Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan doesn’t think Porsche deserves to win BB13 she’s already won “10 grand” + her stipend

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3:31pm HOH Adam, Jordan and Rachel Adam is swearing that he will not use the Veto if he wins it and he will fight his hardest to win the veto. Adam goes on about how he wants to stick to the plan go final 3 with JR. Adam thinks the number one thing they need to do this week is get rid of Kalia because they know the next HOH will be questions and she’s already proven herself to be very strong at those comps. Rachel says that Kalia offered her a final 2 yesterday. Adam again swears that he is friends with Porsche but they have no game agreement.

Rachel says it will be Porsche and Kalia on the block. Jordan is pissed at Porsche and Kalia for suggesting that Rachel puts up Adam/Kalia or Adam/Porsche. Jordan says the only reason they are suggesting that is because they want to get her up on the block. Jordan doesn’t care who wins the game as long ad Porsche or Kalia are not in the final 2.

Rachel reminds Adam that he really needs to fight next week and win the HOH/POV because Rachel and Jordan have done a lot to protect him in this game.

Jordan and Adam both saying that Porsche won more than 5grand in her Pandora’s box (Adam knows for a fact that she only got 5grand). Jordan starts saying that Porsche won 10 grand and with the 10grand she got with her stipend she’s won enough money.

Adam: “They want to win this for Dani.. ” Jordan and rachel agree that Kalia and POrsche are in this game to win the money for dani. Adam mentions that he knew Dani was up to something so once he found out she wasn’t with JJ he knew 100% that she couldn’t be trusted. Adam adds that he was fooled my Shelly and had no idea the extend of her lies in the house. Rachel mentions that she had a good idea about what was going on but nobody wanted to listen to her. Jrodan points out that Shelly was going around trying to tell people that she saved rachel and got them to put Lawon up. Rachel says that is complete BLANK. Adam agrees. (Actually Shelly played a critical roll in manipulating Kalia to put a pawn against Rachel I watch that entire process take place)

JRA all get going on some light Dani, Porsche, Kalia bashing… Adam really talking it up like he actually did something this year. They start going over possible final 3 quiz questions Adam is a bit confused about how they will handle Dick leaving will he be considered the first houseguest to leave or will Keith be considered? Adam tells them about Season 9 where they asked the question “was there any pre-existing relationships among the housguests before the season begin” Everyone guessed false but the correct answer was true because of the Guinea pigs (Another great example of Production BLANK with this show.. yes folks it’s been there since I started watching this show season 4)

(** Please note Jordan’s comments about Porsche winning the “10 grand” + the 10 grand stipend effectively making 20 grand for the summer were made to try and push Rachel closer to wanting Porsche gone. Jordan knows POrsche is close to Adam and Rachel so she’s worried if porsche wins HOH then JOrdan has a real chance of going home. )

4:00pm kitchen KP They start talking about how Shelly was screwing everyone over in the game. Kalia brings up that everyone in the house was getting BLANK over by Shelly, Shelly. Kalia and Dani knew Shelly was lieing but they had no idea to the extent. Porsche says that she had a idea about what Shelly was up to that is why she was pushing for shelly to go but nobody really listened to her. (the exact same thing has been said 10 minutes ago in the HOH by Rachel)

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4:17pm backyard couch KPA They asks Adam if JR asked him if he would use the veto. Adam says he told them he would not use the veto. Porsche: “Good that is what you should say”. They mention to Adam the only way they can make it to the end is if they stick together. Adam tells them Kalia and Porsche will be going up JR are not stupid enough to not. Apparently production told them there will be a indoor lockdown tonight, they start speculating that it will be a physical comp. Adam thinks OTEV, he also points out that most times the POV is physical.

4:30pm Trivia Nominations kalia and Porsche going up
(Kalia is the target unless she wins POV she’s going home)

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Jordan doesn’t think Porsche deserves to win BB13 she’s already won “10 grand” + her stipend

  1. Oh, and Jordan and didn’t you coattail ride Jeff and win 500 g’s?! I’m tired of this he or she doesn’t deserve the money mess. No one can give me 10 legit reasons why Jordan deserves the money.

    1. She gave us a lot of nip slips on BB11.. I remember she would get tipsy and flash the cameras then someone told her about the live feeds and she stopped :(

      we all miss cookie dough Jordan

        1. She had to know bc I remember her saying in BB11 that she was a BB fan and that is why she tried out for the show….where else would they find this idiot if she herself did not put in an application, she is clearly not an actress/model whose agent put in her application,

          1. I remember Jordan saying, during season 11, that she was working at Hooter’s and the casting people saw her there and they invited her to apply to be on the show. she wasn’t a fan, not sure she even knew about the show. I think they had already recruited Jeff and they were looking for the perfect all American sweetheart for him.

        1. I heard she bought a house for her mom and disabled brother and spent some on school. $500,000 in winnings doesn’t go that far considering the gov’t takes about half.

        2. This is true, I’m sure Simon knows the exact amout that is awarded in the end. Jordan did buy her MOM a house. Which her brother also lives in. She is a very giving person. I’m betting that most of the money is gone. Regardless of everything she did win. She won when she had to, no matter her game play. Obviously for her to get the votes, having done nothing as everyone says, she EARNED THE VOTES from the others in the house, who competed against her. So Jordan did something right.
          As well as this year, who knows if Jeff or Brendon would have been able to score higher than a 3 on the golf competition without going into the water. No One knows. I have huge doubts. I hate that they say the threw that competition. I think she had it regardless. Again there is more to this game than winning competitions. Look at at the crap Shelly stired up. Jordan’s ‘s game is communicating and honesty. As honest as one can be in this game. She can’t play physically, she knows that, we all do. But she Plays the BB Game. Her Way. Give her some Credit. She has talked a few people down off the crazy ledge this season. I don’t feel maybe a win, I’ve changed to team Rachael because of her game this year, but I don’t think Jordan should continue to be bashed by everyone.

          1. I couldn’t agree more. I will also add that I think it would be a boring show if all of the competitors were just physical competitors that just went at each other to win every comp. Knowing when to throw comps and finding a way to compete when you can’t win comps makes this show more interesting to watch. For example Dr. Will, like him or hate him, he was interesting to watch and his seasons were some of my favorites to watch!

            1. It’s true about Dr Will and I agree he was fun to watch. Jordan is doing what she does best…just being a good human being. That is someone I would like to see make it to the end. I have changed my opinion about Rachel who annoyed me in the beginning of this game and would now like to see her make to the end with Jordan. Either one can win and whichever does, should share some of the winnings with the foursome (JJRB). After all, they have all helped each other get where they are. Just another opinion for whatever it is worth.

        3. She may not be the smartest but she definitely the nicest one in the house. With her winnings she bought her mother a house so that she could continue to take care of her disabled brother and she put money away for her cousins so that they could go to college. A very sweet and kind young woman who definitely cares about others. She thought about others before her self with her winnings. How many of the remaining house guests would do that. One answer word for you: NONE!

        4. She went on the show originally to try to make enough money to get a place to live. Her mom, brother and she lost there home to foreclosure when her father quit making the payments. She bought a very modest townhouse that is only 1500 sq foot and put money away for her college and to pay for college tuitions for other family members. Wow, I guess maybe she used the money wisely rather than buying a shipment of painkillers like Adam the previous Big Brother winner. As for the winner this year, give it to Rachel who earned it. Adam floated by for weeks, Porsche is another floater who didn’t even play for the first 50 days of the game. Better yet, she is so hateful she even stuck benefiber in Jordans drink because she is so jealous that Jordan won a couple years ago. The only think Porsche played was trying to make everyone believe she could ride this show out and get an acting job. After taking 5 naps a day, eating so much that none of her clothes fit, calling all the other houseguests rude names, thinking she was as good as Janelle, putting benefiber in Jordans drink, stealing alcohol, stealing personal property of the other houseguests and last but not least whining about everyone not thinking she is Americas Player, well it goes to show you what the up and coming generation thinks of working for what you get.

    2. I agree and Porcshe only won $5,000 and Jordan’s ALREADY won $500,000 and Jeff won $10,000 this season, did she forget about that???? Like SHE deserves to win anyway, greedy bitch!

      1. Actually Jeff won $15K already this year. The ten at the beginning of the season and during the cornhole he won another $5K. With his stipend he’s get about $25-$30K leaving the show. I believe stipends are roughly $700 – $750 a week

              1. Shelly was the one who mentioned she was told that the Vets were getting more than the newbies in Stipend. She approached Rachel about it and I believe she said she heard they were getting double the newbies. Rachel responded ‘God No’ and that she wishes that it were true. With all the lying in the game, who knows the truth?

                1. for some reason i thought it was that the vets were getting a flat fee – like a sign on bonus- just to do the show – and then whatever other monies they accumulated – whether it be proze money or stipend was added to that, but i know i could very well be wrong about that

      2. I’m pretty sure that Jeff got 15 k with prizes and all this season. And that’s exactly what I was thinking about was, what about the money they made on this show.. does that mean they don’t deserve to win either? And isn’t it funny that when Porsche got a pandora’s box.. that it was a game changer.. Rachel’s pandora’s box was a gift to the HG’s..? Buh bye Kalia~

    3. First, Porsche only won $5,000 NOT 10, and what about Jordan??? What has she won already? Has she forgotten she won $500,000 in BB11 and that Jeff won $10,000 this season??? She hasn’t done CRAP to deserve any money this season, I’m so sick of her, greedy bitch!

        1. Its not about greed. Its about hypocrisy. Jordan wanting to win another 500k is fine. Jordan thinking she “deserves” to win but someone else doesn’t because of their winnings is hypocritical bullshit.

      1. Jeff won 15,000 so far this season, and will propably get another 25,000 for “America’s vote” and then with the stipend, this dude is cleaning up. Lucky to be Jeff and Jordan.

      2. Everyone believes they DESERVE the money…the vets came back to WIN the money not let some ‘newbie’ get it…hello didn’t Dani get $50k as the 2nd place on her season? Don’t you think HER greed so early resulted in her leaving so early?? These newbies wouldn’t be so far into the game if Dani hadn’t believed she was so superior & her greed was her downfall – not to mention thinking she could play the game better than daddy. So Jordan is trying to make it to the end & by planting the seed that porche has won enough so what??…if she wins she gets the prize $500k…i love how everyone calls her greedy, but I’ll bet MY bottom dollar each one of you would do exactly the same…GO JORDAN!!

    4. No joke! Jordan seems like a nice person but I started laughing when I read her comment. Jeff has won money….is she saying that he did not deserve to win? She won $500,000….does she not deserve to win? Jordan just sits back barely participating in comps and lets her “partner” do all the work. I don’t like any of the houseguest left- but if I had to pick I would have to choose Rachel to win. She has played this whole game and tried in the comps. The rest only try when they absolutely have to. This is by far the worst season ever.

        1. Hello, Jordan has completely given up! She doesn’t like pain or whatever, she’s always one of the first 3 outta the comps! Funny how she talks shit about everyone else and she’s in the same boat! Give it up!!

    5. I had the same thought Brandy. Jordan has the nerve to say that Porsche doesn’t deserve the money, yet I know Jordan still believes that Jeff deserves to win. Didn’t Jeff win $10,000 this season!?! And does Jordan believe she should win? Her ass won $250,000 already. She needs to GTFO!!! I think it would be funny and great to see Porsche win.

      1. Kalia got 5k plus a trip. If it wasn’t for Jordan, Rachel would have self destructed and been out of the game. Por got 5k and Adam and Jordan has gotten zilch. 500k is not a lot of money after taxes and Jordan knows this game, as opposed to P and K who are 2 of the dumbest game players ever.

        1. Are you watching the same show?? Rachel has been carrying Jordan for weeks. Jordan does nothing but whine. She wins nothing. She sits around and complains.

          1. Well…since this is a game…personalities aside…I’d like to see Rachel and Porche as the final two…
            they’ve both won and are playing the game.

            1. rachel and jordan are idiots they do nothing but bully and whine, rachel needs a shave .her mustache is showing if she read this she would start whinning show fake tears and say why is everyone so mean to me 10 years ago big brother was great today if i miss it i miss it not a big deal

      2. Maybe Jordan was sweet as pie in BB11, I didn’t watch then so I have no basis to judge. In BB13 she’s a whiny, do-nothing, hypocritical witch. Perhaps Jeff turned her into his mini-me, who knows. Team Porsche, even though I’ve stopped watching.

    6. Jordan makes Snooki look like both a genius and a sweetheart.

      We already knew Jordan wasn’t too bright (huge understatement) but this season has shown she’s not really a good person either.

      1. Jordan is like Jessica Simpson. She plays the role of an air-head, but she’s really smart. She’s got a better than 1 in 3 chance of winning again.

    7. Jordon makes me ill. She does nothing, thinks she did something, and mimics Rachel’s behavior. She never owns it though. Is there a website

    8. Jeff and Jordan should just get their own reality show for their fans and then just bring the Big Brother of old back when it was about outplaying, outwitting, and oultlasting, intsead of the soap opera it is now.

    9. People have to stop bashing Jordan, she is not the smartest girl but it is obviously that she is doing something right in the game. She won 500G in her season and now shes in the final 5 and she is always loyal to her team. Thats the game of big brother stick with the strong people.

        1. it’s just not fair that she rides through the season while her alliance does all the dirty work so she makes no enemies and has no blood on her hands. She does nothing.

          1. Neither Adam nor Jordan should win zilch. They shouldn’t even get a stipend as far as I’m concerned. The two are useless and shouldn’t even be considered players, more like spectators sitting in the bleachers watching a game unfold. Jordan is more irritating because she still suffers from her entitlement syndrome whereas she thinks just because she’s Jordan she should automatically have the Red Sea parted and she walks right into another $500K.

            I hope BB does not ever do another season where there are returning players. It totally ruined this season.

      1. the fact that she does so well only serves to highlight how people valorize such negative qualities that she embodies – stupidity, ignorance, weakness, deference to the opposite sex, laziness, talenless, skill-less, codependence, stereotypical thinking, lack of self awareness….. her winning once is bad, her winning TWICE means disastrous, pitious things and anyone with a brain knows this

        1. Enough about Kalia, she’s all of those and more. And Porsche is 3 sticks short of a pack of gum. No one left in big brother is on the Dean’s list, but then neither are you, so chill out.

    10. why is kp mad they were nominated? they are the ones that said it’s a game, and besides they were gunning to get rachel out they just got got before they were able to get rachel and p should only be mad at herself for opening pandora’s box.

    11. I don’t get it when everyone says this or that one don’t deserve it because they didn’t do anything. Fact is what-ever two make it to the end deserve it because regardless of how they got there, fact is they got there. You can say all you want this or that ones game was better, but, basically, if they aren’t in final two their game wasn’t better. So, if Jordan, Kalia whoever gets to the end, they deserve the money because duh “they got to the end”

      1. Yeah, BB is like a horror movie. The two lovers escape from the monster, but the smart one usually a professor, the big strong stud, and the guy with all the weapons they don’t make it.

    12. agree! and did she forget that Jeff won money already too?? She doesnt deserve to win because if BB would not have stepped in she would have been gone! – where she needs to be because she has done NOTHING but sit around and judge others.

    13. 10 reasons why she would deserve to win:

      1-10 if she makes it to the end she deserves to win just like any of the others. Any of them who make it to final 2 are there because they outplayed the others. Whether they “road coat tails” or “made big moves” if their at the end in final two they played better than all the others. Let’s just give credit to the final 5 and agree, they all are there so they’re all doing something right.

    14. ACTUALLY, Jordan was tied winning the most HOH in her season plus she also won a veto. She also played a perfect social game to boot. She clearly “deserved” winning.

  2. Really Jordon? I think jeff rubbed off on her so porsche doesn’t deserve to win because she won 10,000 but ahw does because she won 500,000? She’s a moron! Please get her out of there!

  3. Say what you want about Rachel, but she deserves to win this year. She’s different without Brendon and she is a good player. Out of the people left, I want to see Rachel and Porshe in the final two.
    Funny how Jordo is always complaining about floaters when she’s the biggest one herself. She doesn’t even care about being there.
    Adumb is just…ADUMB. He doesn’t deserve to be there but that’s him, I guess.
    ANYWAY, Rachel for the win.

    1. Dick did a whole thing on this. “Floaters” are people who don’t have an alliance and just “float” to whoever wins HOH each week, not people who don’t win comps. Jordan is not a floater, she maintained the same alliance the entire season so far, and pretty much did the same thing BB11. And as Jordan has proven, you don’t have to win comps if your social game is strong enough. You could say the same for Shelly, she never won a comp and made it to final 6 and if she didn’t backstab Jeff she would have probably made top 3 or 2.

    2. I totally agree with you! this season rachel is nicer, and jordan seems meaner and a HUGE hyprocrite. Porsche and Rachel should be in final two!!

    1. OTEV is the veto competition they do where they are asked a question and the answer is a houseguest’s name. Usually it’s physical, like last season there were discs or balls or something with the names spread around the yard and they had to run out, grab a disc with the right person’s name and run back up a slippery hill and if everyone had the right answer the last one back was eliminated.

    1. I really want Kalia to win POV to put an end to the blatant favoritism by the powers that be. If she or Porsche could win the next HOH, that would be ideal.

    2. Yes i agree. I’m sick of Jordon calling everyone a floater. Though she didn’t float from side to side. She’s still floating to the end unless someone gets her out. Wake up Rachel and take out Jordon before she wins another half mil and you end up in Jury. It’s a game people not a popularity contest.

    3. You must be new to the game. If Kalia wins and takes herself off the block then Rachel will throw Adam up there, not Jordan. Only way for Jordan to go on the block is if Adam wins and actually uses the veto. But this would not make sense as he would be using it to get rid of a weak player.

      It doesnt matter for the HOH next week for Rachel as the veto is just as important and maybe even more so because the veto winner will ultimately determine the final 3..

  4. Go team Jordan. I want to see her win again just to prove the point that all you have to be is nice to people and not win much. She hasn’t won much therefore stating the obvious that she isn’t much of a threat. Also the only person she actually had a problem with (Shelly) has left the house.

    1. And by ‘nice’ you mean talk shit behind their back and lie to their face*? I think we have different dictionaries.

      *point of reference, the lying is part of the game, I just take exception to JJ’s delusional fans who somehow think that their poop isn’t flagrant like everybody else’s.

      1. You can lie, but you would be delusional to think Shelly didn’t take lying to a whole new level. She personally bashed people and didn’t even own up to it in the DR. As for Jordan talking behind ppl’s backs, everyone in the house does. Jordan by far isn’t a saint, but in comparison to the ppl in the house, she is the nicest and most honest. Sometimes the words that come out of her mouth don’t make sense (like what she just said) but it’s all good lol XD

        1. Shelly? Interesting attempt at deflection, I wasn’t discussing Shelly at all. And she is not the ‘most honest’ she’s lied as much as anyone else has.

  5. Here’s hoping that if PK go on the block, that one of them wins and then saves them both, which means AJ go up and hopefully J goes home, making only PK & A eligible to play for the next HoH. Here’s hoping Rnis stupid enough to put both P & K on the block at the same time!

        1. Simon, if Adam wins the veto & uses it to save Porsche (his secret alliance…thoughts, anyone), then Jordan will go on the block. That leaves Adam & Porsche to vote, and they could vote Jordan out. Am I right?

        1. Well lucky for us we have someone like yourself, of such a superior intellect, to correct us.

          Wow, somebody needs to get laid …………………. even more than Jordumb!!

        1. LoL! I wouldn’t put it past Production. Oh wait, the would imply I thought the game was somehow RIGGED. Yes people, I said the “R” word. Oh, oh!!!!

  6. I agree 100% and don’t forget that Jeff won $10,000 this season too. I guess the moron forgot about that too, what a greedy b*tch!

    1. Didn’t jeff win more than ten grand…I thought he had won like 15. Ten for the ski HOH challenge and 5 from the corn hole challenge

  7. This will be fun! Porsche and Kaila on the block. I can’t wait Kaila and Porsche continue to screw up. Porsche 1 POV win, does not matter compare to Rachel’s 2 POV’s win. She will make sure Kaila and Porsche don’t win anything. As right now, Porsche and Kaila on the block before which Jeff saves Porsche. This time Rachel won’t save neither of two. Porsche and Kaila want to go to final 2 and win one for Dani. Guys, Dani is in the Jury House and you will be joining her on Wednesday and Kaila on Thursday. Beside, you two are screwed! Rachel you did the right thing. Get rid of Porsche is smart thing. She needs to go. Keep Kaila on Wednesday and evicted her on Thursday. That would be justice. Adam, Rachel and Jordan right. You better win the Veto and Don’t save Kaila and Porsche. Because J/R will not saving you this time. Please Adam, win the freaking POV and keep the nomination the same. Jordan vs Rachel vs Adam Final 3. Bye Bye Kaila and Porsche. Quote from Rachel never mess between me and my BFF Jordan!
    J/R Capture floaters:Shelly
    JJBR Capture floaters:DOM,Keith,Cassi,Lawon (Regulators),
    JJR Capture Former Veteran ally:Dani
    J/R still capture evicted nominee:Porsche & Kaila

    1. Baby rachel won only 1 POV

      Remember that Porshe and keith trhew the veto for rachel

      dont forget Dani gave to rachel that 1st HOH also

      1. Just because someone throws a comp doesn’t mean the person didn’t win it. You can’t be certain that they would have won it if they tried, and really, you’re talking about keith and porsche doing a puzzle. That comp had BR written all over it, no one else was winning that one.

    2. Jordan is crazy about DANi

      he talks about DANI all the time… she does not even talk about Jeff..

      I i hope Kalia or Porshe makes wins this …

      Adam is a *******************************

      I dont think he would use the POV because he is scared of Brendon and Jeff

      1. Not going to happen. If it’s OTEV. Jordan has an advantage since BB11 which she first to be eliminated. She will redeem herself. Other hand, Rachel has study the tapes so she probably as well to win it. Both Rachel or Jordan has to win the POV to keep the nomination a same or they screwed.

  8. I think Rachel should win – she has been a strong competitor, even though she is crazy! Porsche has proven herself as well….Adam is just useless and Kalia is so stupid for voting to keep shelly after that speech…moron

    1. Porsche is my pick as most deserving. Rachel’s a close second but her record is a bit tarnished in my eyes as I have no doubt she was only saved from eviction by the first twist (Brendan coming back) and her pissing off jury members with her catty good-bye messages.

      1. Most deserving how? She had one good day and won a couple comps. She got lucky in the POV that Jeff didn’t see the second shoe fall out of his crate, and for her HOH she evicted her own alliance member.

        1. And half of Rachel’s comp wins were because other people threw them. We could sit here all day and discredit wins. But at the end of the day a win is a win. Porsche cut a deal that kept her safe for the first 5 weeks, she doesn’t float like Adam (she switched sides, big difference) she was instrumental in evicting the biggest threat in the house, has no real enemies in the house at this point and is in a decent position for the final 3. Jordan hasn’t done shit, Adam’s done less, Kalia has done well but she’s made so many blunders it’s unreal, and Rachel is only still in the game because of the returning HG twist and through Shelly’s shenanigans (not through any work of her own). Out of whose left I say she has a good claim.

  9. Jordan, What about all the money that Jeff has won this season? Remember, I forgot . it is alright for you and Jeff but not anyone else. Same thing about anyone else wanting to win. Only she and Jeff.

  10. Jordan doesn’t think Porsche deserves to win BB13 she’s already won “10 grand”
    Please just shut up Jordan……….you already won 500 grand…your one to talk!!!!
    Just please leave!

  11. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Jordan remember Season 11 and got elimated. Here’s your chance. Let’s do it again. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff won the POV in season 11. Let’s match that one. Rachel probably do the same thing. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am kinda over the Jordan bashing, the people you should be annoyed at are the houseguests that kept a past winner, and one that hasn’t made an impact with competition wins, in the game. We all know that CBS wanted J&J back to get a ratings boost, and offered them a sweet deal to make it happen… as far as I can tell she is doing exactly what she planned to do this Summer. If people are foolish enough to drag her to the final two, then based on that alone I think she deserves the money as much as anyone else.

    BB is about getting to the end – NOT how you get there, if you get there and manage to have the Jury votes needed to win it then congrats to you – and people need to stop crying foul about it.

  13. jordan is pissing me off with her sense of entitlement. where does she get off saying that someone has won enough money. she has won more money that anyone in that house and she thinks that she should win again by people just giving her the win. i really think that she thinks she is some kind of celebrity or something, F- celebrity at that. whoever gets to the finals, i hope they have sense enough to dump this F- wanna be celeb.

    1. If you were in the house, you wouldn’t keep saying someone just won at least 5,000 dollars to make sure they don’t get to the final 2

  14. Who’s side is Adam really on and can he be trusted? I would really like to see Rachel win even though she is not my favorite.

  15. I really want Rachel to win also but I think she will get knocked out next week when she can’t play hoh it’s gonna really suck cause Jordan will not do shit to help her cause she thinks she will be dragged to final this year. Did anyone else notice how slow Jordan preformed in the last hoh like her feet were full of cement. I don’t think Rachel can trust ANYONE left to help her they have all mastered the art of using other people and siting on there asses!!!

    1. If Jordan and Rachel makes to the final 3.. with adam

      I think Jordan will take Adam to final 2/

      I wish they could bring Dani back for 24 hours in rachel`s pandorax box.

  16. I’m rooting for Rachel 100%. I don’t care who she takes with her, but she has played the hardest and
    should beat anyone she winds up with if she gets to final 2. JR are being very smart making friends
    with Adam because if he goes out before final 2 he may once again cast the deciding vote and
    I’m pretty sure he would vote for Rachel.

    Team Rachel! I love Jordan, she’s cute as a button, but she doesn’t have the competitive spirit
    that Rachel has and if she makes final two I hope the house votes on game and that she comes
    in 2nd. Rachel has a really weak team, JA and could get knocked out before the end, but I sure
    hope not!

  17. Jordan doesn’t care if she wins, she knows that against Rachel; Rachel should win….how Rachel has played the truth is she does deserve the big prize. Kalia and Porchia don’t deserve to get to the final three: Porsh…”I just wanted a break from playing game that is why I went to Dani”…hello isn’t the entire time you have been in the house a game? Kalia: Always grabbing her crotch, talking with her mouth full of food and then complains if she see’s a hair lying around. Besides being gross; she hasn’t played this game well at all. They both are playing this game for the memory of Dani; seriously who does that? What they gonna give her some of their prize money too if they win? Both need to go, Kalia in the begining didn’t want to be in the game; often stating she didn’t want to go to jury and if she was voted out she wanted to go prior to jury. Have fun in the jury house you two; that way you can play besties again with Dani and not worry about having to talk game all the time.

  18. Okay can someone tell me who is Adam really with? I mean he is giving J/R secrets from the KP camp and now he telling KP moves that J/R are making..not really sure…any idea?

  19. Best Case Scenario (for Team PK):

    Adam wins POV and realizes that he won’t win against anyone in the Final 2 and needs to make a game move. Kalia convinces Adam that the biggest game move for him would be to take her off of the block and blindside Jordan. Adam goes through with the plan and Kalia and Adam vote to evict Jordan. The next HOH is questions and Kalia wins.

  20. how do yall know she was referring to herself or jeff?! she could be talking about rachel. i honestly think shell tell the jury to vote for rachel, if she gets to final two. if not, she might give rachel some. rachel will get money anyways if she makes it to final two. so stfu about jordan. shes not a floater eitger. she fights for herself and her alliance, and she never switches sides. THATS a floater. and jordan has been coming in second place in comps. if they get kalia out, she will have a great chance at HOH if its questions next week.

  21. Jrodan points out that Shelly was going around trying to tell people that she saved rachel and got them to put Lawon up. Rachel says that is complete bullshit. Adam agrees. (Actually Shelly played a critical roll in manipulating Kalia to put a pawn against Rachel I watch that entire process take place)

    Of course, they will have to read this site to find that out since Shelly’s part was ignored entirely on the broadcast.

  22. Adam is with the celebrities. He wants to tag along behind Big Jeff. I am sick of the bacon Talk and his crude remarks. Porsche has been a friend to him from the beginning. He is awful!!!!!
    Rachel is not my favorite but at least she plays hard. Porsche is peaking at the right time and she is beginning to stand on her own. She also tries in the house with everyone. She cooks all the time.
    Rachel helps in the kitchen also.
    Jordan does not do anything but play with her hair. She is so bored all the time.
    The thing that is so sad is she or jeff will win the favorite player. To me that is absurd !!!!
    CBS—-Just give Jeff and Jordan their own show and leave Big brother alone.

  23. Rachel knows she must win the POV for herself. She can say to Adam and Jordan till she’s blue in the face “you have to win HOH and POV” but she knows they stink.

  24. You’ve got it! I’d say her oversight was due to her selective memory, but that would suggest she had a brain that functioned. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggg!

  25. I am the first one to admit this season isn’t my favorite season because danielle got kicked off. As much as people hated her she was really the only one that made big game moves and actually played the game involving manipulation and other things for example isn’t that why we loved dr.will kirby was because of his manipulation. He didn’t win any competitions and still kicked ass in both seasons. But the season wasn’t so horrible at the beginning but having the vets come in in pretty much dominate everything from the beginning was lame making not even allowing the newbie players to really play the game. Now we are left with Rachel who we hate but sadly shes one of the best competitors left, Jordan who america loves but lets be honest has not done jack shit in does not deserve to be in the finals. For all of you who disagree with that she didn’t win any competition and she didn’t manipulate she straight up rode jeffs dick and is now riding Rachels dick. Adam blows because if he goes to the final three with Rachel in Jordan he should know hes not going to win but hes in idiot anyways and sucks up to them like their amazing. Porsche and khalia can’t really hate them because they are trying to fight back. Porsche is actually a competitor now and khalia is a great competitor too she has won almost every memory competition. But anyways thats why this season blows now of course im going to watch and see who wins although im not really going to enjoy who wins. An honestly im a newbie fan minus shelly and adam but so far from the people whos left khalia and rachel have played the best.P.S Jordan is acting like a hyprocrite her and jeff have won money already. we cant stop giving her a pass because shes good looking and good hearted.

    1. Jordan takes Adam to F2, Adam will get 50gs more than he ever deserved; he did shit. That Tori Spelling promo should be payment enough for the bacon king.

  26. C’mon Jordan……if Jeff were still there, who had already won 15G’s. You would say that he did not deserve it either? Jordan…..I like you so much better when you are not talking.

  27. I thought the definition of a floater was someone who didn’t choose a side. You know, floated side to side and didn’t win comps so they wouldn’t expose whose side they were on in any given week. If I am right… Jordan doesn’t qualify as a floater. She has a side and has stuck with it. However, I agree she isn’t a great competitor. Adam is a true floater. I would really like to see him win SOMETHING to see where his loyalty stands.

    1. no a floater is a person who wants to float threw the game with out doing anything….. a person who doesnt win any comps and doesnt make any game moves….

    2. I think that one could infer that the term “floater” was meant to describe a player that flies beneath the radar, doesn’t make any enemies but also doesn’t win any comps and therefor floats through the game. I agree that Adam is a good example of a floater, but Jordan could also qualify.

  28. I’ve seen a few conveniently worded definitions of the term “floater”. The word “floater” is derived from the root word “float”, which means “to rest or move on or near the surface of a liquid without sinking: “she relaxed, floating gently in the water”. Make no mistake about it, Jordumb (& Adumb) are the definitive “floaters”! In fact, after BB13 ends, the revised edition of Webster’s dictionary will have a picture of these two under the definition of the word “floater”.

  29. lmfao i know
    do they think theyre gonna split half the money with dani if they win or something ?
    i think Kalia and Rachel deserve to win but rachel is seriously a very mean spirted person so i would rather porsha win .
    i hate adam if he wins VETO ( he’ll probably throw it but even if he didn’t he still would not win ) he better take off porsha so theycan vote out jordan.
    but since this is a house full of females noone will have enough balls to do it .
    if i were porsha and kalia i would threaten adam and tell him the newbies wont vote for him

    1. Since the game is slanted to guarantee a Rachel/Jordan finale, Adam,Rachel or Jordan will win the veto. Kalia is going to Jury and Adam advances another week by doing absolutely nothing but taking up space alongside the crash test dummy Jordan.

  30. jordumb doesn’t deserve to win it either. she already won 500 k plus her stipends. sides portapotty only won 5 k (kaka got the other 5 ;)

    1. Jordon can be everything but dumb. She just played dumb! Did you see her straightly told Rachel to win comps and she’ll talk? BTW, every time J told A he owed her (JJ or JR), she told A privately, without Rachel. I no doubt think she is a manipulator, though.

  31. This is request to everyone to put aside their Team JJ , team Dani, team whatever hate and bickering .. so many comments are people bashing each other lets get back to the game. Theres actually a lot of strategy going on this year the final 5 is very exciting. unlike last year where we had one super alliance dominate this year it really can go any way.. Everything hangs on the POV tonight

    Also please lets stop called each other moron or idiot, we’re all BB fans lets have fun,

    1. I love how people keep saying this or that one don’t deserve to get to the end and win. Basically, if they get to the end they deserve to win. Say all you want that they road coat tails whatever, if they’re at the end then NO ONE else’s game was better. Accept that whoever the final two are they are there because however they played, floating, making big moves, whatever, fact is their there and the others aren’t so they outplayed the others.

        1. If you’re the sweetpea with the BB epidsodes on YouTube then THANK YOU! If not, then sorry for the mistaken identity and HI! :)

    2. Dear Simon Says, I agree! What’s all the cursing and nasty comments about. It’s ok to have a favorite but let’s not go crazy with this. It’s supposed to be fun.

    3. I am guilty of that too (name calling etc..) but now agree that we are fans (regardless of who we want to see to the end)
      so in the immortal words of Rodney king “can’t we all just get along? But can we still use their nicknames Simon? (portapotty, jordumb etc…) gotta have a lil fun on here otherwise it gets too serious :0
      peace n carrots

  32. Rachel, Please give Jordan a arsenal..The Cookie dough. Bring back the cookie dough. Jordan needs to unleashed the cookie dough. Bring back cookie dough Jordan………Newbies beware the cookie dough Jordan will be unleashed. Rachel will be happy to be with cookie dough Jordan.

      1. Thanks but it’s like a truth. Jordan has a power of arsenal the cookie dough. Jordan lost the cookie dough powers which she sometimes mess up every competition but she need unleash the cookie dough so that she will win Big Brother 13. So Simon thanks for the award.

  33. (** Please note Jordan’s comments about Porsche winning the “10 grand” + the 10 grand stipend effectively making 20 grand for the summer were made to try and push Rachel closer to wanting to Porsche gone. Jordan knows POrsche is close to Adam and Rachel so she’s worried if porsche wins HOH then JOrdan has a real chance of going home. )

    OK I thought she was really thinking that, I was about to say know she’s a little hypocritical, but that was a little too far…

  34. Does anyone think that Rachel may have been right when she said getting her out would’ve been the biggest move, not Jeff? When she first said it I thought it was crazy b/c clearly he was leading the group and winning comps. If the comps would’ve been the same (and not changed according to if Rachel was playing or Jeff), I think Rachel has an advantage. I think it will be harder for people to get Rachel out then it may have been to get Jeff out.

  35. I hate that people keep saying she won her season and therefore doesn’t deserve the money. A different season doesn’t count. If you automaticallyndont deserve to win because you have in the past, why would anyone play another season. Why put yourself through the stress of the game or being a havenot if in the end you don’t deserve to win? That’s rediculous! whoever makes it to the end deserves to win. Why? Because you found a way to outlast everyone else. Then it just comes down to who the jury feels deserves it more. The houseguests are all going to think they deserve it more than the others, why else would you play. They will often discuss with others why someone else doesn’t in the hopes they can comvince them to side with them. I, personally, think there are many different ways to play this game, and whichever way works to get you to final 2 is a valid way to play. I also think it would be boring to watch a group of all physically strong players that are good at comps just try to win every comp. Some of my favorite players didn’t win many comps at all. Dr. Will being one of them.

  36. the whole point of the game is to win the money and everyone needs it and everyone derseve it if they are on this show just like pp to win that i like so go jordan and rach

  37. Simon do u think Rachel has a shot of any one of these people keeping her next week at this point I don’t even think Jordan will take her to final three?

    1. Wouldn’t that be crazy if Jordan actually won the next HOH and cut Rachel loose.. I think Rachel has to win comps to survive. She one of the top competitors in the house chances are she’s going to win comps.

  38. Talking about karma:
    B>D>J>S>P, F4 – RKJA. Brendon voted out for Dani, Dani voted out for Jeff, Jeff voted out for Shelly, Shelly voted out for Porsche taking the bribe of $5K. A knew P only take 5K but did not say a thing. Then Kalia won HOH, Adam gone because Jordon voted him out. RK become F2.

    1. Yeah, Not going to happen. Remember BB 11 in part 2 & 3. Jordan score 9 out of 10 correct in Rolling the ball competition which she remember the HOH in order but miss one of Ronnie ball of Week 4 instead of Russell. I just warn you.

  39. I really dont think Jordans social game is anything that great and what is keeping her around. It seems to be the fact that there are always bigger targets people want to get out because she lets others, even in her own alliance do the dirty work. Same as Jeff was trying to do until Brendon left. Really she needed to be the first to go or this was bound to happen, everyone focused on getting out others and her skating by.

  40. Rachel spent the whole game saying she wants all the floters gone.
    And why now she choose to be with the 2 biggest floaters of the season?

    This showgirl is full of shit.
    And if she had some balls she would take Adam out and do a power 4 all girls.

    Anyways I hope Kalia wins the veto
    and next week she put and vegas girl out

  41. did anyone notice the orange dress that look like it was a pg dress thought that was a strange thing to have to pick from

  42. Just another example of the idiot Jordan is. How can she argue that she deserves to be there and win because Porsche won a small amount of money. Jordan already won once if anyone doesn’t deserve to win it’s her because all she does is ride others. First Jeff then Rachel.

  43. If Jordan wins does that make her the best player ever.. I’m not a fan but really based upon results you would have to yes….

  44. I really don’t think that CBS/Big Brother rig anything. When they start to plan the season it has to be in advance, it takes alot of work to do each competition. I would think that it was planned weeks in advance. I think that this has to be on the up and up otherwise CBS could be in serious legal problems.

    Also on the subject of who is most worthy anyone who makes it each week they have played the game well. Adam might not of won any HOH’s but he has made it to the final 5 and that is an accomplishment in itself.

    When people say that Jordan doesn’t deserve to win because she already won, do you know when you win a large sum of money that the government usually takes between 45% to 55% of your winnings. So Jordan probable received about $250,000 and then at the end of the year she has to claim it again as income for the year. I’m sorry but Jordan was going to help her family out also, so I would say that is why she is still working as a receptionist because she is far from wealthy

      1. it depends on the state you live in. in texas, we don’t have any state taxes so, out of 500grand, you will get about 350 grand

        1. I didn’t say state tax I said the federal income tax is 45% to 50%. I totally forgot about the state tax and yes some states would also take after the federal so her money would even be less than $250,000.

    1. You don’t think it’s rigged????? Oh please. It doesn’t take weeks to change a plan. This is not NASA and we are not launching a space shuttle. $250,000 is a lot of money to me and so many people would love to have the $5,000 prize, let alone more. Jordan has said repeatedly she came in to spend the summer with her “boyfriend.” I hope she follows him to the jury house.

  45. It will be Rachael’s undoing if she takes Jordumb to the end. The smart*** comments she has made to every guest that has left for the jury house, except Jeff and Brendumb will leave her no votes except her boyfriend. That will leave Jordumb to, once again, take it all for doing nothing. Paybacks are hell and to quote Dani, “Bitter, party of three.” She is hysterical in the jury house and if Rachette could have seen her boyfriend making Dani orange juice, she would have had a coronary. Both guys were more than cordial to her. LMAO.

  46. I am so thrilled with how BB is going. I’ve been a huge fan of Rachel the entire season, and I’d love to see her in the final two. She is such a hard player. She’s a great personality and frankly, without her on the show, the rest of the HGs would put everyone to sleep, cancel the live feeds AND Showtime. What would there be to watch? Kalia’s annoying constant sounds from her mouth…even when not talking, she’s making dumb noises. She’s so self-centered that she loves to hear herself talk. Hmmm. Then there is Porche. My God, all that zip popping. What a thrill!, huh? Adam is a great character, but I still think he’ll betray Jordan and Rachel if they depend on him. All I can say is, “Rachel, you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!”

  47. Why did the vets even come back? It was unfair to the newbies. The vets knew their partners and each other whereas the newbies did not any advantages. So it was rigged from the start. Rachel and Jordon are hyprocrites. It is ok for them to make deals with everyone and win money but if the newbies did then it was not ok. CBS needs to show everything from the live feeds on Jordan and Jeff and everyone will realize they are not Americas Sweetheart. Everyone says Jordan has a social game but she did not talk to anyone outside her alliance. How can you be social when you only talk to certain people? She did not talk to Porsche because Jeff told her not to!! Jeff has control issues and he definately controls Jordan. Jordan got lucky last time winning. If she gets to the final 2 again, I will never watch BB again. Would like a newbie to win. don’t care which one. And if Porsche would not have opened Pandoras Box, the fortune teller would have gave a power for a dual POV. Either way CBS wants one the vets to win. The newbies never had a chance!

    1. Rachael probably will win. You are correct. After this season, I don’t want to see those faces (none of the vets) in the BB house anymore. I love Dani…but I don’t want to see her again either…unless it is another reality show.

      …now if they do a All Star game, then I can tolerate seeing (some) of the vets again…..but I agree…..season 14 should be all new people. Many commenters have stated that CBS should cast Cassie for season 14…..I agree with that too (being so pretty she never had a chance with the women in that house).

      Bring back Kaysar…the eye candy!

  48. So then let me get this straight…I’m sure that Adam and Jordan know that $5,000 or $10,000 is not a lot of money in comparison to 500K. Is Jordan thinking clearly? If Portia does not deserve the money because she won $5,000; then Jordan, Dani, or Jeff don’t deserve any money either. They have all won something via BB.

    CBS does a good job of editing because when I watch BB on Sun, Wed, & Thursday…there is sweet little Jordan minding her own business. ..but when you read the spoilers…it seems like she carries herself with a air of entitlement because she knows she has a large fan base….and it is quite annoying to read her comments.
    The good thing is that after BB is over, the people left in the house RJKPA will find out tha viewers were BORED

    1. I worked all day, and I’m extremely tired (Drink)….I hit the buttom after I typed “Bored”
      but at this point all the HG pretty much deserve the $500K in this order: Rachael, Portia and Kahlia tied; Jordan and then Adam. Although I am Team Portia, I would not be upset if Rachael won (I might even switch to Rachael…still thinking it over) . given the order of who I feel should win….this is why everything Jordan is saying is annoying. She is a sweet person (I can tell that no matter what she might do crazy in that house…that basically Jordan is a sweet soul) …but I don’t think the Jury House will vote for her just because she is sweet. Jeff might….and I did say “might” …..if he does not vote for Jordan…it is because he tried to use logic and it won’t be personal. He truly loves Jordan…(but only as a sister).

      I try to keep in mind that in season 12 or was it 11, Jordan was up against Natalie in the final 2. I was a non Natalie fan….anyone sitting next to Nat probably would have won, cuz no one wanted to vote for Natalie to win. The Jury House was not going to vote for Natalie….didn’t she only get one vote and that was from Jessie? Jordan’s social game made a difference because she was sitting next to villian Natalie.
      Had Nat won over Jordan, viewers would have had puked…me being one of them.

      …not sure if that will be true for season 13…there are no real villians for her to sit next to in the final 2…Jordan might win if she and Adam make the final 2….she has done a little more than Adam.

  49. So does that mean you don’t deserve to win bc you already won $500,000…and Jeff won $15,000 this season already!
    I wish this dumbass could get a piece of my mind..
    Yea Porsche won some cash, but huge difference with that and $500,000

    You don’t deserve to win this game bc your on welfare with 10 kids in the hood…you win bc of your GAMEPLAY!

  50. Jordan is a useless sack of shit. She is a HUGE floater and the only thing she won was handed to her by Jeff & Brendon.
    how dare she criticize Adam!

    1. Jordan is not a floater. She is a coaster, one who coasts with an alliance of people who carry the load. She has been committed to her alliance.
      Adam is the true floater, he floats back and forth to what ever side is in power. He doesn’t commit to one side or pretends to commit to both sides.

  51. When Jordon came in BB 11 she had told everyone how her family had lost their house and were broke which was true and at that time she said that if she won she would buy her mother and brother a new house and help them out that was why she went on
    bb in the first place and guess what she did exactly what she said she would do it she won

  52. Dont everyone play for the hoh this week?I think so cuz we are coming to the end of bigbrother and im sure they all play..idk..anybody know

  53. OMG!!! Are you kidding Jordan? Porsche doesn’t deserve to wn because she received $10,000/$5,000? What about you having already won $500,000? HUGE difference. What an idiot!

  54. I love to see these comments, all complaints and lame excuses people come up with. BB is just a game, it’s reality tv, of course CBS finds people fans or not and much is set up and yet people still don’t see it and complain. Guess I should join the club, I love the show and I don’t care how the people get picked… There is so many haters it’s a shame. I will admit week one of BB13 I wanted Rachel and Kalia out because they were so annoying by week 2 it was Kalia that has me fast forwarding BBAD, she puts me to sleep … She’s won by pure luck… There will always be floaters…who cares…. I do soo wish Evil didn’t leave
    it would be so much more entertaining……Rachel and Jordan are still in or they’d lose all interest in Kalia n Porche from pure boredom and b.s. talk …we all have freedom to express our thoughts, I’d like Kalia and Porche out asap…. Jeff got a raw deal, he played well and Jordan is just a good person who many would be friends with outside the house why pick on her she may be a lil Jessica Simpson with the comments she makes but at least she’s a good person.. May the best person win….sure wish it was Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Jordan, Evil, Adam and even Shelley before Kalia and Porche….. take em both out and bring anyone else back in that would be ideal! : )

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