Big Brother 13: Jordan and Rachel have Second thoughts about Adam, Rachel: “I trust Kalia as far as I can throw her” **updated

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8:30pm Purple Room RKP Talking about Tori Spelling being in the house and how geeky Adam was. Kalia: “He literally turned into Phillip when she was here”. Kalia retells a bunch of stories of Adam fumbling around interacting with her. Kalia also mentioned that Tori was shown where they sleep and said “oh you don’t make your beds” Rachel: “I always make my bed” POrsche: “Half these beds aren’t even being slept in”

Rachel: “remember when Sarah McLachlan no.. Shania Twain was in the backyard for Big BRother 3”. Kalia and Porsche say they never knew that. rachel: “Oh ragan use to always talk about it.. I guess it wasn’t Shania Twain.. We’ll ask adam he’ll know” (It was Sheryl Crow). They start talking about Reality show etc etc…

9:07pm Jordan alone in the HOH

9:15pm Purple Room RAP Adam talking about how the life feeders are probably having a field day with Tori Speling being in the house. They all Joke that Adam told Tori if her and her husband ever run into trouble to give him a call…

Back to Playing Cards very little talk..

9:30pm JR HOH They are thinking something is up because production has given them alcohol and they thought the comp would be tonight. Jordan wonders if perhaps the comp is Tomorrow night. Rachel Doesn’t think so because they’ve never had a lock down this early for a Saturday night Comp. Rachel says her muscles are really sore from the HOH comp she’s going to soak in the tub tonight.

Jordan is nervous that Adam is working with KP and if he wins POV then Jordan is going up and Home. Jordan adds as far as she knows Adam has never lied to her.. Rachel says that she knows 100% that Adam has a deal with Porsche but Porsche also has a deal with Kalia. Jordan doesn’t trust Kalia but sometimes feels that she always talks and it makes you comfortable around her. Rachel: “I trust Kalia as far as I can throw her… Jordan she’s made a final 2 with everyone in the house”. Jordan and rachel agree that they need to win the veto but if Kalia or POrsche win then they will put Adam up and vote out Either K/P. They are both nervous if Adam wins the POV.

9:40pm JRKP in the purple room talking about getting all the clothes today and how sweet Adam was getting clothes for Farrah. Rachel and POrsche drinking a giant glasses of wine. Jordan isn’t playing cards the other 3 are.

10:00:pm Same Thing now their chatting about prom.. (what was worse girl talk or steamboat talk) .

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10:33 Purple Room PAKJ PAK talking Jordan is just pulling her hair. Porsche tells a long story about how she met her first boyfriend at a “outback” restaurant where she worked as a hostess.

11:30pm Rachel and adam They’re trying to figure out what the comp will be. Adam jokes says the comp will be dancing. Rachel hopes so. Adam is almost positive it will be OTEV. He says it’s a pretty straight forward comp just have to be fast.

11:34pm Porsche studying her dates.. She’s using the bible as a study aid by flipping threw the pages and calling out events that occurred in the Big BRother house corresponding to the page number.

11:45pm Kalia and POrsche Kalia is using the bible now to help her study. Porsche is talking about her HOH letter.

11:53pm Purple Room Adam and Jordan Adam says he’s really got to watch it in the veto because he doesn’t want to hurt any of the girls “you are fragile” Jordan tells him she’s worried that he’ll use the veto. Adam swears he’s with them he has to win the veto for keep himself safe he will not use it. Adam: “Kalia will be mad at first but Porsche will get over it.. that’s if she doesn’t get evicted”

Jordan tells him she doesn’t want to get screwed over. Adam swears he’s with them. Adam tells her they need to get rid of Kalia. He knows that Porsche has been studying but he’s sure they can beat her. ..

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Ah this show is so boring without dani!!! Team Porshce now!

Do yall think BB 14 is going to be Allstars 2 where they most likely will be her back again?


Agree re: Dani & Porcha. Miss my gal, Dani!


I think BB14 will be all new people. BB15 might be All Star.

They brought back some of the All Stars for Season 13….I can’t see them doing it back to back.

Russell K's baby momma

I totally agree…..boring! I miss Dani!


I am Team Dani 4 Life, but you have to admit Jeff is pretty funny in his CBS edits. I miss both Dani and Jeff. Heck I like Brendon and Shelly better than all the remaining HG. Only exclusion is Porsche.

I only watch this show on TV for the Jury House from now on.

derrick s

but Kalia is part of TeamDaniforLife too.


Man, YOU guys are boring for posting how you find the show boring and how you miss Dani.


Agtee! Get over it Dani’s gone! Can’t stand P & K!


Team Porsche? WTF??? What has she done so far???? Licked Rachel and Kalia’s boots? Nahhhhhhhh, Team Porsche blows chunks. You can go lick a raw chicken cutlet before I’d join Team Porsche. That’s one Porsche with a flat tire. Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I disagree….i can actually stand to watch this show now that dani is finally gone


Why do you feel the need to attack people’s character. Not everyone needs to fit into the stereotype that society has created for him/her. You have to be a pretty confident person to live on the outside of the box. People are always trying to make people less so they are more. Think about it, if there were no dorks in the world you wouldn’t be as cool as you think you are.


GET ADAM AND JORDAN OUT!!!! They have done NOTHING this whole game!!! So sick of JJ! Don’t see how or why anyone would vote for these guys for America’s Favorite. Then their fans state that they are “sooo cuteee together!!!” So? They remind me of the people who in singing contests vote for the “cutest guy” and not the best singer. Idiots.


if i took this game serious, id vote for jeff, cuz he is funny……


Yeah, he is hilarious telling his GF to ‘shut the **** up’ … HILARIOUS.


Finally, the voice of reason!! ITA!


So Right. Jordan has done NOTHING. Neither has ADAM.




Those new clothes Pinto has, did someone put a liscence plate on her ass or maybe a wideload sign. Not sure if i am just seeing things but it looks like it..


They’re from Jessie, says something like completely awesome… or something…. It’s on rachels pants too


Why does BBAD keep going to the we’ll be right back screen?


cause they keep singing…


I think they were doing that because when they were talking about their proms they kept talking about friends and boyfriends including names and i dont think they want ppls names being used in stories cause it might piss someone off and might end up in a lawsuit…


Was wondering same thing, they never do that on BBAD, even when they sing or talk about ppl outside the house……another odd thing is that they all have been hanging out in the PR most of the night even when they were playing cards……they always play in the kitchen…..think they have been told to hang out there….maybe FT is finally going to do something? I have been following the tweets about her………RT “Fortunate Followers” ReTweet if U want this box 2 COME ALIVE! EYE hope THEY listen once it hits the “century mark” ;)”……………whatever that means


Here’s the idea Jordan or Rachel win POV and keep the nomination the same. However, if Mr. Bacon (Adam) is stupid enough to win POV and save Kaila or Porsche. Adam just cost his votes from the Veterans. So, Adam better think about it. Don’t Trust K/P. They know their tricks and bunch of suckers. So Cookie Dough Jordan or Red Head Rachel, please win the POV to keep the Nomination the same. Don’t mess this up. Make Jeff and Brendon proud of the accomplish of nominate Kalia and Porsche for the eviction.


To be honest i doubt adam will even try and win it


Yeah Hallie but he is going to screw Jordan & Rachel up. Just like what happen to Jeff got evicted. So Rachel or Jordan has to win the POV.


Adam can’t win his way out of a paper beg.


Yeah what if he wins and save Kaila or Porsche? I don’t want Adam to win POV and keep the nomination a same. I want Rachel or Jordan to win the POV.


Wonder if they went to Steamboat like they talked about? I would have to say the Steamboat was worse cause we had soooooo much of it but I can see the girl talk getting old quick.


Nice thanks Simon your awesome. hahah. I really thought Brit would have gone but didn’t think that Enzo would funny how much the 2 that didn’t go used to say how much they wanted to go.


This is the first season that I’ve watched BB this far into the game. Last year, I tuned out after Brendon left. Last year’s final five was so boring that the BB advertisers and sponsers should get their money back.


Me too! esp seeing how Brit – an obnoxiously lying bitch keep pulling her tricks!


Is anyone watching BBAD? What’s up with switching to the “we will be right back” screen and sowing us the control room? I have to say it looked super cool! It was so awesome to see how many screens that have up!


The houseguests won’t stop talking about other people by name, such as their prom dates, and singing songs. It’s like they all made a pact to torture the BBAD censor tonight.

big kola has to go. U see all those ugly faces she makes. Could that face get any worse?


if adam by some miracle wins the pov its in his best interest to use it. he can vote to save one of the nominations and vote out jordon and since rachel cant play in the next hoh he align with porshe and kalia to get rid of rachel. rachel is a good competitor but he has the numbers on his side to get it done. this is the most logical game move for him. adam should know that he dosent stand a chance with rachel and jordon in the final two but with kalia porshe and adam in the final three he has a chance to go final two even if he dosent win due to his weak resume. hopefully adam wins and can get jordon out. she used to be cool and all but she to entitled way to arrogant she talks alot but dosent do anything herself she just a walking hypocrite.


Jordan is not nice at all. if you had the feeds in BB11, her and Big Jeff were not nice then either. They just got a good edit from CBS. I can’t figure out for the life of me why people love them so much.


Me neither, I can’t stand either one of them and their fake “relationship”!


it be a great mover for him, too bad its never going to happen he’s got no balls in this game, it be perfect time to do it with fast foward this week


Keith are you kidding me? Porsche and Kaila doesn’t stand a chance of winning the POV. Porsche Record of POV 1-2, Kaila 0-3, Adam 1-2. 2 HOH for Kaila and 1 HOH & 1 POV for Porsche does not mean anything. There cocky and aggrogance. Does your Brain working? Because as right now, Kaila and Porsche are bunch of gloaters or floaters. That why Rachel is Right let take out all the newbies who stand their way. Their done. 3 newbies 2 Veterans. That why better thinking about it. Because in the POV competition is a physical type. If it a morphing face. Jordan has 5th place finished time in 5:09. There’s no way Porsche or Kaila top that one. That why Rachel or Jordan definitely will win. Because 1 newbie down and were even the plainfield 2 newbies and 2 veterans. Let make it fair. If you are the man enough. Beside, Porsche and Kaila don’t deserve to go to the final 2 because of screw up plan and it backfired. That why Kaila and Porsche is going to the Jury House. Rachel and Jordan has a chance of winning. Adam is not stupid enough to save either Porsche or Kaila. Because of Dani Protege or refer as Dani’s screw ups. That why if Adam save either Porsche or Kaila. There goes the Veterans jury votes. Think and use the common sense. Rachel and Jordan are in the final 2. P/K are going to final 2 in the jury house. w/BDJS. As current right now BDJS and coming soon BDJSPK. Adam vs Jordan vs Rachel. So, peace out dude! Team J/R all the way.

derrick s

i think maybe Jordan is a noncompetitor and bad at competitions and Adam might be playing like he’s weak but will try when he gets to the final 3. the best think for Adam is if KP and RJ both get broken up.


derrick s, KP indeed broke up but not JR. JR and Adam will go to the final 3. KP don’t deserve to go to the final 3. Trust me. That’s the truth. Jordan will be the first female to win 500K. Just look for the updates of the final 2 for Rachel and Jordan. Believe me, Jordan is not that dumb. The only dumb floater(s) beside Adam would be Porsche and Kaila. Beside, Porsche ruined her strategy play because of Pandora Box. Kaila never manage to hang on of Duo Do over because her weakness. Beside, two floater(s) newbies: Porsche & Kaila will go to the Jury House because of their cockiness and stupidity. Trust me, Adam wouldn’t never split JR. but KP is okay to be split up.


While YOU may have been smart enough to figure out what Adam Bacon Man’s next move should be… remember… ADAM isn’t smart enough to come up with the plan you laid out. So……. we won’t be seeing that plan put into action. Maybe Adam could come close to winning a competition if he laid off the smokes. He’s a Big Windbag LOSER.


Can we exchange the Big Brother houseguests with the Jury house members? BDJS are way better than KPAJR


they need live feeds for the jury house


LOL. so true.


Right!!! And then bring back DANI!!??? Not in this lifetime!!!!!

Porshe's creamy bikini bottom

I want to get something off my chest lol. Eve1 talks about jeff throwing the cornhole veto to adam. Does noone realise that dani agreed to throw to him 1st. She got it in the hole every throw until she purposely missed. If dani wanted that veto it was hers. Jeff could only throw to adam because dano threw it to him 1st.


your screen name should have ” I wanna lick” in front of it. U wipe without paper, I know it.


Fortune teller just tweeted that she’s going to say something to the HG once she gets 100 retweets. Let’s see if I fall victim to the gullible trap again lol….


i retweeted, so hopefully it comes alive soon


LOL chessie I guess we got punked again. This fortune teller tease BS is getting old real quick




adam needs to keep his word and stick to jr and keep the nominations the same if he wins the pov… he’ll be a friggin’ idiot for sure if he doesn’t! if he gets to the final 2 his best shot is to sit next to jordan with the hope that the jury members won’t want jordan to win twice… that’s really his only shot at winning the half a mil because i can’t see him beating any of the other players that are left!


I wonder how clean is the house now that Straightt Shooter is gone


It’s Friday night and I’m here reading this on my iPad. Something’s seriously wrong here. Drink please!!


cheers 🙂


First Jordan starts imitating Dani by dressing and talking like her, now she is imitating Shelly cleaning like her. Poor dumb bitch can only copy others and ride others backs!


Jordan’s such a BITCH!!


I think Jordan’s impressions of all the “DEFEATED LOSERS” is very funny. She, also did a great Rachel in the DR with Rachel last tv showing. Also, in her first season acting like a New Jersey lady in the hair shop. Go buy some tissues.

team evel dick oh wait hes gone damn!!!!!!

just throwing this out there but i would like to see all nominations including replacement nominees done by picking names at random from a bag like they do for the veto comp.


That would suck. You have crap ideas. Go to sleep. Doofus


the live feeds at the jury house would of saved this boring season.


totally agree. I want to hear what’s going on at Jury House.
no so much interested anymore in the conversations @ BB house.


The part about girl talk…..duh, there’s all girls (after Adams obsession with TS, yes, he counts as a girl, lol) in the house, what’d ya expect?!?!




Kalia’s valley girl accent is driving me insane!! She’s worse than Enzo when he was eating. Super Annoying


nothing was worse than Enzo eating!!!!!!


11:40 P.M. – Adam blows his nose into a papertowel and then uses the same snot-infested towel to dry a clean bowl, which he then puts away. Then he proceeds to wipe down all of the counters and the refrigerator with the same towel. I don’t think I’ve seen a more disgusting visual image.


Super G ross. Just nasty. I bet he was the one that Shelly was complaining about having Shizz and piss all around the commode


As I read this comment, I looked up and saw it happening right before my eyes.

WHAT THE HELL? And Porsche was standing right there. That’s beyond disgusting.




i’m contacting CBS about this. This is pure nastiness.

Aqua Bernie

How does Porche talk about her first boyfriend and in the middle of her story say her exboyfriend was threatening the first boyfriend she ever had. That doesn’t make sense! Anyone with me?

Aqua Bernie

But the story was about her first boyfriend? Who was the third?

Aqua Bernie

Oh Simon I’m so confused!!


I was just watching this myself and had to rewind because I was pretty sure she said she met her first BF there. How funny that no one caught that. How does she tell such a dumb lie and it’s within 1 minute that she’s says her first BF and then goes on to talk about her ex chasing them down.


This season already sucks! It will officially be the worst season ever if Adam wins. It’s mind boggling that Adam has so much power every week. And he never has to worry about going to jury. For 3 weeks now he’s been the deciding vote. For the whole game he’s been floating back and fourth to who’s in power. They’re letting him slide by because they think they can beat him, but people said the same thing about Jordan, and look how the ended for Natalie. Ended up being a second place loser.


I dont know Have a huge feeling Adam is going toi try to make a HUGE move… Think Jordan might go


NO, jordon isn’t going first off adam hasn’t made any moves all summer and keeping kalia or porche doesn’t really help him in fact it would hurt him i still think he is going to throw it.


That would be the best move ever, but he doesn’t have the balls or the brains to do it.


It’s a moot point, Adam will throw it like he always does. No way he will step up and pick sides, and make an actual game move for once. it would tick off two people no matter what he did and even if he goes on the block as a replacement nom he has little chance of going home.

But don’t worry, if Porsche or Kalia wins the next HOH. Which is very likley considering they will be up against Jordan and Adam, then he will float right back over and be their best friend.

The guy is playing for second place frankly, whether he knows it or not. He has a good shot as eeking into the final 2, but I don’t see any scenario where he will win. And

Remember when he first came in and said, “These people don’t know what hit them. I am going to steam roll through all of them!” Boy did he not live up to his own hype.


i agree him using the veto and taking k or p off would be a very bad move on his part at least with JR he will make it to the final three if he was going to make a huge game move it would have been weeks ago


Show is so much better without dani she acted like she knew everything! If you think its boring with Dani gone imagine how boring itll be with rachel gone!!


I hope Kalia or Rachal make it to the final two, because they deserve it with their game play and wins. Jordan and Adam are cockroaches surviving solely by eating the crumbs of others off the floor!

Aqua Bernie

What is Adam supposed to do? Stick with Kahlia which I’m sure he “literally” can’t stand listening to, and Porche who says she can’t leave Miami, cuz she takes care of her father & brother. So she can’t afford it, but she got 6 pairs of Kenneth Cole sunglasses. Everything she ever talks about is name brand.


I hope Kalia and Rachal make it to the final two, because they deserve from their gameplay and wins. Jordan and Adam are cockroaches surviving solely by eating the crumbs of others off the floor!!


who’s naked body is that in the green lite pix on side of this page


Not sure why Adam is convinced that he and Jordan can beat Porsche. Since she has kicked their ass most competitions and they have only won ones that people throw.

Of course Adam is talking out his ass. He will throw it. Why wouldn’t he? If he wins it, he will have to choose sides and make two enemies doing it. Why would he have the guts to step up like that and make an actual game move, when he can throw it and let them continue to fight it out? If whoever of P/K survives wins the next HOH he can just go and tell her how he was with her all along.

I get why they aren’t going after Adam. But I can’t help but wish they would all 4 just say “we’re sick of working with someone who will only have our back after we win HOH. Lets just send the wuss home.”

I hope Adam is enjoying his time on his favorite TV show and getting to meet Tori Spelling is worth it. Because even if he eeks out a win he will never be asked back on the show.

team evel dick oh wait hes gone damn!!!!!!

just throwing this out there but i would like to see all nominations including replacement nominees done by picking names at random from a bag like they do for the veto comp.anyone think it could work


Simon, just out of curiosity, are you by chance Canadian or British? You say things like “have a shower” instead of the American “take a shower” and you don’t know what the Outback Steakhouse is!


simon is canadian


Daniele’s name must taste good cause it’s always in their mouths.

Seriously Rachel Jordan and Adam ALWAYS talk about her and bash her, I don’t know why but they are obviously jealous of her, probably because of the fact that she domminated the competitions and they haven’t won shit.

Rachel did do good in the beginning though


Umm,don’t you remember Dani in the house? She talked about people too! If Dani was such a dominator she would still be in the house…SHOCKER!


So by that logic, Adam is a stronger player than Brendon,Dani,and Jeff?


Wishful thinking: BB remaining house guests VS Jury House competition. If the Jury House wins, they switch with the house guests. Now THAT, would be a twist! 🙂

Girls Ruled

Biggest floater Jordon and Adam that all they have done is whine about everything. I though that BB is about playing and winning comps is pulling your hair every second a comp?


Can someone please tell me what OTEV stands for? I have seen it in a few of the posts and I know once I get the answer I will slap myself in the head for not figuring out the obvious but my mind can’t seem to work out the code right now.


It is veto spelled backwards


Thanks 🙂 Yep, I am definitely slapping myself in the head for not figuring that out.


Adam hasn’t a clue . . . . telling Jorday “they” can beat Porche? The two of them haven’t beaten anyone at anything this season. Jordan is the biggest floater in the house with Adam running a very, very close second.