Big Brother 13 Spoilers Adam: “Somedays I feel like… Man my game sucks” **updated

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8:14pm Backyard, Kalia, Adam, Rachel and Jordan They are talking about the audience reactions when certain houseguests were evicted. All of them except for Rachel thought Dom’s applause was very loud. Kalia points out that Jeff and Dani where probably the loudest. Jordan agress. Rachel says she was surprised by Shelly’s applause. KJA all think Shelly’s applause was muted.

They start going over all of Shelly’s lies.. Kalia brings up the personal conversation she had with Shelly about race. Kalia says she will destroy Shelly’s Character if she find out that Shelly went around and told everyone about it. rachel: “Uhh she did I’m telling you right now” Kalia is mad. Adam bring up the possibility that Shelly was America’s Player. They all agrees she wasn’t. They briefly talk about BB12 and all the nasty things Monet and Brit would say about Rachel being full of STDS. KAlia mentions that Monet was really boring she wonders how those type of people get on the show. Adam agrees says that sometimes they cast the worst people (Funny this coming from Adam) KAlia thinks some people are really good at auditions.

8:25pm Backyard bunch talking about Dominic.

Jordan wonders if DOm and Dani will date.. Kalia doesn’t think so. Jordan: “It seemed like they genuinely liked each other”. Jordan thinks that dom was a ladies man. Kalia thinks Dani and Dom had a connection.
Adam: “Keith Loved DAni.. he would always say he’s playing POrsche but Dani is driving him crazy”
Jordan: “When Porsche was out in the bikini Keith would stare at her butt”
Kalia: “Black guys love there butts”
They wonder if Dom liked Cassi. Kalia thinks that Dom and CAassi were friends and nothing else. Rachel points out that Dani wanted Cassi out because of that. Jordan agrees.

They start laughing at how Lawon reacted when Keith spilled his guts. Kalia: “HE  BLANK ME HE  BLANK ME FOR REAL”

They start talking about Shelly again. Rachel brings up that Shelly was going around telling everyone she manipulated Kalia to put up LAwon. Kalia swears it was not her Idea it was Kalia’s.
They mentions Shelly’s “3C’s” Character, Class and Competitions and how she would preach them all the time. Rachel laughs and says a couple days ago she told Rachel that KP didn’t have the 3c’s
Kalia says that Shelly would say nasty  BLANK about rachel and POrsche.
Kalia brings up Shelly saying about Rachel “You’ll never win at life… “..
Rachel: “You mean win Big Brother 13”
Kalia: “No Life”
Rachel: “I’ll never win at life.. Thanks Shelly”

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8:40pm Porsche Joins them.
Kalia starts talking about girls that dip their tampons in vodka.. the alcohol goes straight into your blood. Rachel brings up girls that us GHB because they don’t want all the extra calories of real alcohol but still feel the effects of getting drunk.

9:05pm AP They are talking about how there will be people in the internets talking  BLANK about Adam and Jordan. Adam had warned Farrah that she shouldn’t read too much because there’s whole pages out there that Hate on the houseguests. Adam: “Somedays I feel like… Man my game sucks” Jrodan tells him he’s got a good game he’s won 2 POV’s now, She thinks he’s too nice of a guy to really play dirty. Adam knows that Kalia is going to try whatever it takes to use the veto and all he’s going to say to her is “Why did you vote to evict me last week” .

(Is there a Adam fan anywhere out there? )

9:13pm JR and Adam JR are both going on and on about how wonderful of a guy he is. Jordan says after looking at Adam for the first time she thought he was going to be like Dick but he totally wasn’t. Adam says he’s a really nice guy people just need to get to know him.

9:25pm Porsche and Kalia They are trying to understand why Adam is sticking with JR when his odds are better if he goes with KP. They start running threw reasons why it’s better for Adam. Kalia doesn’t understand why they are going into a quiz HOH and betting on Jordan. Porsche points out that Adam could very well win the HOH.

KAlia says Adam forgets that he’s  BLANK her over, Kalia mentions the Rachel vote when She was HOH.. She got over it why can’t Adam get over last week. Kalia starts listing off things that Porsche can say to try and get him to use the Veto on her. She brings up that Porsche was allies to Adam long before he was with Jordan. Porsche disagree. She’s not sure what they can say to Adam.

Adam comes in Porsche leaves. chit chat..

Kalia tells him she is really really sorry for voting against him she explains that she wanted Shelly gone but they told her moments before they were voting Adam out. Kalia explains that they literally lied to Kalia just to drive him away.
Porsche just talked to Rachel and she said “Big Brother 13 is officially my season”

Kalia: “you’re picking Rachel over your own alliance”
Kalia: “It’ll be 3 to nothing in the HOH.. I guarantee you Rachel and Jrodan will take each other to the end… ADAM the first part of the HOH is endurance.”
Adam knows whats going on he hasn’t made up my mind but….. he says it really hurts that she voted against him.

Both Kalia and Porsche tell Adam that if they take Jordan out then its Kalia, Adam and Prosche to win HOH then they can get Rachel out. Adam: “But what if Rachel wind POV”. Kalia: “If I win HOH next week I will put up Rachel and POrsche.. A golden goose is being handed to you”. Kalia tries every angle on Adam “Make a big move Adam it’s time… fans like big moves Adam”
Kalia: “I’ve spent the whole game with a deal with Jordan and I never ONCE turned on her.. I can be trusted Adam”

Kalia: “The only way for a newbie to win is to have 2 up in the final 2”
Adam: “Yeah and let them decide which one”
Porsche: “We’ve all been saying this from day one if Jordan sticks around nobody will get her out and she’ll win again”.. Prosche tries to drill into Adam that the vets have all the votes in the jury house.

(Adam is doing what Adam does to deflect anything … a lot of rights right.. right… right.. )

10:30pm Kalia campaigning to Jordan Kalia feels that because she’s a strong competitor and she made moves for other people that she is being xed out of the game. Kalia really wanted to make it to the final 3. Jordan wants Kalia to know that people wanting her out because she’s a strong competitor is a compliment. Jordan goes on about how intelligent Kalia is and how people are worried they cannot beat her.

11:12pm Kalia being quiet!!

11:30pm JR Rachel is asking Jrodan what is wrong with Kalia. Jordan explains that Kalia has had some win and is getting emotional. Jordan adds that Kalia was really campaigning hard. Jordan feels bad but it’s a game, “She’s kept staring at me.. made me feel uncomfortable” Jordan whispers that she’ll tell rachel more later tonight. JOrdan: “All I told Kalia was I wold talk to you… but she’s getting upset.

11:35pm porsche and Adam on the couch. JR in the hot tub chit chatting..

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225 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers Adam: “Somedays I feel like… Man my game sucks” **updated

    1. FINAL TWO –


      if that happens then Adam has a shot at winning !

      but it’s not going to happen because Adam like Jordan and Rachel and loves to be number two. Never a leader always a follower.

        1. Ok I did want adam to use the veto and see all 3 newbies at the end but after watching kalia pout and cry like a 10 yr old I want Jordan to win it all if they are all stupid enough to bring her to the end she deserves to win

      1. Adam is playing smart because if he takes Porsche and Kalia he has a lesser chance of winning the grand prize. The votes between newbies and veterans will be split and do not know how it will go. If he takes Rachel and Jordan and one goes then there will only be three veterans in the jury house and four newbies and I am counting that Dani will be voting with the newbies.

      2. I do not think so and I think Adam is playing smart because although he flips flop at some point and that is the strategy of the game without being mean and he is still being fair. Final three Adam, Jordan and Rachel.

    2. You all don’t understand the game. If Adam gets to the final 2, HE WINS. All the newbies plus Dani will vote for him. They aren’t going to vote for Rachel or Jordan (even if they had won ever HOH and POV), you not listen to their nightly trash talking. They hate them and will vote ADAM in a heartbeat, they don’t care about who played the game. There just like Brittney…all HATE.
      I wish all you Dani cheerleaders would just quit CRYING. It’s a game and she played it BAD from week 2. Taking 1 or 2 vets to final 3 splits up the Vet votes too.
      I don’t really care who wins at this point, but ADAM is playing a great game (no blood on his hands, loyal and won contest when he NEEDED too). If he was more funny and had a side-kick in the DR, then everyone would compare him to Dr. Will and Mike. He’s played the same game.

      1. no way, Adam hasn’t played anything like Dr. Will, are you delusional? Dr. Will would have told JJ that he’s not using veto, then used it after all and gotten Jordan out of there. If anything Dr. Will played more like Shelly, liying, manipulating but the difference is that he was hilarious in the DR and likeable to the fans and even the houseguest. Adam truly plays a boring game. The fans like big moves, it’s what keeps the game fun to watch. We were all excited when Shelly was trying to keep Dani because it made it fun again. I think that if Adam is in the end with Porsche, that’s his best chance to win. Because I think most in the Jury would prefer Adam to win over Porsche. If he is in the end with Jordan or Rachel, forget it. The Jury wouldn’t give him the money. It doesn’t matter that she already won the money, in fact, that’s more of an argument in her favor, that she already won once and now is there to win it again, who can say that in this game? It’s not an easy game, and if Jordan can pull it off again then she deserves it. She already has the winning votes in the jury: Jeff, Brendon, Shelly and Dani (Dani will not vote for Adam specially since he didn’t have the balls to make the move that would have kept her in the game, Dani likes game players who make big moves). Adam is an idiot and the most boring person to have made it so far in the game.

    3. Oh Adam….. Adam…..Adam… are SO right…. Some times Big Brother does cast the wrong people…people like……YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. adam omg you are the biggest piece of garbage seriously, i would rather be stuck in a room with rachel and brendon making out then have to watch you ever again, for someone who watches big brother you should never everrrrr play again. Seriously you dont even deserve to be final 2 and get 50k, its disgusting that bb would bring tori spelling for you when you dont deserve anything even being in that house. It AMAZES me that so many people hate you for not doing anything and yet shelly tried and SHE gets death threats WHERE THE HELL IS ADAMS PEOPLE?

      1. it makes absolutely no sense for adam to take out jordan when she is weak just because he isn’t making a move this week doesn’t mean he wants final 3 with jordan and rachel there is no doubt in my mind if adam wins veto next week rachels ass is gone and then it will be adam jordan and porche and he has a good shot at beating either one of them and to answer your question simon im an adam fan he’s played an honest game when he says he’s going to do something he does it he may kiss a lot of ass but since he couldn’t win BLANK thats what he had to do to get him this far

    1. Adam probably wants to sit next to Jordan and have some kind of argument that she already won last year and that she didn’t win a lot during house competitions this year and that is enough of a reason why he deserves to win (because honestly they both did the same thing)
      If America votes then Jordan wins but….

      if Adam has something else to say in his argument (which I doubt) is quite convincing then maybe he can persuade the jury to vote for him… all comes down to his ARGUMENT ….i.e.

      “I deserve to be here because I didn’t fight with others, and Jordan called people names, and I was a buddy to everyone and I was quiet and didn’t crave attention because I deliberately threw all the competitions and I’m worth have a mill…..yep vote for me because I proved that you can reach the end without lifting a finger (except the last pov)…” end of argument

      bb13 is a joke

  1. Can’t wait till Adumb finds out he was the WORST casting mistake EVER!!! Why don’t they just hand Jordumb the 500k already?!! If Adumb and Jordumb make it to F2 this will go down as the WORST season of BB.. Good thing Survivor is right around the corner :)

    1. I agree Adam is such a fool, by not using the pov he’s pretty much giving Rachel and Jordan their spots in the final two because if either of them wins they are not taking his dumb ass to final 2.

      1. not necessarly true he could win and take who he wants and he has a better chance of winning the agains jordon and rachel then kaliah and porche so i don’t get kaliah agrument

        1. I don’t think Adam is counting on anyone taking him to the final 2. I think he is hoping to quietly slide into the final three. Then pray he wins the last HOH comp and that he can pick someone he can beat from the other 2 final three members.

          I think he thinks he has a better chance against the vets because Rachel is hated and there is an argument Jordan has done nothing. I don’t think it will work, especially with Jordan who in my opinion is a lock to win if she makes it to the final 2. But I don’t think he sees it that way.

          1. I think Rachel would beat Adam in the F2. She clearly played a better game. As a game player, even Dani would probably vote for Rachel, even though she doesn’t like her, because she deserves it more than Adam. Plus the 3 other votes from the vets and that’s all Rachel needs.

      2. dude, and kail/porsche would?? He’s scrued either way! It’s better for him to go with Rachel and Jordan. They’re more trustworthy.

      3. That doesn’t make any sense, Zee.. because Porsche and Kalia won’t take him to the final 3 either. So as far as what you are saying there, Zee, Adam is sitting 3rd with either of his duo choices so why rock the boat and lose all the veteran votes? Makes no sense to me.

        On an Adam note, I don’t think his game has been as bad as a lot of people think it has been. He has seemed to try to vote out who he perceives to be the biggest threat in the game. He voted out Brendan, then Dani, then he voted to evict Rachel, who was a bigger threat to him than Jeff. I think he probably thinks Rachel and Kalia are his biggest threats and he’s probably glad to evict one of those this week. Since Rachel is HoH, that leaves Kalia. I could be totally wrong about Adam and maybe he is as big a bozo as everyone here is saying, but this is how I have been reading his behavior. And hey, he is sitting at final 5 and now guaranteed to be in final 4.. a heck of a lot farther than most of us would get.. and he seems to have played a decent social game. I don’t think any HGs hate him. Sometimes trying to fly under the radar might be a player’s best strategy.. just my thoughts.. oh yeah and Go Jochel ;-) hehe

      1. I’ve been saying that exact same thing for two weeks now. Trust me,if CBS wasn’t making money from sponsors of the show, they’ gladly give their darling Jordan the check for doing nothing all season.

  2. I’m not an adam “Fan” but i do like him. My mom and I have a bet on who would win, we each picked 4 house guests. 2 newbie’s and 2 vets… I had Dick, Rachel, Adam, Kalhia. I still got 3/4 picks in the house :D

  3. It does. Adumb and Jordumb will forever be remembered as the worst houseguests this season. Why anyone in the world wants to see either win is beyond me. They haven’t done shit.

    1. Adam is harmless and jord is jus a simple country bumpkin with a 2nd grade education who likes to swim in the cement pond. shelHE will go down as the worse HG ever on BB. what a piece of waste she was :) glad she’s gone, I am much calmer now :) LOL

    2. I only agree with the Adam part. I hope that Jordone wins again…. For that matter …. Rachel and Jordon…. FINAL 2! Everyone else is overrated!

    3. i don’t understand how someone can make such an idiotic statement. Getting to the end is the ultimate goal. How u get there really does not make a freaking difference. Whether or not you fight your butt off with comps or your social game rocks or you float to the end on bubble farts out Jeffs ass. they made it to the end, further than others.

    4. then you must have thought dr will was an idiot too!! he never did anything either! His was all a social game, if you don’t see Jordan playing the social part of this game , hard!!! well then you’re “dumb”!!

      have a nice day :)

    1. Making “Fun” of Rachel is getting old…. SHe is annoying but is one of the best game players this season. She has stepped it up since Brendon has left…. I hope it is her and Jordon in the finals… I can not stand anyone else…

      1. She has stepped it up ever since listening to Jeff (telling her to bite her tongue) and Jordon (also telling her to be quiet and softening her up). They have both been great influences on her the latter part of the season.

    2. No Kevin, Monet didn’t have common sense , he was a insecure player who had to put people down. you know like a bully! Monet was classless!!

  4. I like him as a person too and most people who watch BB would probably like him too in real life. But I don’t think he’s a good contestant for the show.

  5. Yeah Porsche & Kaila probably thinking that Adam would not use the POV. Actually, Kaila will probably think that Big Brother is not working for her so she can audition for McDonald’s or Burger King. But, Kaila will fit in Taco Bell commerical which she will keep eating and pass gas at the same time. On the other hand, Porsche will probably think that she will audition for America Top Model but Cassi will beat her. But she will be in Hooters commerical which she works. Cookie Dough Jordan will unleashed the Cookie Dough on Porsche. Too bad, Porsche will probably in the Jury House w/Kaila. We’re going to miss you both Kaila & Porsche….. I can’t wait to see Dani’s face and pee her pants that Kaila & Porsche be at the Jury House. How cool is this? Dani will be pissed and said “Shocker” Dani will say, “How did it happened?” Porsche & Kaila says “Your stupid plan don’t work, Adam betrayal us.” Jeff & Brendon will be Happy that Jordan & Rachel are in Big Brother House. High five. That Rachel & Jordan screwed ya!

  6. I hope that Jordan and Rachel are in the final 2 and Jordan wins….. I haven’t liked any of the newbies… they have ALL floated along…. I CAN NOT stand Porche or Kalia—- they make me want to PUKE!!!! Kalia acts like she has won so many comps and is the best player ever… UUGGGHHH.

    1. How is it possible for all the newbies to be floaters? They all picked sides except Adam, so get your facts right.

      *sarcastic voice* And I suppose Jordan should win because she done so much in this game…RIGHT!

      Shoot if all I have to go is find a strong male, twirl my hair, complain, eat, and sleep then maybe I should be on BB. Maybe even get a couple of comps thrown for me.

      1. i don’t know why so many of you guys are bashing Jordan. Everyone has a different game plan and it is obvious it’s working for her, a lot of you guys are complaining how she never win competitions but the game about of big brother is not about how many compeition you can win it’s about lasting until the end. Winning compeition can help you survive in the game but it doesn’t mean you are going to win. I don’t understand why people are calling Jordan a floater? She has been loyal to her alliance since day one. Don’t bash her game play because alot of people including myselff would probably not get as far as she did.

        In case you forgot the first half of the season was partners so it’s obvious that Jordan will stick by her “strong male”.

        1. I love her game plan and would do the exact same thing if I was her – get paid $500 000 to just chill out in a house with a swimming pool and free food for the summer.

  7. If adam goes with RJ he has no chance of winning the three vets will vote for the remaining vet and Dani wont vote for Adam because she thinks he is a mega floater so he has no chance of winning. Even if he screws RJ and they go to jury I still think they would vote for him to win because he stuck with them from the start.

    1. I disagree.. I think if he backstabs Jordan this week, he has no chance of winning as the vets will decide the vote and Jeff and Jordan are not likely to vote for him if he screws Jordan, imo. That might be the only way Porsche wins at this point. I am really hoping Kalia leaves on Wednesday.. how anyone in that house, including passersby like the mailman, hasn’t strangled or drowned her by now just to get her to STFU for 1/2 a second is completely beyond me. I would have had to drown her in her own piss, since she peed in the pool, by day 2.. listening to her makes me want to pull my own hair out. I have been wondering what Jordan is doing with her hair.. now I know! Go Jochel! :-)

    2. adam has no chance with porsche and kalia either, but if kalia is gone he can work with porsche, I hope thats what he is thinking if he wants to make it to final 2

  8. Kalia is desperate. Whining about Adam turing on his alliance. What alliance? One he was with for all of 2 seconds? I think that Adam actually does stand a better chance with JR than KP. I think that Adam has ZERO trust in Kalia – because of her ties with Dani and also because she voted against her final 2 alliance. How can Kalia say that she and Porsche are the strongest two in the house. Rachel is the strongest player in the game and the most resilient. I think that Porsche is actually getting a bit tired of K.

    1. OK, this is the second time I’ve seen you use this word. What exactly is “discusting?”

      Does anyone else want to discuss that or am I the only fool?

      Aunt Cowlia the Hutt will be missed….not!

      1. Haha. I’ve tried to stay mum in regards to spelling errors that others make. Simply because it could bite me in the ass when I make one myself.

  9. Loyal…….he’s loyal to who is in power……if Kalia had one HOH he’d be so far up her ass right now. He hasn’t done shit in the house but kiss ass….yes he’s a nice guy but a worthless player

    1. if i remember correctly, Wed. eviction will be taped and they will have a HOH and i’m not sure if that is live. But, Thurs. episode will be live with another eviction and then the final 3 and rachel will particpated in that HOH

      1. the bored every time adumb or jordumb is on the screen, but i smile when Porsche is on

        what are you trying to say??? ffs lol and you call them “dumb’ lol

    1. they showed the jury on last thursday episode and since these people are so boring, they might show shelly entering the BB house on any one of the episodes next week.

  10. I’ll be so happy to see the end of this season. I’d stop watching all together but I’ve gone this far so I’ll see it out to the painful end. But I doubt I’ll be watching next year.

    1. i’m going to start off watching next year, but if i see it going in the direction that this year is going, i won’t watch I’ll just read OBB

  11. I remember specifically when Adam said he wants a newbie to win, he was talking about himself. Adam may be thinking in order for him to win, he must have more newbies on the jury. Possible votes can look like this:

    Rachel or Jordan (more than likely Jordan)

    Dani (flips her vote so as not to let Rachel or Jordan win)
    Shelley (as long as it’s not Jordan in final two)

    I believe this is probably what Adam is thinking to himself “the only way this works is if I don’t take Jordan to final two. Otherwise, Jordan will win it.” He just has to be sure that the current remaining houseguest (newbies or vets) will not be mad that he did not help them.

    One last thought… do you think Shelly is holding a grudge against Jordan? Since Jordan didn’t forgive her, will she even vote for her if she’s in the final two?

    What do you guys think?

      1. But don’t you think either side will (foolishly) not vote him out next week, even though he probably will not win veto?

    1. i think that they made amends but jordan did say in her DR session that she will forgive shelly but she will never forget. personally, i think she’s being hypocritical because her and jeff betrayed brenden and voted him out. i guess in her world, it’s o.k. for her to do things to hurt people, but when it’s done back to her, then it’s a war.

      1. Maybe it depends on how Jeff is treating Shelly in the jury house. If he’s smart, he’ll be kind to her at least until he is able to secure Shelly’s vote for Jordan if she makes it to the end.

        As far as your comments, I agree. I think it is too difficult for people in the house to play rationally when their feelings have been hurt. Something else that is important to remember about Jordan and Jeff is that they never intended to bring Shelly to the final 3. They knew they had a better shot against Rachel because most of the houseguest didn’t like her. But Shelly one-upped them, and it’s something they can’t get over.

      2. From what I saw, Jeff spent all week trying to convince Adam that they should keep Brendan. Jeff explained to Brendan and Rachel that Brendan was leaving regardless of how Jeff and Jordan voted if they couldn’t get anyone else to vote to keep Brendan.

        1. Keep in mind, Jeff threw a comp when Rachel and Brendon needed him.

          I wonder when Dani is going to tell Brendon that little tidbit. lol

    2. I think you may be on to something. Adam needs to keep everyone from getting too angry at him, which I think is why he won’t destroy what he has with the vets by backstabbing Jordan this week.

      I do think Shelly would probably vote for Jordan because she wants them to believe she is a good person.

      I think you are also right about Dani, or “SoundByte Sally,” as I like to refer to her. IMO, she is immature, hateful, and spiteful and it will show in her vote as it shows in everything else she does. That girl needs to learn what Karma means. She’d still be there if she hadn’t made such a stupid move so ridiculously early in the game. She was sitting pretty and threw the game away…. or threw HER game away and in the process threw it to the floater noobs.

      1. So if Dani does not vote for the person you want her to vote for she is immature, hateful, and spiteful? lmao those are actually your qualities. :)

  12. watching kalia beg is hilarious. it’s like watching a spoiled 13 year old brat beg their parents to let them go with their friends to cancun on spring break.

    1. i would be begging too if $500 thousand is on the line. kalia cannot blame anyone but herself for the predicament that she’s in . she had this blind loyalty to jordan and would not even put her up as even a pawn. she got rid of her own alliance member. the only thing she did right in my opinion is to get rid of jeff.

  13. Did anyone else read about how Cassi is going to play a model on “The Bold and the Beautiful” following the season finale of BB13?

    Rachel and Brendan played on there last year. Rachel was a waitress several times and even said, “no one comes between me and my man.” LOL

    Jeff & Jordan were also on there once, Marcellas, and Drew Daniel. I’m sure Cassi will look hot as a runway model.

    1. yeah, i saw Brenchel and JJ at the times they were on there. i haven’t heard anything about cassi yet, but i’ll make sure i watch when she is on there.

  14. earth to adam earth to adam if u use the veto jordan goes home & next week rachel can’t play in the hoh & it’s 3 on 1 in the veto. i know you’ve been around jordan alot but has all of her stupidity rubbed off on u, come on make jordan spit your balls out since she has them now & make a big move. can u imagine the reaction u would get from the fans it would be epic, but instead u will probably be remembered as the dumbass in the elf costume who was one of the worst castings ever. it’s only fitting that u r the only guy left in a house full of women since u hav turned into 1 yourself because like i said before u hav no balls, hey maybe u can get a job at the circus as the beared lady.

      1. No, that’s the obvious move. Getting Jordan out would be the BEST move this season, besides getting Jeff out. But Adam doens’t have the balls to do it, he’s too afraid of what his BFF Jeffey would do to him.

    1. way to make it personal!! can tell you are a person of class! hey but at least you got some people to laugh at your comments and that’s what counts right!

  15. Not every HG can be the star. There has to be supporting actors like Adam and Kalia to be the sidekicks for the stars. Some of you may not like Jordan, but she’s the star of this season. Three months from now, you willl have long forgotten about Shelly, Porche, Kalia, but you will still remember Jordan. Case in point; do you even remember the name or can you recognize the sidekicks from last season or the season before that?

    1. I was shocked to see how big Cowlia’s lower lip was, but then I realized that her constant talking has loosened it so much as to resemble that of bonobo chimpanzee. Now I call her monkey face.

  16. Kaliah point is so dumb the only person that benifits by adam taking kaliah off is kaliah because for all her points she will take porche

    1. exactly kalia and porsche will take each other to final 2 and jordan and rachel will take each other, so if kalia is gone, adam and porsche final 2

  17. “They are talking about how there will be people in the internets talking shit about Adam and Jordan.”

    Not talking shit talking truth….

    Talking shit is what we do Rachel,Jeff,Porsche,Kalia…..

      1. obviously you dont pay attention, there are adam fans out there. its not your fault, its hard to read through your tears for dani yo.

  18. I agree, I think that KP are scrambling for his vote, of course. I don’t think that they can talk fast or hard enough! Kalia is discusting! She’s either crying or complaining that he’s not with her alliance! Now she talking about her job getting rid of her. And how they should give her her job back! Like everyone owe’s her in life!!! And then she’s like “I don’t want to be a bartender anymore”! No kidding, she want’s the money that she’s hopefully not going to get.
    No one owe’s her anything! Especially Adam!

  19. yes, adam has been loyal and he gave his word to jordon and i don’t see him going against that especially since keeping Kaliah wouldn’t be an advantage for him also he has been pushing RJ to get rid of Kaliah he told jordon that he is voting for her

    1. Its best if adam stays with rachel and jordan. Kalia and Porsche seem intent on taking each other to the final 2. And against either of them, i don’t adam could beat kalia. A small shot against porsche. If it was adam against rachel, if the jury house went on popularity insteado of how the game went. Adam could have a great shot. If it was adam and jordan in the final 2, in my mind it would be close. It just all comes down to the competions.

  20. I am hoping to see Rachel, Jordan and Adam in the final 3. I feel like ppl are calling Adam a bad player just because his vote took out Dani. Her Season was 4 years ago and who give a F… her dad is dick!!!!!!!

    1. Because his game suck, what have he done–zip, nada? Will he use the POV, and you will see why ppl hating on him? People don’t get him, he’s not playing for Adam that’s clearly seen.

      1. Adam has played a good social game. He has been able to play both sides of the house without lying and he has won just as much as Kalia and Porsche.

        1. I agreed with you. Everyone has lied in the house at some point but I would like to see that Rachel wins it, Adam second and Jordan gets the America’s vote for some money. Rachel is a survivor on what she has endured in the house from the mean girls, Adam play fair and Jordan social game is good.

  21. Really, KP doesn’t want to have Adam to final 3. Adam is always be a Team JR and now Team JRA than KP because Kaila & Porsche will be at the Jury House. BTW, stop being coattail of Dani’s. I get it, Dani’s gone. You ran out the opinions. Adam is not using POV neither of two.

  22. KP=Don’t give the crap of taking Adam going to F3/Cocky & Aggrogance/Riding coattail w/Dani/Dani’s Labdogs!
    JR=Do care of taking Adam going to F3/Don’t going nowhere.

  23. Love how team Dani has to beg Adam again. Same ole argument unless he does wat they want he’s illogical. Same whining Dani made ceasesly.

  24. I like Adam. He is playing a good game without constantly lieing to everyone. He has won 2 POV competitions. He may still win more. I think if he gets to final 2 with any of the remaining women he could win. It seems that those who want him to use the veto want Porche or Kalia to win and those who don’t want him to use it want Rachel or Jordan to win. I say Adam is perfectly capable of deciding what is best for his own game! Sit back, watch and enjoy the ride. There is no need for all the name calling and ugly comments!

  25. I’m still trying to figure out how Adam was loyal to JJBR. Because he was kissing Jeff’s ass for two weeks that makes him loyal? Once again, JJ fans putting a spin on things to make Adam not look like the biggest floater ever.

    1. wtf?? He voted to evict Dani even though he could have been the deciding vote to keep her if he wanted to. He voted to keep Jeff even though it was obvious he was going home. Adam may be a floater, but he’s VERY loyal to whichever side he’s on. Once you have Adam’s word (which Jordan does) he sticks by you. I don’t like his whole floating thing, I think it’s annoying and boring (but I guess it’s working).

      So you can say he’s a floater, but to say he isn’t loyal to JR is incorrect.

      1. You’re kidding me right? Like I said before, just because Adam was kissing JJ’s ass for 2-3 weeks doesn’t constitute him as loyal. It’s real easy to “seem loyal” when you’re not directly aligned with anyone. You wrote that he floated back in forth to whose in power. That’s not what loyalty entails. JJ offered him to be with them first week of the game and Adam said forget y’all I’m with the newbies. Then when that shit backfired he decided to float back to JJ. And every time the power shifted from newbies to vets he had his lips on their ass.

        Little does Adam know, he thinks he’s so loyal to JJR, but they’ve talked so much crap about him.

    2. 100% Right about that, they got them blinders on eating up the America’s Sweethearts Edit Big Brother put on, they should win an award for that Edit, they will NEVER do anything like that again…

      I wish Natalie had not lied then Jesse and Lydia would’ve voted for her….

  26. There sure are a lot of jordan haters…I come on this site to stay ahead and it is pretty bad when people talk trash about someone like jordan who although she does have her flaws is probably the most genuine person left she showed her true character when she gave the phone call to shelly instead of keeping it for herself. Everyone needs to quit takng bb so personally. If I was adam I would go with jordan to the final two she hasn’t ever lied to him. I hope adam m and jordan or jordan and rachel make it to final two.

    1. yep, I agree. Jordan had ONE blow up and everyone wants to make her out to be this horrible person. She was very hurt by Shelly’s lies, that’s why she reacted the way she did. C’mon, it wasn’t just whining, you could see she was very depressed and just hopeless when she learned Jeff was evicted because of Shelly. And she apologized to Shelly for her actions later on. Calling her “jordumb” and retarded is immature and disrespectful.

    2. At the end of the day, no matter how much you say Dani is such a great player she didn’t her season of big brother, you can say Shelly is a great manipulator but she didn’t win BB either. Jordan has, and probably will again because the houseguests do exactly what ppl are doing right now: underestimating her. She’s coasting to the end because everyone in the house LETS HER COAST. Now, what does that say about the rest of the houseguests??

  27. I love how Jordan offers insight into the goings-on of the game as a “veteran” when honestly, she basically fell ass-backwards into the money on her season. I’m convinced she didn’t even know she was on a TV show until they told her she won $500k.

  28. Why so many people here hate Jordan? She is one of the nicest people anywhere. She is not sophisticated or highly educated, but her goodness is real. She has the best social game ever and that is why she will end up in F2. Even if she does not win, she deserves F2 just for her game play. By the way, if you paid unbiased attention to what she says in the house on feeds, you will see how smart and intuitive she is. A lot of her “dumbness” is part of her game. She is a lot smarter than people give her credit. In BB11, she won all the final competitions. Dumb? I think she may do it again, just by her amazing social game. Nobody wants to put her out. All Adam can hope is that by his winning competitions at the end and being loyal to Jeff and Jordan they may vote for him. If he puts Jordan out, He will lose the $500K. That is how she wins.

  29. Love this conversation. Jordan telling Kalia what is takes to get to the end. Jordan haters take note she knows exactly what shes doing and it worked once and it might just work again….now go ahead and hate on this comment about how dumb and useless she is….if ur watching BBAD you just heard her give Kalia the golden way to make it to the end in this game…

  30. If Adam can make it this far without really winning anything, I guess he deserves final three. Leave it up to Jury to decide who deserves it.. a true player or the ultimate floater. Either way, Adam has gotten further than I thought he would.

  31. Kalia just told Jordan she would have taken out Adam if she won HOH this week. Not smart. Not sure Jordan caught it(she is not too swift) but Kalia is breaking down and as usual talking way too much…

  32. I hate hate hate Kalia! I want someone near her to please go and rescue her doggy :( I’m heartbroken over it. She is an evil person and I hope anyone wins besides her!

  33. I just cannot stand kalia anymore, she was hard to take after week 2, and now everytime I hear her speak it seriously makes me nausea. I wasn’t a big fan of Rachel from her original season but now I wish she would win, she has fought from day one to be there, with a huge target on her yet she is still in the house. Even the great player danielle (as her “army” thought she was god) was evicted as did one of my favorites jeff. Although she may have been immature, dramatic, and insensitive at the beginning of the game, now she is a completely different player. When jeff and jordan walked into the house I was so happy cause I loved them but with jeff gone I do t see hording not only being able to win but deserving! She is a sweetheart but just hasn’t played the game as good or as hard as Rachel has. I do although hop they both make the final 2…

  34. Omg i am sitting here watching after dark looking at kalia talking about how she deserves to be there and she plays so hard crying to jordan and i wish i could reach through the tv and slap the shit out of her! Is she retarded? She doesnt deserve shit but to be bitch slapped and then kicked in her fat ass straight out the door! She is back stabbing Porsche talking about her being in her bikini all summer… Ahh kalia is too fat to be in a bikini lol … She is a serious cry baby who needs to be evicted TODAY!

  35. Honestly I don’t care about what Adam does with his pov, and don’t care if Kalia leaves. I know Rachel will be the #1 target next week, and if she does get evicted that would make this BB season come to a happy ending.

  36. Adam has to stay with JR on this one. His only shot is to be in the final two with Porsche, but he has to get there without shedding any JR blood. It’s a long shot for him, but it can be done. If he backstabs JR, he loses any jury shot he might have. If Porsche can somehow win HOH and vote out Rachel and then win the last HOH and vote out Jordan then Adam has a real chance at winning this thing. The only chance Porsche and Kalia have of winning is if they are against each other and that ain’t happnin.

  37. I am watching celebrity big brother uk season 8 and there are 2 identical twins on (they were on x factor uk last season so I guess that makes them celebrity’s) (jedward) they combined their names (john and edward) and they are REALLY special ed kids. they make Jordan look like a genius :)

  38. I wish they could do a FF and just end this season already. I hate everyone left in this house. If Jordan or Adam make it to F2, it’ll be absolutely disgusting to watch since neither has done anything to be deserving of winning even $50,000.

  39. Wonder how it feels to have the shoe on the other foot Kalia. You were bashing both Rachel and Jordan for crying at their low points and now you are lying in bed sobbing.

  40. Who is more annoying: Kalia with her fast talking valley girl accent and she just won’t shut the hell up or Enzo with his constant smacking in the microphone they just drove me insane last season?

  41. OMG one minute kaliah is trying to throw jordon under the bus next she is acting like her best friend i guess she realised adam isn’t going to save and since he has wanted her out for awhile i do not see him taking her down. I guess she went to plan b but i am not sure what she aiming for becasue even if she could get jordon to vote to keep her she still needs adam or rachel and i don’t see it happening. I find it funny how she is complaining that she is being punished for being a good player but isn’t that the reason you evict jeff and brendon and why dani left

  42. I’m gunna stab myself with a slice of crispy bacon if Adams this season. I’m gunna stab myself with a frozen cookie dough if Jordan wins again. I’m gunna stab myself a real weapon if Jeff (and his homophobic, racist, vile, arrogant, abusive toward Jordan, violent, disgusting ass) wins America’s Favorite Houseguest. TEAM DANI/BRENDON/RACHEL. And I used to hate Brenchel last year while I liked JJ in BB 11, just so all those freaky JJ fans know. I don’t care for death threats. I’m sick of this game being rigged for “America’s Sweethearts.” They certainty haven’t been sweet this year.
    1) Jordan calling Shelly a “*****, **********, ******.”
    2) Jeff abusing all of the women in the house, including Jordan.
    3)Did I mention how he continuously bullied Adam into voting the way he wanted to. “Man, man, you didn’t vote for me?” Jeff to Adam, after getting his abusive ass out the door.
    4) Telling P she owed him one when he took her off the block not to her help but to HURT HER GAME AND put Dani on the block? LOL? Btw, you fans who see Jeff as Jesus, a backdoor is what Dani did to Brendon. Neither Dani NOR Jeff was backdoored. Dear god. Everyday it’s misused in this house.
    5) Jordan talking crap about floating, the other house-guests and them not deserving the money, and riding coattails when she rode Jeff’s all of BB11. She may be a nice girl out of the house but for the last few weeks. I can’t stand her. She thinks that she and Jeff are the only one who deserve the $?
    Bottom line the only saving grace is if P or Rachel (preferably Rachel) win this season. Both of them are the only 2 left who deserve the final two chairs. If anyone (I’m hoping that not all JJ fans are crazy as hell) wants to threaten my life for speaking the truth about precious Jefferey then you all need medication. Threatening Shelly’s 8 year old daughter over a reality show? That is disgusting and I can see why you psycho’s love Jeff. I’ve said all I have to say. This season sucks ass.

    1. I was getting threatened for disliking Jordan and Jeff. In fact there are slews of JJ fans who continue to threaten those who do not like them. Excuse me if I want to defend myself. I would never threaten anyone. I am voicing my frustration at those who think Jeff is god. I am voicing my frustration that those who continue to give out death threats: most of those who claim to be super JJ fans. I did not say all JJ fans: “(I’m hoping that not all JJ fans are crazy as hell)”So you need to stfu,thanks. I have a right to my own opinion. Also, I have personally never heard of any threats toward Jordan’s family. If there are any such threats than those people are idiots too.

      1. Then take it up with whoever’s threatening you instead of a blanket comment like you did yet again. And I won’t stfu to whoever you are, either here or IRL, mister/miss internet toughie. You seriously need meds and treatment!!

        1. Lol. Look in the minor Porka, your own behaviors proves how psychotic you are yourself. Your just a pot calling the kettle black. Done with this crap. Thanks.

  43. Hate Rachel all you want, but no one can deny she has had a target on her back from day 1. She is still there and deserves to win.

  44. No kidding! Even when she’s alone she can’t shut her pie hole. I’m sorry, but I find it hysterically funny that this nasty woman who GLOATED when she was HOH and laughed at the people asking her not to put them up or vote them out, saying things to the camera like, “Humble pie must taste great”, is now having a major pity party because “it’s not fair.” Boo hoo. She’s going on and on about how Porsche has done nothing but wear her bikini, and she got a golden key, and doesn’t deserve to be here, blah blah blah. She even said she’s being punished for being a competitor and playing the game. Uh, isn’t that why she and the other members of the Dani cult wanted Brendon and Jeff out? Thursday can’t arrive fast enough.

  45. I see a lot of morons on here saying Adam would be stupid to not veto. Funny thing is, none of these people want Adam to win. Get over it. Kamala is going home. Adam’s best chance is to keep his word and hope it ends up him and Porsche at the end. This way he gets votes from JJBR and wins. Any other scenario will be very tough. If he backstabs Jordan, he loses her vote. Even if the other three stayed with him(they wouldn’t), he would lose. Dani, Kamala, and Shelly would vote for Porsche. Losing Jordan makes it 4. Switch Kamala and Porsche in that scenario, and the result is the same. If he goes with either Jordan or Rachel, it could go either way. There would be only three veterans voting(not counting Dani). That leaves it to the newbs(plus Dani) to call it. I suspect they would still be stinging from the non-veto and give it to Rachel. With Jordan, I think Adam has a shot. Still, his BEST shot is not using the veto and hoping he lands next to Porsche at the end.
    I like Adam. I think he’s a good guy. It seems like all the Jeff-haters on this site are focusing their impotent rage on him now. It’s a little creepy.

    1. best comment here so far. well said. it’s true, people that want adam to use the veto are all the jj haters/dani fans that just want their favourites to go further into the game. But as it stands, Adam needs to get rid of Kalia to ensure that Porsche will truly bring him to final two. Kalia needs to go. It’s the best move for Adam.

    2. Great post. People who toss Adam to the side calling him an idiot and tool have no idea how much thought he’s putting into this thing. He drops hints along the way. And he’s securing his position by saying things to JR like, “You’re my girl. And you’re my girl too.”

      I think he wins when he has to and throws it when he can win but doesn’t need to. I’m guessing he’s going to win either HOH or POV next week and we may be looking at an APJ final three, which is what I think he wants.

      But let the rest of these people get their underwear in a bundle and work themselves into a frenzy with their name calling. The more they spin things and become as unhinged as Kalia the more I root for Adam and Jordan because the entertainment factor is fantastic!

  46. Adam is only loyal to people when they are in power. He was on board with evicting Rachel or Jordan last week until Rachel won the veto and the power shifted. If Porsche or Kalia, whoever survives, wins HOH next he will be all on board with them getting rid of Rachel or Jordan. I can guarantee it.

    He voted Jeff during the double eviction even though he didn’t go home, but he also had 2 seconds and didn’t know what Shelly was going to do for sure. So as usual when forced to make a choice he made a bad one.

    Adam is a nice guy, but he has no loyalty. His game has been to climb up the buttox of whoever is in power, lay low, and slide quietly into the final 3. Then hope he wins the last HOH comp and that he can beat whoever he takes with him.

    It may work and while it is annoying to watch, it is a valid strategy. But loyalty has not been Adam’s game.

    1. I liked adam at 1st but lost respect for him, he’s such a shameless kiss ass, feaux metal head, appletini sippin, tori spelling worshipin 90210 groupee. he aint gonna use the pov because of his baseless loyalty. I do hope Porsche & Rachel end up as the final 2. The rest of the hg’s I simply do not like.
      Now with all due respect, they all have more courage then me because they’re all putting their lives on display for people like myself who dont have the nads to make, for lack of a better term, the sacrifice of putting their normal lives on hold to be judged & possibly hated by the viewing public for money. Although it is a great paying summer job. Good luck to them all…
      Go Porsche!!! Man that picture of her in that purple bikini is driving me insane…

  47. I dont think anyone can honestly say hese not a nice guy. but this is BB, a half million dollar game, not a $20 bar bet with a friend. DO SOMETHING, this is national tv. at least act like you want to be there.

    Adam and Jordon are wasting our oxyegen. I never thought id be a Rachel fan, but im hoping Rachel and Porche in the end, Rachel for the win

    1. Common are you serious?… Find other insults because those are lame and childish… Monkey face? Big lips?… Bohoooooo!
      News flash, growing up in Amerikkka I am sure she heard them million of times…… NEXT!

  48. Wasnt it last week before the veto comp that Kalia was saying she doesnt understand why Rachel and Jordon are so upset. It is just a game?

  49. I couldnt agree with you more! She drives me crazy! Why does she have to use the word “like” 10 times in one sentence? Is that a California thing? My daughter did that when she was 14 or 15 and I told her to stop, it makes her sound ignorant.

  50. Adam knows he is playing for 2nd no matter who he is up against. If he has a hand in evicting Jordan and then Rachel the vets arent going to vote for him. They will say they carried him and then he turned on them. Adam is ultimately playing for 2nd. My biggest question to Kalia and Porsche would be, “Which one of you are taking me to the final 2? They keep saying Jordan and Rachel arent going to take him to the final 2 and neither will Porsche and Kalia. Adam’s best chance to win would be against Jordan as the newbies wouldnt want to give her another 500k.

    And he should be worried about next weeks veto because Rachel would be pissed and if they cant get her out next week then she will definitely target him first which is why Kalia and Porsche want Adam to turn. I think Adam sees through all this and I dont see him flipping. He has assured JR way too much that he is not using it. Adam Im sure also sees his best play as getting rid of Kalia and if its questions, he will probably win the HOH and he is final 3 no matter what.

  51. Adam is the ULTIMATE FLOATER and I can’t wait until he is GONE TO THE JURY HOUSE. He is more than stupid if he thinks he is going to the final three let alone final two with ANYONE, Since he does not want to save Kalia or Porsche, he should man up, grow a pair and tell both Kalia and Porsche he is not using the POV and why instead of running around and trying to still be semi nice to Porsche yet bad mouthing Kalia behind her back the way he does with Rachel and Jordan. He is slime. The Newbies played this season all wrong from the beginning so if none of them win they can’t blame anyone but themselves. Rachel winning is awful and Jordan is even worse.

  52. I think Rachel and Jorda are saying they are get rid of Kalia but the whole time lookin to get out Porsche. They don’t want production to to mess there plan. Cause Jordan feels Adam and Porsche is tight.. Adam needs to use the veto perio

  53. I would like to see Rachel win! She takes competitions seriously and she doesn’t have the annoying laugh like she had the whole last season

  54. one definite way to shut her up is send her to the jury house, pity the fools when she shows up, hopefully she will only chew dani’s ear off and not spew lies to the others, except for shell she should lie like a rug to her. wonder why jordan sits on the kitchen counter where people make food and eat…hmmm I think I hear banjo’s

  55. I’m definatly for Rachael winning due to the competitions, however she really needs to get over who voted Brendon out! It’s over, weeks have passed! The game now is who can you beat in competitions and who has the votes in the house. Funny thing, most seasons the jury does vote based on your game play and wins. Rachael should get most of the votes in the house and stop worrying about who voted out Brendon!
    These two girls are working it, thats for sure. I can’t wait for this game to be over!

  56. She “literally” never shuts up! she talks to herself when noone else will listen. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! She can give it, but she can’t take it. Big cry baby!! WAAAHHH!!!

  57. Go ahead Adam, write JR their paychecks. The only way you could redeem yourself is do the biggest move in the game & eliminate Jordan then Rachel is at the mercy of the newbies next HOH. If you don’t do this, your a disgrace to all real man out there. Your a pretender, a poser, play it like your a Heavy Metal dude when your just a regular fat boy.Your afraid that if you looked normal nobody would take a second look at you.

  58. The best thing for adam is to evict Porsche or Kalia…Jordan will not win anything and if he evicts her,he will lose the jury votes..He is actualy making a good move,because Rachel will not play in the HoH so it would be him,Porsche and Jordan..

  59. Anybody that takes Jordan to the final 2 would be handing her the 500 grand again. She will have the votes. I don’t even think Rachel could beat her (even though she should) everybody likes Jordan and the fact that she has done little to nothing in this game (even Jeff told her not to talk he would do the talking) doesn’t matter. The best player in this game that is left is Rachel and if she keeps Jordan to the end she will end up just like Russell on survivor, a better player that nobody liked, but lost to a player he carried to the end. If Jordan stays she should win because everybody else is too dumb to see it.

  60. Agreed anonymous, would prefer to see Adam and Rachel and I like Jordan too but she won before and has not done much this time.

  61. Has anyone considered that this POV win by Adam was his game play? Maybe he has been sandbagging/throwing comps? Maybe he was laying low and has now timed his move? Remember, Adam is a BB scholar. Maybe this was his plan all along. Hard to tell. I guess we’ll see when he has to decide on using the POV.

  62. I expected posters on this board to be a little smarter than the average fan but Jeff and Jordan leading the America’s favorite here? Well that just shows the support the “cool kids” mentality never leaves some people.

  63. adams best bet is to take racheal to final 2 or jordan because dani, shelly, kalia, por will vote for rach and jordan to lose

  64. Adam is really just a useless tub of disgusting lard. Last night, Friday 9/2/11 (actually Saturday 9/3/11 morning on the east coast) during the Showtime feed, that lazy tub of guts was stuffing his fat, disgusting pie hole and shortly after just shoving more food down his gullet he blew his nose into a brown paper towel and shoved the towel up into his grotesque nostrils to ensure that he removed all refuse from out of his snout. Then that detestable pig immediately took the snot laden paper towel and began to dry a large red bowl/container of some sort with the very same booger filled paper towel. Wiping the clean red bowl and then placing the bowl up on top of a shelf just to the right or maybe right above the sink area. I almost threw up and became all sweaty and shaky from being exposed to such a horrifying incident. Adam, in his selfish manner, just had not even a second thought about exposing others to his filth and never even stopped for an instant to consider that maybe drying a clean bowl that is a receptacle for food stuff that many others will be eating from is not a good idea when you are smearing your despicable germs all over it. Gross Adam is an understatement of the year. He is beyond gross. He doesn’t play the game. He lies and floats and just kisses anybody’s butt who he thinks will do well in the game. He doesn’t win anything until I guess maybe today he won power of veto I guess? I hope he never ever ever makes it to the final 3. He is the least deserving of all the people left in the house to win or even be left in the house at this point. And I’m a guy. He’s the last guy and I want him out now!!! Fat filthy germ spreading pig! And it’s on video!!! So you can see that what I am typing is all true!!

    1. Sorry Adam, I didn’t mean to be so vile towards you. I had an awful day and took it out on you. When I saw you wipe the nose and then wipe the bowl it just made me think about how bad my life is and how much anger I have and I took it all out on you. You are not a fat bastard. You are a great guy. I hope you win the money but you probably really shouldn’t wipe a bowl with boogers on a paper towel. Just try to be thoughtful of other people. I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to blow their nose into a tissue and then wipe the tissue onto a cup you or your wife or your children would then drink out of. Common sense, right? But anyway, sorry for being so awful and excuse for me being such a horrible person to you. I hope you can forgive me someday.

  65. I think Adam is as deserving a candidate to win it all is as any other houseguest He has shown that playing a strict social game can carry you far in Big Brother. The competitions help to keep the game moving forward, but the real skill in a game like this is not making enemies and not putting a target on your back. Last week was his biggest chance to go home and it was between he and Shelly, comparable in their competitive play, but very different socially, and Shelly’s wild social play was the deciding factor over Adam’s conservative approach. I know people say he doesn’t deserve it because he hasn’t won anything or made any big moves, but it seems the social ascpect of the Big Brother game is at least on par or higher in value than the physical competitions.

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