Big Brother 13 Spoilers, Jeff: “Dude I want Rachel to blow up it keeps the target on her”

6:30pm Have nots Porsche and Danielle Dani saying that Shelly is having a hard time convincing Adam. Porsche says they need to find a time for the 3 of them to talk to him. Dani doesn’t know when they can do this and not have Kalia know, Dani thinks it could be when she’s in the DR.

7:39pm Shelly, Rachel, Prosche, Dani and Adam some are smoking some are painting nails others are doing both while shooting straight.

7:40pm Shelly called into the DR

7:43pm HOH JJ

Jeff: “So… when do you think the Rachel explosion is going to happen”
Jordan isn’t sure she just doesn’t want her to do it this week she wants it next week because if Rachel goes running around all crazy like dani can use that to get votes.

Jeff: “I swear if you guys don’t win HOH i’ll be pissed off… Dude are you guys kidding me” (I think he’s meaning Rachel, Shelly and Adam) Jordan says Shelly and Adam really want to win HOH this week. Jeff agrees says that Adam is terrified of going on the block.

Jeff adds that Kalia is coming after him so she’s the one they don’t want win HOH. Jordan brings up Shelly and Adam flipping on them. She’s convinced it won’t happen. Jeff agrees. Jeff doesn’t understand why adam is so scared to be a pawn they have the numbers it’s OK.

Jordan brings up that Rachel is freaking out about Adam. Jordan tried to explain to Rachel that Adam is close to them.
Jeff: “Dude I want Rachel to blow up it keeps the target on her”
Jordan: “Oh if Kalia wins you and Rachel are going up or she might try to backdoor you”
Jordan is convinced that before Dani leaves on Thursday she will coach Kalia in who to get out they might put up Rachel and a pawn and if the veto is used backdoor Jeff. Jeff: “Yeah she’ll try that because if I win the veto no blood on her hands”

8:15pm backyard Dani and Kalia Dani asks her why she keep giving her the sad face. KAlia says because it’s a sad day. Kalia knows it sucks she just wants to have fun for the rest of the week.

kalia asks if she wants to talk about it (Dani looks pissed). Dani says it just sucks because she knows she’s going on Thursday she doesn’t want to go into Jury and be with Brendon.. Dani leaves to get some food.

Kalia starts talking to the camera, “I don’t know what she wants from me.. i’m on the block to”

8:21pm JJSARP Super alliance

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I heard a rumor that Shelly’s job removed her photo from their website. Is this true Simon&Dawg????


I looked on the website of the company she supposedly works for and there is mention of her on there.


will that means she is not going to have a job when the show is done?


YES! Finally, Crypt Keeper is going to pay.
I hope to here more on this.


i wonder if too many people were going on it either crashing their site or make comments on it.


I know I visited it when someone posted the link here


Can you please give me the link?


Standard Protocol…If her position is a VP…They would pull her info…so sleazeballs don’t crash the site with nonsense…They have a business to run…I am sure Shelly is safe as far as job concerned…too much publicity…they don’t want…besides they get her $750/wk stipend frm BB


Why do they get it


She is probably getting paid her regular salary while she is on BB.


Simon et al,

let me get your thoughts on this game being rigged. I DO NOT believe the game is rigged in the sense that production wants a certain person to win. I DO believe it is rigged in that production does not want a PREDICTABLE game. And when they sense that a certain side “controls” the house they step in and rig competitions and pay people off in the DR to offset this. Heres a few:

1- Sensing that the vets were at a disadvantage- BAM Dani gets a golden key!
2- Shelley and Adam flip to the vets resulting in a situation where the vets can pickoff the newbies. The vets have all the strong players- BAM dani suddenly breaks the alliance in an unusually bad game move! was she paid off?
3- JJBR are dominating the comps and dani is on the sidelines. BAM kahlia is able to answer questions, before the questions are even asked!
4- JJRSA is back on track ready to oust DKP over the next few weeks. BAM shelley does a complete about face after a long DR session. She was the one who wanted to go after dani. she was the one who was outraged that rachel would accuse her of breaking the JJ alliance. she so admired the way JJ acted. She was indebted for the phone call courtesy of jordan. Now she is the new architect of flipping the house after the DR session and backdooring JJ. Hmmmmm. something does not smell right



….. I forgot to mention that jeff commented after his DR session that production wnated him to not vote out dani. BTW is this even legal? In the 1950s and again in the 1970s Tv game shows got in big trouble with the FEDs after it was revealed that the shows were rigged or influenced by the producers. How is this any different???

Karen S

Shelly the straight shooter hasn’t flipped yet. She’s talking to Jordan, filling her in on her talk with Dani. No wonder her place of employment has taken her info down. She’s doing everything she started out doing and got busted.. she just hasn’t been busted this time. It was too good to be true that she would keep Dani and help flip the house again. “Good Conscience”? she doesn’t have one.. (Shelly)


Finally!!! Someone that can explain this clearly!! I agree with everything you said.


They probably had to because it seems that some people have WAY too much time on their hands and were prolly (lol) pranking the site.
Shelly is kicking ass this week! I am team Shelly.


Then your the only one. SUCKER!


no…IamMe is not the only team shelly..I like her game too. Go Shelly. I want Dani to stay and RacHell to GO!


Hopefully things can get worked out in favor of keeping Dani. There’s still plenty of time before Thursday. With any luck it’ll be pulled off. Go Team Dani!!!!!


Yay. First?


yep. first idiot.


Just because you don’t like my comment or who I’m siding with doesn’t mean you need to attack me personally.


He wasn’t saying that because of who you side with… He was saying it because “first” is a dumb post. Sorry but really


Honestly I did it as a joke, cuz almost everytime I get on here I see people saying that.


Maybe you get how Rachel feels when they attack her on a personal level…….. Danny is the ‘mean queen’



I agree, I feel that Evil Dani,Porsch, Kalia, and Shelly like to put Rachel down because they have nothing better to do. It makes them like they have a bond witheach other.Its time for Dani to go….Her put downs on anybody that she feels get her way….Makes me sick of her…


I concur.


Rachel has attcked Dani personally too so what you said isn’t a valid excuse.


Oh and then, you weren’t first.


Yeah, well it was only a joke.


Dawn I fell for you, but SIMON does not allow anyone to respond to Annoymous in any way or you will feel his wrath. For some reason he doesn’t like women or black people

Midwest Fan


Rachel's Shrink

I want Lawon back. OK, not really.

I do want Porsche and Dani to keep hinting that Dani will bang Brendon in the Jury house. It might just get her to switch her vote.

Midwest Fan

Still High on the BEST Game Moves List ………..


Darn, I’m second again? Why does this happen to me all the time? When am I ever going to be first? I’ll keep trying.




I hope so too Dawn. Shelly seems to be interested in keeping her but Adam, not so sure.

Boring Brother

Adam won’t ever flip. He’s too much of a super fan to upset his beloved Jeff. Adam is the super floater. It’s to bad too, cuz if he flipped he’d really make a name for himself in Big Brother.


Ha ha it’s fun to watch Dani squirm and worry about being in jury with Brendon.

Rachel's Shrink

it will be better watching Rachel squirm, thinking Brendon will be alone in the house with Dani with no cameras and lots of alcohol.


He jury house is not a party. Matt from bb12 said you are constantly chaperoned so u can’t talk game and only are alone when they tape it for CBS


I don’t think Rachel will be squirming too much because she’ll quickly realize that Dani and Brendon will be alone in the Jury House for all of 20 minutes before the second HG evicted on Thursday shows up.



give me a break

She is because she is working for production and they want Dani to stay just like they wanted Rachel to stay.

big brother fan

jj have no idea what shelly is doing, they should clue in that adam isnt the untrust worthy one its shellly


How boring would this game be if everyone did what you wanted? This is turning out to be an entertaining week.


I really hope kalia leave this week…if dani leaves and kalia wins hoh I bet she would be afraid to put up Jordan again


She’ll put herself and Porscha up so Jordan will be her friend


That’s about what I would expect from another Kalia HOH, she ends up evicting herself!


LoL! I wouldn’t put it past her………… the moron!


Fight Night!


HAHAHAHAHA Vegas is on the way but hopefully not THIS Vegas we don’t need Skanky Rachel coming out, just the Crazy “Floaters grab a life vest” Rachel


Well that’s to be expected, she’s drinking for two now.


Ha ha ha!! Great comment.


WTF? She thinks she may be pregnant and she’s chugging back the wine?!!! That’s responsible!


I’m sure she isn’t. She just needs the attention. I don’t watch the live feeds but I’m pretty sure I remember mention of her being on her period a few weeks ago. When she was on the block or something.


Who’s to say that they weren’t using condoms? Obviously there were condoms in the house since Dani and them filled one up with something and put it in Adam’s bed as a joke.


HA ha it’s fun to watch Dani squirm and worry about being in jury with Brendon!


For sure JJASR vs Porsche W/O Kaila and Dani (Both got Double Eviction). Shelly and Adam, Jeff rights better now Flipped. We need the votes to take out Dani and Next week, Rachel, Adam, Shelly or Jordan. Better win HOH (FF) and Jeff better win POV. Keep the nomination a same. Kaila is next to be in Jury House. Dani already got Evicted in 1st Double Eviction and Kaila is next to go as well. That leaves Porsche all by herself, useless, scare, and helpless. JJASR Alliance are more stronger and DKP is much weaker. Dani (In the House 7/7/11-Evicted (1st) 8/25/11), Kaila (In the House 7/7/11-Evicted (2nd) 8/25/11). OH! Don’t let Jeff to be pissed off. Please JRAS, Win HOH and put Kaila and Porsche on the block again. Jeff will finish off with POV.


Hey simon, Here is the correction:For sure JJASR vs Porsche W/O Kaila and Dani (Both got Double Eviction). Shelly and Adam, Jeff rights better not Flipped. We need the votes to take out Dani and Next week, Rachel, Adam, Shelly or Jordan. Better win HOH (FF) and Jeff better win POV. Keep the nomination a same. Kaila is next to be in Jury House. Dani already got Evicted in 1st Double Eviction and Kaila is next to go as well. That leaves Porsche all by herself, useless, scare, and helpless. JJASR Alliance are more stronger and DKP is much weaker. Dani (In the House 7/7/11-Evicted (1st) 8/25/11), Kaila (In the House 7/7/11-Evicted (2nd) 8/25/11). OH! Don’t let Jeff to be pissed off. Please JRAS, Win HOH and put Kaila and Porsche on the block again. Jeff will finish off with POV.
Can you post the correction?


This dude says he went to highschool with Jeff and is apparently friends with him.


Going by his/her english, I doubt he/she even went to one day of high school.




Nobody understands what you’re saying. You write as if you’re certain about these things. When they don’t happen you’re going to look like even more of a moron than you do now. Just give your opinion and stop talking as if you’re stating facts.


Every poster on this website


Thank you, I hate posts like that.


I don’t read posts that are that long as Captainwedgie’s.


Please tell me English is not your first language.


Rachel will not play second fiddle to Jeff and Jordan. It’s not in her nature. She’s just waiting for her chance, so you can’t count on her making moves to benefit Jeff and Jordan. I don’t think Jeff will be safe no matter who wins HOH.


This season was a complete cluster f*ck.

The whole premise of Big Brother was to put strangers in a house and have them form relationships/alliances. You can’t give half the house a very unfair advantage of having relationships prior to going in the house. Basically half an all-star season, with half clueless newbies.

Waste of a summer.


You took the words right out of my mouth. This season sucks.


I hope shelley is sincere this time – and that she and Dani can work a miracle on Adam


I hope so too. But, according to Anonymous I am the first idiot, so I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about. (yeah right)


If you say “first”, you earn a personal attack.

B sleazy

Saying I’m first is a polite way to admit you’re incompetent.


It wans’t even that big a move. He won the HOH comp and is targeting Dani – it was expected. Now if Shelly can flip the house, then that’s a big move.


Yes if Shelley can flip the house or Adam in this case, this will be the biggest game move thus far.


Now, that Kalia is no use for Dani she is treating her like shit. Adam if you flipped you will lose the game. You’re in a good spot to win the game. I hope Adam sticks with his gut and that is to get rid of poison Daniele.


Adam only wins this game if he goes to the end with Kalia. If he flips, he is doomed.


Thinkk about it shelly is playing a good game…she got lawon out if they got out rachel out….brendon will be still in the house now…the odds would of been against her…she wouldnt had no chance winning


Dani will most likely still go home Thurs.

But Jeff’s time is the house is coming to an end. He has a HUGE target on his back.


After Thurs, double eviction night.

Super Alliance will no longer exist. The house is about to get one giant GRENADE!


Half of the work is done for Team Dani:

1. Flip Shelly (check)

Now they have to work on Adam. There’s still like 3 days to work on him though, so all hope isn’t lost! But in all honesty, Adam is the biggest pussy and I don’t think his balls are big enough to flip on J/J. Let’s hope he grows a pair in 3 days though.


Or Adam is playing his own game and knows that getting Dani out this week is his best option.


I agree with you. Adam plays for Adam’s best interest. If he was going to keep Dani to help get Jeff out…when Jeff is on the block, does he keep Jeff to get Dani back out? It’s stupid how the logic of the other newbies work. Adam is voting for what is best for Adam.


this entire season


its funny how you only put what you want to say on here … she left kalia on the couch b/c she wants Porsche.. dani has been playing kalia this whole time


I wonder if bb gave shelly money to keep dani since they asked jeff in the dr not to put her up and he did anyway i find it strange that all of a sudden she doesn’t want dani out when she was one of the people pushing for it


I’m w u tori. I don’t know wtf is goin on anymore


Halie – its all stage/setup…


Shelly Is Fake For Flipping Many Times,Plus She’s A Hypocrite, Talki g About Rachel Lying, Every Word That Comes Out Of Her Mouth Is A Big Fat LIE -_-


Dani will go home but I think Jeff will also go home on Thursday (double eviction). I doubt useless Adam, Shelly and even if am a JJ fan Jordon is also useless in comps. So Rachel will be battle all by herself. Btw, DKP maker sick with the baby trashing and Rachel bashing. Those girls are vile. Disgusting.


What??? Shelly first goal is not to help JJ win? SHOCKER 😆
Her first goal is playing BB and I seriously think when JJ put Rachel’s name first during nominations, Shelly had to re-think her game. JJ knows that Shelly and Rachel weren’t getting along and the order of the names put the seed of doubt in her head. With all the other girls bashing Rachel, it must have been a slap in the face that Rachel got the first key pulled. I personally thought (when I saw it) that Shelly is not the type to play second fiddle and JJ just screwed themselves. No matter what the order, Shelly needed her key to be before Rachel’s or her ego was damaged. I don’t blame her actions, I just can’t wait to see her REACTION if/when JJ find out about her trying to flip the house. Rachel key being first was an “Off Switch” in her head and she’s just spewing crap to flip the game on JJ. She’s being an idiot. I still hope JJ find out so we can watch her squirm/flip out/lie/cry/deny “with integrity” LMBO She’s gonna make some great TV this week!


Very insightful comment. I thought maybe production had a hand in her decision but your comment makes sense.
I personally like Shelly’s game play. I don’t understanding how posters are mad because she is lying too much?!?! Her lies are strategy. Every player lies their ass off as they should if they want a chance at winning.


When I said she’s being an idiot, I meant that she reacted instead of planned her big move. The first thing she should have done is solidify this with Adam. Without Adam, she’s just spewing stuff that will come back and bite her JJ connection. No Adam, no big move.



ooh boy

dani is going home. there is no way in hell they can get Adam on their side. he’s totally in love with jeff. & loves him. goodbye dani,


There is still a few days before the vote. Anything can happen!


simon, do you think this year is boring and do you think that Rachel, Jeff, and Dick will be in the all-star show or are they overexposed?


ok so after Thursday double eviction – when do the do a new HOH? will that be Sunday night? when all of the dust has settled…..


right after the 2nd eviction 3 quick comps, which both HOHs usually are questions, POV may be a little physical


Shelly has as many personalitys as rachel
There two crazy bitches with four insane personality


If Adam were smart, he would talk to Jeff and Jordan about what Shelly has been saying regarding keeping Daniele, and have them keep that information to themselves and not let Shelly know. Then if JJAR talked to Kalia and let her know Shelly and Porsche were conspiring behind her back to get rid of her and keep Daniele, she’d side with the others to get rid of Porsche and Shelly.


Rachel blowing something, other than Brenda?..SHOCKER

Why is Rachel going to blow up? did pacer tell her that whoever goes into the jury house brenda will attempt to cheat on her AGAIN? like he did with that man on the internets?


Tired of the Have-Not whining. I don’t recall Jordan whining this much and she was a Have-Not for 3 weeks in a row. All I remember is her living on pickles and that she didn’t like it with milk in it.


Actually she whined a lot, not as much as DKP, but it sure wasn’t a little


This BB season was a complete cluster f*ck.

The whole premise of Big Brother was to put strangers in a house and have them form relationships/alliances. You can’t give half the house a very unfair advantage of having relationships prior to going in the house. Basically half an all-star season, with half clueless newbies.

Waste of a summer.


Maybe if you post it one more time….


Oh Boy, JJ set themselves up by dragging Shelley all the way and now they’re gonna see the results

Rachel is on to Shelley, Adam and Porsche plan, but JJ will not listen, wow that sounds familiar, they’re gonna loose two allies (BR) and set themselves up to get backdoored, have you learned nothing JJ

Jeff: “….I want Rachel to blow up it keeps the target on her” seriously after this shit you think Rachel is a bigger target than you



Yes they JJ are going to blow their chances big time.


You can say that again


I’d LOL if Adam and Shelly flipped, and Porsche decided to go with JJR and then It would be like switching places the next week lol KPJJR vs AS


Maybe production asked shelly to flip?


I hope it backfires on jeff this week, he has such a temper you hear the way he talks to jordan, he always has some smart coment to say hes like the jessie in the house this year, adam get your head out of jeffs rear an play the game. Go Dani


You are only saying that because YOUR head is so far up Dani’s theoretical ass.


He really liked saying to her “hey stupid” alot while she wearing the humiltard


That is an inside joke!


@ Pete that is a brilliant idea. I would love to see that drama Kalia and Dani going at it and everything will come out to the surface. Then shelly will have no idea where to hide. And then PS will totally screwed and that will keep the attention away from Adam for a few more weeks. BRILIIANT. I hope that Adam has the balls to tell JJ about Shellys plan.

That will be RATINGS!!!

Woot woot

Adams not leaving jj and he waiting til Thursday after the eviction to see what he should do.. If shelly votes to keep dani and he doesn’t then jj obviously know shelly is a rat and she will go before Adam which keeps him in the game longer.. But if shelly figures out Adam won’t switch and she votes out kalia instead of dani then Adam will try and throw shelly under the bus and expose her whole plan to flip the house.. This will also keep the attention off him and put it on shelly which also keeps him safe longer.. He is retarded but if that’s his thinking it works for now then all he needs to do is win hoh and he might be golden


wonder if Dani is going to expose to Rachel that Jordo in Brenda’s first eviction agreed/offered herself up as a pawn to get Brenda out and Jeff agreed????

Will it happen tonight as Rachel gets drunk????


Porsche has the bible getting ready to rebuke the devil in Rachel!


Simon, love this site, LOVE IT! BUT, and I hope you let this go through, the Rachel is pregnant thing is irresponsible. I posted a LOT last year and have been reading this year, because honeslty this year is a bore. I am a admittied JJ guy. And I do admit I wanted Dani to be in top 3 just for the fun of watching as she is at least trying. But to allow these posters to say things like, “she is drinking for two”, or “how dare she drink when pregnant” is complete crap. AND I DON’T LIKE Rachel. Please tell these posters to stop as it takes away from the great conversation. It’s not fair to her, its not fair to Brendon, etc. These are real people who will face the public in the future. Your site is read by a LOT of people. DON’T allow this stuff to ruin their lives in the future. Thanks, please allow this post to go through.


I have a great solution to your problem. Don’t read my posts. You are now being given public notice to never read my posts again.

Now that you have nothing to complain about, you can spend more time explaining to the rest of us what I can only imagine will be the most accurate, dead on, highly anticipated BB philosophy ever written. We’ll call it the BB gospel of Brian. Future BB contestants will no longer swear on the bible, but instead on your piece of literary genius. People everywhere will begin asking “What Would Brian Do?” The world will not end in 2012. Dogs and cats will get along. Al-Qaeda will become a human rights movement. But only if you quit complaining and take the first step. Can you do that for us Brian? Take the first step.




Does anyone think that maybe Shelley isn’t really playing the game to win, but was hired as a secret saboteur of sorts to help steer the game one way or another … it would make sense with the way she is playing the game…just a thought.

If she manages to flip Adam to the other side, this will be the biggest game move of the season


Yup, think about it, she is MOM for MOMentum in the house, playing all sides of the house


BB always reveals that type of twist to the viewers even if the house guests don’t know it.
but this could be a first.

….something is up with Shelly. I don’t want to over think it, because it might just be how she plays the game.

The first rumor was she was Jordan’s mother.

Then Jordan’s best friend outside of BB…there to help JJ win.

I don’t know….but real curious.


Adam is like a sulking little kid right now against Dani since Adam’s hero coming into the game said the one person he couldn’t stand in the BB13 house was ADAM!!


Adam is like a sulking little kid right now against Dani since Adam’s hero coming into the game ED said on day 2 the one person he couldn’t stand in the BB13 house was ADAM!!


Dani go home! Because of you the house is full of floaters! You jamed up Dani! So go join Brendan! Where you belong!


Is Jordan serious? She is going to convince Kahlia to put up Rachael if Kahlia wins HOH???

If Kahlia wins HOH, she needs to do whatever she can to get Jeff out. If she does not, I’m throwing a shoe at the tv because then that means Kahlia is lost as to how to play the game…..and it is making me sick.

I believe Portia has the courage to put up Jeff. Notice they are not even trying to figure out what they would tell Portia as to how to play her HOH role; because it does seem Portia thinks more with her own mind that Kahlia.

Kahlia must be star struck if she listens to anything Jordan says.


Simon just showed why this site ROCKS!. He allowed my comment to go through even though it could have been considered a criticism of him, which it was not!. My point is, lets talk crap all we want about how they game play, but their lives that will continue after the BB experience should be off limits.
Now on to my game talk. If anyone thinks Shelly will turn on Jordan is nuts. I honestly think she would adopt Jordan if she was an orphan:). She really loves JJ IMO.

Woot woot

She is turning on Jordan what are you talking about? She is trying to flip the house to get Jeff out which is the same as getting Jordan out cuz after he leaves she is toast


yea. I think shelly is planting all types of seeds. If Dani is evicted, and Portia or Kahlia win HOH…they won’t put shelli up because they will feel she tried to save Dani …seeds…seeds….seeds
at the same type JJA will still feel safe with shelly because Dani was evicted ….seeds….seeds…seeds.
Rachael won’t be a factor and if Rachael did win HOH and put Shelly up….the seeds …seeds…seeds planted will get Shelly off the block as it has twice already.

Maybe Shelly is a brilliant mastermind…who will ultimately win this game hands down.

She will show that you don’t have to be physical to win BB…all you have to do is show a nurturing type energy…and plant seeds …because the people trust and believe her…due to how she nurtures them up..she listens to them and gives comforting good advice….like a friend or family (and as it was stated from the very beginning….BB is a lonely place…and Shelly brings people into her comfort so to speak)….

This could be considered a strategy.


meant to say at the same “time” and not “type”


Does anyone remember when Brenden came back into the house and Rachael got him alone and told him that shelly was a liar; and brenden told her to be quiet. He didn’t want to hear anything bad about Shelly …now much later he realized that R was right, but it was too late.

This is exactly how Jeff and especially Jordan is going to look at Adam if he tells them anything negative about Shelly; then they are going to spin it; and make Adam think he heard it all wrong. Adam loving Jeff the way he does…will see the light bulb go off…start walking like a zombie….”Shelly is good and I did not hear her right. She is for us and not against us”

People are saying Shelly is crazy & sick; but maybe the people in the house or just not too bright and Shelly is running rings around them.

We will know at the final 2!


Shelly what a two faced traitor!!! I hope Adam tells JJ whats going down so they can get her out next. What a witch!!

Team JJ !!!!


Simon… did you just catch Adam once again trying to get confirmation on who was going up in case the Dani backdoor failed??!!! Jordon telling him it would be her is just giving Adam the comfort he needs to not flip.


In a round about way. She planted the seed. Earlier he questioned Jeff about the same thing (right after the Shelly talk). I talked about loyalty and blah blah. but mainly he wanted to see what Jeff’s logic was for not putting Dani straight up and who is replacement would be if it backfired. I’ve been watching him almost all day and it seems to me that he’s testing them. Wanting to see if he can get them to slip up. so far they haven’t and each time he gets the answer he needs he gets like a huge smile. ANYTHING can happen but JJ are doing a good job of making him feel nice and safe. Might be enough for him to weather the storm that’s coming when Dani get’s him alone with Shelly.


Yeah me 2. Adam might flip. but he would be very very reluctant. Have you noticed he has avoided being cornered today. since his talk with Shelly he has avoided being alone with those that want him to flip… D/J/S. To some it might look like Jeff is following him but like I said I’ve been watching Adam and it’s more like the other way around. I half expect him to turn around to Jeff and tell him “Dude don’t leave me alone with them, HELP!!!” he doesn’t want to have the conversation…. Just My Opinion.


ag99, damn I walked away and missed that! What happened? If Adam as asking what would happen if Dani didn’t get voted out that would be the same as asking what would happen if he voted the other way since he is the only vote in the middle – assuming Shelly does switch too because Shelly and Porsche alone cannot change the vote. Unless I misunderstood your post and that is not what he asked….please reply so I know lol!


I’m sorry if wasn’t clear. This is the deal as I see it. Adam is looking for cracks in the JJA alliance. If there is one there he might consider turning on them and vote Dani to stay. The first talk with Jeff after shelly’s talk about flipping was about why Jeff did not just put Dani up straight. he really wanted to know what Jeff would have done if Dani won the Veto and pulled K or J off the block. He wanted to know see if Jeff would bullshit him. Jeff was evasive and finally just said “Probably Jordon – look dude we had the numbers it doesn’t matter. But Jordon would have been the safest to put up” Adam grinned and complimented Jeff on thinking it out so well. Just a few min ago he got Jordon alone for a min and pretty much asked her the same thing. Jordon without even blinking said…. “We knew you would be nervous and shelly would freak out so I said put me up!” exactly what Adam wanted to hear. he grinned and now is all happy playing pool with Jeff. Hope that’s makes sense