Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan is having doubts about Shelly/Adam “They’re playing both sides they don’t care to win HOH” **updated**

8:40pm Rachel is searching through everywhere trying to find her stuffed dog. Rachel found Mr Quakers..

9:00pm Bathroom Porsche and Shelly Shelly tells Porsche that rachel found Mr Quackers. Porsche tells her they hid it in the HOH Room toilet tanks. Shelly saying that Adam is the 3rd person in the Rachel, Jeff and Jordan alliance she knows that now. Shelly thinks it’s worth another shot talking to Adam to safe Dani. Shelly mentions that Adam told her if Rachel was in the final 2 he would vote for her. Porsche is shocked.. Shelly says she almost choked when he said that. Shelly says that all threw this game she’s helped Adam out, told him what to do and gave him information. Shelly tells her that in the beginning of the game she thought Porsche was a liar but it was later that she found out it was Rachel feeding Porsche the lies.

Porsche says it all comes down to them being the HOH Winner this week. Shelly knows, she also knows that they’re window of opportunity is closing if they want to have a chance to win in the end. Porsche says she’s took a big risk talking to Shelly again after all that happened but she feels she can now trust her and they need each other in this game.

Shelly agrees… brings up some of the things she said about Porsche and apologizes for them.

9:10pm Backyard Adam practicing for the comp with Jeff and Jordan on the couch Jordan thinks there is something up with Shelly. Jordan isn’t sure about their alliances anymore Shelly may be brewing something with the other side. Jordan brings up Shelly’s doubts about Adam, she thinks it’s kind of weird that all of a sudden she’s tell them that Adam might be up to something behind their backs.

Jordan gets called into the Diary Room .. Rachel steps out asks Adam how everyone is doing. Adam says Jordan is doing well, Shelly’s alright, POrsche is very good and Kalia isn’t so good. Adam thinks it just takes practice..

(ohh the paranoia)

9:30pm Kitchen Danielle, Shelly and Porsche they are talking about how strange Rachel has been acting going in and out of the Diary Room then acting like she’s hiding things. Dani speculates that Rachel was given a pregnancy test. Prosche doesn’t think Rachel is pregnant she thinks Rachel is making it up because she’s not the star of the show anymore. Danielle doesn’t think Rachel Reilly was ever the star of the show she’s more like a side show attraction. Porsche disagrees.

9:40pm Rachel, Jeff and Jordan They’re all practicing for the competition. No one knows if this will be for the HOH or POV competition. Jordan keeps saying how her and rachel will be up all night practicing. Jeff is coaching them tellings them things like “Take Control”, “ease it in”, “Give it a bounce in the end” and “it’s that last parts that’s tricky”

They talk about POrsche being the best player on the other side. Rachel says they have to watch Kalia she’s horrible at the game and is trying to watch them while they practice. Jordan agrees, she adds that the contest is Between Porsche, Jeff and Rachel they have to win it.

Rachel tells them she’s getting nervous about Adam she thinks he might try some funny business. Rachel didn’t have any Big Brother alliances last year so she’s not sure if she can trust him. Jordan thinks they are solid with Adam, she getting bad vibes from the house though she thinks something might be up. rachel asks her what is grabbing her attention… Jordan doesn’t answer brings up the competition and how Adam and Shelly don’t need to win it because they are playing both sides.

9:55pm Kiitchen Porsche and Dani Dani is telling Porsche she needs to really practice because Jeff, Jordan and Rachel will play all night. Dani says that they are practicing for a POV Competition.

10:22pm Have nots Prosche and Dani Porsche is saying that everyone is in the backyard practicing. Porsche says that Kalia isn’t even beign around her out there. Dani explains that Kalia will be their for Porsche but Kalia is also going to butt kiss Jeff and JOrdan. Dani points out that Shelly will do the same thing..

Porsche starts jokeing around tells dani she needs to tell Julie Chen tomorrow that they want to do The Amazing Race together. Dani laughs, Porsche: “Oh i’ll just tell her when I get out” Dani laughs at porsche getting all excited about getting evicted and talking to Julie Chen,.

10:30pm Dani starts coaching Porsche what to do if she leaves. She tells her she needs to not be scared to make deals with people and to use things they’ve said against them. Porsche brings up that Shelly told her Rachel isn’t coming after her and that Adam will vote for Rachel in the final 2. Giant sigh from Dani: “He’s a f***** idiot… worst game player of the year”

10:33pm Backyard Rachel, Jeff and Jordan Rachel telling Jeff that someone wrote Brendon sucks in the HOH Bathroom, “Why would they do that did you hear about that?” Jeff shakes his head tells Rachel not to worry about it.. they need to focus on wining the HOH and getting those people out.

Jordan is feeling very confident about this “HOH” comp she asks them who should win it out of her and rachel. Rachel isn’t sure that the game they are practicing is for HOH. Jeff: “Ideally Jordan you win it.. but seriously if you can win it just win it” Jordan agrees just wanted to know that they all thought, she thinks they need Rachel and Jeff to be able to play in the double eviction.

11:00pm Backyard everyone taking turns practicing. From what I can see POrsche and Jordan are the best followed by rachel nad Adam. Shelly hasn’t practiced much since the beginning.. she keeps saying how bad she is going to do at this comp.

11:03pm dani giving Porsche some hints on possible games they might play that uses the “snake” (the comp they are practicing). She adds that you might not have to get it in the whole there might points around the hole.

11:20pm Shelly starts to practice on the snake.. she’s very good probably the best

kalia says she had a casual conversation with Jordan and after Shelly told her that Jordan is saying that Kalia is playing both side. Dani is telling Kalia she has to watch out for Shelly she will turn on, “I’m letting you know Kalia you can’t trust her”. Dani adds that Shelly is playing the game to win.

Kalia is saying she’s trying to rally the 4 newbs. Kalia is getting frustrated with this years Big Brother Cast she feels like she has to light a fire under everyone to get them to do something. Dani thinks it’s a waste of time.. there is no way some of the players in this game will do anything, “it’s almost like their purpose is to Push Jeff to the end.. You have to get Jeff out of this house or you have no shot to win.”.. flip

11:45pm everyone practicing

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261 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Jordan is having doubts about Shelly/Adam “They’re playing both sides they don’t care to win HOH” **updated**

    1. I am Rachel all the way… not a fan of the MEAN girl club… dani drives me nuts!!! At least Rachel always shows her colors. Both p @ d have pretended to be her friend to turn latter… boo i know its bb but wow .

  1. Everytime I see Jordans face I want to vomit she is soooooooooooo fake I respect rachel more and that’s saying something

    1. Jordan is retarded, Rachel may be a pain in the ass to a couple people, but she is moar legit than most everyone else! Not to mention easy on the eyes!

      1. So, you are calling Jordan a “RETARD”. Seriously, jealous aren’t you. A “RETARD” wouldn’t be on to Shelly and Adam playing both sides (But, Jodo is on to them). A “RETARD” is now a RACIST term if you didn’t know that. A “RETARD” doesn’t give a friend a phone call from home (YOU think DANI would have gave that up for a dunce suit?….NO). A “RETARD” would have lost all of her previous winnings by now (like most gamblers do), but NO Jordan has invested wisely and is in college improving herself. Get over it….SHE”S 20x smarter than anyone who calls someone a “RETARD”.

      2. Adam, should tell DANI that he is in charge of the newbie’s and she’s #4 on their list (KAZBOOM). Then, tell her she has NOTHING to offer him. Then, tell her that him, Shelly, K & P have been playing her for WEEKS. Dani would just sit in a corner and CRY. Hahahahahha. Don’t be surprised you Adam HATE folks if he doesn’t go to the end with K or R and WIN it. Be fun to watch too.

    2. Yea, kinda reminds me of the first girl in school to get tits… And Rachel has tits! Acne or not, nothing gets between me and my Rachel!

      1. Hi PJ, I am with you, hoping for Rachel to win this. My respect for Adam for being fair. Why is Shelly shocked if Adam vote for Rachel if she in the final two. Everyone deserves to have a chance to win this game. Rachel has been picked on and the girls except Jordan ostracize her ever chance they get especially Dani. Dani has a personal vendetta towards Rachel because of Dominick and cannot understand why Dani cannot let go since she evicted Brendon. She even hardly know Dominick. Dani evicted Brendon and Rachel evicted Dominick so let us call it even and why is Dani still so mad with Rachel. Dani is so angry because she lost the opportunity to have a love connection with Dominick, seems like that was what she wanted. Her Demised is her own doing by trying to betray her Vet alliance and when she does not get what she wanted, she gets personal. Glad to see her gone.

  2. Love how Jordon keeps saying “Don’t let Kalia see how we are doing it (slow)”.
    WOW they have the key to rolling a ball down a ramp! Genius!
    Like it takes a brain surgeon to figure out that you should not whip the ball fast down the board….OMG she is a total dimwit.

  3. So is R preggers or not? Adam is an idiot he won’t be able to get anywhere with jj in final 3…I hope production forces him to keep dani to keep the game interesting

      1. That would be pretty sad. That is such a wierd relationship and bringing a child into it would be horrible. As much as I would like for her to be inconvenienced by something, being pregnant is not what I would chose. Hopefully, she will get some self esteem and try to make more positive decisions than staying with Brendan.

        1. Vegas Rachel finding self esteem and make good decisions. I would say the odds are not in her favor. She is somewhat better without Brendan around. But not enough to make me change my opinion about how she is in this house. Which is the only thing I have to judge her by, along with 99% of the posters on here, since we only see them in the BB house.

          Sure there are some stalkers out there that say that they know a HG in real life, but no one really believes them. And most of them come off as creepy anyways. You know who you are…

    1. You want production to force players actions???

      No thanks. There’s enough scripted reality shows, in fact all of them aside from BB are, so please stop the interference from production.

      Dani lost the veto. She screwed her alliance. She deserves to go.

      1. BB is soft scripted. How can you not know that? Production sways things certain ways for entertainment value! ie: brendon coming back, certain comps being designed to help the player they want to win, immediately after shelly left the dr is when she started her campaign to save dani. Production wants dani to stay, she will stay.

        1. Maybe there’s a tiny remote control gyro in the ball that production can control to make somebody loose.Or maybe they are actors and it’s us big brother is watching. But really, it does suck that production interferes so much. On the other hand if they didn’t, it might not be as entertaining. I find BB to be very entertaining because I watch to see what will happen instead of watching and hoping something will happen. Team production all the way!

      2. Production has had their hands in this entire season, so I don;t think it;s scripted, but it in RIGGED for Ratings …

        1. Sadly Production opened Pandora’s box a long time ago the very first time that they influenced the game. Now they are in a vicious cycle that they run the risk of losing ratings if they don’t keep different fanbases happy for as long as they can. I suspect that they do it early on, hoping that they can keep someone around long enough for the fans of that player to take a liking to other players as well, so they can hopefully keep them watching if their favorite goes. And let’s be honest with ourselves, I didn’t hear Brendan fans saying that he didn’t win that election and that production shouldn’t have brought him back. Same could be said when the DR, the pending twist and Shelly’s words got into Kalia’s head and played a big role in her not putting up Jordan to ensure Rachel went home. Shelly was in the same situation as this week, she comes out of the DR and starts working on Kalia, yet that was ok, now that she is doing the same thing for Dani, its rigged. It’s a TV show, and whether they call it a reality show or not, its not without outside influences and the producers will have their own agenda. Its not just this show, its all shows.

  4. So, Dani is offical screwed now isn’t she? Or does she have 3 more hours to somehow make Adam switch?
    I don’t know what I’m going to do after tommorow. Do I watch this show and hope that Straight shooter and Porsche win or do I just stop watching. I hope SS or Pinto win tommorow, if Dani is evicted, or it will be a snooze fest from here on out.

        1. I would say slim. In order for that to happen, Atom’s balls would have to drop and he would have to develop a spine between now and then as well. It’d take a modern miracle.

      1. What is so great about Dani? When she isn’t sleeping, whining about how she deserves to be there or complaining all she does is run around hiding things and sits around making fun of people behind their backs.

        1. well without who would be there to oppose the vets. after cassi and dom left there would be no one. thank god for dani or it would’ve been a 1 alliance show.

        2. Dani’s “betrayal” as I hear the JJ zombies utter, kicked this season into action and drama. Prior to that it was watching the vets pick off the newbs one at a time. And quite honestly was shaping up to being the most boring season since season 1. A one alliance show, in which the HG’s vote how the HOH wants, would make for a very boring season. Seriously, if that was enjoyable, you should paint something and watch it dry, about the same thing.

      2. What I don’t understand is if everyone thinks this season is so boring, then why are you watching it and here wasting your time making comments? If I thought it was that boring, I’d find something better to do with my time! I love BB and I think it is a GREAT season and obviously everyone else here does to or you wouldn’t be here BLANK about Straight Shooter, Dani, Jeff, Hordan, Porshe, Kalia, Adam or anyone else! They ARE doing something to get your attention, so boring or not obviously they are more exciting than anything else in your life or you wouldn’t be here participating in comments! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

      1. I’d like someone to steal Shelly’s dog that Josie gave her, just for her to see how it feels. These girls are being so vile.

      2. It’s the game! You stay in anyway you can!!! OMG! How long have you watched and do you understand that that is the purpose of BB? It’s like Survivor, you outplay, outwit, and outstay for $500,000.

  5. So porsha ask Rachel move from the practice table bc she was eating andshe can’t! When Rachel was there first hahah and if I remember correctly porsha was always shoving her face this entire game in front if the have nots lol dkps are such hipocrits

    1. Lmao.. I seen that and thought it was QUITE hilarious!! I remember watching Porshe eat “real” food beside other people who were on slop, and they’ve never said anything.. but of course she’s gotta cry about it being done to her.

      Dani, Kalia, Porshe, and even Shelly are straight pathetic! I know the house must be extremely boring, but can they really not find anything better to do than bash Rachel all day? It’s pretty sad to watch.

      1. Wow Rachel fans are amazing. Your princess of porn can do and say anything and you will find an excuse for it. But when someone does anything to her, they are mean girls or catty women. Poor Rachel. It’s no coincidence that two years in a row she has been the most hated woman on TV and easily the most hated in the BB house.

    1. totally jealous of dani…. don’t hate dani just because she isn’t afraid to break away from the sheep….. I love how these heffers get on here and talk about the way these girls look lol.. meanwhile they are fat blobs that sit on a computer and make themselves feel better by degrading the looks of others!!!

      1. Those girls are just so bitter because someone had the balls to put Dani up and so now their ring leader is going home. Cry me a river!!

  6. even if her daughter doesnt know it all of america does shelly is the biggiest snake of them all! and no not in a good game play way.

  7. Jordumb is getting on my nerves, hate how she hides behind bully Jeff!!! She’s not as sweet as she pretends.. love to see one of the other girls go off on and make her cry!

    1. I think she actually might be developmentally chellenged the way she struggles to even express her thoughts when she’s speaking.

  8. I’d like to make a prediction right now:

    Rachel and Jordan lose early in the competition that they’re practicing in the backyard and as Porsche is having her turn Rachel claims she is having a sudden allergic reaction to her pimple cream and has a bout of chronic sneezing. Porsche, startled by this, turns her head and loses concentration causing her to drop the ball and lose the competition.

  9. i see dani and porsche are acting like some jealous women towards rachel, why is it so important to dani to find a pregnancy test, and then she giggles about rachel being pregnant? real mature, i can see why she dont get along with her dad, she doesnt know how to act like an adult, she needs to check herself, she isnt that hot herself………..

    1. It’s because she’s small minded, like most of the other girls in that house. Like the saying goes “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”.

      It’s VERY funny to me that last week she back-doored Brendon and even laughed about doing it. This week was sort of the same scenario, only she KNEW she’d be playing in the Veto comp no matter what. So, she wasn’t really back-doored. It was up to her to win the Veto to ensure her own safety. She tried to win it and Jeff won instead and decided to use the Veto and put her up. Then she goes around saying that she was back-doored and lied to?! Booo freaking hoo!! She did the SAME thing last week. KARMA!! I guess the shoe doesn’t fit so nicely on the other foot :)

    2. Come on lets be real I don’t think Dani and Porscha are jealous at all of Rachel. Rachel is as nasty as they get. It’s easy to forget when she’s not that involved in the game. She deserves all the hate she gets.

    3. they complain about toilet they complain about slop dani and her crew are so pathetic and tired of dani and shelly stealing shit for nothing rachel has a problem but so does shelly and definitely dani e gods she can dish but doesnt take as well she sad really really sad and she wanted this more than any one really cant believe her geez go home shelly your due to get burnrd by your ways soon

  10. That is exactly what I was thinking. They let the mean girls take her stuff, yet they did not make them return her things. Why is Dani so special?

      1. What are you talking about? That is exactly what this spoiler is about. Shelly is NOT telling Jordon that she is playing both sides! She’s telling her she’s worried about her place in their alliance. She’s not telling her she’s trying to flip the house. Jordon is picking up things from Adam and Shelly’s conversations that suggest something isn’t right with either of them….in particular, as posted in the spoiler, that Shelly is suddenly throwing Adam under the bus. You might not like Jordon but jeez you can’t rewrite what is happening. Do you watch the feeds?

      2. ummmm no you are wrong shelly did not tell jordon anything she is figuring it out herself besides dani told rachel that she had shelly’s vote so the shit is going to hit the fan and will blow up in shelly face lol this is gonna be good and stop hating on jordon

  11. Dani makes me sick, I’ll be glad when she’s gone. Her and Porsche are by far the cattiest players this year, and the fact Shelly hid Rachel’s stuffed animal then acts like she’s above all that kind of stuff really pisses me off. I hope Shelly goes home tomorrow right after Dani and then I’ll be able to watch the feeds without cringing. Adam is smart to stick with JJ and he know DPS or full of shit.

  12. Why do people keep trashing Rachel for having acne?

    She’s played this game a hell of a lot better than Dani. Don’t hate on her just because Dani only managed to get out one person twice, and helped to get rid of one of her own alliance member (Lawon) after screwing over her vet alliance for Dom who she caused to get evicted too.

    1. Obviously all these people who make fun of Rachel’s acne are people who don’t have a life outside the internet and have acne themselves.

      1. I find this very amusing. To hate someone on a reality TV show that you don’t even know really tells alot about yourself.

    2. What I don’t get is how all the people who didn’t like Dani on BB8 (which from what I understand is the majority), somehow like her this year. She seems exactly the same to me. Messed up her game for a boy and is just as bitchy.

  13. I hate this season I hate Jeff and Jordon they are like a penny two faced and worthless I want Dani to stay period effing production ruined her HOH by bringing back Brendon how the hell is that fair they at least should have given her power diamond of veto. BB Production needs to get real pointers from where the show first originated from which is Holland aka Netherlands American BB will always be apathetic copycat that has no brain casting an idiot like Adam ugh.

    1. I hate it when dani fans scream THE SHOW IS GONNA END WITH DANI EVICTED dani is the worst player of this season because she went from everyone’s pick to win to zero chance of winning I’m certainly not going to miss her cattiness her hypocrisy and her spoiled attitude. DKP are the biggest cluster of shit alliance this show has seen 3 HOHs and they gained no ground on JJR (because they lost lawon and evicted brendon)

      1. Even when Dani is evicted tomorrow she’ll still be my fave for this season. If she wasn’t in the house there wouldn’t even be any sides, just a bunch of newbies kissing the vets’ butts. She kept the show interesting with her moves, stupid or not. Even Brendon kept the game interesting and I’m not even a fan of his. I guess there’s still Jeff and Rachel who are there to play hard and keep it somewhat entertaining.

  14. How can u people say jordon isn’t sweet when she gave up a phone call from home to Shelly?! I don’t think any other houseguest would have done the same!!!

    1. It was a very nice gesture.
      At that point in the game, Shelley was unstable and I believe each one of the HGs, including Rachel,
      would have given Shelley the call home.

    2. One of the others might have if their boyfriend was already in the house with them like Jordon and Jeff. It was easier for Jordon to give up a call because she did have Jeff there with her.

    3. I think Jordan is truly a sweet person. I don’t know what she did with her BB11 winnings, but she constantly talked about buying a house for her mom.

      1. Jordan DID help her Mom financially. She either bought or put a down payment on a home for her family. (before bb they family had lost everything basically). What she said she was going to do, she did. Also, to those who insist on calling her dumb, I think she is more “innocent and unassuming”, then dumb. To be honest I think if more people where innocent and not quick to assume things we would all be in better shape.

        1. I think she bought a house and now she and her mom and brother live in it. At least what I remember reading. Whatever her IQ is, she’s a sweetie.

  15. I was thinking the same thing. BB never made them put anything back they only made P throw out the drink and that was after a day or two.

  16. if I was Dani I’ll head outside and practice in front of Jeff & Jordan and Khalia. that will keep them up all night thinking Dani has the votes to stay.

    1. I know, Simon, you were pulling for him at first. I think he was really taken by EDick being in the house and after he left, Adam turned to Jeff. He has stopped thinking for himself. To bad, I wanted to pull for him but he has lost me. Don’t know where I go after Dani leaves. Guess I will wait and see where you go and I might just follow. Call me a floater.

    2. Simon, I tried twice to post on the last spoiler. ….usually it says waiting for moderation….but there was nothing.

  17. it is a bit funny, people trash on rachel

    lets see.. what did rachel accomplish as person in charge. Good bye Dom(who would be a vote getter, and a serious player down the line if he wasnt taken out early) and cassie, same can be said about her….

    dani/kalia 3 weeks=brenden out of the house(1 jury vote, rachel) lawon out of house(weakest player)

    Dani really has NO room to be bashing people like adam for gameplay, but ESPECIALLY not rachel who has actually done a heck of a lot better thus far.

  18. I love how they assume rachel is prego. It makes me laugh, Dani is funny with all her thoughts. I bet her eviction speech is just a total hate on Rachel. I would love it for Dani to go then Rachel to follow her. Dani would self evict from Jury with Band R

    1. This could be the lever they need to move Adam. Adam can see that P has a knack for this comp. P tells Adam that if see wins HOH and he doesn’t flip, he will go up. However I think Adam is like Harry Truman; not the President, but the dummy that lived in a cabin on the side of Mt. St. Helens. He was told countless times to move as the mountain was about to erupt. Harry refused to move. We don’t know if he was killed in the initial blast, or by the tons of debris and ash that fell on him. It does’t really matter. Dead is dead. Hope they have bacon in the jury house.

      1. From what I saw today Adam is locked in to get Dani out.. Shelly, Porsche and Jordan are the strongest in this practice comp.

        From what they have said to each other
        Kalia, Shelly, Porsche will all put Jeff up

        1. Sure hope so ………. then Adam can say, “IF I had won, I would have put Jeff up too.”
          And then we’ll hear Jeff calling out to Adam, “Hey Dude! Let’ talk.” Freak out time!!!!!!

  19. Why can’t they find HGs who eat with their mouths CLOSED?! I am tired of muting every time they go near food. Rachel is awful in this respect. After Adam, I doubt a fan will ever be cast again. Where does the desire to kiss Jeff’s ring come from? He is like one of those kids who has no friends in school and sucks up to the teacher to the point of becoming a nuisance. I cannot wait to see his reaction when he walks out the door. I don’t see him lasting another week. If he does that stupid dance, the audience should boo him!

      1. True..Porsche comes in a close second though….she take gigantic bites and does not chew, she almost swallows her food whole. Uhhhh! Adam is almost no better……he chews kinda weird and he makes these harking noises all the time, even when he eats. But maybe we are being a tad bit harsh as they are miked up.

      2. But IMO he was still more of an entertaining character then a bunch of the schmucks we have this season. It’s boring as hell watching Jordan trying to use her brain, Adam kissing Jeffs bum, Porscha cooking, Kalia bitching and complaining.

    1. Because that would require contestants with an IQ, and I am sure we can agree to some extent that if they had any houseguests with half a brain (what 8 to start) that there wouldn’t be 4 vets still in the house (and Evel D self evicted) Of course they do have superfan Adam to “play” the game. what an idiot. All bout the ratings, do u really think America wanted to see more of Brenchel. Dom back in would have made it a game. This season is so boring, it’s my first I ever watched, and it will be my last. How it takes 3 episodes a week to do this show is beyond me. We all know the outcome by Tuesday morning. This site is far more entertaining than the show is. Atleast NBC has Anna Kornikova for biggest loser this year (sorry Adam, that title in this show doesn’t mean you’ve won)

    2. That was actually my only issue with Keith. When he was eating, it seemed like the mic was attached to the roof of his mouth. I had to mute long segments due to that. Was not unhappy to see/hear him leave.

  20. And she’s also being quiet because she’s not on the block or HOH, so her involvment is limited. But she still sneaks in some bitchy episodes here and there. I actually bad for her sometimes, because her image among the general public is so terrible.

    1. Honestly Rachel isn’t the monster, look at shelly and her “I want my baby to respect my game” attitude. Great influence, train your daughter to be another stupid liar cheat.

      1. seriously? And what will Rachel teach hers? How to give BJ’s on national TV or to put out to wake up covered in vomit, naked clutching 100 dollar bills?

        1. Where you there did you see her naked with hundred dollar bills or are you just another 2 year old like the girls in the house with nothing better to do than bash people that you do not know !!!

  21. Ha! So it seems sketetor and her fans have resigned themselves to her fate! Excellent! Now we can proceed with a legitimate game.

    1. You honestly can say it’ll be a legitimate game after Dani leaves? you must not have been watching this season. Jeff is being handed the money. It would be a better GAME if Danielle was to stay.

      1. Puhleeze hatter. Dani has been using her production friends shamelessly. Quik rewind:
        Danny had the audacity to ask her friends to direct Rachel to the dr today, claimed they wuld quit wen she left, had 2 hohs designed for her, got a veto pass to protect her. It goes on and on. Maybe if she had use those 4 free weeks she was given to stay loyal to her alliance rather than get in PT’s pants like she did Nicks in ssn8, she might not be packing while I am texting this.

      2. I do not think so, Jeff is not being handed the money. He still has to win HOH and POV just like the others. You are assuming that everyone will vote for him.

  22. Well stupid is as stupid does, sounds like you know plenty well about that subject.
    Rachel is the sweetest, most loveable girl ever in BB and you know it. I’d bite every pimple for her and kiss them clean. Brenden is such a lucky guy!

  23. Rachel is easy on the eyes? Yes, Maybe for Stevie Wonder.

    Adam and Jeff make me sick!! Adam is acting like a fool kissing Jeff’s butt like that. I can’t wait until Adam gets out! They are just using him for the VOTES, He’s just a number. I hope Adam or Jeff is right out the door behind Dani.

      1. That’s because when they’re ugly, or even fat, they know they have to be good in the bedroom to keep their guys from wanting to leave them so they make damn sure they good at keeping them satisfied. I think it also has to do with the fact they usually don’t get attention, so when someone finally gives it to them, they’ll do anything to keep the guy happy and keep the attention coming their way.

  24. it’s so ridiculous when people on here attack a houseguest’s fan base.
    attack the houseguest all you want, it is a show after all, but i don’t think you all realize how catty and bitter you look when you try to put down strangers just cause you hate who they’re rooting for.. really?

  25. I believe Dani has the votes of Porsche and Shelly. When they saw they were getting nowhere with Adam, they should have dropped it. Instead Dani should have been nice to Rachel for a couple of days, apologize for everything that’s happened…blah, blah, blah. Then today Dani could have begged Rachel for a sympathy vote. Dani could tell Rachel that she couldn’t get enough votes and she wants to have at least one vote. After all, Dani did vote for Rachel when she didn’t need to. Then Dani should cry and keep to herself so Rachel feels bad for her.

    This could have worked provided that Dani’s team kept their mouths closed. Then Dani would have the necessary three votes.

  26. I can’t stand Shelly! she is really getting on my nerves with her crap. I wish they would sit her down and show her the truth. I think she left her meds at home, the sex change isn’t taking very well. She walks like a man swinging a huge…she talks like a man swallowing a huge…go home already

  27. I am so glad that Adam is not listening to the “Mean Girls” Jordan is getting smart. Good job not trusting Shelly or even Adam.
    F3- JJR =)

  28. Right now I’m respecting Rachel wayyyy more than Dani! Dani is a hypocritical person…she makes fun of Rachel being on the block for crying and being emotional, but in reality she does the same exact things but 10 times WORSE! Those MEAN girls should really stop talking about her behind her back, at least have the guts to say it in front of her face! Dani and her pity party of none are losers and cowards! DAN is really CATTY and WHINY! sHE PROBABLY ONLY TALKED TO HER DAD WHEN SHE NEEDED MONEY, YET THAT’S HOW THEIR FIGHT STARTED ANYWAYS!

  29. Correct me if I am wrong.. but didn’t Jeff get voted out his season during the “double eviction”?

    Again, correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember Dani giving Shelly the dog. Shelly stuffed it down between her bed and the wall, and Dani told her she would give her instructions later about what to do with it?

  30. If I have to hear Kalia talk about what a big “threat” she is anymore, I’m going to scream. You won ONE HOH, and you openly admitted that you GUESSED the answers to the questions!!! Ooooo, BIG THREAT!! Shut up, and fix your upper lip while you’re at it.

    1. What is happening? On the show Wednesday, R was messing with D and following her around the house and kept asking D if she felt bad that she was turning 25.
      So then, via the feeds this is not accurate?
      The girls are being Heathers towards Rachael? Jordan too?

      If that is true, CBS does a good job with edits.

  31. I love the accents! rachel is mine back off pigtrill!!!

    and why is everyone hating on jordan? i think shes adorable!!

    As for dani im glad the B***h is gone all she is good at is riding her daddys coat tails ZIIINNGGGG!!!! ha ha ha ha

  32. Seriously, its a freaking GAME!! Why are you ppl taking it so personally?? When did it become okay to call someone Judas? Wtf some ppl need lives lol

  33. Has Shelly REALLY flipped?

    or is this just a ploy? she says Adam is JJA

    but just last week it was JJSA. She was kissing JJ’s hand like prince and princess.

    I guess I will know after I see how each HG votes.

    1. 100% Shelly has flipped.

      Everyone in that house knows they can’t beat Jeff in the final two. Shelly has decided it is the time to do something about it.

      KPS vs JRA in the HOH comp.

      Dani will be voted no matter what, vote count doesn’t mean anything (Porsche may give Dani a vote). Shelly is still going to target Jeff.

    1. I wish Dani would leave already, so you JJ fans can shut the f*ck up.

      JJ and Dani fans have made this season unbearable.

  34. My guess is that it’s because Dani could be leaving. They will probably make the HGs give Rachel’s stuff back if the time comes that she has to leave the house permanently. I don’t think they will let any permanent stealing occur.

    1. They made Brendon leave without returning his Turtle or his duck. Stupid but true.
      BB does favor Dani, because she works with BB all the time in LA doing Promo’s!

      1. The turtle and duck were in the house to begin with, dani’s unicorn was hers from HOH basket, thats most likely why PR said to return it

  35. Jordan isnt fake at all…. shes just that freaking dumb. at least her face is pretty unlike Porsche and Dani who really does look like a monkey. well a bilemic monkey.

    but i really dont think jordans fake at all in fact shes probably the most sincere person in the house. But i definitely do not want her to win BB13

    1. Here is the deal, no one knows who is real or who is fake. No will ever know. Because none of us know these people outside the house.

    2. One thing is fake about Jordan, her boobs. A cheap boob job. But she does have a cute face. If she lost a minimum 15 pounds, she would be smokin.

  36. Things Dani should casually say to Rachel:

    -I’m so horny. I can’t wait to get out of this house
    -How big is Brendon’s “unit”?
    -I can’t wait to get to the jury house
    -is Brendon good in bed?
    -remember the time you wanted to have the threesome with you, me and Brendon? I’m thinking I might just start without you.
    -Brendon is going to flip when I tell him you’re pregnant
    -I wonder what Brendon is doing right now
    -it has been forever since I’ve been laid

    1. I thought Dani should try to get a sympathy vote from Rachel. But your scenario could work. Dani could get into Rachel’s head enough so that she does not feel safe sending Dani to the jury house alone with her man.

      1. exactly. it should work. as Rachel said many times…nothing comes between her and her fiancee. :-)
        I suspect she actually might flip, knowing that Dani could fool around with Brendon in the Jury house.

  37. i can believe this people love to say that rachel is a liar and yada yada…but oh well i am sure there rest of them are all telling the truth !

  38. The most annoying part is how Adam doesn’t see that he’s better off keeping Dani. If he makes it to final 4 with Dani, shelly and one other person he has a far high chance of winning then he does with Jeff, Jordan, and one other player.

    1. he will when he’s in the jury house next, both sides of house figured out he’s useless. by tonite he’s not going to matter in the house, the house guest see that he’s spineless

  39. Rachel doesn’t talk personal BS like the other 3 girls. She usually talks game or just talks about random stuff with people. Do not compare Rachel to the other girls because that tells me you either do not watch the feeds or are one of those biased Rachel haters who make shit up just because they don’t like her. She certainly has her nutty moments, and likely needs a psychologist for her esteem issue, but she is a hell of a lot cooler than the other 3 airheads who do nothing but whine and make fun of people.

  40. Rachel use to be a man named Randy who had a sex change but only partially! Brendon is actually bisexual! Haven’t u noticed that all their sex picks show him behind her or she’s giving head!

  41. JJ OUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTT very soon, i dislike Jeff, jordan is probably the most floater on the house.

    KALIA stop talking please!

    DANI GOD why do u loose Veto? :(

    PORCSHE my little biatch, i hope u win this think

    SHELLY : you are idiot

    ADAM: worst game player

    Rachel: I want to punch u in the ass xD u are so not in the final 2 :P

  42. Some nasty folks in the BB house. At first, I thought Shelly had OCD because she is constantly cleaning , but after listening to her on BBAD ranting about piss on the commode and somebody shitz was yellow under the seat I understand why she cleans so much. They are some totally disgusting pigs

  43. Jeff and Pinto did very well tonight in the practice comp on BBAD. If Jeff doesn’t go in the DE tonight, there’s a good possibility that’s he going to be HOH again and goodbye Adam

  44. I agree. They talk about Jeff being a bully and won’t give Adam a moments peace. When those girls were in the HOH it made me sick to watch how childish they acted. Rachel isn’t one of my favorite people but she is a real person who deserves to be treated just like everyone else. Dani is getting what she deserves.

  45. I agree. They talk about Jeff being a bully and won’t give Adam a moments peace. When those girls were in the HOH it made me sick to watch how childish they acted. Rachel isn’t one of my favorite people but she is a real person who deserves to be treated just like everyone else.

  46. Wow! Maybe Rachel will save Dani. This would be great! I’d love to see Adam and Shelly take the blame if Kalia leaves and Dani stays, then the dark side can take out Jeff, maybe as early as tomorrow and leave Jordan and Adam in a pathetic 2 person alliance. Glad to see that Rachel is smart enough to see that without Dani she will be lucky to make final 4. Her only purpose in JJ’s game is to shield JJ from bullets. Of course they will get rid of her before final 3 because JJ has a much better chance winning competitions against anyone but Rachel or Dani. I’ve been team Dani since early in the game, and I never thought I’d say it, but Rachel and Dani together could do a lot of damage. They could potentially take out Jeff and Jordan by next Thursday, leaving Dani, Rachel, Porsche and Shelly as final 4, and Adam all by himself in fifth place. If he had been able to take his lips off Jeff’s ass long enough, he would have seen that his only chance at getting to the end is by keeping Dani and getting JJR out as soon as possible. I really want to see the shocked looks on Jeff, Jordan, Cowlia and Adam’s faces when Cowlia leaves. Their heads will still be spinning when the DE starts. If Rachel helps Dani stay, JJA are at a disadvantage during the first HOH and POV. Even if Jeff wins the second HOH or POV, he would be gunning for Dani and ironically, Adam, who he already thinks might flip. He won’t even suspect Rachel. I love it! Please Rachel! You can redeem yourself with me if you save Dani. They just have to find a way to convince Shelly to keep Dani without telling her about Rachel. Unfortunately, the only way Shelly will vote to keep Dani is if she knows the third vote is there. Otherwise she will play it safe and vote with JJ. Too bad Dani and Rach don’t know that the straight shooter desperately wants to flip the house. This could be epic!

  47. I can’t wait to see what happens when Kalia finds out that Porsche is campaigning for Dani to stay in the house! Constantly going after Adam, would love it if Adam walked up to Kalia and said ” ummm just so you know Porsche is asking me to vote for Dani!!

    Whoot!! Let the fireworks begin between three such “nice deserving girls” lol

  48. Between all the trash talk on BBAD and this site, I think I’ll opt for just watching the vanilla version of BB on CBS. With the time I’ll be saving, I will try to bring something positive into my life, like studying the philosophies of people who really wanted to enlighten the world like Ghandi or MLK. I’m going to make a point of showing the love to counteract all the vitriousness I’ve absorbed this season. Seriously. Don’t bother to respond, I’m signing off now.

  49. I heard mention of a house guest rule book that they can read/refer to – I can’t seem to find it online – does anyone have a link to said book of rules or would it be possible to paste them on the site somewhere …. Simon?

    I ask as I am seriously thinking of pushing to get on this show and wonder exactly what’s expected of the contestants.


  50. Does anyone else get the impression that Jeff is totally hamming it up for the camera. He’s downplaying his accent and going out of his way to be cute.All of his diary sessions sound totally practiced and unnatural. He gunning for a career in TV and phony, acting Jeff is more than a little nauseating.

  51. Thay act like they are 2 yaers old, how does she think Brendon felt when she did this to him. Oh yae that is differant in her mind. I am glad she is going !!!!!

  52. I think you are right about that. I hesitate say it (as the fans here are mostly anti-JJ and there isn’t a lot of JJ feeds reported on here) but I think this is one of her strengths. She isn’t winning the comps but she is really involved in the strategy with Jeff. She seems perceptive about the other HG’s and that has added in strategy, I believe.

    1. There’s a lot of JJ fans and there is tons of stuff posted about Jeff, maybe not so much Jordan, but she’s not even relevant.

  53. Whoa!!!

    Looks like I will have to watch the BBAD saved from last night ………….
    What is going on?
    Has Rachel joined Porsche, Dani and Shelley? For real?????

    Will Jeff go after Shelley today?????
    Will Adam still hang onto Jeff after that confrontation or flip?

    Jeff vs Shelley = KABOOM!!!!!

    1. What????? I don’t watch the live feeds. I’d hoped to sign up before, but was going through a real crappy time financially, and could hardly afford extras on the table. What’s going on? Rachel teaming up with Shelly and Porsche?

        1. I haven’t watched the video of BBAD yet but read that Rachel and Dani
          discussed votes and attempted to put aside past differences. Who knows what will happen?
          They are gamers and certainly know how to work BB. Here’s hoping …………

          Adam apparently spent some time with J/J and ranted on and on about his discussions with the others.
          Adam trusts J/J.
          J/J smell a HG storm brewing and so they hope to distract the others today by
          getting everyone to fight with each other.
          Jeff said he will call out Shelley on her numerous alliances. KABOOM!
          I don’t think Kalia knows about the Shelley/Porsche/Rachel? talks.
          Kalia may go KABOOM today, too.
          Jeff, also, plans on hiding Adam’s skulls in Porsche’s belongings. KABOOM!!

  54. Jordan can really read people! LOL! She’s always on the spot! That’s what makes her a winner! She knows exactly which side to take as days go by.

  55. Daniele needs to go….all she does is manipulate and lie to get her way…and in the next breath, talk crap about everyone else who manipulates and lies to get their way. Jeff warned Kalia from the start, and as far as Daniele, she DID strike first, what did she expect? She is trying too hard to be her dad and its not working….actually Rachel is doing a better “Evil Dick” by torturing Dani and getting under her skin. I would love to see Jeff and Rachel in the final 2.

  56. I hope Rachel gets at least second place. No matter the exterior, I can tell she has a good/kind side. Searching for her toy that peeps put in the toilet, that’s pretty harsh!

  57. Everyone is talking about Racheals pimples, Didnt anyone notice Danis huge zits along with Porshe and Kalia! They would win biggest zit contest easy

  58. This season I agree is boring but thare never going to try this again. I wouldn’t quit on the show tho its usually very good. I agree bringing Dom back would have made this a game. Porche is a dark horse, as the numbers dwindle she is a lock to win a couple comps. Adam has a lot of dirt to use on Shelly if she gets out of hand. Watching Jordan getting herself motivated for another early exit in the hoh comp is a tad bit funny. I promised myself to stop hating on Kahlua cause deep down she is a really good person. Adam is playing smart but he is running out of big move oppertunities so as dumb as it sounds, flipping this week gives him something to show the jury cause his so called Floater status has not gone down since winning the pov, infact its prolly gotten worse since he jumped on Big Jeffs back. Jeff slayed Dani but doing so left him as the biggest target left who has a chance to win. The longer Rachel stays the less chance she has of winning, she losing jury votes by the minute. Shelly needs to choose a side a stay there or she will get outed again on national tv as a liar, cheat, backstabber. I know she has a business like approach to this game but it will bite her in her boney ass if she doesn’t choose. Team Dani has left the building, Team Porche on deck. Rachel eating is hilarious, she is a savage. I really don’t know how she functions in real life. She could never be independent…. On praying to the bb gods that they keep them off the show for good. Team Porche yo, Lmao….

  59. So glad to have this wesite to turn to. Otherwise if I relied on watching the episodes I’d miss out on the nitty gritty good stuff. Please fill me in on what’s happened to cause Rachel to team up with Dani, Shelly and Porsche (supposedly). Could it be true? That’d be cool. I may not like Rachel, but getting the numbers against JJ would be great for everybody. And since Adam is being a lame duck then he can go too.

  60. I’m confused: is Rachel obsessed with Dani or is Dani obsessed with Rachel?! BC it sure seems Dani is always bashing Rachel!

  61. Is funny how they say rach is lying and fake. Meanwhile all of them are so fakeeeee. I hope Rach wins the HOH them Jeff wins the next one today. Get rid of Da and Shelly

  62. Adam/Shelly, Pick the side now. Don’t make JJR get angry and if you guys do. They will make you guys main targets. If you guys are JJR side, you guys make DKP as main target as well. Better make a decision right now. You guys don’t want both sides get pissed off.

  63. Not seeing why it makes any sense at all for Adam to keep Dani. It will be tough enough getting Rachel and Jeff out as it is, why add another power player into the mix? Seems kind of dumb to me to believe he should take anyone’s word in this game.

    Notice (for all the goofballs out there that put forward that keeping dani is keeping a bigger target). Dani Rachel and Jeff are still in the house. The people on Adams’ side of the house have been dropping like flies to both JJ and DK’s side. Take every opportunity to get the power players out every time.

    Smartest thing Adam could do this week is vote Dani out.

    Adam is the worst BB game player of all time according to Dani. So Dani may be sent home by the worst BB player in history. What’s that all about? Apparently Dani didn’t think her statement through.

  64. There will be time and place that if I was Dani or Porsche, I will not threat Jeff or Jordan and keep practicing for competition. However, If I was DKP I would stop trash talk and focus on tomorrow live double eviction keep themselves to stay than get evicted.

  65. Please tell me what she Dani has done that is so great ? Nothing ! Except hide chess come on Jeff hasn’t done anything she didnt want to do ok smart move on Jeff’s part.Jordan is not as stupid as you want her to be

    1. Wrong, Jordan is more stupid than any human should be. Probably more online with simple cell organisms. Not sure she even has thoughts, seems more like she just responds to stimuli.

      1. BBX – if you watched BB last night Jordon outsmarted Jeff with the word ‘mischievous’ I think Jeff is trying to take her crown for himself. Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

        1. I think that’s the whole tomato thing and how its pronounced issue all over. It may just depend on where you’re from, as I have heard it pronounced both ways, though I say it the same way Jordan does. I was just stunned that she had some idea as to what the word meant, or at least how to use it.

  66. I love Jeff! He is the only real player in the game. The rest of these people are so annoying! I hope Jeff wins it all. I was starting to like Dani a little more until this week. What a cry baby! Boo Hoo! Also, Jordan is the only person in the house with any decent morals! Personally though I’d like to see Jeff and Adam in the final 2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Adam win if he doesn’t flip this week which I don’t think he will. Hopefully he’s too smart to let some annoying girls bully him into changing his vote!

  67. Has anyone mentioned the teaser at the end of the cbs show wednesday that said THIS thursday is the double eviction? did i hear correctly?

  68. I have wondered if Jordan is retarded also, all she does is sit around playing with her hair and talking stupid, she is so freaking dumb..i will be glad when she is gone.

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