Jordan Lloyd

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Jordan-lloyd-Big-Brother Date of Birth November 21, 1986 Employment: Hair Salon Receptionist Appearances: Showmances: Jeff Schroeder BB11 and BB13 Twitter Account:@BBJordanLloyd

Games Stats

  • -HOH wins = 3 (BB11 2, BB13 1)
  • -POV Wins = 1 (BB11 1, BB13 0)
  • -Nominations = 7 (BB12 4, BB13 3)
  • -Evicted = 4th BB13
  • -Winner BB11


Big Brother 13: Brendon tells Rachel to Play both sides. Rachel: “I’m going to make them all f*ck!ng dance next week”

3:33pm Backyard Lawn Chair BR

They talkign about how much they hate everyone else in the house. Brendon recapping his conversation with JEff.. How jeff says to him that JJ are still on BR side. Brendon: “F that you’re on my side.. thanks for sending my fiancee home since we’re on the same side. Rachel thanks Brendon for sticking up for her with JJ earlier today. brendon says not problem mentions that JJ will do whatever they need to do to make it till the end. BRendon insrtucts her to play nice with everyone in the house, whichever side gets power make sure you’re in good with them. He doesn’t want to see rachel talkign shit about Jeff, porsche, Shelly or Jordan becuase you never know they might have the power next week.

Rachel “jordan is so f-ing stupid.. she’s going to make it to final 3 and not do anything this year”
Brendon says something about JJ not being a couple, “After the show they will disappear and We’re going to discover a year from now that they are not a couple anymore” (Brendon flashback if you wish (3:33- 4:00 cam 3)

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Big Brother 13: Shelly and Jordan defend Jeff’s temper say it’s because he’s from the North

2:21pm HOH Kalia and Dani

Kalia and Dani are 100% sure that Shelly will go with JJ after the vote on Thursday.. especially now that JJ will vote to evict Brendon.
Kalia: “So much for Shelly’s final 3 deal with us”
Dani laughs…
Dani: “It’s obvious we don’t have a deal with her after last week”
Dani thinks that Shelly isn’t going to win any HOH from here on in. Kalia agrees, She mentions how clueless Porsche is. Earlier today Kalia was trying to tell her that it’s a good thing JJ and Rachel are fighting but Prosche jsut didn’t seem to get it.

Dani it’s 4/4 now that we have rachel.. We’re in a really good spot. Kalia is a bit worried that Rachel may still be with JJ after they vote Brendon out. Kalia brings up hoe JJ are telling Rachel that regardless they don’t have the votes to save Brendon so instead of losing another person they will vote for Shelly to keep her. Dani doesn’t think it’ll matter in rachel’s head: “Rachel is pissed about it.. don’t worry she’ll move to us”

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Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff gets pissed off at Rachel and tells her that we didn’t put you up ..we aren’t the deciding votes.. *Updated*

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12:45pm Brendon, Rachel and Shelly are out in the backyard talking. Jordan says that if Adam is voting to keep Shelly they will have to vote to keep Shelly too …because they don’t want to make bigger targets of themselves. Rachel says that no matter what they would vote to keep Jeff or Jordan. Brendon says that he would just appreciate them telling them what they are doing. Brendon says that he still needs to talk to two people. Jordan says that if you can get the votes we will vote for you. Jordan heads inside. Brendon tells Rachel not to fight his battles …that he will fight them for himself. Rachel says worst alliance EVER!! Brendon says yeah right! Rachel says that when everyone was against Jeff they fought to keep him. Jeff comes out and they question him. Jeff says that they can’t go against the house… Jeff says that if you don’t get Adam on board I will not vote for you …because I still have to play in this game.

1pm Jeff says that we didn’t put you put …we aren’t the deciding vote. Jeff questions Rachel and Brendon …don’t you think that Dani’s mind is already made up. Rachel says no .. well I don’t know … we can still talk to her. Jeff says that you are focused on the wrong people … focus on Adam .. if we vote for you …he is going home … if we don’t vote for you …he is still going home.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Brendon explains to Dani that Jeff & Jordan are basically trying to make a deal with Shelly saying they are voting to evict Brendon..

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11am In the backyard, Brendon, Rachel, Dani and Adam are eating and talking in the backyard. They are talking about what HOH photos they should take this week. Dani heads inside. Adam, Brendon and Rachel continue to talk about random things.. like sports. Rachel compliments Adam and says that she thinks he has lost weight in the house. Rachel says that Jordan told her last night that if Jeff and Jordan vote to keep Shelly that Shelly said she will not nominate Rachel. Dani is confused and asks again what? Rachel and Brendon explain that Jeff and Jordan basically are trying to make a deal with Shelly… so that Jeff and Jordan are saying they would evict Brendon. Brendon says so we need to have a talk with them. They talk about who Adam would nominate if he won HOH. Rachel says that he would nominate her (Rachel), Dani or Kalia. Rachel says that if Shelly wins I will be nominated… if Jeff wins I wouldn’t be nominated would probably be Porsche, Kalia or you Dani. Dani asks Rachel if Porsche and her have a deal to never nominate each other. Rachel says no … I just said I have your back if you have mine. Dani says oh really because she said that you did have a deal.. I wouldn’t go around saying that you don’t have a deal ..I would use that to your advantage. Brendon says you know Jordan is in the final three… Dani says yeah I know. Brendon says I have always said she is the golden calf.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Shelly confronts Brendon about Rachel’s actions and he defends her..

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9:35am Shelly wakes up, finishes her morning routine and sits down on the backyard couch for a smoke. After awhile Adam wakes up and heads out side. Adam talks about how he kicked Brendons butt at the hot dog eating contest. Shelly says that he got tons of respect when he ate that raw egg. Adam wonders what type of competition tomorrow’s live HOH competition will be. They wonder if it will be true/false questions. Adam asks what was Dani’s deal last night. Shelly says that she was lit up .. she ran the gamut of happy, sad, mad. Adam says that she knows she is the target next week. Shelly says that Dani asked some intoxicated questions… like who would you put up? where are you …what would you do? Adam says even Porsche and Kalia are coming scurrying. Adam says so they are trying to play you .. so play them right back. Shelly says that him and her are the pivotal players where the deciding votes will come down to them and we will need to be on the same page. Shelly says that Rachel will make up anything she wants to save herself. They talk about how they like Jeff and Jordan because they tell you exactly what they think. Shelly says that she does not trust Rachel ..I might as well have a knife in my back. Adam tells Shelly that she has his vote.

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Big Brother Spoilers: Jordan warns Porsche about late night eating …she says nothing fit after eating cookie dough all season..

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12am – 1am Out in the backyard, Dani and Shelly are talking on the couches. Dani tells Shelly that she feels that she has had Adam’s back from the beginning he really should trust her. Dani tells Shelly that she really felt bad about how her best friend Dominic was evicted. Dani says that Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel made up lies about mean things Dani said about Dominic and that they told him before he left to upset him. Shelly just shakes her head and says right, right… Dani says that the trust is still broken from what happened in week three. Dani says that she didn’t want Jeff to be nervous about being back doored because he wasn’t her target. Dani starts to talk about a crush she has on someone in the diary room. Big Brother tells her she is not allow to talk about her diary room sessions. Rachel sits down on the couches and Dani asks Rachel if she thinks they guy in the diary room is cute. Big Brother warns her again. Rachel and Dani start talking in code about the diary room guy and Big Brother tells them to stop that! Shelly and Jordan are now by the hot tub talking about how Dani and Rachel are getting in trouble from production and that’s why they don’t get alcohol. Shelly tells Jordan that Dani is worried about Jeff and Jordan because they haven’t come talk to her yet. Jordan seems surprised. Shelly says that she wants to find out who they are voting for. Meanwhile, Brendon, Jeff and Adam are playing pool.
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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Dani tells Rachel Brendon is going home Offers her a deal , Rachel accepts **updated**

9:45pm HOH rachel/Dani rachel starts off by saying “Isn’t Brendon so much fun”. Dani amiles “Your serious this is how you’re pitching it to me”.

Rachel asks her what she is going to do if it’s a 3/3 split… Rachel thinks that it’ll be JJR to evict Shelly and KAP to evict BRendon. Dani says it puts her in a really tough position.. If she wants to keep Brendon she would rather convince Kalia then have to make the decision herself. Rachel wants to go to Kalia and pull her aside and offer her a fianl 4

Dani: “Kalia is going to play with her emotions.. I can talk to her though”. Rachel brings up that BRendon will win next weeks HOH and he will not put Kalia or Dani up. Dani says if it’s 3/3 and she evicts Shelly she basically screws herself with Kalia, Adam and POrsche. rachel points out that she gains BR. Dani knows but still thinks their is a bond with Brendon and JJ. Dani: “I want to help you guys out I’ll talk to Porsche and Kalia.. but in the end they will do what they want”
Dani: “I promise promise promise you if brendon goes I will have your back 100%… If Kalia gets another HOH I will convince her to not put you up”
Dani: “This does not leave this room I tell you this if brendon leaves I have your back 100% as long as you have mine”

Straight Shooter about Rachel “right now she could be dieing of thirst in the desert and I wouln’t p!ss in her mouth. “

Big Brother 13: BR find out they don’t have Porsche’s vote, Rachel: “F**king B!tch.. I want to punch her in the face” **updated**

Big Brother 13 – The Condom Prank, Porsche’s shrinking bikini bottoms and Jeff’s down to 2 packs of smokes

Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff laughs at Kalia for thinking she could move into a few inches of shade and be covered.. *Updated*

Big Brother Spoilers: Adam tells Shelly all about how Jeff was trying to get him to keep Brendon.. *Updated*

Big Brother Spoilers: Jeff tries to convince Adam that now is not the time to get rid of Brendon..

Big Brother 13: Jeff tells Shelly she has the JJA vote but better play nice with Rachel

Big Brother 13: Health Tips with Straight Shooter, When at Chilis get the black Beans instead of the processed meats **updated**

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