Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel & Jordan say they can’t let Adam win the veto because they think he might use it..

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12am In the candy room, Kalia and Porsche are talking about random stuff. Porsche says that she really wants to move out to LA for real, for real. Kalia starts talking about not having a period. Kalia looks at her birth control pills and counts the days till they’re done. Porsche says she is going to be really upset if the two of us are going to be the next two out. Meanwhile, Adam is in the fortune room staring up at the ceiling in silence. Adam heads into the kitchen and finds Jordan at the kitchen table studying the memory wall. Adam helps point out the differences between the houseguests faces. Adam then heads to bed and tells Jordan not to stay up too late. Adam goes into the candy room and shuts off the light in the candy room. Porsche and Kalia talk and make random noises as they lay in bed. Rachel joins Jordan in the kitchen and they both study the memory wall together. They both point out the differences between the houseguests faces. Jordan says that she doesn’t think the face morph competition will be tomorrow. Rachel says that she doesn’t think so either. Rachel and Jordan talk about going to bed early to get a good night’s sleep. Rachel and Jordan head up to the HOH room to talk.
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12:10am Rachel and Jordan are up in the HOH room. Jordan says that she doesn’t think they were working on it tonight. Jordan tells Rachel that she asked Adam if he was going to use the veto if he won it. Rachel says he can’t win it. Jordan says that Adam said no ..they can get mad at me all they want. Jordan says that she told Adam that if he did use it she would be going up as the replacement. Jordan says that Adam then said but you wouldn’t go home. Jordan says that she told him it doesn’t matter. Rachel says but you would go home because if he did pull one of them off …then that’s the two votes… Jordan says that if he does that ..he’s out! Rachel says that if we can’t trust him enough to not use the veto …he is definitely going to vote you out. Jordan says she asked why would you do that? Jordan says that Adam was like no, no, no .. Kalia will just be really mad at me. Jordan says well good …let her be mad at you…what are you a mouse. Jordan says that he just doesn’t want to make anyone mad because he thinks he will get the votes if he doesn’t make anyone mad. Rachel asks and what ruin another alliance?! Rachel says that if he wins that veto and takes whoever off ..then he is not with us …he is the two votes …he and whoever he takes off… they will vote you out. Rachel says that we cannot let him win it. Jordan says that he keeps saying that Kalia has to go. They talk about how they still have to take Adam to final three… because they can’t take Porsche. Rachel says that we have to take him because it makes it a lot easier for us. Rachel says that she can’t believe he would even think about that or do that. Jordan says that she doesn’t think he will do it. Jordan says that she told Porsche not to worry about the competition tomorrow because she is good at competitions… Jordan says she said that to Porsche just to get her to not study. Rachel says that we need to win this veto and the next one …and then we are good.

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12:25am They talk about how the face morph competition will be either next week or at the final. Jordan mentions that they have been on lock down early. Rachel says that we just need to make sure we are fast and Adam will be out first …then we just need to make sure Porsche doesn’t win. Rachel says that Porsche is a lost cause ..she is brain washed by Dani. Jordan thinks Porsche is gunning for her. Rachel says that she is gunning for the both of us. Rachel says that we just need to get rid of Kalia this week because if its questions next week we are good. Jordan starts talking about the OTEV competition from her season. Jordan tells Rachel to just be fast and hid things and remember where they are. Jordan says that big muscular guys are good at that competition. Jordan says that it might not even be like hers… they are doing competitions totally different. Jordan heads back down to study the faces some more. Rachel goes to the HOH bathroom to get ready for bed.

12:40am Jordan finishes up studying the memory wall and heads to bed. All the houseguests are in bed falling asleep…

4:25am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

8:30am Still sleeping..

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137 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Rachel & Jordan say they can’t let Adam win the veto because they think he might use it..

    1. Holy KRAP, for final 4? KAP final 3?

      The moon, stars, and planets may have just aligned for Adam, the so-called ultimate floater.

      If he wins POV, (barring a Production-inspired tampon changing contest) the following can happen:

      – use it to remove Porsche from NOM (not Kalia cuz Kalia might not vote out Jordan)
      – this forces Rachel to put up Jordan (production no-no?)
      – Adam & Porsche vote out Jordan
      – next HOH means Rachel is ineligible to play (unless Production says otherwise)
      – Kalia or Porsche or Adam win HOH (if Adam’s been faking it until now, then now is the time to win)
      – Rachel and K/P/or A are put up, and Rachel is gone (unless it’s yet another hanging comp)

      Lot of ifs, and there is still Production’s meddling to take into account, but now could be the time for Bacon Boy to make a move.

      1. i wish he’d do something, he could be the game changer now, i doubt he’ll win veto, and if he does he doesn’t have the balls to use it. he’s a waste of a houseguest its a shame had such high hopes for him in the beginning

          1. Agreed, Adam will not win this veto, and if he does, he will not use it. The guy is spineless, and has played the most worthless game I’ve ever seen (and I watched the season with the Friendship).

            1. Agree! Being a worshipper of BB he was immediately enamored by the vets as soon as they entered the BB house, rendering him star struck and therefore, competitively paralyzed from the very beginning. He’s played the vets game the entire season, riding their coat tails and kissing their asses, all the while deluding himself into thinking this was a great strategic move on his part and, that it would help him win the 500K. Even if he were to win the 50K (he has zero chance of winning the 500K against any vet, even Jordumb), he’ll go down as “THE” most spineless, useless and pathetic BB player, especially since he’s has opportunities to do as he said he wanted at the beginning of the season, and have a newbie win and make strategic moves. What a waste of space he & Jordumb are.

      2. JDOE, It won’t work. Adam is not that smart enough to win POV. Trust me. Rachel or Jordan have to win POV to keep the nomination the same. Rachel will have to break the tie so that we will make 2 newbies vs 2 veterans
        -Rachel wins POV makes her 3 POV wins tie with other HGs with three each or Jordan wins the POV makes her 3 POV as well due to Porsche open Pandora Box.
        -Rachel can keep the nomination the same
        -Adam & Jordan vote to evict Porsche or Adam vote to evicted Kaila while Jordan vote to evict Porsche Rachel has to break the tie to evict Porsche
        -JRAK Final four, Jordan win HOH makes her 4 HOH win tying with Hayden & Danielle in 3rd place each.
        -Jordan nominated Adam & Kaila on the block
        -Rachel wins POV makes her tied with Jeff in 5th Place of 4 POV wins.
        -Keep the Nomination the same.
        -JRA Final 3
        -Rachel wins part 1
        -Jordan wins part 2
        -Jordan wins part 3 makes her 5 HOH wins tied with Rachel in 2nd place overall 1 HOH away from All time HOH winner Janelle.
        So, Porsche will probably go to the Jury House.
        Kaila as well on Thursday.

        1. Could you repeat that please, I didn’t get it the first time around….thanks a bunch

          p.s. – none of that makes sense…have you found a way into the jury house yet? Jeff withdrawal must be reaching its climax about now.

    2. I would like to give Adam the benefit of the doubt. Because he has said numerous times that both Dani and Shelly made significant game moves at the wrong time. Therefore, if there is a time to make a significant game move, it would be now. If he somehow pulled off the POV and used it to save Porsche, then AP could vote out J. Then it would be AKP vs R. R can not play for HOH and would have to win POV to be safe.

      Regardless of the outcome, it would definitely be intriguing to see what would happen if Adam finally rises to the occasion and shake things up. He knows that he has to make a great game move to that fans and the Jury House respect him in this game.

      The show could definitely use the drama and excitement. From my mouth to God’s ears!!!

      Also Jordan may not be a floater; she is definitely a loafer! Depending on both Jeff and now Rachel to carry her to final three.

  1. Adam is too stupid to make any kind of intelligent game moves. I really hate watching him tell people that he wants to play with people who respect the game (wtf does that mean) and are game players (meaning no floaters). Adam is the ugliest and most unintellectual person on big brother and it makes a person wonder why the producers ever cast a dork like that in the first place.

    1. They cast Adam because he was a super fan and just like the survivor fans vs favs they wanted some in there who were star struck by the vets. Adam loved Evel Dick and Rachel and Shelly loved Jeff and Jordan so it made for some potential manipulation by the vets but it actually ended up with Kalia and Porsche being star struck and manipulated by Dani. She’s not even there and they’re still playing for her, that’s some pretty good brainwashing. lol If Porsche wins she’s supposedly taking Dani on a Caribbean vacation so that’s enough incentive for her to get Dani’s vote. If she’s up against Rachel Dani won’t even need the bribe to vote for her because I think she will vote personal, she’s been holding a grudge ever since they voted out Dom. I think that even if Rachel won every competition til the finale she still wouldn’t vote for her no matter how much she says her decision will be based on game play.

    2. actually Adam does have a slight chance of still winning(I dont want him to) but if he plays the rest of what is left to the season smart he can do it. .He needs to make sure it is him and Kalia in the final 2. That is the only way he can win. And I think he will win if it ends up with him and Kalia…he needs to step it up abit though and win a competition or two before it ends

      I think he would have Brendons, Jeff,Jordan and Rachael vote…….Dani was so cocky in the jury house when Jeff was telling her and Brendon how Kalia won HOH and Porshe the veto after Dani left and that is why he was there……Dani was like” thats my alliance”……she was really smug about ..Jeff even said to her I cant stand your smugness………..

      Kalia was Dani biggest alli so I dont think those 4 will vote for someone in Dani’s alliance except maybe Porshe they might vote for Porshe so he needs to make sure it is Kalia not Porshe

      He be smart if he won POV to use it on Kalia keep her safe….Jordan goes up but he votes out Porshe…..that way he keeps Kalia safe but still manages to send home one of the stronger competitors that is left……and he breaks up that pair of Porshe and Kalia……I think that pair is more scarier than Rachael and Jordan ….as much as I love Jordan she is seriously weak in the competitions……and Rachael cant play HOH next week…….so he has a much better chance having Kalia on his side the 2 of them going for the HOH vs Jordan

  2. I really hope Jordan can pull out hoh or pov next week to save Rachel like she saved her this week, but I have a feeling Jordan feels too confident in her position to even try.

  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if Adam won POV and used it to take P or K off the block, wouldn’t he still be eligible to be put ‘on’ the block? Why would he be safe if he used his POV on someone else? (I’m trying to figure out why they keep saying if he uses POV, then Rachel will have to put Jordan up? (why not Adam?)

      1. Let me clarify. The person who wins the POV can’t be put on the block even if he gives it to someone to get them off the block.

        1. A POV winner can be on the block already. In the case where Brandon won POV he was already on the block and chose to save Rachel instead of himself. So he stayed on the block. A POV winner who is not on the block, cannot be put on the block.

        1. That is how I understand it because that was what occured when Brendon got evicted the first time. So, if Adam uses veto then Rachel will put him up. I go be wrong.

          1. I am not sure …but I think if the POV holder is already on the block like Brendon was…and then chooses not to use it on him/her self….than they can still be voted off….if the POV winner is not already on the block…then they can not be put up on the block after winning…even if they save someone already on the block…….I think….does that make sense? It depends on the position of the person at the time they win POV I think this the ones on the block are fighting for their lives…those not on the block are fighting in comp to be able to make a “game move”…

    1. Cause the veto holder is automatically safe, so if hhe wins and saves Porsche then Jordan would be the only option for renom… BUT Adumb won’t do that cause he’s too far up Jordan’s A$$!! whoever had the idea of casting a superfan should be fired! WORST BBseason ever!! I would rather watch reruns of BB10 or BB7 :)

      1. Agree 100000% even if Adumb does MIRACULOUSLY wins veto(huge IF) production won’t let Jordumb leave.. It’s sickening to think abojt the two most UNDESERVING players winning at the end, which will most likely happen!!

    2. When someone uses the POV they are automatically safe and so is the person they take off. So he can take either of them out and still be safe. So that leaves only Jordan since Rachel can’t put herself up.

    3. If you win POV you are safe and so is the person you take off. What I want to know is if it is down to 4 people come Wend. can Rach. be in the HOH comp. ? They say the eviction is going to be Wend. and another eviction on Thursday so 2 go home this week.

      1. I was wondering the same thing!! The numbers didn’t add up for the finally. If it is two people going home…they have no clue because their dumb ass think it adds up get down to 3 with regular evictions! Do u think they will do another fast forward?

    4. sorry if this has already been answered..the person who uses the VETO cant be put on the block.. so he would be safe as well as the person he removed..leaving only jordan to go up

  4. LOLOL honestly does bag of rocks truly believe “studing” is going to help her?? I can’t wait for this one. I can see her looking for Russell’s and Jessi’s name. What a tool.

    Adam is playing for second place and currently fighting with captwedgypant to find a spot on Jordans ass to kiss, there is no way he can win against anyone.

    Boy George I believe has the best chance of winning right now.
    Pacer is a long shot but my number 2
    Bag of rock Jordan 3rd
    Pucker lips Adam no chance
    The Buffet Kalia, will not put up bag of rock Jordan nd Jordan is to stupid to realize she has a one way alliance with her, but production will have the house guest on outdoor lockdown thusday so they cn widen the door for when the Buffet is voted out!!

    1. Not going to happen! Team Jorchel is definitely going to win POV. Final 2:1)Jordan 2)Rachel, Yeah Porsche number 2 alright. Number 2 newbie in the Jury House right next to shelly the number 1 newbie jury member. Yeah Jordan already got this. Just like BB11. She will redeem herself. That why Porsche will be a second newbie in Jury House. Don’t worry, Kaila will be number 3 newbie Jury member. That why Porsche don’t stand a chance of winning 500K. She will choke and lose some more. So, Better luck next time.

    1. Veto backwards. Usually a comp with a character and bringing answer to questions back to it after finding them in the backyard..

    2. It’s VETO spelled backwards. It’s yet another competition they are going to continue to reuse. Last year he was a big Broadway clam. He gives clues about houseguests and the players have to go find the name to offer him. The last person back gets eliminated, unless someone has the wrong answer, then they would be eliminated. Huge issue last year because Enzo shoved Ragan out of the way. This would actually be a great time for the OTEV competition.

    3. OTEV is VETO spelled backwards. It’s yet another competition they are going to continue to reuse. Last year he was a big Broadway clam. He gives clues about houseguests and the players have to go find the name to offer him. The last person back gets eliminated, unless someone has the wrong answer, then they would be eliminated. Huge issue last year because Enzo shoved Ragan out of the way. This would actually be a great time for the OTEV competition.

    4. Otev is veto spelled backwards and it is the competition where there are spaces like musical chairs where they will always be short one spot. They are given a clue or question that the answer is one of the houseguests such as who was evicted week 4 and then they will have to search all over the backyard to find the doll or rock or whatever they use this time and find one that has the initial of the houseguest that is the correct answer to the clue or question given and then make it back to the spaces before they are all filled. The last one to return with the correct answer is eliminated. Sorry if I was too slow replying and it has already been answered.

      1. right it is someone from big brother doing the voice and the competitors are eliminated one by one. how about the one in which the houseguests would be in a box and have to step up or down that contest they havent done

    1. yes but what still doesn’t make sense to me (and i know people talked about it on this board) – but last week when the duos twist returned….R won the veto and too JR off the block…but what if Shelly or Adam won then took off JR (for argument’s sake)- who would go up then?? Kalia was HOH and since she would have to go up with Porsche, they are safe – and you had to replace nominess as duos, sooooo???

      1. BB changed the rules for that week because one of JR would be going home for sure. BB calls it “twist” so they can’t get in legal trouble but yes if AS would have won and used it , rule stated he would have to go up with S. just for that week veto winner could be replacement nom

    2. The only way that the veto is only good for one person is if you are nominated like when Brendon and Rachel were both on the block and he used the veto to save her. Evel Dick also did that for Dani during season 8.

  5. Anonymous, it’s not a stupid question. I was wondering the same when I first started watching. The winner of the Power of Veto may not be put back up, even if they used it, because they won. So, if Adam won and used it on either Kalia or Porche, Rachel would be forced to nominate Jordan.

    And Adam will not win the PoV, anyway-he doesn’t have the guts. He’ll have to pick a side if he wins it. Either K or P is leaving this week.

  6. That’s has to be scaring right now. Jordan & Rachel has to win the POV which just in case if it’s a morphing faces she held the slowest record in 5:09 in BB11 or OTEV she has to redeem herself to win the POV. K/P Thinks they so cocky and aggrogance of knowing stuff or no chance of winning the competition in POV.

  7. If Adam makes it to the final 2 against either Jordan or Rachel. Then I hope the newdees vote for him to win. The Vets should never have protected him this long. He has done nothing except ride on their backs. Except for Jeff. He had his head so far up Jeffs butt it was a wonder he could walk.

    1. I agree, I’d rather see anyone else win over Adam, but it serves the vets right if he wins. Rachel never should have protected a floater. She and Jordan have had four HOH’s between the two of them, and every time they targeted a real player, not a floater. If Adam were to win, they’d only have themselves to blame. They’d also go down in BB history as major hypocrites.

      “Floaters grab a life vest?” Yeah right. Floaters grab 1/2 million dollars…again.

  8. this is te first season of BBC I’v watched. can someone e tell me what the bible they keep studying is and what is OTEV? thanks!

    1. Apparently they are using the page numbers in Porsche’s bible to help them remember the days events happened. They have folded the corners on the numbers that they think are the ones the competitions, nominations, evictions, etc happened so that they can use it to help them study.

      1. Porsche’s bible does not work of how many event’s, eviction, or nomination. She has no clue of using a bible as a strategy to remember wouldn’t work. So she has other opinions to figure out top of her head not her chest. She will screw up the competition.

  9. OTEV is VETO spelled backwards and (i really didnt know until last night either) that this competition is the one where they morph the faces together .. i guess. ;-/

    1. Otev is veto spelled backwards and it is the competition where there are spaces like musical chairs where they will always be short one spot. They are given a clue or question that the answer is one of the houseguests such as who was evicted week 4 and then they will have to search all over the backyard to find the doll or rock or whatever they use this time and find one that has the initial of the houseguest that is the correct answer to the clue or question given and then make it back to the spaces before they are all filled. The last one to return with the correct answer is eliminated.

    1. OTEV is like this giant talking rock that hosts the veto competition once all the houseguests have to play, and thus there is no one left to host the competition. they have to do some task to “please OTEV”

  10. I don’t see Adam flipping, he simply doesn’t have it in him to do anything that would upset Jeff. I find it humorous that they say Porsche was brainwashed by Dani (and I’m not sure where that’s coming from, from what I can Porsche is just trying to win the game) when they’re aligned with Adam who really has been brainwashed by a vet no longer in the house.

    Kalia’s going home if she doesn’t win POV, that’s a given. If Kalia wins POV then Porsche is going home.

    If Rachel can’t compete in the next HoH than P/K will have the best chance to win, meaning they’re safe. Rachel has the best chance at winning POV and she’d save Jordan sending Adam home.

    At this point your final 3 are going to be either:

    PRJ or KRJ (depending upon who makes it through this next eviction)

  11. why is it that jordan thinks she is a strong player.the only HOH she won was because jeff and brennen threw it and why does she keep calling kalia a floater shes a floater kalia won more than she has and why doesnt porcshe deserve to win just because she won money if thats the case then jordan shouldnt even be there

    1. This is just my opinion that this is just a game. I know that Rachel is kind of annoying but if you are a fair individual you will at least give Rachel a credit that she is the one most deserving amongst the house guest left. She has been bashed every minute, given disgusting comments, made up lies that was pinned on her which was far from the truth and she keeps fighting and surviving. I watch this show and give fair assessment but this is just my opinion. Rachel say things as it is and her emotions says it all so she is not faking unlike the mean girls. Hoping that you will give it some thought and not to hate someone that has been done a lot of wrong in this game. Thanks.

    2. Rachel is the biggest zombie in BB history. She’s been in that house for 2 seasons already, way longer than anybody else and she just won’t leave.

    3. Could not agree with you more. I really don’t want Jordan or Rachel to win BB. If BB want to bring back the vets then the whole cast should be vets. That would have been a lot more interesting to watch.

      1. Agree! Stopped watching all together this season, gave up! Still read the post tho. Just give Boy George or Jordumb the $$$ already and be done with it. Never seen something so fixed in my life. So disappointed with CBS, this use to be our favoirte show. If their gonna bring vets back, make it all vets season! Now they keep doing the same thing with Survivor. Not wathcing that anymore either!

  12. Simon– suggest you add a FAQ section so questions like What is OTEV, can pov user go on block, what is website for live show on thurs, etc don’t get asked 100s of times

  13. like like like like like like like like like like like please help me understand that we all have faults and I for one should not comment on others, but all of them now talk like Joedan, I knwo if anyone of them went for an indiview for a reegular side outside a reality show htey will not get hier just becacause they keep saying you know like like

  14. i think if adam won veto it would be really smart for his game to use it because jordan would go up and be gone and then rachel cant play in HoH and even if rachel wins veto and has the only deciding vote, she would vote for kaila or porsche to leave over adam.

    1. I would have to respect him a little if he actually did that, BUT, he is as far up Jordumb’s ass as he was Jeff’s, so he wont do that. He needs to grow some balls & actually make his 1st game move & win something that isn’t handed to him & make an actual game move.

    2. I agree, normally that would be a good game move, but I think the only thing Adam might worry about is doing that would probably lose him the 4 jury votes of BRJJ if he made it to final 2. And that is why this season sucks, because it has been all about pleasing those 4 people.

    3. Adam turns on Jordan the votes in jury go away Brendon will see its as betraying Rachel, Jeff will see it as betrayal Dani and Shelly a good move but if Adam end up in final 3 with Kalia & Porsche not enough votes for Adam because Brendon, Jeff Jordan and Rachel if voted out will never vote for a veto winner mostly Hoh winners Adam is protected by 2 players now why risk turning if Kalia or Porsche go to jury he has 1player besides himself to protect him doesn’t make sense besides he know the girls are trying to get each other out just lay low and you will be in final

  15. These BB houseguests are idiots… if rachel takes ‘jordan’ to the final 2, who has done absolutely nothing this season, im sure “ass kissing adam”, jeff, shelly and kalia are going to give jordan their votes, danielle cant stand rachel so she may give jordan her vote as well. Adam doesn’t deserve a dime.

    1. I do believe that the jury will come to realize who deserves the prize most and if Rachel and Jordan reach final 2, jury will give it to Rachel. They are not heartless and will be fair in the end.

      1. I’d like to think that, but it hasn’t always been the case in the past.Jordan won her season because people voted based off personal feelings and not gameplay. It can really go either way.

        1. Yeah, everyone threw a mini-fit in the jury house when they found out Natalie lied about her age. She was 24, pretending to be 19.

          Why that actually mattered, to any of them, I’ll never know. Kevin had her lie figured out on day 1, and even called her out on day 1 in front of everyone.

          I think that whole group was a little dense, not just Jeff and Jordan.

        2. I think, Adam stated that if Rachel will be in the final 2 and he will vote for Rachel. I think even if Dani hated Rachel, she will vote for her because no one will award her the money twice knowing that she has not done much or if she does not win any comp and even if she does, the house guest will not award her twice.

    2. Come on now, If Rachel or Jordan wins 3 part HOH. Rachel will tied with Janelle with 6 HOH wins or Jordan will tied with Rachel of 5 HOH wins which both ranked 2nd behind Janelle. That why Jordan & Rachel can pace each competition. Beside, Rachel or Jordan can take each other for final 2.

  16. OTEV is the “god” of big brother. He asks questions and the houseguests scramble in the backyard for the answer to his question. Last one in or wrong answer is “sacrificed”. Facemorphing is a different comp. Too late in the game for OTEV, not enough contestants left.

  17. I fipped back to previous seasons and wow what a different game. It’s all about the HG and season 13 was definitly a flop. Britney from season 12 is one they should have brought back

          1. I loved Brit,and would love to see her back on All-Stars. Her and Ragan or her and Lane would have been a welcome duo this season.

  18. OTEV- It’s the competition where an inanimate object tells the players to bring him specific hidden items. OTEV is the name of the character, and yes it’s for POV only. It’s always been done when they’re down to 5 players. Don’t you remember last year when Regan was pushed aside and he whined about it?

  19. Just read these spoilers. Jordan and Rachel are making a mistake in counting Porsche and Kaila out. I hope that Kaila wins and takes herself off the block. And really screws with this so-called competition. BB has been interesting but predictable the past few weeks. Too bad Evil Dick could not come back he would have made this season really worth watching because IMO ED would have gotten rid of Brendan and Jeff in the first two weeks so that they would not have a vote in who gets the money.

  20. I think Adam’s big move of the year will be winning the POV and not using it.

    I wish Adam would do something interesting for once he’s been this seasons biggest bore what a disappointing player.

    1. Do you think that Adam will be invited to participate in any of the reality show meet and greets? Like the one coming up in Vegas? Does he have any fans?

      1. Adam will go up not Jordan.. and if adam uses Veto and Jordan goes up ADam will vote to keep her. Basically nothing exciting will happen until either K or P win HOH

  21. Someone else already pointed it out, but I’ll do it again…

    Jordan is too dumb to realize that Kalia is sticking to her word to never nominate Jordan. But, instead of taking advantage of that, she going to get rid of her before P or A.

    Jordan really is proof of how great America is… In this country even a complete idiot can be a “success” at something.

    1. It’s just more proof why Rachel deserves to win over Jordan. Rachel is calling all the shots, just like Jeff before her. Jordan doesn’t know how to play this game without someone protecting and thinking for her.

  22. Rachel and Jordan are worried about Adam winning the veto? That’s a joke, he couldn’t win any competitions even if his life depended on it…He’s a loser, a waste of space….Rachel will probably win the veto and the nominations will stay the same. Next week CBS will probably come up with another twist so that Rachel can compete for HOH again….

  23. @Victoria. Brenden was already on the block when he won veto and took Rachel off. In that case you are not safe. You are only safe if you are not on the block already and use it on someone else.

  24. When it gets down to the final 3 or 4 (I forget which) everyone gets to play including the recent HOH for the new HOH. It wasn’t like that in the beiginning, but I think it has happened.

    I wish Rachel or Jordan would win Veto then Jordan would finally win HOH. I think she would take Rachel. I also think Adam would take Rachel. I am not sure who Rachel would take, but she plays a lot more personal and has really become close to Jordan. A few weeks ago, I wanted Rachel gone. Then Brendan left, and she played like an independent competitor and not like a dependent lap dog. Same for Jordan. I do not think Jordan is as dumb as she acts. Plus I think she is the one that tried to keep Jeff from being mean. I use to like him but after this season, I can see him being mean. I do not think she should win again but I like that when she won before, she bought her mom a house. It was not all about her. I do not think she is selfish.

    So glad Dani and Shelly are gone. Now it appears to be more game play. I know FT has something to do with the game. Maybe nothing big. FT may just ask questions in the final HOH. But there has to be a reason. If it is not connected with the HOH key or the Veto, it must be to ask questions or maybe the right question needs to be asked of it.

    I would love the game to end only to finds out no houseguest used the FT correctly and she carried some big power that would have helped them.

    I do not know if BB is riggged or not. If Dani had not talked about production so much, she may have had a better chance. If it is rigged, I do not think it was rigged to get her voted out. She may have just stopped getting help if she was. Or she may have lied to P/K/A/S about how close she was to production and they believed her, even though Shelly claimed not to.

  25. As right now, Rachel and Jordan are two Veterans left. The only solution is Rachel or Jordan has to fight to win POV which they keep the nomination the same. Just like Jeff saves Porsche and Replacing Danielle as a Nominee he makes some mistake. However, Rachel has a same senario of putting Porsche and Kaila on the block again for the second time. This time, Rachel will not make more mistake and she should think the smarter way is keep the nomination the same so that Rachel has to break the tie for evicted either Porsche (the stronger floater who won 1 HOH and 1 POV which she good with Physical not mentally) or Kaila (the smarter floater who won 2 HOH and not good at POV which she good with Question and not good with physical or mental). Rachel should listen to her gut of who will get the evicted on Wednesday Kaila or Porsche? Let’s make it even the plain field. I don’t like 3 on 1.

  26. If K or P win the Veto, and one of them uses the pov, they come off and another person goes up. If Adam uses the POV on P, he can not be put up because he is the Veto holder. In Brendan’s case he was on the block with Rachel. If he was not on the block and used it on her, he could not be put up. SInce he was on the block and did not remove himself, he stayed on the block and rachel was replaced.

    I was sorry Brendad did that at first. But now I am glad. I like the idea if he had won he would have used some of the money for his education. I liked the fact that if Jeff had won, he would have used some of the money to help the child he has been helping. Also when Jordan won, she gave her mom a paid for home. If rachel wins, she wants a huge wedding. I would hate the money to be thrown away, but it woulld be her choice. I think Adam could actually use the money and it would help him and Farrah. I do not know about P/K.

    Some winners have lied about what they were going to do with the money when asked that during the question time before the vote. One talked about helping a charity (I forget which) but in reality, they didn’t. Their choice but just not a nice thing to do. They admitted it on TV months later

    Brendan is really working on his education, with or without the money. Jeff is really helping the child, with or without the money.

    If I were asking questions to decide the winner, I would ask what they were going to do with the money and how. Hopefully by then the Houseguest could tell if they are lying or not.

  27. It’s really too bad Dominic was evicted instead of Adam. Because Adam has been the swing vote more than once this year. He’s gotten worse and worse every week. He behavior subservient behavior has been annoying to watch. So I seriously doubt he would use the Veto if he won to take off Kalia or Porshe to get Jordan out of there. That would shock me almost as much as when Shelly flipped on Jeff and Jordan. Adam spot should have been on the couch and online following the game like us instead of playing it.

    1. Agreed, would love to see Dominic get a chance to redeem himself in All-Stars. Of all the newbies, he and Cassi were the most interesting…pretty sure that’s why Rachel wanted them gone so quickly. She hated the idea of sharing camera time with them.

  28. I would like to give Adam the benefit of doubt. Because he has said numerous times that both Dani and Shelly made significant game moves at the wrong time. Therefore, if there is a time to make a significant game move, it would be now. If he somehow pulled off the POV and used it to save Porsche, then AP could vote out J. Then it would be AKP vs R. R can not play for HOH and would have to win POV to be safe.

    Regardless of the outcome, it would definitely be intriguing to see what would happen if Adam finally rise to the occasion and shake things up. The show could definitely use the drama and excitement. From my mouth to God’s ears!!!

    Also Jordan may not be a floater; she is definitely a loafer! Depending on both Jeff and now Rachel to carry her to final three.

    1. Just like to throw my 2 cents out there on ‘big moves too soon’

      Shelly in particular I don’t think was too soon (there was 3 weeks left, that’s not exactly early). In fact if it wasn’t for the Pandora’s box twist Jordan would’ve went home last week instead of her and I think Kalia and Porsche would still be Rachel’s targets this week giving her another weeks pass. It was a great move at a great time, it was a twist she could never have accounted for that was her undoing.

      1. I agree totaly with you Skulk. But, I am trying to peek into Cruddy’s mind. I know a scary thought and proposition.

        He needs to do something to change his image with the fans and the Jury House.

    2. Here’s hoping. I always thought that there has been a F2 agreement between Porshe and Adam from the beginning. If Adam did make that move and sent Jordan, then Rachel packing; I think he has a really good shot at winning the game. He would get all the anti Dani protegee votes-BRJJ, and probably Shelly.

  29. How in the world did BB chose Kalia???? When she isn’t running her mouth or interrupting someone else, she is making her moronic sounds. She’s like a two your old. How could anyone stand having her around. She’s always making some noise, or babbling something unnecessary to any conversation. I hope she goes this week.
    Go team Rachel and Jordan. They would be the perfect final two AND make watching this season not a total waste of time. I sure hope that Rachel wins BB13.

    1. She made it through connections. Evidently, she is friends with Dr. Will’s brother. Dr Will probably wrangled an introduction for her. She is an educated, articulate, attractive woman, so I don’t imagine it was too difficult for her.

      1. I don’t know about the connection part, but I agree with your other assessment. I believe she is overwhelmed and nervous with all the cameras and mikes. It is like she has a nervous tick or something, which is causing her to act out irrationally and over eat.

        I just hope and pray that her family and friends let her know she did not portray a very flattering picture of herself.

  30. I am 100% sure it will be the OTEV game. I wonder if KPA have thought of hiding the name chips for latter questions like JR were talking about. Seems like JR will have the edge if they do that.

  31. Way off topic here….

    I’m watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament. You guys don’t play tennis in Canada? I don’t think I’ve seen one Canadian in the Open.

    Inquiring minds would like to know…thanks

  32. Jordan is the most Hypocritical person ever!!!!!!
    Adam is too concerned with Bacon and Tori Spelling and being friends with Jeff and Jordan.
    He is in a great position to win something with either Porsche or Kalia. He has no chance for any money with Rachel and Jordan. What a loser!!!!
    He could really change the game.
    This is a sad season. There was so much promise and now we are stuck with Watching Jordan follow Adam around all day.
    I do not like Rachel!!!! But She deserves to win. I would also like to see Porsche. I do no think we have seen all that she is capable of doing. They all will open Pandoras box. They are so bored. It was a shame that the purpose was for Jordan to somehow stay in the game.

  33. “He hasn’t been lying..normally you can read it. Maybe I’m thinking too much, maybe I have too much time on my hands.”

    She thinks too much? NEWS TO ME

    Funny she doesn’t use that little brain in competitions, just in the precess of getting carried by people

  34. Hi All ,Hope all is well …I was here reading all of the posts…. and it came to me didn’t marcell (i know i am saying his name wrong) was on the block and won pov and took his friend off, remember the blond hair chick think her name was Amy (forgot what seasons it was sorry) and then they voted him off , can’t remember now if they had voted him off the same night or the following week cause i remember how everyone was saying that was a dumb move he did and Julie’s asked him why did u do that??

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