Why the Live Feeds Are Showing TRIVIA & What’s to Come in the Final Week Of BB14?

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Tomorrow Sept 12
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Danielle Next HOH: Thursday
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Jenn

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Jenn Evicted and Danielle wins HOH



Today at 12pm the Big Brother 14 live feeds switched to TRIVIA and will likely be down until after the East Coast episode airs tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 12, 2012). As mentioned on the last couple of TV episodes Wednesday episode will be a taped eviction episode. This is similar to last year’s format (Big Brother 13) where the live feeds were switched to TRIVIA at this same time for the taping of the Wednesday episode ( Check out last season at this time in the season.)

Last year, at this time the live feeds were blocked at about 2pm and didn’t come back until Wednesday night after the show aired on the east coast. We would expect by Wednesday night at that time, Jenn will be evicted, a new HOH and POV winner will be known.

What’s to come on the FINAL week of Big Brother 14?
Up until now the live feeds have had a pretty set schedule, however, from here on in the remaining days of the season move at an accelerated pace. The live feeds are blocked (TRIVIA) to tape the eviction episode that will air tomorrow night (Wednesday).
During this eviction episode the house guests will vote to evict either Danielle OR Jenn. The most likely outcome of the eviction is that Jenn will be evicted from the big brother house.
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Predicted outcome of the votes:

  • Shane votes to EVICT: Jenn
  • Dan votes to EVICT: Jenn

***As the Head of HouseHold IAN will break the tie should the votes be split. (Not likely)***

FINAL 4 Prediction: Ian, Dan, Danielle and Shane are the final 4 house guests.

Last Season during the Live Feed Black Out we release a spoiler of the outcome which turned out to be true. If we find out the spoilers again this season prior to the feeds being turned back on we will create a spoiler post.

NEXT the FINAL FOUR will battle it out in the HOH competition. This is an important HOH competition to win as it secures that house guest a spot in the final 3 AND allows that person to compete in the next HOH competition. As head of household this person holds an enormous advantage as they can choose who they want up on the block and who they want to go into the final 3 PART HOH competition. This head of household also has A LOT of bargaining power to influence the remaining house guests and the game to their benefit. All of the house guests then battle it out in the Power of Veto competition. Should one of the nominees win the Veto they will use it to take themselves off and the only other eligible house guest will be nominated by default. The remaining house guest that is not HOH and not on the block will then cast the deciding vote to evict one of the nominees on the block. This person holds an enormous amount of power as they ultimately decide who is in the final 3. The nominations, Power of Veto competition and POV ceremony will all happen sometime before Thursdays episode.

On Thursday (September 13, 2012), the final POV winner will cast the deciding vote and the final 3 house guests will move on to the first of the 3 PART HOH competition to determine the final Head of Household. This Thursday marks the final week left of the big brother 14 live feeds where in the remaining days the final 3 house guests will compete in the FINAL 3 PART HOH competition. Typically the first PART HOH is an endurance, the second PART HOH is a Skill, and the third PART is a mental/Quiz HOH Competition.

One week from tomorrow the FINALE Episode will air, where the winner of Big Brother 14 will be crowned!

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438 thoughts on “Why the Live Feeds Are Showing TRIVIA & What’s to Come in the Final Week Of BB14?

  1. And it seems like it was just yesterday that Willie got thrown out of the game…

    now we’re coming to an end :(

    I already cannot wait for next year! Since my birthday is right around the corner I will do the usual birthday/BB finale party…actually I may have them seperate lol

    But since my posting will be a bit scarce during this time I wanted to say THANK YOU again to Simon & Dawg and See ya next year!!!!

      1. Thank you Simon for all your hard work. It’s much appreciated and won’t go unnoticed. Sending $ your way. Told friends and coworkers to check OBB and they love it. This is my first year sharing your site. Been a BB fan forever but only recently have had the convience of a IPAD. Enjoyed putting my opinion out there (lol) . My name was Daniellesdelusionalreflection. Can’t wait until next year. Love Canada and You. Until next year…..enjoy life

      2. Simon & Dawg, thank you for your hard work and dedication to this site this year. Your witty comments and insights have helped the noobs (I was an OBB noob not to long ago) as well as those that have been around awhile, gain insite as to what was “really” going inside to BB house. From Willies freak-outs, to Dan’s funeral, to Brit’s “passing out”.. I personally appreciate all the hard work and dedication you two have put into this site. I raise my glass and say Nostrovia!

    1. Wow!!! Jenn DID get voted out and Danielle won HOH!!!! Quack, quack, quack!!!! (I just had to do that, I know Ian is!!!!) LOL!!!! The Quack Pack made!!! (Goodness I hate that name!!!! Ian, REALLY???!!!)

      1. Jenn went out with real class and did not act like the sore loser that Frank did. Jenn also very honest when she said Dan was playing the Best Game in The House and he definitely is. Ian has played great but Ian has never really ever been a target and Dan was a target at the get go when they were picking their players. The other coaches and players were going after Dan’s players to get him kicked out of the house, and so glad that Dan and Danielle are two of the final four, and have to say I really want Dan and Danielled to be the final two, but just like Jenn truly think Dan deserves to win BB 14!

        1. Billie, sounds like you are Dan’s brother in-law. Ian’s never been a target, really …..he was targeted by Dan last week. He’ll be targeted again this week. Ian is playing a great game, the only Quack Packer that really wanted this Quack Pack thing to the end was the misguided Ian, the rest of the members were ready to toss him at the first chance. However, although Ian was misguided in his undying loyalty to the Quack Pack …. that doesn’t mean he has not played a good game…..in fact he has played a fantastic game.

          1. No, I agree that Ian has played a good game but my point being if you remember the very first show every coach and player were all about knocking Dan’s players and Dan out first. Dan has been a Target from Day 1 and that he has managed to keep himself and Dani in this game until the very end with a little help from Dani is nothing short of amazing. I am not his brother in law but just really enjoy GREAT game play and like Dan or not you have to give credit where credit is due and he played an amazing game and is deserving of winning BB 14, but unfortunately I think this jury is made up of such poor sports except perhaps Brittney and Jenn as was evidenced by tonight that they will vote out of anger which is unfortunate. I believe Dan kept this season of BB 14 fun to watch and very entertaining without being cruel, hateful or nasty unlike Boogie or Frank.

            1. Billie, I think Jenn’s arrival in the Jury House (speaking of the Jury House, how come we have not seen any Jury House tapes of arriving guests?) will bring a dose of “fresh air” in as opposed to Franks black cloud or “what’s his names (oh.. Joe) cooking. The jury will feed off Jenn’s honest observations for the next 6-7 days, and also rib on her for taking slop for Dan (I really think Dan would have taken Jenn to final 2, easy money). Time to kick back and watch the endgame.. .

    2. ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON! ok…so everyone should text “9” to 81818, ok thanks! PASS IT ON!

    1. I really don’t think so. Ian said himself he wasn’t able to play & they usually can’t at this point. But who knows with BB. I highly doubt they’ll change that though.

    2. “NEXT the FINAL FOUR will battle it out in the HOH competition. ”

      so why isn’t he able to play!?!? why!!!! sigh… they’ll totally kick him out and next thing DANIELLESPIMPLE wins.

  2. Simon & Dawg, It has been a pleasure enjoying this site. I even had my husband give up the computer more often so I could catch up on the updates. LOL
    If I wasn’t unemployed I would surely send in a donation, as I realize this has been costly for the two of you. May God bless you two and may he continue allowing you to have this site in the future.

      1. I believe you and Simon are right Dawg. I remember this last year that they just replayed taped
        stuff from earlier in the day. Thank you!

    1. I watched BBAD almost every night the last 2 years, i don’t ever rember them not being on. I didn’t add showtime this year cause i have to be up so early. I checked again its still on the cable guide. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHATS UP IF ANYONE CAN WATCH BBAD! THANKS!

  3. Hey Simon,

    I just checked my DVR, and BBAD is still scheduled to record and showing up on Showtime’s schedule at usual time. Do you think they will air trivia for 3 hours on Showtime or maybe this was done so last minute the schedule wasn’t updated yet. I feel sure it won’t be on, but thought you might could confirm this for me.

    Thanks for another great season. I think I enjoy OBB more than the actual show sometimes. Will close now, as I am getting a little “misty”.

  4. i thought the POV winner decides whether they want to use the POV and make the decision to evict
    at the same time on Thursday’s live show and the evicted houseguest talks to Julie but not before the live

    1. What will happen is, after the next eviction, the remaining house guests minus previous HOH will compete for next HOH. Winning HOH will select 2 for eviction., then POV will be played. POV winner use POV as they see fit (take him/herself off block or NOT use). Remaining 2 nominees will sit while remaining “non-HOH – non-nominated” will cast lone vote to evict, leaving the remaining 3 that will battle it out.. .

  5. Another end of the Season.
    Something tells me Dan is looking at his end game and who he can beat.
    It maybe something that Ian is looking at also. That being said.
    It is a waste for Ian an Dan to evict Danielle. Irregardless of their
    emotional connections to Danielle. Sentimentality has no place at this place in the game.
    Danielle can and has won competitions, Jen has not. Jen has spent a Summer snoozing and hiding,
    her Social game is lower with the evicted house guests than Danielle. Most of the jury will consist of
    Quack Packers, other that Ian and Jen the others have been on their own since weeks one and two,
    the other is a coach of one of the players. Numbers are on Danielle, Shane and Dan’s side over Jen or Ian.

    If Dan or Shane want the $500,000 now is the time to cut Danielle free. Danielle would beat all of the remaining
    house guests for votes more than any other player left in the game. It is just how the numbers have fallen.

    Danielle wins over Shane, Dan, Jenn and Ian
    Shane wins over ian, Dan and Jen
    Ian wins over Jen and ???? maybe Dan
    Dan wins Jen and ???? may be Ian

    Ian and Dan are a toss up. Both can make claims to have made big moves in the house.
    With these two it comes down to emotions as a factor more than any of the other Players.
    Who does Frank feel the most resentment towards Ian or Dan?
    Will Danielle or Shane be more angry at Dan for betraying them or Ian for playing better than them?

    Is it, game, emotion or the fact that Dan has already won the game once it is Ian’s turn?
    These two are a toss up.
    Jen has made NO major moves she may get Frank or Ashley’s votes, but game wise, she has already lost.
    She is the BEST choice to drag to final two.

    1. yep, most of jury will vote butthurt as usual in BB and survivor Ian or Dan deserves the win, but the butthurt will vote emotionally

      1. No cos Dan wants to go to the final 2 with Danielle. Cos as a coach in real life, you know he just wants to roll up to the jury and say…I not only made it to the end but I brought the person I picked and coached here too. Heck, he might want that $100K on top of the $500K if he wins. Dan & Danielle is a solid final 2. Dan might not win cos the jury will vote on emotion as always but he won’t take Shane or Ian with him.

    1. During the last week when the feeds are cut f0r 2 days, they tape a portion of the feeds during the day for us to watch on BBAD

  6. Simon & Dawg,

    I just made a donate to you for all of your hard work. I enjoy this site SO much! I have the live feeds and when I’m bored with watching them I just check on here for everything that I’ve missed. I encourage everyone who can to donate! You guys are the best! Thank you for another great year. With trivia on until tomorrow night, I hope you two can take a much needed break. :o)

    1. THey will show the three hours from this morning before they cut the feeds that is why they had the houseguests wake up early this morining

      1. Thanks for the great recaps! I think we should vote someone who wasn’t in the final six fan favorite. I say this b/c there were many people I would have liked to see more of. My pics are Kara and Wil.

  7. Am I correct in saying Danielle only won One HOH which was thrown to her and One Veto.? She shouldn’t win anything. Ian Dan and Shane should be the final 3. Jenn and Danielle need to “pop a squat” . One can only hope lol. Ian has done an amazing job! Dan has had great mystical moves. Shane good at comps. Jenn ridiculous, Danielle all smoke and mirrors (mirrors/pun)

    1. It wasn’t thrown to her, she outlasted Britney and Ian. Dani played a great game, unfortunately it was for Dan. She saved Dan a couple of times. Reset week, when Dan outed the blindside of Frank, and when she convinced Jenn to use the veto on Dan. Jenn liked Dani a lot, so she would have done whatever Dani said. If Dani had Britney’s back, Britney would be cruising to F3 instead of Dan.

      1. Dani is not that good of a player. The Pirate HOH Britney did throw it to her verbally. Ian was definitely ready to drop but Britney had more endurance in her and discussed dropping with Dani so she could have HOH. Dan told Dani what to do at almost every turn. When to get close to Jenn – when to snuggle up to Shane, etc. etc..

        I think that Dani has skills and an impressive memory but she is a hot mess when it comes to social and thinking ahead. She needs positive reinforcement every two minutes – so insecure. She has pushed herself on Shane so many times and faced rejection at every turn. Britney is 100X the player Dani is and so deserves to be in final 4 instead.

        I think Ian or Dan deserve to win of the players left. Shane has won comps but he has messed up so many conversations and can’t perform under pressure. When he threw Brit under the bus during the Frank/Boogie badgering you could see how he will say anything to make it go away. He is a very nice guy, no doubt, just not very good with verbal skills or critical thinking.

        Good season overall…

        1. They discussed dropping when they couldn’t hang on. The evidence does not support your assertion. Dani was going to outlast them, so they made a deal. Dani made moves on her own, but she did listen to Dan most of the time. Fact remains, if it wasn’t for Dani, Dan wouod be in jury. He needed her more than she needed him. I know that fact blinds people with anger, but hey, get over it.

          1. No one is angry here.

            Just to confirm the facts of the Pirate comp – Ian was ready to fall, not Brit or Dani – the negotiation of a deal was with IAN. Brit told Dani she could have it once the deal was made so that the two gals left would not have to stay on the plank much longer. You look at is as Britney dropped off without any explanation and I look at it as Britney let her have it.

            You mentioned that Dani made moves of her own and sited having Jenn use the veto on Dan. You must agree that Dan did ALL the heavy lifting on that one. He staged the funeral – negotiated a deal with Frank which resulted in Frank persuading Jenn to use the veto. All Dani did was encourage Jenn that it was right thing to do the night before veto meeting. Dan saved himself and made sure Dani was safe and sympathetic to other HG so she probably wouldn’t get put back up on the block anytime soon.

            If you want to see how Dani impacted Dan’s game flash back to the live double eviction where Dan had a shot of getting Shane out and Dani didn’t want to do it. Instead Dan had to waste his HOH on getting Joe out. Bet Dan is happy he has dragged her to the end.

            1. Sooooo…what I hear you saying is Dani forced Dan to make a different move in the game than what he wanted? This goes against everything you are saying she can’t or doesn’t do. LOL

            2. Obscuring facts does not make it so. What has Britney ever said that lead you to believe that she could hold on longer than Dani? Plus, of course the funeral was Dan’s idea, but Jenn and Dani were friends. If Dani told Jenn not to use it, it would not have been used. Frank talked to her about it, but that was not the deciding factor. Dani risked her whole game to save Dan. Anyway, I didn’t cite that as something Dani did on her own. What she did on her own was get close to Shane and Britney, and drag Dan along into that alliance. He didn’t tell her to get close to Britney, Dan didn’t even like or respect Britney, but he hid behind the group anyway.

              1. Danielle is fully in Dan’s mist & he has coerced her into every decision except the last one to get Shane and the only reason for that is she is boy crazy for Shane. Also, if it was not during a double eviction, Dan would have the time to Mist her, but time was short so he didn’t want to cause a conflict over it. He did get her back fully into the Mist, when he told her that Shane staying is on her. Believe that she will always go with Dan over the other two guys, and I do mean Shane, cuz the only way she takes him is if Shane says he will MARRY her!!! BWAH-ha-ha!!! If Ian does not get the veto, then it is Dan, the Mist Master, for the WIN!!!!!!

              2. Lol!

                Dani didn’t drag Dan into an alliance. If you recall, Dan was her coach back when she was becoming (obsessed) friends with Shane while they were Have Not’s together. Since Britney was his coach that brought her into the mix. When reset happened, Dan asked Dani which way she wanted to roll and she said with Shane and Britney and the four of them came together. It was Dan who identified the need to add Ian to form the alliance of five (QP). Dan has been in control all along. Dan takes his time with Dani and strokes her insecurities, makes her feel good and gets her to follow the plan. Only time that did not work was in the last double eviction when Dan had the chance to get Shane out. He had 2 seconds to speak with everyone about it but Dani said not now. This is a big flag for Dan because it shows she is too close to Shane. Dan had to waste his HOH on Joe.

                Don’t get me wrong – I think Dani has been playing BB game but it’s been Dan’s BB game. She is good at social and great at memory comps but strategy has been all Dan’s.

                She was talking with Dan recently about if they were final 2 and their speeches. She actually said something like you probably won’t help me with my speech because you’re not my coach anymore. LOL no kidding. Can you imagine asking the person you are up against to help you with your speech to the jury?

                1. Dan’s plans have largely failed. He wanted to work with Janelle, then a coaches alliance, then work with Boogie, all failed. Dani has maintained her plan of working with Dan and Shane. Dani ultimately got her way every week, Dan was dragged along. Answer this question … If Dani told Jenn not to use the Veto on Dan, and instead maintain a girls alliance with Britney, would Dan be in jury?

            3. She convinced Dan not to backdoor Shane because it helps her out because he will protect her. I was actually proud of Dani for that because she actually did something that benefits herself and not Dan!

        2. I agree that Britney tossed the pirate ship HOH to Danielle once Ian dropped out and she knew she wouldn’t go up. Britney knows it’s usually better to have a friend with HOH than you because then they spill the blood and you have deniability. Both Britney & Danielle looked like they could have gone forever.

          Unfortunately, it would have been better if Britney had won it because Danielle foolishly let Boogie take over her HOH and take the target off Frank and put it on Janelle, who wasn’t even coming after them. Britney was the only Quack Packer who realized this was a mistake. If Frank had been voted out then, Britney would still be in the house, and the QP wouldn’t have had all the trouble they did with Frank.

          Britney is a better player than Danielle. She not only played her own game, but mostly played Shane’s for him except the comps. Danielle is still there only because Dan has played her game for her. And if Britney had been unmarried and available, there is no doubt Shane would have kept her over Danielle.

          I do think Dan is a great player, though. Despite being known as a big threat, he has kept the target off of himself and managed to make everyone in the game think they are his main ally. That’s pretty hard to pull off. They should be nominating him every round, but amazingly, they don’t.

          1. There is a misconception in this statement, Boogie did not take over Danielle’s HoH.
            Danielle had decided to Back door Janelle while Boogie and Frank where still talking about how sweet it would be to get rid of Janelle.
            It was just a happy coincidence for Boogie and Frank. Danielle had already made up her mind.

            What has happened this Season for whatever reason every action that Shane and Danielle has made in this game, has been blamed on Dan and Brittney. In the case of Janelle’s eviction, Boogie did not really mastermind anything, it is all smoke and mirrors.

            Danielle based on pure emotion of four players, could give Danielle the win over Ian and Dan.

            Frank would vote for Danielle to win (He views his eviction solely on Dan and Ian.
            Ashley prefers Danielle over the remaining house guests
            Jen will vote to give it to Danielle
            Shane would give it to Danielle


            Ian/ Dan

            they have to look at this if they want to win .

            On the numbers alone the best bet for Ian and Dan who can control the outcome the most, it is better for their own games at those point to evict Danielle. this is the argument that Jen should be making if she wants to win the game. Shane is a lost argument for Jen, she should concentrate on Ian and Dan with her campaigning. Should Jen be the evicted house guest Ian and Dan have to take each other to the final two, neither can beat Shane or Danielle.

            1. About Danielle backdooring Janelle: she wasn’t going to do it unless she had Dan’s OK to do so. Dan wasn’t on board with it (remember, he talked Danielle out of putting Janelle up initially). Dan became OK with it after that coach’s meeting in which Boogie essentially called Janelle out and made it clear that there would not be a way for them to work together. Dan realized numbers were with Boogie’s side versus Janelle’s side and he told Danielle to pull the trigger.

              Just because Danielle wanted to it doesn’t mean she was going to. She hasn’t made a move in this game, aside from saving Shane from going up, that hasn’t been cleared with or orchestrated by Dan.

        3. i totally disagree about britney beating danielle in the pirate ship endurance comp britney was getting weak and danielle was still strong

      2. Dani’s HOH win was thrown to her, if you remember correctly Ian asked to be safe and she agreed so he jumped off. He could have outlasted her no problem, Dani seems like a nice girl but she doesn’t deserve to win. She has been protected by Dan and Shane mostly and the Quack Pack alliance when they had the power.

        1. Ian made the agreement because he wasn’t gonna last long enough. Dani was clearly going to last longer than anyone. I can’t see how people are naive to this. Are people even watching?

          1. INSAYNE~

            You are correct. Ian was about to be gone in the Pirate competition. Brittney said she couldnt have beat Dani, so she made a deal. Dani won that. Nothing was thrown to her. She won it.

            All the being said, I still think she is maybe the fifth best player this year.

    2. Great points, but look at the makeup of the jury after tonight: Ashley, Britney, Joe, and Jenn won next to nothing and all subscribe to having “social games” and represent the majority.

      I’m in no way arguing that Danielle “deserves” to win, although I do think anybody who gets to the end does deserve to be there or else they wouldn’t be there, but I think if anybody lets her get there it is a big mistake. She has no enemies and lots of friends. I think votes are hard to predict, but it seems that having somebody campaigning for you in jury is huge. Remember how short the jury Q&A is and how much more time is spent deliberating. Unless she faces Ian, Britney will work hard for her BFF in the house. She blames Dan and his mist for her ouster. Shane abandoned her and she did not think much of him to begin with. Also recall that she voted for Lane in her season, just because they were friends. Unless she faces Dan, he will be misting everybody in the house in her favor.

      Who will be Dan’s campaign manager? Ian? What about Shane? Joe?

      Truth be told, I don’t think she can lose.

  8. Just want to thank Dawg and Simon for an excellent job on keeping all the nonfeeders up-to-date on whats going on in the house. A lot of hardwork put into it “Apreeeessh”

  9. Can Ian compete in the final 4 hoh? I don’t totally remember. I don’t think he can, but could be totally wrong, either way pov is the most important. I hope Ian makes it all the way, if he don’t then I don’t mind Dan or Shane winning. Not a big fan of Danielle.

  10. Another great season glued to both my tv on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursdays as well as glued to my computer during the day to read your great updates and comments. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping us all informed and allowing all of us to be part of the great game! My summers would not be the same without some good trashy BB!

    Looking forward to next summer already!

    Keep up the great work you guys.

  11. It’s really ridiculous how everyone got misted and accepts their fate without even trying. There’s so much dirt floating around about Dan but nobody says anything!! This late in the game there should be no more group action and everyone should play their own game as best as they can. Even the super-tight Brigade evicted each other in the end, that’s just how it goes. I think Ian is just too young and starstruck but I would like to see him play again in All Stars with the knowledge that he gained from watching the season back when he gets home. Unless he wins POV and HOH there’s no way that he’ll get to the end. Danielle has got to be the most annoying house guest EVER!!! I don’t even watch the feeds but I’ve been watching BBAD and she’s a completely insane and nacissistic nutjob! I actually grew to like Rachel, cause she turned into completely sane game-mode after Brendon left, but I absolutely HATE Danielle, ugh…

  12. I made a mistake with my post, I really liked last year BB13

    The BB year that I didn’t like was BB12, the year that Hayden won

    The “brigade” was the most boring egotistical bunch of morons ever on BB

    Hayden and Jun Song (and maybe this year’s winner) are the sorriest POS to be on BB!

    1. The worst Big Brother for me was BB5 the one with Jase, once he was evicted the game became a total snoozefest. But no matter how boring it gets I’m one of those fans that will keep watching util the show is cancelled.
      My fave BB will always be BB6, back when I loved Janelle and back when the power shifted from week to week. Second favorite is BB3, Marcellus NOT saving himself and therefore being evicted was the most beautiful Big Brother moment.

  13. Thanks Simon and Dawg for the forum to air out out opinions.

    When I appear again on BB in the future, I’ll give a shout-out to you!

      1. That’s for sure! I keep listening, but no – it’s the same old sites that I tried to get into but just didn’t like. There’s just something about OBB that drawers me back year after year! Ya’ll have the best posts & for the most part love all the comments & our own little inside jokes. :)

        Can we get “production” to come up with a new poll that will ensure a win for Dawg? Vote Dawg!!

        Will check back later for any spoilers. Probably won’t bother with BBAD tonight though.

        A reminder to East Coast BBAD watchers – Thu night’s BBAD is shown on the schedule to start at midnight not 1am like they’ve done all season.

        1. I came from BIG BROTHER NETWORK. Those guys are first class A-Holes. They let the access go to thier heads and now they try and run it like a private club. This site is for the real people. First year on hear and it’s been one hell of a blast. Tell everyone about OBB, these guys deserve the exposure.

          1. I have no idea why so many people go to that other site they write 1 paragraph to summarize 12 hours of feeds. The jokes are lame and the popup ads are stupid. They run 6 crappy big brother sites all with the same stale content really a scam just to get feed sales.

            OBB and jokers are my favorite sites run by BB fans for BB fans.

            Keep up the good work Dawg and Simon you are the best

            1. Agreed. OBB and Jokers are the only two i look at. And I only look at Jokers when i am trying to find a real quick update on who won a comp or something. When i want to go back and get a thorough understanding of what is happening in the house, OBB is the only source I use!!

  14. Kind of sad that this season is ending it always feels like I’m in the house with them with your amazing live feed coverage….thank you for an amazing job and summer!! I look forward to the finale and to next year!! God Bless:) and go Dan!!! Lol;)

  15. Found this site last year, didn’t have the feeds, I only used to rely on the shows to tell me whats happening, its a great site, it actually convinced me to get the feeds myself too, for this season, but without a doubt when I can’t watch everything, I always check back here to see what I missed, great work on the site and thanks for giving me the full BB Fan experience, can never be a ‘Big Fan’ without the updates. Now only to hope that Shane wins the HOH and Ian wins the veto, then it should be a deserving Final 3 in my eyes. But once again, thanks Simon and Dawg. Also thanks to all the people who comment who make me laugh with the humor :) I LOVE JEDI JANIE!

  16. Thanks for another great season guys, just donated wasn’t much but i hope it helps, not having feeds this year your guys updates and comments made this season even better
    thanks again

  17. @Simon&Dawg. I’m interested in knowing who do you guys think played the best game this season?Oh,and keep in mind I’m not asking which house guests entertain you.I’m only asking which house guests do you guys think played the best game this season?

    1. tough question because so many of them had their ups and downs. I always feel like there are 3 components of a great player. Strategy, Social and Comps. There is also 3 more components that are required to actually win, Production, luck and level of competition.

      Frank was very good at comps, very poor at social and alright at strategy
      Dan was very good at social, very good at strategy and aright at comps
      Ian was good at comps, good at strategy and alright at social
      Danielle was good at social, alright at comps and poor in strategy (dan did it all for her)
      Shane was good at comps, alright at social but shitty at strategy
      Britney was poor at comps, good at social and aright at strategy
      Boogie was great at strategy alright at comps and pretty good at social
      Janelle, Joe, Ashley, Wil, JOjo, Willie, Kara, Jodi really wasn’t good at anything or there is too little data to come to a conclusion

      I cannot narrow it down to just one player this year but out of who is left the best are Ian and Dan hands down.

  18. Hell yeah! Simon and Dawg do an exceptional job with this website, I think I found it a year ago, but never commented-So much hard work and dedication from these guys-The best of the best. You guys have a great night off-I’m definitely donating whenever I can. Thank you, guys.

  19. Dearest Simon and Dawg,

    Yours is THE site for all things Big Brother related. I appreciate your tireless efforts to keep the rest of us informed and engaged. Thank you for another laughter-filled, at times gut-wrenching, online experience of the Big Brother game. You give us all a place to air grievances as well as good feelings about what is going on in the Big Brother house. On behalf of myself and the community you have created here, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. Dan The Man and Ian (The Boss????? I dunno, sounds silly to me now…should think of something else……..)

    Ian The Brain! (so stupidly obvious and also ironic since everyone notes the dumbass-ness of these guys, but should’ve called him that before :D)

    Dan The Man and Ian The Brain (sounds weird to me) FTW.

    1. People on Facebook are reporting that Jenn got voted out and Danielle won HOH!!!!!

      SOMEONE CONFIRM, it was first reported about 10 minutes ago!!!! CONFIRM?????

  21. Simon and Dawg, I just wanted to say a final thank you for this site. Much like Nikki above, I am absolutely unable right now to donate right now (but I hope to next year). I have gotten so much enjoyment from this site that it’s unbelievable!! You guys are great and I soo appreciate the time and effort you put into sharing this site with us. Have a great year and I’m going to leave you on my “Favorites” feed so I can come straight to you next year. I haven’t been able to figure out if this season has been so great because of the GAME or because I found this site and shared the experience with you and the other fans. Thank you so much again and I pray God’s blessings on you!! <3 <3 <3

  22. A PP stated that Shane won HOH….

    If this is the case, I can’t help wondering if he realizes that Dan will not take him to final 2. I’m hoping that Ian can break up Danielle’s love triangle and win this.

    Huge props to Simon & Dawg!!!! I haven’t seen an episode on TV since the first double eviction. CBS has shown everything but BB in my area the last couple weeks. Thanks to you two for keeping me up to date.

    I liked this season better than 12 and 13. 13 had potential until both Donatos were gone early and the Brigade took the fun out of it for the viewers.

    Here’s to next year and (hopefully) an all newbie season!!!

  23. Simon, Dawg, great job to you and to the posters with some funny-ass coments. Told my people about this site and donated. You guys are doing a good thing and this good thing must never end. VOTE DAWG!!!!!!

  24. Thanks for all your work Simon and Dawg! I hope most of the readers here donated it’s well worth it.
    Will the iPad app work for next years OBB? Thanks again and best wishes for Dawg to get in the BB Canada house!

  25. I usually visit a number of BB sites. This year there was no need. Thank you so much for all your work! Next year i might even comment!

  26. Simon and Dawg, can’t tell you how much I love this site. It’s the best of it’s kind. Unfortunately I’m unable to donate at the moment, but I can totally mist my grandmother into doing it :D

  27. I think Danielle will win this whole game! She can do it ;] btw I feel like I’m the only one that ever votes for her in the polls.. LMAO

  28. Does anyone remember the Big Brother DNA when there was a set of twins playing? It would be awsome for BB to do that again, but with ALL twins playing!

  29. Thanks for a great Summer of updates…Both my hubby and I enjoyed reading the recaps and the humor made for a great season. I am rooting for Dan cause he lives in our area and I think he is a super gamer and my better half is rooting for Shane cause he needs the cash more…speaking of cash, how do I donate?? This is our first year reading a BB site and we got Superpass! We are truly Hardcore BB Fans and also fans of Simon and Dawg…thanks again! Great fans on here too…very interesting Summer!

  30. Where has the”Captain” been? He was the biggest frank lover and talked a lot of noise when frank was in the house, now he is silent. I’m still pulling for Danielle. Hope she takes it home. Psychos unite and keep Danielle’s dream alive. Go Danielle!!!!!

  31. Spoiler from twitter: I can not verify this, but I read that Danielle won HOH by winning a tiebreaker. Dan and Danielle were tied, and Danielle won the tiebreaker.

  32. Just read on another site(won’t mention the name) that Jenn got evicted 2-0 and Danielle is the new HOH. Let the speculating begin.

  33. SPOILER ALERT: DANIELLE IS THE NEW HOH. (GOD) JENN WAS JUST EVICTED BY a vote of 2-0. (whatever). And Dan and Ian, the two best players ever are in trouble. One of them has to win. #TEAM MIST #TEAM NERD.

  34. Congrats Dani for being the new HOH!! Pretty sure she’s putting up Shane and Ian with Ian being evicted if he doesn’t win POV

  35. i think shane may have played a good game but im not sure. he started way strong in the comps but then kind of faded away into the background. not sure if he is smart enough to mastermind some strategy where he lurks and hides in plain view. he could be there due to circumstances or maybe he gamed his way into the background masterfully, who knows. cant really figure out shane, i dont think he could be as clueless as he appears. either way it doesnt really matter and u could stumble into 340k after taxes

    1. I think he’s playing possum. Notice he stopped winning when the jury house opened up and he realized he had too much blood on his hands up to that point? I smell a blindside coming from this guy.

  36. Jenn was evicted. Danielle new HOH. Ian and Shane are nominated. Danielle and Shane make out in the limo coming back to the house from the luxury reward.

  37. Simon and Dawg, is it any help if I send my donation in a few months? I always try to send something since I hooked up with you during season 11, but I am just getting back on my feet after a long stay in the hospital. I was hoping to get something to you before the end of the season, but if it’s ok to send later when things are normalized for me I will. Thanks for all you guys do for us! Looking forward to BB Canada, it’s about time we had our own show, lots of die hard superfans up here! Go Dawg!

  38. Leak from another says Jenn voted out and Dani new HOH. Please confirm…
    Love you guys. Will donate as soon as house sells and I have $$$. Been laid off since 4/09. Working temp jobs but savings almost gone :-(

  39. Goodness, here I am, reading and re-reading comments just HOPING someone will post something!!!! OMGosh, Simon/Dawg, I’m ADDICTED!!!! If you get on BB Canada, I hope you’ll have a site like this set up so I can go and follow it. Living in the U.S. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to see it here. <3 <3 <3

  40. Just wanted to say my thanks to Simon and Dawg! I’ve been following you guys for years now I check your site daily all throughout the summer.

    Will you by chance be blogging BB Canada? I’m assuming it starts sometime in the new year. Or if you know anyone who is?

    1. Your welcome MArissa, Yes we will be blogging BB Canada to a certain degree.

      May be the same as BBUS may be a little less intense all depends if Dawg gets on it and my mental sanity

  41. who’s Jenn – how’d she get in the house & why’d she get evicted – LOL!!

    will be interesting to see who she decides to put up….. can’t wait for tomorrow!!

    1. LOL someone I never have heard about before was evicted tonight.. Apparently she was in the house the entire time and had some kind of deal with Frank.

      rumor has it that she kept it real

      1. Perhaps Dawg should fashion his game after ?? – he can be Dawg City – keeping it real in the BB house! LOL!! Send him in with fake tattoos, a black sleevelss hoodie & some animal print shorts he can wear all day every day! Oh * make sure he shaves one side of his head lime green or some such outrageous color. :) hope there will be some way to catch the shows online for us people in the US.

        so sad there’s only one more week of the craziness…

      2. BOOM!!! ( for no apparent reason)

        Thank you again for another great season.. I have been addicted to this site for 4 years.

  42. I’m fairly certain that Danielle will nominate Ian and Shane, or Ian and Dan. Highly doubt that Dan will go home. If Ian doesn’t win veto, he’ll be gone.

  43. where does Dan stand?
    he said he didn’t want to risk having Ian in final three
    he has the renegades thing with Ian
    he said he can beat Shane in final HOH

    1. Well, Dan and dani are sitting the best in the house i believe they are loyal to each other and have been from day 1 shane and ian are the backup plan if Ian manages to win the hoh’s or pov he won’t go after him. Dani did the same thing with shane but if either of them have the chance they will take the other out right now Ian is there target because they think shane will be easier to get rid of at the end. I don’t see a sinerio where dan goes home if Ian wins pov then he will get rid of shane, if shane wins he will get rid of Ian and if Dan wins he will get rid of Ian (none of them think they can beat Ian in the end so they want to get rid of him). So, I think it is safe to say dan made it to the final 3 the only question really is if shane or Ian is leaving.

  44. Rumor is that Julie Chen gave Jenn a grape jelly and peanut butter sandwich during the eviction interview. I saw a rumor that Ian and Shane were nominated by Danielle, but I can’t verify this.

    1. Not that it really matters who she nom because it will come down to the veto but i don’t see her putting up dan regardless of him putting her up i don’t see her doing it to him but i am guess she probably said it really doesn’t matter it is all up to the veto all the hoh comp did is guarantee dani a spot in the F3 and pretty much dan is also guaranted a spot because both shane and Ian will keep him and each will try and take out the other

    1. It blew, I was pulling for Frank out of lack of options, they really need to stop putting in past houseguests with new houseguests. All stars or a new bunch, don’t mix it up, thats just retarded.

  45. I think Dan has a great shot at winning against Danielle in the final two. His speech might go something like this. I was her coach, I made big moves and alliances for us while she was sobbing in the bathroom, I made her emotionas work for us instead of against us, while she was snacking and crushing I was working, the one HOH she had she voted out Janelle not because she thought she was a threat but because she was jealous of her and she said mean things about her, the only alliance she made for herself was with Shane and that was more of an obsession than an alliance, she played my game not her own. I think he would have a much better shot at winning against her than with Ian, Shane or Jen. As for the jury hating him we all know they go to the jury house and start respecting the person who played the game the best. In the game of Big Brother nice people really do finish last. Look at Evil Dick and Dr Will. Both of them won and both were manipulative jerks. Danielle does not deserve to win in my opinion. From what I can see on the show and on BB after dark the majority of what she does is fish for compliments, talk about her crush on Shane to anyone who’ll listen, snack and talk about Shane some more. Sorry if you disagree but that’s my opinion and I’ve been watching Big Brother from the very beginning.

    1. Totally agree with your points. I just hope it’s Dan & Danielle at the end, though he might be able to win agains Shane, but I don’t think he could win against Ian.

  46. Danielle will put up Ian and Dan since Shane still believes she is mad at Dan and its in her best interest to keep up the pretense – if she puts up Shane over Dan then it might be enough to get through even his thick head that somethin’s up.

    Still cant believe how dumb Ian and Jenn have been this past week – they could have gotten rid of Danielle last week and gotten Dan out today – then they would just have Shane and his puka laced neck in the house. Ian would likely end up the final HOH over those 2 and would have won against both. He just blew 500k to keep the non-existent QP together.

    And the one thing that would have made up for putting up with Dan and Danielle all summer would have been watching her melt down on live TV and see the cover blown off Dan’s smug, smarmy pious posturing when karma bit him in the arse – and when Dan asks Ian why he did it all Ian would have had to do was hand Dan his Bible and say the answer is in here.

    1. As much as I hate to admit it, I do watch those shows. Bachelor Pad just ended last night, and Bachelor starts taping soon, so I will definitely go to
      his site. Reality Steve is nuts and it’ll be nice to have another blog to read.
      Simon, you and Dawg did a great job this year. I have been following yours for years now, and you make the boring stuff, pretty dang funny. Thanks
      for all of ya’lls hard work.

  47. If it is Ian n Shane on the block and it stays with Dan making the vote,
    I think Dan will vote out Shane. Dan thinks Ian will take him to F2 as will Dani.
    Which would put him in F2 no matter what.
    If he keeps Shane…odds are way worse. Dani could choose Shane over him n vise versa.
    If he keeps Shane in then there’s a chance Shane would take Dani to F2.
    If Ian wins POV then Ian would probably vote out Shane. I say Dan needs to go though,
    unfortunately not my choice.
    Cheers all!

    1. I disagree I don’t see dan taking Ian and although has a deal with Ian (he did try to take him out when he was hoh ) Ian would be to hard to beat where dan and dani are thinking they can get shane out in the f3 comp. Ian is to good at the memory stuff and would more then likely win and dan doesn’t want to take that chance he wants to be at the end with dani not Ian

    2. I don’t think Ian would take Dan to final 2 when he is pretty much guaranteed a win against Danielle probably would be 7-0.Although for Ian to get there he is going to have to win the veto

    3. I think Dan played a great game,but the people he decided to roll with will probably cost him a win.It’s not that he will be eliminated before the finale it’s more likely that the 3 he is up against now will probably all beat him in the final 2.If he was the player Dr Will was he would of been able to get all the coaches together and be in a much better spot to win especially if her were up against Boogie or Britney(Janelle probably would have beasted through alot of these comps)That is all speulation though.

      At this point i think Ian is most deserving of the win out of all the HG’S left,and i hope he can pull out the POV win.

      1. Dan said to his picture of his wife Chelsea, “I have to stop messing around with Shane…He has to go”. If it is Dan’s choice, Shane is out unless Dan changes his mind. The safer route for Ian is to win POV.

        If Shane wins POV, Ian is going to have to throw Dan under the bus. In this doomsday scenario, Ian could prove he truly is a great BB player by mixing truth, educated guesses, and a few lies to advance in the game. Shane is not a box of rocks, but not the sharpest pencil either. Ian’s biggest selling point to Shane, ” I will take you to the F2 guaranteeing you $50 K. Everything I said I would do, I have done. Dan will take Danielle most likely–what a story–since week 2 they have been living on the edge and he got them both to the end…Dan doesn’t have that story with you….”

    1. Well, If you are thinking Ian he isn’t the only one good at puzzles dan is actually also good at them (when he isn’t throwing a comp) dan actually wins more mental comps then endurance ones the only one that would do bad is probably shane.

  48. Way to go Danielle. I knew u could do it. Hope she realizes she has a few die hard psychos out there pulling for her. Danielle FTW!!!! CAN UUUUUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!!

  49. I still want to see Dan and Ian in the final two, they deserve it the most and I would like to see either one of them win. Really at this point, it wouldn’t bother me too much to see any of them win, but I am still rooting for Ian and Dan and have been since day one. I love an underdog and Ian is the ultimate underdog.

  50. Please tell why Danielle ALWAYS complains about production “following her around” but yet she tried out for the show, I have never seen such an unappreciative brat, her parents raised a selfish brat

    1. I thought she didn’t have to try out??? Wasn’t she trying out for a dating show and BB recruited her??? And they recruited Shane and tried to create a Showmance??? Yeah, how’s that working out for ya, production???

    1. There is no way dani would want to be at the end with Ian with that said Brit’s advice would have fallen on deaf ears becasue dani and dan were still together they were just pretending not to be

    2. Brit was looking out for Ian – not Danielle when she told her that. She should not stick with Ian. WIth Ian she will never win.

    1. apparently it was taped in front of an audience so who ever was there posted about it and that dani (which is still the rumor phase) put up shane and Ian

  51. The POV puzzle contest was the one that Shane won (F5 veto). We do not know the F4 veto comp yet. They will play that tomorrow. My guess is it will not be mental since it sounds as though tonights HOH was that.

  52. Dan is sooo stuoid What happened to the Dan i knew in bb10 he would have split the couple fast he had so many chances to vote out Dani…but no he had to keep her…Im sorry i dont think this crazy unstable Danielle will take Dan she will take Shane…and i predicted final two Shane and his stalker… dumb move Dan.. production never favored Frank…its easy to see production favors Shane and Danielle… everything that happend on bb was centered around those 2… oh shane won luxury comp and he so was told by production to take Danielle…its obvious that prodution wanted to make another jordan and jeff.. because of her southern twang… shes no Jordan.. shes has mental issues and im hoping she gets help after the show..

  53. Dan is almost breathing on the 500k. Pretty sure Ian will win the POV (come on kid!!!! I’m so conflicted-I’m now leaning toward Dan to take this, but still want Ian to win just as well) and Shane will be evicted next. It’ll be tight game competing against Ian in the remaining HOHs, but Dan has a stronger (waaaay stronger) chance of winning against Dani in F2 with that ‘I coached & manipulated Dani’ argument (which is the truth) than Ian (but he could maybe possibly even beat the kid by a vote or two-Better hope Ian doesn’t blab about the Quackpack to Jenn in her goodbye video and she’ll tell the whole JH, but I don’t know, she didn’t tell Ian about Dan wanting him out at the Double-E as a campaign method). Shit-I hope that kid wins the POV and Shane goes home……..Buuuuut………would Ian be a boss again and vote Dan out???? I don’t think so…..Ian knows he could beat Dan in F2 and wants to beat him and would probably walk out of that house with his chin up so high……Damn Dan is covered at all angles xD Ian’ll keep him and so will Dani, damn………..And Danielle winning HOH-Good for you!!! Annoying as hell, but won a comp :]…………That kid has to win POV period-Dan, Ian and Dani F3……….But if she’ll lose against Ian and Dan (with that argument) Dani is in a bad spot when it comes down to it???

  54. Spolier alerts on Twitter tonight….unreal if the three eyed monster won HOH!!! I seriously hope Ian wins POV otherwise this season SUCKED!

  55. One earlier comment showed the link to the interview Dan’s wife did online last Sunday night. For anyone else interested (especially now, during the live feed blackout) I thought I’d re-post the link here. First off, I really appreciate that it’s been made available to us. But that being said, the host (Rob) is just OK at best. He gets sidetracked at times, and often rambles on WAY too much, saying nothing. (He gave Chelsea a truly pathetic imitation of Dan in the DR! – just “blooper reel” bad.) Dude, let CHELSEA talk, son! (to quote Frank.) SHE’S who we want to hear from, not you!!!!!!!!! Chelsea joined Rob at about the 15-minute mark. We then get “split screen video.” Chelsea at her computer, along with the host’s mugshot, for the entire time! Why on EARTH do we also need to see the host’s face the whole time? (Oh, I forgot, it’s HIS show, and HE’S the star!!!!!! Well, Woop-De-Frickin’-Doo! Just give us full-screen Chelsea, you raging egomaniac!!!!!!) Chelsea then graciously chats/answers his questions, for more than half an hour. I will simply say this: Dan Gheesling is one EXTRAORDINARILY lucky guy. A more pleasant, gorgeous, supportive, sweet and smart young lady may not exist on this earth! With a world-class smile and great personality, to boot! Chelsea answered every question, and I sensed not an IOTA in BS in her. (She said she’d be absolutely awful at BB if they ever did “couples”, and that Dan would mastermind her own unanimous eviction early on, because she’d be totally ruining his BB game!) She has a clear, cute, midwestern accent; much more than Dan does. She gave us a LOT of good stuff. She was also hilarious when she referenced “Boogie’s salty comment about moi!!!!” (referring to Boogie saying he intended to go to Michigan and “do the nasty” to Chelsea.) Whether you’re a “Dan Fan” or not, it’s a great watch. Chelsea is impossible not to like.


    1. I typed an “http://” before the website of my last post, but that part got deleted by OBB, for some reason. So place that before the link I typed in to see it.

    2. actually, chelsea is impossible not to like. she is completely supportive of dan and his behavior, as long as she shares the money. that’s a good enough reason for me.

  56. I just want anyone BUT Danielle to win – that would be a tragedy. The other three would all deserve it one way or another. But since Dani is in the final 3, she has a really good shot of winning the final HOH comp. The other person would be Ian, but idk if he’ll survive this upcoming eviction. Even though the POV comp is probably going to be memorization of some sort (HOH/POV winners and weeks they won), his chances aren’t looking so great.

  57. I just read that Jenn was evicted 2-0 and Danielle is the new HOH (apparently written by someone who attended the live to tape show).

  58. if shane wins the veto then i assume dan goes home, then if Ian wins the veto i assume he votes out Shane. i guess Danielle stepped up or it was a total crap shoot hoh

    1. Do you think that Shane would actually vote out Dan, though? I would love that more than anything, but I think that they all kind of want Ian out of there because he’ll have the votes from the jury and he’d be a threat in all three parts of the final HOH. If Shane had a brain, he would realize that with Dan still in the game, his alliance with Danielle really means nothing. She would not pick him over Dan. Ian could take anyone to the finals and would probably win – Shane should try to get a deal with him. I hope Ian survives!!

  59. is shane that clueless to vote out Ian or putting dislike of dan aside is that prolly the better game move? shane vs dan i guess shane gets the votes, shane vs Ian maybe not? who knows att his point just get danielle out of that house

    1. Jenn out 2-0. Dan and Dani tied for HOH, Dani won tie breaker. If Dan is on the block with Ian, Shane will vote out Dan. If Shane and Ian are on the block, Ian will be voted out. My guess. I hate for Pity Me to win.

    1. Thanks for sharing Nic. That was great! Saw a lot of bad a** funny stuff about her on Tumblr. Naked butt pic for you guys…Guess she Didn’t wear panties on her date with Shane.

    1. I will. She is the only one left that I don’t want to win. I hope Ian wins HOH and Dani has to put up Dan, then maybe the mist will clear and Ian will evict him. I was hoping Shane or Dan would win this HOH and get Danielle out of there. I would like to see Ian and Shane in the final 2, with Ian winning.

  60. Does anyone see a scenario where Dan does not make final 3? Seems to me he’s covered on all angles…

    Most likely scenario is Dan / Ian on the block, but it really doesn’t matter as POV is the deciding factor.

    Danielle or Shane win POV, noms stay the same and Ian goes home.

    Dan wins POV, shane goes up, and with the only vote, evicts Ian / Shane… tough call on who because Ian is the bigger threat in the final 3 comps, but he knows Shane’s taking Dani to final 2. Smart money is on evicting Ian though, as Dan should know the smart play for either Ian / Shane is to bring Dani.

    Ian wins pov, shane goes up, Ian with the only vote most likely evicts shane.. He knows shane’s taking Dani and Dani is taking Shane to final 2, so he’s need to win final HOH to make it. Slight chance he votes out Dan, but seems like he still thinks Dan might take him to final 2.

    The only scenario I see for Dan leaving before final 3 is Ian winning POV and voting him out. Thoughts?

      1. @Simon.Why would Shane evict Dan,when Shane has a final 3 deal with Dan&Danielle?On top of that recently Danielle has been reminding Shane that it has to be Dan,Danielle&Shane in the final 3.Even you guys updates made it clear that Shane wants Dan&Danielle in the final 3 with him.Shane wants Ian out as bad as Dan&Danielle.So,if Shane had a chance to evict Ian.Why wouldn’t he take it?

        1. On Sunday nights episode Dan attempted to take a shot at evicting Shane but Danielle shut it down and wouldn’t let him. Later in the arcade room Danielle told Shane not to tell anyone but that Dan just attempted to get him out and that’s why she went on the block. She told Shane this and then told him “I just saved your ass big time! You owe me!”. So if for some reason that penetrated Shane’s dense skull then he might take the chance now to return that favor and eliminate Dan. I doubt it though because he’s not that smart!

          1. I thought Danielle told Shane that Dan wanted to put Shane up as just a pawn,but she told Dan not to do that.If Danielle told Shane the truth.Why would Shane be down with working with Dan?He wanted to win the HOH to take out Ian not Dan(Shane said so in the DR on sunday’s episode).If he knew Dan wanted him out,then shouldn’t he want to win the HOH to take out Dan not Ian.Oh,and If Danielle told Shane what you said.Then that would mean she turned on the guy(Dan) who’s been with her from day1.The guy(Dan) that was responsible for every move that she made,since day1.Why would she turn on Dan all of a sudden?

            1. My bad jw- you’re right. Went back and watched it and she did only tell him it was as a pawn not to actually be evicted. I think I heard what I wanted to hear and was hoping someone (Shane or Ian) would grow the balls to break up the obvious alliance between Dan and Danielle. Sadly I don’t think that is going to happen now

  61. What happens if the HOH wins POV? You say POV casts deciding vote but that isn’t true if the HOH is POV right? Then the non-nominated person would vote. Right?

    1. yes if redneck piglet wins POV then Dan would vote and evict Ian presumably. They all feel like the only one they can beat in the final 2 is danielle so she will almost certainly get that far. 50k second place after taxes and fees might clear 30k so piglet can pay off some debt and buy a honda civic maybe

      1. It will be Ian it isn’t about him having a mind of his own he knows that ian will be impossible to beat in the final 3 the only way Ian will survive is if he wins the pov

    2. watch shane get to the final 2 then get the votes because they all think he is broke and in financial ruins. then he reveals that he’s a rich real estate guy with tons of money and investments

    3. this edition of BB is awful. They should vote on the final 2 then just annoint Frank the winner and send the other nerd sheeps home. Frank and Boogie embrace then take on Hollywood via all Boogies hookups

    4. I hope Julie mentions joes prolific mastabatory habits at the finale. he clearly was doing it in his sleep which is a unique phenomenon.


    In the past, Superpass has been kinda dick about not letting you cancel if you miss your “billing window”. I purchased the 3 month live feed package, and just canceled it. I still have access until mid October, based on when my subscription was originally purchased.

    You may want to BEAT THE RUSH and cancel sooner than later!!

    You’re welcome.

    1. Thanks, that is something I didn’t know I had to do. Only signed up late last month. What’s on the feeds after BB ends that they would keep charging you for?

  63. Simon…
    I don’t think it’s smart for Ian to take Dan to Finals. I think he should take Shane. Do you think it’s wise for him to take Dan??

    1. Well, I don’t know about it being wise but i highly doubt he would take shane over dan he thinks he has a deal with dan where with shane it is almost guaranteed he will take dani which is why he will get rid of shane

  64. Hey Simon & Dawg! Thanks for the best season. I will e-mail the stats and see who moves up the standings. Please for appreciate for next year for stats. I’m looking forward next year.

  65. Unless Dani is really playing this game – I do not think she’ll allow Shane to expel Dan – I think Ian is her target – and if Ian is playing the game he appears to be playing – I think he’d send Shane out the door – if Dan is on the block and wins POV (that’s where it gets dicey) – I think he’d send Shane out as well… just a waiting game for now

  66. In a perfect world Dan would screw Ian and then Dani and Shane would screw Dan.
    At this point I have lost almost all interest and I dont care who wins as long as it isnt Ian or Dan.

    1. you do realise this is a game and it isn’t about who is worthy or needs the money and how is frank anymore worthy then anyone else? He has lied and manipulated just like everyone else. Since that will never happen accept the fact frank lost get over it and enjoy the game.

    1. Shane is NOT a millionaire or real estate tycoon by any stretch of the imagination! Im assuming since his full time work as of less than a year ago was personal trainer by day/bartender by night, this real estate is just a side business that production played up bc it sounded better than bartender? Not sure the logic behind the whole real estate as a career thing, but it just isn’t true that he does it as main meas of income :-)

  67. I’ve had to work alot this summer season ..so you guys have been my go to guys..Thanks so much for an amazing job..This was my 3rd yr with spoilers..and i love this site so much…kudos! BTW Dan is the Man..Dani will be second..mark my words!

    1. I agree Ian’s only hope to make it to the final 3 is if he wins pov otherwise he is gone. Dan and Dani set this up perfectly no matter who wins dan is going to go to the final 3

  68. Disgusted Danielle won! Horrific if that delusional vindictive jealous freak gets to final two. If there is ever a time BB production should intervene IT’S NOW.

    1. Says the person who has not played the game or spent the Summer with Frank and yet decides to use several screen names that includes the word “Frank”.

      Obsessed much?

  69. Yeah, I think Shane is evicted next, assuming Ian wins the POV-Both Dani and The Brain (wasn’t that Matt Hoffman’s nickname in the Brigade??? Think I stole it from him) want Dan for F2, but I’ve been thinking Danielle is in a tough spot for F2. Dan’ll use that ‘I manipulated her and the big moves were mine’ argument and she can’t win against Ian-And she wouldn’t win against Shane (???). I’ve been thinking Danielle is screwed in F2-If she can’t out talk Dan and prove she’s a better player (Not buying it typing this-SMH) that’s her only shot to win the 500k. What would Danielle’s argument be against Dan?

    In this Dan/Dani JH vote scenario:

    Britney: Dan (rewatched Dan’s good-bye message-She accepted it wasn’t personal and just gameplay on his part, but wasn’t happy (who would be??)….I hope him having already won doesn’t affect too many votes in the end-It will for some)
    Frank: Dani (has taken it personal)
    Joe: Dani (has mentioned often Dan already won)
    Ashley: ??????
    Jenn: Dani (always liked Danielle, but may be swayed by Dan)
    Shane: Dani (but he did say Dan would be considered one of the best BB players, sooooo….)/Dan????
    Ian: Dan (won’t take it personal if noms stay and he’s voted out)

    Who would Ashley vote for?? F#ck-I’m not sure……But Dan can answer the jury questions great and his argument’s strong enough. I will be p#ssed if Dan doesn’t win out of the F2 in this scenario.

      1. Dan deserves to win even Jenn admitted to Julie Chen that Dan had played an awesome game and even when Chen brought it up to Jenn about Ian Jenn still said that Ian had done great but Dan had to continually get himself out of bad positions in the house from Day 1 and think she would vote for Dan. Give it to the girl she went out with class and did not take it personally and did not go out as a sore loser (FRANK). She got that it was a game. Loved Jenn after than comment. TEAM DAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. As soon as Dan says he manipulated Danielle and all the big moves were his, Danielle says to the jury “After he humiliated me in front of all of you (she tears up and adds he broke my heart…men don’t react well to tears…) and was all but certain to be evicted, he came to me and said if I agreed Jenn might use the veto on him and Britney would go home in his place (See how she can place the blame for Britney’s eviction squarely on Dan and show Ian that Dan betrayed out the Quack Pack). I did not trust Dan for a second, but as much as I loved Britney, I would always be second to her behind Ian. So if I kept Dan, knowing everybody hated him and he would have nobody but me, and I had Shane, who was the best partner I had, I would have to people loyal to me who would help me get to the end. If I had not worked hard to win Jenn’s trust and friendship and then asked her to use that veto, Dan would have been the second person in the jury.

      When did Dan ever have to make a move to save my life? The only other time I was in peril was versus Jojo and he abandoned me then too, leaving me to campaign on my own. I carried Dan by saving him, far more than he ever carried me.”

      Britney will vote emotionally, just as she did for Lane in her first season. As long as Ian is not at the end, she will be voting for her best friend in the house.
      Frank will never vote for Dan. The bible deal was a bridge too far.
      Ashley has no relationship with Dan and got along with Danielle. She will likely follow Frank.
      Joe was alienated by Dan, she will vote for Danielle.
      Shane will vote for Danielle.
      Ian is solidly for Dan, unless Britney has some mist of her own.

      The problem for Dan was that by evicting strong players like Mike, Janelle, and Will before jury it ensured that 3 weak players (Ashley, Jenn, Joe) made it to jury and will decide the winner. All they need is Frank (bitter), Britney (friend), or Shane (special friend) to join them, and it’s all over.

      1. Meant to reply here-
        That is so true-The perfect counter/argument for Danielle-Just the thought of the funeral will bring her to tears and that speech combined make me……….anxious……( I imagined Dan doing his speech and Dani just sitting there, but forgot how emotional she is). Dan may also cry…..just the sight alone of Chelsea tears him up and sitting beside Danielle so close to winning may break him for a moment or two. Sending Joe, Ashley and Jenn into Jury waaasn’t the best thing for Dan, I agree………NOOOOO!!!…….Bobsky you have just wiped away most of my confidence in Dan becoming a 2-time BB winner-Didn’t even think about Dani’s tears………Ohhh no. No, Frank won’t vote for him, Britney’ll be swayed by Dani’s raw emotions and Shane will definitely vote for Dani after that…….So true………I used to think Dan wouldn’t be able to win against anyone in the end……except Jenn (I would think his choice would’ve been)……..Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I’m depending if it comes down to these two Dani won’t come out with that speech………Hopefully Dan kills it-the questions, the speech-between these two, he’s been thinking three-five steps ahead this season.

        1. Ryan, yes, Bobsky is a smart guy, and I enjoy his posts. With the more frequent, logical posters, I try to keep in mind if I’ve noticed any “rooting interests.” My opinion has been that Bobsky’s posts this season have been more pro-Frank, anti-Dan than they have been “down the middle”. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have our favorites. And that doesn’t mean Bobsky’s wrong here. I do agree with his “not-gonna-be-Dan-for-the-BB14 win” outcome, and that Dan has HUGE jury problems that he will not be able to mist away. But if I have one recurring beef with Bobsky’s posts, it’s that he’s FAR smarter than the actual HGs are. (Try out for BB15, Bobsky!) He’s usually correct in his scenarios – they’d be better off, if they only did as he suggested. His problem? Almost always, they either won’t, don’t or can’t do it. In my opinion, the chances that Danielle presents to the jury his just-suggested, cogent, logical, buttoned-up, anti-Dan, pro-Danielle, here’s-why-I-should-win-500K blurb to the jury is absolute ZERO. Now Danielle’s a smart girl, but that’s just not who she is. Not how she thinks. Not how she speaks. Not how she’ll put her speech together. She’s not a guy, and she doesn’t think like one! Her heart has been/is/will be FAR more involved. Her words will be far more emotional, far more personal, more feelings-based, more I-love-all-the-great-people-I-met-this-summer, and FAR less factual than the words Bobsky is trying to put in her mouth (with all due respect, sir.) Lastly, expecting ANYONE left in BB14 to verbally present a better case for themselves than Dan will, or otherwise outperform Dan in the final jury presentation is absolutely ludacris! Because another word for finale night might as well be a BB MISTING competition. Dan’s a coach. He’s a motivational speaker. Remember Danielle on the ship, and his speech to her? Dan’s a PhD “wordsmith.” Now, despite all this, I still don’t think Dan will win BB14. But it WON”T be due to an “inferior batch of mist.” I believe this final vote cannot be altered by his mist, that’s all. To me, it’s the same as a typical BB eviction night. Each of the seven jurors’ votes have been already decided, long before the two finalists even make their “pitches.” (After all, what else do they have to think about in the Jury House?) My opinion: “Finale Night Verbiage” will have no effect on the vote.

          1. Jim + Bobsky = 2 great points of view and an asset to this blog

            (So many great BB fans here and some really good discussions .. thanks to everyone for making this blog fun to read.. If it is wasn’t for you all OBB would be lame)

    2. With a D/D F2, I think a lot will depend on who wins the final HOH. If Dani wins the final HOH she can argue that she carried Dan through the game by implementing things for him, protecting him, etc. She will have brought him to F2. She will have won more comps. Not a super fan and never played the game before, and yet here she is. She is responsible for Janelle being gone from the game. I think it is possible that she may win against Dan in this scenario.

      1. First I thought Dan couldn’t win against the other three left (but definitely against Jenn), then I thought he would turn around and keep Jenn-And with Jenn being evicted I figured he could defeat Dani in F2-But damn! I realize now Danielle has a greater chance than I thought she did in F2!!! Dan’s won 3 comps now and Dan has won 2 (not counting the have-have not comp), they both can argue who carried who…..I was waaaay off on Dani being in a tough spot! Dan is back in that ‘maybe’ spot again…..I think he could still sway voters when he ‘talks the talk’ about he role in the competition. I think Danielle will bring up that Dan was safe for four weeks, though.

  70. This is my first year watching big brother so what happens in the final 4 if the house guest who didn’t win hoh and wasnt nominated for eviction were to win the Veto and decide to use it? can he or she then be put up on the block?

  71. Wow, Frank fans are as delusional as he is. Possibly even more delusional than Danielle!!!!!! Time to move on people, they’re not giving your boy shit, he’s nothing but a comp guy, sucks at the rest of the game, that’s why he’s GONE. WOW!!!! smfh

    1. Frank is still being talked about by the HGs. Ergo, people are still talking about Frank on here. It’s really not that big of a deal.

  72. Man, I’m missing the updates. Thanks Simon and Dawg, you guys do an amazing job. I discovered you last year. Awesome site.

    And if you can find the time, please do Big Brother Canada. I’m looking forward to watching the show, and reading the updates and comments on OBB is half the fun of Big Brother for me.

          1. Yes Frank unemployed and apparently by his choice, not like most of American’s, because boo hoo he cannot decide what he wants to do. At 29 I do not care if you know what you want to do but it is time you stop living off of other people or the government because you are apparently just TOO LAZY to work and get a JOB whether it is want you want to do or not. That is what gets me about him the most is he said HE WAS UNEMPLOYED BY CHOICE!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, why he does not deserve to win America’s Choice or anything else. Too Lazy to try and get a job any job you do not deserve to win money, and it would be different if he could not find a job and he was looking but FRANK IS JUST TOO LAZY TO GET ONE when you use the excuse I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO!!! SPOILED LITTLE RICH KID WHOSE GRANDMA IS SUPPORTING HIS LAZY BUTT IS WHAT HE REMINDS ME OF! GAG!!

    1. HA, as if.



      And FanofIan…I believe if Ian wins or is the runner up, he is not allowed to become America’s Favorite. I view it as unfair, but I think the show does it so atleast the jurors have a chance.

    2. There is no chance in hell that Frank would win America’s vote. He’s not liked except by a bunch of PUPs. Joe has better shot than Frank.

      1. After Jenn going out with such class I am voting for Jenn for America’s Favorite. She is the only one that got that it is a game and was honest saying that Dan was a heck of a player and had played the BEST GAME!!! LOVE JENN!!

  73. Simon or Dawg – do you know if BB Canada will be on in the US? And, when does it start? Thanks guys – Love the site and especially the comments when they get heated! Makes me laugh and brightens my day!

  74. the final twist this year is Julie will step up and vote out the final 2 and ask Frank to please step forward. Frank will then be crowned winner of BB14 as Boogie runs over from the side panel and embraces Frank. Chill Town celebrates briefly on stage then are off to tear up Hollywood while the nerd pack looks on in amazement of their idol Frank

  75. Something I just realized;

    everyone has been speculating that BB15 will be AllStars 2, if not, BB16. Earlier during this season, Ian said that the competitions are following the pattern of BB6 (I believe this is how he knew about the Torture Comp and Otev.) Well, what if next season is following the pattern of BB7…making it purposely the second All-Stars? Who knows, it’s all just guessing, but I hope!

    Who would everyone like to see back for All-Stars 2?


    idk…this season was kinda sucky…Sharon?

    Dan (ONLY if he didn’t win this season)

    Ronnie (I would have liked to see him make it longer!)

    The whole damn brigade! lol
    Kathy, obviously. (lol jk)

    Adam, just to see the chemistry between him and Enzo.
    Shelly (only newbie who played a good game)
    Kalia (I’d love to make fun of her some more)


    Well, thats 29 people right there, so I guess we’d have to narrow it down.

    Dream BB Allstars 2 house:

    Dan (depending on circumstances)
    The Brigade

    I got it down to 18 but I can’t go any farther! The funny thing is, I’m not even a big fan of most of the people I picked but I would LOVE to see them play the game all together…what’s your BB All Stars dreamhouse?

      1. Don’t be, that’s a fairly good list, even though I don’t think I could stomach both Jeff and Jordan together in the house together again (one or the other is fine for drama/balance sakes).

        Personally, I’d love to see one of Jeff/Jordan be replaced with Rachael from BB12 and 13.

        Love or hate her, she does bring drama into the house without being overly bitchy (just the right amount of bitchy is always good).

          1. I personallythink All-Stars two should only include BB8-BB14 because the houseguests prior to these seasons have already had their chance.

    1. I would agree, except WHHHHHHY Jeff and Jordan! Noooooo! I don’t to see Jeff, Jordan, the cat people, the cats, Rachel, her pimples, Brendon, his dick, for a looooooooooooooong time. Never. Ever. Again.

      1. @IanBismalt

        I agree, I was thinking about picking one over the other, just to see how they play without eachother. I don’t know who I would pick though-I see it MUCH more likely for Jeff to comeback since he wants that win and Jordan has already won it and made the same placings as Dr. Will.

        I completely agree, Rachel brings the drama!! :P I read somewhere that she said she was ‘retired’ after her win…but who knows in the Big Brother world! Also, even though she wasn’t my pick to win BB13, I kind of liked her happy ending with Brendon and I don’t want to see her ruin that with coming back again. But she definately is an All-Star!


        hahaha, I’m sure Jeff wouldn’t turn down the chance though. I don’t know, I know many people dislike them after Season 13, but it sure would be epic to see the awkwardness between BB11’s cast plus Daniele and Jeff in the same house again…and Daniele and Britney would make a LOVELY sarcastic alliance who I would root for all season long. :)

        I also had the idea that All Stars two may be the battle of alliances. It would bring back big alliances like The Brigade, The Renegades, The Quack Pack (most likely including the Silent Six) The Vets of BB13, Dick and Dani.

        1. Battle of the Alliances :D Every two weeks Julie Chen will announce a comp that of which the winner can switch __# of members for another (I’m thinking of something else, but can’t put my finger on it). Hello drama (there’d be tons-switching or not). Sounds radical!!!

          1. I know really! It would be so cool, similar to High School Cliques in the way that if Hayden won HoH the brigade would be safe.

    2. Dream BB all stars 2 cast:
      Dan (not if he wins though)
      Evil Dick
      Dani Donato
      Matt Hoffman
      Shane (would like to see him play without Danielle up his ass!)
      Jen from BB8 (bitch was crazy!)
      Either Brendan or Rachel
      Either Jeff or Jordan

      And my #1 dream pick would be for Dr.Will to play again– maybe if they upped first place to $1,000,000

    3. Rachel HAS to be included in an All Stars season, but without Brendon. Jordan said she will not go back in the house to compete ever again.

    4. My dream all star cast
      Dr will(said he was done but maybe up the money or guarantee him 6 figures)
      Matt Hoffman
      Danielle Reyes
      Janelle(I never get tired of rooting for her to lose)
      Rachael(another one i love to hate)
      Evil Dick
      Memphis(so Dan has someone to roll with)
      They usually don’t start with that many people but they made it work this year or they could possibly make it an extended season.I also tried to put an equal amount of males and females,but the females usually suck,and are often forgettable.Their usually only good for bikini shots and nip slips.I also left out the token gay guy that they always have

    5. Season of Teams
      Survivor vs BB

      Natalie – Enzo
      Britney – Matt Hoffman
      Jen from BB8 – Ian
      Dani Donato – Jeff
      Shelly – Frank
      Rachel – Ronnie

      Chelsea – Ozzy
      Christina Cha – Coach
      Jerri – Troy
      Kim – John Cochran
      Jenna – Rob
      Parvati Shallow – Jud “Fabio” Birza

    1. holy crap i love you. i thought i was the only team danielle <33 there's so much hatred towards her.. she's such a kind-hearted person.

      1. I like Danielle too….she’s smart and does well in competitions…and she IS very caring and thoughtful ….I’m hoping she wins too :)

  76. Can anyone tell me (I wish I could ask Ian), what competition they had for the last POV that cut their hands up so badly? I’ve been wondering and don’t recall any comps that did that to the houseguests hands before. ANYONE??? <3

    1. It was reported last night by someone there for the taped eviction (being aired right now). They saw it all!!! <3

  77. Oh no. That is so true-The perfect counter/argument for Danielle-Just the thought of the funeral will bring her to tears and that speech combined make me……….anxious……( I imagined Dan doing his speech and Dani just sitting there, but forgot how emotional she is). Dan may also cry…..just the sight alone of Chelsea tears him up and sitting beside Danielle so close to winning may break him for a moment or two. Sending Joe, Ashley and Jenn into Jury waaasn’t the best thing for Dan, I agree………NOOOOO!!!…….Bobsky you have just wiped away most of my confidence in Dan becoming a 2-time BB winner-Didn’t even think about Dani’s tears………Ohhh no. No, Frank won’t vote for him, Britney’ll be swayed by Dani’s raw emotions and Shane will definitely vote for Dani after that…….So true………I used to think Dan wouldn’t be able to win against anyone in the end……except Jenn (I would think his choice would’ve been)……..Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I’m depending if it comes down to these two Dani won’t come out with that speech………Hopefully Dan kills it-the questions, the speech-between these two, he’s been thinking three-five steps ahead this season.

    1. Personally i voted dan because i think he played the best game but how would voting jodi make good tv exactly that makes no sense

      1. Agree, voted Dan because he had to deal with the most crap this season and he had to protect his back from day one when the coaches and the players were coming after him. Dan deserves to win the $500,000 and deserves to win America’s Favorite. He at least made the show worth watching and without him it would of been a total snoozefest. Team Dan for the win and America’s favorite.

    1. I think it is because they haven’t had enough time to show the jury house they have so much to cram in and very little time to do it so if they are going to show the jury house it will be on thursday

    1. I know right! Maybe BB wanted a random person they picked out from the NYC streets to get evicted!! LOL, all I know is that she has a LOT of tattoos !!!

  78. Hey guys I know I’m a little late with this but I’d like to thank Simon and Dawg for everything they do for this website it must be tiring but your work is very much appreciated by myself and others. Although I like to rag on this season it has been far better than last season’s debacle and it started out very hot from the former houseguests returning (Janelle, Boogie, Dan and Brit), Hurricane Willie hitting the big brother house and getting self evicted, from Shane winning that HOH to save his big brother life, from Dani winning the pirate ship, Ian being the rat, the first live eviction episode (which will go down as one of the top moments in big brother history), Frank having 298348439 lives, the birth of Team Powerhouse etc etc the beginning of the season was SO good. The ending has become lackluster but I’m still rooting for my boy Ian! And I’m looking forward to season 15 with hopefully a WHOLE new cast. Much love- CP3

      1. Simon & Dawg you two make this site like crack I take a look and can’t wait for the next update. My boss has been pleased I actually did some work today since feeds were off. I’m on east coast and continue, like a true addict, to open my browser on my phone hoping to see updates. I will be donating this fri. Can’t wait to see the final HOH.

  79. the answer to the final HOH question was 586. Dan was about 40 off but went over. Danielle was over 400 off and guessed 155 THEN has the audacity to say she went low on purpose so she wouldnt go over. the other 3 nerds just looked at her like what??? did u just say that? redneck piglet is worthless YO

  80. ok heres the deal Yo. Shane is either 100% gay or completely disgusted by Danielle. He kissed Danielle for a second in the Limo and had a look of complete horror and disgust when he pulled back. Danielle was all over him ready for anything and shane was disgusted visually. So is shane just disgusted by Danielle or is he gay?

  81. Ian has to win the veto……………if not he will be sent home and then Danielle will just throw the final HOH because she knows both Dan and Shane will take her so we will never find out who she would have really chosen if she was forced to………………..GGGRRRRR!!!!

  82. Who I would like to see on the next Big Brother:

    1. Me BB 2 & 7
    2. Willie Hantz BB 14
    3. Frank Eudy BB 14
    4. Russell Kairoz BB 11
    5. Jessie Godderz BB 10 & 11
    6. Russell Hantz Survivor
    7. Evil Dick BB 8 & 13
    8. Brendon Villegas BB 12 & 13
    9. Rachel Reilly BB 12 & 13
    10. Daniele Donato BB 8 & 13
    11. Natalie Martinez BB 11
    12. Danielle Reyes BB 3
    13. Kim Spradlin Survivor
    14. Chima Simone BB 11 (for sh*ts & giggles)
    15. Janelle Pierzina
    16. Shelley Moore BB 13

    1. Really? and after all of the house guest enter the house, you can walk straight to the DR and tell them that you are ready for Julie to announce you as the winner….you could out wit any of them hands down…the only one I would say would give you a hard time and you might get tired of his constant ranting is Dick…other than that, that BB would be over before it began

  83. Just saw on a CBS commerical, they will be showing the Jury house tomorrow night. It looks like Frank and Britney are going to go at it…..

    1. Yes Frank unemployed and apparently by his choice, not like most of American’s, because boo hoo he cannot decide what he wants to do. At 29 I do not care if you know what you want to do but it is time you stop living off of other people or the government because you are apparently just TOO LAZY to work and get a JOB whether it is want you want to do or not. That is what gets me about him the most is he said HE WAS UNEMPLOYED BY CHOICE!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, why he does not deserve to win America’s Choice or anything else. Too Lazy to try and get a job any job you do not deserve to win money, and it would be different if he could not find a job and he was looking but FRANK IS JUST TOO LAZY TO GET ONE when you use the excuse I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO!!! SPOILED LITTLE RICH KID WHOSE GRANDMA IS SUPPORTING HIS LAZY BUTT IS WHAT HE REMINDS ME OF! GAG!!

  84. Is it just me or did the US olympic gymnastics team not seem that excited to meet Danielle, maybe they thought she was going to stalk to them.

  85. Since both are CBS, they should have the half past BB houseguests and half past survivor guests. Then they should do the same when the next survivor rolls around. Not with the same people but have kind of an Allstar event on both shows but mix the 2 both times…Would be interesting to see if the game play is the same…

  86. I’ve almost changed my mind about Dan. His attitude in the DR about missing Danielle thing was going a little overboard. He has zero loyalty.

    I have finally made my finale decision. Shane FTW

    Don’t care who sits next to him.

  87. i’m thinking more that shane is a really good kid, is simply disgusted by danielle physically and is playing her masterfully. I’m pulling for shane at this point but we’ll see how well he has worked redneck piglet when she makes her Noms. Maybe give her a lil extra lovin tonight before noms. So, it is at this point that i will assume Shane is straight and simply way repulsed by danielle and playing a really good game. The kid layed low all summer and won nothing, when he obviously could have and did early but then pulls out that crazy puzzle POV when most needed. good kid, prolly straight and go get it YO

  88. google big brother Will Kirby then click videos. There are some masterful legendary clips of Dr Will in the BB house. Some are pretty long. The POV speech he gave to chicken george on BB 7 where he said that he hated everyone in the house, told george to not use the veto on him and begged the house guests to vote him out was epic. And of course they didnt vote him out.. He had the whole house in his grip during that speech, the girls were salivating and the dudes were man crushing. Legendary, check it Yo

  89. maybe his is bad of me to admit but I acutally thought Dan was kinda funny, “did I really miss Danielle, maybe, maybe not.”

  90. Dr Will is the only person thats an eternal Legend of the game. That dude was simply incredible. Check the videos online if you never saw this guy in action. Best ever, legendary status, BB pimp and king

    1. I don’t know what’s so epic about that. He had a stupid smile on his face the whole time and asked to be voted out. i would have voted him out.

  91. Season of Teams
    Survivor vs BB

    Natalie – Enzo
    Britney – Matt Hoffman
    Jen from BB8 – Ian
    Dani Donato – Jeff
    Shelly – Frank
    Rachel – Ronnie

    Chelsea – Ozzy
    Christina Cha – Coach
    Jerri – Troy
    Kim – John Cochran
    Jenna – Rob
    Parvati Shallow – Jud “Fabio” Birza

  92. Wouldnt it be great if Jodi won America’s Favorite! It would show these celebrity wannabees how awful they all are (exceptions being Ian – quirky and sweet – and Shane – dumb but basically a nice guy – and for putting up with Danielle all season he should get bonus pay).

    And whoever hired Jenn to be in this cast should be FIRED! What a waste of space from the first competition to her exit.

    1. i couldn’t agree more about jenn i was saying the same thing when i watched her talking to julie chen and i can’t believe she had the nerve to say that she fought so hard to stay in the house. did i miss something what exactly did she do this week to stay in the house, she did absolutely nothing all she had to do was tell ian and shane that dan wanted them out and get them to confirm it with each other then ian could have put dan up and they could have voted him out and made a final 3 deal amongst themselves. so it was a complete joke to hear her say how hard she fought and how she didn’t have any regrets. she is so PATHETIC!!!!

  93. Ian is a moron. He put getting the stupid quack pack getting to final four over him getting a better chance at winning 500 g. He is a autistic idiot

    1. Danielle was called in for a dr session and as she went in shane told her not to forget her veto. So it looks like she may have one the veto…not for sure though

  94. 425 comments has got to be a record yo, dethroning team dani from last yr.. also, when I get back from vaca on Monday, I’m dropping a donation on bb’s finest blog admins. If you follow OBB then you should do the same.. team Simon and Dawg til the end YO!!!!

  95. So in between munching, crunching, fishing for compliments, talking about herself, sobbing and stalking Shane Danielle seemed to win an HOH. In steps puppetmaster Dan to pull some strings and play her game while she lets him. She really needed to put up Dan if she wanted to impress the jury and America just a little bit in the end by making some sort of a big move and getting the most dangerous player in the house right now out but does she do that? NO!! She’s too busy stalking Shane, munching on potato chips and talking about herself to realize that she’s on Big Brother and she’s playing a game. This isn’t The Dating Game this is Big Brother Danielle. She made my head hurt last night on BB After Dark with her whiny voice and her rambling on about how awful Jen was to her and how she was so so mean. She’s in her glory now being the only girl in the house so she can get all the attention. I actually had to take an asprin!!

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