Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia talks about how offended she was that Rachel said Dani was her master.. no one in this house is my master..

This Big Brother Spoilers covers late night action on the Live Feeds on September 4th. Adam is nervous and seems to be smoking more than usual. Jordan is concerned about her relationship with Jeff saying that they live so far apart.

1am Kalia and Jordan are talking. Jordan is talking about her and Jeff and how they can’t have a distance relationship forever. Jordan says that they need to figure out what they need to do next. Jordan says that one of the great things about her and Jeff is that we trust each other and aren’t jealous people so it makes being in a long distance relationship easier. Jordan that her and Jeff are like buddies, we aren’t mushy, mushy. They start talking about how they can’t wait to see their families. Kalia says that after Dani left and after the double eviction she was worried that she had no one else but herself to depend on. Kalia says that she felt like she had to win HOH. Jordan tells Kalia that she wasn’t the one on the chopping block, Shelly and Porsche were the targets. Jordan says that if she would have won the double eviction HOH she would have put up Shelly and Porsche. Jordan say that the night before the double eviction her and Jeff knew they had to get Shelly out and they wanted to pull someone else over to their side and they were thinking about Kalia. Kalia tells Jordan that she isn’t about playing sides in this game she is more than willing to shuffle the deck especially since her alliance was sent home. Jordan says that big brother isn’t an easy game. Kalia says that the first week she wondered what she had signed up for. Jordan tells Kalia that it was the best feeling to walk out of the house and know that the game is over, she says everyone at that point gets onto the same page. Adam joins them. Adam says that coming out of the big brother house must be like coming out of a coma. Adam goes inside. Adam goes into the purple room where Rachel is and Rachel asks if Jordan is alone in the backyard. Adam says that Jordan is with Kalia. Rachel says that Kalia is trying to make a final three deal with Rachel and Jordan and was offering them anything they wanted. Rachel says that she has no problem confronting Kalia about that. Rachel says that Kalia was fine getting rid of Porsche. Big Brother cuts the live feeds..

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When the live feeds return, Rachel and Adam are talking about the POV competition today. They talk about how some people throw competitions. Rachel says that she has never thrown a competition. Rachel tells Adam that she thought he threw the second POV. Adam says that he didn’t …that he just sucked at it. They continue to talk about other houseguests that threw competitions. Adam tells Porsche he thought she was going to win the banana competition. Porsche says that was a personal competition for her because she wanted to stay up there longer than Dick and says that she didn’t want to fall off before the old man.

1:30am Jordan and Kalia continue to talk. Jordan and Kalia are talking about Dani. Kalia is tells Jordan that she considers Dani to be a really good friend but says Dani threw them under the bus before she left. Kalia says that she couldn’t believe Dani campaigned against her and had people campaigning against her when they were on the block against each other. Kalia says it made her look like a punk that week. Jordan says that she thinks Dani really does care for Kalia. Kalia says that she doesn’t hold it against her and that she separates the game from real life. Kalia says that Dani was probably really embarrassed that she got sent to jury second when she made it to the finals last time and she came back to try and prove she could play the game without riding her dad’s coattails. Kalia says that when Dani left she told her that she thought Dani would win America’s Favourite but that Dani said by the time the game is over people would forget about the moves she made. Kalia asks Jordan what she would need from her to keep her in the house this week. Kalia says she doesn’t really want to try and get Adam to use the Veto because Jordan would go up and Jordan says yeah and I’d go home. Kalia says that she has played this entire game keeping Jeff and Jordan in the back of her mind because of the deal they made. Jordan says she knows that Porsche is coming after her. Kalia asks why she would keep someone in the house she knows is coming after her? Kalia says that if Adam doesn’t use the veto which she doesn’t think he will then he would prefer to keep Porsche because they have been close the entire game. Kalia says that Adam can vote to keep Porsche and Jordan can vote to keep Kalia and if Rachel would break the tie and keep Kalia then the three of them could move forward together. Kalia starts throwing Porsche under the bus. Kalia says that Porsche is just looking forward to what comes after big brother like trying to get a hosting gig.
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1:50am Adam, Jordan and Kalia are talking. Jordan is talking about her first seasons where she felt like after the first day in the big brother house she wanted to leave. Jordan says that now the big brother house feels like home. Adam heads inside. Kalia tells Jordan that doesn’t want to do anything that will make Jordan go up on the block. Kalia that says if she sits down with Rachel and Jordan and makes final three deal then that is it she wants that deal to stick to the end. Jordan tells her they have plenty of days left to talk to Rachel and that Adam could still use the veto. Jordan says in that case she would be going home. Kalia tells her that Adam adores her and she doesn’t think he’ll use it and put Jordan up. Kalia and Jordan laugh about Adam because he can’t lie in this house. Jordan says that Jeff took Adam under his wing and she thinks Jeff genuinely likes Adam. Jordan and Kalia talk about Lawon volunteering to go up as a pawn. Kalia says that he thought he would get money or a power out of it. They continue to talk about past events of the house. Jordan and Kalia wonder how Shelly will react in the Jury house. They both think that she will exaggerate things to the other jury members. Kalia starts talking about how offended she was that Rachel made a comment to Kalia about Dani being her master. Kalia says that no one in this house is her master. Kalia says that she knows people are going to say that Kalia was just doing what Dani wanted but that all the decisions she has made have been her own. Jordan says that they did think Dani was pulling all the strings and that Dani knew that she had all of them wrapped around her finger. Jordan and Kalia continue to talk about the double eviction and about Shelly.
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2am Meanwhile in the purple room, Porsche and Rachel are talking. Porsche tells Rachel that Dani told her before she left that she had to stick with Shelly and Kalia. Porsche says that they had to get Jeff out because he was the captain of the other side. Porsche tells Rachel that she wasn’t ever the target. Rachel says she was last week. Porsche says she had no doubt that Rachel was going to win the veto last week. Porsche says that she thought Jordan was going to go home last week. Porsche says Kalia was ready to vote Jordan out last week. Rachel tells Porsche not to worry about whether or not Adam uses the veto on her but that she needs to make sure she has the votes to stay.

2:40am In the metal room, Porsche and Adam are talking. Porsche asks Adam if he is working with Jordan and Rachel. Adam tells her not to ask him that. Porsche says good answer. Porsche tells Adam that she has tried to talk to Rachel but she isn’t feeling 100% comfortable because it has been so long since she talked game with Rachel. Porsche tells Adam she was trying so hard for that Veto. Porsche tells Adam that she got $10 grand in Pandora’s Box and that she had to split it with Kalia. Porsche tells Adam that when she saw the $10 grand she thought she was going to go on a date with a jury member and that she would be able to give them the money and buy their vote.

3am Adam heads out into the backyard alone for a smoke. Adam starts talking to the cameras and says he is safe this week and there is one HOH left and he has to win it. Adam says that he thinks he is doing pretty well so far. Adam says Porsche wants him to use the veto on her .. sorry I can’t… I made a deal to work with them. Adam says Rachel and Jordan want to be in the final three… you got to earn it. Adam says that too many lies will kill you every time. Adam says that everybody has won this game in different ways and I’m playing mine. Adam heads inside to get ready for bed.

3:30am All the houseguests are now sleeping..

6am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:30am Still sleeping.. No wake up call yet..

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as much as I dislike Kalia and really wanted her gone this week, I would LOVE to see Porsche go home now…she is getting wayyyyyyyy too cocky and already thinks she has won the game…hopefully Adam doesn’t use the VETO this week and POrsche is sent home!!!! Also, as much as people keep saying Adam’s got no game, I happen to think is game has been very respectable, and effective (obviously, he is top 5). He has now won two POV’s, and has played all sides of the house, very low-key, and hasn’t gotten his hands dirty…he has only been the target once in the house because he is everyone’s friend and no one wants to send him home…although he threw some competitions, it was only to help his social game, as he remained friends with everyone and was never seen as a big threat…his social game is what has gotten him this far…don’t screw up your game Adam…don’t use POV!!!! Rachel, Jordan, Adam, final three!!!!!! lol


I agree she was cocky during her HOH… but right now she is being humble not cocky! If you watched the hour long encounter last night with her and Kalia and then her Kalia and Adam, she feeling a little brow beat right now and is worried about next week since she obviously is by herself now. It’s very obvious listening to her


Adams playing a great game. Top 5 soon to be final 3. He lets the big guns fight it out, while he stays out of danger and functions as the swing vote. no enemies on the jury either. Its the strategy Dani should have used with JJ and BR, and the strategy shelly was using also. Both dani and shelly fell victim to “Big Game Move Syndrome”. BGMS is when a person feels compelled to make a big game move and then puts a targets on their back for which they get evicted. The BGMS has a life span of about a week…………..


Don’t worry, Adam won’t use veto. Adam doesn’t do anything, that’s his gameplay. I thought it was funny how he said coming out of the big brother house must feel like coming out of a coma. That pretty much sums up his gameplay.


Adam made a statement a little while back that he doesn’t want anything that he doesn’t deserve and it was obvious that it came from the heart.l I believe that he was talking about Jeff but he said that he wanted to go to the final two with Jeff and battle it out man to man, other wise he would not be able to face his family and friends back home. That is the type of man that he is and that is why I do-not believe that he will use the veto. He is loyal to Rach and Jordan for saving him and he truely knows what a hard decision it was for Jordan. He will remember that! Not just what happened 10 minutes before that vote takes place!


Funny how Adam said exiting the big brother house must feel like coming out of a COMA. That pretty much sums up Adams style of gameplay.


Yes, it is Adam, Jordan and Rachel final three.


yes yes yes that is what I want as well! I would truely like to see Rachel win this year! I can’t believe that I actually said those words. I actually loathed her last year and part of this year, but with (Bren an) being out of the house Rachel is a decent human being and if ANYONE truely had to fight EVERYDAY to be in that house it was Rachel. GO TEAM RACHEL, JORDAN and ADAM!!!


Ashley, I totally agree with you. I mean Adam has pretty much been very honest and he has stuck with his alliance. I honestly can see a real possibility of Adam winning as long as he sticks with Rachel and Jordan no matter who he takes to the final two. I probably think his best bet is with taking Jordan because no one wants to give her the $500,000 again, and except for Jeff I can see the others voting for Adam. Definitely if he ends up in final two with either Porsche or Kalia Adam wins because Jordan and Rachel have already promised Adam they would vote for him as would Jeff and Brendon. Rachel and Adam would be more of a toss up because even though some of the jury members do not like Rachel as much as others they have to admit she has played a fantastic game. I know she would get Jordan, Jeff and Brendon’s vote but not sure she could swing a newbie onto her side or Dani. I like Adam and hope it is J/R/A in final 3.


i agree as well porsche is juss a bitch now why in the world does she believe she is gunna win like she going to final three umm no and she cant get mad at rachel because what did porsche do?? she put her up and rachel has had her back the whole game things changed when dani mind controlled her team rachel jordan and adam all the way


Adam.. protect Porsche. She’ll protect you. Veto her, evict Kalia, move on to the F4 2v1 in the next HoH


If p is so close to a and is suppost to be with him then why did she spilt the money with k? I think if a did use the veto to safe p and j gets up and voted out if it was between a k and p in final 3 p and k would both take each other. Same way with probaly r and j. If a wants to see any money he needs to win the last HOH!

Midwest Fan

Porsche’s choice for sharing the $5,000 may have been simply a matter of
choosing her partner for that comp and nothing more.

BTW – It really doesn’t matter. She told Adam about sharing the money with Kalia
and he probably assumes she had to do it based upon the comp partnership.


P knew she had to share the money before she picked her partner … goes to show that she was planning on keep K around. Now if she had of Picked A then at that point she would of been golden with A. and K would be pretty much on her own .. I think it was a bad move by P. but i am sure P thought she would have a better chance moving forward with K … too bad for P…


right, i was thinking that too, the duos returning twist came as a result of porsche opening pandora’s box so didn’t porsche find out about the money and then gave it to kalia – and then later on all the HGs found out they had to play the veto and nominate in duos??

i think porsche was trying to plant the idea in adam that kalia has she won a lot already and doesn’t need to stay without owning up to the fact that she had a hand in that accumulated wealth!


Pls Porche and Kaliah barely talked to him all game and only when they needed him he was suddenly a newbie but for weeks he has been with jeff and jordon. So why should he protect P she very willing to send him home last week

Midwest Fan

Did you forget that J/J had always planned on dropping Adam from their F3? lol

Also, you are totally wrong about Porsche not talking to Adam during the game.
They have been talking and goofing around since the beginning of BB13 which is why
Jordan is so concerned about Porsche. Jordan believes that Adam and Porsche
have a closer connection than she does with Adam.
Jordan is wrong. Adam is attached to her butt just like he was to Jeff’s.


Oh god rachel everybody makes every deal they can if they are up on the block. So there is no use in calling kalia out about it. Umm if i dont recall you and brendon were making deals with dani while trying to save Brendon and threw J&J under the bus countless times. Also why does adam keep talking to the live feeders??? Nobody gives a shit about what he has to say. And him saying you have to earn your spot in the final 3 and that hes not using the veto on porsha. WOW really? What the hell have you done besides kiss ass all day. He has won 2 things and has kissed ass all season. You havent earned shit.


i like to see adam make a move for once, but i wouldn’t mind seeing kalia go. her game moves are horrible, plus it be nice to have my ears stop bleeding from her never ending stories


BB fans should all send kalia random letters with hair in them to freak her out. Go home Kailia!!

Bubbly Pie

Ok we can use the hair from your cats……lol




The beached whale is really working hard to stay and porke is kissing ass….I love it!!!!!


adam is starting to grow on me. i laugh every time kalia mentions that dani wasnt her master and she made her own decisions. she said she was doing what dani wanted when she put jeff and rachel up on the block, that is not making your own decisions. i kinda hope porche goes home, i think kalia is useless and can be talked into anything, i wouldnt be surprised if she won the next HOH she would somehow get talked into putting herself up as a pawn and then get sent home.


I agree 100%!!!! Kalia is full of BS when she says Dani is not her master…it was “Dani would be proud” “Dani would want me to do this” “Dani this, Dani that, Dani, Dani, Dani”, and has been since Dani left…Kalia can’t play her own game…she was even being controlled by Shelly!!! Shelly is the one who told her to put up Jeff and Rachel when she won her last HOH, even though Shelly was supposed to be on Jeff’s side…as soon as Kalia won the double eviciton HOH, Shelly ran to Kalia in the pantry and hugged her and said “you have to put up Jeff and Rachel, it’s the best move for us”…and, gee, imagine what Kalia did?!?! She put up Jeff and Jordan!!!!! Even now, it’s Porsche making her decisions…Kalia needs to go…I can’t stand her evil, slezy smile when everything’s going her way, and her crying and sooking and kissing ass when it’s not…get rid of the baby, and target Porsche next week when Jordan wins HOH (since she was 2nd last time HOH was questions).


Kalia’s pulling out all the stops. Too bad Adam’s too dumb to use the Veto. Who knows, maybe she can get Jordan and Rachel to keep her?

Not a PHD student

Pucker lips Adam actually sid, you’ve got to ern your spot in the final three. WTF, go stick your head back up Jeff’s ass, when you need a breth pull it out and stick it up Bag of Rocks Jordan’s ass and be ready to go down as being known as the sadiest person (not player) to play the game!!!!!

We can only dream this tool reads the post people put on the internet about his so called “game”


Dani is not Kalia’s master, Cheetos is.


Say what you will about Adam but even though he flips sides if the power shifts, its not his fault they let him. He knows his role was important and now he picked a side to stick with so he is going to stick with them. KP are playing for Dani and they both have made incredibly stupid moves in their HOHs, the only good thing they did was get rid of Jeff but it was still Dani telling them what to do as they even admitted on the air during double eviction. Play the game for yourself, not for other people. If he relies on KP til the end he won’t get votes, however if he kicks one out and thinks he has a better shot against JP or JK in the final HOH on thursday then he’ll do it, relying on KP til the end is stupid for his game.


” KP are playing for Dani”

Oh God, Jordan and Rachel’s craziness is apparently contagious. I’m pretty sure they’re playing for themselves. The only person who doesn’t seem to be playing for themselves is Adam.


Are you kidding me?? How could you NOT think they’re playing for Dani?

Dani has controlled Kalia’s HOH. Even though Dani wa up against the block throwing kalia under the bus, when Dani got evicted and Kalia won HOH and Porsche won POV, they justified the nominations by saying “it’s what Dani would have wanted”. They’re just as bad as Adam kissing up to Jeff!


If you want to buy into the propaganda I guess that’s your business, but it’s complete and utter BS. They’re playing to win the game for themselves, if you believe otherwise then I’m not even sure we can have a rational dialogue since only one of us is being rational. You think if they win the game they’re going to sign the cheque over to Dani? Do you actually think that? No? Then we can agree that they’re playing to win this game for themselves.


I think people are refering to kaliah speak when jeff left and they have both said they doing stuff because of dani but everyone is playing as a team because if you are alone you won’t get far. The problem with dani, kalia porche and especially shelly was they were looking to far a head in there game they made really bad choices and now blame everyone else. There argument to adam made no sense becasue they were thinking f2 but adam still needs to get to final 3 so at this point you want the weaker players so you can win and be in a position of power. Not to mention adam hasn’t really flipped sides he was on JJ sides sice week 3 and he has always been true to jj and even when he knew jeff was going he still voted to keep him. He even appoligies to jordon for leaving her in the learch last week and i think he was being honest. Now KP are holding on to some deal in week 1 but alot changed since then adam knows that jordon has always had his back where they other two never did he won’t send her out. If rachel was on the block they may have had a chance but i doubt it and it is his choice what side he wants to be on and by keeping RJ i don’t find that weak in fact he is sticking to his word so i don’t get everyones complaints


To be absolutely fair, PKS were in a very good position. They had Jeff out, they had HoH and either Jordan or Rachel would follow, they were in a prime spot with all the votes and the opposing alliance decimated. The Pandora’s box single-handedly destroyed them. It saved the other alliance, removed Shelly from the game and allowed Adam to float back to Jordan. I don’t think it’s fair to say they made bad moves when they were actually in a really good spot after those moves and only got screwed because of the twist.

Midwest Fan

Well said.

BB Never Missed an Episode

To be absolutely fair, they didn’t get screwed by a “twist”…they got screwed because Porsche CHOSE to open Pandora’s Box. Lay the blame where it belongs. If the roles had been reversed and it was the other side of the house in control and they had open Pandora’s Box…you would be laughing and saying, “Look at the greedy idiots, they had everything perfect and they opened Pandora’s Box. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” But since it was Porsche, you want to blame it on the Box, the twist. Get over it….her game move….her decision….her screw up.


There’s never been a Pandora’s box that has had such a significant impact on the entire game. I guess Porsche’s at fault for not being able to read the future.


Yeah Porsche & Kaila. Can’t wait to vote either of two. Kaila, stop complaining and making deals with Jordan & Rachel. Your going to the Jury House with Porsche. Secondly, Porsche, you can’t buy votes with 10Gs or ask Adam to use the POV on you. You have to earn it for youself. He worked that hard of using the POV and keep himself safety. Adam always stick with Rachel & Jordan to the final 3. Porsche & Kaila, you learned by now POV competition have to fight all the way and earn your safety. Even though, you two lose and no other options is to campaign to keep yourself stay. However, KP has no chance of staying at BB House. So, good luck on KP for campaigning and hopefully one of you will stay and one will go.

Nick B

“Can’t wait to vote either of two.” -WHAT?

“YOU’RE going to jury house with Porsche.” – Who is? Kalia? Porsche isn’t even in jury yet, by the way. Not sure what show you’re watching.

“You can’t buy votes with 10Gs or ask Adam to use the POV on you. You have to earn it for YOURSELF.”- Uh, ok, you do realize this is only the 2nd thing Adam has won all season, right? I also don’t think she ever attempted to buy Adam’s vote just by mentioning Pandora’s Box.

“He worked that hard of using the POV to keep himself safety.” -I think that translates to “He worked hard to get the POV and to keep himself safe.” Yeah, ok, Adam was completely safe this week. He wasn’t going up and even if he was he wasn’t going home. All winning the veto did was force him to out who he was allied with. Smart move, Adam.

“Porsche & Kaila, you learned by now POV competition have to fight all the way and earn your safety.”- I think that translates to “Porsche and Kalia, you should know that you have to fight in the POV’s to earn your safety.” This is both true and a well known fact of the game. Never have I seen it explained so horribly (not to mention in such an awkwardly delusional manner, you do realize Kalia and Porsche will never read this, right)?

Ugh…hats off to you man, every time you post something riddled with grammatical errors and outright jibberish I attempt to decipher it. You always manage to wear me out before I’m finished.

Midwest Fan

The Captain says he went to HS with Jeff.
After reading his comments and listening to Jeff speak, there is no doubt
that the Captain is telling the truth.

Not a PHD student

do you think Captwedgypanties is jealious that pucker lips adam has been kissing jeff’s ass all summer instead of him? Must be tough to watch another guys lips on the ass you want to kiss so badly…….


Then, why you said that I was lying? I’m telling a truth but all you guys bashed me that I didn’t knew him. I’m telling the whole truth. I did went to Ridgewood High School (Norridge,IL) with Jeff.



Nick B

I believe you. In fact, I think that’s why you and Jeff tick me off so bad. I also received a midwest education, and you both make me look bad!


It won’t work on adam if you watch bbad you could tell he already made his mind up not to use it and he would never turn on jordon but kaliah is worse then porche. Last night kaliah didn’t get her way with adam by trying to throw jordon under the bus that she is over bb and doesn’t want to be here ete ete and when she realised he wasn’t going to use it she then went to work on jordon to throw porche under the bus and when that didn’t work she went to her room to cry. She acted like she is the only one that deserves to be there i lost all respect for her last night at least porche acted like a normal person. She keeps saying she is loyal and keeps her word but of the people in the house the all have RJ have been together since week 1 and porche i can’t really blame her she couldn’t play the first 4 weeks and she more or less got kicked out of their allience by jeff so she went to dani who was the only when left. Kaliah deal with jordon wasn’t really much she was way to busy trying to get rid of jeff and brendon to even worry about jordon


I agree but why did Porsche would win things on her own instead of Dani coached? Does she win things on her own without Dani’s help. Too me she more likely to win things the easy with Dani tells her what to do than do things on her own. I used to like her but now she lost all my respect because Porsche should win without Dani telling her. She has to do things for herself. That why I don’t want either Kaila or Porsche to win.

Midwest Fan

Psst …… Dani wasn’t in the BB House when Porsche had her wins.
Did Dani hand Porsche the Clown Shoes?


Adam do NOT use the POV. Kalia needs to get out of this house!
take the final 3 deal with JR.


If Adam does not break up Jordan and Rachel, he is dumber then he looks and this game is Bull.

kalia the hutt

you’re just saying that because the game isn’t going the way you want it to…. let me guess… are you a dani fan?


“Jordan that her and Jeff are like buddies, we aren’t mushy, mushy.”

Someone’s gaydar is a little fuzzy………………………


You think that’s what it is?….I thought he was just keeping options open and dating others….does not want commitment…..with the way he talks down to her I’m surprised she wants him….she really could find someone that treats her better she has a lot going for her…


yes i think he is. I also think jordan is a prude who thinks doing the nasty is “icky”. So they make a perfect platonic couple…………….


Adam, listen to you gut. Don’t used the POV on neither of Kaila or Porsche. They have to earn it for themselves and not buying the way out for votes. Rachel & Jordan have earn themselves to fight hard to make that far to go to the final 3. Adam, you do the right thing but Rachel & Jordan they are fighting for the final 3. Guarantee, JR will go to the final 3 w/Adam. Kaila & Porsche, they don’t deserve to go that far because cockiness & aggrogrance attitude. No, KP have to earn it for themselves. JR already earning it to make it to the final 3. Adam, just listen to your gut or heart tells you. Don’t use the POV on neither of Kaila or Porsche.


hasnt everyone remaining in the house had to fight harder and won more than Jordan, how has she “earned it”. She basically stuck herself up Jeffs ass and road aong doing as he said until he was booted.


Same thing, how did Kaila and Porsche deserve to go to the f3. Dani coached them. Did KP has to do things on their own than having Danielle coaching them. To me, KP are the ones with Dani’s ass. That why, Kaila is going home. Like it or not. That’s my opinion. KP don’t deserve to go that far because of bad strategy play, cockiness, and even aggrogance. That’s the reason Kaila is going to the Jury House on Wedneday & Porsche on Thursday. I’m speaking my opinion. KP don’t deserve to win and they need to go.


she may not have won anything but she has a great social deal and if it wasn’t for jordon i am pretty sure adam would be with KP you have to look at the game of bb as a whole it is not just about winning comps it is also about how well like you are. Rachel learnt that this year last year she was hated by everyone because of her attitude towards the house and when she needed some on her side there was no one so you have to remember if this was strickly about winning then dani, jeff and brendon would still be there and she is so she doing something right


she is where she is because she has “floated” under the radar. She hasnt done anything to stand out. Her whole game has been to sit under Jeffs wing this year, as such she didnt even have to try.

Nick B

You do realize that no matter what, Jeff can’t win this. You also realize you display an obvious bias for certain players that is in no way rooted in logic.


I don’t understand can someone HELP me, if Adam uses his pov on P why will Jordan go on the block?
If he uses it doesn’t that mean he can go on the block?
why are the HG keep saying that if Adam use the pov Jordan has to go on the block


POV winner is always safe no matter what. So adam cant be used as replacement if he changes the noms. So if adam saves porsha, both adam and porsha are safe. So jordan is the only one left to nominate. I hope that helps.

Midwest Fan

Rachel and Adam are safe from going on the Block. She is HOH and he won the POV.
If Adam saves Porsche then there is only one HG available to replace her – Jordan.
Kalia will stay on the Block and Jordan will join her.
Jordan most likely will be the pawn and Kalia will be the one voted out.


becasue if adam using the veto on porche he can’t be put on the block as a veto holder and porche comes down and the only one left is jordon and if adam and porche vote to get rid of her she leaves


Adam is the absolute WORST player in the history of BB……


I beg to differ with you there adam is not the worst player Porsh and kalia are in my opion so stop all the adam bashing and KP are playing for Dani they have not made one decision on their own its what would dani do and they do it. I want a F3 to be Rachel, Jordon and adam they deserve it so now i have said my peace GO JRA WIN THIS THING.


Awwwwwwww. Did we all forget about Lawon already?


What a hilarious picture of cowlia!


And for a while I thought I was the only one who thought Aunt Cowlia the Hutt’s pictures are all unflattering.

Suddenly, Adam looks pretty when sitting next to Kalia. Go, Team Vegas, yo!


Out of all the people who are left, I think Rachel deserves to win. She has won 5 competitions (3 HOHs and 2 POVs). Even though her social game is horrific, she has proven herself a tough competitor and she has been the underdog ever since her “Brennon” left. I hope Jordan, Rachel, and Adam make it to the final 3 and then Rachel wins the last HOH and takes Adam with her because ANYONE (including Kalia) can win against Adam. I LOVE Jordan but I think Jeff and Rachel have been carrying her throughout this season. GO RACHEL! HOPE YOU WIN!!!!


I agree…Rachel for the win. But I think Adam has some game going on. He may be timing his move for the finals. Is he too late? Too early?


I agree i think from the compition point she is the best player left in the house and should win but i do think her teaming up with jordon was a good move because jordon has the best social game i still find it funny how even people in opposite allience go out of their way not to put her up and i think they got adam on there side sole because of jordon.


Ah, the wisdom of the snot master. What exactly does it mean to be unwilling to use the veto because of the deal he made with Rachel and Jordan; yet, to also say that Rachel and Jordan must still earn their way into the final three? By doing what, exactly–eating off of the plates he has wiped with his snot? Yes, he’s playin’ his game alright. Welcome to third place, moron–if you’re lucky.


i saw that snot episode how he blew his nose with paper towels and use the same paper towel to dry the bowl with and wipe the refrigerator and counters with. I made a complaint to CBS about it because he is disgusting and gross. At this time and moment, I could care less what he does with the POV. CBS should evict him anyway for being such a disgusting filthy pig subjecting every one to germs and disease with his snotty rag.


He’s also a booger flicker! They should pay Shelly extra money for keeping the house clean. When she got after Adam for his nasty ways in the toilet, it really grossed me out.


Earn what WTF is he talking about ?? Adam seriously can’t be this lame…..

Midwest Fan

IF ONLY Adam was “playing” for the cameras and not telling the truth to R/J then he and the BB Game
would have some credibility, however, I think Adam’s lameness is the real deal.
He has bought into the J/J fan base 100%, which, IMO, is why he was selected to be on BB13.
Jordan was given several “safety nets” for BB 13. Jeff was her #1 and just in case he failed, she was given
3 more backups.


Adam wants to be a celebrity somewhat like JJ(even though they are F- celebritys) that’s why he is kissing their azz and talking to the cameras like somebody cares


except that they had no idea that former houseguest were going to be on the show and at the begining he was a dick fan

Midwest Fan

BB Production knew BB13 would be Vets vs Newbies. I never said the newbies knew ahead of time.
IMO, during interviews BB Production selected HGs enamored by former HGs.

Adam did say he liked Dick but he, also, said he liked J/J.
When Dick left the show, Adam slipped right over to J/J and has been attached there ever since.


That makes sense, pick a few Hgs out of the 8 that would be too infatuated with those fake celebrities to think for themselves or play for the money, and try everything possible to get one or more of the vets to the finals.. Production earn that money man…


Well it is smart for Adam to stick to his word because if he makes it to final 2 it will look Great to the Jury! but he needs to start winning more if he wants to make it to the final 2


Adumb and Jordumb! HHAHAHHA you are hilarious… i love it! Jordan only won 1 COMP and its because Jeff and Brendon allowed her to win… its sooo dumb how Adam thinks hes deserving of the final 3 when he’s been doing nothing but kissing ass and coasting thru every week… Rachel DEF (hands down) deserve her spot in the final 2


yeah cuz winning POVs and staying loyal is coasting…

He made a deal with Rachel and Jordan and he’s sticking to it.

Midwest Fan

Jeff threw a comp and gave Adam his first “win.”
BTW – Adam is being loyal to Jordan and is foolish to do so. He has no idea just
how little J/J think of him. They have lied to him the entire game.
Adam is going to be crushed when he watches BB13 tapes.


what are you talking abt? Jeff talked crap abt Adam because he thought he was throwing competitions (which he has!) but they have never thrown him under the bus to the other side. As for the POV, he won this one all by himself. All girls or not, this POV he won by himself.

Midwest Fan

Of course, J/J didn’t throw Adam to the other side, why would they?
They were saving that job for themselves and planned on doing it when they were ready.
They had no intention of taking Adam to F3.

Adam was a loyal to them and they used him the entire time. Adam did whatever J/J wanted him to do.
BTW – if you read my post, I stated that Adam won this comp but it was his first win. Jeff gave him the other one.


I agree…many people say Adam has no game, but his game is a social one…he threw competitions to fly under the radar, he has befriended everyone in the house (the HG’s still don’t even know who’s side he is on), he is almost ALWAYS the deciding vote, because don’t know HOW he will vote, and he has won POV’s when he has needed to…in my opinion, although he hasn’t won many competitions, Adam is playing one hell of a game, just not the type of GAME people want to see…He is playing a very social game…as far as Jordan goes, I agree, she is useless and hasn’t done a single thing to deserve final 2, or even final 3…all she has done is coast by on Jeff, and then Rachel, and she KNOWS it…I have wanted Rachel to win since she came back in the house, and even moreso now…she has had a target on her back all season, has been nominated 4 times, and has had to fight for her life all season…if anyone deserves to win, it’s her!!


My thoughts exactly. Adam and jordan do NOT deserve to win or even be in final 3. Or even be on big brother for that matter. How adam got on BB is beyond me.


Out of all the remaining HG’s Jordan is the one who does not deserved to be there and has not “earned” it!!!

Why is he protecting her????? Adam has to be gay..why is he so afraid of Jeff an

Out of all of the Semen his swam fastest…SMH Adam will go down as THE WORST player in BB History


OMG really!!!! Adam picked a side and stuck to his word who would have thought that keeping your word would be a bad thing you may not like jordon which clearly you are bias to her for some reason but he picked a side and she did win 1 hoh and you may say oh jeff and brendon gave it to her but at that point she had already kicked out the rest of the house. Also she got a 3 so who is to say that if jeff or brendon would have even beaten her. I know it is hard comcept considering your bias but she may have still won since she was doing pretty good. Also adam has been in an allience with the vets for most of the game they have covered him a lot so i get why him siding with KP is such a “big move” all it would do is show that he can’t keep his word and made a dumb move because he has a better shot of beating RJ then KP and he will be more respected for keeping his word.


everything that kailia tell jordan she is going to tell rachel / why klailia so stupid telling jordan how she really feels including what rachel said to her, about being dani master


Porsche’s doing the same thing with Rachel lol. Kalia and Porsche are throwing each other under the bus and it’s hilarious.


She is trying to show she is an indivual player and that her moves are not to avendge dani and that is why they should keep her she is trying to play on jordons kindness so she figures since RJ are sticking together and won’t go against each other if she can convince jordon who she thinks is the easier target then Jordon will convince Rachel


with that thinking I hope he wins hoh next week. I can handle a final three of RJA.


that’s exactly how I feel but maybe not so harsh. lol

if I had a face like Shelly's I'd.....

No matter what Kalia says she will be remembered as Dani’s slave….


I’m looking forward to Eviction night to see what really happens. I hope CBS will get new production team that can creativity bring big brother to the higher level of entertainment. I think the HG should have to compete to earn a spot on big brother.

Midwest Fan

I agree, however just wait until BB14 begins with a promo like –

“Hey BB FANS! Big Brother is back and BB14 is going to be more exciting
than ever. Surprises at every turn, including HGs. Get Ready for
a fast paced season as we welcome back Jeff and Jordan with their shared
appendage, Adam. Can these two love birds and their addition WIN this year?
Remember $howmance Fans, BB doesn’t air when the Jerry Springer Show is
on, so there is no need to worry about seeing everything.”

Sign up for the Live Feeds too! Worth every penny. “Go Fish!!”

kalia the hutt

and the funny thing is, the people whining about how the show is going down the drain will still watch it…. and complain some more.

Midwest Fan

Have you liked having Vets, Vets as Couples no less, and Newbies this season?
I sure haven’t.
IMO, play an All Star BB or an all Newbie BB.


Adam…2nd place is better then no money at all. There is no way you would have enough votes for 1st place with either R or J. If you were to take P or K to the final two, he would win 1st place hands down. Don’t know what that man is thinking!!!!!!!


he thinking he still has to get to 2nd chair and if he keeps KP he won’t it will be KP at the end that is what he is thinking. Also it is hard to predict how the jury will vote. Jessie voted agains natiale in jordon’s season and jeff was the reason he left and nataile and him were partners through the whole so you can never predict the jury votes but he has win the final hoh for him to get to that point and i guessing he would rather be with jordon then with kaliah


might not have earned much in comps but has played a good social game keeping himself safe. Jordan hasearned less so by your opinion of earning the spot, she should get booted


Kalia calling out Dani for being a punk after she just threw both Porsche and Jordan under the bus is priceless. And then saying she always had Jeff and Jordan in the back of her mind? Like when she put him on the block and then voted him out? And only hours ago she tried to convince Adam to send Jordan home this week “because she doesn’t want to be here, she wants to be with Jeff.”

All this groveling and begging and crying is too funny on the heels of all her comments about it being just a game and saying Jordan and Rachel were being so dramatic when they were crying last week.

She couldn’t have been cockier when Dani was around or when power was on their side of the house but the truth is she was nothing but a minion for someone who will go down in BB history as a terrible player. Dani did the opposite of what she intended. All she proved was that the win her season was all Dick’s doing.


I am going to play devil’s advocate i give dani credit becasue once she got tossed out of the vet allience she did manage to survive and is good a challenges but her social game is horrible which is why she got kick out. Also can’t blame dani for everything dani biggest mistake was going after jeff way to early she should have waited till later in the game (shelly made the same dumb move) she was thinking to far ahead in the game. Then kaliah went and put lawson up instead of rachel another dumb move which made branchel back in the game and even though brendon left again it wasted dani hoh so she couldn’t really make any real move in the game. I think dani team was her worst enemy they did it all by themselves but dani was fighting a losing battle and even if dick was there and made the same dumb move against jeff it would have been the same thing but i don’t think he would have gone after dick. The biggest problem dani had is that she forgot the social part

Midwest Fan



Ugh. This kind of talk drives me nuts. Sending Jeff out of the house was the best move for them, ‘cut the head off the snake’ same thing Jeff did by sending Dani home. And it put them in a perfect position until the pandora’s box BS came along. Dani gave them perfect advise, why shouldn’t they follow it? If I told you not to jump in front of a train would you respond with ‘You’re not the boss of me!” and jump in front of it anyway? Because that’s what you’re saying they should have done.

Nick B

Adam is an idiot! “Everyone wins this game their way and I’m playing my way” BS. You can’t win against Rachel or Jordan, Adam! Get it through your head that you are dead weight in this game!

Uncle Cool

He has the only opportunity he will ever have to become a BB player.

If he does not use the POV, he will be forever known as the most pathetic BB player in history.

Nick B

It is arguable at this time whether Adam would beat Rachel in the final two, but without a doubt he loses to Jordan:

Rachel/Brendon/Jeff/Shelly = a lock for Jordan to win against Adam

But against Kalia or Porsche? I think Adam beats them both. He’d have Rachel/Jeff/Jordan/Brendon/Shelly.

His decision, logically, is clear.

Final 3 with RJ means getting to the final 2 with them gives him MAYBE a 50% chance at 1/2 million.
Final 3 with KP means getting to the final 2 with them gives him A PRACTICALLY GUARANTEED 100% chance at 1/2 million.


you really need to stop being bias agains jordon using the veto doesn’t help him at all but it will hurt him if he takes PK to the final he won’t win against them and even if he gets to F2 somehow which i doubt since he lied to the vets he won’t get their votes and becasue all 4 would be in the jury house so there really is no advantage so how is screwing himself a good game move exactly?

Nick B

HI, did you even read my post? Nothing negative about Jordan. Simply stating facts: Jordan beats Adam in final 2.

Stated opinion: Rachel likely beats Adam in final 2.

Common sense: Why take either to the final 2.

You just don’t like any scenario painted that involves Jordan’s eviction. Guess what dear, the world won’t end when blondie walks out the door without a wad of cash she didn’t earn. Get over it.


Usually the jury votes based on game play.
If this is the case this year:
Jordan should not win
Adam should not win
as neither of them has done anything except twirl their hair and fantasize about Tori Spelling
Kalia made some really stupid moves – putting up Lawon instead of Jordan.
Porscha is only slightly better than Kalia .
As much as it pains me to say this, as I truly dislike Rachoe. She is the most deserving to win f those left in the game at this point.


the last couple of years, it seems like they have been voting personal


…because she’s won competitions?

Who ever said winning stuff is better than having a social game or being loyal? It’s just annoying how if someone’s tactic is to stick to a side, they automatically have bad gameplay and don’t deserve to win.


People, people, people.

Why should Adam use the POV? Porsche and Kalia have proved how quick they can throw their own team under the bus. They were the first newbies to jump ship! Rachel and Jordan have proved they’re loyal by sticking to a side. No matter what side he picks, neither side (Porsche/kalia and Rachel/jordan) would take him to F2 so his best bet is to go with the side that will most likely take him to f3, and that’s rachel and Jordan.

No matter what side he picks, he’ll HAVE to win the final HOH to be in F2. No matter what side he picks, he’s pretty much playing for 50,000 dollars right now. So, those aren’t good reasons for him to use the freaking veto.


I agree it is really annoying that by sticking to an allience he has been with since week 3 is a bad game move but teaming up with kp is somehow good game move. Honestly i think all this is just bias towards RJ this isn’t about game becasue either way he is the one man out but instead of worrying about the jury which won’t matter unless you can get to F2. He has to worry about getting past F3 and he has better shot with RJ it makes no sense the other way


Dani told Dom or Kahlia that the vote was unanimous for Hayden, but that Rachel said that they threw some votes to Lane so it “would be good TV”. Dani laughed scornfully.


Do you think Adam could be Jerry’s son?


I love how Adam finally gets a legit win when he’s down to competing against 3 girls and suddenly he’s king shit and everybody else needs to ‘earn their spot’. I guess he was taking douchebag lessons from big jeff while he was under his wing. Next thing you know he’ll be yelling at people and trying to intimidate them.

Midwest Fan


Your posts are Spot On.

Casual Observer

Skulk, I like the way you think! LMAO


Please BB give J&R their checks now & not even wait until next wk! Adam is the dumbest player in BB history! WTF does he mean they have to earn their spot in the final 3 he hasn’t earned a damn thing either!! Jeff is gone & his lips are still glued to his ass via Jordan, if Porsche is still there after this wk he btr hope she doesn’t win HOH & if she does she needs to put his lame ass on the block along with Jordan then she had the nerve to say Porsche doesn’t deserve to win anything well neither does she!! At this point I would rather see Rachael win although not a fan of hers but she’s improved a lil since Brendan’s been gone, please anybody win but J&A…why do these ppl keep letting Jordan hang around is beyond me….they can’t win against her!!! These are the dumbest group of HG i’ve seen in all of my days of watching BB!!! Adam going to feel dumb when he sees the tapes he is such as dumb ass!!!!


Come KP, seriously Adam would never make a dumb move and keep the nomination the same. Kaila, stop crying over nothing and make a sympathy vote to stay. Beside, do you remember that Dani told you to put Rachel & Jeff on the block and went backfired!!!!!! Secondly, Kaila have decided vote to get rid of Jeff Adam’s workout buddy. And also why would you spread lies that Jordan don’t want to be here. Come on use your common sense, in the Jury House Jeff says Jordan will pull this off again just like BB11. Jordan will be fine. She can do it and try her hardest. Even Rachel handle things without Brendon with 3 HOH’s & 2 POVs to her belt (5 HOH’s & 2 POVs). She did a great Job. Jordan did tried her hardest with 1 HOH & 1 POV (Porsche open the pandora box with Duo twist; 3 HOH’s & 2 POV’s). That’s more impressive. Porsche have 1 HOH & 1 POV doesn’t mean anything KP don’t deserve anything & being coattail with Dani. That why Adam don’t make more mistake like Shelly did. Just stick with the Veterans. You can’t win against KP, they have to win competition with Dani’s help. They have to win it on their own without their help of Dani. That why Adam. Don’t use the POV on neither of two.


Uhm, I’m so glad you got that out of your system, DR.


Rachel deserves to win BB13…hands down…she hasn’t rode anyones coat tails, she survived her 6 comp losing streak, she’s played a smart social game, her actions speak louder than words(winning HOH and POV when needed, albeit with help from production, but still won)…

Jordo on the other hand has played the entitlement game, and I cannot beleive Rachel has not seen through this. She knows she has to carry Jordo…I guess she doesn’t know it but she is now a crowd favorate and can be everyone left but Jordo in votes…If Jordo wins that would be sad but I hope $500k last a long time, because she and Jeff are done as far as public opinion goes…Entertainment industry will not align themselves with bigots, bullies and homophobes. She will be treated a whole lot differently than before, goodbye sweetness, she will now be known as a bigoted, homophobe, kkk supporting, selfish, idiotic, mean spirited bitch. and Good for her, I hope $500k last a long time or its back to the salon and krispy kreme.


i would love for rachel to win. don’t want jordan in the mix at all. What is this about the KKK? Is she or her family members KKK?


That is the most unintelligent thing on this board i have heard from anyone have some manners obviously you have something against the girl but think before you speak and know what you are talking about. As for jordon she may not have won anything but she has played a good social game and is liked which has helped rachel out because how do you think they got adam on their side since he is not a fan of rachels and she knows it which is why she keeps sending jordon to talk to him


what are you talking about. I asked was she a member of the KKK because the previous poster suggested it. stop defending Jordan so much and learn how to read


Your comments are nasty, and was wondering what kind of a person you are to say those things. You don’t know anything about the players only what you see on this show. Who are you to say what people will think of JJ after this show is over. Don’t get so involved in BB, get a life.


I’m not saying that wikipedia is the authority of any topic, but it does give a good understanding. I looked up “Big Brother”, and found it rather interesting regarding the “game”. There are a lot of elements and/or dynamics about the game that we the watchers don’t always take into account. We tend to validate our opinions based on winning competitions and playing the social game, but there is so much more. Watch and look at how people handle the different situations thrown at them, both good and bad. Do they overplay too much and too soon? (Dani and Shelley) Do they try to “run the show” (Jeff), or do they think they’re the only ones who know how to play the game? (Rachel and Brendon) Do they have trouble making a decision? (Adam) Do they allow others to manipulate their actions and behaviors? (Porche and Kalia). Do you start out under the radar, and then kick up your game towards the end? (Porche, Adam, Jordan) Do you win gracefully or throw it in people’s faces? How well do you handle defeat? Are you trustworthy and good to your word? Are you a team player and build up others’ confidence, or do you rally and try to destroy anyone in your way? Do you need to change and alter your game play throughout based on others’ game plays and outcomes of comps?How do you actually win the game and still have people feel like you’re “earned” it? I absolutely love BB and find it very interesting to watch how people behave living under these circumstances. I’d say it is definitely tougher than it looks and Kudos to those that are still in the game however they got there. I’ve also enjoyed reading a lot of thoughtful comments that truly reflect the love of the game. Best of luck to the HGs still playing.


in my opinion shelly made the right decision at the right time. jeff was beginning to run that house and he and jordan would have skated to the finals. as a matter of fact, jordan should have been gone before the jury house. they truly should have been splint up long time ago.


sp. split up


It was bad timing because they didn’t have the votes to send him out. She knew that. If Rachel or Adam would’ve been 100% on board, then it would have been a perfect move. Ultimately, she turned on him for no reason, and went home because of it.


People forget that it isn’t all about winning 25 percent winning 75 percent social if you can get the house to like you then chance are you will stay longer


For a while, I also thought Adam was a bad player but a nice guy. However, people talk about how good a player Dani, Jeff, and Brendan are, yet they have already lost and he is still in the game. It seems this season, he is a better player than they are. He is not good at comps. He is good at a social game. He is not a liar and he knows it and so do the other houseguests. I think they respect him for being nice, respectful, and not a natural born liar. Adam appears to know himself and he has studied the game by watching closely every season. I do not know what he has or hasn’t thrown.

He is nice guy. People laugh at that, but the ones laughing hardest are in the jury house or on their way. Kalia and Porche are still playing by what Dani told them. Dani lost her season and came in second. She has not won 1st ever! Maybe she was not the best person to listen to. Second place is good, but no where as good as first. If Adam went to final 2 with either Rachel or Porsche or Kalia (if she stays,) he has a good chance at first. Dani has no social game because she plays a game of exclusion. You are her friend or her enemy. She loves to think she is a “popular” girl and only picks a few people to be her friend. She forgets, all of them are well out of High School. She did the same thing her season, when she was 2nd place, the first loser.

Adam would get 1st place against Rachel, Porche or Kalia.

Against Rachel, I think the votes would be:

Rachel J/J/B/
Adam D/K/P/S

Against Porsche:

Porsche D/K/
Adam J/J/B/R/S

Against Kalia:

Kalia D/P/
Adam J/J/B/R/S

Against Jordan:

Jordan J/R/B/S
Adam P/K/D

Shelly would vote whichever way she thinks will make firends. She may vote for Rachel to win but I doubt it.

Nick B

LOL, I submitted a similar post just now…the only difference is I do think Adam loses against Rachel. All of our other predictions are the same…which only further proves Adam needs to use this veto and save the two women he stands a chance to beat at the end.

Nick B

Adam is an idiot. He won’t win against Rachel or Jordan:

Brendon/Jeff/Dani/Kalia will vote for Rachel
Brendon/Jeff/Kalia/Shelly will vote for Jordan

Now, if Adam would use some rarely available to him common sense:

Adam vs. Porsche or Kalia

Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Rachel/Brendon will all vote for Adam

Adam is not only a terrible player. His decision to not use the veto right now could very well be a 500,000 dollar mistake.


I disagree with this. If Adam throws Rachel and Jordan under the bus, he will not get their votes. Jordan would vote Kalia over him and Rachel would vote Porsche over him. His best bet is having Jordan and Porsche in final 3.

Nick B

Nah. I can see Rachel voting Porsche, maybe, but he’ll never lose Jeff and Jordan’s votes to the people that nominated Jeff and refused to use the veto to save him. Jordan does what Jeff tells her to, and he’ll want Adam to win over either of those girls. His ego would never allow him to vote one of Dani’s allies the victor.

I know, I know, it sucks. But you know it’s true.


I will give you he may have a better shot at beating Porche or Kaliah if he was to get to the F2 but if he took those too to the F3 i don’t think he would make it to the final 2. I think that if he uses the veto and takes jordon out and then rachel goes they would beat adam hands down. I think he wants to keep his word to jordon and i respect that and thinks he has a shot of beating her and then he can pick who he wants to go to the final 2. Everyone is taking about the votes but if he screws over RJ do you really think he will get their votes? and do you really think he could beat PK at the final 3 to make it to the final 2 i doubt it


The only way Adam or Jordan can win is if kalia is evicted this week, porshe is evicted next week and Adam wins the final three compatition and takes Jordan to the Final 2. Neither Jordan or Adam can win against Rachel.

Midwest Fan

Jordan wants to know when she is going to finally meet Big Brother.


Adam want to be in final 3 with Porshe and Jordan…he thinks he can beat either in the Jury……he will not use Veto since he feels it is Kalia going home anyway…which is what he wants…..He really is spineless….and most of his game had been without much of a plan….but like Jordan last season he was seen as no threat, so he got thru…..J wants P gone because she fears Adam might take P to F2, instead of J since he knows J already has the vets votes….The only think standing in A’s way is R should she win POV next week…If P wins next HOH…she will put up J and R…..they will vote out R…..A will thow the comp if it looks like P is winning…


Everyone makes fun of Adam and says he is the worst player ever. He might be but, I really like him. I hope that Kalia goes home. I can not listen to her talk and talk and talk anymore. It is so nice when she is crying in her bed and other people can talk without her talking over them. The girl does not stop. Also, I would love to see the look on Dani ‘s face when she sees Kalia walk in the jury house. Dani is a rude girl and I hope Jeff and Brenden are crop dusting her out of every room in the jury house.


Adam isn’t the worst player ever. Everyone is just saying that because he’s a superfan, and they expect him to have won 4 HOH’s and 7 POV’s. There are dozens of players worse than Adam who have walked through those doors.