Big Brother Spoilers: Adam says Porsche asked him if he won the veto ..would he use it on her? Adam says that he told her to win it herself! *Updated*

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This Big Brother Spoilers update encompass what happened in the BB house on September 3rd from 5:30pm PST to 7:35pm. They have just been visited by Tori Spelling and the hosueguests are busy talking about the experience. Adam is pretty happy about meeting his idle. Rachel, Adam, Porsche, Kalia and Jordan are left in the house.

5:30pm Kalia, Rachel, Jordan and Adam are talking about Tori Spelling. They talk and laugh about random stuff like comparing Big Brother to Survivor. Rachel starts talking about her season. The fortune teller starts to move and the eyes light up. Adam says DUDE LOOK SHE’S MOVING. Rachel yells tell us something?? Do something? What that’s it?! Adam says maybe we’re getting closer to it doing something? They wonder if big brother can control it? They talk about how there are wires running under the wall so that production can control it. Adam asks the fortune teller if Jessie is coming back into the house again?! Jordan talks talking about her season when production was scaring them from behind the walls. Rachel gets called to the diary room and says tell me if she says anything… Kalia says that its too late in the game for anyone to get any special powers. Adam is in the living room dancing for no reason.

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5:50pm – 6pm Kalia, Porsche and Jordan are in the purple room talking about random stuff and hanging out. Kalia leaves to go do her nails. Porsche and Jordan talk about the POV competition. Jordan says that its really a competition that anyone can win. Adam joins them again. They continue to talk about the competition. Porsche says that she saw a couple of dicks … she laughs and says it again ..I saw a couple of dicks. Adam, Porsche, Kalia and Jordan are talking about the competition. They how each one of them did and what order they got parts of the competition completed. Porsche says that all of us are going to get freaked out by strangers once we get out of here. Kalia says she is going to get anxiety every time she hears construction. Adam jokes that he will ask people if they voted yet. Porsche says that she kind of wants to nap but she doesn’t want to miss the fortune teller doing something. Adam tells her that it won’t do anything else. Jordan says that production just turned it on because we are all in here and they’re laughing at us.

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6pm – 6:20pm Adam goes to the kitchen and puts his ear up to the backyard door to listen if he can hear them in the backyard. Then he tries to look through the kitchen windows. Porsche leaves the purple room to go take a nap. Porsche tells them to wake her up for show time. Adam tells her that she has three hours. Rachel gets out of the diary room and comes into the purple room and asks if the fortune teller did anything else. They say no. Adam asks her if it ever did that for her before. Rachel says that it did but that Dani turned it on from the back. Rachel shows Adam the on / off switch and Big Brother tells them to stop that as they pull the fortune teller out from the wall. Big Brother cuts the live feeds. When the live feeds come back, Jordan is talking about the alien faces from her season. Jordan says that she thinks the face morph competition will be the houseguests faces with the fortune teller. Adam, Jordan and Rachel talk about how Adam gave Jordan Fara’s necklace and said that if he uses the veto she can keep it. Adam explains what he said to Porshce and Kalia about how and why he isn’t going to use the veto on them. Adam says that Porsche asked him if he won the veto ..would he use it on her .. Adam says that he told her to win it herself. Rachel asks if it should be Porsche that they keep this week. Adam says that we are at a point in the game were you have to earn your spot.. you want to stay go out and earn the right. Adam says that he thinks voting out Kalia is the best way to go …that is how he is voting.. and says she voted me out … BLANK her. Rachel says that next week I am going to win the veto. Adam says that Porsche will be easier to beat than Kalia. Jordan says that they don’t know we have your back 100%. Jordan tells Adam thank you for not using the veto ..I appreciate it! Adam says that he felt horrible when he wasn’t there for them when they were at their lowest.

6:20pm – 6:45pm Adam says Porsche asked him if he won the veto ..would he use it on her? Adam says that he told her to win it herself. Adam tells Jordan and Rachel that they call the shots …whatever they want to do.. he is voting to evict Kalia. Adam says that Porsche will be easier to beat than Kalia. Rachel says that Kalia played the game for Dani which is stupid. Rachel says that she is worried that if Kalia makes it to the final questions she will win. They talk about Shelly and how she lied and manipulated everyone in the house. They talk about Shelly’s speech to Jordan and Rachel. Adam says that was too little too late ..and if she lied through the whole game ..who says she isn’t now. They talk about how Jordan called Shelly a BLANK. Jordan says that she doesn’t remember saying that to her. Rachel says yeah it totally wasn’t in your character.

6:50pm Adam goes to the camera by the backyard door and begs and pleads for them to open up the backyard so that he can go out and smoke. Adam then does a little dance and nothing happens. Adam goes to the purple room and tells them that he was just pleading for them to open up the backyard and that he did a dance and nothing. Big Brother cuts the live feeds… when the live feeds come back Adam is out in the backyard. Looks like his begging and little dance did the trick.

7pm Kalia and Porsche are talking in the candy room. Kalia is talking about what she can say to Adam to get him to use the veto. Kalia says that she will tell him to use it because America loves under dogs and big moves like flipping the house. Kalia says that we the newbies have been the underdogs all season. Kalia says that then the three of us can battle it out like we always do… Kalia tells Porsche that it will be stupid for Adam to vote out one of his own alliance …he will be gone next. Kalia heads out into the backyard. Porsche goes back to sleep.

7:15pm – 7:35pm Out in the backyard, Rachel, Jordan, Kalia and Adam are hanging out talking about Rachel and Jordan’s spots on The Bold and the Beautiful. Adam goes in and tells Porsche that the back door is open. Porsche says that she will be out in a little bit. In the backyard, Jordan, Kalia and Rachel continue to talk about reading lines for a tv show. Jordan says that their goal is to get Kalia on American Idol or the X-factor. They continue to talk about American Idol singers and other music stars.. The conversation changes to talking about teeth and braces.

7:35pm – 8pm They continue to talk about random stuff… then Rachel says that she wonders why the fortune teller went off tonight. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back, Kalia is talk and laughing about how they need to evict the fortune teller because she has done nothing this whole season. Kalia says that when it moves everyone runs in there …she needs to go. They talk about how in the beginning they thought it was going to give them something like a special power ..but that now its too late in the season for that to happen. Kalia says that she took the fortune tellers ring because she thought it would have magical powers or something …then put it back saying that she was stupid for thinking that would be anything. They talk about how Shelly made time markers in the backyard for the sun just in case there was a time competition. They start talking about Shelly and all the crap she pulled and said behind their backs. Rachel says that someone told her that Shelly was going to throw away her puppy. Kalia says yeah she was going to… Jordan is shocked. Rachel says that Shelly is a 41 year old mother and she is taking peoples things. Rachel starts talking about why she had suck a problem with Cassi.

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Shelly's shell

Super sexy rachel babe FTW YO


Boo ya (:


Barf!! yuck!!

Shelly's shell

it’s ok we know you’re into keliah!


awww yeaaaa!!!


I thought Rachel was sexy last season, now I can’t even look at her. I don’t know why


Rachel is sooo gross looking eww…she’s a butterface.


These people make my head hurt. Adam talking all tough because he finally won a comp? Rachel saying Kalia is trying to win it for Dani (I’m pretty sure she’s trying to win the money for herself). They’re all taking crazy pills.


Adam’s prancing around like a peacock. He really feels self-accomplished. It’s funny.


Agree! The crazy pills would explain R! I’m certain, however, that she’s been self-medicating for years.


Adam and Jordan are the worse players of this season. Adam finally wins something when the numbers are so reduced that it’s practically the same as handing him a victory now he wants to act as if he’s actually done something.

He does not stand a chance against Rachel or Jordan in the finals nor does he deserve to be there.

Julia Christine

lol so boring nobody even wants to comment.. adam is pathetic


Adam needs to take Porch to the end – that’s his only shot at winning


brendon -adam
jeff -adam
jordan – adam
rachel – adam

shelly-porch?(Adam was her smoking buddy so who knows)

but Adam didn’t do anything except throw all the competitions
he HAD to win POV since his tushi was on the line (Rachel would have no choice but to put him up as a replacement)
now he’s safe, and he’s not going to use it on K/P, just because…..
he doesn’t know what he’s doing….he’s a 40+ years old child
and it looks like the final two are JORDAN and RACHEL!!!!!!!! yuuuupppeeee!!!


Jeff- Jordan
Adam- Jordan
Porch- Jordan(wouldn’t want Rachel to win Porch is too envious of others)
Shelly- Jordan(just to make up for all the lies-as a friendship token blah blah and blah)

Kalia- Rachel(still not sure about this one)
Dani-Rachel (still not sure)
Brendon-Rachel (definitely sure)

predictions predictions

bb13 is making me sleepy


Jury votes(just my thinking)
Kalia vs Porsche
Kalia wins no doubt
Kalia vs Rachel
Rachel wins 70 percent confident
Kalia vs Jordan
Jordan wins 60 percent confident
Rachel vs Jordan
Rachel wins 59 percent confident
Jordan vs Porsche
Jordan wins 60 percent confident
Adam vs Kalia
Kalia wins no doubt
Adam vs Porsche
Porsche wins 60 percent
Adam vs Rachel
Rachel wins 55 percent confident
Adam vs Jordan
Jordan wins 55 percent confident

Kalia and Porsche seem they want to take each other to the last 2 spots. With rachel and jordan, even though they are jochel. Rachel has mentioned once she thinks jordan could win if she got to final 2. And if jordan doesn’t win another hoh comp with her deciding final 2. I could easily see her taking adam to better the chance of her winning the money.


If Jordan screwed over Rachel by taking Adam to final two, Jordan would LOSE. Rachel and Brendon would very likely vote for Adam to win because they’d be angry and betrayed. The newbies would vote for Adam. Daniele might vote for Adam. It would be dumb of Jordan to choose Adam over Rachel.


Adam is such a tool.


I swear If it’s a fortune teller morph comp like Jordan said I’m done with BB!


Oh no! What will CBS do if you don’t watch????


Probably make him a zombie like you idiot


Stupid ass Jordan, shes worthless. And adam is digusting, i cant stand him.


Jordan and Adam are nice, honest and loyal – must not be traits that you find admirable.


Funny how Kalia and Porche’s argument is that the newbies have been underdogs the whole season when the first one’s to jump ship and vote with the vets were Kalia and Porche. Adam was stung by them the first voting.


Fortune Teller turning on when they started talking about Rachels Season….hmmmm……by bet is that next comp will be regarding that!!!……and for all you conspiracy junkies out there….just another way for production to try and help the vets, lol


Finally, Adam is smart enough of not using the Veto. Porsche and Kaila, you don’t ask Adam to use the POV neither of you. You two have to earn it for yourselves to remove from the block. Adam earn it for himself. Rachel & Jordan has your back not Kaila & Porsche. Look what did Kaila and Porsche did? They pretend to be your friend. Rachel & Jordan always supporting you 100% and even though Rachel & Jeff on the block. Your tough decision of keep Jeff over Rachel. But look at Kaila, she evicted your Workout buddy. Kaila and Porsche was never your friend. You will earn it and true color of fighting hard and win. Just like Rachel and Jordan. JR fight hard scratch, clawed, and fight there way to the end. So it’s official: JRA final 3.

production rigged it

oh yeah just like adam earned it when he asked jeff to throw him the cornhole pov


GROW A PAIR ADAM! if you take porsche down then jordan leaves and its everyone vs. rachel and you have a way better chance to make final 3! if you keep noms. the same and then who ever doesnt win leave wins HoH you will be screwed because rachel and jordan would never pick you over each other! i was starting to like you but then i remembered you only came to kiss jeff and jordans ass and push them farther. i wish shelly stayed.


He can’t Little Jeffrey too his balls with him to Jury and is holding them hostage so Adam and continue to carry Jordan as far as he can

Head of Household

Lol, its gonna be Porche against the house now…either way he’d be in final three…


he probably wants to work with porsche and go to the final 2 with her


LOL WHAT??? Umm of course both R and J would pick Adam over each other for Final 2 because it is a 100% stone cold guaranteed win versus that big dummy Adam. Just think for a second–why in the world would Rachel take Jordan who already won the game playing the exact same way 2 years ago over this loser Adam? And why in the world would Jordan take Rachel who has been an absolute beast in comps this year when many in the jury are looking to pick a winner that has played strong all the way and not a floater like Adam?? J v A F2 is two weak players but the jury all like Jordan more.

Basically Adam is cutting his own throat by choosing 2 popular strong vets for F2 instead of the 2 equally weak newbies for F2–he is just way over the top with this loyalty garbage to the end and deserves to lose. If he actually made this HUGE move he could win the 500K, but no guts, no brains, no glory Adumb.

And I am clearly not a PK fan as my username might indicate–I just want smart gameplay and Adam has been the opposite of that for 2 months.


Make fun of Adam all you want but he’s guaranteed final 3 and has been since there were 8 left! That’s not so dumb a game in my book. I do agree He’s an idiot but he’s a likable idiot!


But you don’t win any money for third place, which is what he will get if he is final 3 with Rachel and Jordan. He can only win next to Kahlia and maybe Porsche.

kalia the hutt

if the jury votes for who has accomplished more in the game… adam would probably have a better chance against jordan. he wouldn’t even stand a chance against Kalia.


I don’t know, it’s a stretch, but if who ever is sitting across from Kalia brings up the Lawon fiasco, she could be toast. I really do admire how she could snag a HOH when it was needed most, but she also made arguably the biggest error of the season. JMO, but she’s possibly the only one Adam could beat….just by a hair.

I’ll choke on bile if it happens though.


if he gets kalia out, porsche will probably take him to final 2


Likeable? Yes. An idiot? No. He comes across as sincere and quirky – seems he would be fun to hang out with – he wouldn’t stab you in the back.


Rachel could be in trouble this week, she can’t play in the HOH, and it’s going to be Adam vs Porsche. Neither want Rachel in the final 3. She has to win the veto to stay alive.

production rigged it

adam’s been hanging around jordan too long because he’s as dumb as she is now, why would u not use the veto & vote her out then go to final 3 with PK at least u would hav a chance to win u moron, do u think RJ r gonna take u to final 2 no & even if u get lucky & make it with 1 of them u still won’t win because u didn’t hav the guts to do anything big in the game all u did was go back & forth & let everybody else do the dirty work way to go Adam “The Gutless Coward”


I think we were separated at birth; another voice of reason!

Well said bro!


Adam has done no game moves this season, NONE.. jeff/dani deserve to take his place. Kalias dumbass should have nominated him the first time so brendan could have won and he could have been evicted.


Go Rachel!!!


I don’t understand Adam. He does realize that Jordan and Rachel won’t take him to the final 2. Even if one did he would be playing for 2nd place. Why not try to win? He has to know the only person he has a chance against is Porsche. Why not try to win?


To any logical thinking competitor, your point would make complete sense. However, you’re assuming Adumb is capable of thinking for himself. He checked his brains and balls at the door as soon the Vets entered the house.

Meaghan R.

He’s too much of a fan. He doesn’t see Jeff and Jordan as competition; he sees them as his idols. In his fantasy world, he’ll lose $500,000 and $50,000 but he’ll gain BFFs. He is going to be so hurt when he gets out of that house and finds out what they truly thought about him and what they were saying behind his back.

Midwest Fan

Absolutely true.


The only time jeff/jordan really said anything mean about Adam was when Adam kept seeking affirmation continually…I believe the worst thing they called him was a bozo…if that’s the worst thing someone called me I would be okay with that! Also for the record I like Jeff/Jordan but I’m not necessarily rooting for them so I am not an obsessed je/jo fan!


do you realize porsche and kalia won’t take him either

Russell K's baby momma

They should have brought Dick back instead of Jesse. Its official, Khalia is going home!


Dick is not up and around, he just had emergency gall bladder surgery.


I can forgive Jordan for being so dumb, but her constant delusions and hating is too obnoxious to ignore.

She’s clearly jealous/afraid of Porsche, a very bad sport and kind of a bad person.

I hope we never have to tolerate her on TV again unless it’s some after school special about the mentally handicapped (which she is).


You come across sounding jealous. Think about it.


At this point the only hope I can cling to is that Porsche wins the next HoH and Adam doesn’t win POV.


I hope Porsche does win it and when Adam comes groveling, she tells him that players have earn her respect via their actions (or stick it where the sun don’t shine, would do well too).

Wouldn’t be good game play, but very, very satisfying.


porsche won’t say that, she will need to be sitting next to adam to win


LOL, how can Porsche win it? Adam already DID!


We were speaking of Porsche winning the next HOH. Adam won this week’s POV. It is dependent on whether or not Porsche is sent home this vote or Kalia. HOH will probably not happen until next Thursday, unless I’ve misunderstood your statement.


“Kalia says that its too late in the game for anyone to get any special powers.”

Wait til Kalia or Porsche wins HOH, and watch a power shoot out her mouth into JR hands


lmfao the power would allow them evict the current HOH and keep JR safe until the final two lol


Pretty stupid thing to say when a twist at final 6 took the hard earned momentum away from the newbs and gave it back to Rachel and Jordan. I can’t remember a game changing twist awarded this late in the game. I miss the old BB where players were allowed to play the game without production intervening and rigging it to favor their chosen ones. If Rachel or Jordan wins it will be a cheap win, like Boston Rob’s win. They couldn’t do it by themselves without being inserted into the game with useless star struck morons and specially tailored competitions. I would have respected Rob if he stopped after All Stars. I enjoyed watching him melt down on the Amazing Race. LOL


How come no one cried “rigged” when Dani got a gold key when her dad left and Por and Kalia got gold keys that kept them safe for weeks!! Then those that did get evicted got a second chance to come back…AND ALL this hating for goodness sake!! I cant stand Kalia and Por they drive me crazy, but I think I’m mature enough to recognize a game and real life! Adam may not be the best ever bb player…but he’s in the house still! If camera’s followed me all the time there are some days that I would be so embarrassed or I would make incredibly stupid decisions!!! I know I cant change people perceptions but man breath a little bit take a chill pill and enjoy the game as much as possible :))



max ^..^

Not everyone!


not everyone. It’s so annoying when ppl are like “everyone in america this” or “america that”. not everyone shares your opinion..


That’s because she is the golden child. She can use the C word because she is sweet and innocent and her fans think it’s cute when she does things like that. Anyone else would be lynched. Facebook hate pages would go online and death threats would fly. But Jeff and Jordan are exempt from all of that because they are special.


Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!
Best BB13 player that was still active with 13 people remaining. 🙂


I’m with ya there!! The house is seriously lacking without her. Hell, if I were left in the house with RJA, 500K or no 500K, I’d self-evict for self-preservation reasons alone. A’s morphing into Jordumb, and if brains were dynamite, these two combined couldn’t blow a nose.


at this point, i’d be pleased if anyone but jordan or adam won BB. they haven’t really done much! i’m not a rachel fan by any stretch of the imagination, but i can respect that she’s gotten back on track with her gameplay…i’d still like to see her and porsche take this house down!


Extract any reference to R from your comment and I agree with you 100%. I can’t forget what a self-absorbed, egomaniacal, whack job R really is. Her antics during most of this season were disgusting. Even B told her that she needs counseling when he gets out. She’s a ticking time bomb, and regardless of how far she goes in the game or how many comps she wins, she’s still at the top of my list of BB HGs that have contributed to making this season THE MOST PAINFUL BB SEASON EVER TO WATCH!


Agreed, you can tell by those nasty goodbye messages, that she hasn’t changed at all.


All i have to say is I’ll be glad when this season is over with and done. I am very disappointed in the way Allison Grodner has handled this season. I just want things to be won fair and square without all of the favoritisms. Looking forward to the next season and hopefully it will be all newbies with every one having the equal chance to win. Of course, I would love to see All Stars too


Hard to believe, but television stations are in business to make money – not make you happy.


OMG, that’s such an insightful comment. troll along now


this saturday person is horrible troll I hope Simon bans him (her)


thanks guys i’m keeping an eye on them.


I hate to point out the obvious but TV NETWORKS are most certainly in the business of making viewers happy. Happy viewers translates into high ratings, and high ratings equates to increased revenue for Networks. Happy viewers and increased revenue are synonymous with one another as far as networks are concerned.


Bang on!!! The general consensus has been that this season is THE WORST BB SEASON TO-DATE! The combination of vets with newbies (or at least with most of these pathetic newbies) has been a complete disaster.


the worst seasons were 9 and 12


Ugh these players give me a headache. If the final three ends up with it being Rachel, Jordan and Adam it is a high possibility that Adam will be gone (Loose HOH comp and get evicted, etc) and the final two will end up being Rachel and Jordan. If Adam was smart, he would use the POV on Porsche, and Rachel will have no choice but to put up Jordan. And then Porsche and Adam could vote Jordan out. I mean who wants someone who won BB already get that far to winning it again? At least if Jordan is gone the newbs would have somewhat of a chance to make it to the finals. In my opinion Porsche is more deserving to win this season than Jordan. I mean the girl has done nothing. Her HOH was handed to her, and she was only safe during that duo thing because of Rachel. I mean at least Rachel has done stuff to prove she deserves to be there. (Even though I can’t stand the woman with a nine foot pole.) However it doesn’t look like Adam is going to use the POV unless PK somehow manage to convince him. (Doubtful.)


JMO, strategically I think it’s definitely not the way to go. I hope it pans out that way though.


I am soooo frustrated right now… I wish Adam would grow a pair! I wish I could see his face when he watches the episodes on his own, he will regret so much. I don’t care if hes a nice guy hes a jackwagon! Will he ever see through Rachel and Jordon?


LOL @ “dumb & dumber”… That’s a perfect description of those 2 morons.

I love BB but this season is a joke.

Maybe the show has run it’s course.


If this season is any indication of the direction in which this show is going, then I think you may have a point in that it’s run it’s course. I certainly hope, at the very least, that they don’t try another “vets & newbies” season. Poorly thought out & executed, especially having vet couples with newbies (or at least some of the newbies they’ve had on this season).


I think their Newb casting was poor.. I still think a vets/newb concept is good if they get the right people.


Dom, Cassi, Keith were alright. They had actually come to play and their personalities would have been more entertaining compared to the other newbs that were left. And then when there was also eval Dick who would made the season more interesting too. This season actually had potential to be pretty good.


I think Dom and Cassie would have put up more of a fight with the Vets than the others have… too bad they left right away… The newbies they cast were too starstruck and afraid to do anything. I agree with you… it could be a good concept if done better.


Perhaps if 1) there wasn’t a couples vet with newbies, as it gives each vet a 100% secured alliance of at least one and, 2) the got some gutsy, and strategically intelligent newbies. I prefer an all newbies or an all “All Star” season. This season, overall, has been a definite disappointment.


This show is on auto-pilot. CBS doesn’t care to try too hard to make it interesting since they have the ratings. Once the ratings decline, they’ll just cancel it. But this has been one of the worst seasons yet. I find myself skipping most of BBAD.


Right again bro! A very disappointing season. Hitting the BB snooze button!!


Adam is an idiot, he’s finally in a position to make a big game move here, doesn’t he realize he has a better shot if he takes Jordan out, he’ll never win against Jordan in the end. Plus he’s just pathetic to listen to and watch.


Did Adam really ever say that because I didn’t see him say that to Porsche. Anyways Adam thinks he is freaking the best BB contestant ever, just for winning the veto wow.


i don’t get why everyone is saying adam is dumb not using the veto. i get that rachel and jordin will pick each other over him, but kalia and porsche will pick each other over him too. and if he gets to final 2 with kalia or porsche, it’ll be 2 newbies and either one have done more to earn it than adam. but if he gets to final 2 with rachel, he can argue that he’s the only newb to make it and if he gets to final 2 with jordin the same argument works but it’s even better because then she hasn’t done any more than he has. either way with rachel and jordin in the final 2 with him means there are more newbies than vets which are more likely to give it to a newbie. my last argument is with counting dani as a newbie since she seems to hate all the vets and doesn’t want any of them to win since she can’t. i know she said she wanted to see adam in the jury house, but in my personal opinion i think that was a bunch of bs and if it came to adam and a vet she would give it to adam.

max ^..^

i believe short term memory loss happens when one lives in the BB-House


I hope Dani is banging the crap out of Brendan in the jury house. Dani’s best revenge against Rachel.

Russell K's baby momma

Yay! You said what I was thinking! Lmao


Dani is such a renegade she wouldn’t take into consideration she might get Rachel’s STD from Brendan.


Well I mean, everyone knows he’s already cheated on her through cyber-sex on skype. Why wouldn’t he do it this time with a good looking woman like Dani? lol


If Porsche hadn’t drank the haterade along with Dani, Shelly, and Kalia towards Rachel, those two could have been a very powerful alliance.

I think one of Dani’s biggest mistakes was in choosing to work against instead of with Rachel and Brendon. I mean, seriously, Rachel and Brendon didn’t want to see Jeff or Jordan win any money. However, thanks to the stupidity she set in motion is why you have Rachel forming such a strong alliance with Jordumb.

The best alliance in that house could have been Dani, Porsche, Rachel, and Brendon. If Dan hadn’t thought with her clit, instead of her brain over the whole Dom thing, just think how different this game would be right now.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, if Rachel makes it to final 2 with Jordan, I have no idea why some of you think Dani would ever even consider voting for Jordan, when she made it very clear she wasn’t there to sign a check over to Jeff or Jordan.


jordan and Adam have final two I wander if Rachel knows that was said, she needs to try and cover her ass for next week, it will suck if she gets booted next cause she can’t play, these people have gotten lucky enough to get real players out on the week they can’t play hoh, I hope this does not happen to her after saving Jordan twice !!


The things that come out of Kalia’s mouth sometimes. They are talking about American Idol and she is talking about JLo. She says something about she can’t believe JLo is going to tell people if they can sing or not. That JLo can’t sing, they just doctor her voice. She has no talent. Really Kalia and when did you become the music critic?



Midwest Fan


Anyone but Jordan.
Team Dani 4 Life!!!!


Does anyone else hate double eviction like I do, the last ablest two seasons it has taken out my favorite player.


It was also production that kept her in. If it wasn’t for the duo twist, she would be at the jury house already, and a real player, like Shelly, would still be there. Unfortunately, she is making it to final 3. Adam and Porsche will be gunning for Rachel. If Rachel wins POV she will not evict Jordan, so Jordan gets to final 3 no matter what happens.


HAHAHA! A real player like Shelly! Can you tell me how many comps Shelly won? Exactly, none! She was the 2nd worse player this season, i’d even choose Lawon for fan favorite over Shelly because Lawon was hilarious.


Shelly was one of the better players this year.


True. Shelly made a good move but production decided it would be better for their JJ fans if they somehow saved Jordan but also got Shelly out. Low and behold producction adds the duo twist. ears com toward R. Then the only possible pair that could be nominated was SA and you knew what was going to happen then.

For the good and bad players who ever is on top is the better person from that group. Kalis in my opinion is closer to a good player than Lawon according to my scale. Jordan/Adam is worst Brendon/Dani are the best.

Good players:
1. Brendon/Dani
3. Jeff/Rachel
5. Porsche
6. Shelly

Bad players:
7. Kalia
8. Lawon
10. Jordan/Adam

Can’t rank due to limited time (order evicted):
Evel Dick


Shelly schemed and lied and worked her ass off. She had absolutely everyone fooled. She made her move at exactly the right time, and got smacked down by that pandoras box. She won no competitions, but really played the social game hard. She is also the sole reason that Rachel is still in this game. I’m not sure she’ll ever get credit for it though.


please. If they had cast a better newbies cast Shelly would have been caught way sooner. They exposed her as a lier the first time brendon was put up yet no one did anything abt it. The cast was WEAK. Except for Cassi and Keith. They were actually ready to play the game.


if shelly was the best player, she would still be there, dr will and dan would have stayed in the game


will from season 2 and 7 didn’t win any competitions and he won his season and came in 4th in sesaon 7. by all means shelly ain’t no dr but she made social moves. talking both sides getting spreading rumors/info to get them pitted against each other. adam….he doesn’t do anything but kiss the hoh’s ass. he doesn’t really say anything other than agreeing with the hoh. sure both played both sides but at least she was playing a social game vs adam just hiding in the hoh camp and granted shelly got caught and led to her downfall but at least she made moves. it’s not that i have anything against jordan but if kalia won hoh and adam won pov he still wouldn’t do anything. i don’t care what side he is on but he is the worse player ever he has no game move, no opinions of his own, all he does is play follow the leader.




Nobody needs to “chill” he’s responding to your comment. You can make observations and comments but no one else? Don’t say anything if you don’t want a reply


Nasty personal comments are disgusting and even a little disturbing…unless you know the houseguest personally, all you know is what you see on a t.v. show. Are you so sad with your own life that you have make horrible personal comments about someone you don’t even know, just to make yourself feel better? I pity everyone that has disgusting personal comments…sad really.

production rigged it

talk about sad anybody that starts their name with Big like u and jeff now that’s sad usually means they’re compensating for something. my comments r not meant to be personal as in real life they’re just based on the game itself.


Sure she is. Season 11, she got the benefit of Jeff’s coup de’tat, and this year she got the duo twist. If it weren’t for the ‘twists’, she wouldn’t have won a thing.


jordan won her season because she was smart enough to take natalie to final 2, natalie didn’t play the game any better, she rode jessie’s coattails, then chima’s and then kevin’s


Simon I thought it was agreed that people who wrote comments on here weren’t supposed to bash EACH OTHER? jus sayin read saturdays comments they are all nasty retorts back to peoples comments 🙁


Sorry.. i haven’t been filtering them as closely today.

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Rachel is NOT my favorite but I have to admit that she has fought pretty fn hard. She probably deserves tobwin!

production rigged it

same boring comment from a typical jordan fan u people need to come up with some new material.

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I agree.
Jordan and Jeff have a “Jerry Springer” – like Fan Club.


No new material is needed. Jordan won her season, she pulled off her season’s HOH when needed. Enough said.

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I think kaliah is the dumbest person every american is voting for her becasue she is the under dog and america likes the under dog little does she know that they are not but does she really think adam would fall for that. Dani tried that one already except instead of america she used her dad that is so never going to work


they need to get Jordan out of the house because let’s be real if she is in the last 2,she has the votes! You would think that Rachel is smart enough to see she don’t stand a chance with Jordan when it comes down to it.


How many different names do you post under? It’s the same old vile shit.


ugh i am getting so tired of everyone bashing jordan! okay she hasn’t won any comos- but there is more than one way to play the game! her social game is amazing, they had plenty of weeks to get her out bb11, and knowing that she already won they are letting her do the same thing this year! i mean she has not evn seriously been thought of for nomination, she was only up as a pawn, and then only considered as a back up to get one if the vets out if all else fails. psychological she plays smart… all everyone has talked about this season is how they despise floaters, and adams self esteem was so low from not winning that it was perfect to talk about the others floating… especially now that he has a huge head from winning. she also is not a lier, or talk about people the way everyone else does. she only lied when it was vital and did not make personal attacks like the other girls, only when she was upset for loosing a friend and jeff at once without any notice.
if she honestly gets to the final two she desrves a chance as much as a competitor for the reason that everyone in the house knew before hand how she would play, and they still let her do it. why would want to win stuff anyway- that automatically made others a target.


Adam is not stupid. He knows that his only chance to win (it’s a shot in the dark) is to be sitting next to Jordan at the end. If Rachel was not HOH, he would use the vote and get her out. Plain and simple.