Big Brother 13: Jeff Wins HOH and it took Rachel 3 seconds to turn back into a b!tch

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8:50pm bathroom Jeff, Rachel and Jordan They are talking about the comp.

They are talking about rachel’s attitude all of a sudden. Shelly says she’s turned into a BLANK again, “She’s so full of venom.. just disgusts me”. (Not sure if Straight Shooter is shooting Straight but she seems really pissed at Rachel) Shelly adds that before Brendon left BR we’re pissed at JJ because they weren’t voting for Brendon. Dani says that rachel will be Best friends with JJ now. SHelly: “Literally it took 3 seconds after he left the house for rachel to be a bitch again”

They go over brendon’s speech and how rude he was to Adam.. Dani points out that BRendon was always so pissed at these “Floaters” (Drink) Dani: “But what about Jordan”. They all agree that Rachel is going to be attached to JJ this week. Shelly says she a bit upset because she’s not use to losing. Shelly: “In life and Business I line” Dani: “But in real life you don’t have to do these stupid random comps”

Dani mentions that Julie Chen doesn’t like Rachel much. Shelly agrees she noticed Julie looked disgusted in Brendon when he said the “Judas” part of his speech.

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223 thoughts on “Big Brother 13: Jeff Wins HOH and it took Rachel 3 seconds to turn back into a b!tch

        1. All I know is that if Porche Adam and Shelly are stupid enough to vote out Dani instead of Kalia then they are the worst players ever. I get that they worship J/J but if Dani goes J/J will walk to the end. If you have any interest in winning 500 grand you keep Dani. J/J will continue to target her. She will continue to target them and you slide right through. DUH. But Shelly and Adam and CBS are apparently just here to give Jeff and Jordan as much money as possible.

          1. Shelly Adam and Porsche would have an easier time winning comps if Dani was gone. Dani has won dang near every comp she has been in. JJ has won only 3 or 4 comps and have played in nearly all of them. Getting rid of Dani would be the smarter move for them, because they would then have a better shot at HOH and could get rid of JJ that way.

      1. I like Jordon but I have to admit that is pretty funny!! Maybe he’ll throw both Rachel and Jordon up and its win/win for him. LOL

      2. That would be great! Unfortunately CBS would call him in the DR and make him change his nominations if he did something that smart.

        I noticed they were all talking about Rachel’s attitude, but Jeff’s is worse! He wins a contest of will against a field of overweight people and two smokers who needed oxygen pumped in to keep them moving, and suddenly he’s the BMOC talking about making people squirm. This is going to be a difficult week to watch him. I hope he gets booted in the Double Eviction next week.

    1. Smartest move:

      1- Jeff makes a deal with dani:I don’t put u up this week and u dont put me up next week.
      2- Jeff puts up Kalia and Porsche. He then can sit back and watch how dani, kalia and porsche back stab one another until their alliance implodes.
      3- Kalia will freak if dani doesn’t use her veto card and help kalia out
      4- Jeff can keep the nominations the same or backdoor dani (preferable) as the KPD alliance implodes even more.
      5- great spot for jeff. The whole house dynamic will change….

      1. I agree. This was exactly Dani’s logic this week and it worked really well for her. Maybe he can even use her line about Dani and BR never discussed having to re-nominate so technically she didn’t go back on their “deal”.

  1. My prediction is Kd on block. D wins veto and p goes up. K goes home. D wins hoh. J and j go up. Jeff wins veto and s goes up. Jordan goes home. Final 6 will be dprsaj.

    1. It looks like bye-bye Dani (or Porsche is Dani wins Veto).

      I knew Dani’s eviction of Brendan will come back & bite her in the butt.

      She’s been making dumb move all season

    2. This season is boring I kinda hope Dani gets evicted so I can do something else with my time. If they aren’t going to play then whats the point. Also please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed that when the soap came down it drenched Porsches lane and barely touched Jeff and Rachels LOL so obvious

        1. BB Production’s integrity is questioned so often that I wonder why Julie doesn’t
          announce how the starting positions are selected?

      1. Looked like to me it was coming down right in Jordan’s lane. She had the worse. The outside lanes were the best (for not having soap), and then it got worse as you moved in.

    3. I think Jeff will put up Kalia and Porsche, Dani wins pov, maybe uses it on Kalia, Porsche goes home. If it is questions, Adam will win and after that who knows who he will put up. Dani will win POV everytime. We shall see on Thursday.

      1. The poster is not equating Brendan to Jesus. Brendan called Dani Judas. If Dani is Judas, than Brendan is calling himself Jesus in that scenario. Relax.

        1. Of all the offensive comments I’ve seen on this site this one actually made me LOL. “Jesus the mexican that cuts my lawn”. Living in Florida I can really appreciate that comment :-)

      1. Never! even if jeff and jordan are the last two standing, I would still hope for some twist to give the game to dani. She’s my girl crush (I’m happily married to a man btw

        1. If Dani was smart and not trying to be ballsy, she would have kept Brendon around. One, to keep the target on Brenchel, and to have them on her side instead of power-hungry, mean girl syndromed Porsche and Kalia (I guess everyone gets that attitude being in HOH room, but DKP take it to whole another level lol). I think Kalia and Dani try to be too “I’m gutsy enough to stand up to you” instead of playing smart (or in Kalia’s case being not hypocritical because she goes back on everything she stands up for lol).

    1. She would probably start crying when they show the clip of her trying to make a deal with Brendan and Rachel. They have to show that. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say.

      1. I can;t wait till Shelly sees the clip that her own daughter says she should stop lying. When she keeps pretending she is not. lol

      2. She merely asked them early in the game if they would consider a final 3 and they said yes. That is not a DEAL its a conversation.

        1. That’s exactly what Rachel said. Rachel said that Shelly said “Hypothetically, if Jordan goes out…” And Shelly still berated Rachel and abused her “lying, conniving character.”

    2. Even her own daughter said she wishes her mom would stop with the lies. How pathetic is that. Then Shelly said they have a no lie policy in the house to teach their daughter right. Shelly is psychotic.

    3. Shelly is playing a GAME…the whole game is about lying, backstabbing, and convincing others of her loyalty. Every other person in that house has LIED. Porche is the BIGGEST floater & needs to be watched or it will be HER skating to the finals. I am not a major fan of Shelly (I don’t really want her to win) BUT she is playing the game & called out or not she is STILL in the house. She can write her sentences when she gets home…Dani is trying to be ‘gutsy’ but she was in her daddy’s shadow during her entire season & DIDN’T win the big money.

  2. I think Julie Chen really does not like Rachel. Did anyone else notice that when Rachel was HOH the 2 times that Julie did not do the HOH interview with her?

        1. I think it’s the nature of the game too. Julie is a journalist by trade but this game doesn’t necessarily have the most intelligent players so probing questions might fall on deaf ears. Generally BB caters to mostly the eye candy variety,not deep thought so Julie keeps it light I think.

  3. Shelly you’re an idiot, the more you bash Rachel, the more she is safe , Jeff is not going to put her up.. its a BAD move if he does
    Go Rachel!!

    1. Kalia is a waste of space alot of space like Dick&Jun both said… her goodbye message to Brendon.. Is she thinking?? HELLO the guy is a jury member, what if you get to the you’re not getting his vote F2 ?? SHE’S NOT THINKING STRAIGHT

      1. true haha yet most BB alumni hate Kalia ex. Dick, Jun, Ragan…. lol she is one of the most stupid player

        As for Jeff calling BR on today’s episode OF COURSE SHE’LL BE PISSED JEFF IS A HYPOCRITE! If Jordan was evicted he’d betray everyone and have a cuss-a-thon!

        1. Ragan hates Kalua?!?!? I’m really shocked. I sincerely thought they would be BFFs when the season ended. Kalia lives near Ragan in the LA area. Dani is friends with Ragan, so I figure she’d tag along. And Kalia loves liberal arts talk like Ragan.

          Of course Jun and Dick would hate her. It was obvious before they twittered so. But Ragan?!?!?

      2. Jordan is a waste of space, she recently said “competitors should make it to the end” well she won “HOH” by default(Brendon and Jeff threw the Comp) and does miserably in every comp. Time for that Small County Country A$$ Bitch to leave, and yes, I too believe that she and Jeff are not together. I don’t like him, but I can’t imagine him with a women this utterely stupid and dumb. Nothing but T & A, and that gets tired after awhile too!

        1. I am so sick of idiots like you saying that Jordan is stupid. She won Big Brother! Have you ever considered that part of her gameplay is too just be kind and likeable so she makes it to the end? What is so wrong with that? Seems as if every other person in the house has a target on their back, but not Jordan! I call that smart! Did you even watch her first season? She won every competition when she needed too. She won HOH this year, not because it was just thrown to her. She beat every single person in the house. How do you know that Jeff and Brendon could have beat her? It was strategic for them so that they could both play in the next HOH. Also, you say tha Jeff and Jordan aren’t really together. That just proves that you have no idea what you are talking about. Why would they come in the house and “pretend” to be together? That just put a bigger target on Jeff. First, because he would have a “partner.” Second, standing next to Jordan makes him an even bigger target. You are just jealous of the small town country girl not only winning the cash, but the man, and the hearts of America! I will be so happy to see her do it again!

        2. how do you really feel? Me thinks that thou doest protest too much…JJ are good together & frankly it doesn’t matter what YOU think

  4. Jeff better hope the other three can pull a win out their asses so they’re safe next week or he’s going to get backdoored. Brendon’s speech dragged. The UCLA shoutout was awkward and the Judas part was too. I think Rachel and Dani are going up.

  5. Dani needs to stick around for the sake of this season. She’s the only one really putting in any work in terms of game play and getting her hands dirty

      1. Well if production does really sway things like a lot of people claim…then no way Dani is leaving next week. If had to predict – I’d say she gets put up on the block and then wins veto.

    1. She has made some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen in recent memory. She had 3 of those so far. Only reason is still looks relatively good is because of who she’s playing against. As Dick says, she does not know how to strategize.

  6. I guess we can see what’s coming dani is going to try and play jeff into putting up rachel to save herself if jeff did it would be the worst move he could make because even though we are not sure what move rachel is going to make we do know that if jeff doesn’t take dani out he is going out the next

    1. He was not being rude to Adam. It’s just that Shelly is obnoxious. She notices everything to goes around the house..I’m 100% sure she only saw the way Brendon didn’t hug or high five Adam but that was because he was holding Rachel with his left arm and Adam was on the left side. If I’m wrong, then Shelly was just trying to avoid the “floater” comment Brendon made and she just makes believe that Brendon was talking about Adam.

      1. It’s not rude that Brendon didn’t hug Adam. Adam is a fat P-I-G pig who hates Brendon and Rachel. Adam is fake. Why should Brendon waste time with them. It is because of Jeff + Adam + Dani that Brendon is going home; why bother with them.

  7. I bet Bubbles (Dani) tells Jeff what B/R said about backdoor J.
    I wanted Jordan to win this hoh so Jeff could play in the double Elimnation next week. Big Adam gotta win the next hoh to help out jjsa

  8. I knew Jeff would win soon as I saw the set up. Dk is done no way they can survive a double eviction, this what they get for being dumb.

    1. but I don’t think he’s HOH for both eveictions…the play a quick HOH next thurday and then they evict again if I’m not mistaken

  9.  I think Jeff will put up, Por and Kalia – neither will win POV!! No one will use the veto – fear of them being the replacement. Por and Kalia both will join Brendon in the jury house. Since Thursday is going to be a double eviction. Unless someone pisses Jeff off like Rachel. But I have a feeling a lot of ass kissing will be going on.

    1. I also think he will put up kalia and Porsche. He will hope Dani doesn’t win POV and he will back door her. Jeff can beat Rachel at most comps, except questions. He can’t beat Dani at much, so she needs to go. The veto will be very important this week!

      1. dani has a veto ticket that allows her to play. so, she can’t be backdoored. being backdoored is when you don’t get the opportunity to play POV and you go on the block.

        1. Only if she wins the pov. And I am sure cbs will set it up for her to win. If it is questions, Dani admitted she is not good at them. So she may not. If someone goes off the block, then Jeff will backdoor Dani. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Dani this year, not so much on her season, but I am a Jeff fan.

    2. The double elimination does not give Jeff the power to nominate twice, it’s a whole new HOH comp, elim and Veto comp in one BB episode and it could be anyone’s game. I don’t think Jeff will put up Dani because he doesn’t want her to win the Veto, as it would be safer to back door her and not risk an enemy if she pulls herself off the block. I think Dani is good as long as Porsche and Kalia don’t win Veto. Dani needs to be very subtle in her approach to get Jeff to backdoor Rachel or nominate her. He probably still sees her as a viable ally to voting out Dani. Dani needs to get into Rachel’s head and then throw her under the bus with Jeff/Jordan.

  10. I would like to see Jeff and Dani to make a temporary truce. They agree to not go after each other until Rachel is out. Jeff puts up Rachel and if she gets POV then the truce continues until one of the sides gets Rachel out. After that, game on.

        1. if you remember he had changed his mind about putting russell up, but jordan kept insisting that he put him up because she wanted russell ‘GAWN”

    1. You’re obviously a Dani fan because that would be stupid for Jeff. “hey let’s call a temporary truce, I’ll get Rachel out, and lose 2 jury votes…while you get me out next week when I can’t play for HOH…that sounds awesome…harr harr.” Think a little dude!

      1. Kalia is definitely not a floater, she’s won an HOH challenge and hung in until the final two in an endurance comp with Dani, surpassing all the others who have n’t won at anything, such as B/R, J/J, Shelly, Porshe.

        Jeff finally won something!!

        Floaters, Jordan, Porshe, Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Thank you! And I’m more than tired of the fat jokes when referring to Kahlia. Adam isn’t a skinny guy – why no Porky the pig jokes about his weight?

  11. Dani will be on the block. She has the veto card which already ensures she plays. This way if she wins she can’t save kalia. Dani is keeping Rachel in her back pocket.once kalia is gone she will need Rachel. Jj will not put Rachel up. Either jj or sa will be up on the block during double eviction. Rachel is actually in a great position. If shelly or Adam go home during double eviction then jj will need her and dani needs her. Folks she isn’t going on the block until after double eviction. If anyone had ant sense they’d take her to final 2.

    1. Dani THINKS she has Rachel. If Jeff doesn’t take Dani out, she is Rachel’s #1 target. Rachel will smartly now play both sides. Wherever power goes, she will vote with them. SInce Jeff won, Rachel is voting with that side of the house. That means D K or P are out.

  12. Go team Dani ! Have not been watchin much but still don’t care fir jj . Like to still see a fist fight though ! (Bacon vs Jaff ) thinkin Bac’on(you look like a freak) SSS is a freaking Marine ! Wonder where she stood ?

  13. I saw that a couple people have asked how the double eviction is going to work. if I remember correctly the way it works is Jeff will have his regular a Hoh then on the night his nominee gets evicted They will then have a full week in one night. The Hoh literally had seconds to decide who they’re going to put up. Then they immediatley have a veto comp and ceremony and then vote out the second person of the night.

    1. no way that will ever happen jeff isn’t that stupid and he knows that if he doesn’t take dani out then she is coming after him so he needs to either take her out or at the very least someone on her side out so i am pretty sure either DKP are going up

  14. Actually Jeff, make them kissing off 2 u. They should earn their place. Not like rachel be like a spoiled brat.

  15. Jeff and Jordan talk high and mighty about how they play straight and not dirty, but they have thrown vetos and made deals protecting themselves at the expense of their alliance members. They are hypocrites. I hope Dani remains so she can send their fake asses home already.
    And Jordan talking about floaters?!! She has to be the biggest one. Her Hoh win was given to her.
    At least Dani plays the game and makes no excuses about her play. She doesn’t do dirt and then tries to sound like she plays without lying like Jeff does. He’s made deals when dani was in power knowing Brendon was the target and never warned him. What allegiance is that?!

    1. power, do you watch the show and/or feeds at all? You are complaining that JJ made deals against BR. That’s….amazing. Have you seen how many times BR have made deals against JJ – deals as is “please put jeff or jordan on the block as a replacement nom IOW please backdoor JJ.” BR are the least loyal and most conniving HGs – last season and this season. That is why they get alienated in BOTH seasons. Because they literally turn on everyone in the house. I especially like it when they pout “JJ are in this game for themselves. They are selfish/greedy, etc”. Who isn’t?? Should JJ be in the game for BR??? WTF!

      1. You are absolutly correct. I would probably do the same thing, it would bother me, but I am there to play a game. I want to win that 500k.

    2. Jeff and Bendon did knock the ball wonky but honestly who is to say they could have made a lower # no one knows did it not take brendon a while to get a hole in one when they did the 5 head of households for the veto?

      1. Its crazy that these same people who go on and on about that Jordan was handed the HOH seem to cleverly forget that Rachel was also handed her first HOH in the same fashion and most of the POVs had players that were throwing the comp. How is Jordan’s HOH somehow less than Rachel’s? But Rachel is a competitor. Frankly, Jordan’s social game runs rings around Rachels and, since this is mostly a social game, Jordan seemingly is a better competitor than Rachel.

    3. i am team dani, but she made a lot of mistakes; she turned on her alliance too early in the game and tried to get jeff back doored, when she was HOH, she didn’t try to take jeff out, she allowed kalia to put up lawon and agreed with that decision,knowing it was stupid, then, she had another opportunity to put up jeff, but she chose brenden instead. But, she is a very strong competitor and I would like for her to win or someone else who wins comps, not somebody that is getting by on others coat tails.

    4. Apparently this must be yours and DR’s and every other JJ haters first season of watching BB,so I’ll fill you in a few things!!!!! In season 2 there was this guy called DR.Will and he never won any comps the whole season and threw several of them and won season 2. He Also played in BB All-Stars,where again he won shit and almost became a 2 time winner. He is considered probally the 2nd best player in BB history,the 1st being Evel Dick,father of Dani and the top 2 players in BB history agree….WINNING COMPS mean shit in this game and a floater is a person that flips sides to who ever has the power that week. So do me and the rest of the BB fans that actually know the game and watch it for game play,not who has the niciest ass,cutest guy or won the most comps and educate yourself on the game.before running your yap flaps and sounding stupid. FYI Jun from season 4 also won and did crap in the game too,ppl have different game strategies in this game,some wanna win comps while others play social aspect of it. History of BB shows you don’t have to win comps to win this game and of course since Jeff won,it wasa rigged again,hardlt any soap in his lane,set up for a guy to win etc…..I watched the live feeds and actuallly him and Pacer looked to have the most suds,at 1x you could hardly see them,but I’m sure if Dani wins POV or HOH it won’t be rigged,it’ll be because she is just so awesome…right?

  16. First off regardless of what shelley says she isn’t going to try to get rachel up instead of dani but even if she tried I doubt that jeff would ever be as dumb as kalia was. I am sure jeff know he was next on the chopping block not to mention he promised brendon in his goodbye speach he would look after her and it doesn’t benifit jeff keeping dani. One of that side has to go to keep the numbers so i thinking jeff will put up dani and kalia if dani wins pov then porche goes up. No point in backdooring dani because she can play the veto anyways. Jeff has to know that for him to survive he has to get rid of dani as for the next hoh is only hope is that he isn’t put up on the block with jordon if they aren’t and one of them wins pov then he is home free from there

  17. I can’t stand Shelly. Her voice is killing me. She’s going psycho. Are there any knives in the house? If so, BB needs to get them out before Shelly guts Rachel!

    I haven’t decided how I feel about Jeff winning HOH. If he puts up Kalia and Porsche, then YAY! But if he puts up Rachel, then BOO!!!! Really, since Dani is already playing in the POV, he should put her and Kalia on the block. Then if Dani wins and takes herself off, he can replace her with Porsche.

    1. Why is Shelly in the house? Does she need the money? Can she afford to take time off from her work and her motherhood? Why is she playing the liar route? She will not win the game; she will not win the fan vote. Is she going to make some big revelation at the end?

  18. JEFF!!! FINALLY!!!

    i was cracking up when jeff started coughing up suds! i think porsche was there up to a little past halfway. i muted, went to yahoo and listened to “chariots of fire” while i was watching her.

  19. Loved the subject line on this one. Finally team JJ gets a break. Time to see what Jeff will do. Rachel best check herself. I would guess dk goes up and he tells dani that he needs her to win veto because she’s not his target. :-).

  20. FINALLY Jeff steps his game up!

    Kinda worried he’s not going to be able to fight in the Double Eviction though. I hope he figures this out so he can work something with Dani to push JJ through to the final 6!

  21. I doubt Rachel get nominated cause he said to Shelly: we’ll vote to keep you if you don’t nominate Rachel! They need Rachel for now!

  22. Bye, Bye Dani!!! It was fun rooting for you but even though you win the POV this week, you’re done: no F2 for you. Btw, where are the great strategists who were bragging here a few days ago that it was a no-brainer to evict Brendon instead of trying to dismantle JJSA by putting Jeff up? So much for being smart and wise!!!

  23. RACHEL is a goner!! Last week when rachel threw JJ under the bus to Dani, she gave Dani enough ammunition to convince JJ to get Rachel out. Only thing saving Rachel is that if she goes out by JJ’s hands, then neither Brendon nore her will give JJ a vote in Jury.

  24. I cannot believe myself but I feel sorry for Rachel….again. She tones it waaay down when her man is not around and she is not power tripping. Seeing her sitting all alone in the purple room and watching everyone avoid her except JJ makes me sad for her. Now that I said that, watch her do something totally f#cktarded and make me feel like an ass….again. LOL

    Hey Simon, why is Brendon’s bag still in the bedroom?

  25. watching the exit vids…

    dani and jeff know what it takes to win

    kalia is an idiot…why the heck would you mock a guy who may have the deciding vote? Seriously, he and rach are 2 votes, why piss them off more, if its kalia and ANYONE final 2, she wont get the votes, whereas before, if porsche was F2 with kalia….you never know

    guess kalia really is the dumbest person in that house

  26. Ok,this may seem like a stupid question,but if a person wins the POV,and takes off a nominee,and they weren’t one before,can they go on the block? Jordan said that two weeks ago,she wanted to win POV to take Jeff off and then neither of them could be on the block. If so,The third member of DKP should try to win veto,and take another member off,so that Jeff could put someone else up (rachel) and she could go home.

    1. If, hypothetically – Jordan won POV, she could take Jeff off the block and they would both be safe because the POV Winner is safe no mater what.

    1. After watching the show tonight. I don’t think Jeff will put Dani straight up on the block. Dani will only go up if the pov is used.

    2. Dani and Kalia so Dani’s ticket POV is a waste and Kalia just to be there. I dont think Porsche because there is a chance she wont be able to play VETO and Jeff wants that chance because shes okay at competing and might win. MIGHT..

    3. Jeff best move would be to put dani and kalia on block bc dani gets to play in veto no matter what so the backdoor trick freally wouldn’t work. The problem is if the other person in the dkp alliance wins she would be save and so would the other. I think still dani and kalia bc I doubt pot would want to be in that position. Only 2 players do not play veto on saturday and only one person next thursday!

    4. I hope you’re right, but I think you’re wrong (unless Jeff is an ABSOLUTE idiot) because Dani plays in the veto no matter what, so he can’t “backdoor” her, he might as well put her up in the first place because she’s playing in the veto. I REALLY hope they rig the POV for Dani just like they did with the HOH for Jeff (let’s be honest, that competition was made for someone in shape and athletic and the only 2 people in the house that fit that description are Dani and Jeff)

    5. Dani can still get backdoored. It isn’t guaranteed she will win pov.

      I still think Jeff won’t put her straight up on the block. For sure Kalia is going up.

    6. In that case, shouldn’t jeff just put up dani? It isn’t really a backdoor if she automatically gets to play the veto comp. If he wants her on the block might as well put her up.

  27. Jeff is not stupid. Dani will likely be on the block. She is his biggest threat. Anyway it doesn’t matter whether or not Dani goes on the block – she still needs to win POV to save herself from getting backdoored.

  28. For starters, did you see when Shelly’s daughter told her she needs to stop lying and pick a side! LMAO TEAM JOSIE FTW!!! Josie the REAL straight shooter!

    Moving on…Jeff finally wins HOH and that’s exactly what DANI gets! Now that Brendon is out, guess who’s the biggest threat & competitor left in the game? Duh it’s You Dani! What an idiot. Should’ve gotten Jeff out when you had the chance! After this double eviction week, if by some miracle she’s still around, her alliance likely won’t be.

    But The worst part about Big Jeff winning is now we have a week to watch DKPR suck ass like never before! Omg it’s going to be so nauseating!!!!!!!!!

        1. No, I think BR would not have voted for Jeff, they would have tried to restore the alliance. You just can’t trust them

  29. Once again Jeff alliances members absolutely fail at the competition.

    Unfortunately Jeff could be royally screwed on double eviction night. He will not be able to play in the hoh comp and will have to depend on the idiots: Jordan, Shelly, and Adam.

    Can’t believe I am saying this. But I think Jeff would make a wise move joining forces with Dani and wiping the house out.

    1. Jeff’s mistake for throwing pov and keeping adam over brendon. Talk about Jeff losing his cool over Rachel. It’s only a matter of time before he explodes at “cruddy”. F* cruddy. He’s so lucky he has Kalua in the house because it makes worst house guest award less obvious. They make Porsche look like the best possible newbie.

    1. I think it would be funny for dani to survive, win hoh and nominate jeff and jordan, then jeff goes to jury with whoever he evicted. Team dani!

    1. Yes. The worst think for Jeff as current HOH. I don’t get why they picked this week, they had to know Jeff would win the HOH competition.

  30. Well looks like Rachel will be going home cause she will be pissing everyone off and they will do anything to get rid of her.

  31. Be serious all the put Rachel up speculaters must be team Dani. 0 Chance he puts Rachel up. Only question is Dani up or backdoor. Smart move is Dani and Kahlia up since Dani plays veto regardless. Nothing changes Dani goes home the good guys rejoice. Someone wins veto porsche is replacement and one of them goes home. Either way team Dani losses at least 1 memeber on Tuesday thank God.

  32. For all you retards writing off Dani you forget she holds the record for veto wins in a season along with Janelle… Just saying. Team Dani ride or die yo!

    1. I would agree that’s why you put her on the block so that if she wins pov she can only save herself and nobody else. Janelle is the best hgs on bb not to win it!

  33. Why are the other houseguest so obsessed with rachel and brendon that is like 75 percent of their talk in the house. What a boring cast! Brendon Lawon and Dominic over Shelly Adam Porsche it would be more entertaining if we had those 3 switched out!

      1. THAT is what Lawon is now known for, but his banter in the BB House was always
        funny. Remember his spectacular Wedding Preacher performance?
        Funniest Moment so far ……….

        I agree with al says –
        Boring cast currently in the BB House and the game would have been more entertaining
        and interesting with Dom, Lawon, Brendon AND Keith still playing.

  34. YES!!!! Jeff wins and the house goes back to the way it should be,at least for this week, with Jeff controlling it. Please make DKP’S life a living hell. Hopefully, Dani the Monkey is sent packing.(throw some bananas in so she will feel at home) CAN UUUUUUUUUUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Do get to excited. Unfortunately Jeff has high chance of going home on the same day he evicts someone.

      Double eviction nights is NOT good.

  35. Wow.. i can only imagine how evil and cocky jeff will be this with him being HOH.. he’ll go out of way to talk down to women!!!! he’s a piece of SHT

  36. In the live show next week the hoh comp will be questions so who will that favor rachel adam dani porsche so clearly dani needs to go if jj wants to be in final 6

  37. Shelly is such a hypocrite. Remember when she overheard Porsche and Kalia talking about her? She went off saying that if they had something to say, they should say it to her face. Now, she’s running around the house talking shit about Rachel. I don’t blame her, but, if you’re going “Shoot Straight”, have the integrity to say it to her face.

    I think that D & P should go up this week. If the veto gets used, K or R can go up. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about K. Yes, she is annoying as hell and I would hate to have to listen to her 24/7. However, she proved during her HOH that she is more concerned with making friends that playing the game. If she were to win HOH again, she’d somehow manage to backdoor another ally.

  38. Jeff is going to put up Kalia and porshe because he won’t want to risk Dani winning the veto. Dani needs to be backdoored.

    I like Rachel she entertains me. Shellys ugly face annoys me to death. I often fast forward through her parts.

  39. lol I’m kinda Glad Jeff won HoH this week and not next week. He might be going home next. If he dares to put Dani up and she stays around…it’s going to be the end of the pseudo “truce” they have going on.
    She will have a good reason to send him packing cuz he would have went after her first. We’ll see…

  40. New twist just in Evil Dick is back in the game! I really hope things would look up for team Dani. You have to admit it she’s the only 1 playing the game. If she didn’t do her coupe, there would probably be no newbies left in the house.

  41. YAY – Jeff winning HOH. He had to win but it will make for a BAD situation for Jordan, Shelly or Adam to win. It will be a fast competition and Adam has a good shot. He could very well take Jeff out knowing that Jeff is a threat. Jeff is smart and he is not going to make the same mistake that he did he season changing his alliance at the last minute. He won’t listen to the “crap”. I really hope Rachel, Jeff and Jordan can come together because they need Rachel on their side next week in the double eviction. Double evictions make me nervous. I still love team JJ. Jeff is smart and he kinda laid low in comps his 1st season until the end. The POV will be a quick one so it will be questions. Jeff can win those types. Jordan is a sweetheart and a GREAT social player. She handled herself great with Rachel and Brenden. GO TEAM JJ!! Dani is a HUGE threat. She wins comps!!!! She has serious determination!!! The only other person who can keep it together and use their determination is Dani. Rachel is good at comps if she is feeling confident and not cocky or power hungry. If she can step away from the person she will see that sticking with Jeff and Jordan will be her best shot, especially this week. DANI has to GO!!

  42. Dani you are going up on the block with your terrible game player (kalia). I don’t understand why you got rid of the biggest target in the game (Brandon) when he was offering you safety and you knew it was going to be an endurance competition. I believe its safe to say Brandon would have won that HOH competition. He is a better athlete than Jeff and Jeff knows that. Kalia-you are crazy to think you can be persuavive and try and get Brandon to put up Rachel. Jeff has some brains, but not enough to win this game. He ruined his chances of winning this game by not winning the POV and keeping the nominations the same because most players will be gunning after you once Dani is out. Jeff for you to win this game you needed to keep Brandon around so you don’t move up in the target list. Your safe this week, but you and Jordan will have to win HOH or POV to stay in the game.And that will not happen! Porshe-you better hope Kalia or Dani don’t win POV because you will be going up as the replacement nominee. But you are safe this week because it will be Dani or Kalia going home this week. Adam-you are safe for a few more weeks, but I do hope you don’t win this game. Jordan you better win HOH next week. Rachel-you are safe this week. Keep your head together! Your chances of getting into the final 2 just increase.

    1. In defense of Dani, Julie Chen asked Brenden if he would have honored the deal with Dani, he said he don’t know if he would have. So, he tried to make a deal and probably would not have honored it

  43. Well, Adam is a bit annoying to me tonight. He is all talk about how things are going to go and he hasn’t done anything but follow. I guess. tho, that is working for him. Rachel will lay low this week unless she goes up on the block.

  44. I think Jeff will have both Dani and Rachel ( since he went off on her) gunning for him next week, two strong competitors. That double eviction might be his personal ticket to the jury house.

  45. Now that Brendon’s out, Rachel needs to go. Seriously. Jeff won’t backdoor her though. Even if Rachel were to make it to the final 2, I doubt she would win.

  46. Woohoo! My man Jeff won HOH!!! Wait, is this”rigged” too? lol

    No brainer (as far as what is best for Jeff’s game): Kalia, Porsce or Dani…any of these 3 need to go. Dani would be the best as far as game, but if not, knocking out someone in her alliance is 2nd best scenario.

    Dani has that Veto ticket, so he should probably put up Dani & Porsche so that if Dani wins, they put up Kalia. Otherwise if they don’t put her up right away and she wins, Jeff would have to put up one of his own alliance.

  47. I’m sick of hgs stealing stuff. How sad is it that Shelly took Rachel’s dog? It’s chIldish. She would flip out if someone took her dog.

  48. Kali and SHELLY FAMILY ARE REAL PROUD OF THEM Shelly family has thier little girl wacthing the show smart move DAD now the daughter will see ma ASA LIAR

    1. Shelley’s daughter probably only sees the CBS/BB version of her mother, which is edited
      to make SSS look like Mother of the Year. We are seeing what the miracle of modern
      medicine and BB editing can do; SSS has been given a complete BB makeover.

      What was up with the Shelley Home Support Team Show last night?
      Even though most fans here don’t like Brendon, I’m sure he has family and friends who
      were supporting him, yet they didn’t get any tele time.

      The lopsidedness of BB Production editing and interference is sooooooo disappointing, beginning with
      having 6 Vets and Newbies on the same show.

      Is BB attempting to get Shelley voted America’s Favorite Player?
      M O T H E R …………….
      J/J, the Big Win?
      $ H O W M A N C E……………

      How about having a real, production hands-off, BB?

  49. My plan to evict Rachel, would be to put up K and P knowing Dani will play in the veto. If, and that is the big part of it, hope D would win and take one down, put up R saying we can’t take 100% of your psyco, catti, pimple laden face anymore. Watch her go psycho and no one will want to vote for her to stay.
    Or just put her up next to P or D, telling her someone will be with B for a week knowing it could be P or D and not her, she will again go all Rachell(psycho) and get herself evicted so that she is in the jury with B.

  50. Can we give Jordan a little credit? She did well in the HOH she won. Even when they were practicing the days before the comp everyone said she did better than everyone else. Could they have gotten a one or two, possibly, but knowing those bozos they would of missed and went over. Let’s also not forget the 2 weeks she was a havenot.

  51. I love how the ” Straight Shooter ” Shelly has balls trying to throw Rachel out of the Alliance she has with Jeff/Jordan. Sit your ass down Shelly and stop sucking your lips up Jeff/Jordans ass.
    Cant wait for her to be out.

  52. I really dont get everyone’s hate on for Rachael and Brendan.. I dont think either of them does anything different then anyone else.. they stayed true to thier alliance from day one. the one who tried to mess with the alliance was Dani. They voted to keep Jeff when he was on the block. they didnt back door thier alliance member.. what are they doing that is so different from any of the other players? Everyone wants to win.. everyone says hey put up this guy or that guy instead of me..

  53. Well… you must be absolutely amazing looking and never had a pimple in your life.. That was a very rude string of insults.

  54. Happy Birthday Dani! If you dont go home one of your BFF’s will either way its a birthday to be remembered your 25th!!

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