Big Brother Spoilers: The FINAL FIVE drink mimosa’s and toast to making it this far! *Updated*

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8:40am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the houseguests and switches the live feeds to the control room screen.. There were no more fortune teller wake ups since the 5:50am one. When the live feeds come back, Rachel is up and in the HOH room getting ready for the day. Rachel comes down to find Jordan and asks if she is sleeping. Jordan says yes. Rachel asks if she is going to sleep through the show time thing. Jordan says that they were up till 6am with the fortune teller. Rachel asks really after 4am?! Adam and Jordan both says yes. Rachel asks they were still playing the same stuff. They tell her yeah. Jordan tells her that she is on her period and cramping. Rachel heads back up to the HOH room to get ready. Big Brother calls Adam to the diary room. Adam gets up and tries to go to the diary room but can’t. He talks to Jordan in the metal room. He tries to get her to get up but she isn’t feeling well. Adam is really excited and then goes into the candy room. Porsche tells him that they have playing cards and a shirt dying kit in the storage room. Big Brother calls Adam to the diary room again. When Adam comes out he heads to the kitchen to make get some cereal. Jordan is now up and in the shower.
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9:30am – 9:40am Adam and Rachel are in the kitchen talking. Adam asks Rachel if she heard the fortune teller laughing. Rachel says yeah …she just didn’t want to get up any more because she isn’t playing in the HOH competition. Rachel says that she thinks she knows enough to help them. Adam explains how many times they got woken up. Rachel notices that they are building out in the backyard. Rachel says that she is going to do a workout and then make some t-shirts with the dye kit. Rachel goes up to the HOH room, lays a towel down on the floor to do sit-ups and stretches. Rachel then gets called to the diary room.

9:50am Rachel comes out of the diary room with Champaign and yells who wants to pop Champaign. Adam and Rachel are yelling and screaming who wants a mimosa in the kitchen. Rachel yells YAY FINAL FIVE!! No one else comes into the kitchen. Rachel says I guess Adam and I will kill this bottle by ourselves. Rachel keeps yells at them to come get some. Jordan tells her that we didn’t sleep. Rachel says that she did …she just didn’t come down. Adam and Rachel are being super happy and annoying. They all come into the kitchen to toast to making it to the final five. Kalia asks why are we on show time today do you think? Rachel jokes and says because its the live show on Tuesday. They continue to talk about the fortune teller wake ups.

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10am – 10:20am Kalia wonders if they will have a live show tonight and then another POV competition right after. Rachel says that she doesn’t think there will be a veto after. Rachel says that she thinks the live show will be Wednesday. They are confused about what is happening and when it will happen. They get out the dye kit and start dying the t-shirts. Jordan and Porsche get ready in the bathroom. Adam joins them and Jordan asks why they are so happy. Adam says he just woke up and was happy. Adam tells them that he has lost 13lbs while being in the BB house. Adam asks they why they are putting on makeup … we’re allowed to go back to sleep at noon. Jordan wonders if the live show will be at 6pm. Adam says that she assumes so ..but they haven’t told him. Adam heads back to the kitchen where Rachel, Porsche and Kalia are getting the dye ready.

10:50am – 11amPorsche, Adam and Rachel are dying clothes. Rachel is dying a bathing suit. Porsche and Adam are dying t-shirts. Kalia is sitting at the kitchen table playing solitaire. Jordan is vacuuming. Jordan continues to clean. Adam and Rachel are still dying clothes.. Jordan says that she isn’t going to make one because she doesn’t know how to tie dye. Adam tells her he that he doesn’t know how to either …but he will show her.

11am – 12pm All of the houseguests are playing cards in the kitchen except for Jordan. Jordan continues to clean the BB house. They finish up playing cards and Porsche and Kalia head into the candy room. In the kitchen Rachel and Jordan are whispering about what they think the HOH competition might be like. Jordan goes to join Adam in the purple room and he tells her that he is voting out Kalia. Jordan says that it might be a tie vote because she isn’t sure how she is going to vote. Jordan goes back into the kitchen and tells Rachel that she isn’t sure who she is voting out. Jordan tells Rachel that she will let her know how she is voting before it happens.

12:10pm All the houseguests are on an HOH lock down. They are all sleeping..

1:30pm HOH lock down continues …houseguests continue to sleep…

1:50pm HOH lock down is over! All the houseguests leave the HOH room. Jordan tells Rachel that she can’t wait for this to be over. Kalia heads down from the HOH room and gets right back into her bed to go back to sleep…

2:20pm The houseguests guess that tonight is being taped to air on wednesday and that thursday will be a live show as usual. Kalia is the only one still napping. Rachel and Adam are in the kitchen making lunch and joking around. Rachel says that she has a confession that she has had a crush on a former houseguest for 1 year and 67 days….and his name is Brendon …and they’re really engaged. Adam that he has a confession too … That he and Shelly are really the parents of 13 year old Dominic.

2:40pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA and then the live feeds start showing repeats of the season…. They are currently showing Brendon & Dominic the night they dressed up as super heros.

7:08pm Feeds on repeat


Unconfirmed Kalia evicted Adam HOH

Feeds have been off since 2pm still off 8:18pm

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553 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: The FINAL FIVE drink mimosa’s and toast to making it this far! *Updated*

  1. Today on Rigged Brother
    In the HOH room Rachel Jordan and AG are deciding who goes next, Rachel asks AG “so you people in production have all the bases covered right” AG says “yes we fired the intern that didn’t throw Jeffs shoe back into the box, and we are now going to do a full minute delay on live broadcasts with HOH comps that way if something happens like when Jeff left we can control it, like if Porsche is about to win the next HOH we can use tranquilizer dart and claim she fainted under the pressure, we can edit it out and no one will know” Jordan asks “what about Adam winning it” Rachel and AG start to laugh Rachel says “he has about as good as chance as you” now all three are laughing… feeds cut
    Feeds back on up in the HOH room AG Rachel and Jordan are still talking things through, Jordan states that “if we don’t win this HOH you will be gone” AG says “I know I’m feeling the pressure but really we are running out of ideas and twists to keep you safe” Rachel says “lets just make every challenge an endurance like my last Veto, the seat production made was hardly noticeable and the Velcro shorts look like something I would normally wear” Jordan says “with Velcro shorts she thinks she could last at least two minuets” again Rachel and AG laugh then AG explains to her that Velcro isn’t cheap and making shorts for her would cost a lot so they would have to slow down the amount of money falling from the ceiling of the HOH room Jordan says “no don’t do that I don’t have to win to be safe” out of left field Jordan asks AG and Rachel what safe sex is Rachel says “its when you have the morning after pill” AG says “I am a virgin but not by choice” Jordan says “Jeff told her its when he has sex with other girls so I don’t get pregnant or an STD”
    Out on the couch Kalia Adam and Porsche are talking, Adam says “so what I’m going to the final three” Kalia says “but at what price you have lost your balls and your dignity” Adam stops her right there and tells her “I have never been more insulted in my life, I have tried, tried real hard to never have any dignity or respect in his life, that only losers care about those things” Kalia says “what about your balls” Adam says the only ball he has ever had are Jeffs right on his….feeds cut
    In the Jury house Brendon Dani Jeff and Shelly are talking about who they want to see next, Brendon says “it better not be Rachel, that ever since last season he can’t be alone with his laptop for even one minute, and he hopes that Rachel will win this so she might forget about him” Jeff states the same about Jordan “Dude all she does is twirl her hair and stare blankly into space, don’t get me wrong as long as she has money to spend that I will be there and all smiles but Dude just think if her money runs out I can’t afford to feed her” Dani says “and people hate me” Shelly says… nothing she was taken out of the Jury house in the middle of the night by a mob of six fingered and six toed flannel wearing JJ fans and hasn’t been seen since. feeds cut

    1. That’s a lot of nothingness for someone who believes the show is rigged. At least make it entertaining if you’re going to type out a bunch of blah.

          1. lol. I don’t get the reference. Though, it ‘seems’ sarcastic. Are you upset because grammar is also one of your weaknesses?

            1. The first rule of OBB is that you do not talk about the cat people.

              The second rule of OBB is that you do not talk about the cat people.

        1. Ummmm, I don’t read it every time. In fact, I believe this only the 2nd time I read a rant. You could be confusing me with someone else because I have the same name as someone else but with a 2 added at the end of my name.

            1. If I don’t like what it says, then don’t read it.

              Do you know how foolish that is? How can I possibly not like what it says unless I read it? Think for a moment before you respond.

                1. Wow, now we’re going to the level of name calling. I guess that shows a lack of thought on your part if you’re going to resort back to grade school activities.

                  That being said, I don’t know this squabble person thus making the “Everybody knows what squabble writes about…” part of your response inaccurate. In terms of the “moron” part. I do believe that your responses up to this point clearly prove that you lack the knowledge to properly form a sentence. You also lack the brainpower to have an articulate argument and you lack the manners to come back me in a respectable manner, thus having any respect you hope to have gain be stripped in one swift moment.

                    1. I have never once said I was a professor. I’m just an average Joe who is using the education that I had the luxury of earning.

                  1. Despite RJ2’s ill attempt at sounding sophisticated and educated, Shocker! actually wins this debate. Now, can we move on to enjoying OBB? Good.

                    1. If that’s how someone wins a debate in your eyes, then I’m happy to have “lost” this “debate”. I’d hate to have to lower myself to that of a grade school student just to get my point across. I can say “blah blah blah hater” and whatnot to sound cool and make sure that someone is able to understand how foolish they are when responding.

                      I will agree with you. OBB should be enjoyed by all.

                    1. I think it’s quite obvious who really “won”, RJ2. Don’t let the mobbing NEE-AND-URRR-TAWLLS get under your skin. Keep to the high road – some of us still use our brain. :)

      1. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but…………………….the person I have utterly hated the last 2 years of Big Brother deserves to win. Rachel is the only one that has both a social and competitive game.

        1. I am wondering what’s going to happen now that Kalia was evicted, and ADAM WON HOH. I HOPE RACHLE OR JORDAN WIN POV and send PORSCHE HOME. ADAM SECURED HIS SPOT IN THE FINAL 3. WILL ADAM KEEP HIS WORD TO J OR P?

        2. Arielcat: I agree with you 100%. Rachel does deserve to win! I have said this before and I will say it again Rachel She has fought EVERYDAY in that house to stay and does deserve the money. I too disliked her very very much last year and the beginning of this year but early on you saw a different Rachel emerging and then when (Bren-an) left Rachel was HOPEFULLY her real self, less make-up, a true friend to Jordan, no more screaming and crying for attention. JMO!!!

      2. Squabble……. THAT WAS HILARIOUS……. keep up the great comedic posts, it’s much better than what we’re going to see on Rigged Brother up until the finale !

    2. it is definitely rigged. oh well, for rachel fans they have no worries. POV will be a set again so Rached will win, making a lock she gets into the final 2.

      I was a big big brother fan until I read this site and realized how rigged the show is.

      1. HEY urkillingmesmalls, STOP WATCHING the show then. I am sure CBS will not miss you. I am just so over people who keep saying the show is rigged. If you think so, then just change the channel and watch CSI!!!!!!!

        1. wow, how do you get through life being that angry? It is just a game show. They have been rigged for years. They tell them what to say and do. Damn bitter girl, relax because it isn’t life or death. By the way, I don’t really watch it. I check into this site to see how they are rigging it this week. Don’t get your panties in a wad, that is my perogative.

          1. lol…you must not have a life then if you come to this site to see what happened on a “rigged” show. I’m with Ally, a true fan of the show.

            1. Brilliant. Okay Jordan, how did you get access to a computer? Because I spend 15-20 minutes a day checking in on this show this year, I don’t have a life. But you have this great life even though you spend 3 hours a week watching it on tv and then come to this site to learn even more about the show. Like I said, brilliant logic you have there.

              1. don’t pay them too much attention. JJ fans hate to admit that were this show entirely on a level playing field, Jordan would have been out a long time ago.

                For the record, not saying the show is outright rigged, but the scales were tipped for the vets. Not a doubt in my mind of this.

                1. what is amusing to me is the contestants even talk about how things are done to help them. Rachel and Jordan spoke abut how they thought the dual twist was added to help them. Get a clue people, if the contestants know things are being done to help players, then it is pretty obvious.

              2. That’s right, I am a really fan of the show, that is why I watch it and blog on these sites. I wont waste my time on these sites if I believe the show is rigged and dont watch it (Like some other people do)

            2. Hey pot calling the kettle black. Aren’t you on this site posting something? Then I guess you don’t have much of a life either so why are you criticizing others for doing exactly the same thing? Some people just don’t get irony or how stupid they look when they don’t get the hypocracy of their statements. And, again, if you think it is rigged, why are you watching and why are you here??

              I, for one, am unemployed and extremely bored at the moment so I will admit, I don’t have much of a life, which is why I am on this site right now.

              1. Actually, I think what Ally is saying is why would someone ever blog about a show that they dont really watch and believe is rigged. Real fans of the show are the ones that seek out these sites to see what other fans are saying about the season. It is kinda weird forsomeone who dont like the show to blog on here.

                1. You can like some aspects of the show while being completely dissatisfied with other aspects. It doesn’t need to be an ‘all or nothing’ mentality.

              2. I’m employed and I don’t have a life. I have 2 kids in college and they take all my money which allows me not to have a life.

              3. I think/know it’s rigged but I still enjoy watching it.Just because it’s rigged doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. If production didn’t have their hands in it, it wouldn’t be as entertaining. Team production 4 life!

          2. I’m a fan of jeff and jordan, I’m not happy jeff just got evicted but I’m not complaining that the show is rigged, jeff was a big threat and I knew he would not make it to the end
            This is a tv show they manipulate the game a little to make sure one side doesn’t keep power to long so they can keep it interesting but it is not rigged they do not have favorites

            1. The reason they keep saying it’s rigged even though they know as well as we do what the truth is, it’s simply because they’re all but hurt that their idol got evicted by the vets and because afterward, one of the newbies did something that they didn’t have to do and it helped the remaining vets. Also they keep up this BS in the hopes that everyone that watches BB will jump on board and complain to CBS. They also think that by saying endlessly that it will make true.

              What they don’t realize is that one could argue that Jeff got evicted because BB rigged is HOH exit with the Double Eviction. Anyway, best thing to do is Ignore.

              1. I’m supporting Rachel for the second season now, but I do agree that the show is rigged. As long as it favors Rachel, it’s fine with me (I get it, it favored Jordan more than it favored Rachel).

                Team Vegas, baby!

          1. As a fan of the show, I watch because it is entertaining and I love the drama. Of course, I root for different HGs to win but I dont say that the show is rigged when things dont go that way. It just behooves me that people still watch a show that they believe is rigged. Why waste the time and engergy to blog here if you are not a true fan of the show.

            1. I don’t think behooves means what you think it means. lol Regardless, your rant is just so far off base. I stated I use to like the show. I found this site this season and it ruined it for me. But I am still interested in how this season turns out and how production continues to rig the game so that it ends up with the people they want in (to drive ratings). Your rant had many fallacies, including assuming whom I rooted for. This has nothing to do with who I wanted to win.


          1. LMAO @ Porka and Cowlia…….those are 2 great names….I never thought of them but they sure do suit them to a T……(applaudes Cathy for thinking up great names.)

            1. Umm, I thought up this name and have been using it for posts for weeks now, so I want credit!! Lol. However, I can’t take credit for cowlia, someone used that one many weeks ago ;)

        3. I dont think people realize that it is against the law to rig a money prize show. I know someone who is a producer on one of these reality base show. He says that most of the comps are already set to go on certain weeks. That’s why the players can kinda guess what the next comp will be.

          1. Teri,
            I don’t think you quite understand the legalities. Just think of “The Price is Right”. How the people are picked to come up doesn’t matter, but the show can’t cheat players out of the money once they are there. It’s the same for BB. How they get to the final 2 doesn’t matter, production can do whatever they want up until that point.Once it goes to awarding the money they can’t rig it which I’m sure is the reason the jury votes on the winner. The jury voting to award the money covers BB’s butt from any of the game show laws. Look at the show “I love Money” it’s come under the microscope because production doesn’t have clear guidelines saying what can get a contestant kicked off of the show. This means that production from that show could be liable if they kicked a contestant for a fishy reason. This is how it was explained to me by a producer from a reality show. I could be wrong but that’s how I understand it. The thing to remember is that it’s so much more entertaining when production played with it. Imagine how boring it would be if production didn’t help the game evolve. If you watch the show to see what will happen instead of hoping for something to happen it’s much more entertaining. Team production all the way!

        4. Over the past two seasons the houseguests have leaked out the fact that the show is rigged. Even to the point of having competitions that will fit a given houseguest’s talent more than other hgs. If you have watched closely and avidly you would have had to have seen this.

    3. dude it’s funny but do you just sit around refreshing the computer waiting for a new update? it’s hard to get first post every single time.

    4. squabble is an idiot and all you fools who thinks hes entertaining needs your heads examined..but then i guess simple things amuze simple minds..squabble needs to be banned from this forum.

    5. This is so full of /cry. Disgruntled Dani fans are entertaining. Just face it. Dani was clearly a failure as a daughter and now she’s a failure at big brother as well.

      Remember when Rachel and Jordan were given 4 weeks of complete immunity from all evictions because of who their daddy is? Remember when they bragged about all their friends working for production who would leave if they were kicked off? Oh wait, that was Dani…

      1. Why you keep changing your, name cat person? you hate Dani WE GET IT, but just because we don’t like your clueless HG that does not mean we’re all fans of Dani, now go back in the corner and continue tying your noose.

      2. I can’t stand dani, but to call her a failure as a daughter, thats crossing the line, we don’t know what her relationship is with her dad, watching him on season 8 I guarantee he is also to blame

        1. Dani was not not even raised by her dad so how can she be a failure as daughter? Her grandma raised her and the dad’s a failure! Besides it’s not Dani fans that keep talking about her it’s Jordan and Rachel because that is their favorite subject. Jordan and Rachel love Dani that’s why they talk about her all the time they are just mad that they could not give Dani the half a million!!

      3. NO, hell no NOT spot on! No one ever talks about Dani except for bashing JR and then ending the post with TEAM DANI FOR LIFE.

        Dani fans are obviously bitter and hate on posters who disagree.

        1. Team Dani for Life is a cute and positive thing people that liked Dani say. If you’re going to bash, do it for the name calling and hatred.

          TD4L :)

      4. lol.. well said, TeamNotDani.. and don’t let any of these nasty comments bother you.. nobody here knows you.. You are right about Dani and she’s not a nice person.. it’s not a surprise that the Dani fans are the meanest ones on here and the only ones I’ve seen so far that resort to personally attacking another poster… don’t let it bother you. Dani was a nasty, vicious, catty, spoiled, self-entitled little itch in the house and some of her fans don’t sound like the nicest people in the world either.

        and may i say boooo to tonight’s pre-recorded BBAD! i guess they don’t want to ruin tomorrow’s [not]”live” show

      5. Oh come on, you can’t possibly think what you say is the literal truth. People from ALL SIDES do what you are saying to EVERY OTHER SIDE. It’s not just restricted to “crazy JJ fans”, nor are they even the MAJORITY – EVERY SIDE HAS THE CRAZIES. It’s just like American Politics – the extremists are the most vocal and get the most attention, and in the process give the mass majority of moderates who merely LEAN in that direction (but are closer to the middle) a bad rap.

        This is the same with BB… JJ fans got a bad rap because some psycho supposedly threatened Shelly’s family. Did all JJ fans do this – or even the majority? Hell no. But it’s easy cannon fodder for the extremist Dani/Shelly/Anti-JJ fans to use (like ill Will calling ANYONE who posts ANYTHING in defense of JJ a “cat person”).

        It’s all so sickening… I HAVE to believe most of us are somewhere in the middle or I’d go insane.

    6. Keep it comin squabble. Your show’s more entertaining than bb13. Tell more about the jury house. Is Dani’s whipping those boys…

      1. I’m beginning to think that squabble is simon’s twin brother ;-) (given the PASS that Porsche has been getting in Today on Rigged Brother editions I’ve read so far – we all know simon has this thing for Porsche).

        That and the reference to crayons and being first at posting.

        Enough of the mystery, however. What is important is that squabble makes my day every time I read Today on Rigged Brother.

        So H8ters, watch out. Squabble may be a lot closer to Dawg, Simon, and OBB itself. Ha!

        Squabble for Team Production on BB14, yo!

          1. Simon first off, thanks for letting me post here I love your site and even the cat people. I umm live here in Utah and don’t practice the faith, so there isn’t too much to do. People say Porsche is my gal I’d say she is the least annoying and easiest on the eyes.

            1. Ho…humn!

              It’s impossible for Simon and Squabble to lie to me given my background. I used to work for the LAPD.

              (I was a defective. LOL)

              1. simon and squabble are one and the same, dumbass! you can tell by the use of “s” on their names.

                it doesn’t take rocket science to know that.

          2. why are the only showing flashbacks is there a competition going on or do they just know these 5 are really boring?

      1. That is what I have been saying, Dani tried on Dom what she did not know is that Dom likes Cassi. Dom thinks Cassi is hot and Dani wanted Dominick that caused her demised.

      1. I know. You come across a satire that should either be funny or flat, and you get violent reactions from who-knows-where.
        And then we get offended when the snobs say that BB is only for whack jobs.

    7. You know, you should take some writing classes if you are going to write something that long. Also, why are you still watching a show that you hate so much? Do you have nothing better to do with your life? If I don’t like a reality show, I simply turn the channel. It’s not hard. First you pick up the remote, and then you click where it shows you the channels go up or down.

    8. I am one that believes that cbs does play a part on who stays and goes or atleast make a better chance for people to stay (jordan and rachel.) But i must say that all that crap you just typed out above is so worthless. Get a life bud.

    9. ROTFL, Squabble posts are much more entertaining than bbad or the episodes. Someone needs to hire Sqab as a ghostwriter for one of the late nite shows or for a comedian. The sarcasm is off the charts and the dialogue is funny b/c its an exaggeration of their true personalities. You need your own website, it would be flooded with degenerates like me who enjoy raw humor.

    10. After Russel starting trash talking J/J in BB11 that’s when I started pulling for them b/ Russel was a bully and I like the other houseguest especially Natalie. But Russell was right Jordan does twirl her hair all day but she’s not Jeff’s lapdog she just a Space Cadet. She shows flashes of intelligent thought but other times she seems to be a stranger to common sense. Wouldn’t be ironic if she won an important comp this week from a mental challenge?

    11. I found it pretty funny to be honest. Although Dani, Porsche and Kalia came out of all the looking good….which is off considering those 3 have left much more ammo on the table to be made fun of then anyone else. And you didnt use any of it? Like how about Danielle’s devil face, weird wobble walk, lame overused season 8 phrases and whiny voice. Porsche and how she cant fit into any of the bathing suits she fit into week 1. And Kalia, lol well the list is endless with Kalia. Theres the sleeping, the nominating and evicting her own alliance member to her endless babble.

      Just saying if her gonna dish out a hilarious post making fun of people then you should go all out.

      Thumbs up to Shelly getting wacked though, nice touch yo!

    12. I would hope the game is rigged. I would hate wasting my summer watching these non-tallented HG try to entertain me. The BB producers are pros at producing drama, conflict, and tension. If the HG were capable of doing that, then they would be working behind the camera.

    13. Squab, I love it. Very entertaining and look how many critics you have, most of the critics sound like the same person. Shhhhh we are not smart enough to know that someone is posting the same thing over and over again. Incredible how two complete stranger (or many cat people) can have the exact same opinion, with the same CAPITALIZED words. What a small world.

    14. I don’t get the negative comments – this is fantastically funny and really good writing. All in good fun, keep it coming! Cheers, CA

    15. Squabble you are an idiot. Such a sore loser! People like you can NEVER be satisfied! What would YOUR perfect game be?. Tell us starting with the jury WHO do YOU think should be evicted and on down to final four, three,two and WINNER! Just curious! Wanna see where your head is at!!!

  2. This will be awesome Final 5. Now Kaila is gone, Final 4. Jordan wins HOH (4 HOH’s wins tie with Hayden (BB12) & Danielle (BB8 & BB13), Come on Jordan win another HOH. Send Porsche to the Jury House on Thursday. Final 3:JAR all the way. Bye Bye KP. See ya in the Jury House.

      1. No way!

        Captain is a dude for real. But I wouldnt be surprised if Captain makes AG’s Christmas card distribution list starting this year.

    1. lol, the hoh obviously has to do with remembering what the fortune teller said, requiring a touch of brains, Jordan is screwed. Besides even if she wins the hoh all ity does is make her safe, has no bearing on who goes home. That will be the sole decision of the POV winner unless the HOH happens to win it to.

  3. Wow, Big Brother keeps them up all night long then decides to wake them up early. Cut them a little slack this morning. Otherwise, the feeds will be of them sleep throughout the day and we’ve already had a season full of that.

    1. negative, they’re living on bb’s dime. get up hg’s, hurry up & wait hg’s, dance puppets dance! put on some decent clothes some make up, adam you go stare at jeffs headshot with admiration some more, other than brushing your teeth you’re pretty much maxed out apperance wise. i aint hating i pretty much got the same look going for me, just being real.

    2. i want to see more of big brother messing with their heads. i was hoping for a “hell week” this season. kinda reminds me of annie’s messeges last year.

      im going to guess and predict the hoh comp will be something about all the numbers the fortune teller spoke. kinda like each one being called outside to do their comp…lowest time wins. like the face morph.

      any other ideas?

          1. You all just signed your death warrants, then.

            *sniff* So young…. too young… why do they always die so young? WHY. damn it?!?!?!? :(((((

  4. A little over two hours of sleep and the first thing they do is give them alcohol. I guess that means the competition will take place soon.

  5. What’s wrong with Jordan and all that hair pulling?!?!?! What the hell is wrong with her??? Last night I turned the TV off! couldn’t take it anymore!! UNBELIEVABLE! If she wins she needs to put some money aside to go to a shrink!

    1. It’s funny how many people like to point out Jordan playing with her hair but everyone has some type of little tendencies that they might not be aware of. This could be the playing of the hair, the tapping of the foot, the cracking of the knuckles, smacking of gum or many other things. People like to point out other people annoying habits but choose to ignore their own and even get upset when it’s brought up.

      1. Not EVERYONE has a compulsive thing, your argument is ridiculous… Jordan pulling her hair is almost a non-stop exercise. Just looking at her while doing it you can tell something is WRONG, it is not a normal behaviour and those who have a nervous disorder/compulsive disorder etc.. most seek help, NOT EVERYONE.

        1. These are people inside a house 24/7 where they have no connection to the outside world and cameras on them at all times. You think you wouldn’t have a few tendencies pop up? Look back to when she and Jeff were on The Amazing Race. She did not have this “problem” so clearly putting yourself into the house causes people to react in different ways.

          Also, I don’t see how my argument was ridiculous. Please explain what made it so.

          1. Yes they ALL are in the house separated from the world (not only your beloved Jordan), other HG’s (from this and previous seasons) that are under the same conditions haven’t show a disorder or condition like this, every 5 secs she is pulling/touching her hair, she needs psychological help, that’s not normal… another ridiculous defense from your part…

            1. Wow, my “beloved Jordan”. Thanks for saying that. While I do appreciate and cheer for Jordan, it’s only because I’ve met the woman (as I’ve mentioned before), this being one of the person I’m rooting for this season. I’ve also mentioned that I’m rooting for Adam (hey, here’s a fan since people keep asking if he has a fan) and I’m rooting for Porsche.

              That being said, what qualifies you to say someone needs psychological help? Do you have qualifications to professionally make that suggestion? If so, please direct us so we can look you up and verify? Oh no, it’s only a thought coming from someone who’s watching someone else online (unless you’re cheap and just reading comments or looking at the photos).

              In terms of the other contestants, we have smokers. These are the same people who said they’ve smoked more since being in the house than they have outside. We have people who has lost weight they haven’t experienced on the outside. We have people who sleep a lot more than they otherwise would (this could be attributed to boredom). We have constants who like to talk to themselves and inanimate objects. Same people who are looking around the room a lot and trying to figure out who’s watching them at all times behind those one way mirrors.

              There are a lot of little annoyance in the house. While one person is playing with her hair a lot and it’s being commented on by others, there is still a lot of things that (based on your acquisitions) could require psychological help.

              Sounds like you have an “argument” that is “ridiculous”.

            2. I agree with your Maricarmen. I don’t think I would call what Jordan does “playing with your hair” she is tugging and last night there was a lot of it. She is even balding in some spots. That is not normal. Also, she did not do that in her first season, she just ate a lot of cookie dough. Perhaps, she needs to do that instead.

        2. I’m pretty sure no one but a qualified psychiatrist can tell “something is wrong” and that person would be unable to tell without meeting her in person. Such a silly criticism, seeing as it has nothing to do with gameplay.

          1. If she was cutting herself on TV no one would need a shrink to tell them she had a problem. I think it’s something her family defnitely should be concerned about. I had a friend who started doing this and eventually pulled all her hair out. After years of therapy she is now fine. It’s just another maladjusted way of handling stress. We’re not coming down on her, we’re saying it out of concern.

            1. Sue, you explained it beautifully! You don’t need to be a shrink to know that pulling/touching your hair the way she does is a normal behavior, she is stressed out, maybe she doesn’t realize that she is doing it. If tonight at BBAD she continues doing it I’ll do what I have to do, turn off the TV, is annoying… Hopefully someone (family member or even Jeff, if he really cares) will point it out to her so she get the help she needs! She doesn’t need people like some here at this site saying there is nothing wrong…,

            2. You are talking about a disease called trichotillomania. She may or may not have it but it ususally starts a teenagers. It doesn’t appear that she had hair loss before she came into the house so I am certain it is just stress related as it has been getting worse as the season continues or when a competition is coming up. I do mess with my hair a lot when I am stressed/bored. Once she is out of the house, I am sure it will be gone.

              Excessive smoking is similar – keeping hand busy because you are on edge. I don’t see anyone saying the smokers who have become chain smokers need psychological help. Or that Kalia needs to go into a sleep study or get counceling because of her egomania/depression/compulsive talking. Or Dani’s incessantly hostile insults to everyone once they left the room – even her friends.

              1. speaking of smoking – how many cartons of cigarettes do you think Shelly, Jeff and Adam smoked? what if they ran out of smokes – i suppose they are SOL or does BB provide them????

                1. Evil Dick answered this on his, you have to bring your own and when you run out you don’t smoke. BB does not get them for you.

          1. I would not call tugging your hair to the point where you have bald spots as “LITTLE” or normal. wringing your hands or pacing is what I would call little

            1. I’m not pickin’ on RJ2, but I think RJ2 loses this little debate on Jordan’s twirling or tugging of hair.
              Now let’s move on to other topics and enjoy OBB. Great job!

    2. Her hair rubbing/pulling does seem excessive almost obsessive. My husband was watching the other night and asked the same thing…”why is she pulling her hair so much, someone should put Nair in her shampoo?!….he was only kidding. Yes, we all have have habits or tendacies but she is taking it to the extreme.

    3. Nothing is wrong…she is just passing time and perhaps somewhat bored or nervous. Some people smoke, some people draw, some people eat and the common denominator …fingers. I twirl my hair when I am on the seat watching BB! Who am I to judge?

      1. i don’t think it’s a psychological/psychiatric condition as much as a nervous habit – but didn’t she say in BB11 that she did it way to omuch and that she had a bald spot?? the girl does have awfully thin hair and i don’t think pulling at it/twirling it helpsQ

    1. No…Porshe for the win….Rachel has had too much help from Production to deserve it….it would be tooo fake…this is Porshe’s first time in the game and for someone that did not come in with a “partner” she has held her own…I have to admit that I did not like her much in the beginning…..

      1. I can say this however, that Rachel worked her tooshey off to win those competitions and that was not something production helped her do!

    1. Thank you for sharing that. Nice video that gives you an inside look at to what happens behind the scenes plus it shows that competitions are put together ahead of time and not spur of the moment “slanting towards any one person/group” that is running rampant here on this site.

    2. Watched it but nope my mind’s not changed. The show is rigged/manipulated/influenced (whatever word you wanna use) by production for drama or ratings. People seem to say it’s the whiners that complain about the rigging which is total crap coz when Jeff won the coup det tait in BB11 everyone knew it reeked of production and didn’t care . I said it before in an earlier thread, I was one of the people that loved the twist and didn’t mind the interferrence as long as it took out Jesse. As a reality Tv fan I’ve come to realize that most reality tv shows are a bit scripted, I mean come on, it’s all about making money and keeping the viewers watching.If I was a BB producer I’d influence the game if I realised that the ratings were tanking… or if the person that brings the most drama was about to get evicted…..or if the cast was boring as hell. Jerry Springer producers were seen coaching guests to get mad and throw some chairs, why…. ratings. I think after having reality tv for a decade now, it’s time to admit the obvious; PRODUCTION will interfere if necessary.
      Sucks yes when it’s a fave player being taken out by the interferrence, but when it’s not, it’s beautiful.

      1. I still want them to take out Jessie and keep him out – the fake piece of skin…..why does he keep coming back…yukkie pooey!
        We don’t like him and don’t want to see him EVER!
        Never liked him on his season and someone thinks it is a good thing to bring him back each show now?
        He makes people throw up in their mouths and Rachel would be the first to tell us that!

      2. If you had any idea how long in advance these things need to be planned, you wouldn’t say it’s rigged. I work in production and just to get the supplies for some of these competitions, they must be ordered and delivered in advance and on time. Then they have to plan the building schedule. If you know anything about set construction, this is a project that needs to be managed just like a construction project. Things have to be coordinated well in advance. If you whiners keep wanting to believe it’s rigged, then why do you keep watching???

        I agree that many “reality” shows are not really reality but lightly scripted and can easily be changed on the fly (i.e. the Bachelor, Housewives, etc.), but these shows don’t have complicated set-ups like this one. The only other show that comes close is Survivor and I don’t see you claiming it is rigged.

        Just because the timing of Pandora’s box worked out against your favorites doesn’t make it rigged either. As everyone has said a million times, no one FORCED Porsche to open PB but she got greedy and took the money when she KNEW damn well that if she took it, something bad would happen to the house. If she didn’t know this, she is an idiot. Just because your favorite people make dumb decisions doesn’t make it rigged either. Rachel’s PB was a little more ambiguous than Porsche’s because she only saw Tori and, as you saw, she guessed wrong and the bad thing happened to her instead of the house. Porsche KNEW she was getting money when she took her PB but Rachel didn’t have any idea of what she was being offered. I believe that if Dani or Kalia had gotten the PB, they would have opened it too. You guys just don’t like the timing. Well, too bad. Sometimes things just don’t work out in your favor every time so quit complaining and acting like it has to be production rather than stupid decision made by your favorites.

        1. Read my post again, and show me exactly where I complain about the rigging.. If anything I completely understand why the show is rigged. Anytime someone says the show is rigged people jump on them and call them whiners and ask why keep watching. Read my post again and go respond to a oerson that actuall y sounds like they are whining about the game. AS a fan of the show, I WILL keep watching regardless of whether my fave is voted out. I will keep watching even if the cast is boring me to tears. Heck I’ve been watching for years and lets face it some BB seasons weren’t the n most interesting, but I still watched. Did you not read that I love reality. Expressing that the show is rigged is just that. It’s not whining, it’s expressing it’s rigged.Anyone can have that opinion and still keep watching.
          As for you working production, okay. And I’m Alison Grodner and I say as the producer I will manipulate the show now and then.
          Hoping to see you at work tomorrow

          1. Simply by perpetuating the lie that they rigged the show in R/J’s favor is whining. I don’t believe it. Did you not see fan favorite Jeff get voted off? Don’t you think, if they were rigging it for the most popular/interesting players, they would have found a way to save him first? They do not influence the outcome of the contests. The contestants must do that so how can it be rigged if anyone can win? And to think that they moved in a special, unplanned endurance veto in order to favor Rachel is ridiculous. Wasn’t Porsche 2nd in a lot of the endurance comp? They want the competitions to be exciting, not a pre-planned outcome.

            1. You’re right, I can’t argue with your definition of the word ‘whining’ Here’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to make a new post as BB13RIGGED and I will be ‘whining’ about the show, since you’re so desperate for a debate about the whinig thing.

              1. i HATE Big Bropther. It’s just not fair that they favor some houseguests, I mean they should just leave the game alone and let them play. It’s just not fair. They neEd to keep the integrity of the game bLAH blah blah. It’s really not fair ,I just don’t understand. i HATE CBS for messing with the game. It’;s not fair.
                BB, here’s ypur chance to respond to a whiner.

            2. You’re right, I can’t argue with your definition of ‘ whining’. Here’s waht I’m gonna do, I’m going to post as BB13RIGGED and I wll whine and whine so you have you chance to respond to a whiner

        2. Hey BB. Funny how Porsche’s Pandora’s Box is a game changer and Rachel’s is not. Do you for one second think Rachel would have taken the box if she thought it would give anyone an advantage in the game. BB wanted Tori Spelling to be able to bring her pregnant horsefaced annoying self on the show and make Adam pee his pants over her. Rachel was told what would happen in the DR. I am sure a lot is told to people in the DR to sway things the direction BB wants it to go. And what was with Julie Chen telling Shelly she made a bad game play early. It was a perfect move. It was her only chance to break up Jeff and Jordan who she could never beat. If Porsche stayed the course it would have been the best move of the season. Julie was just mad that America’s sweethearts were split up. Nauseating really.

          1. Really, you KNOW Rachel was told in the DR? So, are you on the production staff now? And Porsche did it out of selflessness, correct? No, she didn’t care who she hurt as long as she got the $5K. Isn’t it funny that, just because the chips fell where they did, it must be rigged. If it was the other way around, you would INSIST it was just good game play. Rachel didn’t know whether Tori (I agree, very horsefaced and obnoxious) was good or bad for her and she had to choose. She chose wrong. Again, just because things don’t work out YOUR WAY doesn’t mean that there is cheating involved. Dani was extremely popular too. Did product screw her over as well?

            As far as the Julie question to Shelly, if you watch the show at all, you know that by voting Jeff out, she put a big target on her head. THAT is why she was voted out and Julie, correctly, asked the right question, “Did you make your move too soon?” How in the world you belive that is rigged, I don’t know.

            Once again, you conspiracy theorists only see the conspiracy when it is against them. When it is in your team’s favor, it’s just good game play.

            1. BB, Rachel said MANY times that she would NOT open pandoras box. Jordan asked her if she would open it….Rachel said NO WAY….all of the sudden she opens it…why do you think she did? coincedence?

              1. No, Rachel said she PROBABLY wouldn’t open it but if it had to do with Brendon, she probably would. She thought Tori was there to help her with her wedding since she has a wedding show and, of course, that has something to do with Brendon and their life together. You saw Rachel talking to herself about why/why not to open it. As many have said on this site, usually curiosity gets the better of them and who can blame them? They have been in that house for almost 3 months and ANYTHING new/different is tempting. She didn’t get money like Porsche and Porsche/Kalia are still lying about Kalia getting money. Who do you think got a lot of money (as a TEAM, mind you) for doing nothing and are still in the house? Wasn’t it 2 newbies? In exchange for a CHANCE to take both J/R off the block as a team. It is typical of Big Brother to offer a twist at the beginning that will somehow play out again later in the game. There have been the same number of twist this season as before. The one thing they didn’t get much of was luxury competitions. I am certain that if Rachel didn’t win that veto, there would be no conspiracy theories going on about rigging. They OFFER CHANCES, they do NOT CHANGE THE OUTCOMES. If they did, Jeff and Dani would still be there. You don’t have any PROOF of rigging, only SPECULATION because things didn’t go your way. Now, if Dani had gotten a break, you all would be saying she is just a great game player, not that the show was rigged in her favor.

                1. God bless you for fighting the good fight, BB – you are a saint.

                  It must be exhausting to try to keep beating an idea into heads with skulls as dense as bricks. lol

    3. I saw this years ago and no it doesn’t change my mind about the comps. I still think they have messed to much with this season. I really don’t care who wins this year. I am not a fortune teller myself but I have called so many moves before they have happened that it has to be under someones control. If not ,and I am this good I will be heading to the casino soon to win big. I think we have all called things this year before they happened. I really think BB production is scrapin the bottom of the bucket to get people to play this game. I know that they couldn’t play it the way they did the first few season now but its getting a little to dull and predictable now. I think one things wrong is they have let the house guess talk to much about production. I am also not for all the name calling that some peeps in here do. I don’t know any of there people on a personal level so I would never call them filty names that some have. You can dislike people without getting personal and going off the deep end. Ok thats my 2 cents worth and I know its just words…so back to my corner. Good Luck to everyone left in the game. No matter what and fair or not, you got there.

      1. How about Shelly – all of a sudden change-a-rooney from one side to the next and because all of a sudden she realized something??
        Remember she thought she was the smartest one here and she knew it all!

      2. I agree its totally rigged and production wants Kalia out bad. By letting them know the next hoh contest is questions before she is gone only assures the fact that rachel and jordan will be voting her out. BB is full of crap and it reeks of rigging. Never ever ever seen two people get saved by one veto. Pleaseeeeeeeee

        1. My issue with BB this year is first it was unfair to have mixed newbies with vets. Half of the newbies were star-struck and groupies. They were easily bullied by Jeff and Brendon. Other Vets would not have been afraid and bullied if it was an all star season.

          Second when Porsche opened up Pandora’s Box and released the Duo Twist back in the game, since she was HOH why wasn’t she allowed to put the teams together? She could have mixed them up and Jordon and Rachel would havseparateded.
          Jordon said the night they were nominated that BB will probably do something to help them stay in the game. And the POV wdefinitelytly set up for Rachel who had previously won HOH doing the same type challenge. They knew out of shape Adam and Kalia would not have hung on long and Jordon was a non factor. She wasn’t worried because it was set up for one person to win for two. When have they ever done this? Even when it was duos, they had to work together to win. We are bringing back the duo twist but will change how the POV will work. Come on BB. They could have been less obvious who they want to win!!

          Jordon has won before and does not deserve to win again, especially because she was given every opportunity to win by BB. I found myself talking to the TV when she kept saying no one deserves to win but her and Rachel. She feels entitled to the money. Why? Because she was promised? Hmmmmmm. She seems really desperate and worried that she won’t win.

          Don’t know what to say about Kalia. She was annoyed me this last week with her desperate plea to stay in the game and win the money. Too little to late. You allowed others to make decisions for her and made so many mistakes. ie., Making a promise not to put Jordon up ever, putting up Lawon when they had the numbers instead of Shelly or Adam and lastly voting for Shelly to stay after Shelly made that speech to RJ and acted like her vote didn’t count. (who cares how they were going to vote). And stop talking so much!!!!!

          Although I don’t care for Rachel she has played a good game and had to fight her way to stay in the game. Her biggest and best game move was when the threatened stupid Kalia that if she got rid of her she was coming back with the twist and coming after her. And talked Kalia into putting up a “floater” like Lawon. Come on Kalia Everyone is coming after everyone. Again she bullied her way to stay. I would have loved to see her and brendon play against each other to be in the game again. She was given a second chance by BB and She would be stupid to take Jordon to the end. She is playing for 2nd place.

          Adam is also crazy to think he will win against Jordon and Rachel. He should have took one of the newbies. The vets would have given him thands downhandsdown over Kalia and Porsche. Hungratefulungratful to Kalia and Porsche who kept him in the game. They could have put nominated him for eviction 3 times between the two of them and for him to say both of them needed to “earn” their spot is hilarious!!! Kalia should have put him up instead of Lawon.

          And lastly for Julie Chen to tell Shelly she made a move too early in the game? her big move would have worked if BB hadn’t pulled that Pandora’s box bull.

          BB this year has been an absolute mess and I will not watch another season again.

  6. I am hoping these fortunes are for the POV instead of HOH since Rachel did not stay up for them all. I think the HOH should be a physical competition.

    1. The fortune teller said if you don’t listen you may not be Hoh but what be awesome if they just put veto around her neck and see who finds it first lol

  7. i have a question…. if adam wins the next HOH and puts up Jordan & Porsche, can Rachel win the veto and take off Jordan, immediately evicting Porsche?
    this is probably a stupid question, but i cant remember how they did it last season.

  8. My gut tells me that Final FOUR will play HOH!! It could be that the fortune teller will say the fortune and their answer would matching the morph HG!

    I was right about Tori, let’s see

  9. I have a sick feeling that Rachel is going to be the next person to go home after Kalia leaves this week. Here’s what I think might wind up happening:

    Adam wins HOH and nominates Jordan and Porsche. Porsche wins the VETO. Rachel goes up. Porsche is the sole vote, and votes Rachel out.

    In a dream scenario, Jordan wins HOH, nominates Adam and Porsche, Rachel wins the VETO, Porsche goes home and it’s a Rachel, Adam, and Jordan final 3. Alas I have a horrible feeling it won’t work out that way and that the strongest player in the game will wind up getting the crap end of the stick. Think about it, every strong player is in jury right now. I think, sadly, that that trend will continue…

  10. WOW! It’s almost over!
    I was just looking at’s site and realized there is no Sunday night episode, AND then last and ONLY episode next week is on Wednesday!!! That means 3 more episodes to wrap it all up with 5 people left?!?!?
    How are things going to move THAT fast?

      1. a “live” show will be taped today and aired tomorrow. Thursday will be another live show and eviction. Thursday will also be the start of the final 3 part HOH, which is usually endurance.

  11. Whats up with the voting? Is Jordan voting for Kalia? Based on the comment Kalia had for Rachel yesterday…”Jordan told me that she was voting for me. Thanks a million for talking to her.” Is Rachel throwing Jordan under the bus?…getting her to vote for Kalia and then breaking the tie by voting for Porsche? I am confused. I thought R & J were working 100% together. Help!!

    1. Jordan wants to vote to keep Kalia so she doesn’t break their ‘pact’ and gets Kalia’s vote…Adam is going to vote to keep Porsche, making Rachel the decided vote..Jordan doesn’t see anything wrong with this but she is throwing Rachel under the bus (Rachel lied to Kalia and said she’ll keep her, so when Rachel votes her out she will lose Kalias vote) so Jordan ends up with a vote and Rachel ends up with the blood on her hands. Rachel needs to know that she MUST get rid of Jordan before F2 because she can no longer win against her (Jeff,Shelly,Kalia,Adam) will vote for Jordan (Brendon,Dani,Porsche) will vote for Rachel

        1. If Rachel is against Jordan in F2 Adam won’t vote for her, he wants to please JJ and will vote for Jordan to get the money.

      1. It’s actually a wash. Rachel gains Porsche’s vote and loses Kalia’s and Jordan gains Kalia’s vote but will lose Porsche’s. Voting against someone staying in the house has led to the demise of at least two people so I wouldn’t say it’s a move that leads to a gain.

    2. Jordan’s having Rachel do the dirty work (getting Kalia out) what she doesn’t know is Rachel’s made a deal with Porsche in order to be safe. Rachel votes for Porsche (though all three AJR want kalia out) and Porsche in return takes Rachel to the final three. Porsche would be safe no matter what but Jordan doesn’t want to break her word to Kalia and Rachel used it as an opportunity to make a deal.

    3. When Kalia went to Rachel to campaign for herself Rachel made it sound like she wants to be up against true competitors and would think about it ‘but you’ll have to convince Adam and Jordan” Rachel pitched the idea of keeping Kalia to Jordan who brought Rachel back to her senses. When Jordan told Kalia she would vote for her Kalia naturally thought she had two votes. Rachel didn’t make any promises to her but desperate people hear what they want to hear.

      Rachel at first told Jordan to go ahead and vote for Kalia if she wanted to because it wouldn’t make any difference. She’s now thinking that may not be a good idea so how Jordan will vote is anyones guess but it looks like Kalia is done. Which is funny because she’s frantically studying the fortune tellers predictions.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks. That really makes a lot of sense! I just thought if Jordan voted for Kalia to stay (even though she would eventually be voted out), Porsche would hold it against Jordan and Rachel would look great in Porsche’s eyes. I really feel that Rachel deserves to win of all of those HG remaining. Thanks again!!!

        1. I just thought if Jordan voted for Kalia to stay (even though she would eventually be voted out), Porsche would hold it against Jordan and Rachel would look great in Porsche’s eyes. I really feel that Rachel deserves to win of all of those HG remaining.

          I think you’re right that Porsche will use it as an excuse to get rid of Jordan but they dislike one another anyway. Jordan will gain a vote from Kalia if she makes it to final two, and Rachel will gain a vote from Porsche if she makes it to final two.

          After Kalia goes I’ll be fine with any of the final four winning.

      1. That’s cat people for you, can’t grasps the fact that everyone has their own opinions even if it’s against their favorite clueless HG. They even go as far as making the most long winded pathetic excuses for her and sometimes those who say it tried to do things against her, it’s rather hilarious… I’m a fan of all the HGs but I make fun of them if given a good reason too, as others including the cat people, but I don’t take it seriously like they do… You talk shit about Jeff or Jordan which mostly it’s solid truths about them, barely any lies and they act as though you made threats on their lives and called their family up and said we were going to kill them, oh that’s right cat people already done that before as well as try and get people they don’t like fired from their real jobs. Sad souls these cat people…

        1. Long winded? Pot meets the Kettle! lol. Your posts tend to be a bit drawn out too! If you spent just as a bit of the time on grammar as you do insulting people – well, your posts might actually make a bit of sense!

          1. Grammar Nazi

            noun (pl. -s)
            A person who believes proper grammar (and spelling) should be used by everyone whenever possible. b – One who attempts to persuade or force others to use proper grammar and spelling. c – One who uses proper grammar and spelling to subtly mock or deride those who do not; an exhibitor of grammatical superiority. d – One who advocates linguistic clarity; an opponent of 1337-speak. e – One who corrects others’ grammar; the spelling police.

      2. A. This is only my third post and they are brief, unlike your hero Squabble, who obviously puts a lot of time into his posts. (Maybe because he has no life or job)
        B. His posts are predictable; Jordan is dumb, Adam is useless, Rachel is crazy, Brendon is perverted, and Dani and her boring goons are victoms of a conspiracy. And you call this creative?

        1. OK since we’re going the “First of all” route…..

          A. BREIF doesn’t matter as much on this board as INTERESTING does. So if people are ignoring your comments and that makes you jealous of squabble…. there’s your explanation.
          B. Your name makes us think you’re stupid. Get over it.
          C. Yes we call it creative. So does the rest of the literary world…. it’s called FICTION and it’s funny and I think you need to remove the cat from your ass and move on if all you have to say is negative

          Have a fantastic Day.

          1. Since you speak for the entire literary world, be sure and tell David Sheff I enjoyed his latest essay My Addicted Son. Also, ask Maya Angelou to give an opinion on what she enjoys most about Squabble’s post, the name calling or the conspiracy theory.While you may call me stupid, at least I don’t claim to IGNORE someone while REPLYING to them.

          2. Hilarious! But people let’s take it easy on the felines. They are imported super predators that have no need or reason to be shoved in people patooties. If anything it looks like the biggest cat person of them all will win. Yes Adam is a closest cat hoarder.

            1. Oh my goodness, I incorrectly spelled closet, please simmer down. My cat, who is an avid dani fan, wants Rachel to win since she has bigger jewels than the remaining houseguests put together.

            1. 1. An “arbiter” has no duty to fulfill unless specifically petitioned to mediate an argument/issue between two or more parties. I’ve not seen anyone soliciting your services in cramming your opinion of who the winners/losers of the arguments in these comments are down our throats. I can form my own judgment just fine; stop forcing your views on me. To be honest, it’s a little creepy, like mental molestation.

              2. An “arbiter” is supposed to be an UNBIASED outside party with no affiliations/ties/interest in the case involved. Based on your posts you are very much anti-anything/anyone-JJRA. Your name is a crock.

              3. An “arbiter” is obliged to provide valid, pertinent and relevant reasoning for forming the judgments the proclaim. You fail.

              4. You’re probably Ill Will posting under a different name. Come on man, you can do better than this….

            1. Technically, it should have been “Hurray, Steph!”

              (But what do you know about English, you’re just a bunch of Americans)

          1. What is hooray? Wow, you and finalarbiter, rather than make a point, want to point out typos or misspellings. Then make those same mistakes yourselves. IRONY!!!!!!!!

  12. Ha, kp might have had things rigged their way if they slept less and had entertaining personalities. Winning bb involves comps, alliances, and keeping viewers interested now, production fights for the popular, sorry kp!

    1. And Adam and Jordan are interesting? Adam thinks he is on a 90210 episode trying to hang with the cool kids. He is a waste of air and his girl Farah should dump his ass for being such a pathetic BB player – the worst of all the seasons combined. And Jordan is just as useless. America’s sweetheart. I don’t think so. She is as dumb as a bag of rocks and has the personality of one. She’s a young girl but she acts like she can’t win anything because she is tired and hates pain. And she keeps saying how people don’t belong there, it is so funny because she truly believes she does.

    1. I agree with you about Jeff……I think on the surface he appears charming…..but he’s got a dark side. Jordan is his perfect “companion”….. He’s in control!!

    2. i agree with a lot of what you have said. Last year when Rachel was out of the house you got a chance to see what Brendon was like, and he is a real nice person. Just how you are seeing that rachel is a nice person. Regan saids. outside of the house these are 2 of the nicest people you will meet. I just think in the house these 2 are so competitive that they drive each other crazy. Both of them are very competitive sewparate they are a little more laid back, together it is like running into a hurricane.

    3. Rachel is more than meets the eye. I also agree that her childhood/teen life was probably painful in the areas you mentioned and now she is becoming her own person.
      If Reagan could not get along with her in the house at all, and he now states the complete opposite of her, I have to agree she is a better person in the real world and is probably true to herself and others.
      Rachel thinks she has caught the finest catch (Brendon) but IMHO she should throw him back because some really good fish are still out there for her.
      Not saying anything bad about Brendon, just that those two together are not a good fit because he puts her down and she doesn’t deserve that…no-one does!

    4. I totally agree with your comment. I also agree with the poster that said both Rachel and Brendon are very competitive people and that does not help social relationships in the BB house.

      Blunt and straight forward girls, like Rachel, do get picked on and ridiculed behind their backs – just take a look at how cruel Britney and Monet where to Rachel in BB12. Also, look at how mean Shelly and Portie were.

      I’m rooting for Rachel!

  13. Got this from another site and thought I’d share. . .

    Big Brother Live Feeds
    CBS is blocking the feeds until tomorrow night. We have some fun live shows planned with Howie and Kevin! Janelle will be Skyping with Howie today at 3pm PT!
    18 minutes ago

    2-3pm PT live call-in show with Howie and Kevin
    3-4pm PT Howie Skypes with Janelle
    4-5pm PT Game Show Hour with Kevin & Howie
    5-6pm PT Happy Hour w/ Kevin & Howie (bring your drinks!)

  14. Just become a fan favorite, then you have a shot. Jeff had some funny one liners, played hard, and kept things interesting, something porche did not do.

    What is the mention of ShowTime about? Is there something special I should be looking for on my DirectTv guide for today, or just regular shows?

    teri b

    1. They are taping a showtime BBAD episode to show some night. I guess tonight so people wont know who was evicted or maybe they will be taping the eviction and HOH comp tonight. BBAD cant show comps only CBS can…???? I am only guessing.

          1. I watch BBAD. It usually starts 11pm CST. A long HOH comp they do show on after dark. BBAD in Cali begins @ 9pm PST. Jordan is probably saying she’s going to bed until they are live again. She started her period again, she’s in pain etc.

            1. no it makes sense, bc if they show BBAD live, then we will know who got evicted and who won whatever comp was played (even if they dont show it, we will still know from what they are talking about) – so they will probably show the taped footage from earlier in the day tonight and air it as/during BBAD

              that way tomorrow we will all want to CBS show and be surprised for once – the ratings will be really high for CBS – it’s a good plan on their part bc they get ratings and we get a surprise

  16. I think they want Porche to think she is safe but they are sending her home. I believe Kalia is safe. However there is short time for the final round so I think there is still a duo twist to the finals like four instead of three playing. Or there will be a quick turn around on who goes and who stays. Because endurance has to start for the finals by Sunday.

    1. negative. when they talk alone, they stress to each other how kalia has to go home especially now that HOH is obviously questions.

    2. I agree and am getting concerned about Porsche staying in the House.
      Jordan had wanted Porsche gone for some time and she appears to be somewhat
      jealous of Porsche’s and Adam’s friendship.
      NOW, Jordan wants to keep Porsche? Strange.

      1. i completely agree, so strange, first jordan wanted porsche out so bad but now i have no idea why she wants her to stay – and then wasn’t it today that rachel told Kalia she is safe?? but then she is like i am not telling you what i am going to do?? i thought i had been confused at other points in this game about who was voting for whom – but this has been by far the most confusing and we are only keeping track of at most three votes!!!

        i also think there may be a duos twist again with final four but who knows

  17. Did anyone else notice that BB had to give Rachel a bumb Pandora’s Box so the game wouldn’t look rigged to her advantage? Like we all don’t know who they want to win and who they favor already. That makes me want a newbie all the more. Adam was stupid, he should have made it three newbies in the house with the veto like he said he would.

    1. Yeah it’s all rigged for Rachel, they shoot this special zero gravity beam at her that only they can see so that she is able to win endurance competitions over and over again. Yet another disgruntled Dani the Tranny fan so full of /cry.

        1. just cat people with nothing else to do, they’re easy to spot immature names of the Hgs they hate or love, then they attack you when you make an opinion against their favorite HG or their own opinion, and they are over dramatic about the Hgs too, kinda pathetic.

      1. If Rachel wins it’s because she deserves to. She’s been playing the game and doing it well. Her and Jordan holding back the Shelly v Adam vote so Kalia had to ultimately guess wrong? Brilliant game move, awesome strategy. The comps she had to win when her back was on the wall? She should have been out the door at least 3 times already.

        I’m not going to sit here and pretend CBS doesn’t slant things or make competitions that favor certain cast members but at the end of the day they still gotta go out and compete. If Kalia and or Porsche did a couple more squats instead of eating more deep fried beer battered margarine sticks then they’d probably steal a “rigged” comp or two. KP are basically shooting themselves in the foot. Sure she can be annoying but If the rest of the house doesn’t have the smarts or the fortitude to win why shouldn’t Rachel deserve it?

        1. Hi Markson, I am with you 100%. Also, Rachel was treated badly by the mean girls. Like you stated she should have been evicted three times but she worked harder and survived. I have a feeling that Kalia was evicted and the smartest of the group playing the comp is Adam, maybe he won. We will see tomorrow.

    2. yeah but how did Rachel’s Pandora’s Box help or hurt the game – for her or anyone else – it was kind of just like a neutral nothing I think more just to get Tori Spelling on the show….i think they knew that after the mayhem that Porsche caused by opening it there may have been a good chance that Rachel might not open it, in which case they would have found another way to get Tori Spelling on the show – no big deal really, bc that was a useless PB

      1. Tori Speilling has got to be in the top 3 of the ugliest woman to have ever entered the BB house. What Adam sees in here is beyond reason…. Oh well, with his hairy back and her gigantic ass they can form the mountainous setting for the remake of 1959 movie Pork Chop Hill [see ]

  18. Big Brother 13 update Final 5 (Two of each day will go to the Jury House):
    Final 4 (2 Veterans, 1 Newbie Advance to final 4)
    -Jordan:This will be her second Final 4 (Previous Final 4 w/Natalie,Kevin & Michelle),Compete the next HOH is question all three tied and her and Michelle lost to Natalie (No, she not 19); POV Her, Michelle & Kevin compete and Kevin won and Natalie replace Jordan and Survive the eviction:1 HOH,1 Lux winner 1 POV(Rachel won with her and Jordan off the block)-(3 HOH 6th overall, 2 POVs, 2 Luxury wins)
    -Rachel: This will be her 1st Final 4 (Since she in the Jury House on BB12)-(3 HOH wins, 2 POV w/Jordan off the block, 0 Luxury wins)-(5 HOH’s 2nd Overall, 2 POVs,0 Luxury wins)
    -Adam:This will be his first final 4 (0 HOH’s wins, 2 POVs wins, 0 Luxury wins)
    Nomination and one will be going home
    -Porsche:This will be her first final 4 (1 HOH wins, 1 POV wins,0 Luxury wins):Nominated
    -Kaila:This will be her first final 4 (2 HOH wins, 0 POV wins, 0 Luxury wins):Nominated
    Final Three (TBD)
    -Jordan:This will be her 2nd Final 3 (Previous BB11 w/Kevin & Natalie), Fall of in the first part HOH, Defeated Natalie in Part 2, Defeated Kevin by tiebreaker in RD 3.
    -Rachel:This will be her 1st Final 3 (Since she is in Jury House)
    -A/P/K:This will be his/her Final 3 newbies
    Final 2 (TBD)
    -Jordan:This will be her 2nd Final 2 (Previous BB11 w/Natalie), won by vote of 5-2 gives her BB11 win and she will be the first woman in the history to win second time in the row.
    -Rachel:This will be her 1st Final 2 (Since she is in Jury House)
    -A/P/K:This will be his/her Final 2 newbies

  19. It looks like they are taping the segment for Showtime because they don’t want viewers to find out who got voted out or who won HOH until Wednesday night’s show. But I think if someone at the taping tonight or someone who knows someone at the taping tonight that we would be able to find out who was evicted from this site or another website that is a Big Brother information site. I think Kalia will be voted out and Porsche will win HOH and Rachel will go on Thursday. That is my opinion, but again, with BB rigging the events who knows what will happen!

      1. Wait scratch that. My brain had a fart or something I think. I read that wrong…..
        I think Kalia is gone tonight, Porsche wins HOH, and Jordan is gone Thursday. I’ma pray on THAT! lol

  20. Kalia caption for the photo of her with her head down on the table playing cards

    “It’s because Im black that they don’t like me”

  21. BB13 nude pics are coming.. some for the guys some for the ladies.

    I’ll try and get them posted late tonight… from what i’m hearing the feeds may go down for a bit .

    1. You need holding out on us man? I hope your not adding that one when Kalia was shaving her leg’s Dick showed that on his show and I’m still shivering at the sight… I hope there’s some of Porsche.

  22. Fortune teller clues are for HOH not Veto. Rac doesn’t play and clearly Jordan can’t remember shit to save her life. I would love for the Vets to stay strong, but it’s probably better that a newbee win (Adam) and put up the vets so they will have to win Veto to say in house. Kalia needs to go or else! She is strong enough to win this entire game and that is a huge problem. Not sure why she stayed up all night studying b/c she is out of the house as far as I’m concerned. RJAP will be final 4. Rac can’t play for HOH so if J/A don’t win and Porsche does it is 100% Vets on the block. I don’t believe P will not put up Rac. All they have done is lie to her face left and right so why stop now. Would be sweet if Rac on block, wins Veto and take herself off and up goes Adam……………….Rac has the only vote in the house! NICE!!! Jordan making it to final 3 isn’t a threat b/c she won’t win any of the challenges. Adam winning HOH and putting up J/P as he said to J face last night would be priceless! I dare him to do it!!

    1. doesn’t really matter who gets nominated next week though. its all POV. so even if Porsche wins HOH all it really does is keep her safe.

    2. the other day Adam said ; if he wins HOH he was putting up Porche and Jorden … If they want off they will have to win the VETO. I think he is sticking to his final three .. RJA if possible ….. sounded like he wants certain people to fight if they want to be there.. He knows that Rachel can win VETO . and i am sure he is hoping that will be the case .. leave his NOM the same … GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) FOR THE WIN :-)

      1. I asked the same. Basically told we have to be very quiet and not awaken them. Best I can figure they are a band of fanatical JJ extremists. Kinda scary. Don’t think I’ll Will likes them.

    1. They all have to vote but they do NOT have to vote for who played the best game, some will, but most will vote personally which is nonsense , a COMPETITION should decide the winner, then there wouldn’t be these useless lumps getting 500k because they were nice or not a threat and floated or was carried through the game…

      1. true that those who played should get voted more, however you have to factor in the social aspect of the game when you discuss playing, that is not to say someone like adam who has foated through but if shelly was at the end regardless of her poor compo showing she would have to get consideration for her social play

  23. All the houseguests except Jordan seem real intent on listening to what the F

    Everyone except Jordan is real intent on what the FT said and remembering. It is like she wants others to remember and tell her. Has she forgotten they are her competitors, and nobody, including Adam, are going to help her more than they help themselves.

    I have heard Jordan talk about Jeff’s dark side in the house before. I think it scares her a little and maybe she would not want to be with him forever. She may have a temper, but not a mean one.

  24. Could any one tell me what the live show is that they are talking about tonight – is it going to be on CBS or Showtime and at what time. Thank you

    1. Really? And production is giving her amphetamines – crazy. She has a nervous habit that gets worse when she is tense. Don’t you notice that it rachets up when they are getting closer to competitions and votes. I have a terrible hair twirling habit that I often don’t even notice until someone mentions it. It is definitely worse under stress and they are under extreme stress at this point. She didn’t have that bald spot coming into the house so it is obviously a recent occurance and it will subside when they leave.

  25. Hey I was wondering if the eviction is going to be live tomorrow or will it be done before? and if it is done before does anyone know when it is happening?

  26. I hope they show a shot of the look on Dani’s face when she sees another of her “proteges” walking into the jury house tonight…

  27. CBS,

    For several summers Big Brother has been my guilty pleasure; from the interesting personalities to seeing just how far outside their moral compass people are willing to travel to win $500,000. All of that changed this summer.

    The current season is officially not only the worst in CBS history but the worst on any version of this show globally. It is hard to imagine how a simple, winning formula could be so completely disfigured that a die-hard fan such as me has stopped watching and is not likely to watch ever again.

    First, although this was not billed as an “All Star” season you brought back veteran players. Outside of an “All Star” scenario why would we want to see these players have a second chance when there are so many people who want to be on this show? Then to add insult to the injury you picked some of the least likeable people to ever have played the game.

    Next you introduced the duo twist; a twist designed to take players out of a game where how you participate has a major impact on how you advance. What was the point of this other than being a great device for the veterans to use to build a power base?

    We are all aware that reality television is at least in some small part scripted but never in this shows history have the producers interference in the game been so blatant. It has been clear from the start that you wanted the veterans to stay around all season and have changed things on the fly to make sure that happened. Since you obviously think the viewing public is too stupid to notice this why don’t you just tell us who you plan to give the money to and then put on some more interesting programming; something like the Emergency Broadcasting Network.

    Lastly, your audition staff needs to be reassigned to other duties. This year’s cast of newbies could not possibly be less appealing. As much as I disliked the veterans coming back there was no newbie to vote for to play against them.

    I hope advancing the reality television careers of the veterans was worth ruining a very entertaining show and losing countless viewers in the process.

    A Disappointed Former BB Fan

      1. i would love to see them offer all past winers a chance at a champions edition, and then round it out with offers to runners up to get to 14. see a battle of the best of the best. Jordan would be gone before Jury

    1. Unfortunately I believe the weak minded newbies were casted on purpose, so they would bow down and/or stay out of the way of the veterans. As much as I agree with you, I doubt the people who did the casting will be reassigned to some other duties because it really looks like they did what BB prod expected from them : casting ” extras” that would look like the house is full but who were expected to stay in the background shut up and look cute. (looking cute being optional obviously)

  28. Do girls get creeped out as much as men do hearing about other girls periods, the amount of flow or even knowing theres a blood soaked tampoon in the same room, how can you not? Geesh! bleah! caca! caca! KEEP AWAY!! (making a cross with my idex fingers.)

    1. we don’t WANT to hear about it, but it doesn’t gross us out enough to cross fingers and say EEk etc because we’re not 12.

      1. 12??? how about way older than that, its no doubt a female issue & should be kept to yourselves…dont walk or should i say limp into the room i’m enjoying sports in, make me mute the tv & provide me with a heavy flow update like the al roker of menstruation. dont wanna hear it. that said…thanks for the input stephiep may your periods be painless with low flow.

        1. LOL i’m not sure if that’s passive aggressive or not, but hey you asked and I replied.
          Thanks for the well period wishes :)

        2. Guys shouldn’t talk about their balls either but they continually do it. Basically, they are as private as they can be but it is a fact of life, so get over it. Any woman in your life would be insulted if you acted like that if she told you she was on her period. Yes, it’s gross, but guys love to talk about shit, piss, cum and all sorts of gross things and think it’s funny if they gross out women. In this case, they aren’t trying to be gross or disgusting but it does explain why they don’t feel well or are acting different. And it can be very painful and nauseating and exhausting. If someone asks what’s wrong, are they supposed not say anything because, of course, a woman’s period is the grossest thing in the world, righ? So, according to you, it must never be spoken of because it might upset a man.

          1. Count me in as a man who would rather not hear about flowage and such. No I am not twelve but I also dont discuss my “man” issues either. Call me old fashioned….call me what you like. It just isnt something that I really need to know. especially from a female that is a stranger to me. If it is my wife or girlfreind and she is having a health issue, then I do want to know, but to hear it discussed between two woman I dont know….I will pass thank you.

            I cant relate to there plight, My cramps are usaually a result of eating something I shouldnt have. The only flowage I have is my urine. Something else I never understood, How is it that woman have atleast three weeks before there period comes and now all of the sudden they dont have the items they need to take care of it. I mean it isnt like its unexpected. You dont let your car run out of gas, you can remember to pay the electric bill but for some reason woman forget that their period is comming and have to ask me to go out and buy them what they need. Am I embaressed? of course not. I just dont understand it. Being a woman could you please elaborate.

            Lastly, I just realized something. This season of BB has gotten boring to the point that we are even discussing womans periods….Sorry to all the BB fans…..shhhheeeesh

            1. Because you know you have at least 3 weeks to restock and then you forget. I, for one, don’t like discussing it either. But to simply say I don’t feel well or that I have cramps because of it isn’t exactly a discussion. I don’t like talking about farts either but guys comment on it all the time. Maybe not you, but most guys think all of their bodily functions are hysterical and they must share the news with everyone. The guys talked about their balls all the time and Adam still does it. Girls tell guys to stop being gross all the time yet they persist because they think it’s funny. I have heard many discussions in this house about poop/popping pimples, etc., and it’s gross but I don’t see any complaints about that. Yet, for many guys, just the word ‘period’ will make them go screaming into another room with their hands over their ears. It is a natural bodily function that happens to most females every month but women must keep their mouths shut because their bodies (not men’s) are gross. HUGE double-standard.

              1. I wont argue about guys being discusting. Its in their nature….not saying it is right. But its the little boy in us. I might behave that way when its just me and the “boys” but try to refrain in the company of woman. I am old fashioned. I believe in chivlary and and woman acting like ladies. I am one who prefers not to hear about the whole period thing….I really would like to tell you why guys go “running with their hands over their ears” but it will be like telling one of our guy secrets…LOL not to mention even though people on here have no problem being explicit about what they say….I choose not to. Lets just say….we just dont want to know what goes on at that place we like to visit once in a while…..:)

              2. I think you might have anger issues about the men in your life.
                I don’t hear men ever talking about their balls.
                The ones I hear talking about body parts are generally talking about female body parts they’d like to see.
                Maybe you are just surrounded by some losers.

                I prefer to talk about things that matter, like how big my nads would get if they get hit with a baseball bat.
                (just kidding)

                Relax, and enjoy life more.

    2. it disgusts me to hear about a woman discussing her period and i am a female. maybe i’m a little old fashioned, but i think that this is a personal matter and be kept private.

      1. I gotta say that IF there is a double-standard here, it lays solely on the side of the ladies. You tell us to get over it and it’s just a natural part of nature’s cycle and blah blah blah but that doesn’t mean I need to hear about HOW MUCH nature’s cycle is kicking your ass this month and how you blew through 4 Super-Xtra-Double-Strength tampons and two five-inch thick pantyliners in one day. My girl says “I’m bleeding like a stuck pig” (usually in defense of my sexual advances at bedtime) a lot and that unnecessary visual always makes me shudder (and does the trick – so I guess she’s smarter than me come to think of it).

        I’m getting off the rails here…. my point is that you ladies will talk like that all the time – seriously I hear period and flow and blood clot convos ALL THE FREAKING TIME – and yet, if a guy rips a fart or talks about a fart in nowhere close to the same detail, your noses wrinkle and you call US disgusting.


  29. Last night on BBAD…P asked R if she started her period…R did not reply…then P said something about are we on BBAD…that is why she did not get a reply from R. R has never said one way or another if she ever started her period….is there a possibility that she is pregnant and does not want it to be told on TV until she has a chance to tell Brendon first???? She has been laid back and very calm lately like she has something on her mind.

    1. I hadn’t noticed but I don’t put it past them…. but didn’t she just pop champagne? Also I think she drank wine the other night. Although there are questionable studies out there about alcohol during pregnancy…. I think it is still generally frowned on… and I don’t think CBS would want any part of that bad publicity when it gets out later.

  30. I’m never chose a favorite at the beginning of the season but I have ranked the remaining houseguests in order of who deserves to win this money. To me this is based on comps/gameplay.
    1. Rachel
    2. Porsche
    3. Kalia
    4. Adam
    5. Jordan

    I don’t look at this game personally or by who is less annoying. At this point if she makes it to final 2 Rachel deserves the money. She has worked harder then anyone else.I hope she pulls it off.

    1. That’s a pretty reasonable list to me. Mine’s about the same but I have Rachel and Porsche switched just because the way the twists worked out they made Rachel’s road easier and made Porsche’s more difficult. But I don’t begrudge anyone having Rachel 1st as most deserving.

    2. I agree with your list. Even though I don’t like Rachel on my television, I think she should win the money because she’s played the best game of who is left. And if not Rachel, then Porsche it the next runner up IMO.

        1. So is Rachel, we have pics to prove that one and this of course

          But Porsche doesn’t look like a transvestite celebrity without makeup.. check out the pics to the side without cakes and cakes of makeup Rachel looks like Boy George and that’s not being mean she literally looks like him..

        2. I can’t stand the way Porsch walks …her behind is getting fatter and it is jiggling now and she walks she makes this ugly thing with her mouth when she talks….like a corner twitches or something……….worse yet is Kalia…she walks or waddles like a duck…she doesn’t seem to bend her knees when she waddles… it off my chest !

      1. Why don’t they just tell us that so we don’t sit and wait for feeds to come back up? If you paid for the live feeds to they block you as well?

  31. Dani, Dani, Dani … this season has cemented Dani as one of the worst BB players of all-time. In season 8, Evel Dick was given a fair amount of unwilling aid by Eric (i.e. America’s votes) – without Eric, Dick and Dani would probably have been gone long before final two. (Shame, too, because regardless of how vapid a human being she is, Jen was the best built fembot that they have ever had on the show and I would have liked to have seen more of her.)

    In season 13, there was no Eric, and very little Dick (heh), and Dani showed beyond a shadow of a dumb that she, in fact, cannot play BB very well. She had it made from week one, where she could have ridden the veteran alliance to final seven or six and then used Jeff and Jordan to take out Brendan and Rachel. (Seriously, a final five – or four – with JJ plus newbies plus Dani would have been a Dani wafffle-stomp.) Or, she could have taken the head of the snake by killing the JJBR alliance week-four with a Jeff eviction. Or, she could have insisted that Cowlia take out Jeff during week-five. Or, she could have taken out Jeff during week-six. So many missed opportunities.

    There is a reason for this very long-winded rant, and here it is: If Jen looks half as good as she did in season 8, please spare us any more Dumi Donato and bring Jen in her place for BB14 All-Stars. (AG, as long as you’re rigging stuff, please make Jen lose a comp where the punishment is the first-ever lingerie-itard, which must be worn for 10 weeks.) The campaign starts here.

  32. To the morons who keep saying “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, STOP WATCHING, CBS WON’T MISS YOU…” Erm, viewers create this thing called ratings, BB needs ratings to survive. If the viewers start leaving, the ratings start dropping. So in essence yes CBS would miss them, especially if they have a Nielson Box…

  33. This show cannot possibly be rigged or that travesty never would have happened years ago when that annoying chick from “the friendship alliance” won. Or maybe the producers learned something from that season…

  34. Hey Everyone, if you want to see Squabble wrote about Porsche & Kaila Failure take a look at it:I absolutely again agree this one 100%:Today on Porsche & Kaila failure Big Brother
    In the Candy room Kaila, Porsche and the Producers are deciding who goes to the Jury House, Kaila asks The Producers “so you think that Porsche is super hot & still want to go for McDonald’s but do I go to the Jury House which Porsche will follow me as well” Producers says “yeah but I will get my staff to go for the McDonald’s, and we are probably will discuss it about you and Porsche are going to the Jury House, like if Porsche is about to put her lovely dress which make you satified, we can deal with relationship later” Kaila asks “what about Dani’s phone number can I have one” Porsche and the Producers start to feel more interested Porsche says “she has about as good as Kaila does” now all three are making good ideas of Kaila & Porsche having a romantic relationship… feeds cut
    Feeds back on down in the Candy room Producers Kaila and Porsche are still talking things through, Kaila states that “if we do go to the Jury House w/McDonald’s & my girlfriend Porsche” The Producers says “I know I’m feeling the realistic but yeah you & Porsche are definitely going to the Jury House w/your McDonalds meal” Porsche says “lets just make every relationship including in the shower, in the pool or even the Havenot room” Kaila says “with my craving for McDonald’s and my girlfriend Porsche that would be more fun” again Porsche and Producers smiled then the Producers explains to her that going to the McDonald’s or Burger King will satified you and even the Bag of Cheetos w/7-up will be great as well Porsche says “yes I do messed up because of me and Kaila are sleeping together” out in the backyard Kaila asks Producers and Porsche what kind of Pizza Hut I would love to eat and what is Porsche says “I would thinking about relationship with her in the Havenot room” Producers says “I am really sure what you want to have your life” Porsche says “My ex-boyfriend would indeed don’t have a problem of me & Kaila are officially dating”
    Out on the couch Adam, Rachel and Jordan are talking, Adam says “so what I’m going to the final three” Jordan says “but yeah you, me & Rachel are officially in final three” Adam smiled at her and Rachel and tells her “I have finally made final 3 together, I have been proud with myself & my girlfriend Fara, my workout buddy Jeff, having a hot dog contest with Brendon” Rachel says “what about strategize our plan to take one more newbie” Adam says the only newbie I don’t like is Porsche, she lied to my face of final 2 deal but she done….feeds cut
    In the Jury house Brendon Dani Jeff and Shelly are talking about who they want to see next, Brendon says “it better be Kaila, that ever since he evicted my buddy Jeff by decided vote with his laptop for even one minute, and he hopes that Porsche will be next and my love Rachel, your love Jordan and Adam are going to the final 3” Jeff states the same about Rachel,Jordan & Adam in Final 3 “Dude I’m down with that as well, I can’t wait to see Porsche & Kaila face that both will got evicted in separate days but it’s seem that KP are having a relationship” Dani says “WHAT, K & P are having a romantic relationship, WTF I want to make out with P first” Shelly says… That’s strange JR already take out two newbies leaves Adam all by himself that would be not good for newbies to strategizes. feeds cut
    I love that one Squabble, your the man. JAR are in the final 3. That’s awesome Man. You will be writing the Porsche & Kaila Failure big brother. No one will copy your idea, not even me. Awesome.
    BTW, Keep making more Porsche & Kaila Failure Big Brother. Your Hilarious. You deserve it. Squabble, keep writing more about KP failure of Big Brother KP will be proud of you that KP are having a relationship together at the Jury House. I Didn’t know you are JJBR Fan. Yeah love that Jokes. Keep make more Jokes about Kaila & Porsche because both of them are in the Jury House.
    If you want to comment on this one Thank Squabble for writing a episode of Kaila and Porsche Failure Big Brother. Thank him. He wrote it and he now JJBR not DKP. Write his comments and he will be happy to answer his more ideas of KP failure.

    1. Many of your sentences make absolutely no sense at all. I couldn’t even make out what point you were trying to make. There are a lot of words missing or in the wrong place and there are no periods at the end of your sentences so they just are a bunch of rambling words. If you are funny, I can’t even tell because it is so nonsensicle. Please proof read, in english, before you post so I can at least understand what stupid thing you are TRYING to say.

  35. I think BB should allow Rachel to play in this last HOH because it isn’t fair to have her sit on the sidelines and depend on Jordan. She’s worked so hard and now, because Jordan is her only hope, she can’t defend herself. They could do that. There are so few now. When the HGs get down to five, it should be every man for themselves.

    1. Well, she should have picked a better alliance member. She chooses to carry Jordan. Dani had to sit on the sideline and depend on Kalia who could never win a physical comp, but she still got to play for veto and so does Rachel.

    1. Did you hear Kalia say “my fortune is wrong. Look, I am awake.” Make that 18 1/2 hours a day instead of 19 then. I don’t know how anybody can sleep that much! She keeps saying that she DESERVES to be there Um, no more than anyone else except everyone else has worked harder than her all season. Why is she so extra-deserving anyway? Much better players than her have already gone home and her only claim to fame is to talk everyone to death about how great she is. Wonderful strategy, lazy ass. She failed in the HOH because of her sloth, so why she thinks she deserves to stay any more than Jeff did, I don’t know. Because she was so clever as to take the black queen from the chess set? OOOH, big game move Kalia.

  36. Rigged Brother HoH questions competition preview:

    Porsche – How many letters were there in all the fortunes?
    Adam – recite the fortunes in reverse chronological order, skipping every other fortune
    Jordan – What was the Fortune Teller’s name?

  37. Simon/Dawg…it says 09/06 and 09/07 CBS is preparing a show so that probably means there won’t be any feeds until Thursday maybe?

  38. Don’t you wish Showtime would at least change their commercials? Don’t they have anything else to advertise besides Dexter and their new show?

  39. I wanted to scream at Jordan last night watching her pull her hair constantly. I noticed Porsche staring at her when they were waiting to hear what the fortune teller had to say. Porsche was sitting behind her, J was standing absolutely going nuts with the hair.

    1. why do you care so much about what Jordan does with her hair? seriously if something so minor bothers the crap out of you so much… well sorry to break it to you but you’re gonna have a shitty life!

  40. wow yall must be bored..well keep up the scintillating conversation b-c feeds are down until wed night so have fun! go jr team go!

  41. Has anybody got any info on today’s eviction? Somebody had to be in that studio audience. lol. Where are our spies?

  42. I thought someone said they’ll be at the live taping tonite? if so, when’s the taping over? and when can we find out what happened? Yes! I’m very impatient, and Sons of anarchy isn’t on yet….LoL

  43. Ok. I have been attempting, on my own, to figure out what ‘OBB’ means. I cave. Will someone be kind enough to post what ‘OBB’ means? Thank you.

  44. I would like to see a BB with a theme like “Only The Strong Survive” where all the rules remain the same except for one rule for the theme… no one is allowed to lie and deceive where competition and honest social game is your sole means of survival.

    I think that this could be an interesting season.

    1. So, basically, that would mean only those who are capable of winning competitions have a chance of winning BB. OR, with that scenario, good competitors would vote each other out leaving only those who play socially; then what would be left would be a whole bunch of Jordans. Not saying that is a bad thing, but it would be boring. I would prefer seeing just one time BB forbidding so called ‘alliances’. Just let the chips fall where they may. ‘Alliances’ are the down fall of the better players. The better players are so busy trying to protect and convince those allied with them, they get caught in a trap, and out they go.

    2. Nobody is allowed to lie and deceive?, that would be boring as hell because their would be NO DRAMA, and if there were no drama, Big Brother would get canceled, and the cat people would riot and burn down the CBS building.

      1. Well, keeping secrets is no lying is it?… the only thing the rule would apply is, if you answer someone’s question(s) it has to be the truth that’s all. So if someone on the block ask you – “Who are you voting for” you can choose to answer OR you can say something like “No comment” or “I’m pleading the 5th on that”. That would most certainly raise the level of “Suspense” now wouldn’t it?

        And for those that suck at competitions may end up with targets on their back, however it would depend on their social game since it would be the product of how much support they have within the house.

    3. Earlier there were posts about the UK’s BB. It is different from the
      USA BB.

      1. There are several Double Evictions.

      2. New House Guests can be brought into the Game even after the season
      is beyond the halfway mark.


  45. who thinks that adam actually has a plan that he is going to carry out or is he just going to wait and see what this bb world brings to him. And I dont know what is everyone’s deal with Raychel, yes she maybe hard to be around but you must admit she is a great player and i hope she can pull off a win at the end=]

  46. Here is what makes me sick….Adam will probaly win HOH…put up Porsche and Rachel and get porsche out. Then ARJ will do the final 3 and JA will win and get rid of adam. Jordan wins doing nothing but complain how nobody else did anything (and what did she do? other than keep her mouth shut at jeffs order?) and pull her hair all season long and Rachel will get 50k…..

    ….Starting to make me feel sick that i spent so many man hours watching this season ….when infact all the good stuff happened early and in the middle just fell flat.

    Adam is the worst player I have ever seen…and Im giving that above Lawon….


  47. I can’t believe that so many think production is rigging the show for Rachel and Jordan, I am pretty sure that would be illegal and Big Brother would have been sued long before this season if that was really happening. I am not Rachel’s biggest fan but she does deserve to be in the running for the money, she has stepped up her game since Brendan has been gone. Jordan was my favorite for a long time but she seems to be much more stand offish this season and she really doesnt seem to try and win anything. Her hair tugging is really obsessive, she very rarely is NOT messing with it. I havent cared for Porse or Kalia since day one and I actually do like Adam, I think he has a shot at the final 2. I hope either J or A win HOH, why hasnt there been an update on this website since this morning?

  48. Leave Jordan ALONE about her hair tugging! What benefit is there to make fun of someone’s nervous habits?? Bad choices, yes… Bad game play, yes but otherwise it is just to be cruel (jealous). Rachel FTW!!!!!!

    1. Um no…

      …The reason Jordans hair pulling is an issue is because she has NOT played the game. She has just sat there….and if her HOH win gets mentioned that she played the game that is a HUGE no!

      She has barely talked game with anyone until jeff left…even even then its all personal, not game (well 90% )….

      Jordan is a sweet girl, but Big Brother Big Game Player she is not! She has really done nothing to make this season interesting other than her silly diary room comments….

      And despite all of this I would rather her win if she was sitting in the final 2 with Adam….and if she was sitting in the final 2 with Rachel she would probalby still win and that is pretty gross….Rachel is annoying and I hated her up until recently…but Rachel has at least played the game and I will respect that 100%

      Jordan, Adam…they have not….They have been the overused definition of Floater and they are true to it!

      Blah to this season…It had so much promise but the duo twist got rid of any good newbie……All Stars or NOTHING….this was a failed twist….

      Next year they better mix it up MUCH better…maybe even redo the house, and get some new blood in there as far as houseguests and producers or this show is toast! The only good is the fans this year picking sides and being loyal….because really there was nothing else!

  49. Porsche, Adam and Rachel are dying clothes.
    The audience (what’s left of it) is dying of boredom.

    What a crappy season this year.

    Jordan and Rachel will be final two and Jeff will get America’s Player again.


    @Lizzy…(FB post)… Rachel and Jordan are probably so happy because Big Brother told them they have been selected by production to win this year.

    1. Dude, seriously, The “Cat People” cliche is tired!!!! Not all fans of Rachel, Jeff and Jordan deserve to be lumped in with all those crazies who were going off on Shelly. Come up with some new material, PLEASE!

      1. I agree with you BEFAIRGUY – I have seen more comments ranting about JJ fans than I have seen JJ fans ranting. We are not all crazies.

        1. I don’t know how the J/J fans put up with this. For all the whining that Jeff was a bully it seems the people who said that the most are the biggest bullies here. Why target a bunch of fans with name calling? And since nobody seems to ask for civility on your behalf I’m surprised you guys don’t find a friendlier place to post.

    1. Rachael HAS TO win POV or she’s gone. Even if she is not nominated she knows she has to win POV or she’s gone if Porsche gets it.

      1. Technically if Adam is true to the alliance the only one that NEEDS to win would be Porsche. With that said, she should win the POV just to be sure. Lol, I see Adam winning the POV, pulling Porsche off and evicting Rachel and then Porsche & Adam against Jordan. Only problem is Adam would burn serious bridges and I think the vets would claim they carried him until the numbers were down and thats the only reason he won comps late. I would say Porsche/Adam final vote would be the lesser or 2 evils. Very much like Jun and Allison.

        1. I disagree but It won’t happen. Adam wouldn’t turn his back w/JR. He just stick his word and take out Porsche. JAR Final 3. JR Final 2.

      2. Rachel should be a lock for final three. Adam, Porsche, and Jordan would take her so whoever wins pov, Rachel’s safe. She has a deal with all three of them.

    2. seriously? true or not, how in the world do you know that?? i have been looking everywhere for spoilers and can’t find a thing…

    3. Can you give a HINT of where you got your info if you’re protecting your source? Was it from an audience member or elsewhere?

      1. Love that Kalia is gone (if it’s true)… and i enjoy it even more knowing that there are kalia fans pissed about it.

  50. I read on another site that Jordan voted to evict porsche, adam voted to evict kalia, and rachel broke the tie. adam is new hoh. i give jordan credit, she is definitely playing for jury votes or she is honoring her pact with kalia.. even if rachel gets to f2, she is not going to win. her hands are dirty and everybody this season is playing personal. plus, rachel always leaves catty messages to everybody and she also told dani she didn’t need her vote.

    1. I’ve heard this too. As far as Porsche goes, she has a deal with Rachel so if she wins pov Rachel will go and Jordan’s out.

  51. @ILL WILL to be clear –

    Your screen name and your lack of ability to speak without cursing clearly reveals your LACK of intelligence. I feel sorry for you and wish you the best if you choose to educate yourself. Perhaps next year during BB via OBB, you will have improved your vocabulary. I predict you will reply to this comment with the same ill educated demonstration of your verbal skills, so save your breath. I will speak for you and say #!@!@&*!!$$$@@. I LOVE JEFF AND JORDAN. RACHEL FTW (well earned). Take care ILL WILL. :)

    1. Well said, HEYHEYJJ. Cursing doesn’t make a point more valid. And calling people names who disagree doesn’t either. (Cat people) And really, someone twirling her hair causes this much rage? Do you have any REAL problems illwill?

  52. SIMON

    other sites and Twitter are reporting Adam win HOH and Kalia evicted. Anyway to confirm that yet? Don’t really trust it till you report it.

  53. Simon/Dawg…I just found out on another reliable site that had an insider at tonight’s taping:
    Kalia was evicted…Adam voted for Kalia & Jordan voted Porsche
    Adam: won HOH

  54. rachel should have played smart and not emotional and kept kalia. kalia is good at questions and possibly could have won HOHand Rachel would have some type of safety. if she gets sent packing tomorrow, then it’s her own fault.

    1. HELLO even if Kalia would have stayed and won HOH THAT WOULD NOT GUARANTEED RACHAEL ANYTHING! POV will decide everything not HOH.


    Evicted from the BB House is:

    The New HOH is:

    So this will be interesting…

      1. adam told this to jordan today. he said that if he wins HOH he plans to put porsche and jordan up so jordan has incentive to win the POV and that will help her with jury votes bc it will make it seem like she is deserving – and that rachel has won a lot of comps and doesnt need any incentive to win any more. Personally this doesn’t make one bit of sense to me since Jordan is not a reliable bet to win a comp and why would Adam want to help her with jury votes when his whole mantra throughout this game has been “I have to do what is best for me” and lastly whenever you put someone on the block (even as a pawn, which at this stage of the game doesn’t exist really) you’re basically saying you would have no problem getting rid of them.

        if someone else has another take on this I would love to hear it bc i can’t figure it out….

        1. Adam is a JJ fan and I guess just in case he doesn’t make to the F2 he wants to help her present her case to the jury as why she should win. Right now, the only thing she can say is that she won one comp.

          1. yes, that’s a good point, but the chance seems greater that Porsche or Rachel will win – they just had questions so it won’t be questions…hmmmmm


    ADAM IS THE NEW HOH. Porsche came in last place in the HOH comp

    HOH was a true/false based on the fortune teller lines.

    Adam got six out of six answers correct in the HOH comp. The questions were tough too.

    Kalia fought to stay all the way to her eviction speech. Got to give her credit for fighting.

    One last thing…jury house gets AWKWARD when Shelly arrives!! Jeff AND Dani fans- you will love it.

  57. got this from another site, this person was at the taping……..

    Miss Cleo
    MissCleoBB13 Miss Cleo

    Miss Cleo
    MissCleoBB13 Miss Cleo
    I just left the taping. ADAM IS THE NEW HOH. Porsche came in last place in the HOH comp #bb13
    15 minutes ago

    Miss Cleo
    MissCleoBB13 Miss Cleo
    HOH was a true/false based on the fortune teller lines. #BB13
    12 minutes ago

    Miss Cleo
    MissCleoBB13 Miss Cleo
    Adam got six out of six answers correct in the HOH comp. The questions were tough too. #BB13
    7 minutes ago

    Miss Cleo
    MissCleoBB13 Miss Cleo
    Kalia fought to stay all the way to her eviction speech. Got to give her credit for fighting. #BB13
    6 minutes ago

    MissCleoBB13 Miss Cleo
    One last thing…jury house gets AWKWARD when Shelly arrives!! Jeff AND Dani fans- you will love it. #BB13

    1. Bear, thanks for the update. Feeds were cut off hours ago and the message states it won’t be giving live updates on 9/7 either.

      Can’t wait to see the greeting Shelly got and news of Kalia makes me happy. Or as Rachel would say “Yay”!

    2. Adam got 6/6 questions right, Jordan got 5/6 and Porsche got 2 or 3 correct out of 6. I’m surprised Porsche did so poorly and Jordan did so well.

        1. and so did Adam…..when I saw that I was screaming at him through the live feeds LOL..ADAM WTH RU DOING? UR DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE!!!!!! and thanks to him, she almost pulled it out………happy Adam got it and now Porsche needs the POV……she told Adam if she wins that she will vote Jordan out……have never been a Rachel fan but she’s the only one who deserves the win and the only way that will happen is to not let slacker, Jordan ride on Rachel’s and Adam’s coattails to the final 2

    3. i follow her twitter and i know she was the one to break this news…but i can’t believe that they let people at the taping —- why not just show it live then on Wednesday for everyone??

  58. Great now we know what happened, one last question and i can go to bed with my BB fix for the night…question- does anyone know when the Veto comp will be played, tonight or tomorrow???

  59. Saw this on twitter……here’s Rachel’s goodbye message to Kalia…..

    Rachel left a nasty goodbye message to Kalia and her jaw dropped. She called her a cow. Kalia was not happy. #yikes

    Oh no you didn’t Rachel..OMG LMAO

    1. obviously rachel does not want to win this season, she has been very catty in her messages and guess she never thought about jury votes. if rachel and jordan makes it to the ends, rachel will loose because of her cattyness

    2. can i just say that if kalia’s jaw dropped when Rachel called her a cow then she might literally have a coronary when she sees the merciless comments about her weight, appearance, and eating habits that everyone has had…i kind of feel bad…there are youtubes with just montages of her eating and shoving various food disgustingly in her mouth and trust me, it is the most embarrassing, unflattering thing – and it’s the internet so it’s there forever

      i think kalia thinks she is attractive and mildly overweight and i really think she is going to be mortified by America has basically been saying she is the ugliest, fattest, thing since Jabba the Hut

      and that doesnt even get into how people make fun of her incessant rambling, calling her stupid and all her odd habits (shaving anyone?)

      i am not trying to insult her….i really do feel bad

    3. Just read – Rachel DID NOT CALL Kalia a cow.

      In her Good Bye Message Rachel
      referenced a cow not being able to change its “spots/stripes” and
      Rachel didn’t believe Kalia would be able to change her alliance. She couldn’t trust her.
      Poorly executed Good Bye Message.
      (Rachel needs to read more. lol)

      1. i thought it was a leopard not being able to change it s stripes. so in essence, she really did call her a cow. jury vote lost

      2. Thanks Midwest Fan. She told Jordan she said that in her goodbye message yesterday before the feeds were cut but I couldn’t remember what the cow reference was.

        I think it was Rachel’s way of calling her a cow without saying “you’re a cow”. Not nice. If she gets to final two and loses it because she couldn’t be classy *Brennon* isn’t going to be happy (and rightfully so).

  60. I think all Adam deserves to win from this show is the cruddy the clown outfit. He has ruined my TV viewing pleasure. Casting on this show blows, and that’s a fact. BB has officially jumped the shark.

  61. I heard Adam got all 6 true/false right about FT statements, Jordan got 5 and Porsche got 2. I hope Jordan didn’t throw it.

    But who voted for kalia? Rachel was tie breaker and voted kalia out 2-1. Hope it wasn’t Jordan sticking with her “deal” she had with kalia

    1. jordan said she was going to keep kalia. she either was thinking about jury votes,or trying to honor their pact, or was afraid that adam will choose prosche over her if he makes HOH, which he did. So, it could be anyone of these scenarios

  62. I’m glad that Adam won HOH. I’m also glad that Porsche was last, I hope she leaves next, It wasn’t her fault that she received the Golden Key, but with it she did nothing and attributed nothing to the game for the 3 weeks she had it, oh besides Sleep…..

    1. well, if porsche makes it to F3, the first part is always endurance and sometimes it’s very long. pinto is pretty good at endurance. we just have to wait till thursday to find out what happens

    2. I’d like to se Porsche go as well but I don’t mind her winning it either. I don’t really care about the remaining house guests. just glad that the Dani + Kalia duo are gone.

  63. I love when people get so offended when people say nasty things about them, yet their aloud to talk a whole lotta shit! HYPOCRITES!

  64. at first – for like the first hour or so – she was pretty bad – she kept saying i cant do this, i cant remember things….

  65. funny how some people talk about how much rachel has changed from last year, what a joke how exactly has she changed, she’s still the nasty, catty, whiney, jealous, hypocritical bitch that she was before, remember last year how she cried about how mean britney talked about her, and how she got mad at cassi over porsche this year, of course she was really just jealous of cassi’s looks because let’s be real she’s not in cassi’s league in that department, yet just look at her goodbye messages this year to the women, first cassi, then dani, & now kalia, calling dani a bitch & kalia a cow & so on, yeah she’s really changed all right into an even bigger hypocritical bitch, it’s funny someone who looks like Boy George calling somebody else names, i never liked kalia but i hope when she sees rachel she decks the bitch.

  66. I don’t see any more updates. I’m assuming the life feeds are cut? I see that the picture is updated showing Kalia greyed out and Adam as HoH.. is that simon’s guess or does anyone know if that’s what happened?

  67. Just think this is the most important .pov so far thier are only two that are at risk the big R and the P , they are the ones who are sweating the load. Adam finally won because most of the competiton is gone. Its great to be a floater. That is how the game is played, you get rid of all the power and sooner or later your win. The only strong one left is R ,and P knows this. Jordan is weak . adam is weak. P is just a lucky no good sl,t ,
    As far as the game being rigged , I doubt it , they plan this crap way in advance. but we never know .
    Has anyone noticed that the vets started doing really bad after the first couple weeks. even in compts were they have proven themselfs in the past. We never know if BB told them to slow down , so the newbies could have a better chance. The bick dick said in the begining that the vets would pick the newbies off one at a time, The only newbie that really is worth a shit is K. she was good. But made to many stupid moves. she would be with RJ right know if she didnt stick to the ungrateful child. This show gets better as the weeks go by. Nobody can perdict who will be the final three , it is totaly up in the air the only one for sure is adam. Jordan better get her fingers out of her damn hair and do something, Rachel is trying the hardest. And P is actually a waste of human flesh.
    I would love to know what BB tells these people in booth . I hope next season the HG watched this one and look at the mistakes that happened and play a better game
    1 The first mistake this season was that stupid alliance that dom. formed , that stupid ass didnt realize he had a partner and Him and the other fools already planned on back dooring thier partners
    2 never turn on your alliance for any reason until way later in the game
    3 never have an alliance over 4 and keep it a secret dont ever include anybody else no matter how sweet the pussy or how big the dick
    4 dont trust anyone who backdoors anyone in the first four weeks/ get rid of them quick they should never ever be trusted ever
    5 the biggest mistake most players make is that they never play as individuals. They think by throwing comps they have it made, every player should play as if they are alone Shelly screwed herself by throwing a comp so did dom so did alot .
    6 dont backstab to too many people , be in your face honest but keep the game play in thier head. sometimes your biggest threats can be your biggest allies even if they dont know it
    7 wait at least two weeks to form an alliance and see who really is good . And no matter what /they all need to play to win, no pain no gain.
    It will be intersting to see what next year will be like. I think it would be great bring back the first evicted house guess from previous shows along with newbies.

  68. I just wanted to point out that there are always ways to benefit players in the big brother house… but did someone twist Porshe’s arm and make her open Pandora’s box? NO… and had she not opened the box, than the duel week wouldn’t have happened. Just sayin!

    1. the people calling that pandora’s box scenario as being rigged are just bitter dani/newbie fans. although when it comes to the POV competition, i’ll have to agree that that was rigged. It was way too similar to the banana competition at the beginning of the season which rachel won.

  69. Road to the Final 3 (JAR)
    Veterans (W/Adam)-Victims
    -Regulators:Suck got Evicted Four times by Veterans
    -Dani:Evicted by Jeff tried backdoored
    -Shelly:Evicted by JR for betrayal & backstabbed Jeff
    -Kaila:Evicted by JR for putting Rachel on the block and never put Jordan up
    -Porsche:Evicted by JRA (On thursday)

  70. Adam has quoted Jeff Probst many times…..”And now the power shifts to the jury.”
    He is clearly playing for the end game. He is loading the jury with “newbs” in hopes
    they will have the numbers in the jury house since they were unable to secure them
    in the BigBrother house.

    Adam’s plea to the jury will be this: VOTE FOR ME. We newbs lost most of the battles against the vets.
    But we can win the war. Four votes for me (Adam) will seal their fate.

    This will be his case. I think it will work if he makes it to F2.
    I also think it’s safe to assume Dani will not vote for Rachel (or Jordan).

    Vets = Brendon Jeff Jordan (or Rachel)
    Newbs = Shelly Kahlia Porsche
    Black Widow = Dani

  71. For being a meatal head Adam sure is a softy. For him to win against anyone in the final two he had better be writing the next great opus. His 12 cats will be sending him telepathic prose from don Quixote. on a totally different subject I have figured out what all the laid off newspaper writers have been doing, they spend there time reading through post to find spelling and grammar mistakes on this website. Being helpful is one thing but to be a dick because you don’t agree is very congressional of you. Keep a sense of humor and always listen to Simon!

  72. The sight of Adam in this house every week really disturbs me about as much as seeing Jordan in the house. This year has been horrible. How did they let them make it this far? Also, why did everyone get so upset about Jeff being evicted? He should have been evicted instead of Brendon the second time. If the players were smart they would have made that happen. Now, I didn’t start off liking Shelly but then I realized she was one of the only ones PLAYING the game without making decisions based on revenge (*cough* JEFF, Rachel, Jordan, and Adam). Sure she didn’t win competitions but her deals were her game (i.e. risking to let Rachel have her *fake* ring). Okay, now I have something to say about the show being rigged. I won’t say the show is rigged but it is set up for certain players to win (THE PLAYERS HAVE SAID IT THEMSELVES MANY TIMES). Production doesn’t guarantee the person will win but the chances are likely. Don’t you think it’s a great chance for Rachel to win a veto competition almost identical to the first HOH of the season that SHE won? Yup, chances were pretty high for her in that competition AND for an endurance competition where bigger people can barely fit under the pole and they move slower through the goop (this last HOH competition).

    I forgot to even speak about Pandora’s Box, which bothered me so much. Of course I was upset that Porsche opened the box but isn’t it amazing that they decide to bring the box back when Rachel or Jordan was surely leaving and there would only be one vet in the house. However, this is not what bothered me so much with Pandora’s Box…it was when Rachel opened it all she got was nasty body Jessie selling hisself for like the 4th season. This was SO horrible for her game right? This Pandora’s Box was just to keep viewers from saying how unfair it was for Porsche to have the box. All I’m saying is that I don’t think the show is rigged (because that would mean that they are secretly giving the contestants answers and tripping people during competitions) but I am saying that I believe that depending on how a HOH competition goes and who’s nominated production sets up the veto competiton accordingly. Then, they set up the HOH competition for who they would like to win. Things don’t always happen their way but they make the attempt.

  73. I think RJ should have taken Kalia to final four. Kalia would have nominated racheal and adam. and would have kept the nominations the same unless adam won pov. Porsha is more of a wild card and would have no problem putting both RJ up for nomination and she would be harder to beat in phisical challange than Kalia. I would like to see Rachel win she has worked the hardest and does not play nice when leaving message to the evicted house guest one thing you can say for her is that she doesn’t kiss ass for the vote. She tells it as she sees it. I hope that this year the jury votes for the one who deserves it not just the one they like.

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