Early wake up call for the players – Shane “We are obviously playing HOH tonight”

POV Holder: Shane Next POV: ?
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sept 10 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: Jenn and Shane
Current Nominations: Jenn and Danielle
Last Evicted Houseguest Frank And Joe

9:02AM Cam 1-2 Danielle and Shane

They are crapping their pants about being woken up so early. Danielle thinks that it’s goign to be a fast forward. Shane says 2 double evictions and a fast forward in one season is TOO MUCH.

Jenn joins them asks if they will have a luxury competition this late.. Danielle doesn’t think so because there has been so many prizes lately. Jenn thinks it will be a fast forward.

Jenn says hopefully Big Brother is going to let her pack her Sh!t at least before they start evicting people
Indoor lockdown..
Ian is roaming around tells them that the HOH room is still open. He walks over to the backyard sliding door and listens.. doesn’t hear anything.

Dan is still in bed while the other houseguests are frantically trying to get ready. Over the speakers Big Brother keeps yelling at him to get up and change his batteries.

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9:22AM Cam 3-4 Danielle and Shane are in the bathroom. Danielle is showering.. She tells him her eyes are killing her. Danielle is worried about what is going on. Shane is certain it is a fast forward. They have a eviction today.
Shane: “We are obviously playing HOH tonight than to”
Shane explains that they will be down to 3 players next Tuesday.
Danielle: “I know it’s not luxury.. there is too few people”

Danielle brings up that Dan is the biggest baby she has ever met “EVER”. She brings up how women are as strong as men because they can handle more pain. Danielle continues to brush her hair tells Shane “This might be a good hair day.. it’s already shiny” She now starts to complain about her finger nail hurting, then moves onto the tooth paste, then apologizes for complaining so much.

Jenn joins them tells them she’s going to feel like she’s 50 years old when she gets out of this “joint”. Shane mentions that this must be the most stressful season ever to be a player. Jemm leaves.. Ian joins them.

Danielle asks him what is going on. Ian doesn’t know he hasn’t been told to pack nor had he had a chance to blog or take HOH pictures. The Diary Room did give him the camera though. (Cameras change to Jenn packing her clothes)

9:56AM bathroom Danielle and Shane Danielle complains that the cameras in the house are always on her they never give her a break. Shane says he’ll take a movie of her instead. (Shane has the HOH camera) Shane: “I can’t believe Dan is still sleeping.. I took a picture of home in his cocoon”
Danielle: “My complexion looks like crap”

Jenn joins them and they start chatting about 9/11 and were they were when it happened. Shane asks Jenn if she was in the city when it happened and how close. Jenn: “Close enough.. I don’t want to talk about it anymore” Danielle says she was skipping honours English at the time.

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9:30AM Last day in the BIG BROTHER HOUSE for Jenn. (On a side not Jenn has given up she accepted the fact she is leaving.. she did very little campaigning last night and this morning said to the cameras she is looking forward to eating tonight)

9:50AM Cam 3-4 Ian and Shane in the kitchen. Shane is posing for pictures with the Power of Veto. Ian does to.

10:07AM Cam 3-4 Ian and Jenn Ian thinks that it might be a celebrity visitor or a luxury comp. Jenn doubts it, she’s thinking fast forward.

10:19AN Ian comments that there is a lot of noise coming from the backyard. “Sounds like they are drilling a hole to china”
Jenn: “House guests first person to make it to china and back win head of household”. Danielle has joined them after about a hour of putting on makeup she says she’s ready for pictures. They decide to go into the bedroom and wake Dan up.

10:24AM kitchen table Jenn and Ian chatting about Matt and Kim, Jenn really like that daylight song (https://vimeo.com/8201078). Danielle joins them and is munching on fruit loops.

10:32Am HOh PIctures yo

10:38AM Dan’s Ralph MAcchio play dough figurine fell in a glass of water.

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Cam 1-2 Danielle and Shane in the living room
Cam 3-4 Jenn and Dan looking at the memory wall


11:11AM Danielle, ian and Shane are trying to take a nap in their rooms. Jenn is looking at the memory wall

11:13AM Cam 3-4 Dan and Ian HOH
Dan says that he feels like he hasn’t been in the HOH room all week.
Dan: “what do you think is going on”
Ian: “Someone is going home tonight.. I think it will make sense.. get a body out”
Dan: “Then what.. HOh tonight.. Veto Wednesday.. veto Meeting Thrusday
Ian: “HOH tonight.. Veto Wednesday.. Veto Ceremony Thursday”
Ian corrects himself sas HOH tonight, Nominations Wednesday, veto comp Thursday and Veto Ceremony on Thursday.
Dan isn’t sure what they will show on the live show on thursday.

They are trying to figure out what is going on and why they were woken up so early. Ian is starting to think they will have a luxury comp soon. Ian says he’s done the tweets and they told him he gets to blog later today.
Dan: “I had a weird dream that Ashley, Boogie, Frank, Wil and Janelle came back into the house and we played a comp”

Ian: “If there is a eviction tonight tomorrow’s wake up music has to be ducktales woohoo”
(Ian and Dan are having trouble figuring out the next couple days.. it seems like they are certain there will be a eviction and HOH today)

Dan mentions how Frank must be so biter in the jury house. Dan wonders if Frank will be asked back for future episode. Ian is certain he will. Dan thinks that Dan and Ian got bashed in Frank’s exit interview with Julie. Dan: “He probably said I hope Jenn wins this entire game”
Ian: “that is when you know you are super biter when you say Jenn should win this game”

11:41AM SLEEPING all 4 Cams
11:55am The live feeds switch to TRIVIA…
12:25pm TRIVIA..



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Not to defend Dani cause I really don’t like her, but my take on her whispered talk with Dan about her implants, was that the tumor she has attached itself to the implant and not her breast tissue. That is saving her from having to have chemotherapy or radiation treatment. All she needs to do is to replace the implant.

Dark Horse

Oh my…I missed that convo I was wondering why she was suddenly speaking about her implants…

…but is it that simple, just replacing the implant? I remember reading that breast implants, silicone ones, can cause tumors.


Have no clue. Dan asked her if BB knew, she said yes, so it can’t be too serious if they let her participate. She did say it’s painful and Brit was the only other one who knew about it. But she made Dan swear that he wouldn’t tell Shane that she has implants so don’t you tell him either.


She said BB knew about her implants but not about the lump in her breast.

Dark Horse

Can I tell Ian? LOL


Good one I like, 6 million plus you and me will keep this a secret from Shane

alex loves frank

lol, no problem there -shane is obviously a total moron


Dan asked her if it was malignant… she said “no” and that it’s a buildup of scar tissue. DIdn’t mention from what, but I’ll assume it’s from the implant surgery. She should be OK. As much as I like to critique her, I still can’t help but like her in a way. She’s like a cute animal. A bit annoying and a bit obsessive, but when she’s not doing any of that, she’s pretty cool. And she does look good, even if she could lose 15 pounds. I have a feeling she’d be a nightmare of a girlfriend, though.

alex loves frank

lol, yes, however, i think that between her and shane, shane would be the bigger diva haha

Dawg fan

It’s actually not possible for a tumor to attach itself to a non-living element (ie breast implant). A tumor needs to be attached to a blood supply to survive.


I really must not be as much of a reader here as others, because I have no idea what you’re talking about. I have read a couple of times that Danielle is a bit of a Munchausen’s candidate, though.


It was a conversation she had with Dan in the kitchen on the live feeds two or three days ago.


She lies! Probably not true regarding chemo and radiation. I work in the medical field. She even lies continually about what type of nurse she is! She is only a LPN but has claimed she is a registered nurse a Nurse practitioner a charge nurse and several more. Also claiming she is going to Med School (not true)Her resume is on the Internet. Plus she only has worked a short time at a rehab center Not a hospital as she claims. The girl has issues and clearly jealously and self esteem issues. She can’t stop admiring herself in the mirrors. The best thing would be to vote her out! She does not deserve to win. She only won hon because it was thrown to her and a veto. Dan and Shane carried her. She’s delusional to think she carried Dan and Shane.


lol! So true.


I totally agree. Danielle has been carried through this whole game by going back and forth between Shane and Dan….she even told Frank she was “so touched” by his admission that he was interested in her from the beginning of the show (BB after Dark). She has played the guys, hid behind, their coatails and if all else fails, lie, cry, sob to everyone. She has been terrible in comps, etc. and I dont know how she made it so far except for the fact that she could never win in the end. I dont even believe she deserves to win anything, even her stipend!


Oh…well, atleast its something she is being fully truthful about, I hate her, but I think she will win, wish her the best with it.

susie haywood

lurker this so called woman is a total liar. a tumor can attach itself to a implant. she has said in the past that she was almost sold to gypsies as a baby, has a hollow spine therefore that is why shes not so tall, was a school teacher, was married and then said well almost married, has add, cant drink brown liquids unless at resturant, has I.B.S.. which has to be a lie cause shes shoves anything not nailed down into her piehole. she broke both arms, almost drowned but daddy saved her, but he beat her and was a alcoholic- lol. her name should be danlusional.

Dark Horse

I have a feeling that Danielle will have the hardest time adjusting to life outside the BB house…


Not really, I mean she’s spent 23 years in the real world and a mere 3 months in the house, so she’ll do just fine.

Dark Horse

Nah she’ll have trouble adjusting…

especially after she watches the show.


Every season people say this or that person will have trouble, they said Rachel was crazy , but she’s doing fine with her man. Danielle will go back to her life like normal, she’ll have to get used to the no cameras but then so does everyone who was in the game.
She’ll be fine.

Dark Horse

The no camera’s is the least thing she has to worry about…

Past houseguests even confirmed that it takes time to adjust to regular life.

Dani is sensitive, thats no secret. When she gets to rewatch the season and how BB portrayed her, she will be upset. She even mentioned how she asked DR how they were editing her…and its not what they told her.

I’m sure she’ll keep close contact with Dan…and will expect him to help her though the aftermath…Dan is familiar with the feeling so he’ll adjust quicker and will want to start a family with his wife.


Yes everybody adjusts, but she will be fine. Outside is not inside,when everyone watches the show they’ll see how they’re potrayed obviously, and many it’s been negative so they’re in the same boat. Point is, she will be fine.

Dark Horse

Nah the point is – we’ll agree to disagree


You’re right about that.


Nah, she’ll definitely have a hard time adjusting. The reason is because her opinion of herself is diametrical to everyone’s who has watched the show minus Queen Bee. It is truly shocking that someone who goes by “Queen Bee” would side with Danielle, though. Not.

Here’s an example of the difference:

Question: Is Danielle completely delusional?

Danielle and Queen Bee: Heck no, y’all.

Everyone else on God’s green earth: Oh. Jesus Christ. Yes.

Dark Horse



Obviously you misunderstood my posts. Nowhere did I say she’s not delusional, and I didn’t say she’s perfect either. I’m saying yes she has flaws but in the house obviously people will be worse than real life coz they’re stuck together, no entertainment, the stress of the house plus the game. It does things to people. People make her out to be this crazy lunatic which she isn’t. She has her faults but who doesn’t? I don’t see her faults as gigantic as people make them out to be.
People judge her too harshly, she’s been made out to be this terrible person. Everyone has good and bad in them, and if I’m the only one with this opinion I don’t really care, that won’t change just because I have a minority opinion.

When she gets out of the house yes she’ll see what people have said about her like everyone in every season, and her life will go back to normal. She’ll be the Danielle that she is outside the house, not inside.


How cool would it be if she had a stroke right on the live show and died! I agree, she’s a vile creature that deserves only bad in her life.


funny in a sick kind of way you made me laugh after reading above comments who knows what to think about Danielle whay would her resume be on the internet…oh well


Wow, that’s a pretty harsh thing to say about anyone, even if you don’t like someone…..how cruel


Rachel was crazy, but not ccrraazzyyyyyy…. and she had her man. Danielle talked about her myriad illnesses and health issues, miscellaneous jobs, her family issues (announced that, among other things, her dad is a raging alchoholic), Trey, and many other things which may or may not be true. She will have to face these people when she leaves the house. THAT is really going to be tough – not to mention all the negativity from the BB fans.


Oh please people said the same thing about Rachel and most found their showmance to be so sickening and they hated them. I’m sure they know how reviled they were but they did okay, still kept going after BB. And Rachel had the most embarassing verbal beatdown in BB history, Ragan slaughtered her in front of millions, but outside the house she’s fine, she got over that. People expected her to be this basketcase outside the house needing a shrink, but she’s fine. They had their issues like any other couple but they’re fine.
So will Danielle.

Dark Horse

Rachel had Brendon after the show…

Danielle does not have Shane, Dan or Trey to console and help her through it.


Are you kidding me? Brendon himself on BB13 said that Rachel suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after BB12. He even threatened to quit BB13 at one point when Rachel was having one of her melt downs on the hammock because he said he didn’t want her reharshing her Post BB12 experience again. Dani Is going to be another Rachel Post BB14 when she finds out that she isn’t a fan favorite. Now… That’s fact.

Dark Horse

@TT828 I’m glad you watched the show and saw what I saw…I remember all that and Danielle will be reminded when she’s out…

I see a lot of tears, adjustments and consoling…but hey, this is just MY opinion.


Rachel had somebody, Brendon, so does Danielle, she has her sister and probably other family members and friends. That makes them even.


Nobody thought Rachel was crazy-crazy. The difference between Rachel and Danielle was that we all have a friend like Rachel–someone who is just really emotional and flies off the handle sometimes, but it was okay because that made Rachel relatable. Think about it. Rachel had fans–a lot of fans (me included). It was because on top of all the emotional stuff she was a fighter, and people respected that even if they didn’t like her.

Danielle *is* crazy-crazy. Her cockamamie stories, the way she turns every. single. conversation. back to herself, the delusions–these are traits of an undesirable human being, and for that reason she had disillusioned most viewers. Which is why she doesn’t have many fans–like, single digits.


Yes people did. You say that now but in her season Rachel was called a crazy psycho bitch who needed serious help. I remember. You say we all have someone who’s emotional flies off the handle,I gree with you there and that’s how I saw it when I watched Rachel. But back then in her original sesaon that’s not what people were saying, she was seen as crazy. So if you say that about her then we can say the same about Danielle, she’s a girl who is oblivious to the fact that a guy doesn’t like her, a girl whose negative qualities don’t translate into her being crazy but it’s just that…..a character flaw. Somehow we can be objective with Rachel but not with Danielle?
What you said about Rachel somebody will say, no, that was crazy, but you are able to see that yes she got mad, yes she was a sore loser, but no that wasn’t crazy.

Dark Horse

Oh my was her family and friends on the show…I must have missed that

Rachel & Brendon PLAYED the game of Big Brother so since they experienced that TOGETHER I’m sure it made it much easier PLUS they fell in love on the show.

TOTALLY different than Danielle…she is NOT going home with Shane OR Dan…I’m sure Dani’s family will support her and try to help her back into regular life but they have NO IDEA what she went through living in the house…

Again….totally different.


She’s going home to somebody, and she’s not the only one, most of the houseguests are not going home to the other houseguests either. That’s what their families and friends are for.


I’m with you Queen Bee. I just can’t believe how obsessed everyone is with Dani. Every move she makes … it’s scary.


That girl Danielle calls her sister is not her sister. She lied about that. She has 1 brother.


lol, she lies so musch she cant even remember her lies!


Do you really think her friends and family will be able to accept all the dirty laundry she aired to the world?


I completely agree with you. Sometimes, getting on a reality show isn’t really the best thing for a person, and just as often, sometimes, just being you (in front of countless viewers), isn’t for just anyone. I really do kinda fear for what this girl faces when she gets out of this house.

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!!!!!

I Agree,

when she realizes that the majority of the world failed to see her as the sweet, innocent, princess….. her encyclopedia’s worth of insecurity issues will be compounded to infinity, and I doubt highly she has any psychophants in her personal life to rebuild her esteem…..

….I can’t wait either…. I will love watching these clowns fade into infamy while frank is invited back to all-stars (and bombarded with alliance offers, since anyone that really watched this season will know he sticks up for his people… CGR bubba)

… the best we can hope for danielle is to see her tubby pimples again on the biggest loser in a few years…… but thats doubtful since she only complains about things and never does anything about them….

….PS I love that isht about women being tougher than men…. thats the biggest joke i have EVER heard…. thats why men have been running sh*t for 4000 years….

Dear women,

When you are done with the laundry, i got something you can beat down.

Men aka hunter/gatherers


Look! They gave poor delusional Joe something else to do with his unwashed hands!

Oh No You Didn't

Your name says it all….LOSER. Now get your hands out of your pants and gather me a real man.


Ugh !! I see u r a woman hater. Well, that colors everything u said previously. Good to know

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely LOOOOVE women, over and over as a matter of fact… but to say they are “tougher” than men is nonsense….. how far do we have to go to find facts that verify this….

In no way am I diminishing the female role in the world, but the average female is in NO WAY “tougher” than even a below average male….

If that were the case we wouldnt need to segregate sports… I could list a million examples to back this but there really is no need, its like arguing about the color of the sky, all you have to do is look

I would agree that all humans have the same mental potential, but there is a huge difference in potential when it comes to PHYSICAL abilities…. any female that tries to refute this is just as ridiculous as any male thinking he can have a baby….

get over it…. I make comments based on shock effect and pride myself on being non-PC-….

but if you do get your panties in a wad over it, at least you can fall back on the laundry skills you genetically inherited in the place of toughness….


Men have been running shit for 4000 years because you guys WERE AFRAID that if we knew better we COULD DO THINGS A WHOLE LOT BETTER….If we weren’t here now behind you guys, telling you all what a good job your doing, and what a great lover you are, and what ever you want to hear from us to keep your egos going you would be living with your mommies your entire lives……
I’m so sick of this crap about men….by the way I’m married for 26 years and together for 31 years….so don’t go there…..You just have the wrong idea about life and women…..No matter Daniele’s faults, which she does have quite a few, you should not wish upon her weight problems….which by the way are genetic and are very difficult to live with….
he’s obviously not been the FATHER that he should have been during her life….otherwise she would not have all the issue’s that she does have and all the insecurities…
So it all goes back to a man……So stop with the woman hating in your life…..a woman brought you into this world, or do you care about that…you should watch a woman giving birth, something a man would never in his life be able to do, I will bet you that…….
So just treat a woman as an equal and you will have a much happier life and not sound so foolish….Just my opinion


Danielle has to be one of the ugliest human beings I’ve ever seen in my life, and I don’t mean physically.


Seriously, if anyone can name even one redeeming quality she has I’d love to hear it. Just one.


Good memory. Did great beating Dan at the memory card game. Both were very good, but she was better. Shane did better than I expected. Wonder why they didn’t ask Ian to play.


I don’t mean good game playing traits. I’m not saying she’s not a viable competitor in the game. She’s better than several of them at playing the game (which isn’t saying much with this cast). I’m talking about the traits that, when added together to make the sum of a human being, make one decent. She lacks those traits.


She doesn’t post crap on message boards?


I think that Dan is going to lose this game by keeping her. He should have kept Jenn. He won’t win against Danelle.

Dark Horse

true…but I think he would be happy if Danielle wins…

He coached her remember…


You seriously think that Dan would lose against her? Dan keeps telling her that so she will win if she takes him so they will ..I think the players that got duped by him have respect for the game and game play and would rather have his genious win rather than a floater attached to him (I wonder if that is the tumor that Dani speaks of). The way they talk mean of Frank and still talk about him all the time – I believe he will vote for the stronger and better player.. Even Boogie loved the fact he was outplayed by Ian yet Ian has to still bad mouth.. That is just immaturity in my eyes.

Dark Horse

Do I think its a possibility yes…after BB11 anything is a possibility…


You seriously think that Dan would lose against her? Dan keeps telling her that so she will win if she takes him so they will ..I think the players that got duped by him have respect for the game and game play and would rather have his genious win rather than a floater attached to him (I wonder if that is the tumor that Dani speaks of). The way they talk mean of Frank and still talk about him all the time – I believe he will vote for the stronger and better player.. Even Boogie loved the fact he was outplayed by Ian yet Ian has to still bad mouth.. That is just immaturity in my eyes.


Just one? I can come with a lot…
>> When she was the only player left in Dan’s team and the switch was possible, she could easily have told Britney that she wanted to switch teams (Her to Britney’s team and Willie to Dan’s team)
>> She took care of Dan when he came out of solitary (he was faking looking sick, but she didn’t know that and she still took care of him)
>> She is willing to vote off her showmance with Shane by sticking with Dan
>> She cares deeply for what other’s think about her because she doesn’t want to offend anyone
>> When Frank gave her the ultimatum of ‘ditch Dan and you’ll be okay with me’ or ‘stay with Dan and you’ll be my target’ –she decided to stick with Dan
>> She’s sweet and kind to others in the house
>> Danielle has a good heart.

I’ll admit that she may seem clingy to Shane, but overall Danielle has a good heart. I cannot believe the hate that she’s getting. You guys need to chill because she doesn’t deserve this. Actually none of the HGs deserve any hate that they may receive. They’re in a television show and like what many previous HGs has mentioned, who you are in the house is a bit different from who you really are outside of the house. I honestly believe that some of you do not like her because she helped take out some of your favorite players. For all of you critiquing Danielle, I’d like to see how you would react under the same circumstance. You can’t say that you’ll act a certain way because the fact is that you don’t know until you’re in the situation yourself.

My suggestion to a lot of you who attack Danielle is chill and to give her a break.


Yeah, I don’t mean game traits. Assholes can be good game players (see: Boogie, Mike)

I’m talking about the traits that, when added together to make the sum of a human being, make one decent. She lacks those traits.

And my advice to those (very, very few) of you who feel the need to defend Danielle: make some changes in your own lives because if you can look at her and see even a semblance of a decent human being then your values are misaligned in a very major way. To wit: you’re the problem.


What you’re telling me is, if I don’t absolutely hate a tv character that I’ve seen for 2 months, well, then there’s something wrong with me. Is that a rational argument?


You think you know someone’s traits by watching them on tv??? really???? get a life u loser!!! ur ignorant to even be commenting on someone u obviously know nothing about!! Stop acting like ur in high school and enter the adult world!! It’s arrogant people like u that weigh this country down.. She definetly has her faults but so do u i guarantee it!! How would u like to be ridiculed and bullied by someone that doesnt even know you??? Take a look in the mirror u stuck up snop!! maybe u dont have any good traits and u should be judged instead


She has many good qualities. She’s very smart, for one. She seems like a nice girl. Gentle and generally very sweet.

It’s those moments when she starts obsessing about one thing or another, it is when her insecurities come out and that is really annoying. Above I said that I have a feeling she’d be a nightmare of a girlfriend, and by that I meant that even though she’d be a very devoted girlfriend – a great thing – I would guess that she would go nuts whenever you’d look at another girl and probvably start giving you guilt trips. She’s, emotionally, a high-maintenance girl. I had a g/f like that at one time and it almost killed me.


OK Biff…hers my list of Danielle’s redeeming qualities…I’ll just list 100 of them…..well….ah hmmmm, its like….oh shucks….see its like this….she is…..all right ya got me..I agree with you…roflmfao!!!


Through all her many faults, she has been the most LOYAL PERSON IN THERE! DAN has treated her like crap, gone back and apoligized to her and she has remained loyal to him since day 1……

no one else in that house, no one, can you say the same about…………the rest of them have turned against one another and there word at least once….

So that is a redeeming quality…..don’t get me wrong, the girl has allot of issues….allot…but give her credit for that….Dan has been way our of line about 3 times with her, but so far she has put him before everyone…..

I don’t want her to win, I just hate all the hateful things that are being said about her. Her issues run much deeper than this show, it’s obvoius and I hope there will be someone out in her real life who can help her understand all the hateful things that are being said about her because she’s gonna need help. And that’s a sad thing, not a good thing….


You have to be ugly to call someone ugly

Dawg fan

Then call me ugly, cause that girl is a piece of work.


At least that bullet wound between her eyes is clearing up.


Yeah, thanks to Joe leaving and taking his nasty food additives with him.


I just feel that people exaggerate what they see. So Danielle is insecure, likes a guy who’s given her all the signs that he doesn’t like her back, talks about herself; and that makes her this crazy person that apparently neeeds to seek help according to a lot of people. Of course what can you expect if you’re watching someone 24/7, you see their flaws.
Everyone has them, but the houseguests’ flaws are magnifed to such an extent that people actually start hating them when all these negative qualities are found in many many people outside the game.
Yet when it’s a houseguest on Big Brother it’s unforgivable.

Dark Horse

I don’t think that anyone hates Danielle…

But seeing her as an obsessed stalker is accurate as that is what she has shown us 24/7…

even zingbot sees it LOL


‘Obsessed stalker,” right…..I wouldn’t call her a stalker I guess we have different definitions of a stalker. I see a girl who just can’t see the signs even when people tell her the truth, I’ve known quite a few of them in my life and they’re not crazy.
And most of the behaviour houseguests have we have to remember that the house is like a pressure cooker what you see is not representative of the person outside the house. I read more mean hateful shit about Danielle than what Danielle says about other people, but she supposedly is the one who’s crazy, ugly, nasty etc etc.

Dark Horse

yes ‘obsessed stalker’…

Dani liked Shane pretty much from the beginning, okay no problem…it is pretty obvious that she wanted an showmance…when Shane was not receptive…all of a sudden she is worried about a boy she dated at home and wondering if she’s hurting his feelings [Trey]…and goes on and on and on

to me…a girl that cannot ‘see the signs’ even when ‘people tell her the truth’…AND still continues to do it…becomes an obsessed stalker.


Not really no, not seeing the signs doesn’t make you a stalker, delusional maybe, stalker no. There’s plenty of people that get to like someone and never realize that the person can’t stand them and so keep trying to get close to the person, to talk to the person etc etc. That doesn’t make them a stalker.


@Queen Bee. THANK YOU !! Everyone is saying horrible things about Danielle and I just dont understand why. She is not a stalker…she is just a human being who is just insecure. Everyone keeps saying that Danielle just talks shit about the other house guests but she says the least about the others. Everyone is saying that she talked shit about Frank and Boogie but Frank and Boogie are two of the worst people to ever play this game. They were the ones who talked shit about everyone and they are just mean. Danielle is not even close to being a bad person or a stalker !

Dark Horse



I just can’t…


lol at you. This comment definitely gives me reassurance that I’m on the right side of this line.

Dark Horse

I hope you’re back next season ;) …I can tell you actually watched the show.


How insightful, anyone who doesn’t share the same view must not be watching the show, LOL.


Exactly. I don’t hate her. Obviously, I don’t know her. But what I do see of her is very unattractive and again, I don’t mean physically. Sure, being on this show in front of cameras for this long is bound to reveal one’s negative characteristics, but when compared to the other HGs, hers are glaring–and terrifying.

Also, the same people who are saying “give her a break” were the first people to crucify Frank and call him a racist for using the term “dirty brown water trash” when it was, in fact, a Workaholics reference. So, practice what you preach.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Are you seriously comparing Frank’s racist comment to Danielle’s lies? I don’t care what you choose to pick as your reference for the” dirt brown water” comment but you and everyone else knows that statement was racist and meant to be derogatory.


In my opinion, its the constant one upmanship that I find so annoying — anything anyone says, she goes a step further (i.e. Ashley had a bad back, well, she actually broke her back) . I don’t mind the gamemanship lying, but I can’t take the lies about her personal life — her education, her job, her past love life, Trey, being in pageants, a cheerleader, a gymnast (how do you all that having had a broken back? ), her family life, etc. And none of it really makes sense when put all together.


i wish some last minutes shenanigans were going to happen and Danielle was getting evicted today…… dannnng..!!!!!


I’d love for Danielle to be evicted, or for some crazy twist to happen, like players can give up their right to play for veto for $10,000, or Pandora’s Box that brings the coaches back into the game to vote in place of their player. Janielle doesn’t have any players so she wouldn’t play. Britney would vote to keep Ian, and I bet Boogie would vote to keep Ian too.


On a non-game playing note. big shout out to Jenn today. Her comments last night about 9/11 was moving.


Question- What is the purpose of not telling them someone is leaving today?? Them being surprised by that won’t make it into the show. I don’t get it? Thoughts?

Dark Horse

I think they post it on the TV…Eviction Day or something like that…

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

One aspect of this game is to have more information than the other contestants (so that you can use that information to further yourself in the game). Why would you give someone information if you do not have to give it to them. Dan is the only person who seams to understand this.

Dan used his information to give to Frank to save Dan from eviction. Dan is using information he has about Ian, Shane, and Danielle to solidify his position in the end game.

Nobody else seems to know how to use their information to get them further in the game.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Sorry, I thought you meant why are the other houseguests not telling Jenn that SHE is leaving.


Now to my actual comment, there is one person on here who keeps mentioning a Gallop poll saying this is the worst season ever but has yet to actually point out where this poll is at. So JasJam, where the heck is this poll?

Dark Horse

I can’t beleive that this is the worst season ever…BB9 was the worst season ever LOL

but yea…show receipts?

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

I think people mean the Nielsen TV ratings. You can look them up on-line, but I do not know what the ratings were the last few seasons to compare.


@ Simon, didn’t BB14 have to compete against the Olympics and preseason football cancellations?


Simon, don’t you get it? You ARE the cat people. LOL look at your site man. HAHA


Because of the JJ fans of course. You know the crazies had to come through and support their favorite couple.


This one person keeps bringing up Gallop Poll (or Gallup Poll as it’s correctly spelled), which is a survey based on public opinion. If they did mean the Nielsen Ratings, then that does not make it the worst season ever. It just makes it one of the least watched season.

I wished this person would actually respond to my request for a link to whatever his/her source is so we can find out what they actually mean.

BTW: Nielsen Ratings are so outdated and antique that they need to be updated. It’s really a SMALL sample of all television viewing since they are the ones who ask people to own a box and keep it active during their television watching experience. You cannot ask to get a box. I know this because a neighbor had a box and we watched TV at her place one day. Stupid popup every 15 minutes to confirm you were still watching the show. If you didn’t press a button, they wouldn’t count it as watching the show. Now if one person decided not to press the button but watched the whole show, their view didn’t count.

If all these television providers got together and installed a television watching tracker in your box, it would be an accurate reflection of what’s REALLY being watch.


TV watching in general has been down for most of the summer except for the Olympics. The Olympics destroys everything in ratings and it has a ripple effect on everything else. Summer shows are typically always down for the whole summer because it’s difficult to start watching something, take a few weeks off, then get back into it. It’s even harder for a show like BB where it’s on three times a week. You skip BB for the Olympics and you’ve missed seven episodes. You throw in other preemptions like the RNC, DNC, and preseason football and you’re going to have erratic viewership. There has been more timeslot shifting for BB this summer than I can even remember.

But the bottom line is even though ratings are down, BB has still either been number one or number two in its timeslot during the times where it’s been on its regular schedule. It’s not going anywhere.

Nicky Brand

This is definitely better than 12 where one group of guys set it up for themselves in week 1 and never really faced any adversity. There never seemed to be any suspense that season and all but one of the girls was gone by final 7.

Dark Horse

Brigade YO


Yes Daneille a strong independent confident woman can be sexy…sorry your not one of them Danielle


Danielle is still a girl…trying to pretend she is a woman and most of us can see thru it…some of you apparently can’t…..she is a phony…so for all of you that keep defending her behavior you may also be phony….be ause you just can’t se her antics…..don’t call others out because you lack self awareness.

Dark Horse

I think the reason why I never cared for ? is because there is no connection with her…she never wants to talk about anything unless it’s band related…

I wish she would speak about 9/11…I can relate to that awful attack as well…I find speaking about it helps. I hope she did not lose a loved one…

All in all ? has to go…

Ian for POV!!!!


Question- What is the purpose of not telling them someone is leaving today?? Them being surprised by that won’t make it into the show. I don’t get it? Thoughts?

Oh No You Didn't

I don’t think they are allowed to. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance.


It all seems somewhat predictable in my eyes from here on out. Jenn’s going Wednesday, Ian’s next, Shane follows, Dan and Danielle in the final two. I think that production really wants Dan to win for obvious reasons, but I’m not sure they’ll intervene at this point. So depending on whether most of the jury is over it or not, either they’ll all still be mad at Dan and make Danielle the winner, or they’ll vote Dan the winner because they had enough time to calm down and realize that ‘the funeral’ was genius, admit they were duped and give him their vote, whether they want to or not. Ian will win America’s Favorite, and Danielle, mark my words, will attempt to off herself once she gets out of the house and sees what was said about her. Notice I said ‘attempt’.


Btw, I’m also a Survivor fan, and have noticed something about the BB and Survivor finales, am wondering if I’m not the only one who notices this:

On Survivor, at the final tribal council where votes are cast, people tend to still hold a grudge and vote, in my opinion, against the person who did them wrong yet arguably played the game better. Yet on Big Brother, I’ve seen jury members who absolutely hate someone in the final two for the same reasons still give them their vote because they played the game better. Just my opinion, but it really seems that way to me between both shows. I think you have a better chance of pissing people off but still getting their vote on BB than on Survivor.

Dark Horse

Good observation…and you’re right that does seem to happen

I wonder tho what the timeframe is between BB jury’s voting and Survivor’s jury voting…since BB is a live show and all


I’m not sure the actual time frame but survivor does eliminations every 2 days and is only 39 days long where as in BB they do eliminations once a week so the jury on survivor doesn’t have as long as to get over being screwed as the BB jury except for the final jury member but they usually vote for whoever didn’t eliminate them i think


I think you are right – “time heals all wounds, unless you pick at them” In BB – some in the jury have time to digest – while just a few players might still be hurting…


Yeah, I’ve noticed that it is more personal for the jury on Survivor. I don’t know why. I’d have to think about possible reasons.

I like Survivor as much as BB, although I wish they’d put the live feeds on that as well. Must be too costly or something.


Or do they pre-record Survivor’s episodes so feeds would be impossible in such a format. Anyone knows how that show works?


Survivor is pre-recorded – ever notice how the contestants have gained a lot of their weight back when the live show airs (announcing the winner) – wish it did have live feeds – that would be interesting – but probably difficult – if not impossible – at such remote locations.


That is true. They’re all fatter on the stage later, lol. OK, so I guess feeds would be impossible. I guess I’ll consider BB the better game / show to watch then.

Oh No You Didn't

Eripaul, love reading your posts and usually agree, but on this one, not so much. I think the longer the survivor contestants are at ponderosa, the more they are likely to vote on outwit, outplay, outlast game play. The last couple may still hold some bad feelings, but I think once they are fed and cleaned up and rested, they mellow quite a bit. You will always have the occasional player that will never get over it (I think Frank will be one of those) but not most of them.


I disagree, Russell Hantz was one of the greatest players on Survivor ever, and he still lost, twice (I think)….BB does seem to vote more on who played the better game than Survivor does…

Dawg fan

I agree. Dan likely made a deal with Danielle early on that he’d ensure she made it to Final 2, and she promised to give him $50,000 from her $500,000 winnings to bring his total to $100,000 (the amount he would have won in the Coached challenge). Her ego is too big to understand that he is going to go after the $500,000 when they both make it in from of the jury.


You’re assuming that Shane and Ian both lose enough competitions for them both to be ousted, considering they have the best comp records of everyone left in the house it’s still up in the air. At this point it really comes down to the W’s

Dark Horse

Does anyone remember when Frank was talking about the final 2 last week or so…

Who did he say if they were the final 2…he would walk in then walk out and not even vote…was it Dan & Ian?

Dark Horse

^Does anyone remember this?…I was just telling someone about it and can’t remember who exactly he said….*

In other news: I know I’m late but…

Congrats to Brenchel! They were married on Saturday 9/8!!


VOTE DAWG, MF’ers!!!!!!


We gotta at LEAST get Dawg beating Shane! I will be happy if Dawg gets third behind the two “__AN’S”


Where can I find the interview with Dan’s wife?


Great, thanks!


She said (I think she wrote this in the letter to Dan) that she goes to church to pray everyday. This is why it is so strange to me and, really, hard to accept that Dan could use their religion as a tool to play this game. Not once, but twice. If he were an athiest, I’d say “great trick”, but this guy is supposed to be a commited Christian and he does this? Kinda shows lack of character to me. Breaking his vow to (potenially) get money. I think Jerry was right.


I saw a comment from Dans wife saying that she doesnt care how he wins as long as he brings home the money. Seems to me she has the same set of values as Dan…..and I have no respecdt for Dan as a Catholic after this season. He’s a hypocrite….you dont have to stomp on people, humiliate them, fight with them, etc. to win a game. There is still such a thing as integrity!!!

Distant Observer

Chelsea Gheesling on Watching Her Husband Play Big Brother


SIMON, What will happen if a person just flat out refuse to vote!

Dark Horse

Just voted for Dawg…

I don’t mind Ian but I like Dawg better!!!

Dawg FTW!!!


I can’t believe Jenn hasn’t campaigned at all. I really wanted Danielle to go home….thought Jenn could threaten Dan with the Ian info from the double eviction and got something going but she’s just rolling over. Playing for $500K and she’s just wondering around the house like they’re just sharing a place. VERY boring season! And now that Ian is being a complete idiot by wanting to keep Danielle I hope Dan wins this.


And I complete believe Dan isn’t working something with Ian to get Danielle out….Dan can only win against Jenn…maybe Danielle. Bunch of idiots left in this house.


I think her best bet would be to get them altogether and say

“Look, there’s some things you guys need to know. During the live eviction Dan came to me and said that now is the time to get Ian out and had it all lined up for you to go home. You weren’t a pawn, you were the target. Then when you won HoH Dan pushed hard for Shane to go up, not as a pawn, but as the target. The only reason he didn’t is because he didn’t have Dani’s support and she’s one of his tickets to Final 2. I guarantee he has a final 2 deal with everyone in this room, and I guarantee not a one of them is genuine. There is no Memphis this year. Vote me out if you want, but Ian, Shane, you might as well send your hopes for the 500k out the door with me.”

If she wanted to stay she should have aired it all out.


* won POV

Honey Boo Boo Child

You want Jenn to stay and Dani gone, honey chile.

At least Dani complains and whines, Jenn just flexes her muscles and says/does nothing, honey chile.


Everybody wants to go to the final two with Danielle so they can win. Danielle has done nothing this whole season but cry, complain, play the guys and pick at her face! Who wouldnt want to take her??????????


I just really would love a Ian Dan final two. I would love to see who the jury votes would go to, and if it is Danielle and Dan all he has to tell Shane, Brit , and Ian is that Danielle knew the whole time about what he was doing and went along to play the victim and he will win 7-0 again. That is why Dan never told Brit on her way out about Danielle so he could use it in his speech and her tears on finally night won’t buy her any sympathy . What do y’all think?

Team Dan

I totally agree Brandi-that would be awesome if only Dan can survive the next two evictions and make it to the end!


I think Ian would crush Dan in votes he would have Ash Brit Frank and Joe and prob Shane because Dan already won i don’t think Shane would vote for him to win again just like he wouldn’t evict Dani for Brit because Brit played before. Dan would only get Danielle’s vote if Ian was the one who eliminated her if he screwed her over she would vote bitter Jenn hates Ian so she would vote for Dan. The best i can see him doing against either Danielle or Ian is 2 votes hes playing for 2nd and he knows it but he doesn’t care because if he makes final 3 or 2 hes already cemented as the greatest player of all time.

Honey Boo Boo Child


1. Frank cheated in da POV comp.

2. Frank was smelly and gross.

3. It sounded like some people booed for Frank when he was evicted.

4. Frank farted a lot.

5. Frank left da house bitter and only hugged Jenn.

6. Frank didn’t shave downstairs.

7. Frank had to wear his carrot suit for a week.

8. Did you see da look on Frank’s face when almost everyone voted against him?

9. Frank was so arrogant.

10. Frank kept saying he was da best playa in BB history.

11. Frank made hash marks on his cup for his HOH & POV wins.

12. Frank tried to flirtmance Danielle, gross!

13. Did we say Frank cheated on the POV comp, honey chile?


Funniest comment of the season!


Can someone explain to me the difference between a double eviction and a fast forward? I always thought it was the same thing.


Who’s dawg


Team Shanielle Final 2! Sorry Dan & Ian.


Danielle has a lot of issues but she seems to be a genuinely nice and sincere person (everyone can be mean). She isn’t fat and is a pretty girl. Insecurities,etc are amplified in the BB house. I hope she doesn’t read anything online about herself because I worry about her sanity. She has played a good social game even if she has been coached by Dan. She’s had to tell a lot of lies and handled it pretty well. She has also built some sincere friendships. (sorry for soap box-just a little tired of the Danielle bashing).

All in all I am so glad ?? Is leaving. She is ALL talk and no action.

Shane seems to be a really nice guy. I don’t think he is gay.

Ian has done well despite his psychological challenges, unknown specifics aside.

Dan has played dirtier this year BUT I am a lover of this game. He is good at the game.

Happy QP is going to be final 4!!!


Omg I’m so sick of frank and his honesty and integrity garbage. BB edited him in such a good way that only the live feeders or followers of this site know the truth about him. And now in his interviews he’s trying to make himself should like he was so honest. 1st of all frank said he’s a “HUGE” fan of the game but he said if jenn is in the final 2 he would vote for her. Jenn does not deserve to win BB and his reason for voting for her is only because she aligned with him towards the end and didn’t vote against him. To frank if your with him you deserve to win. If your not then you are the worst player in the game. 2nd. He started making deals this last week he was in the block. So that’s is not honesty. You can’t make deals with everyone and not have one or more be a lie. 3rd. He was the one who wanted to double cross the silent 6 first. And if it wasnt for boogie and Ian then frank would have. So he wasn’t being honest. 4th He made Willie hantz out to be a homophobe when Willie was not. Frank over exaggerated that combo to stay in the house and he’s disgusting for it. 5th. Him and boogie talking crap about the entire house and some of the horrible things they both said (boogie more then frank) but frank laughing at some disgusting things mike said showed no class. I wish someone interviewing frank would bring these things up and let him know these things. I like Jeff Schroeder but the guy had his nose so far up franks but during that interview I could see it coming out of franks mouth. Weather people like it or not Dan deserves to win this game. Then it’s Ian then a tie between Danielle and Shane since Danielle just did what dan said and Shane did what Britney said. If frank was a true fan of the game then he would vote for Dan if he’s in the final 2.

Danielle's Pathetic

Sorry Man, you’re entirely incorrect!

Myself and many, many others on more than just this site have watched the live feeds and we know EXACTLY what the real Frank is:……. one of the best players in BB history!
And mark our words: Frank WILL be invited back to All Stars or get yet another chance in the BB house in some way shape or form. Why do you think the idiots still left in the house are STILL talking trash about him????? Cuz he played extremely well and was blindsided by a bunch of lame-brained, brain washed wanna-be’s.

End of Story…… move on.


I never said he want good at comps but everything I said about him is 100% correct. You have no idea what you were watching


No there talking trash about him because he had no social game. He was a loser. You must be related to him because he was getting bood during the live show when he won that POV. And even joe got a bigger applause then frank did.


Mike needs to take “chill” pill, just saying!


Might nit be the worst BB ever, but by far the 2nd worst. I have seen them all .. For me they are very predictable. Other then Dans funeral
We pretty much know what they will do. I was not fooled by what he did, but was some what shocked when they did. Except for Joe. And in my best judgement I really think Danni knew too. But put on a good show. I don’t remember tears. Anyone? I think she enjoyed the attention even negative.
Never before can I remember so much talking among the players with everyone, checking back and forth, alliances made, disbanded, then made again.
This was a very intimidated group, no backbone. Other then Frank, Boogie, and they won’t overboard a lot, but it did brin life in the house?
I think production told Ian to try and put on a show, or they pumped him up some. Because it seemed forced, and fake when he did. Had to get drunk if none noticed. Most of these players I bet in real like outside maybe, shy, somewhat quite. Even Jenn. I don’t believe for one min. She had a temper, if she did its cowardly lion type. Look like a beast on the outside and inside a tattered kitten. I had to lol on that so I think I will stop. Lol


I would disagree. This year almost every week the target changed day to day starting from week 1. Every time we thought someone was going home either the veto was used or they changed there minds. There have been seasons when 2 people went up friday you knew who was going home. No one would use the POV and no one would change there minds about who they wanted out and all of the votes wouldn’t even be close. Maybe there haven’t been a lot of fights this year but there have been some pretty big blindsides. Big brother stopped one of the biggest blindsides ever by not evicting frank when they did the reset. If they had let frank and boogie get blindsided then it would have made for another great episode. I actually thought it was a little boring in the beggining because when they force them to be in teams and you know for sure that atleast a quarter of the house isn’t going up then it’s boring. But once the reset happened people started scrambling. I would much rather have a season like this then we had in season 12 or some other boring seasons. This year BBAD had so much game talk on it that I would stay up until 3am watching. Everyone has there own opinions but I mine is that game wise this was pretty good over the last 4 years or so

Roisin Dubh

Shane’s taking it all. These guys are about to get blindsided bigtime.


Blindsided? There aren’t going to be anymore blindsides. The final 4 is the QP.

Ian's Morning Wood

Quite a morning in the BB house…Danielle on full-throttle complaining mode…great

the Ghoast of Lil' Joe

what a surprise danielle is bitching about dan, she has been doin that since last nite, she is worthless, eat more junk food so you get bigger pimples.


I see they are keeping to their daily tradition of talking about Frank. I heard someone else mention it and I agree that should be the new drinking game.


Is this when the feeds go dark for like a day or two as to not spoil who was kicked out and the new HOH?

We might not have feeds back till wed or thursday right?


I think so.

My guess is they’re recording right now what they will show on BBAD tonight with everyone still in the house.

So in real time, eviction will happen today/tonight and possibly new HOH comp. Then, nominations tomorrow (all of this will be shown on Wed’s CBS show).

Then on the Thurs CBS show, they’ll either show POV or play it live and have a live Veto ceremony and eviction. Thursday’s live show will end with the beginning of the final HOH endurance part 1.


Worst….season….EVER. I am honestly not cheering for anyone that is left. This show keeps getting worse. 3 Pandora’s Boxes? Only one gave someone a real screw job. The others were pointless. No real twist that you don’t see coming. Big Brother needs to go back to the drawing board.


Not even close to the worse season ever. This one was pretty unpredictable and surprising unlike some of the other seasons where I ended up fast forwarding through half of the episodes because they were boring as hell and you already knew who was going home when they were nominated.


LOL at dan and ian

if you had just told frank “we’re getting you out” he would have respected it

but lying and trying to make him look stupid time and time again, and you think he won’t be angry? I mean cmon, that IS part of the game, the social aspect includes how well you do with the people you play with, convincing them. look at russ in survivor, brilliant first game he played, absolutely birlliant, but he pissed to many people off, and those same people had a change of heart 4 months later, saying they would have voted differently. I think that there will be a LOT of bitter people in jury if its dan and ian sitting there with anyone else, they maybe be in a lot of trouble.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

Frank would not have respected the truth and it would have been awful game play on Dan’s behalf. Why give Frank the chance to change people’s mind? Frank would have told everything that went down regarding the funeral. Dan played it just right. Frank just was not very smart in the game. He could not catch on to the social cues…He should have never given up HOH for two weeks. He just did not play the game very well from the beginning. Ultimately he was blind-sighted by his ego…


Simon, are the feeds down for good now until after tomorrow night’s show?

I’m guessing tonight will be the night they pre-tape After Dark during the day (like now), because by the time BBAD comes on, the eviction and maybe next HOH will already be done.


Has anyone seen any footage from the Jury House? I don’t recall seeing any updates and their are three people there. Just odd that they haven’t shown them in the house together like usual.


Sorry four people there.


Ive asked this question for several weeks…..something definately weird about that…..There has been no jury footage at all……could be like bb uk where the viewers vote for the winner…..


Reading some of the comments about the HG’s, I felt compelled to say something in everybody’s defense. Don’t get me wrong, I like some HG’s more than others, seeing my friend’s qualities in certain people and seeing traits in people I’m not so fond of in other HG’s. I definitely get why we all have our favorites and those we dislike, but let’s try to keep it in perspective.

I’m an extremely confident guy. I don’t have many insecurities and have people who really like me, others who don’t, and some who outright hate me. I’m very outgoing, pretty easy to talk to, and more likely to understand than judge. I’ve also been told by more than a few women that I’m attractive, maybe even a little better than average. I’ve also been told I’m WAY too opinionated and VERY stubborn. What I’m trying to get at is that I’m 100% secure in who I am, warts and all.

There is no way in hell I would ever want to be on TV or experience any type of fame. If you told me I was going to not only be on primetime national TV 3 times a week, then another 3 hours every night on premium cable, and finally that for a fee, people can watch me 24/7, I would run. I would cross any river, climb any mountain, anything to get away.

Because I know that every wart I have, every quirk or flaw in my personality will eventually come out. If anybody thinks they could go on Big Brother and not ultimately cause half the audience to absolutely hate them, picking apart every little thing they do, putting them in a bubble of stereotype, and mock them mercilessly, then you my friend are more delusional than any of the HG’s. It’s because I would want no part of this irrational hatred that I’m quick to excuse every single person on this show of their flaws and to try and understand their behavior and ultimately forgive that which I don’t like.

Everybody needs to remember, these people have been in a very nice prison for 3 months, playing essentially a game of cutthroat for a lot of money. This is a stressful, aggravating, annoying environment with no distractions or escapes. Just try to be a little understanding of what it’s like in that house, how challenging it is psychologically, and instead of attacking a person’s personality, you try to stick to the framework of the show. Cheer for your favorites and root against who you don’t like…but just keep the character assassination to a minimum.

Yes they all have flaws, but they are also sons/daughters, brothers/sisters, with friends and family who love them. Let’s just ease back.


Danielle is so annoying all she does is complain and ask questions about her self to the other house guest she acts like she is so good but really Dan is why she is still there I also want to smack her every time she looks at her self in the mirror get over yourself


I thought Jenn said earlier in the season that she was in DC when 9/11 happened living near the pentagon. Now she is saing she was in NYC? hmm. Maybe her and Dani do make a good couple.

production rigged it

i can’t believe there is still people saying that frank is one of the greatest players, the dude never even got to vote because every week he wasn’t hoh he was on the block. that is not a great player, that is a horrible player even everybody in the house talked about what a horrible social game he had. he also make one of the dumbest moves ever by taking all those punishements to make sure dan left then turned around and let dan mist him and ended up saving him instead. how did that work out for him oh yeah dan stabbed him in the back the very next week. one of the greates players ever what a joke one of the dumbest ever i think so.


Actually Ian and Dan, when you continue to talk about something a week later, it’s you who are the bitter ones. Always having to rationalize everything… So delusional these players are.

production rigged it

so much for ? not giving up without a fight, she’s so pathetic, obviously she wasn’t there to play or she would have exposed dan wanting ian and then shane out but they messed up his plans by winning pov. what happened to the person that talked about burning this muthaf****r to the ground that’s who we needed to see this week and she could have saved herself and dan would have went up and got evicted. so many pathetic players this year who couldn’t think for themselves hope they do a better job next year in casting.

I'll rip your face off

the Frank envy continues. Frank may have not won this season, but he was the highlight of the season, and the hatred of him is the proof.


Lol @ Frank envy, he sucked…get over it!!!

still in love with judas baby

I hope dan goes all the way. He truly is one of the best players in bb history. He makes bb this year intresting. If dan wasnt there we would be forced to watched dani all the time :/ …yuck


yeah i enjoyed Dan running around with his eyes busting out during double eviction and failing at his attempt to get both ian and shane voted out while outing his devious ways but fortunate for him the hack packers are too clueless to recognize and Ian puts danielle on the block. Dan preys on horrible players


there hasnt been any jury house footage yet. i assume jenn is on her way over there as we speak and when feeds come back we’ll see 4 hack packers nerding around

I Aian't Nobody's Mama

I have a feeling the feeds will be down until tomorrow’s broadcast. They did the same thing last year

bambie buns

Danielle is a pain in the ass and completely delushional..its always about her
I’m sure dan totally regrets his funeral speech to her considering she hasn’t stop freaking
Talking about it since it happened. Every conversation they have turns into something
About her…and I don’t know what world she lives in that her boobs are a d or dd ..and
Every guy in the house wants her all the production guys want her….she’s def bonkers.
And there’s a reason she is single and she won shane by default…he won’t be with her
After….they should keep jenn for the plain fact. Of not having needy danielle crying all day
Just like she was a gymnist….can barley do a cartwheel…delushional…good thing she had major
Medical she’s going to need it…she acts like she has done so much she won 2 comps and jenn won
One….big fucking whoop….go ian go dan go shane….


Frank and Dawg — Amazing Race #22! The Dawgcatchers chasing $2 million. And don’t shat on my dream and say no Canadians!


i think danielle is annoying to most people because she thinks every hot guy should fall all over her instantly and to be honest not that many avg guys would even fall all over her. the fact that shane has rejected her all summer has her lost for words and her emotions scrambling


danielle is 3am last call slop in most peoples book, or 3rd on reserve booty call


Oh, I SOOO want Dan to win hoh and evict Shane!!!! -Please! … I think Dan will be happy is Dani wins! – she really is a seet and beauiful young woman! – Dan’s Best outcome though will be Dan and Danielle in fnal 2 – That way, they Both will have WON! – #TeamDan


Think this is it for the live feeds until later this week?

I'll rip your face off

best news I heard all day. it will be great to not hear all the Frank envy from Dan, Ian, Danielle and Shane for 24 hrs.


What’s the reason? They’re just going to sit in the house, aren’t they?


For those of you who claim Danielle has a good heart. Think again. She choose the BB house to humiliate her father, making allegations he’s is an alcoholic . When Dan attempted to say she shouldn’t talk about him and the disease on camera she said in a snarky way that she hopes he sees what she has said and realizes. Her father may very well be suffering from alcoholism. Who knows what his demons are. He served our country in the armed forces and went to war for us. You don’t humiliate and chastise someone on national tv who needs help. She should be ashamed of herself (but too self absorbed to know better). She showed who she really is A Vindictive Shallow Sick Person. She needs to get herself some help.

Go Blue! Go Dan!

I grew up with an alcoholic dad and a mom quite similar to Danielle – extremely narcissistic. In my 20’s I’m sure I shared some of Dani’s characteristics. It took a very good friend to be honest with me regarding my behaviors; I was upset and angry all the time and addicted to attention and drama. Danielle’s issues may manifest in a different way than my own but its obvious something happened with her along the way. To be honest, BB may be the best thing for her. When she sees herself on television – it will hurt but maybe she will see characteristics she would like to change. I hope Dan and his wife will take some time to help her.


hey simon and dawg. a few days ago you posted about how the last week will go down. 1. you predicted that danielle would be before she did. 2. and the whole fast forward thing etc…..how did you know that Dan wasnt going up.

im still confused why ian didnt take a shot


Still in mourning since Brit left (Miss you, Snowflake).

I am really ready for DANIELLE to be off the show. I have never seen such a narcissistic and self-centered individual. She is OBSESSED with Shane. He is WAY too nice for her and completely naive to how she is. I agree with several of you that say she will have a hard adjustment to real life. Especially after she sees/reads the reactions to her actions from the fans. She continually fishes for compliments, tells everyone she doesn’t like Shane, then IMMEDIATELY turns around and flirts with him. It is incredibly immature. EVERYTHING GOES BACK TO HER. Like no one else in the house has struggled. She cries anytime she wants attention. I have no respect for immaturity.

Dan had me completely fooled for half of the season. Lost all respect for him when he swore on the Bible–good grief, Dan. What a horrible witness to your faith. I don’t care if it is a game or not–have a little integrity. No respect for you anymore. You were unfortunately my favorite for years.

Jen is incredible nice and faithful, just boring on camera. I wish her well though.

Hoping Shane wins the game now. He seems genuinely nice. Besides Brit, I wanted Ian to win, but his potty mouth and overly-sexual comments are completely inappropriate to me. He and Boogie OVER-USED the profanity. A complete turn-off.

Just my thoughts!

PS Thanks Simon and Dawg–you make the season so much fun! XO