Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche says OH MY GOD Adam if you win this veto looks REALLY GOOD! *Updated*

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8:35am – 9:40am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests. When the live feeds return, Rachel is heading into the downstairs bathroom to grab something’s and then goes backup to the HOH room. Adam is laying in bed staring at the ceiling. All the other houseguests are still sleeping in bed. Jordan wakes up and heads into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Porsche is now up and in the bathroom with Jordan. Rachel joins Jordan in the downstairs bathroom. Kalia is now up and in the bathroom as well. Adam and Kalia are in the kitchen going over the events of the house. Kalia says that she has stared at the houseguest pics for ever and feels like there is no way she couldn’t get them. Kalia asks Adam if they ever said anything bad about her or Porsche. Kalia says that they were saying bad stuff about each of us to one another. Adam says that all they said was that if I didnt go up then for me to not use the veto if I won it. Kalia asks Adam if he did win it …would you ever consider using it on one of us? Kalia says because then we would have the votes to keep you safe. Adam says yeah na….

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Jordan and Rachel go into the HaveNot room to talk. Jordan says that we need to win today to see how Porsche does in this …and if we win and one of them don’t win …maybe we should get rid of Porsche. Jordan and Rachel go through the different scenarios of what could happen and who to get rid of. Jordan says that we need to think about everything. Jordan says that the HOH doesn’t play in the final veto. Jordan explains how it worked in her season. Jordan talks about how Kalia is slower. Jordan says that she thinks Porshce is neck and neck with us …and I don’t want it to be like that. Rachel says that if its questions next week ..Porsche isn’t really good at that like Kalia. Jordan and Rachel talk about how they aren’t sure if they can trust Adam not to use the veto. Jordan says that she was just thinking about all this stuff …if we win. Rachel says when we win! Jordan and Rachel leave the havenot room and Jordan goes to lay down.

9:50am Rachel goes to the kitchen and asks Adam if he won the veto he wouldn’t use it right!? Adam says no he wouldn’t …that last night he was just joking around and didn’t mean it. Rachel says okay good. Adam says that he has worked too hard to get here and isn’t going to BLANK it up. Adam says trust me… and I already have my speech ready. They high five.

10:10am Porsche joins Adam in the kitchen and she talks about being nervous and just wanting to get the veto over with. Porsche says she is trying to think positive. Porsche and Adam talk about past veto competitions. Porsche remembers the veto where they were trying to back door Brendon and neither Rachel or Brendon got picked to play. Adam says with luck like that we could have all gone to Vegas and won a lot more than $500 G’s. Porsche says OH MY GOD, Adam if you win this veto …life looks really good. Adam doesn’t say anything. Porsche says that she is feeling a lot better than yesterday. Adam says that we are doing it for Dominic and Keith …our fallen partners. Porsche says MMMHHMM. Porsche says that she misses Lawon. Adam says that he misses his little pretty boy Dominic. Porsche says that if she wins or wins $50,000 she will pay for Kentucky. Adam says that it has been a good summer .. spent his 40th b-day in the BBhouse and he met Tori Spelling. Adam wonders if he has made it on the show The Soup.

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10:15am – 10:35am Adam goes to take a shower. Porsche goes to lay in bed with the bible. She is either reading the bible or studying the events of the house. (A few days ago, Porsche and Kalia put stickers on the top page corners of the bible to represent the days and events of the house.) After awhile, Porsche puts down the bible and goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, Rachel up in the HOH room laying in bed listening to her cd. Rachel cries a bit after looking at the photo of her and Brendon. She wipes her eye and smudges her makeup. Rachel starts studying the events and dates of the house using her fingers.

Meanwhile, Kalia studies the houseguest memory wall…

10:50am – 11:10am Rachel is in the HOH bed reading the bible. Adam just called Porsche and Jordan lazy for sleeping and then he goes and lays down and closes his eyes. Kalia is wandering around looking at stuff in the house and then goes to get in bed as well. Jordan gets up and heads up to the HOH room. Jordan tells Rachel that she can’t sleep. Jordan asks if she can sit up here. Rachel says of course you can sit up here. Jordan says that they are still building out there. Jordan wonders what Jeff and Brendon are doing. Jordan says that she can’t sleep in the candy room because people keep coming in and out. Rachel says that Porsche and Kalia keep staring at the memory wall. Jordan says that’s not today. Rachel agrees. Jordan says only 12 more days …then we get to see them. Rachel and Jordan try and figure out the days and how many people are left in the house. Jordan says that if Adam wins and uses that veto …I WILL FLIP OUT! Jordan says surely he won’t. Rachel says that she asked him and he said that he shouldn’t have joked with Jordan and that he won’t use it. Jordan say we are almost there! Rachel says I know. Jordan talks about the competitions from her season. Jordan says that in her season the final HOH doesn’t get to play in the veto. Jordan says that if I win HOH then it would be you against Porsche. Jordan and Rachel are trying to figure out who it would be better to keep. Rachel says that if the next HOH is questions ..Kalia will win it because she has won two question competitions.

11:10am – 11:30am Jordan and Rachel continue to talk about getting to the end. Jordan says that she wants to prove that she can get to the end again. Jordan says that she just wants to get to the final two …and then she doesn’t care if she gets first or second place. I just want to prove that I can do it a second time. Rachel says that she feels like they have worked so hard to get here. Jordan says it’s definitely been more psychologically hard. Jordan and Rachel both say that they aren’t even nervous about the veto today.. Jordan says that she knows they are nervous …which is good because they will mess up. Jordan is stretching getting ready for the competition. Jordan starts explaining how the OTEV competition worked in her season and gives Rachel pointers on how to do well at it.

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174 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Porsche says OH MY GOD Adam if you win this veto looks REALLY GOOD! *Updated*

  1. It would be smarter on JR’s part to evict Porche because honestly the next HOH doesn’t matter, all it does is provide immunity for one player, the person with the power is who wins the POV. So if it is questions next week yes Kalia would most likely win but Porche would have a really strong chance at POV so by evicting Porche JR would sacrifice Adam but guarantee themselves in the final 3 and most likely, unless Kalia was to win the final HOH which I think is unlikely, the final 2

    1. Every time Jordon or Adams speaks it irritates me especially Jordon when she talks about winning and getting rid of “non deserving people” Ughhh!

        1. Why do people like you keep calling Jordan a floater. She has stuck to one alliance the entire game so she is the complete opposite of a floater. Not winning competitions doesn’t mean you’re a floater, it just means you’re not good at competitions.

          1. Floater is a person that won’t commit to one side or another/ won’t draw the line in the sand. Jordan has done that. You people keep getting that confused with competitor. They would NEVER have all good competitors in the house. look who is in the jury…….brendon, dani and Jeff…..the three strongest competitors.Adam has been the textbook definition of a floater AND a bad competitor…….sort of a hybrid, he is…..LOL.

        1. adam may be safe true enough, but common sense tells him that RJ are looking out for themselves and adam and pinto always had a final 2. best thing for him to do is use it to get rid of jordan and the newbies will be back in power

    2. I think Adam with throw the Veto so he doesn’t have to show his allegance to either side. (Besides, why should he start trying to win something now)?

    3. very good point, i hadn’t thought of that – i am surprised they are so worried then…maybe they are thinking on the off chance Adam would win the POV – but come on, very unlikely to happen

  2. Adam demonstrating yet again he’s only in this for his 15 minutes of fame. It’s unfortunate that neither Kalia or Porsche can see that Adam will not use the veto if he wins it(lol)

  3. Today on Rigged Brother
    Porsche and Kalia start talking about how this season was rigged for the vets…feeds cut (but they forget to cut the microphones) You can hear AG tell them if they don’t stop telling America what is going on behind the scenes they will either forfeit their stipend or BB will evict them into a pit of JJ fans while AG yells “they didn’t play for JJ kill them” feeds back on
    Up in the HOH, Vomit and Two Face (rachel and jordan) are once again congratulating each other on keeping to the script…feeds cut (again mics are left on) AG telling them again that some of America still believe the show isn’t rigged so please keep quiet, Rachel says”don’t worry the team vegas and JJ fans couldn’t tell the difference and the other fans don’t count” Jordan replies “why is Paris so far away, look mommy a frog” AG says “don’t give it a second thought err um jordan just don’t worry.
    Down stairs Adam still hasn’t came out of the bathroom since Tori left and don’t plan to.

        1. I totally agree with you as well Squabble?that the best you got? Porsche or Kaila couldn’t do better than Rachel & Jordan. I know Porsche and Kaila couldn’t do better. I agreed more.

      1. Ok #1- what??? I don’t know if you were trying to be funny but your comment was lame.
        #2 I’m pretty sure that you’re pretty wrong because several people read it and were pretty sure it was funny.
        #3 can’t stand when people on here talk fir everyone else, your opinion is that of ONE person until someone else agrees.
        #4 also can’t stand when people knock other peoples creative and funny post, while theyre too boring and bland to contribute one if their own.

        Keep moving if you don’t like it.

    1. You know BB13 has hit an all-time low when the fans’ posts are more entertaining than the show itself.

      Go, Team Production, yo!

    2. Yes, Squabble I love your Jokes and I agree with this one:Today on Porsche and Kaila failure Big Brother
      Rachel and Jordan start talking about how this season was succes for the vets and rest the newbies…feeds cut (but they forget to cut the microphones) You can hear Kaila telling Porsche if they do lose POV competition to Rachel & Jordan, what is going on of Kaila thinking about McDonalds or Porsche will think about Suntanning with Dani on Thursday at the Jury House while Kaila yells “they did play for themselves” feeds back on
      Down in the Kitchen, Ms. Floater Barbie doll and Two Ugly Face (Porsche and Kaila) are once again screwing each other on losing POV Competition to Rachel & Jordan…feeds cut (again mics are left on) Kaila telling Prosche again that some of her Carving McDonald still believe the competition isn’t doing well so please keep crying and cocky at the same time, Porsche says”don’t worry the team Dani and DKPS fans couldn’t tell the difference and the other fans don’t count” Kaila replies “why is Ronald McDonald so far away, look yummy a craving for cheeseburger” Porsche says “do give it a second thought err um Kaila just get worry of losing the POV competition to Rachel and Jordan.Down stairs Adam still hasn’t came out of the bathroom since Tori left and don’t plan to. I know I agree. This is funny, Kaila is thinking about McDonalds and Porsche going back to hoosters with her boyfriend. I get it. It’s really funny. I got your support. Don’t worry, No one can steal your idea. That your words. I love it. You will get the award for that.

    3. You’re being a troll. People talk game here. You’re bitching about people bitching about the game when that’s what this message board is for.

    1. hey Adam – unfortunately only one of your gems made it on the Soup…

      “Is Jesus mentioned in the Bible?”

      No wonder he is the biggest floater – he thinks HE can walk on water…

  4. Adam has a chance to make a big move and get rid of jordon and he won’t take it he was a total waste of a houseguest refusing to do anything but kiss ass he is the worst hg this season and release Kalia has made some moves dumb or not..I really feel sick looking at that fat peice of shit mope around and try to lick ass for the whole season plz let him be gone

      1. Good question… I dont know .. its something Porsche and Adam previously talked about doing together…. I don’t remember hearing the conversation though so I don’t know what its about.

  5. adam seriously better win and take porsche off, adam is so bad at this game i would like to see him make at least 1 right decision, making it to the end is worthless if you didnt do jack, because 1) u dont deserve the money 2) that means we had to put up with your boring ass all season

    1. Unfortunately, Adumb has deluded himself into thinking he’s make a smart game move by sticking to the vets’ asses. He’s been rendered a vegetable ever since the vets entered the house. He was star struck from the beginning and, despite his initial desire and comments about wanting a newbie to win and to make a strategic move in the game, he’s been bullied, intimidated and ultimately rendered a useless waste of space by the vets, in part, but really by his own inability to see the big picture. Adumb defines the term “floater”! Again, rolling over and hitting the BB snooze button!

  6. Re: “Adam says that we are doing it for Dominic and Keith …our fallen partners.” I doubt this anything but Adumb covering his ass should a newbie win the next HoH. He’s unfortunately not going to make the remaining two weeks exciting and balance out the vet & newbie scale. He’s going to ride the vets’ coat tails to the very end. Again, what a waste of space he and Jordumb are. Rolling over and hitting the snooze button now!

  7. Do Adam an Porsche have some kind of deal? Last night Adam said something like “we’ve been doing this since early on”. But when he talks to Porsche he doesn’t clue her in on anything. He said the other night, while talking to himself that he had to keep Porsche in it. But can’t he keep her safe by making a deal, if he wins POV not to use it unless Khalia is for certain evicted?

    Seems like JR would have to make that deal.

      1. Michelle make up your mind…you said adam is dumb to use veto if he wins it but adam is looking out for adam…if adam is looking for adam he uses the veto and saves someone so jordan goes home….he has zero shot to beat either of them and can use his move in his final speech to sway votes…i think adam is the by far worst player in BB…he just was never in the in crowd and thinks he is now…but is getting used…i would seriously be surprised if his gf didnt view him diffently after the show…his game would make most gfs dump their boyfriends for simply being a follower puppy dog and not being a man..

        1. by getting kalia out, he breaks up kalia and porsche
          porsche has to take adam to final 2, she will not beat rachel or jordan
          so adam final 2

  8. I really hope Adam wins & uses the Veto for the newbies sake & Rachel has to put up Jordan for eviction & once he does that the Newbies control the game!!!!!!!

    I really DO NOT want Jordan nor Rachel or Adam to win this game tho…

    Jordumb & Adumb have not done ANYTHING the entire game, Jordan definitely doesn’t deserve to win bc she’s already won before

    Rachel should be smart enough to see that if she takes Jordan to the Final 2 she will not win, it’s time for her to go..and what better way to get her hands clean than by using Adam as the reason for her exit.

    Adam is basically confirming he’s doing this for the newbies now let’s execute this pleaseee

    I need Jordan & Rachel to go home the power lies between the newbies If only these LAMES would use their effing brains!!!!

    1. Yes, another voice of reason!! While I agree with you, I unfortunately don’t see Adumb growing balls or brains any time soon to make such a gutsy newbie thinking move. He’s been all talk the entire season, and unfortunately, I don’t see his physical and mental paralysis will wearing off before this season wraps up. He and Jordumb are a complete waste of BB space.

    1. I’ll be happy as long as Adam AND Jordum don’t win, they’re the ONLY ones who don’t deserve it (not to mention that Jordum just won 2 years ago)!

    2. Anyone but Adumb & Jordumb!

      It’s sad how much we’ve had to lower out standards given this season’s combination of vets and incompetent newbies.

      When does the Amazing Race start, as unless Adumb grows a brain & balls and finally makes a strategic move, my already depreciated interest in this BB season will have ultimately been extinguished.

      1. LOL lowering our standards, so true!
        That reminded me of this old Saturday Night Live bit they used to do called “Lowered Expectations” … about online dating rejects/leftovers. Hilarious that’s what we are dealing with. Anyone who remembers that skit… picture a group photo of our Final 5, and imagine the theme song playing…. HAAAHAHAAA

  9. Worst season of BB i havenot watched since Jeff And Dani Left Adam should not even be in Jury and this jordan should be in jury with Jeff its funny that Pors opens Pardonia box and gets the duo twist and rach gets Jesssie RIGGED

    1. My thoughts exactly! One PB effected the game entirely and the other had no affect whatsoever. Just does not make sense. The last PB could have not been used since it really did not to do anything to impact the game.

  10. If Rachel wants to win this game, she cannot take Jordan to F2. She needs Jeff and Jordan’s votes. It is time to evict Jordan.

  11. Hotty Toddy gosh amighty who in the hell are we? Flim flam bim bam Ole Miss Goddamn! Game starts at 3:45 central time and bet your ass it ain’t rigged! BB snooze is on in Rebel country!

  12. Jordan riding Jeff until he was evicted and now she’s riding Rachel…………..okay,
    she’s cute, but DOES NOT deserve to be in the rest of this competition.
    The only thing to make this season not a complete boring mess would be for
    Adam to use to POV, if he should somehow win it.

    1. That’s my gal!! Another voice of reason! Steph I completely agree with you but, I seriously doubt that Adumb will be capable of such a gutsy, yet intelligent strategic move but, we can always dream.

      Hand on BB snooze button!

    2. dani rode her dad’s coattails and kalia and porsche are still riding her coattails, so why do they deserve to be in the game still

      1. Clearly you didn’t watch Dani’s first season on BB. Dani road no one’s coat tails, least of all her Dad’s. Check the tapes. Dani killed it in the comps and strategizing.

        1. its not about winning comps one person can’t win everything, if it wasn’t for eric and america she would have been evicted eventually

          1. Well, if it wasn’t for Eric, Dick would’ve gone home first (instead of Dustin)…and it’s possible that Dani would’ve been evicted two weeks after, but that’s hard to say. Point is, Dick and Dani were definitely a team. Each helped the other by winning HOH/POV at crucial points of the game. Towards the end, Dani’s POV got them to F3, and Dick’s HOH got them to F2. For anyone to suggest that Dick somehow carried Dani is absolutely preposterous.

      2. dani won 2 HOH and 5 pov. she used the last POV to take dick off the block. she did not ride his coat tail. they looked out for each other

  13. In all honesty it would make more sense to win the veto and use it. He has NO chance at all against JR in the final 3 and CERTAINLY none against either in the final 2. If he’s afraid of the jury house, he should know how this works. They complain about so and so not playing the game but when it comes down to it it gets personal… they are NOT going to vote for the people they didn’t like in the house, regardless of who played the game more. I hope Adam is wise enough to realize this.

      1. Adam needs R to evict P
        Then K or A to evict R.
        Final 3, oh my god this would be a nightmare come true, of JAK.

        I want PK in the final 2 or RP.
        I want RPK in the final 3.

        Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

  14. Jordan is so stupid, she doesn’t even remember her own season. The HOH(Natalie) had a pandora and her punishment was that she couldn’t play in the veto. EVERYONE PLAYS in the veto. I really can’t get over how dumb Jordan is.

      1. LOL, now you’re just trolling. If it weren’t for the duo twist Jordan would have gone bye-bye. And in season 11, if Jeff hadn’t gotten the coup de tat (which he couldn’t even pronounce), she wouldn’t have won that season either.

      2. You, because you’re missing 2 commas, you capitalized you when it shouldn’t have been, you didn’t add a question mark at the end of your question, and you didn’t capitalize the j in Jordan… twice!! Zing!!

        Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

  15. This season is definitely not as interesting as some of the others. The only exception being the episode with Shelly’s spot getting blown up(cause she was stupid) and Jeff storming out of the house. They need to do better casting. And unless they’re going to have 14 former houseguests… vets!! I could however go for another all star season. Let the fans decide what former hgs.

  16. Just curious as to why all of u whiny asses who do nothing but complain about BB being rigged and bitching about it on here………..why don’t u change the channel???? I have a side picked yes but I dont cry everytime it doesn’t go their way. U people take it way too serious I mean really. It is not gonna change my pay at work or anything about my life regardless of who wins it so why get so worked up???? So enjoy watching or CHANGE the channel to a show u do like, or did Dani tell u not to? Just curious cause it seems like the most crying is coming from that side.

  17. I really doubt Adam is going 2 try & win the Veto,,, He’ll throw it,,, Hes better off 2 lose,,, If K or P win they take themselves off A goes up J votes 4 K or P,,, KP vote 4 A,,, R evicts K or P,,, but then A is still safe w/ RJ & Whoever stays,,, So my bet is he wont even put a real effort into tryin to win the veto,,,

  18. the veto hasn’t happened yet, why does everyone think Adam is going to win it? …….. and i have been watching BB for the past few years and this year you can tell it is definitely rigged. …………BB12 WAS THE BORING SEASON OF BB IN HISTORY LIKE SHIT…. ALL EVICTION VOTES WERE UNANIMOUS EXCEPT FOR MONET WHICH WAS A 7-2 (KATHY & BRIT VOTED FOR HER)…… TALK ABOUT BORING, THIS SEASON WAS A LITTLE MORE INTERESTING

    1. I loved last season. The reason why the votes was so lopsided was because the brogreads controled the votes without the rest of the house knowing they was in cahoots with each other till they told Britney when it was to late for her to do anything about it for she was the last one left besides them. They was in stealth mode had the house voting however they wanted the votes to go. I wanted Britney to win but you cannot argue with the brillant plan the brogades had from the beginning. I also loved it cause they totally punked out J&R that season…hahahahaha

  19. Adam would have a better chance against RJ because the newbies and Dani will not vote foe RJ to win it over Adam. However if he screws RJ over and they both go home then BR and JJ control who does win the game and they will not vote for him after he screwed them over.

    1. I don’t think Dani would vote for Adam. She knows it was Adam’s vote that got her out for Shelly was trying to save her. She see’s him as a coaster and doesn’t deserve to win. I don’t think he would get Shelly’s vote against either J or R either. If Adam goes up against either J or R they have 3 lock votes and it would only take one more for them to win. He would have to sweep the remaing jury and I don’t see that happening. He would have a better shot against K or P but he might not win against them either so I don’t see him winning at all but if wanted to play the odds the odds would be more in favor if he was up against K or P.
      I don’t think JJ would give their vote to K or P since they was on the other side. Yeah, I know Jeff said that the player that makes that proves himself deserving should win, but that was before he was in the jury. He was just setting himself up for the votes cause he knew to get to the end he was going to have to step on toes at some time. This way he could give the speech I deserve this because I played hard speech. Now he is on the jury though I think JJ will vote with their emotions. Jeff seems like the kind of guy who holds grudges.

    1. Yup, I’d say that pretty much covers it. Adumb and Jordumb have each, in their own right, earned the title: “Perpetual Floaters” ….. and a complete waste of space.

      1. michelle you are lacking in street smarts and reading situations that deal with people…adam should use veto going third out is no money….he has virtually zero shot to beat rachel at anything…shes taken jordan to the finals…not you…she should take you but she will call u a floater in the end…embarrass you in the final two speech and make you look less a man after she dices u up…look respectable is the best thing…but i put money adam doesnt win the veto…hes simply not good under pressure and a waste

      2. If he uses it, Jordan is gone.

        Then it is 3 newbies against Rachel. Odds are that the final 3 would be three newbies, which is all I ask for.

        This is Adam’s only time in the game that he can make a big move or be the biggest loser in BB history.

        That’s if he even wins the POV.

  20. i really think rachel should evict porsche. she breaks up porsche and adam, then if kalia wins HOH, so what? kalia already said she wouldnt put up jordan unless it was neccessary. then she just puts up rachel and adam, and rachel will OBVIOUSLY win POV, jordan will go up, and then rachel sends adam home. then rachel and jordan can definitely beat kalia in the finals. its their best shot. and i hope rachel wins. & i really think she will.
    shell have brenden, daniele (respect for the game), kalia & porsche will go with dani, jeff will go for jordan, and shelly and adam might follow jeff, or they might do something for themselves and vote for rachel.

  21. I don’t understand all the ranting and raving about “floaters” and how people hate Adam/Jordan. Here is the deal. This is a game show. The facts are that you are to make it to the end. Obviously dominating every competition isn’t the way to make it to the end (i.e. Jeff, Brendon, Dani). Therefore, based on results Adam, Jordan, Rachel, Kalia, & Porshe (even Shelly) are better game players than the others who have already been kicked off. No matter if they float their way to the end nor if they dominate (Rachel) their way to the end. The result you want is to be there at the end, period.

    I am not any individual fan but a fan of the game itself. But Adam’s best move is to throw yet another POV. Therefore he is in the final 4, still stands good with both sides of the house making it to at least the final three cause JR will be going after K/P (whoever stays) and then K or P will be going after JR. Adam then could make a final 2 deal with the HG of Kalia or Porshe which gives him a 50/50 shot at winning a final two. By chance if he wins the final HOH, he should chose Jordan for the final 2 sealing himself the HOH win as a “floater” cause he has had a very good social game.

    **I don’t think that he can beat Porsche, Rachel or Kalia in final 2 because they all have won several comps

  22. Adam’s best move is not to win the veto. His best move is what he’s been doing all game, throw it. If he wins the veto, he has to pick a side. If he takes someone off, Jordan (probably the only person he could beat in a competition) will be going home. Removing the weakest player instead of one of the stronger players. Plus he turned on the vets who with R going next will control the jury. If he wins it and not use the veto, he turns on the newbies who will then control the jury. His best move is not to try for it and let the girls battle it out. Don’t ruffle any feathers. He’s final 3 either way, but not using it gets him there in better shape.

    1. adams best move is to do something. If his strategy was to lay low and let other people duke it out that is fine, but if he wants even the slightest chance at the money he has to win a competition on his own

    2. Adam won’t win the veto. Even if there’s a chance he can win it, he won’t. Not winning veto allows him to float along for another week.

    3. I’d take Adam to F2. I think any of the remaining HGs would win against him. He was as big a coat tail rider as Jordan, but, without the charm.

  23. Why in the world would Adam use the veto and get Jordan evicted? Why would he keep 3 STRONG female players in the game and get rid of the one as lousy at this game as he is? Of course he will want one of them out. He will still not be the target as all of them see him as someone they can beat to get into the final 3. He’s safe all the way. He will be in final 3 and then OUT.

  24. OK, Rachel is not stupid, if she takes Jordan to the end her only vote on jury would be Brendon. Everyone would vote for Jordan again. She has to take Kalia or Porche or Adam and hope that Jordan and Jeff would then vote for her. But Rachel is out next HOH because Jordan won’t win it and all of them will put both up and guess who would go out of the house next week. The HG have to get to three players before the elimination round. Unless BB does finals with duos when they are at four players. Then you would be stuck with who your partner is for final two.

  25. Either Adam knows how to plan this game or is a very lucky floater. I don’t see him using the veto, he has been very loyal. So when will the tide turn and who will break his heart and vote him out. Cause he seems to be in good with all four of the women. Like if I take him to the end surely I will win….wrong kinda thinking.

  26. I think what a lot of people are forgetting is the B.S. of the Golden Key. I have a feeling Porsche would have probably been more on the radar had she been competing the first few weeks.

    Next season, I would like to see:

    All newbies (though I make no bones about wanting Rachel to win at this point)

    No stupid golden keys

    No stupid returning HG’s

    Get rid of the if you win HOH one week you can’t compete the next. I think this is the dumbest rule.

    As someone else pointed out, give them more alcohol, why they limit the alcohol on non-competition evenings is beyond me. Hell, let them have it evenings of comps too, you lose the comp and get voted out bc you were too hung over, tough shit.

    I’m sure there are more but this is all I have for now.

  27. I agree with you that adam would be stupid to use the pov and get rid of jordan of the remaining houseguests she is the only one he can honestly say he has done as well as in competitions if he goes to the final 3 with rachel and jordan he can (with a miracle) win hoh and take jordan she is the only one that he canpossibly beat although it is a long shot. I am a jordan fan and feel she has played the best social game. Her competitive side is not great but she has proven in the past she doesn’t need it. If the other houseguests can’t realize e she is playing like she did last time then they are the idiots for keeping her.

  28. The British have a saying, it is: ‘Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man’

    While Adam has not done anything of significance to this point he has a perfect opportunity to be a game changer now. Let’s see if he is up to the challenge or is he the ultimate floater, watching everyone take out each other…until the final 2.

  29. I really like Jordan, she is cute and sweet but I wish Adam would win, save Porche and vote Jordan out! But Adam wouldnt do that, would he?

  30. JR should get rid of porsche really….but booting kalia will make America and the rest of us so happy…

    really liking JR final 2, I hope they just stay loyal to each other and go final 2. rachel then deserves the win, if she doesnt get it, its only because danielle screws them in jury and gives it to jordan just because…which would make no sense in terms of comps won etc, pure personal

    1. While Kalia may not be the savviest of game players and annoying as hell. She has definitely done more in this game than Adam (floater) and Jordan (loafer); therefore she deserves at this point to be in the game more than these two. Just my humble opinion.

  31. I don’t understand why people keep thinking if Jordan makes it to final 2 Dani would vote for Jordan? Did you all miss the part of where she made her move because she didn’t want to “write Jeff and Jordan a check.”

  32. Good idea Jordan. Make sure Rachel should do this well because Jeff won it in her season. Hopefully Jordan will guide you this one. Newbies are probably be nervous by then.

  33. Jordan is so stupid, she thinks the final hoh doesn’t play in veto!!! That only happened in her season because of pandoras box dummie!

    1. I have to reupdate the POV’s competition because the numbers will be changed! So, I need to reupdate the BB competition right now.

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