the block and if he is smart he will not even try to win the veto.


this is bullshit

if adam win POV and take Porshe off and they vot Jordan out
this would be the only and one of adam`s move..

but he is just so dumb and he will not use it.

Rachel is full of shit… Yeah she was saying about taking floters out…but she playing with the 2 biggest floters…adam and jordan

rachel is do dumb ….unless producation makes something again…Porshe will win HOH next week and put the showgirl out next week

Go Porshe and Kalia


Dude, I’m with ya on wanting P & K to make it to the end but, in order for P & K to have a remote chance of that happening, Adumb will have to win PoV, take P off the block (he won’t take K off), J will go up against K and then A & P vote out Jordumb.

I’m not actually naive enough to think this will happen but, a guy can dream can’t he!


I’m dreaming with you!! lol Let’s see what happens


You people make me laugh…yall were so anti veteran when the show began that yall cant handle the fact that Rachel and Jordan are dominating. Why does it always have to a conspiracy theory? “Oh Rachel and Jordan were on the chopping block so production just created a Pandora’s Box to save them.” Yeah great argument…it is amazing that a group of supposedly grown people arent mature enough to watch a show. I am pulling for Rachel and Jordan; however, if someone is able to evict them well good for them. The outcome of BB doesnt affect my life nor yours, so why get so upset over nothing? Lets just enjoy the last two weeks and wait for Survivor to start!




Jordan is dominating??? I don’t think so, Rachel maybe (because it’s rigged for her), but NOT Jordan, she hasn’t done CRAP! Her greedy ass would’ve been out the door Thursday if it weren’t for the obvious rigging by production. You can deny it all you want, but it’s true!


Everything is already set up before the contestants arrive, and the Pandora’s Box twist was just something that worked out for Jordan and Rachel, had it been JJBR still in the house and Kalia and Porsche by themselves I know that it would have been the same Pandora’s Box…production has nothing to do with it. What makes Jordan greedy…if i remember she gave her phone call home to Shelly. Yeah that really sounds like a greedy person. I fail to see your logic


I agree with everything you said! Great comment!!


You’re insane if you think that Jordan is dominating anything in this game but moving her lips. This girl has no strategy (just like season 11) and will FLOAT to the end just like her season. Ans yes I am anti Vet because they have their own season called ALL STARS! Now way would Jordan last in an All Star season, that’s why BB picked her and Jeff to come on this one!!


Are you kidding me? Jordan is doing well. Her strategy does work. You don’t see it. That why Jordan is not a floater. The only floater is Porsche because she receive her golden key through 2 weeks from HOH and POV competition. However, Porsche’s 1 HOH and 1 POV does not mean anything. She will lose no matter what. That the reason Porsche will go to the Jury House on Wednesday and Kaila on Thursday. So, Jordan Strategy from Big Brother 11 will work on Big Brother 13. Trust me.


so you think is smarter for rachel to keep porsche and kalia in the house when they are trying to evict her


I agree with you 100%. Everyone is making comments about how the vets will or will not vote, what everyone is forgetting is that if all newbies make it to the end, the vets HAVE NO CHOICE but to select a newbie to win!! I also agree that ADumb does not have any and will not grow any balss to make a move in the game. If he had a brain he will not use it on Porche because he is too in love with Jeff to do that to Jordan. What a dummy!! I really hope BB gets the casting right next year and put people that will play the game! And leave the vets out of it!!


Yep because BRJJ will only vote personally sad bunch they are, they won’t even accept with dignity if they lose…….


How would it be a smart move for Adam to vote out Jordan (a weak player)?!? versus one of two stronger players (P or K)?

It’s not. Your just on their side so you are hoping he pulls a Lawon.


Adumb has said from day one that he wants a newbie to win. He’s said he needs to make some sort of game move if he has any chance of getting a single vote, should he make it to final two. He can’t beat R in comps and she’s actually his biggest threat right now. It’s a ballsy move on A’s part, which is why I doubt he’d make it, even if he happened to pull off a miracle and win PoV (without Jeff there to throw it to him). Yes, I’m rooting for PK!


I guarantee Adam doesn’t care if a newbie wins, adam is looking out for adam not porsche or kalia


Adam, obsessed BB fan, played us all. He will win every comp to the win.
He threw at least 4 comps to make everyone think he couldn’t win. Wants to keep P to knock out R.
Then he wins all comps for the f2 Win. Takes P (newbie) and vets vote for adam for the win, since they
can’t stand P.


Lol Porche is NOT stronger than Jordan hell no


Yay, TO, my home town! I’m in Vancouver now, where going for the Stanley Cup has its down side πŸ™


Hey home boy! (girl!) I hear ya re: Vancouver & chaos with fans over hockey. TO hasn’t won in 44yrs so one can only imagine how our fans would react when/if the Leafs won the cup!


except for the fact that taking jordon out and leaving kalia and porche would be a dumb move

derrick s

expected Vancouver to win this year but of course they dont.


Quick Question Simon will they do a pov tonight with the showtime live feeds coming on in less than an hour and a half for 3 hours? or will they wait until after the showtime feeds?


I am sure that the “otev” game will be the veto comp this week. It should be good as anyone can win this comp.


OTEV with the fortune teller I wonder, because they said the fortune teller has not spoken yet but she will since she hasn’t in the luxury comp/pnadora’s box, I am thinking she may be a part of the POV.


hahha nevermind ahhahahah


Taking a “floater” like Adam to the final 2 or 3 is the best possible idea for someone like Rachel. It doesn’t matter if “people don’t like her” (which isn’t as bad now anyway). Most of the people in the jury house WILL vote for the best player. And right now, no matter what you think of her, Rachel has played THE best game of anybody and busted her butt to be where she is. She deserved to win, so she should take Jordan and Adam to final 3, and then whether she faces off against Jordan or Adam, she will win 500K. Rachel is in the best position in the house right now. Hopefully Kalia will go home this week, and if Porsche wins HOH next week she’ll likely take out Jordan, so then Rachel will win the final HOH, evict Porsche, and face off against Adam in the final and definitely win. I think she’d be dumb to take Porsche to the final 2 because Kalia, Shelly, Adam and maybe Dani would vote for Porsche while Brendon, Rachel, and Jeff would vote for Rachel, and thus Porsche wins even though she did NOTHING for the first couple weeks. Adam on the other hand would never get anyone’s vote, except MAYBE Shelly just as a pity vote.


she would definitely beat adam but kalia and porche just said they would vote jordan over rachel so if she took jordan to the end jordan would beat her and i think jordan will win this season again because she has a good shot of winning the final hoh like she did in her season and then shell take adam who no one would vote for


When you’re in the house playing for the money you are trying to get out the strong players. When you’re in jury you want the. Weak players voted out. Dani told Brendon in jury she wished Adam was evicted next because he has done nothing.
survivor and big brother players always think they know how people are going to vote and quite often they are wrong.


If Rachel makes it to final 2 she will win!


I think KP were just blowing smoke because they want adam to use the veto if he wins, and they are trying to scare him that if j was left in the house she would win. I don’t think they would vote for J because they said they wanteda newbie to win, and they both have said Jordan has won already and don’t want her to win again, and everyone in the Jury except JB said they didn’t want a vet to win because it’s like giving the money to two people because of the duo. But I hope JR stick together to final 2 and let the chips fall where they may. But I think Rachel will win.


Dani will definitely vote for Porsche or Kalia if they make it the end. She doesn’t seem to want a vet to win but I think she would vote a vet versus Adam. The veto winner will decide who goes home next week so winning HOH would make you safe but the veto winner is the only vote, so they are safe and deciding the last person going with them. Thats why Rachel wants to win the veto so badly next week.


KP have won some things in the house, but just their HOH’s I think their votes in the jury for the winner aren’t going to matter either, because I think JBS and whoever is in the jury between JRA will ultimately decide the winner. Danni I am not sure about, but I think KP will vote the way Dani says, but it won’t matter, because I think Jeff Brendan, Shelly, and JRA whoever is in the jury will control the votes.


I totally agree with what you said about Rachel. At one point I hated her, but grew to respect her determination and courage. She deserves to win. She’s had more ups and downs than anyone in the house so far. She keeps pushing herself forward without help from anyone. I never thought I would admire her, but she’s proven herself to be a strong player no matter who or what adversity comes her way.


I still hate Rachel,but I mostly agree with all of you. I would rather see Porsche or Kalia win,because,no matter what the JJBR fans think,both of them actually have done something. Sure,Kalia made a huge mistake getting Lawon out,but no one seems to remember she got Jeff out also. Also,saying Rachel pushed forward with nobody helping her is a big lie. Brendon and Jordan helped her emotionally and strategically throughout the game.

Tim (too)

I agree that Rachel deserves to win at this point, and I’m actually rooting for her, but I also like Porsche. It’s true that she made no mark at first, but I believe that was through no fault of her own. She got that golden key and wasn’t allowed to compete for four weeks. I think that, if she makes it to the end, she could make a good argument that once able to compete, she played a very good game. (Other than Pandora, of course.)


I think rachel could beat anyone, she’s had the biggest target and she is still there


Yo which seasons did you like the best/worst?


i thought season 6 was the best. the split in the house was epic.


BB has been one of my favorite shows since season 1, this season is definitely the WORST one yet, totally fixed! I’m hoping for a much better season next year.

Being BAD is boring

I really enjoyed season 12 also. I loved how the brigade kept their aliance a secret. I loved how witty and funny Brit was in her DR sessions. I thought the show, for the most, was pretty good.

This year IMO, Dani and Shelly were the ones that kept me interested only because they were both pretty sneaky and you just never knew what they were going to do.

Kalia is pretty predictable….if it is going to be the worst decision ever trust that Kalia will make it thinking she’s done something great!

At this point I’m rooting for Rachel.


I have really loved all the seasons…..but I LOVED how the bricade kept their alliance a secret (loved that too). I was intrigued because usually house guests find out about alliances and work to break them up….but the bricade kept it down till the end. I also liked how Ragan stood up to Rachael and when he told her off real good that time…I was ROTF. I liked the season with Kaysar; and the one with Danielle and Marcelus…..Marcelus was too funny πŸ™‚ when he had to eat the liver and almost threw up. People say Jen was crazy…..but whoever posted that Dick drove her to it…I totally agree. I also liked the episode when Shema got mad and I think she was kicked off the show (or walked off)…..think that was when Jeff changed her nominations; because he was given some special power. I love BB!!! ….but season 13 was a flop. I still will watch it to see who wins…..but I hope CBS can be a bit more creative with season 14 (just leave what was good as it was).
Season 14:
*new people.
*new comps
*new BB house (make over)


Although I liked the season with Danielle Reyes and Marcellas Reynolds….I was not a Danielle fan…..she did not have many fans because of what she said during her DR sessions. …..think that was season 7. Somebody said that CBS is now casting actors and models…..they need to go back to the real deal whereas there was a application posted on-line and ANYBODY could apply. This made for a really interesting show with plenty of fire works.


oops that was season 3, they came back season 7 for a All Star Game


Danielle was robbed in Season 3.

Production showed the jury members all of Danielle’s funny DR zingers and it cost her the $500,000.

From then on, jury members of Season 4-13 don’t get to see the private entries in the DR (except for the goodbye messages).

Leave it to Production to screw things up.

My favorite characters have been the stripper on Season 1, Dr Will in Season 2, Janelle, and BB10-winner Dan Gheesling.

I think Season 9 is the only one I failed to watch.




yeah bring back kayser so he can voted out a 4th time


Yeah Porsche, your pretty sure that consider yourself a floater. Beside, you will probably get screwed on Wednesday and Kaila on Thursday. Rachel and Jordan, better win the POV competition because send those two idiots at the Jury House. Bye Bye Porsche (Wed) Bye Bye Kaila (Thurs). Dani will be surprise to see you both that you two are bunch of screw ups. Dani will be pissed and continue to be screw. The only choice is either Vote for Rachel or Jordan. So, Sonara Ms. floater Barbie Porsche and Kaila. See ya in the Jury House.


Is Jeff a screwup too? Because he is in the Jury House….


So, if it is a nighttime POV, will it be shown on Showtime After Dark?


Ah, I see. I wonder if they’ll make the houseguests wake up for After Dark so we don’t have to watch them sleep. Though, I would love if they let Kalia sleep through it.

Being BAD is boring

LOL…I was thinking the exact same thing!


I have watched Big Brother since the very first episode of season 1. I think the show has tried over the years to do so many “unique” things with twists, etc. that some of it has gotten stupid. I like the element of surprise, but some of their “surprises” are dumb. I completely agree they need to change the order of their comps, because people that watch each season know what to expect and when to expect it (kind of ironic, since the show always says “expect the unexpected”). Anyway, I also agree that there have been too many dull people on the show, and to make it more interesting to watch, I also agree they should have a lot more type A personalities who seem to talk before they think. I will never say “I’m never going to watch the show again”, because regardless of the changes they’ve made, I will always be a BB fan and never miss a show. Funny you mention watching past seasons, I started to rewatch the early seasons again, and another thing that seems worse than before is the design and layout of the house…


Hilarious! I want her to shut her mouth too. Can’t stand to hear her talk, it makes me convulse.


Kalia duuuuuuhhh do you really think Adam has the balls to use a veto? She is seriously clueless!


I actually think that there’s a pretty good chance that he would. Adam knows and has been saying for the past couple of weeks now that he won’t win against anybody because he hasn’t made a big game move, and he’ll probably realize that this would be his last opportunity to make one.


Interesting! Unfortunately we’ll probably never know LOL


If he does this he’ll lose the vets votes, and those are the only votes he has a chance of getting against a newbie.


I think there may be a chance, I think if he don’t it will be because he is already safe this week, and he may not want to make Jordan mad like Shelly did because he knows if Jordan goes up on the block she may go home unless he saves porsche (which will make JR question his alliance with her) and then let KP think he’s working with them and split the votes leaving Rachel the deciding vote and she votes out Kalia. I also think he won’t because he wants Kalia gone because he knows she is good at questions he needs her gone because he thinks he’s good at them too.


Adumb has zero chance of winning unless he makes some sort of strategic move. I doubt he has the balls to make one but, he’s said from day one that he doesn’t want a vet to win and, that he wants to make a game move if he can. Time will tell though.


i was just on looking at schedule then boom a showtime ad appeared on top of this page, so Simon the ads do go according to what someone is doing on their computer (scary like Big Brother is watching πŸ™‚


gotcha so because showtime airs after dark it shows showtime on here πŸ™‚ cute.


It’s called tracking cookies. They embedded in your browser by marketing companies and track your online viewing habits and then present to you ads tailored to what they believe you might be interested in based off of your prior internet activities.


I know what it is was a joke (big brother watching us watch big brother) LOL

Team Dani = NOT

yeah…pretty much agree with you their…it seems like the same old routine the last 2 – 3 years…I do believe next year will probably be all-stars and then that will probably wrap it up!


Next year will definitely not be an All Stars. Thats basically what this year was, and they brought most of who would be considered all stars the past few years. AG is no dummy she hears that people are complaining about the bad casting, it’s all over the Internet. If anything I think next year might have some game changes


I don’t think they’ll get rid of this show any time soon. From what I’ve heard the ratings are high.


Rachel is a smart girl. She knows she has a better chance of determining her own fate if she makes it to final three with Jordan and Adam. She is by far the strongest competitor of the three and has a better chance of getting to round 3 of the final. I think if she is up against Jordan in round 3 she stands a good chance of deciding who is final 2. Up against Adam, it’s 50/50. I think she would be loyal to Jordan and take her to final 2. If Adam is to be believed, he would base his decision on who has played the best game and said that he would take Rachel if it came down to it. So she stands a chance of final 2 with Adam. If it is Adam and Rachel, I think that JJBD would vote for Rachel. If it is Jordan and Rachel – who knows how it would turn out.


Kalia does not read social cues well at all. She places her faith in people who will screw her over in the blink of an eye. Does she really thinks that if Adam won the POV he would use it? Why? What does it benefit him to try and evict Jordan when he still carries a torch for Jeff and fear of all vets. Plus he’s never liked Kalia one bit. If Adam wins, he’ll do what Adam has always done this season:NOTHING. Kalia will be evicted.


She figured it out with the multi-colored buttons she has from Dani.


I find it funny that KP have no doubts about adam at least JR have doubts adam spent most of the game on jjbr side and yes he was with you for one week but why don’t even doubt it lol If i was to guess i would think adam would throw it becasue even if he goes on the block he knows he is still safe


Also adam would be dumb to win this way he stays in good with both sides if he wins and saves porche or kalia and jordon goes home he loses jeff, brendon and jordons vote and if he doesn’t use it then he loses porche, kaliah and dai vote so either way he is in trouble if he doesn’t way he can say hey i tried and is still on both sides

Go team Rachel and Jordan!

I like when they bring back past guests – people I have come to enjoy. I would like to see an all stars however. One where they are ALL major competitors and NO floaters. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!


How can I watch previous seasons? Sorry for the stupid question…only watched since BB11 and I’d like to see earlier seasons


go to put in big brother us (all seasons up to 11 are there)


youtube search quirkydude usually have all of the seasons


you guys might get a good laugh out of this if you’ve seen the movie “Mean Girls” or even if you haven’t:


that was funny


Haha nice Matt! Thanks for sharing


that was too funny. jordan was described perfectly


OMG the best!


Haha that was funny


OH P/K aka Dani’s Screw up. Meet the Cookie Dough Jordan. She will unleashed the cookie dough and make sure you two (newbies) floaters will lose because you two will be screwed by Jorchel once again. Don’t worry, Porsche, Cookie dough Jordan will seal the coffin. Will miss you Porsche. See ya in the Jury House Porsche and Kaila. Tell Dani that Cookie dough Jordan and Rachel screwed both of you both.


too funny calling her cowlia that’s one of the best nicknames yet (next to sheLIAR) πŸ™‚
BB fans are very clever with names and such πŸ™‚


I liked Kaliatard too
Lmao still funny


well it all comes down to the veto


Great post. James Rhine (Season 6 and 7) was talking about how these comps are so lame now. Back in the “old days” you had simple competitions that were made into physically demanding ones, such as grabbing faces from the bottom of the pool and then having to put them in order. Now it’s just rehash after rehash with minor tinkering. I can’t really remember the last time they unleashed an original competition on us.

If this veto is the faces one, I wish there was some physical aspect to it, rather than just putting names on a board and hitting a button. Make a little obstacle course, make em swim through the pool, or just something a little extra to spice it up.


So what does everyone think Adam will really do? I can’t figure out who he is with. Maybe I missed something somewhere. If he is with rj I am assuming he throws veto.


Season 6 (excluding Maggie winning), season 7 (excluding Mike winning), season 8 (with America’s player Eric helping the Donato’s win), and season 10 (with Dan winning 7-0!!!!) will always be my favorite seasons of Big Brother!!!


It is funny if Jordan n Rachel are n final 2 these clowns (Porche,kalia,dani,shelly) will vote for Jordan n put 500,000 n if u add that up that would equal bb puting 1 MILLION DOLLARS in her pocket all because they don’t like rachel. I like Jordan but come on if she is final 2 with Rachel it should be a no brainer if u are using game play Rachel should win


rachel will beat jordan

Karen S

I’ve been watching since season 2. And what you’ve said is right on! We’ve (most fans) have been trying to squeeze something redeeming out of the last couple of seasons. And now you know why too. Thank you for your post!
Simon and Dawg are amazing at least trying to grab our interest.. they’re wonderful! And without them, I probably wouldn’t watch at all.
: ) Karen~


Unless Adam wins these last few HOH/POV then he doesn’t deserve a dime~way to disappoint Jersey!
I hope Porsche can win this POV, Adam gets nominated, comes to a tie…and then Rachel sticks to her word and votes out the biggest floater ever!

And Jordan well she’s annoying and so is her accent!

Final 3 RPJ

HOH Porsche
POV Rachel
Evicted Jordan

Final 2 showdown RP


I really really really want them to do another all-stars season.

I want to see Daniele (S8), Dick (S8), Kevin (S11), Michele (S11), Laura (S11), Annie (S12), Britney (S12), Shelly (S13), Dom (S13), Cassi (S13)

keep in mind I’ve only watched seasons 8, 11, 12 and 13 so I’m probably missing a lot of good players from 9 and 10 but those are the ones I’d like to see.


I would love that….I like all the players you said expect for Kevin


i love Kevin. He was my fav in season 11


Team Kaysar!!!


Big Brother Season 6
Kaysar Ridha….loved it!!


Has anyone noticed how Jordan and Rachel are much better players when they are not hiding behind THEIR MEN. Kind of sucks that it took this long in the season to see them evolve into real players rather than a psycho wife… fighting to keep herself from being put into her ‘place’ and one submissive wife… who has obviously already been trained to stay in her ‘place’ (“shut up and don’t talk” ~ Jeff). I think its kind of interesting to see the difference in who they are when their men are not around.


Adam actually trying and winning a competition is more improbable than Brendon curing cancer.


Well all you Jordan bashing fans maybe some of you forgot how Jordan really won $500000 she did win 2out 3 games in final HOH and choose who to take to the end Natalie or Kevin not a bad choice to keep the biggest floater because jury saw that she finally woke up and deserved the win . You people keep forgeting they need to stack the jury for future votes so floating with a strong alliance is smart and when you need to win balls to the wall. Jordan stayed on the log role for a long time, she is not a dumb as you guys think. Sometimes she will fight you see her take on Shelly Rachel had to pull her off of Shelly.


Are you serious?? the only reason Natalie did not win was because of her shenanigans and lies , if Jesse and lydia had not been pissed at her SHE would’ve won…. “Jury woke up” , always making up some excuse for Jordan..


Jeff, Michelle, America

Jessie, Russel,Kevin, Lydia


Jesse was super pissed at Natalie because she took advantage of him and you know Lydia would’ve voted however Jesse did


and if Chima was still in the house America’s vote wouldn’t even matter making it 5-2 Natalie wins

If you don;t believe me watching the Season 11 Finale and the Jury house after Jesse was told about Natalie’s lie..


honestly kaliah is so dumb did she really expect rachel to leave her and porche in the game and talk out adam so they can come after her next week is she really that dense. Regardless of how rachel feels about floaters she wants to win and for to win since she can’t play next week she has to get rid of one of them


kalia doesn’t have any people skills at all. she thinks because she wants to make a deal with someone that they will accept it and that it’s binding. poor thing, she really believed that she had a deal with jordan. Kalia is very naive and that comes from being sheltered and possibly surrounded by good people whose word was their bond, unlike the BB House where every body lies. she has book sense and no common sense. she over strategizes everything. she missed her opportunity to get rachel out, refused to put jordan up, and evicted her own alliance member. when this season is over, i hope she see the tapes of the show and realize where she went wrong and get some plain old common sense

fer sure

I’ve always thought the “I hate floaters” talk by the vets was crap. If that was the case, Adam would have been gone week 5. Dani goes after Brendon and Jeff. Rachel goes after Dom instead of Adam her 1st HOH. Jeff complains about Shelly and Adam bring floaters but goes after Dani (I realize an alliance was involved there).

They never practice what they preach.

I can’t believe that I want Rachel to win now.
It is interesting to watch Jordan and Rachel play and strategize on there own now that Jeff and Brendon are not there to tell them to “be quiet and let me do the talking.”

I still can’t believe that Jordan is still in this. Has nobody realized that she has already won this game and she did it the same exact way that things are playing out right now?

Worst strategies ever this season…


I totally agree with everything you just said.

Can anyone tell me where they go to watch old seasons? I’ve looked in netflix and they don’t seem to have it.


I’ve been watching since season 4.. I watched seasons 1-3 on YouTube… I also re watched my favorite episodes..


type “BigBrotherEpisodes” in on youtube and go to his account and that person has every season and all the episodes!


Simon am I being censored again? I posted 2 comments (with nothing derogatory or offensive in them) and neither showed up or got posted.


Simon at this point can Rachel trust anyone to take her into final three, I feel Jordan and Adam used her this week to win hoh and next week when she can’t play she will be gone? I hope not but I have a feelin that’s what will happen if she’s doesn’t win pov and take control herself . Rachel for the WIN !!!


I think everyone is underestimating Jordan. She is not the dumb blond everyone thinks she is. She couldn’t be in college and be that dumb. {only athletes are allowed to be that dumb in college} Didn’t you see her upstairs talking to Porsche and Kahlia, she was the one doing all of the talking, and she was very articulate, also, she basically wouldn’t let Rachel say a whole lot. and when she was ready to go she made Rachel leave with her. Even Rachel made the statement that she had never seen this Jordan. That was the real Jordan. plus I think she is quite able to take care of herself. Doesn’t anyone remember her body check on Russel??? Jordan plays the game of killing you with kindness. Rachel thought she was protecting Jordan from Shelly, actually she saved Shelly from Jordan.


I think you’re right. I think her relationship with Jeff has something to do with why we haven’t seen the real Jordan until now. It’s amazing what a different person she is when he is not around.


You are spot on, Jordon’s got a temper. She back-stabbed all of them, and it’s going to probably hurt Kalia and Rachel most when they look at the feeds. i thought it was really nice of Jordon to describe Rachel as a “handful”, especially since she’s landed her ass on Rachel’s coattails when Jeff left. I hope the two VIP waitresses battle it out in the end.


wow you went to alot of trouble typing all that πŸ™‚


Ever heard of Copy n Paste? No way they typed all that. Im guessing it was on a site and they just hit the copy and paste button….


Actually, I looked at wikipedia and Big Brother season which I have to count how many Houseguest win the HOH competition including past and present. I have to count how many HOH wins and POVs wins. Including the Pandora box since Matt open the Pandora Box. The DPOV. It’s also count as POVs win as well.

derrick s

but there are HOH that people cant compete and and HOH and POV that people don’t try to win


There are many of us who agree with you observations, and have posted similar points …… great minds & all! Β The decision to mix the vets in with the newbies (or perhaps these newbies) has proven to be disasterous for a few reasons:

1) Most of the newbies were instantly star struck when the vets entered the house, followed by a fear induced paralysis, which had many succumbing to the (apparently) hypnotic trance invoked by the vets. Thus rendering the newbies useless pawns, minions, floaters, ass kissers …….. all of these terms have been used throughout this site, so take your pick.Β 

2) The vets came in with huge egos (argue all you want, their actions speak for themselves) and while some egos lay dormant until recently (Jordumb), others quickly emerged and went about beating their chest and intimidating newbies at every turn. This wasn’t hard to do given reason #1 and the rather lame group of newbies selected for this season.Β 

3) Production wouldn’t have chosen to put vets with newbies if they didn’t want to see the “David & Goliath” battle run it’s (not so natural) course. Yes, brace yourselves, as I’m about to invoke the wrath of many who disagree, by using the “R” word ……………………………RIGGED! Β The timing of when each competition and twist is introduced, and what type they will be, is where Production’s influence comes into play. The players are ultimately responsible for the outcome after Production sets the stage, so to speak, but don’t kid yourself, Production’s influential hand has certainly reached in to the game at the most opportune moments, in order to manipulate the game towards a general outcome. I say “general” because I (with my own preconceived opinions) doubt that Production has a particular person whom they’d like to see win. Yes, as I said before, ultimately the final outcome of comps and twists is the responsibility of the players. However, to say that Production plays no part in trying to influence the players and the outcome of events, is naive.Β 



Great post, ITA!!


Absolutely!!! YES YES YES And feed them ALCOHOL PLEASE


Holy Shit! You’ve now joined the ranks, along with Simon & Dawg, as my unofficial BB Guru!! (you’d have to be able to walk on water to be my “official” Guru).


P.S. My wife wants to know if you have stats. on “The Amazing Race”?!! LoL πŸ˜‰


I’ll try but I will watch it. Does your Wife want stats for survivor as well? Let me know if you want too.


Thank you!! My wife said if you have the Survivor stats. she’d love it but, to NOT (she told me to go bold here) go to any trouble (only if you have it already typed up). She’s telling me to say “you’re a sweetie for giving everyone the BB stats.” Cheers!!


The major problem with the casting is production has been hand picking the cast. They don’t seem to take as many people from casting calls anymore. Lots of models, actors and return houseguests = BORING!!!


Porsche nightmare’s that Rachel will evicted me because I’m sending her fiance and backstabbing in her back. Also, losing the POV to Rachel and keep the nomination the same. In Additional, She dreaming of Pandora Box over and over which she hunted of bad strategy move that cost her closest ally Shelly evicted. Kaila’s dream is that going to McDonald’s and eat lots of McQuarter pounder. Also, her nightmare is getting evicted on Thursday as well because Jordan is pissed off for sending her Boyfriend Jeff at the Jury House. Rachel dream that getting revenge of Porsche for betrayal her ex-best friend and laughing at Danielle for being evicted by Jeff. Jordan dreaming is winning another 500K for her family. Also, the power of the cookie dough to unleashed the competition to scare off KP and lose some more until both losers will be at Jury House which Dani will be a super pissed.
Adam-ummmmmm!!!!! IDK what’s Adam thinking? OH wait! I just met Tori Spelling.


When did Porsche backstabbed Rachel?

let’s get the facts here, I know you hate to do that

BRJJ told Porsche to get in good with Dani and company and when she was doing what they said they bashed her outside because of it, and when she came downstairs to fill them in they yelled at her for hanging out with Dani(doing what THEY told her to do) then Porsche gave Brendon a pity vote even though she knew he was gone, and what did Rachel do? she alienated her, pushing her further to the other side, and in typical Rachel fashion she denied alienating her.


little off topic, but BRJJ told Dani to hang out with the newbies and get info and when she did, they bashed her also.


I know…. it seems they were setting Porsche and Dani up for something and they both ended up either doing something that would help or hurt their own game.


Forgot before brendon got evicted Porsche asked her to top acting like a fool and that’s when the super we are the victim psycho pity party started


I love your post because I have been watching BB since season 3….and I feel that a million viewers are holding on only because we are die heart fans….but in comparison to other seasons…..season 13 is really boring. I find myself talking on the phone & flipping channels while it is on. I missed it Wednesday because I was in class….normally I would tape it…but I didn’t care.

You have a interesting point that some of the intrigue is getting to know the (new players) & than can come up with some new games and/or at least change the order. I hope CBS is reading the posts on this site.


LOL, Love it when people whip out the Rigged!!! Worst season ever stuff. I would bet if Dani had won then they would be saying it was the best season in the history of big brother. Oh how I enjoy recognizing the tears of Dani fans, the pure anguish and horror of the simple fact that Dani is not only a failure as a daughter and woman but a failure in the single thing she put herself to. It is likely she was a terrible waitress at Hooters as well. Oh how I enjoy listening to the lamentations of Dani fans everywhere.


On this final HOH doesn’t Rachel get to compete? On every other season on the last HOH everyone get to play.


I think so, not sure


She doesn’t get to play in this upcoming HoH after this next houseguest is evicted. The next person to win HoH will get to play in back-to-back HoHs since it is the final three.


” Muscle-bound guys who only lift and play pool,and girls whose main claim to fame is modeling and/or fake boobs are overrepresented”

Lol, I agree with your comment, but I turn on the feeds and see Kalia and Adam downing some food, definitely not the most attractive scene.


rachel actually stands a chance to win this game, would NOT have believed that a month ago, or when the game started…or ever…but really even if shes put up next week, she has EASY competition in a veto etc.


Dani should not give the 1st HOH for Rachel
and then Dani would have 5 HOH

and Porshe and Keith should not give the 1st POV for Brendon and Rachel

Season 13 Fav Hg – Jeff or Adam? olololol
Danielle is the favorite


fabio, are you sure about that? People in the America loves Jeff more. Beside, the numbers are favorite of Jeff so far.