Kalia starts working for Votes “Please Adam I need the BB money for a Breast Lift”

5:15pm Dani and Adam Jokeing around if Rachel and Brendon had a baby they would call it “Million Votes” or “MV” for short…

Kalia joins them. Kalia jokes tells Adam if she stays on the block he needs to vote to keep her because she wants to get a b@@b lift and needs the Big Brother money to pay for it.
Adam: “I like natural b@@b.. thats the last way to get my vote”
Kalia: “I said Lift not JOB”
Adam: “Ohh”
Dani: “She meant p**** implant”
Adam: “Ohh in that case yes you have my vote”

They all laugh.. Adam wonders if the people watching the live feeds are enjoying this season. Kalia doesn’t get the live feeds. Adam says he never watched them but he followed the fan sites. Kalia just cannot believe there is enough exciting things going on in the Big Brother House to warrant watching them 24/7. Dani says the feeds are not always this dull, she comments on the cast selected this year. Adam laughs says he thinks they are loads of fun

5:25pm -6:00pm Rachel and Jordan walking Rachel telling her that Dani will coach Kalia this week and tell her what to do. Jordan is sure she will… rachel adds that it really doesn’t matter what is Kalia going to do take JEff, Jordan and Rachel out all in a row.. Feeds cut..

Feeds come back.. Jordan is saying they would be safe if Adam or Shelly are winner of  HOH. Rachel still is nervous about those 2 says she only will feel safe if Jordan or herself wins HOH.

They start talking about how boring and stupid the live feeds are.. rachel: “Live feeds are hit or miss.. showtime is better I think” (LOL 9.9/10 what the show on afterdark sucks)

They start going through the HOH competition and how close Porsche was to winning it. Rachel thinks that Porsche would of probably won it if Jeff wasn’t playing.. Jordan agrees, “Jeff is really really worried about next week because his season a floater got him out” Rachel doesn’t think it will happen like that this year.. Rachel is convinced Kalia and Prosche have no chance. Jordan brings up the possibility of the other side (LOL here we go again with the other side comment from Jordan) keeping Dani and voting out Kalia.. Rachel has thought about that says that would be the worst thing to happen. Rachel says all they need is Shelly so they are safe.

Jordan starts talking about Adam’s detailed knowledge of all the dates. Jordan says he basically has all the dates for the entire season memorized

Rachel: “If Adam wins this season I will DIE”
Jordan: “I want a vet to win”
Rachel: “I want 2 vets in the final 2”
Rachel thinks it will be amazing if Rachel, Jeff and Jordan can make it to the finals. Rachel draws the conclusion that Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are like the brigade they have the numbers as long as 2 of them don’t go on the block.

Jordan says it going to be tough the still have a lot of people.. Jordan keeps saying she’s really worried about the double eviction.. Rachel keeps telling her to relax about it as long as the 3 of them stick together.
Rachel is back to framing this season as Newbies VS. Vets
Rachel: “I don’t count Dani as a vet she’s a traitor.. I never liked her in Big Brother 8”

Jordan starts bringing up more evidence about being good at questions.. Rachel keeps warning about him.. Rachel starts explaining double eviction to Jordan (This is now the 6th time she’s explained this.. )

(Rachel is feeling very confident that they have it in the bag)

6:14pm quad Most the house is sleeping JR walking random chit chat now..

6:20pm Jordan says she didn’t think Brendon was Mexican but after he told her she noticed he had really small eyes like a Mexican.

6:55pm Huge updated I know.. nothing has happened in the last 30minutes

7:02pm Still walking Jordan and Rachel Rachel says the biggest threat now on the other side is Prosche and Adam. Rachel: “The thing is with Me and Jeff in it we’re better then all of them so we’ll win the HOH’s and POV’s”

Jordan comments on how she needs to pick up her game and start winning stuff she feels like a 3rd wheel this season. Rachel tries to make her feel better tells her the game is not only about winning competitions.

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179 thoughts on “Kalia starts working for Votes “Please Adam I need the BB money for a Breast Lift”


    1. It’s hard to take up for any of this years houseguests..especially the power tripping “big Jeff”. These houseguests all SUCK.

  1. Wasn’t Rachel ready to sell her unborn child to Dani to keep Brendon?? didn’t EVERYBODY say they were done w/ babysitting her?? all of a sudden JeJo are BFFs with her?? Wtf I’m soooo done w/ this season if Dani goes home!!

      1. The more the better. Can’t wait to see Jeff + Dani out of the house.. They’re such horrible people.
        They are fine with inflicting pain and torment on others, but when the tables are turned they’re going to shit, piss, puke on your face while stabbing you in the back relentlessly. That’s more like what DANI, would do.. Jeff is just going to THROW TABLES and PUNCH FACES.. and America WILL STILL LOVE HIM!!!!! I DON’T KNOW WHY!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    1. Actually, the sick in the head Kalia destroyed Dani’s game by putting up Lawon instead of Shelly/Adam/Jordon to insure the eviction of Rachel. As soon as Dick left, Dani was a complete threat to BR and J&J and would have been backdoored by them in a flash considering Dani won more competitions herself than the 4 of them combined in their prior seasons.

        1. Not really, had Kalia gotten Rachel out and even if Brenda did come back and Dani got rid of Brenda again, the numbers would favor Dani’s alliance more it is obviosu Jeff doesn’t trust his alliance, so things would be completely different now, he only trusts his alliance now because of Rachels competition abilities.

          1. let’s keep shit real for a second;
            i’m over all the kalia HATRED. while obviously kalia had the final say in who she nominated it was pretty apparent early on that dani’s opinions heavily influenced kalia. it’s not as though putting lawon on the block came out of left field for dani, she was well aware what was going to happen. so don’t be a moron and say that kalia ruined dani’s game..if kalia hadn’t of won her hoh dani might not even still be here.
            THEY ARE A TEAM, AND MAKE DECISIONS AS A TEAM. kalia’s stupidity reflects dani’s stupidity as well. people CREAM for the donato’s and so they want to shift blame to kalia, which really isn’t fair.

  2. This will be Great. First, take out Dani (Traitor), Second, take out Kaila (Jeff’s backstabber), Third, take out Porsche (Veteran’s Traitor), Adam (Bacon thinker and closer to Dani), Shelly (Strategist for JJS Final 3). JJR is much better. It’s like Brigade part 2. Rachel, I like your thinking. Even though, your the prime target but we kind like you 2. Let’s do this. Coming soon, JJR aka Brigade part 2. We already have Brigade 1 (Beast, Animal, and Meow-Meow). We need Brigade part 2 (Big Jeff, Jordo, and Red Head).

  3. Brendon and Rachel (at some future date in the Jury House) talking: It was our destiny! So what we didn’t win. We are going to have a baby! GAG ME!!!!

  4. Seriously how is dani not a vet. They didn’t bring ED/Dani, J/J, Brenchal back because they’re amazing players who got screwed over its because they’re entertaining. Lol everyone acts like Jordan won her season because she deserved it. She only won because everyone hated Natalie.

    1. Jordan won 2 hoh competitions, which is a lot more than many of the remaining bb13 house guests will win. taking out lydia was kinda dumb, but evicting kevin was really smart.

    2. THANK YOU. even jessie voted for jordan..which really speaks to HOW MUCH everybody (including myself AND america) loathed natalie. jordan got lucky. kevin deserved it. and really, jeff didn’t start winning SHIT ALL until he was only facing michelle, jordan, kevin and natalie. so really, he gets no props from me hahaha. jeff is NOT a competitor.

      i hate all of these houseguests so much. i was team DKP for so long, but none of them are really PLAYING anymore. i hope rachel wins, if only because BB is her LIFE. she’s crazy as shit (not to mention fuggggg) but at least shes entertaining!

      1. jessie voted for jordan because nat broke his itty bitty heart by getting engaged. jessie was really in love with nat and she played him like a fiddle

    1. This new alliance of JJSARKP is going to be so interesting. They’re going to have to pull a couple of Kalia’s to narrow it down to the final 3.

    2. I snorted I was laughing so hard! And I don’t care what anyone says…her twirly hat was super adorable when she walked! Lol

  5. I see they grooming shelly to be America’s Favorite by giving her a lot of air time tonight and giving her a good edit. So, we already know who’s going to win America’s Fav

    1. paul the question is what does ur wife or girlfriend see in you? And don’t forget it is a game, don’t judge a person’s based on what character they choose play on a game show..

  6. Watching BB Tonight with Rachel made me want to PUKE!

    I think the reason Rachel wants Brendon in Jury is so he doesn’t cheat AGAIN! haha

  7. wtf? Doesn’t Jordan realize that the ‘other side’ consists of only three people, two of which are on the block? Does she think one person is actually going to single-handedly decide who goes home?

  8. Rachel is telling Jordan how TLC contacted them about doing their wedding, but TLC had to contact CBS because of contractual doings cuz CBS owns TLC.

    Hmmmmmmm fix in and is CBS pissed at Dani for throwing Brenda out the door after America (visa vie CBS) put him back in to make the made for TV wedding and shows on their wedding?

  9. On ED show tonight: RTvZone.com, The guest will be Jesse BB10/11, James Rhine BB6,Allstars, and Annie BB12 the original sab.

  10. This will be the opportunity for Rachel and Jordan to win HOH. Without Dani, Kaila and Porsche crying and confused. That what you get for Backstabbing, Backdooring, and even pushing it. Kaila, your next to be evicted. Porsche is probably hiding and crying for mercy. Sorry, Porsch. Your one week will expired.

  11. Rachel was able to check herself during tonight’s episode, even Jeff commented on it. I don’t particularly like Rachel but good for her, Shelly was such a hag. I’m really excited for Thursday’s episode, can’t wait to see who goes home second. Hope it’s not Jeff!

  12. Oh my gosh how come jordan is so dumb? I mean seriously dumb. WW I dont know how you all can be mean to kalia…she is waaaay better than jordumb! Sooooo boring. I will stop watching when dani leaves!

  13. When Jordan went under the suds you could not see any of her. She just totally disappeared under all of those suds. So hope Jeff puts Dani on the block and she goes home this week. She screwed herself and deserves to go. Really hoping for Jeff to win BB this year. Just think he deserves it!!! God team Jeff and Jordan!!!!

    1. I think your all full of sh it obviously u don’t watch enough big brother JEFF IS the 2nd most dominating player in this game next to DAN who put it in Jesse BTW DANI is trash and I guarantee that DANI would never win this game

            1. Ask yourself how many of your posts have contained “stupid Americans” or “typical Americans” and you can answer your own question. :)

              1. umm i’ve actually only posted about 10 comments TOTAL on this website. so how about you ask YOURSELF wtf you are talking about…?

    2. I really want Jeff to win!!!! He deserves redemption after making the Russell mistake because he trusted the wrong person and I think he’s HOT….. LOL

  14. OMG when Dani goes it is going to be complete boredom.
    At least I can finally catch up on my sleep because there is no longer a need to watch BBAD.
    Matter of fact probably won’t even bother with the CBS airings, just read updated here.
    HUGE *YAWN* for the remaining players, well done CBS!

  15. During the HOH competition Jordon falls and Shelly stops what she is doing to pick her up? Anyone else find this weird?

    1. Not really, shelly is a mother, its just her instinct to help no matter what, shelly probably knew at that point she was way behind and jordan did look like she got swallowed by the suds, she probably couldn’t see and needed a hand, why would you think that’s weird? I mean they’re in an alliance!

    1. actually, Brendan is from Mexican descent, not Spanish. They speak Spanish in Mexico so that’s what may have confused you.

    1. You, me, and at least 60% of the viewers will stop watching. CBS better be scrambling to save Dani if they care about ratings.

      1. Watching tonights episode was the first time I wasn’t interested in the show. I agree if Dani is evicted I won’t bother tuning in anymore this season. I’m not going to watch CBS prep JJ for a win and watch that ugly bitch Rachel.

        1. You pouters kill me thinking you’re making a statement with the “I’M DONE” speeches. And where do you get your 60% stat?

          Later gators, no one’s gonna hold the door shut on ya! Us JJ fans MIGHT save some room on the couch for y’all on Finale Night if you promise no whining… ;)

          1. Considering it took both Brenchel and JJ fans to get Brendan back by a vote. Where as the Dani fans votes were split between Dom and Cassi and Dom was a close second. I would say that Dani’s fan out number Brenchel and JJ fans combined easily. But think what you want. JJ fans are a minority compared to Dani fans and the ratings will reflect that.

    1. Yea…we all have beady little black eyes that peer out from behind large eye sockets!! Lol!! Seriously?!?! That’s pretty funny stuff!!!

  16. The only way there can be a major shake up is if CBS brings up a competition say for the diamond POV that only the “Have Nots” can compete in. which would be fair since they didn’t get a chance to play for the Have Not. That way Dani wins takes herself off (porchia will already be off) and replaces herself with Rachel and the numbers would be up against Rachel that is if Adam and Shelly still consider her a threat.

    This would need some time though so that HGs can begin kissing ass and throwing out alliances, kinda give the dominant side right now some food for thought before the double eviction tops it all off. as for the double eviction that could go in any number of scenarios, i wont even think them out. Jeff though would be caught out cold i can imagine it being some de javu for him like it was for Dani with Brendon. to get kicked out twice by a double eviction.

    word of advise when everything is coming your way u might be in the wrong lane back up and and retrace ur route.

    1. You and I must measure intelligence in very different ways then. If you think having a chemistry degree automatically qualifies one as intelligent then you’re sadly mistaken (and this is coming from someone who actually wants to pursue a career in chemistry, btw). An intelligent person doesn’t behave as Rachel does because they’d realize that people will treat them the way that they treat others. Rachel complains about being hated outside of the BB house and worries about being unable to get a job after BB, but what the hell does she expect when she acts the way she does in the house? You can also judge her intelligence by the way she talks. To quote Hayden from last season, “try to string a sentence together without using the word ‘like’, Rachel.” And last but certaintly not least, Rachel has no awareness about other people’s emotions. When Rachel cries, she expects a pity party. When anyone without the name Rachel cries, she throws jabs at them. She’s a pitiful, classless and vindictive witch who will get what she deserves. That, I can promise you.

      1. Wow, Matt your a tough guy. You can promise that about Rachel. Listen to all of the women talk, like is every other word not just Rachel. NONE of these women have class. They act like little kids actually worse the way they talk about her. Whether you like Rachel or not its old. So if your gonna call her out for her actions at least do the same for the rest of them. Unless your into petty gossip yourself and get off on it. I wouldn’t hire any of them if I judged them on their behavior in the house. There ya go tough guy!

        1. These houseguests put themselves out there for the world to judge so I’m allowed to give my opinion about them. And as a person who believes in karma, yes, Rachel will get what’s coming to her.

          As for the other women bashing her, they wouldn’t have to bash Rachel if she didn’t give them a reason to. Her behaviour at times is inexcusable and beyond immature. Watch how she treated Daniele when she was drunk the other day and tell me that Daniele doesn’t have more class than Rachel. I dare you. Rachel started shit with Daniele for ABSOLUTELY no reason and there’s no denying that, and Dani walked away like an adult.

          Rachel is scum in my eyes and is a horrible excuse for a human being.

    2. I agree. I cant believe the way K, S, P and D spend so much time bashing her. Say what you want about Rachel but she doesn’t spend hours and hours talking shit about another person the way they do. I would be so embarrassed if I were related to them especially Shelly because she has a kid. It’s just to much. Give it a rest already your supposed to be adults. We get it you don’t like her move on to another subject.

  17. I am pulling for Dani, but it’s a lost cause. If JJ are smart they will eliminate Rachel before she turns on them. I can see her making some side 3 person deal with Kalia and Porsche if they all make it past double eviction night.

  18. It’s gonna be a big ratings hit when once she’s gone. If you consider that Dom almost beat out Brendan. If Dani fans were splitting their vote between Dom and Cassi and Brenchel and JJ fans were voting for Brendan. It would seem that there is way more Dani fans than the other vet couples. Yeah, this could really force CBS to step up their casting for next year. As I said earlier, Jordan winning twice could be the kiss of death for this show. And I don’t think anyone on here wishes that Big Brother would be canceled.

  19. WOW!!!!!! Jeff replaces Porshe with Dani on the block. Dani is not taking the news lightly. first she heads down the bathroom and cracks the mirror with the hair dryer. voice tells her to go the diary room and Dani ignores it. Khalia and Porshe tries to talk to Dani and Dani doesn’t want to talk to nobody. Dani heads out to the backyard and throws a flowerpot at the direction of smelly Shelly and bacon Adam who’s sitting on the backyard couch. LOUD VOICE: DANI PLEASE COME TO THE DIARY ROOM!!! Dani ignores the voice again. feeds cut away. when the feeds cut again, Dani is in the HOH with Jeff and Jordan and she is letting them have it. she just takes Jeff’s HOH food basket and heads out the door. LOUD VOICE AGAIN: DANI PLEASE COME TO THE DIARY ROOM. Dani heads back outside to the backyard and cannonballs herself with Jeff’s food basket in the swimming pool. Khalia joins dani in pool and Khalia is actually eating food that’s floating on the water. security are now escorting Dani out the backyard. Rachel is screaming MY FIANCE MY FIANCE!!! because she is scared what Dani is gonna do to Brendon when Dani joins him in the evicted house. feeds cut away, BB trivia on the screen.

    1. hmmh, and in this alternate reality that you’re living in, are you famous and popular and rich and powerful. How sweet, back to reality. If anyone was to lose it like that, it would be Rachel or Jeff, we have all seen their tempers.

    2. With the stunt that Dani just pulled she should be let go out of the house. Her actions of throwing a flower pot at two people could have either hit Adam or Shelly and caused injury. It just shows that Dani is unstable and should be held accountable for her actions. If someone had gotten hurt then CBS would have a real problem on their hands. What is she going to do next? There is to many things in the house that she could use as weapons. They should remove her like they did Chima. Dani needs to be sent home so she can get some help with her anger problem. She is a risk to keep her in the BBH or even in the Jury House. Then taking Jeffs HOH food basket and jumping in the pool with it , has now contaminated the pool. So that entails work for the staff of BB. As far as Kalia eating the food floating in the pool, she should get some kind of punishment or sent directly to Jury house, or maybe home also. Then Porsche who was on the block needs to be sent to Jury House also. None of the three at this point deserves to continue the game in BB13.

  20. I don’t see CBS doing a bait and switch at this point. If Dani goes up (which she will) she’s going home. The only question is what happens next. Since we’ll be down to just one power in the house I expect they’re going to start throwing all sorts of twists to keep the season from circling the bowl.

      1. We can hope. I have this image of a very confused Jordan in my head going “Why y’all acting this way? If we don’t all stick together ‘they’re’ going to pick us off one by one (not realizing that there is no more ‘they’)”

  21. I think Adam wins the next HOH puts up Jordan & Rachel (hopes to backdoor Jeff) but gets rid of Rachel (worst case scenario), flips the house by making it newbies bs vets again. Newbies have the numbers then but Adam will have to convince Shelly to go against her celeb crush JJ

  22. I know Dani is going home so I’m not going to watch anymore. I will continue to come here to read what stupid thing theyre gonna do next. Plus I luv the comments. I do hope Kalia or Porshe win HOH next. Get Jeff out!!!!!

    1. Dude, that’s just sick. It’s a game. Your wishing disfigurment or death on people. You really need to find some joy in your life. I feel bad for you.

  23. Simon or Dawg, does anyone know how many people tryout for BB each year? It seems that this season was just a bunch of people that they threw together cause of their persistence… Porsche & Adam = “Superfans” Lawon = tried out for 4 years then they only came up with 8 people so they added the vet twist…? Am I missing something?

      1. I’m a used car salesman and my wife thinks I should try out….! LOL! I am new to BB but I could definitely work this house over…. (I think)

      2. real people show up for BB but they usually hire actors or models because who wants to see fat, ugly people. They have to hire someone old, someone other then white or with a different lifestyle which could be gay or religious.

      3. Agents recommending clients, friend of a friend, Superfans. I feel like I’m watching “The Hills” sometime. Canada needs to man up and get in on the BB franchise!

    1. do u really have to be such a jerk to dani!! she is trying to play the game just as much as everyione else dont be such a doosh

  24. That will be the reason, Final 3: Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel. It’s like Brigade part 2. We already have Part 1. I totally agreed. Brigade part 2 will be more awesome.

    1. If Shelly goes all cutthroat on JJ, I’ll have to back her. Shelly tells Jordan, “You didnt really believe all that crap did you?”, she would own me.

  25. My problem is that when dani goes home, there will be nothing left…k and p will fall apart, then, depending on who jj really want in the final three, racel adam and shelly will go…so boring, dani has to stay, even if it means she has to sell her soul to the bb gods…team dani!

  26. So if Mr. I Play with Integrity and want to get rid of floaters and his Stupid (his own words not mine) girlfriend do get out Dani this week, what is left to watch happen on BB13, when the only one who has stirred up things this year is gone?

    Let’s see:

    Jeff will sit there continue calling his gf stupid and having his ass kissed by A & S
    Jordo will sit there being Stupid and not giving a damn knowing she will never get a second 500k
    Shelly will be lying as usual while drooling for a lesbo relationship with Jordo and bitching about Rach while saying how she (Shelly) is such a wonderful upstanding person and never winning a single comp
    Adam will be trying to be smart and funny and likely collapse of a heart attack
    Kalia crying and face stuffing
    Porcha lounging around doing nothing but continue getting fat and whining for not winning anything
    Rachel will have one last mental attack as Dani says she looks forward to spending time alone with Brenda on the way out the door and then cry that Dani is alone with Brenda likely doing the live Skype thing, thus losing the next HOH comp!

    1. Must also note here that Mr. Wonderful in his own mind Jeff doesn’t learn from his prior experiences considering during his previous season he tried a power move to get rid of the strongest player and the following eviction he was talking to Julie. Sure Shelly give the guy who is has fewer brain cells than his gf a 6 figure job (if you even have one after showing the world how pathetic you are….LOL)

    2. Oh oh apparently Rachel is 2 weeks late and Dani is demanding CBS give her a prego test because CBS could be giving a pregnant woman booze and competing while pregnant……….lol

  27. No shit Jordan…geez if I could I would evict her myself. I don’t see how she won that half a mil in her season.

  28. I live in Texas and I have never seen Mexican people with small eyes. The people here have very large brown beautiful eyes with long eyelashes(at least the ones I have seen). Maybe Jordan meant Asian people have small eyes

  29. Shelly’s & Dani’s true colors are starting to show on the live feeds. They’re being very nasty and catty about Rachel, it’s starting to get old. We get it, you don’t like her, damn drop it already. I could see it if Rachel was being Vegas but she’s been really cool lately. Go Big Jeff!! Bye Dani….

    1. Hey, that’s what I just said. That is one thing I’m embarrassed about being a women. Men don’t sit around talking about each other like this. Shelly makes it worse because of all the lies she has told. I would really hate it if I knew any of them and saw that this is how they act. Props to Jordan that she doesn’t get caught up in it. Lawon was right about Shelly when he said he didn’t trust her because she always said I don’t lie. He was on to her. She is a mess, its pathetic watching her trying to fit in with the “cool” crowd. When Rachel isn’t stressed about the game she seems to be a lot of fun. Shelly’s an idiot you can tell she’s the same way out of the house. She thrives on gossip and starting shit.

  30. Shelly is cruising through this game. If she skates through without being called
    out, she will win BB and America’s
    Fav. I believe she can beat Jeff or Jordan in final 2.

  31. Kalia if u want adams vote ur gonna have to do better than “oh adam i need the money to get a boob lift” like that is realy gonna work. and rachel stop sucking the hohs butt thats just sad!!!!!


  32. shelly,dani talk about how rachel maybe pregnant cuz she is 2 weeks later remeber when she said when brendon came back he breathed new life in to her so ironic

  33. the noobs are foolish to get rid of dani. JJ are never turning on each other which means unless you remove one or both, you have no shot at 50k. if adam & shelly take dani out now, that leaves RKP to work with. shelly won’t work with rachel (and probably vice versa), kalia is worthless and will only become more worthless after dani’s gone. that leaves porsche. ASP are not gonna beat JJR. if AS want a shot at the money, they need to keep dani & change alliances. DASP > JJR. DASP is a much more level group physically & mentally and offers everyone a pretty fair shot at the cash. if dani sells her position this way, she might change the entire course of the game yet again and save herself in the process. if AS don’t buy it BB might as well give JJ the money and spare the boring picking off process that will be the next few weeks.

  34. Rachel bashing going on again or still, on the feeds. Are we watching the flick “Mean Girls”? One problem with their little group there is a haggard old lady trying to fit in. Seriously Ciggy Shelley, flippin’ act your age. Maybe it’s her game, but she looks like a fool right now. IMO.

  35. man u babies need to stop crying because dani is going home…. and its funny that the same people who are saying “im going to quit watching if dani goes home” are the same people who made fun of JJ and BR for getting upset when dani and kalia won hoh……dani has made all the wrong moves this season she could have coasted to the final 5 but instead decided to make her “big game move” and flipped on the best players in the house and did all this while her closes ally was on the block… she doomed herself because there was no way that her and kalia were going to win every comp for the rest of the show

  36. could not agree more. this game was headed for absolute boredom (JJBR domination) until dani shook things up. and now, thanks to their retarded twist, CBS has reversed all the good dani’s done and put the season right back on track to suck. good work, CBS.

  37. rachel dont insult the brigade by saying your like them… your more or less like the dead fish they kill to eat.

  38. Kalia has to gooooo!!! When u may ask. YESTERDAY!!!!! she never should have been on the show she is a discrace to big brother.. Dani if u want a chance to win u have to ditch kalia she is a waste of time who is just holding u back and bringing u down with her

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