Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche and Kalia are up on the block

5:17pm HOh Rachel and Jeff They are going over what the POV comp is going to be like. Jordan joins them, says that Kalia thinks that Dani will win POV and save her.

Rachel points out that there are 7 people competing in the comp which is good odds. Jordan states the obvious Kalia, Porsche and Dani will all be fighting for the POV. Rachel wonders if Dani will use the POV. Jeff says he’s talked to Dani and he told her he would like the keep the nominations the same. rachel thinks she’ll use it. Jordan: “It doesn’t matter we have the numbers” Rachel asks them if Dani takes off Kalia who will they put up. Jeff says it won’t matter Dani and Kalia only have 2 votes JJSAR have the numbers.

Rachel tells them they have to really be worried because the HOh after this next one is Double eviction week. (Ohh they’re in for a surprise.. my biggest gripe about BB right now is how well all these players know it and how they spend so much time predicting comps.. cmon CBS make up some new shit)

Rachel goes on to explain double evcition week to JJ (this is the 5th time someone has explained it to them. Rachelx2 Brendonx2 and Danix1)

Rachel brings up how awesome Porsche is at physical comps, Rachel is really surprised that POrsche is doing so well because she doesn’t look like she would.
Rachel: “Brendon is going to love this week”.. (Rachel is BFF with JJ right now)

5:30pm Kitchen DPSA Adam is asking where Rachel is. Dani: “Umm upstairs again” Adam: “she’s always up there now”

Adam goes to get a back of smokes, he plans to give them to Jeff with a Big J on it. (LOL Adam sucks)
Cut to the HOH room Adam gives Jeff the smokes says this is a gift for not putting me up…

While Adam is up in the HOH Shelly tells Dani if she has to do shit like that to win this game than count her out (Says BB13 biggest ass kisser) Dani agrees thinks it’s a bit lame.

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5:35pm Adam and Jeff smoking

Adam takes Jeff’s pants down attached his lips to Jeff’s left cheek (Can’t choose the right on because Shelly is there) Adam goes on and on about how up front and honest Jeff is and how classy Jeff is. Adam really liked Jeff’s Speech thought by not saying too much he actually said more. Adam: “This is why I wanted to roll with you week 2 because your straight up and honest” Adam brings up that Dick and BRendon talked to him and wanted to him to play their game but Adam will not play that type of Big Brother game. Adam adds that he was a bit surprised that JEff never put Dani up. Jeff brushes it aside tells Adam not to worry Jeff know what is going on.
Adam: “i wonder why Canada doesn’t have it’s own Big BRother”
Jeff: “Yeah I know.. A lot of Canadians like this show.. A LOT”

5:45pm Hammock JJ Jeff is saying there’s no way Dani is going to throw the veto. Jordan agrees says Dani knows that

Jordan brings up how Shelly is saying she wants to put Adam up when they get to final 4 because she can’t beat him in questions.
Jeff: “Dude I want me you shelly final 3”

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Jordan starts talking about how if they get rid of Dani this week they should try and bring Porsche in. Jordan also thinks they need evict Kalia if the nominations stay the same because Porsche and Shelly hate each other so it keeps the attention off JJ. Jeff agrees..

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche and Kalia are up on the block

  1. I wonder if Dani can convince Prosche and Kalia to throw the pov. It is worth a chance. I bet if she offers Kalia some carpet munching it will work

      1. This just in….Adam just helped Jeff wiggle his d*ck in the HOH restroom….Asked him if Jeff can autograph his hand where he dripped! Now his chewing his steak for him and checking his bowls of soups for poison.

    1. Naids says:

      I think Shelly only has alliances with Kalia, Rachel’s stuffed animal, the cleaning supplies, and her cigs.

      LOL!!! (Naids ) I Love it so true!!!

      1. And he wonders why nobody wants to reply to him? He is a jerk in every sense of the word. Just ignore him like the rest of us do!

  2. I just hope it is a punishment pov like when Jensa had to give up too much to stay in the game. I want to see Kalia and Porsche give up everything to stay in the game, and then talk about how Rachel would give up her first born. I hope Kalia is on permanent slop. That is good TV, Kalia not eating.

  3. It has happened in past seasons. Brendon got to put 3people on slop last season. I think it was Matt, Regan and Britt.

      1. Brendon put them on slop after he won the big rope hoh comp. It was another time when Jordan drew names out of a hat because she didn’t want to piss people off.

      1. it might also be her laugh (believe it or not) or that she resembles someone your daughter likes, like a teacher or relative…but i heard that children tend to look at adults’ faces and get a sense if they can trust the person or if that person is nice — so Rachel might have that kind of face — and I could see that over the other women in the house…then again, she might also remind her of a barbie doll come to life or something

    1. Now that’s the Rockstar we know and love!!! I thought you were slipping away to the dark side a couple of days ago ;-)

      1. Kathie – I lost my mind for a few minutes. I couldn’t figure out how to comment, Dani made a dumb mistake, I was out of cookies and was craving chicken.. hahaha true story.

    2. Hahaha’ it’ll take a hell of alot more than some sweet talk’n from Jeff to do it for me. Maybe from Dani however?!!

    1. Naids says:
      August 19, 2011 at 5:52 pm
      Is classy the new buzz word or something?

      New drinking game!


  4. can they backdoor shelly already, she is so fake, even her daughter said she needs to stop the lies, now what does that tell ya????

      1. I am all for lying in the bb house, i mean you wont be able to win otherwise. However, the lady continued to lie in the dr..that’s a whole new level of lying, that’s just crazy. Nd she cried too. I wonder if she didn’t think we would see the footage of her lying.

        1. Yeah if she remembered what she said. She seems like a real lady.I guessing she might really think she didnt say anything. Thats what happens when u lie alot.

  5. Why oh why would they bring Shelly to final 3 over Rachel? Don’t they realize that nobody would vote for Rachel except Brendon? Shelly is a straight shooter who all of the house guests like?

  6. Dream scenario would be…

    1. Danielle wins POV…
    2. Danielle takes off Kalia
    3. On Thursday Kalia/Dani wins HOH takes out Jeff OR Rachel (Double Eviction)
    4. Then the other half of Dani/Kalia wins the other HOH later that night!

    That would be awesome!

    1. I agree. I still feel like the only one who likes Kalia. I think she’s hilarious. I’m so over bland JJ. Hoping Rachel gets the boot on double eviction night.

      1. I don’t. Dani will leave as a 2nd Jury and Kaila will follow as 3rd Jury. Rachel win HOH Fast Forward and Jeff win the POV third time. Jeff will be HOH 2nd time.

    2. I agree, but Kalia doesn’t have it in her to win, not hungry enough, no pun intended.
      Porsche is todays version of the Buffalo Bills( 4 Super Bowls and 0 wins) and just like them, she too can chant “WE’RE #2, WE’RE #2, I’m #2. She can’t get over the hump. Bye-Bye Kalia…But I do hope your scenario pans out…TEAM DANI gotta get some love from the BB Gods.

    3. NO that would be a horrible scenario. Do not mind Dani so much but cannot stand crybaby Kalia. She needs to go home and hope Dani does not win POV so that it will definitely happen. Would love to see Jeff/Jordan/Dani team up together. Now that would be a great. Those three could run the house and whoever wins wins.

    4. worst scenario would be…

      1. dani get backdoored
      2. rachel wins double eviction put jj up, jeff gets evicted
      3. asj,pk play next hoh, rachel gets evicted
      4. adam,shelly jordan, porshe, kalia left in house
      5. cancel subscription to feeds, and wait for next yr

  7. its a bad week for team dani…hopefully she wins the pov and uses it to take porsche off because kalia is ass and they will put up rachel and maybe dani can get shelly to vote kalia over rachel. then in double eviction she will win because she’ll be going against jordan adam and shelly who are the biggest floaters in the game and they will not win. she will then get rid of jeff or jordan and then they will most likely have the numbers…i know i know its wishful thinking but still

    Team Dani yo!!!

  8. yea i have to agree…like with this weeks HOH comp. its been done already so BB come up with some new shit. Also adam you suck. Such a kiss ass omg just like ronnie was to jesse on bb11. and im liking jeff and jordans thinking. If the noms stay the same they want to get kalia out. Shit be my guest. Maybe jeff will be next out the door along with kalia :)

  9. Jeff if Dani wins POV yoiu are screwed. Dani is smart enough to know that your real plan is to backdoor her. Then she will save Kalia and your so called alliance JJSAR will go in turmoil and vote out one of their own members. So Dani, Kalia, and Porsche will be gunning for you and Jordan. At the end your decision is too risky and could be your final stupid move to leave the game next

    1. I agree Porche is way better in the comps and she is not in love with JJ. She would put them up in a heartbeat. Also, there is a possibility that if Jeff had to put up either Rachel or Shelly. They would vote with DK because they hate each other so much. I think Rachel would definitely vote out Shelly. Especially if Dani emphasized how JJ would not vote for Brendon.

  10. Porsche and Kalia up, big deal. No surprise there. What I want to know is why is Jordan so anti-Kalia? Kalia cost herself this game at trying to be friends with Jordan. I see how Kalia can be annoying in general to the rest of the house, but what has she done to Jordan?

    I hope Rachel ends up being a replacemen nominee. Just to see her freak out some more.

  11. I wonder that too Adam.

    CTV should pick up a Canadian Big Brother. It would kill in ratings.
    And I would be the FIRST to apply. Alas all we can muster are talent shows. Because they’re just aren;t enough right?

  12. Im team JJ and although the deck is stacked against Dani as far as numbers go in the POV comp, i think she will pull it off. But, if anyone besides Dani wins she will be hanging with Brenda in the jury house.

  13. I am a canadian and have often thought why we didnt have a BB Canada. Maybe in time we will. We just got our own Top Chef Canada so you just never know. I will just have to enjoy watching BB along side my American neighbours…..even if they do spell words funny….HA HA….J/K

      1. I was thinking that. It’s got to be because it would be too complicated, like contestnts would have to get work permits or shit like that, I don’t know.

  14. Hey Naids, it’s great your a fan and all but Wow, it seems like every other comment comes from you. You’ve gotta have some other interests. JJ rock! Hope D or K goes home this week!

    And to all you Jeff haters out there, it’s obvious to me that he really cares for J and would do anything for her. Who cares that they don’t make out in this house. It shows class and that they are comfortable enough with each other to keep it behind closed doors.
    K comment about, you shouldn’t use the word “blackies” when talking about J slippers was rediculus! Get over yourself you piece of sh$t.

    1. Amen to all of it, and most of all the JJ making out part. I don’t know how they completely avoid physical contact for so long (by this I mean how they avoid kissing & snuggling – not how they avoid sex on cam!), but I think it’s commendable. He does call her “love” which I think is cute.

    2. I don’t think he would do anything for her. He would not give her the money. She on the other hand would gladly give him the money.

    3. I can’t understand why people don’t get jj’s relationship and always say jeff is so mean. Its so very clear he cares about her. I think people take jeffs sarcasim the wrong way and don’t understand his sense of humor. JJ make a great couple and as you said it shows class that they are not having sex on camerra or making out all the time.

  15. I would love to see Shelly and Rachel go in the double eviction. I think she (Shelly) would kill herself if she had to be in the jury house alone with BR. That would be so funny. Also, Kalia has surpassed Marcelus and even Jeff (for believing natalies bullshit story about russell) and is now the dumbest person to have ever played big brother. Before she came along, hands down Jeff and Marcellus imo made the dumbest game moves ever.

    Go Chill town!!

    1. I think b and s would get along in the jury, they seem to have nice time in the am when all the other hampsters are sleeping. Plus the pressure of winning would be off.

  16. Adam: “This is why I wanted to roll with you week 2 because your straight up and honest”

    Words only a floater would say.

  17. If jeff can’t get dani out this week they will seriously be so screwed dani is just too good of a player and too good at comps

  18. If she doesn’t win POV it’s very likely she’ll get evicted. Anyone else wins the noms will get changed and Dani will get backdoored and JJ have the votes to send her to Jury. In fact her winning veto is the only way I see her NOT going home.

  19. You know there are Jeff Lovers around when the poll states Jeff isn’t a floater. Up until yesterday he had not done anything only bossed women around. Come on people wake up and smell the douche. You use it, sniff out your own.

    1. rockstar….but you know (admit it!) that Natalie was the all time biggest floater and you loved her, lol. I would love Jeff even if he were a floater but I don’t think he is, because he doesn’t follow the power and because he tries in comps – wins when it’s his time to win and throws it when he needs to get the heat off his back. :) this week is going to be the most interesting week for sure, hands down! “Literally” lol

      1. haydenfan – true maybe.. just a tad … but Natalie is doing the same thing as Shelly. She is saving and fighting for her alliance.. Natalie for her, Jessie and crew and Shelly for Jeff and Jordon.. At least it is something instead of sitting there and twiddling their thumbs..

    2. Do u watch any of it? Dani started with the mistakes! Trying to backdoor her team early. Jeff had to act quickly to get people against her,without looking to bad in the process.He has been playing since the beginning.Listen more carefully when you watch. If he was a floating he would done be gone.

  20. I noticed something in the last couple seasons , The houseguests do not have and real conversaqtions with any True Intelligence to them , in the past the houseguests have spoken about “current events ” now I understand they are blacked out in the house but there are often things occuring before they go in which they have discussed and has shown a great deal about the person not the game player. i guess what iam saying is this for the last two years the houseguests have been nothing more then trained monkeys in a monkey house like at a zoo .. more interested in throwing poop at each other then trying to take something from the experience ..

    well my vacation is almost over and It is back to the oil patch for me ( too bad I cant get the summer off to hang out with my girl *tolls eyes* ) and would like to take the time to thank Mr Simon and Mr dawg .. here at home I have the feeds but out at camp well it is OBB that keeps me updated .. THANK YOU GENTLEMEN KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ..

      1. Boilermaker – don’t be racist, you said black. Kalia will be calling Al Sharpton on you man.. Are you East or West coast Boilermaker? Canadian?

        1. Kalie is a racist!!!!!!!!!!!!She told Adam last night that saying blackie was a bad word.I find this very funny.She also said BB needs to put more black people on the show too many white people.Whenever she startes to talk my husband turnes the sound down.

          1. They could have more people of color on the show. This is true. ….not just African Americans…but people of color period. …..but you can only cast who shows up….and probably not that many people of color show up.

            Wow. Your husand turns the tv down when K talks.


            Does he turn it down when Shelly is talking or Rachael is crying?

          1. Why thanks Stephie, I love you too.. or did you mean the drink? I’m okay with that.. too many people loving me would give me a complex.

      2. Yes Indeed heading to Edson alberta first .. to do some welding at the natural gas storage site there …and then up to one of the Oil sands projects to do some Tank building up there ..( not sure of which job the “hall” will send me to yet )

  21. If it were OZ ……
    Wizard: Dani (win or lose!)
    Tin man: Jeff (no heart)
    Scarecrow: Shelly (name says it all)
    Cowardly Lion: Adam (no balls)
    Glinda (good witch): Porcha (??)
    Wicked witch: Rachel (Nuff said!)
    Dorothy: Jordon (had power (shoes) to return home all along & didn’t know it)
    Toto: Kahlia (??)

      1. Simon & BB3ME – LMAO! Clearly I’m not up on all the new shows on TV! Thanks for throwing me that bone though Simon! Hahaha!

        1. Ah that explains it. We currently don’t get HBO at our home. The Wizard of Oz was a favourite with our kids when they were young. They dictated our TV viewing for their many years. C’est la vie! ;-)

  22. i’m sure kalia’s witty bitty feelings are hurt now that her beloved JJ has put her on the block. that’s what she get for kissing their behinds,putting jeff on the block an cheering him on in the pov and blind loyalty to jordan. she tricked up her own HOH and evicted her own alliance member because she loves jordan. NEWSFLASH: Jordan doesn’t love you and can’t stand you. You were cast only to help JJ win. Now try your best to win Pov and learn your lesson. If not, ADIOS!! see you Sept 14

  23. Do you think Dani will actually feel “comfortable” and not try 100% for the veto? Or do you think she realizes that their ultimate goal is to backdoor her? I will shit my pants if she throws that veto. Literally.

    1. LOL to “literally”. I do not think she will throw it as she has already told KP that is they pull themselves off, she is going up. That and the fact that she knows the rest of the house is in an alliance so there are no other noms to put up. I do think she will win it but not sure if she will use it or not. The numbers are way against her and she may think she can earn points with JJ in case she needs to.

  24. jeff is one jackass talkin bout he want shelly in the final 3 if shelly makes it final two just give the bitch the money already she kisses everybody’s ass she has to much friends in bb even though they know she’s a liar she’ll win over jj .. i dont know why these fools dont carry cry babby rachel final two they would win ….. jeff dont worry about final 3 if dani wins pov your gone i just hope she doesn’t win pov so brendon can greet her by the door lol

    team brendon for life

  25. Jeff needs to get Dani out this week, she is too good at tiddly winks, counting marbles, and using the word Denunzio.

    (On a side note this game seriously needs to revamp the actual competition. Although it is kind of hilarious watching people scream about being competitors among floaters because they managed to win a bean bag toss.)

    BLOOD needs to be involved, come on BB make it interesting, give Jeff a Gladius and Dani a pitchfork and a net for the finale. Lets see one of them gut the other one for the money.

  26. Shit I just came to terms with the fact that there’s like a 17% chance that Daniele will win the veto and that’s the ONLY shot she has of staying.

    The only thing I’m thinking is if Shelly wins the veto MAYBE she’ll tell J/J that she needs to look out for herself in tersm of jury votes (Dani would be pissed at her if she used it) and not use the veto and then Kalia is evicted? Shelly knows she’s in tight with J/J so I don’t think they would get too mad because someone from the other side still leaves. Just my thoughts, idk if it’s a possibility! Wishful thinking I think…

  27. Jeff isn’t a floater. He hasn’t moved back and fourth between HOH, trying to stay on someone’s good side. He hasn’t kissed any ass, not like Kalia or Porsche, or Adam even.

    1. Yeah! If it wasnt for her luck in winning hoh’s,then Dani wud be considered a floater.I think Jeff has kept them all in the game.From the very beginning when Dani started making stupid moves early,Jeff kept his head and turned it around to his advantage. He has let peole win I know more than once.Which kept the heat off of him and Jordan. Now he still has to put up withso called alliance members who are nuts! I think he deserves to win cause he has had to play a good game to get through this far with those crazy people..

    1. no, if dani wins pov, shes safe from being put up.

      this is where the issue comes up where they would then put up rachel next to porsche or whatnot, and then who knows if somehow people get rachel out instead

    1. I only remember a few peeps.

      JJ season: Russell (who I loved!), Natalie, Lydia, Chima, Jessie, Kevin

      BR season: Ragan, Britney, Hayden,

  28. I really liked Jeff and Jordan on BB11, but now, I can’t stand either one of them. I think Jordan is a sweet person, but she’s a floater. Jeff annoys me to no end. I hate his voice and Shelly’s voice, too. I want to puke everytime they play one of their DR sessions.

    I’d love to see either Jeff or Shelly go to the jury house this week during double eviction.

    1. If u cant stand Jeffs voice then what about the mouth of the house who has thought shes had everything in the bag since the beginning,and her sidekick. D&K GO HOME!

  29. On the topic of floaters

    Jordan: is not a floater, she’d have to do something to even be considered a floater. she’s a lump
    Jeff: is not a floater, he’s been loyal to team Jeff since day 1
    Shelly: is almost a floater, but I think she’s stayed loyal enough to JJ to avoid the title
    Porsche: despite popular opinion, is not a floater. She mad an alliance change from Rachel to Dani. One switch does not a floater make
    Kalia: a bit of a floater but winning a comp and aligning with the weaker alliance disqualifies here from floaterdom

    Adam: total floater

    1. Jordan isnt a floater. She has made aomw good sugestions to Jeff and others. She knows when to say something and when not to.And even though she is a little challenged,she would never be dumb enough to go after her alliance in the beginning!(DANI!) So Go J&J!

  30. If jordan keeps that she wants to get rid of dani and kalia a secert then her,jeff an shelly will make it final three. I think jeff or jordan should win. It would be great. It’s better than dani winning.

  31. Tough week for team Dani yo. Dani and Dick were the only ones I was rootin for this season. If Dani gets the boot it will be boring.


    1. Adam has voluntarily emasculated himself. Disgusting and ridiculous.
      I expect to see him sleeping with or wearing Jeff’s PINK hoodie.

      Wait until Adam goes home.
      His friends are going to beat him up. lol

  32. I have had a feeling since week 1 that Brendon was attracted to Dani and vice versa (remember the “best friend” comments that they used to make to each other in the beginning). All Dani has to do is slyly start a slight rumor that she thinks Brendon is hot and used to have a crush on him (whether it is true or not), that will get back to Rachel and Rachel will do EVERYTHING in her power to not have Dani go to the jury house next and be alone with Brendon! She will flip her position with JJ and try to convince them that Team JJ needs to keep Dani around a bit longer. It would eat at Rachel because she is already jealous of any woman prettier than her. Go Team Dani!!

  33. I hope Adam gets his head out of Jeff’s ass long enough to realize that sticking with his current alliance will, at absolute best, get him to final 4 and no farther. His current path is a dead end and if the situation gives him the opportunity (dan getting and using veto and either rachel or shelly goes up) he needs to jump ship while there’s still another ship to jump too.

  34. I’m starting to think that if Jeff and Rachel can stick together, they can make it to the end. If Rachel leaves before Adam and Porsche, I think these two will get Jeff out. If Jeff could just hang on to Rachel for a couple of weeks, he will make it further. He has to know that everyone besides Jordan wants him gone after Rachel leaves. So it is not in his best interest to get rid of her after this week. Rachel also needs Jeff because of the same reasons Jeff needs her. At the end of the day, it will be newbies vs vets. That’s the very thing that Dani doesn’t get and that’s why it was stupid of her to try to get Jeff backdoored so early on. Because let’s say Dani made it to final 5 with all newbies, who do you think they will get rid of,….I think Dani. So, moving forward, I am hoping Jeff and Rachel stick together. I am leaving Jordan’s name out, not to discredit her, but because it is not likely she will win anything against the remaining members in the house.

    Go Team JR! (Jeff & Rachel)

  35. I won’t spoil the game for you but I know who wins. I figured out 4 year ago that CBS tells us in the first intro episode if you are observant, who the winner will be. If you have recorded the first episode, review it in slow motion after the season finally and you will see where they expose the ultimate winner. I have done this successfully for the last 4 shows.

    1. A) we’re on Pacific standard time so 5:45pm was 1 hour an 22 minutes after you posted your comment about there being no updates
      B) I posted the next update at 7:32pm PST

  36. Post nomination; POV prediction; Eviction prediction; next HoH; double trouble
    Step 1. Dani wins POV
    Step 2. Removes Kalia.
    Step 3. Jeff made moves and nominate Dani in Kalia’s place.
    Step 4. The house made a surprise move and remove Porsche against Jeff’s wish.
    Step 5. Following .. Dani became HoH first half and nominate Shelly & Rachel.
    Step 6. Dani won Veto again and kept nom as is.
    Step 7. Rachel evicted.
    Step 8. Jordan won HoH second half of double eviction.
    Step 9. Jordan puts up Kalia & Dani
    Step 10. Kalia wins veto.
    Step 11. Kalia removes herself and Jordan has to put up Adam or Shelly. And decided Shelly.
    Step 12. Shelly angry. The house boot her in surprise.
    Step 13. The following week Kalia won HoH.
    Step 14. Kalia nominate Adam & Jeff.
    Step 15. Jordan won veto and removes Jeff.
    Step 16. Replaces with Jordan no choice.
    Step 17. Jordan evicted.
    Step 18. Adam won HoH.
    Step 19. Adam nominates Dani & Kalia.
    Step 20. Dani wins veto & removes herself.
    Step 21. Adam no choice but put up Jeff.
    Step 22. Jeff evicted.
    Step 23. Dani final HoH, decides she evict Adam.
    Step 24. Jury votes… Kalia wins BB13. Dani really upset.

      1. I disagree with Simon. Everything will not work. Jeff wins the POV for the second time. Save Porsche. Put Dani as a replacement. Dani got evicted (2nd). Rachel wins the Fast Forward HOH, Porsche and Kaila on the chopping block. Jeff wins the POV. Nomination stay the same. Kaila got evicted (3rd). Jeff wins the HOH second time. Porsche and Rachel on the block. Jeff wins POV third time in the row. Porsche got evicted (4th). Rachel wins HOH again, Adam and Jordan. Jeff wins POV. Save Jordan. Put shelly as a replacement. Adam got evicted. JJSR final 4. Shelly wins HOH Jordan and Jeff on the chopping block. Jeff wins. Save himself. Rachel as a replacement. Rachel got evicted from Jeff. JJS Final 3. Jeff wins Part 1 (HOH). Jordan wins Part 2 (HOH). Jeff wins part 3. Jordan vs Shelly. Jeff cast a final vote. Shelly is 7th and final member of Jury. Jeff vs Jordan Final 2. Jeff wins 500K plus America Favorite House Guest. Jordan finish runner-up.
        Big Brother 13 Jury member cast
        Shelly (Decided vote)-Jeff
        Jeff wins by 4-3.
        Simon, post this one.

      1. Your Kidding right. Kaila has no chance of winning. She is really clueless and a floater. Come on. You know jeff says. Kaila is a number one target. She needs to go. Kaila is pretty sucked in competiton. Not even a physical competiton. She will be fool to herself. Face it. Kaila winning BB13. Don’t think so.

  37. OMG the picture above of Porsche standing at the stove with her back to the camera shows that she can’t be a floater, or a bobber, with all of the cellulite she has gained this summer she can only be a SINKER…..instead of Porsche it should be porky

  38. Rachel hosting POV comp, looks stronger now that Dani has a shot, especially if Jeff takes money over POV as greedy Jeff continually does

  39. I am so confused

    IF Dani wins POV she can save one of her allies, but then Jeff has to make a replacement, so why are people saying that Jeff has to put someone else up. I thought Dani would be Jeff’s replacement.

    The only way Dani is safe this week she wins POV and does not use it and keeps the nominations the same.

    1. jeff has to replace the person that dani takes down. he will have no choice but to put up one of his own alliance member

    2. i think i misunderstood you. If a person wins the POV and they use it to take some one else off the block, then, the POV holder is safe and so is the person that they take off the block.

      1. So in actuality the POV saves two people. Thats extremely stupid. I guess I never realized that before. How crazy! Thank you!

  40. Oh Happy Day!!!! Yess! Kaila and Porsche on the block. Oh yeah. probably Dani is so Dumb enough to throw the POV competition. That will be great. Porsche have physical type. 2 bad, Jeff will crush Porsche but the nomination will be same or save Porsche to Backdoor Dani. Too Bad! Brendon, you will definitely love it. Dani will probably go to Jury House. OH yeah Kaila probably join you as well. This will make DKP more miserable. Especially, Dani’s Worst Birthday ever. All JJ supporters we salute you. All the Dani’s Fan Club, Have fun watch Dani’s Birthday make much worst. Whining and Spoiled. Team JJ. :) Jeff, Thank you for Putting Porsche and Kaila on the block so that Dani will suffer and suffer some more.

  41. This week is already super boring. So predictable with everyone kissing ass. And rachel is a floater, yes, a floater!!!!!

  42. Shelly…do you think that you’re fooling all of us with your “intregrity” bs? Come on, we are NOT STUPID. You have no integrity. You are the biggest liar in the entire house.

  43. In the vets competing we have:
    Jordo – 1 POV win in golfing luck game in BB11

    Jeff – 3 POV’s 1 this year and 2 prior in guessing coins (because he was on the block and needed to win) and riddle speed game

    Dani – 5 POV’s Find others veto box, curling eleimination, prize game, puzzle of picking alien former HG pics and clues to face game

    Considering Adam is a choker unless handed a victory, Shelly is outright useless, Kalia panics easily and Jordan no one really knows but seems to be really good with memory things DPK have a pretty good chance of getting the POV and considering they are well past time for a puzzle game, Dani smoked in her prior season at that one.

    1. Almost forgot, when J&J played in the mashed up alien face of former HG’s, they both lost and that was when Jeff got evicted from BB11

  44. I’m not usually such a Jordan hater but she doesn’t make any effing sense. “if we get rid of dani this week maybe we should try to bring porshe in.” why? At that point your alliance would include the whole house minus kalia. It just seems dumb to build a super army before the friendly-fire begins.

  45. I’m all for having different races of people but I do not want to watch or have to listen to people preaching about their lifestyles and or things they can or cannot do or making others feel bad because they do not feel the same way. Same with the Bible thumpers- get off my damn tv. I want to be entertained, I don’t want lessons in racism or religion.

  46. Best Scenario/Predictions:

    1) Dani wins POV
    2) Takes Kahlia off
    3) Adam goes up
    4) Adam gets voted off
    5) Dani wins first HOH-nominates JJ
    6) Dani wins veto-nominations stay the same
    7) BYE Jeffrey!!
    8) Porsche wins 2nd DE HOH
    9) Shelly & Rachel are nominated
    10) Rachel wins veto-removes herself
    11) Jordan goes up as replacement
    12) Shelly is voted out
    13) Kahlia wins HOH
    14) Rachel & Jordan are nominated
    15) Dani wins POV-nominations stay the same
    16) Rachel is voted out
    17) Jordan wins HOH
    18) Dani & Kahlia are nominated
    19) Kahlia wins POV-removes herself
    20) Porsche now up
    21) Porsche evicted
    22) Dani wins final HOH

    In order for Dani to make it past the next few weeks, she has to win POV & get Kahlia off. Rachel will vote out Adam EASY-way to get to Rachel? Get in her head, tell her she’s sending Porsche to Jury House alone with Brendon!! She will not vote Porsche off.. I stopped at step 22 because I dont know if Dani would take Jordan or Kahlia to final 2.. In her mind she may think she would have a better chance against Jordan.

    1. I disagree on this one. Dani will be backdoored and got her evicted. Rachel wins HOH (Fast Forward) Kaila and Porsche on the block. Jeff wins POV, keep the nomination the same. Kaila will be evicted. Jeff wins again and put Rachel and Porsche on the block. Rachel or Jeff wins POV. Keep the nomination or take herself on the block. Puts Adam as a Pawn. Porsche got evicted. Shelly wins the HOH, Rachel and Adam on the block. Jeff wins POV, saved Rachel. Put Jordan as a replacement. Adam got evicted. Jeff wins HOH, Jordan and Shelly on the block. Jeff wins POV, saves Jordan. Put Rachel as a replacement. Rachel got evicted. Jeff wins part 1 of HOH competition, Jordan wins part 2 of HOH competition, Jeff wins Part 3 of HOH competition. Shelly got evicted. Jeff and Jordan final 2. Jeff wins 500K and America Favorite Houseguest.

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