Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Wednesday Show Results

Unconfirmed Spoilers
Kalia Evicted
Adam wins HOH
Jordan wins POV (this will probably not be confirmed until the feeds come back on)
(Jordan winning POV is extremely unconfirmed)

Confirmed Spoilers
Evicted = Kalia
HOH = Adam

When do the Feeds come back?

No clue.. Tonight after the west coast show airs?

Prediction for final 3 JAR
Prediction for final 2 JR

Let me know what you all are thinking.. If the unconfirmed spoilers are true a JAR final 3 is most likely..
Who Should win based on what they did throughout the game?
Who should win based on who you like?

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432 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Wednesday Show Results

      1. No, those were the leaks…. The Adam HOH and Kalia evicted is pretty much confirmed by reliable sources but the Jordan POV is just a rumor so far. We will see!

        1. So Big Brother rigged a 90210 comp so Adam could win? Captain Nothing still thinks he’s going to win half a million dollars? The only way that will happen is if pigs fly out his ass, although with all the bacon he eats production is probably saving that for the season finale.

          1. Little Jeffrey blaming shelly for taking away his chance to win , ummm dumbass you throwing the clown shoe out lost you 500k


                1. And exactly what did she do tonight that made her a spoiled brat? I can back up what I say can you.
                  Bet there won’t be a legitimate reply to the question. Just another JJ fan stomping their feet screaming DANI IS BAAAAAD

                  1. Adam must assume all the newbies will vote for him if he goes up against either Rachel or Jordan. He would be the last newbie standing. I do not see it happening but Adam really doesn’t have alot of options. He would not of won against Kalia and probably not against Porsche. Logically, he should win against Jordan because they have both floated through the game but people like Shelly will vote for her because she is Jordan and good should always win over evil. The only way Adam would win against Rachel would be if Team Dani played emotionally and made it personal – not about game play, like Team Jeff has done all year. But Team Dani will pick the player who played the game so Rachel will win if it comes down to Adam and Rachel.

                    Am I the only one who thought the fortune teller was one of the most anti-climatic twists in the history of the game? The thing sat there all season for that? I am sure it would have done more if Porsche hadn’t opened Pandora’s box.

                1. Well the part about Rachel saying Shelley was playing the best game is true, Rachel told Shelley that a few days before Shelley’s eviction.

                2. Yes, this! The crazy bitch was still telling lies in the jury house, what a pathological liar. It was bad enough when she lied in the house and didn’t own them in diary room, but this old leather bag is telling lies outside of the game. Just as bad as BB11 Natalie/Ratalie.

              1. And how did she stick up for herself? By telling more lies. That’s all Shelly knows how to do. She needs to give it a rest.

          2. Amen!! I think someone needs to pop the inner tube from Adam’s ass….he has floated enough!! If that SOB wins I swear I will never watch this program again!!!!!

          3. So wait…..First it was rigged for Dani, then it was rigged for Jeff, then it was rigged for Rachel. Now it rigged for Adam? If Jordan won the POV then it was rigged for her too!!! Cant wait to see who it will be rigged for in the F3!!!!

            1. I was only kidding darling. However team bacon sucks farm oysters! (pig balls) I could care less who wins this season, but I hope it isn’t him.

              Actually, out of the four left, I’d like to see Porsche take Adam to final 2 and win the whole thing. That would make this season not a complete waste of time. Shelly was entertaining, but she straight shot herself in the foot. Dom was fun… for a while. Cassie was hot, that’s why she left early. I can’t remember any of the other vanilla cast, that’s why they didn’t win. Lawon was great, he won his magical power and made himself disappear. I never thought any of the vets should have been there so I don’t want to see any of them win.

              1. I keep hearing next season is supposed to be an all star season, but I hope not because they brought back the vets this season. It would be like 2 wasted seasons. Good job AG!

        1. Just finished watching on the East Coast. Kalia is GONE. HOH: Adam answers 6 for 6, Jordan 5 for 6 and P chocked – not a SHOCKER. Adam has OUTPLAYED Cassi, Keith, Lawon, Shelly, Dom, Dani, Kalia, Jeff and Brandon. Haters can just go CRY. He’s won more comps than Dr. Will and Mike Boogie too.

      2. Rachel not only deserves to win but she also deserves to win americas player..shes the only one who busted her ass the whole season..from day one shes been fighting to stay in the house..can you imagine danny,kalia,porsche and shellys face lmao,,jordan would pull out all her remaining hair hahahaha..has anyone else been annoyed with jordan this season? my god what was with all the hair pulling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I agree with this 100%. All my votes went to Rachel for America’s Player. Although I know it’s probably going to Jeff. Gag me! Also so fed up with Jordan as well. Really nice girl, but come on, where are your brain cells? I guess the dumb blonde thing works well for this game though. I don’t want her to win any $, only because I think Rach and Adam should be F2. But Rachel can always say she worked and saved both of them basically dragging Jordan along. Either way, I hope Rachel wins because she has KICKED THIS SEASON’S ASS.

    1. BBP – She’s their sweetheart.
      You know. $howmance!!!!
      Jeff and Jordan sitting in a tree – kissing. ( Ooops – that was BB11)
      Jeff and Jordan sitting in a tree – Platonically kissing for all to see. BB13.
      We’ve all been duped into watching BB13.

    2. JON, geeze, don’t be such a hater, if you need someone to explain it to you, let me see if I can put it in black and white for you, PLAYED, JORDON played the game and won the POV!

      1. Not hating. I believe Jordan has never won a veto before(correct me if I’m wrong). And Rachel is a better competitor than she is. IMO, even Adam is better.

        1. Just to clarify….she only needs to win it once in order for it to be effective….who cares f she has never won one before, if she won it tonight, then it was perfect timing!! :)

          1. Jordan would be my pick if you won strictly on social game. She is better at strategising than people give her credit for. Plus she has been second in pov many times. The winner really needs to be Rachel because she does play hard and comes thru when the pressure is on. Porche tries to play like she is smart but she is the dumbest one this year. She thinks her contribution is wearing her bikini. Have you seen her in a bikini…how can that possibly help her outside the game.

    3. your gal Dani? wow ! you are into spoiled whiny brats huh!! whatever floats your boat dude!

      love the way she says’ its just a game” right where was the thought as she cried and pouted her way through the last week she was there!!

      your girl Dani!! She’s all yours bud!! lol

      1. You’re right. Jeff, Rachel and Jordan would never have pouted and whined if they were in the same position. They would be happy and friendly with everyone, just like Jeff knows its a game and knows Shelly was just playing the game for herself, and is cool with that. They know its just a game and someone has to go home, nothing personal. NOT.

      2. LoL! I hate to point out the obvious but who the hell on this season hasn’t been a whiny brat at one point or another! As for Dani being spoiled, clearly your definition of the word “spoiled” contradicts every definition of the word within any and all English speaking dictionaries in print. Let’s see now, Dani has a father who, for all intensive purposes, relinquished his paternal responsibilities for most of her life. She lives with roommates and has worked hard to support herself and further her education. She is a loving sister and granddaughter to her grandmother, who helped raise her and, whom she adores. These are hardly the circumstances and characteristics of a “spoiled” individual and, while I’m happily married to the love of my life, I can certainly appreciate and admire a gutsy, quick witted and intelligent player such as Dani. She’s hands down, the most interesting character this season.

        You can have all the rest sis’ta! ;-)

        1. Hey DR you ignorant wannabe know-it-all, there is no such thing as an “intensive purpose.” The phrase you were trying for is “for all intents and purposes.” Now go back to watching TV in mommy’ss basement moron.

      3. She is disgusting and even her dad says that she played a very crappy game and ruined any chance to win by week 2 just because she didn’t want to be in Daddy’s shadow. You guys keep talking about Jordan already winning but conveniently forget that Dani won $50K on her season, yet she complains that Jeff won money. She is a loser, that’s why she is in jury with the rest of them. I don’t understand why you keep worshiping someone who is gone and can’t win.

          1. I sort of like him but I don’t think he played his best game. They talk about big game moves all the time like that’s the ticket to win but it is actually the opposite. As soon as one person makes a big move, they put a huge target on their back and usually get voted out. He got out Dani, that was a great move for him, but didn’t think to not trust people like Shelly until it was way too late. I don’t like the way he treats Jordan and he is arrogant.

      4. Had Dani lasted one more week she could have floated out of the house on Jordans river of tears because Jeff got the boot.

        Oh, that’s right, she floated out of the house on Rachel’s river of tears because Brandon got the boot.

        Like J&R never say it’s just a game!

    4. Whether you like her or not Dani made this season. Since Dani and Jeff got evicted, I’d rather watch the jury house than the BB house.



  1. Heck Ya I am so happy…Bye Bye Porshe well hopefully anyways with BB you never know:) So happy dumb dumb(wink wink) Jordan won p.o.v. I knew the girl would bring out her smarts when it matters!!!

      1. LoL! Said the exact same thing. Great minds …..

        If she won, you better believe it was fixed. The girl is unequivocally the biggest moron to ever grace the BB household.

        1. hmmm hoh contest… Adam 6 right, Jordon 5 right, Porche 2 right!

          you are so bitter man, bitter, bitter , bitter!!

          hope rachael wins!

          1. i think porshe threw the hoh, i know she said in the past week that hoh doesn’t matter, pov is all that counts.. maybe she is gambling her bb life on the pov.. ?

          2. Adam Porsche Jordan got the first one right Adam Porsche got second one right 2 2 1
            At the end all 3 were right 6 5 3

  2. Last year I was so very much anti- Rachel, but this year she has really proven herself when it comes to wining a comp. But anyone that has made it this far did something right, even if they didn’t win HOH or POV every other week. Because Rachel is such a fighter I would like to see her win. And Adam is my 2nd choice because he has gotten himself far by making the right choices. I’m sure Kalia has gone to jury ( I sure hope so), I would hate to see her go any farther then final 5 because she always tried to play all sides of the house yet putting down Shelly and Adam in the same breath.

    1. ITA but think it will be Jordan in the final 3 not Adam. I would like to see Adam get more out of the summer
      than meeting Tori Spelling but RJ will probably pick each other if given the choice. If Jordan really did
      win veto than I would assume Porsche is going to out of the final 3 running?

      Porsche wasn’t allowed to really compete for several comps due to the golden key (dumbest twist of BB
      history) & she also came in 2nd to Jeff more than once. I think Porsche played a better game than people
      gave her credit for, but not good enough to be in the final 3.

    2. YEAH SHE’S DONE SOMETHING RIGHT by having people throw competitions for her and being in an alliance with young muscular men, but SHE was the biggest target all summer. Of course she would have the hardest time in those conditions… what a fighter!

    3. I was starting to give Rachel a 15th chance too…… until tonight when her true bitchy colors came back out when she was making fun of Kalia for crying quietly to herself after the comp.The girl just realized that she’s probably going home from Final 5… Rachel you cried when your FIANCEEEEE BRENNNUUUUNNN was going to be away from you for 6 weeks and you were STILL IN THE GAME…. you cried after every single comp you lost… cried when your friend’s man left…. you cry every time you’re not getting your way in the game. STFU you cold beyotch

  3. I have a question. Does anyone know whats on the Wednesday show? its on in 8 minutes (OH MY GOD), but is it the Eviction, HOH, POV, and POV ceremony? or just hoh.

    1. hey Simon quick question!

      Why is everyone hating on Jordan? I mean I understand everyone is entitled to their opinions and I too at times am not always the nicest poster here lol however, this constant attack on this girl is sad! she plays the game, more socially then in comps but she plays. she sticks to her alliance and doesnt float.

      She may not be the phd in the house but she is by far one of the sweeter ones. yes her hair pulling gets to me too, however, under a microscope I bet many of us would display idiosyncrasies that could be annoying to others. Just a thought!

      1. Not Simon, but most people don’t like Jordan because they feel that she is a coat tail rider and has not done anything on her own to win season 11 and she rode Jeff’s coat tail until he was evicted this season. most people feel that she is riding rachel’s coat tail now. She also came into this season with a sense of entitlement and she felt like people should just had the game to her. she condemned kalia and pinto saying they did nothing in the game and she said pinto does not deserve to be here. she really hasn’t been nice and she notices that about her own self.. In other words, everything she judged and condemned about people, she is guilty of the same

        1. Interesting, question though, was Jordan this hated her season? And didn’t she mention that she didn’t want to go on the show again? And she mainly did it for Jeff?

        2. My husband Tim says you are so right!!Really liked what Jordan portrayed until she started referring to others as floaters(not that she was) who are not deserving of final and showed a side that was every bit as mean as the other people.I do not understand the infatuation people have with her….Please Help!! As far as her game play???How does being social represent a game?? With that theory the Pittsburgh Steelers should have won the Super Bowl based on their social game and the fact that Green Bay scored more points should not really have counted!!!

        3. I can only take Jordan in very small doses but there are several ways to play the game and while I didn’t want these four to be the ones left standing, if their approach to the game got them all this far then kudos to them.

          The object of the game isn’t to never throw comps or to try as hard as you can during comps or to not be a floater or coat rider. The object is to get as far in the game as you can without being eliminated with the ultimate goal being $500K. If curling up into a fetal position and sucking their thumbs got them to the end then that was great game play because they’ve gotten further along than most of the houseguests.

    1. Yeah giving hand jobs under the covers isn’t easy. Worked for it? She already had power most of the time in the house; some she won, some were handed to her and often she ran the show with no power at all. The main targets were Brendon and Jeff. She worked hard at not crying and throwing tantrums every 5 minutes, yes please give her 500 grand for that.

      1. And don’t forget she had a loyal partner most of the time who won POVs and helped keep her safe. Too bad the newbs didn’t have loyal partners, just idiots they didn’t know. Adam is the biggest idiot of all time. The only way he might get some votes at the end is with Porsche, but I don’t think he has the stones to do anything that might piss off the vets. So it’s pretty much a done deal, Rachel and Jordan will be together in the end, and it will be like watching something I’ve already seen in reruns.


        1. Once again, the sore losers say the game is fixed. If you have watched Dick at Night, he says that they do make up some of the competitions based on what they are doing in the house. In his season, they played beer pong and had a giant beer pong-like game. But, he also said that they can set up whatever they like but that doesn’t mean they fixed it because you can’t control the outcome. He stated that AG probably had a heart attack when Jeff went home.


    1. Well, dumb Jordan just beat the crap out of Porchie in blonde battle wars. Maybe, Dani will be giving both R & J $$ after all. Jordan has been 2nd in several comps this season. Also, in the golf HOH she won (even before Jeff and Brandon missed) she kicked 7 other players azz including Dom, Cassi, Shelly, Kalia, Lawon and Porchia. Go HATE somewhere else….must be sad being YOU.

  4. How did Porsche let Adam…. and then Jordan beat her? I actually thought she was starting to play the game, guess not well enough! definitely looks like it’ll be a JR final…..Maybe JA….. Either way Jordan wins….

    1. BECAUSE they got Kalia out is why Jordan won. They knew she was good with her studies. And THAT’s why a floater can sometimes win these games. They have the SMARTS to know WHO to evict. Still as Charlie Sheen would say WINNING! lol.

  5. Well now that there are only shitty players left I would say Rachel cause girl played and I respect that… matter how annoying she is. And I wouldn’t mind Jordan but just knowing SHE would be the first 2 time winner would make me lose respect for the show. If Porche or Adam win I will lose hope for humanity….there game play is horrendous….and lack of game play….This season has to be the worst one so far.

    1. I agree….but idc what anybody thinks…i lost respect for bb when they cheated to save rach and jordan. they were both on the block before pandora’s box and edited it to make it seem like porsche was and idiot to put them on the block KNOWING they can get off. And then they do a POV that clearly Rach was gonna win….she won it in the beginning with the bananas so u know she was gonna go hard with being on brendens back….bb sucks!!!!!

  6. I can honestly believe that Jordan will win the final competition and keep herself safe, It always seems like she KICKS ASS when her ASS is on the line… the only way she does anything when her heads on the chopping block… that the Jordan i love, and that deserves to win. But I still dont want her to win 2x… that is more than enough money for her, $1 mil!!!!!… $50,000 is good enough for her that would be $550,000, she has won offically from big brother, that’s a good amount!

  7. i know I am getting excited for the first time this season hope they air or we find out the newest pov and who is going to the final 3. Really do believe that Rachel deserves to win or atleast have a chance to fight in the final 3. R has helped J so if the rumors r true that J won pov really hope she takes R..

    1. I think Rachael and Jordan have helped each other. They make a good team. Rachael is a fierce competitor but lacks the social game. Jordan has a great social game and has helped Rachael quite a bit with hers. Jordan also is good with strategy.

  8. ps Kalia being voted out just shows the lack of fire every player in the house has. So you Kalia haters stop hating cause girl was the only Newbie to play the game. BITCH. SHOULDVE. WON.

    that is all

    1. they cheated…big brother cheated cause if they didnt rach and jordan would have been gone but their ratings were in jeopardy….check twitter when porsche was hoh….

    2. Exactly! Hate her voice, okay Hate that she slept, okay but she at least played the game, won some competitions and stayed with her alliance! Sad that she left and we are left with the two biggest floaters (Jordan and Adam) in the house and if the rumors are true they will make up 2/3 of the final 3

      1. floater changes alliances, jordan didn’t…. won as many comps as kalia … socially her game was better cause kalia was annoying and had way to many deals going on and she got caught!! stupid move k girl

        1. Jordan hasn’t won shit. The first hoh Jeff and Brendan didn’t try for so pretty much handed to her and this POV was probably made for the extreme dumb!!! The only thing she can win at is twirling hair or being Jeffs guinea pig.

        2. I disagree….Jordan didnt HAVE to change alliances because she was on targets back…that was her only and best game move….stay in alliance with targets because as long as she was with the target and her and the target were put on the block, then chances are the target would be evicted. Now, IF bb didnt cheat to save r and j, then what game would she be playing then….If rachel would have been evicted during porsche’s hoh without the rigged duo twist, then Jordan and Shelly would have been BFF’s then…..or her and adam…because adam would have been a bigger target than her…now, get rid of shelly, and adam….jordan would have been porsche’s and/or kalia’s BFF……..the dumb blonde floated pretty smart



    3. Agree. Although this entire season has been a joke from beginning to end. There aren’t enough superlatives in the English speaking dictionary to describe the the disappointment with BB13 in relation to other BB seasons.

      Next season had better be a significant improvement upon this one, which would take very little to achieve.

      “STEP IT UP” BB Productions!

    4. Cowlia won two competitions. She wasn’t playing the game, she was playing Dani’s game. Adam has now won more comps than Cowlia.

    5. Kalia? Are you kidding me? She made the biggest bone-headed move in BB history by putting up and voting out one of her own alliance because she was “scared” Rachel would have come back. She has no game at all except to talk everyone’s ears off and spill every single secret she has to the other side. She outed her final 2 with Adam, which screwed her too. Plus, she was too damn lazy to even try to get better physically. She gained 20-30 lbs in the house and slept all day. Sure, that’s who should win. Yay! The hut is gone! No more bleeding ears in the BB house or for us Showtime viewers.

  9. I really hope Jordan did not win VETO. She does not deserve to be in the finals. That means Porsche will go home. And JAR is not a good final 3 because the only one of them who deserves to be in the final 2 is Rachel. Adam more than Jordan, but neither of them really. So ready for this season to be over!!!

    1. I’ve given up on the concept of who deserves to be there or who doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how many comps you win/ don’t win if you get evicted before the end.

      If you find yourself in a position where its final 5,4, and you can win the veto or and HOH to secure yourself a positon in the final 3, more power to you. If thats what Jordan did – more power to her. If Porsche didn’t win the veto, she has no one to blame but herself.

      but… i still feel like this whole season has been a waste lol

  10. It’s funny how production still got their Most Loved vs. Most Hated at the end of the day, if jordan actually won PoV.

    I think Rachel deserves a win against Jordan.
    but the way it looks like the votes would come down are

    (Brendon, Porsche, Dani)
    (Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, Adam)

    1. Adam will not vote for Jordan. He said it multiple times that he would vote for Rachel if she made it to the final 2 and deserved it, which honestly she does!!

  11. I really like Jordan and Rachel as a team but can’t see Jordan winning another 500,000. Id like to see Rachel and Adam final 2 and wow would that be a nail biter for the jury house. I think Adam would eek it out with kalia holding her nose and voting for him.

      1. Had Porsche not opened Pandora’s box the fortune teller would have come to life and given RJ some kind of power to save them. This season was so blatantly rigged for the vets.

      2. Not really. If BB didn’t get Porsche to do their dirty work, BB would have found another way of accomplishing the same objective.

        Just announce that the POV would be a duo.

        Give either R or J special powers.

        Have the one evicted come back by some convoluted method.

    1. But she did open Pandora’s box and that is when Jordyn and Rachel were taken off the block NOT BB CHANGING the RULES!!! I am so tired of you PITA people saying it all a conspeircy (sp) theory against the newbies and for the vets. If porshe wasn’t so greedy when she saw 10,000.00 to be split with her other half then this would be a VERY different game!!! I am so tired of all of the bitching over the vets getting all the breaks! Lets call a SPADE A SPADE!

      1. Here’s a couple spades for you.

        From the BB’s I have watched, Pandora’s box is supposed to be something good and something bad. If it’s good for the HOH, it is usually not good for “SOME” of the other contestants.

        From the BB’s I have watched, the HOH did not know what ANY of the contents were until they opened the box.

    2. In the live feeds, Porsche was begging for a pandora’s box….the nomination ceremony was already completed before Porsche opened PB….so when PB was opened…that duo twist was created so Rach could be saved because the Newbies were totally in control. I wanted a newbie to win from the beginning because the Vets came in not only with a planned partner, but with the attitude that they were entitled!!! The only one who didnt have that attitude was Dani (and probably would have IF her dad stayed) and immediately took in the newbies and taught them the game…and gave the vets a run for their money……i salute Kalia for listening, learning, and actually playing the game……..BB should have let it be what it was…but this isnt the first season they rigged something so……whatever BB…..ratings are a mutha……..

    3. Pandora’s box really just saved Jordan, if it wasn’t used I think final 2 would have probably been Rachel and Adam, not that different. I highly doubt Shelly would have won any povs or hohs that would have changed the game.

    4. If only is ridiculous….If only Dick had not left, if only Dani had not turned on Jeff, if only Shelly had stayed true to her alliance, if only Keith had not gone crazy, if only…….

  12. Rachel has fought hard this season and should be proud of herself. She does so much better without Brendon because with him she is so emotional.

    If final two are JR – I think Rachel will win all but Jeff’s vote. Even Dani will recognize good game play over a personal issue between her and Rachel. I am crossing my fingers that all the others agree.

    Jordan is very likeable for sure and she sealed the deal for JR with Adam at the end but other than that – not much on competitions and doing the heavy lifting.

    Go Rachel!!! The finish is almost here.

      1. actually, i dont think so.
        rachel will have: brenden, dani (respect for the game), porsche, & i think kalia will do what dani wants.
        jeff will obviously go for jordan, shelly might actually vote for rachel, and adam might do so too.
        idek. i think rachel will win this.
        & i honestly believe jordan will not campaign hard against rachel, because she did win once, and because she will still get 50,000 which goes a long way with college stuff or a car.

    1. Hate to say it, but Rachel will almost certainly lose to Jordan in F2. Jeff, Shelly, Kalia and Adam will vote for Jordan while Brendon, Porsche and Dani will vote for Rachel…she has no shot against Jordan…if she wins final HOH she need to take Adam with her it is the only shot she has because only Jordan and Jeff will vote for Adam, the rest will vote for Rachel.

      1. I think your all wrong. Rach will win it all if she’s in the final 2, it don’t matter who its with. Rach vs adam. Rach- bren, jeff, jordan,dani,porsche,shelly,kalia. Adam -nobody. Rach vs jordan. Rach- bren,dani,porsche,Adam. Jordan- jeff,shelly,kalia. Adam has already said more then once that he will vote for rach if she’s in final 2.

    2. If people could not see Jordan and could only judge her by what she says and does, they would not lover her so much. It seems like a lot of people don’t realize that they are so done in by her kewpie doll looks. You can like her for her looks, that’s fine, but then don’t pretend and say that she had great social game. Please don’t.

        1. If Shelly was selfish in the game so was everybody. She wasn’t there to advance Jeff’s game, she was there for her own. So she betrayed JJ, BIG deal, Jeff did it to BR. ….yet Shelly is the selfish one? It’s a game. Jeff got got. Dani got got. Brendon got got. Everybody at one time or another got got.
          So yah, Shelly had to defend herself. Hypocrisy runs rampant in the game.
          At this point in the game it’s time to forget what side we’re on and practise some objectivity.

          1. Jeff “betrayed” BR? You seem to be forgetting that BR threw Jeff and Jordan under the bus too. At one point or another each house guest threw someone else under the buss. Its part of the game. Jeff should understand this, but I can see why Jeff was still angry when Shelly walked in. His eviction was completely different from the way that Brendon and Dani went. They had the time to campaign and get over the possibility of getting evicted. Jeff wasn’t. Dani and Brendon are wired differently from Jeff. Dani and Brendon seems to be able to keep things separate in their heads. Jeff seemed to take it as attack to him personally. I’m sure he knows that he just doesn’t see it now due to his anger. But his reaction is normal considering how his eviction happened. It takes some people a long time to get over things. People shouldn’t attack him because you don’t know what it feels like. Honestly, everyone who attacks the house guests should really relax. You need to remember that you are not the one in the house fighting to money and you are not the own who’s feelings are on the line. –Just saying, think about it. Its true. You’re not the one on the line and you cant say “its just a game” because you have no idea what it feels like.

            1. Nobody attacked anybody, and yes Jeff betrayed BR. He picked a newbie (Shelly) over a vet, this after being pissed at Dani for going against them. Saying that is not an attack, it’s what really happened. I also said Brendon got got,… Dani. He was in her alliance and she screwed him. I’m Team Dani, but I acknowledge she was the one that screwed her alliance first. Again saying that is not an attack. I liked Kalia (I know…I’m in the minority on this one) but in the beginning she ran to the vets thus screwing the noobs which is why Adam felt he didin’t owe her anything. That is not an attack.
              Of course Jeff can be mad. Obviously betrayal stings. The issue here is Shelly defended herself well, now it’s Jeff’s turn to understand how it feels just like, he expected others to understand how it felt when he did it to them.
              I agree it’s a game….and everyone will get over it;

    1. Shelly is a master manipulator. And Jeff, and I hate to admit this (although I’ve seen glimpses of it throughout this season), but after seeing him tonight confronting Shelly, is like a crying five-year-old when he doesn’t get his way. It’s a game Jeff, get OVER it!

    2. Shelley defended herself quite nicely against the bully Jeff. Jeff and Jordan would have dumped Adumb and Shelley as soon as they got to the final 4. Jeff is just bitter that Shelly flipped before Jeff could evict her.

  13. omg..Jordan said “ADAM HAD BEEN CARRIED THIS WHOLE GAME”..Really really JORDASS….AND YOU WERE’NT?! Hahaha at least watching her slip down OTEV’s wave was priceless. ..and umm fish pie? Girl it a ditz!

    1. You have the audacity to call someone a ditz but in the process of insulting another’s intelligence, you sit there and type like a moronic monkey on cocaine?

      Jordon may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch, but the way I see it, the show is for $500,000, and how you get to the finish line is your own path. Who you choose to back stab is your own choice, and who you choose to allign with is also your choice. People say Adam makes no game moves and taking Kalia/Porsche would be his best move, who are you to say what his best move is? Whatever move Adam makes is his best move, so until I see you in the house playing the game yourself you have no opinion.

      1. Oh wow i missed typed…Go out and shoot me…AS i have stated many times …i liked her
        i pulled for her the first time she played…but shes been held up as sweet innocent perfect Jordan …and the girl has shown her horns….SHE has been the one saying floaters shouldnt win ..ppl shouldnt be carried…yet THATS EXACTLY WHAT SHE HAS BEEN…And if she has won POV…good shes finally doing something instead of being Rachels burden……oh an as for the “fish pie” you miss the point…i’m a chef i know there are fish pies. It was the way she said it …go back and watch the tape…GEEZE

        1. Also i wasnt questioning Adams game at all…so where are you coming from…Jordan was trashing Adam on the tape…i was simply saying ..isnt she calling the kettle black!

        1. PLEASE, production, STOP bringing that ugly-ass, useless Jesse back into the house! NO ONE likes him and, apparently, either he doesn’t get the joke or gets off being a joke. He’s been there 4 times now. His 15 minutes were up years ago. FYI, notice how a lot of body builders have the ugliest faces. I think the do it to distract from their face.


    2. I think that Jordan has played the game well. It is not her fault that no one thought to get her out. As far as a social game, she has done it and as for strategic moves, she has made them. You all call her dumb, but you have forgotten that she one several competitions back to back in her season!! Go Team Rachel and Jordan!!!

  14. I seriously hope Kalia is gone. I think Rachel has a good shot of winning. Love her or hate her she has really improved her game play from last season. She maybe a loud, rude, and down right annoying person but the girl has fought to be there. She deserevs to win!

  15. what a surprise…..NOT.

    jordan and rachel in final 2.
    jeff wins americas player.

    any of you who plan to pay to vote via text are wasting your money
    anyone who plans to vote via the web are wasting your time.

    1. LoL ! Have you even looked at any of the mock poles on all of the BB13 spoiler sights?

      America’s vote for their Favorites to this point:
      1) Jeff
      2) Jordan
      3) Dani
      4) Rachel

      This is America’s decision, not the decision of the producers

      1. It’s also been America’s decision to stop watching since around the double eviciton. Dani left, and so went the only person really playing the game (besides Rachel, but so many people hate her that they didn’t care to watch her).

        Check the ratings. The only thing these “favorite player” polls prove is the desperate housewives with failing marriages that are in love with Jeff would rather spend their nights on big brother forums than snuggled up next to their hubbies.

        1. Actually that is not true.

          Big Brother has been on top of the ratings when it airs. What we gripe about here and fight over is not something that is shared by the overwhelming majority of the prime time TV watching public.

          Go figure…

  16. I predict the powers that be will have to change it up…ratings have dropped a whole point since last Sunday and dropping…woo hoo. That’s what you get for tipping the show in a direction you think the fans want…Adam has done nothing, Jordan is a waste of space…Rachael or Porche, but mostly R deserves the win but who knows…don’t watch it anymore but watch the ratings going in the toilet…that is more entertaining.

    1. You have to remember Benny that Big Brother wasn’t shown until late b/c of the football game, so that would bring the ratings down.


  17. My opinion is Rachel should win based on what people have done in the game. As for who I like and would like to see win is Jordan. Yeah she didn’t win many comps at all but her social game is what gets her so far and that’s a big part of the game. I think the social aspect of the game is over looked and people only judge on the comps. I like Rachel and always have so either of them would be great. GGGoooooo JR!

    1. I strongly agree. But, J should come in second. Jury might hate R but they gotta give her some credit. She killed it this season.

    1. I agree except Adam in F2. I want to see Jordan & Rachel, Final 2. There will be no more newbies left in BB House, Just Rachel & Jordan

  18. Jeff did not tell shelHE to not talk to him in fact they talked alot. (barf seeing macho man shelHE) again) and listen to her lie again.

    1. What do you think everyone will think when they get back home and watch this season? Adam is gonna kick himself in the ass, I know that… I wonder if Jeff will be able to see what a dick he was… and poor Jordan will probably never want to go on TV again…

  19. Jeff is a major tool. It’s a game! Jeff got got. He thought it was a good move when he got rid of Russell, but when Shelly does it to him she is evil. Little Jeff really showed what a self important twat he is. I miss Dani and Shelly.

    1. Yah it’s okay when he does it to others but when it’s done to him he hits the roof. Talk about dishing it out but not being able to take it. Everybody’s betrayed somebody in the game. Everybody’s gulity of something.

      1. I THINK Jeff’s feelings are just towards Shelly…..

        It was what Shelly offered to Jeff and Jordan:
        1.) SHE wanted them to spend the summer.
        2.) SHE wanted them to win the 500,000.
        3.) SHE was there to help them get closer to the money.

        Jeff and Jordan never asked her to devote her game to them winning

        Shelly offered herself as a tool for Jeff and Jordan to use to win the money, sadly they bought it.

        Shelly said she didn’t need the money, she wanted them to win the money. She was just there to play the Game.

        I understand Jeff’s feelings….. Shelly is suppose to be big fans fo Jeff and Jordans??????? Who needs fans

  20. Jeff is such a sore loser… he is still crying about Shelly sending him to the jury house…get over it Jeff…but don’t worry your dumb girlfriend is going to end up winning the game, thanks to Rachel who will take her to the final 2….

  21. Another lame ending to the BB season. What a bummer. The only one I’ll say should win is Rachel, as much as I don’t like her. I’d route for Porsche (cuz I don’t like anyone else left), but chances are good she’s leaving next too. LAME, LAME, LAME.

    1. Yep that was shocking! I wouldn’t trust production at all once I saw a camera in the bathroom.

      Now I wonder if they meant something else when they referred to *floaters*.

  22. If jordan really did won the pov “shocker” not really. Way to go! BB you did a great job picking this group. I don’t like R but she should win if its jar left. She probably won’t. cause she piss off half the jury already example kaliah danny and shelly

    1. her little catty messages might cause her to loose. she even told dani she didn’t need her vote. i like rachel, but if she left me one of those messages i definitely would vote personal and not give her a vote.

  23. Jordan couldnt of won the pov right? because it seems to me that she shouldnt be elligble to play because if she wins how could she use it because there’s no one else to go in someone’s place if she were to use it right?

    1. If she won, she could take herself off the block and Rachel would go up in her place. If Rachel won however, she wouldn’t really be able to use it since she’d be safe along with the removed nominee and no one would be left to put up.

      1. Sorry I didnt say that right, what I meant was whoever’s not on the block wouldnt be able to compete because if that person won they couldnt use it because there’s no one left to replace the person they took off the block

    2. Because the PoV is the only one who votes. Adam can’t because he’s HOH. That leaves Rachel/Porsche on the block, who also can’t vote. Jordan will evict Porsche.

  24. I hope Simon your predictions are correct. In the end I want Rachel to win, I think everyone underestimate Jordan intelligence, Jordan is in college she cant be stupid, {College athletes are allowed to be stupid}, I think she plays stupid real well, Actually helpless, no one goes after her, that is smart playing in my book. Rachel was amazed by her intelligence when porshe was HOH. She remarked “I never seen you like this”. Adam has underestimated Jordan. Jordan and Rachel I hope take him out.

    1. I think Jordan talks about going to College but isn’t actually doing it.
      Remember during BB11 when she said she wanted to become a Dental Hygienist?
      Jordan isn’t qualified to do either one of the above.

      She wasn’t “playing” when
      she claimed to not know who JImmy Carter is…….
      OR when she asked if Broadway was in NYC or in LA ….
      OR when she said she never learned how to play Checkers. It is a game for smart people. ugh!
      IF Jordan wasn’t cute, she would be in big trouble.

  25. Right. He is something else. All the shit he was talking about Shelly and Adam and everyone else in the house…all the people he said he would break deals with… then someone stands up and make a choice that doesn’t benefit him and he acts like they just did the unthinkable. He is a hypocrite and a crybaby…

    1. He is the same arrogant self righteous tool with the same mistaken sense of entitlement as he was when HE was the one that backdoored Russell and betrayed their final 4 deal. He justified that until the cows came home, but when Shelly does it to him he behaves like a schoolyard bully. She defended herself well and let him make himself look like an ass. Dani understands its a game and she lost. Brendon and Jeff seem to think its still on, probably because their bitches are going to win it for them.

  26. So I’m watching the show now… and of course he has NO spine. I didn’t expect much, few people do, but damn he must be here only to get on TV because he CERTAINLY has no aspirations to win $500,000.

    1. Yep very graceful crying like a baby and blaming others for her own mistakes. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way to jury house. Buhbye!!!

    1. LOL
      I think you are correct.
      Did you notice Jordan’s vacant look when Julie asked her for her vote?
      Jordan’s eyes got large and moved quickly to the left and right, like she
      was lost and searching for the answer. Too funny.
      Perhaps BB Production dropped a Post It Note so Jordan could finally
      give the “correct” answer.

    1. Simon, PLEASE, quietly explain the cat people to those of us late to this site. I know you don’t want to wake them but the suspense is killing me. See, I wouldn’t be on this site if I loved suspense.

      1. It’s meant to mock the Jeff and Jordan fans. Someone referred to them as being old ladies who own cats so now those who hate Jeff and Jordan are mocking their fans by calling them cat people.

    2. *** Just a FYI.. Not all Jordan fans are “cat people”! Maybe on OBB there should also be “simon people”!! Those who became “team Dani Yo” followers after simon did!

        1. Encouraging posters (one really nasty poster in particular) who have ripped into Jeff and Jordan fans is just plain stupid. Based on what I’m reading about who is winning for fan favorite (Jeff) it seems you have a big Jeff and Jordan fan base supporting your site. You may as well tell them to go eff themselves.

        2. Maybe my response came across kinda strong. Didnt mean for it to! Just so many really mean comments. Love the site! I will definitely be donating!!!! :)

  27. so, i guess they decided not to show the exit message because of rachel cattyness and probably to avoid a backlash of calling her a cow

    1. I think so too. It was an abbreviated interview, either Kalia lost it and couldn’t compose herself, or an extremely negative audience response prompted it being edited out.

      1. i heard that they have a lot of negative audience response and I’m quiet sure the public would have been all over CBS about that. Then, CBS would have rigged the outcome so rachel would not win to avoid backlash. Obese people, NAACP, Women’s right’s groups would have flooded CBS telephones.

    2. I’ve read Rachel did not call Kalia a Cow.
      Rachel used a poorly worded analogy about how a cow can’t change its spots/stripes (?) -lol –
      and she didn’t believe Kalia could or would change her alliance.
      Rachel didn’t trust Kalia.

    1. Two thumbs up to your comment Ted. I’ve tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and have even considered her “game play” . But I always come to the same conclusion. She’s is a very trashy girl.She got lucky this year due to some “twists in the game. One lucky twist is that she’s lucky Evel Dick left. The other one is having dumb game play decisions by people like Kalia and partly Dani too.

  28. jordan is a bitch. She tried to make rachel look like the bad one by voting for kalia when she told rachel she was going to vote to evict kalia. She is still in the house because rachael won the veto and HoH. I dont want jordan to win she doesnt deserve to win big brother. she cant even win a competition. I hope she doesnt get rewarded a second time for being the most useless HG ever. Rachel needs to win big brother.

    1. Not true. She discussed it with Rachel several times and explained she didn’t want to go against her deal with Kalia. Rachel said she didn’t mind because she was the tie breaker and would send Kalia home. She even discussed it with Adam and he also said he understood. They have tried to all keep their deals as much as posslible, which is more than I can say for Kalia, who had a deal with everybody, including the fish.

  29. FML. Worst season of Big Brother to date. Jordan, for the second time, will likely win BIG BROTHER for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. She is weak both in competitions and socially. She rode, yet again, on Jeff’s coattails. I feel like i’m rewatching their first season all over again. This was a stupid as Hell twist to begin with – they should have put the “couples” in all stars next season. At least then it wouldn’t have been a complete waste. The only people left who actually deserve to win are Porsche and Rachel. As much as I hate Rachel.

    1. I think it’s kind of funny that the houseguests on this season are aligning it for her to win again. They should/should have already realized that they couldn’t let Jordan do that again and that’s just what’s happening again this season. So far, on both of her seasons, everyone deemed her as the weakest and therefore kept her around because she’d be “easy to beat”, and against the odds, she actually won last time when it really counted and by then, it was far too late for everyone else to realize their mistake.

      1. Found that a bit funny too, Jordan is a cutlie and a sweetie pie, but people have been protecting her all season, how could she not be a target SHE WON THE GAME BEFORE, anybody actually trying to bring her to the finals stupidly thinking they would get the votes next to her are stupid as hell.

        If I was in the house with anybody who won the game before I would target them immediately don;t even risk them possibly winning competition.
        Like Dick said everybody in the house has carried her in one way or the other she didn’t have to do anything and she’s going to win yet again without doing anything.

    2. i absolutely agree. it really was a waste of a season. and really killed the shows credibility. sure, we all know that BB migh skew things but the “twists” this season were straight up ridiculous. they should have just cut JJ and/or RB a check before the show ever started.

      i’m glad their ratings are dropping.

  30. You ca’t vote for Dick to be America’s Fav? not worth voting then nobody entertained like Dick even if it was when he got out of the house, he should be eligible, his show was better than the entire season.

    1. doubtful even Jordan beat her, and she had to be trained all night for that to happen, otherwise she would”ve been the one with 2 or less… Nice Job Adam and Rachel Jordan really couldn’t have done it without help…

      1. If you watched at all, Kalia was studying and grilling Porsche all night so she did have a “trainer” as Kalia is great at memorization. Please give Jordan a little credit for beating stupid Porshce. If you think Jordan is dumb, then Porsche is a down right idiot to lose to her.

    2. Wow, Dani and Jeff looked kind of cozy at the JH. When she tried to interject into the JS argument that “It’s just a game”, Jeff told Dani that they’d debate that later. Mmmmmmmmm.

      1. I doubt Little Jeffrey wold do that to Jordan, but who knows? They do life in 2 different states kinda easy for anyone to cheat and get away with it, I know it’s hard being with a women who still looks like a little girl and has the innocence of a little girl. I’m sure he’d want him some grown pussy every once in a while.

  31. I am not sure why many of you think Jordan couldn’t win a pov comp. In the last two question comps she has come in second; plus has won 2 other comps so it is possible.

  32. Anybody else notice during the broadcast that when Adam won HOH that he got ZERO applause from the audience? You always hear some applause while Julie congratulates the winner.

    1. i went back and watched that. i didn’t hear any applause but rachel’s. could that part have been taped without the audience?

    2. Miss Cleo is the twitterer who was in the audience yesterday and first reported that Adam won HOH. I guess Julie “homewrecker” Chen asked the audience who they would like to see win and when she got to Adam ONE person applauded. ONE! And just before the eviction the audience was told they HAD to applaud for the person being evicted. They knew it was going to be Kalia and they must be aware of how popular she is.

  33. Still, Adam is not that clever. He is so concerned about getting rid of Porsche and Kalia but yet Jordan and Rachel are going to send his ass packing if they make it to the final three.

    Adam is pathetic. I don’t care if he finally did win a few times.

  34. I know that rachel is probably the least liked person in the world…. but you have to give her props for fighting her ass of in this game… she deserves to win, even if she is the most annoying person in the world. My sister wants Adam to win…. REALLY?? He hasn’t done much this season except switch sides whenever vets or newbies were in power. I hate when people choose who they think should win based on the personalitys. Rachel deserves it. Jordan is my favorite and has been for two seasons now, but winning one is enough. I strongly believe this should be rachel victory. Js.

  35. Did you guys see the new Survivor promo? Looks like CBS is going to force feed us some more losers that we’ve seen before instead of finding new and interesting people. It’s a trend that makes me lose interest in shows that I used to love. I don’t want to watch Ozzie again, and I don’t want a bunch of starstruck newbs to hold his hand all the way to the grand prize. I already saw that episode where Boston Rob won Survivor against a bunch of people who couldn’t come up with a thought on their own. I don’t want to watch reruns. The same thing is ruining BB. : (

  36. Assuming that Jordan has won POV,she obviously takes herself off the block. Does that automatically mean Porsche is evicted or does Rachel take her place? I realized that Jordan would vote Porsche out but could she also have the option to evict R.??

  37. Rachel and Jordan have been talking about going to the finale together but here’s a possibility. Adam has already told Jordan that he is going to put her and Porsche up on the block. IF Jordan won the POV and takes herself off and Rachel goes up, what’s to stop her from voting Rachel out – it would be a big move in the game and she could argue that she should win seeing that she took out the last remaining good competitor.

  38. So what’s the deal officially? Did JorDUMB win the POV? I hope to god she did not. She has honest to god done nothing this entire summer. It would be the most unfair competition…

    I want to see Porsche and Rachel in the final. Two people out of the 4 left who have actually competed.

  39. Of all my years of watching BB, the final POV is usally memorizing events that happens. It’s usually very difficulty and well made. Jordon sucked in her season on the final POV, she didn’t even get one right. If the POV is any different than I will be pist. I have yet to say BB is rigged, but if Jordon wins the final POV then I eill be in awe.

    I hope Jordon is evicted!

    1. That would not happen. Jordan will go to the F3. Definitely, Porsche will be EVICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see Dani’s face that Porsche will walk through the Jury House!!!!! Kaila & Porsche sleeping together in Jury House!!!!!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  40. Does anyone know what the veto comp was?????? I was just wondering if Jordan won the veto. is it possible Rachel let her win, so Jordan has to vote out Porsche, the way Rachel had to vote out Kahlia.

  41. Wow what a surprise Jordan won…..must’ve been a comp on whether or not coconut can be eaten or drank…oh no she would have lost that one…it was must’ve been about emoticons.

  42. All I can say is that I hope to hell that the camera and sound crew get a handsome bonus if R & J make it to the final two. Anyone who has to look at, and listen to so intently the mindless drivel from J and the rantings and ravings of R, deserves the 500K themselves or, at the very least, a generous bonus and a paid vacation to any place where intelligent beings can be found.

    1. Me too! Sadly if Jordan won veto I think she might vote out Porsche.
      If it’s between Rach and Porsche I really don’t mind who wins…..and I’m so hoping Adam doesn’t win final HOH.

    2. Me too! Sadly if Jordan won POV that means Porsche’s out. Bummer. 1 vet and 1 newbie in the final 2 would have been perfect. Rachel deserves to win no doubt about it, so does Porsche. If Adam wins final HOH Porsche has a chance in the Final 2, so I guess the only way for Porsche to make Final 2 is if she or Adam wins coz the vets are taking each other.
      So it really looks like a PR final 2 is unlikely unless someone goes back on their deal.
      What can you do, things will work out the way they do…..

  43. Jeez people! The show isn’t rigged. You can’t rig any of these competitions with any amount of certainty that a specific HG will win. You can throw in a pandora’s box with a duo twist, but there is no way of making porche choose to open it. The only rigging going on is in the edits of the tv shows that make certain HGs look like saints and others like devils. And as far as floaters are concerned…GET OVER IT!!! Floating is gameplay and takes a lot of strategy to pull off, and it works…just look at the duo of Natalie and Kevin sitting in the final 3 with Jordan in season 11. In the end this year though, I’d like to see a JAR final 3, and a RA final 2 with Rachel winning, b/c that girl has worked her butt off this year.

    1. So you think Adam, Shelly and Kahlia could have won that POV hanging off dummies of their ex partners? Come on! Only Rachel and Porsche could have won that one, and that sucks for Adam and Shelly when they are going on the block, but was really good for RJ. They could have done something like the pressure cooker from season 6 and it could have gone to anyone. It’s so rigged it is blatantly obvious. LOL at Dani’s comment about straddling her dad.

  44. Way to go Jeff for telling off Shelly. I hope there was more that we didnt see. He really should be pissed off the most at Danielle- she is the one who screwed all of the vets from the start. Mike, I watched the episode very carefully and no way did Porsche throw the comp to Adam. She is just a dumb blond and couldn’t remember any of the answers. Jordan only missed one question- Porsche missed 4 so who is more intelligent??? Go Jordan and Rachel for final 2 !!! I hope Rachel wins and Jordan 2nd even though I like JOrdan more, Rachel really deserves it this season. She finally got rid of the annoying laugh (or they edited it out better).

    1. From the looks of it Shelly stood up to him pretty well…with valid points too. Jeff is still reeling from the betrayal, but he himself betrayed BR when him and JJ voted to evict B at a time when BR neede JJ to help them out as fellow alliance members. Karma’s a biatch. He went against the original vet alliance and that was a game move on his part. Nothing wrong with that. So Shelly voted to evict him… another game move. Nothing wrong with that . Kudos to Shelly for defending herself. Love her or hate her, she had to do what she had to do.

  45. Jordan is smarter than…… uhh……

    I never thought I would ever cheer for that puerile parrot…

    If Adam/Jordan wins I don’t think I will be tuning in to BB14

  46. Was Wednesday ( tonight) live? Did anyone ever think that Adam might know what he is doing because he watched so many seasons? He know the big players would take each other out so he floated and know he knows he needs to win so he is?

  47. a) HOH was not live hence the no applause when Adam won it was taped yesterday
    b) Feeds will be back after the westcoast show airs.. at least this is what we’ve been told from CBS
    c) POV may have already happened or it might be live like the HOH was live

    1. Julie definitely said something about a “Live” something happening tomorrow and I almost wanna say she said “Live VETO Ceremony and eviction” But will they even have a VETO ceremony? She may have messed up what she was supposed to say (Just like yesterday CBS posted on Facebook to tune in “tonight” as in last night for a special eviction episode. Then 10 minutes later they corrected it to Wed night…) But She did say something about more than the eviction being live tomorrow night… I can’t imagine they will do the POV competition live… do you think? I can’t remember how it went in previous seasons… I need to rewatch the last few minutes of tonight’s broadcast…

      1. I rewatched the last couple minutes and she said tune in tomorrow to see who won the final veto competition and a special live veto meeting. Which is pretty much the live eviction. So the POV should have already gone down before tomorrow night… I would think it would be today so they have time to edit it for tomorrow…. ?????

  48. That sucks if Jordan won the POV, I really don’t want to see her in the final two. If she did, please let it be Rachel and Adam in the final two.

  49. Wasn’t a big fan of Rachel last season but she has definately matured during this season. I think she deserves the money if she gets to the final 2 with the number of comps she has won.

  50. I can’t understand why so many people think Jordan has not played the game. In the last 4 competition she came in second in three of them. In my opinion that makes her a better competitor than Adam (who is definitely a floater) and Porshe. Not only that she stuck to her alliance and was one of the nicest players in the game. So lets break it down socially she played, alliance wise she did not sway and competitions wise she came close to winning, so if that does not make you a player than I don’t know what is. So Rachel and Jordan do deserve to be the final two and even though I do like Jordan I also objectively have to admit that Rachel is by far the better player and should win big brother.

  51. Jordan is not so dumb like people think. She clearly voted for Kalia in hoping to get a jury vote, knowing full well that Rachel will vote Kalia out, leaving the blood on Rachels hand. She got revenge for Jeff by getting Shelly and Kalia out back to back, via Rachels doing all the dirty work and using Adams sympathy. And I bet it was her idea about lying to Kalia in order for her to vote out Adam, forcing Adam to switch over to their side. Kalia thought she was so smart but she definitely got outplayed by Jordan who has been gathering up Jury votes since Day 1. I am no fan of manipulators. Rachel for the win!

  52. Jeff showed how much of a jerk he is again when they showed Jury House. Boy that guy is a knob. Now come on NBC produce a copycat show and watch your ratings rocket. AG your time is done

    1. i really wish ABC,FOX,NBC or whoever, create a show and give BB a run for the money. I can guarantee BB will straighten it’s act up and get real competitors on the show

  53. Oh come on Jordan pov , no way that girl cant win anything unless its fix , did Rachel give answer to her Porcha is a better player than her and not a cry baby or puts on crazy acts , as for Adam he don’t know weather his coming or going Don’t like care for Rachel to much don’t , but she has played better this year but if it was not for Pandora? both RJ would of been gone long time let the people that play win not Jordan please think She even knows she cant play.

    1. That FT comment, along with Kalia’s, were the funniest. If you watched the Jury House bonus video, Jeff did a painting of a clown shoe with money flying away. Brendon even said he was saying Clown Shoe in his sleep. Poor Jeff. He hates clowns to begin with. I love that he does seem to have a sense of humor about it.

      I like Jeff as a person but I have heard other things that are starting to bother me, like the way he calls Jordan “stupid” and apparently has screamed at her to “shut up” several times. And Jordan/Rachel would get “in trouble” with their men if they (womenfolk) DARED talk game without them around. They are girls who are playing the game for themselves as well and they should be able to talk about game anytime they want, with or without their “men” calling the shots. But this does explain why Jordan took a back seat until Jeff was gone. And she has had good insight and game play. She was the one who screwed Kalia with her vote for Adam.

      I hope Jordan makes him do some counceling before they get married. That is no way to be treated. She is still young compared to Jeff and just needs more time and education to mature.

  54. First of all if Jordan does make it to the finals then she would deserve it just as much as any of them. Atleast Jordan actually tried in the comps. Unlike Adam who threw most of them. Is it jordans fault that people kept her in the game again? No it’s not. BB is a game but it’s also a social eXpetiment. Both seasons Jordan picked a side and stayed with that side no matter what. She doesn’t try to lose comps she’s just not good at them. If the name of the game was to win the most comps then most of the BB winners should have never won. Yes you should be competitve but It’s also about how you treat the other HGs. Would I like to see a person who wins most of the comps win in the end? Of course I would. But unless BB production changes some of the rules we will have to see a non competitor win from now on because it seems that is the formula for wInning

    Does anyone know if those in the jury house get to see everything that went on in the house including the DR comments via DVD????
    Someone made a remark that Rachel’s DR eviction trashing could come back to bite her in the ass later with the jury votes…… but if they don’t get to see those comments, then it wouldn’t matter what she says.

    1. Nope. They only see their goodbye messages

      No jury member sees the votes, or any diary room stuff until after they vote for the winner on finale night. After the votes have been cast, they usually do some kind of montage about events that have taken place that show clips from people’s DR sessions.

  56. Let me know what you all are thinking.. If the unconfirmed spoilers are true a JAR final 3 is most likely.. — JAR is the F3 is the unconfirmed spoilers are true. If they aren’t true, I hope it’s PAR.

    Who Should win based on what they did throughout the game? — Rachel, hands down. She’s won the most, her back has been against the wall numerous times, she might’ve even been the #1 target in the house once the vets surprised the newbs by entering the house. I really hope the jury votes more on game, although this is where Jordan’s charm and Rachel’s nasty GB messages could come into play.

    Who should win based on who you like? — Kalia is gone, so I’m happy with any outcome. I never thought I’d want Rachel to win after last season, but I’ve found myself pulling for her ever since she became team captain of the vets.

  57. This site used to be intwresting and afun diversion. All of the negative and judgemental postings are disturbing. I can’t understand why anyone would get so angry over a television program. Don’t watch it, if you hate it so much. Use the time and energy on something positive. Would you be able to win competitions or play the social game? It is easy to play the game in our living room. Pwrhaps next year the name of the site should be Big Brother Haters.

  58. Honestly, the contestants are stupid, I am pretty sure that the biggest target from the beginning should have been on Jordan and Dick, these people have won the game, even though Jordan might be the best on COMPS, even though she has the most innocence/stupidity/cluelessness in the game, there has to be something she is doing well to get this far. Its the other contestants fault that they didn’t evicted her prior to this surge from J.R… players like Brendan, Jeff, Dani create HUGE targets on themselves, when atone point in this game someone is not safe. Jordan may just been playing everyone in the house, and start winning the comps when it counts, and when it will allow her to go F2 and WIN AGAIN… which would suck… but it might be too late! anyways she gonna be a MILLIONAIRE thanks to BB!

  59. Adam was dumb for not using the veto on either Porsche or Kalia. That would have forced Jordan onto the block where she would have been voted out leaving Rachel all alone without a chance in playing for the HOH. If Adam was smart he could have been in the driver’s seat putting Rachel up and eventually getting her kicked if she didn’t win the POV. Best case scenario (really good scenario if he would have kicked Jordan when he had the chance) would have been him, Kalia and Porsche in the final 3 giving him a hell of alot better of a chance of winning instead of the final three of him, Rachel and Jordan.


  60. The POV was already played. Julie Chen said the LIVE VETO MEETING meaning the moment both up for eviction plead to the winner to use the veto on them

  61. Boo-Hoo, BB didn’t go the way I wanted. Boo-Hoo!! Bunch of whiners. People are still watching! Don’t be so dramatic like its the end of the world that JR may go to final 2. Personally, I’m pleased. Personality continues to win over ‘game play’. Thats life! You all will have to complain, cry and argue about something else in a couple of days..

  62. Jeff got some balls to bitch about backstabbing. He is pissed at being backstabbed by Shelly but you dont hear Brendon bitch about being backstabbed by Jeff. Brendon is more of a man than Jeff is and alot smarter too. Brendon deserves Americas fav. player win. Every season that he is in, hes always targeted first because everyone is so intimidated by him. They should have a Big Brother with nothing but strong men, and I would love to see who gets targeted then. Poor jeff is such a sore loser, dont understand why he has so many fans. Brendon should be the one with the most fans. Brendon and Rachel for the Amazing Race! Because they can both physically and mentally handle it! And Rachel definitely got Jeff back by throwing the clown shoes comp. Did you see how slow she was moving? She wasnt even trying because she knew they were after Jeff, and she wanted Jeff out. If she used POV on herself, someone else would of gone up and they might not have the votes to evict Jeff. Jeff getting mad everytime he gets evicted is hilarious.

  63. everyone hatin on adam when he did nothing wrong. because he didn’t win anything til recently and because he stayed out of all the drama for the whole season and minded his own business is why he’s final 3. notice all the drama queens are gone.member shelHE was such an asshoe her family got death threats. so hate on her if you have to hate :)
    peace out

  64. I think you all need to leav jordan alone, she plays the way she plays HONEST. shes not as stupid as you all say, shes came in close several times just because shes not physical dont mean she didn’t play the game. Porshe, and kalia stated their the toughest competitors HOW they floated til day 58!!! If its down to rachel and jordan i believe rachael should win, between adam and jordan> Jordan and just followes the power and jordan has always been honest and with her alliance…

  65. Julie just said that the live Veto is tomorrow night, so Jordan couldn’t have won it. I doubt she will win anything. Rachel has been pulling her through this game since Jeff left. As much as I don’t really care for Rachel, I think she deserves to win more than anyone left in the game. Go Rachel!!

  66. Recap:
    Shelly evicted Last Thursday by JR
    Kaila evicted Today by JRA
    Porsche will be evicted tomorrow
    I can’t wait to see Dani’s face or wet her pants. “Shocker” Dani’s Protege “Sucked”
    IDC Jordan is not coatttail anyone. Jordan team up w/Rachel that all.
    She pretend to be dumb. Don’t get any ideas. That why JR Final 2.

  67. First Simon another great job on the site bows down saying you are the man. Ok now on to the BB13 I can see where some of you could think the game was rigged it does look that way. But Porsh opened the Pandoras box I did not see prodution making her do it. She got 5 grand along with Kalia ( I still don’t think anyone knows that except them 2) Rach also opened the box and got I love me some me Jessie. As far as Jordan goes she did win won true B/J did not try to win it but if tghey did could they have beat the 3 that she had who knows and if one of them did win they would have not been able to play in the nextg HOH i say that is good game play.I think there is 2 parts to BB. One is the soc. game the other is the comp game Jordan/Adam has both played that game great. I think that it does not matter how many comps you win all that matters is you win the right ones and Adam winning this HoH was right for him and if Jordan won the veto is was right for her it makes them both go to the finnal 3

  68. If all you “marks” hate BB so much, WHY watch it?? Jordan will win it and thats ALL that matters!! Simon is hopin she didnt win POV. I was hoping for Jeff to win it all but Jordan winning it was my 2nd choice. Get over it all of the J/J haters, Jordan WILL be the champ, AGAIN!!!! CAN UUUUUUU DIG IT!!!!!!!

  69. Armchair quarterbacks are cheap. You all need to appreciate the game and game play for what it is. The game is not over. Rachel and Jordan have both been lucky, unlucky and played well to date. The jury house will select the right winner and she will deserve it. Forget about it!

  70. Jeff is a complete smartass! He was totally disgusting the way he talked down to both Shelly and Dani when they were trying to say it was just a game. Such a jerk! I hope nobody votes for him to win America’s vote. Adam is a dumbass and I’m blad Kahlia said to him at her eviction to start playing the game as a competitor and not a fan. I hope Rachel or Porsche win, not Jordan. Porsche did know the answers last night when she practiced over and over but must have had a brain fart at competition.

    1. Didn’t you watch Evel Dick’s season. He won by being a bully. It was not pleasant but he won, so it can be a good strategy. I think Jeff just wanted people to keep their word but he forgot that that is not the name of the game. You can’t trust ANYBODY, unless they are your boy/girlfriend.

  71. im really starting to think maybe adam will end up in final two….
    the only way rachel and jordan can secure themselves for final two, is if rachel and jordan do the questions one in the end.

  72. To all the Jordan haters poopy heads to you all!! She came second to a few hoh now.just because she isn’t as aggressive aother HG doesn’t mean she has not done anything. I hope she goes to final 2. Just to piss the Jordan haters out there! GO RACHEL AND JORDAN!!!!!!!!!

  73. I love how people continue to say Adam and Jordan don’t deserve to be at the end because they haven’t won many competitions…so what? This game is usually won by someone who stays under the radar, so why are the people who win a bunch of competitions and finish 7th commended for being competitors, and the people who get to final 3 are considered terrible players?? Floating is a strategy in this game, just like going in and winning all the competitions and being a great “competitor” is a strategy. The goal is to get to the end, it doesn’t matter how you get there.

  74. Rachel will get all but Jeff’s vote if it comes down to the two of them….they all respect the game enough to want the stronger more deserving player to win it all.

  75. Did anyone see Porsche do something that should of got her kicked out of BB, or get a penalty point today??? My cable provider and CBS station are at an impasse, and so my info on BB is limited to reading the sites and BBAD.

  76. I think if Jordan won the POV, then Porsche’s fate is sealed, unless Jordan realizes she might not win against Rachel in the end. Simon, how often are unconfirmed spoilers like this ever confirmed to be true?

  77. Rachel should win based on who is left. Good at comps and is a good player without brendon. To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if she were asked back for an all-stars without him. I would have loved to have seen final 4 of Brenchel dani and jeff. There would have been blood. If CBS really wanted ratings they would have rigged it for that. That would have gotten me to get live feeds today!

  78. I’ve never been a big Rachel fan but now I think she deserves to at least win some money. She has fought harder than anyone to stay in the house.

  79. Final 2 will be decided by competitions between the F3, If Jordan won Veto, F3 will be J/R/A

    I can not stand Shelly and am glad she is gone. She needs to quit talking about how much she helped everyone. She never helped anyone. J/B both told her to quit running from side to side but she kept doing it to help herself. She was there to win but why lie about it. She has lost now. Does she really believe she helped anyone? That is the one thing I wish she understood. She was not needed. She should have told them early in the day, she was changing sides. Instead she chose to lie and make it look like Adam was changlng his vote.

    I am so glad she is gone. Jeff should not have yellled at her. But if she said, I did it to win and not talk about how great a player she was and how helpful she was, she could have fun with the rest of the losers. Anyone would have made a final deal with J/J/R/A.

  80. I liked Jeff and Jordan in their first season, and still do. However, it seems fame and fortune have affected them, and not in a good way. They have gotten a little dirty this season. The veteran duo twist was also unfair to the veterans, as they were basically forced to play with one another, I don’t know that JJ, BR, and DD would have worked together otherwise. It must be difficult for all the house guests, to be in a fishbowl like that, though, having everyone analyze your every move and people saying the worst and most unfair things about you. Don’t know if I would be willing to go through that kind of scrutiny.

    1. Why bother? Dick is not eligible, I was more entertained by his show than anything else on BB. I’m positive the CBS site will be swamped by the cat people voting for Little Jeffrey. You gotta wait til they go to sleep.

  81. From Team Dani to Team Porsche to (assuming Porsche leaves) Team Rachel. Yeah…call me crazy, but if it’s a JAR Final 3, Rachel should most definitely walk away with the money. She may be a bitch, but at least she admits it. She played a good game this year and I think she would have made it this far with or without production.

  82. I can’t wait to see Dani’s Face!!!!!! “Shocker” Kaila & Porsche you two have your chance to get rid of JR and you two blew it. Too bad!!!! Dani will wet her pants and Probably be pissed off that JR just screwed KP!!!! I can see it now, Kaila w/McDonald meal at the Jury House. Yum Yum Yum Yum!!!!!! Also, Porsche probably going tomorrow as well. Have fun at the Jury House KP!!!!!!!!! That’s what you get for open your big mouths!!!!!! Bye Kaila Bye Porsche!!!!!! I will probably make a tribute to Kaila & Porsche!!!! Don’t worry JR will be in F2!!!!!!!

  83. I really wish everyone would just SHUT UP about the show being rigged, its really getting old
    I don’t like dani, kalia or porsche, but when they won hoh I did not say over and over and over again that the show is rigged

  84. Why do people think if Jordan and Rachel make the final 2 that this is the worst ending ever? So porche and Adam would be any better? Porche was the worst cast member ever. She barely had any DRs the first half of the season. And she won 1 HOH and 1 POV and really the POV was won because jeff threw his shoe out of the ball pit. The entire “Newbies” were boring as hell. The only thing that made this season interesting were the vets fighting and going after each other. And why do people think kalia getting jeff out was a huge game move but Adam getting kalia out wasn’t? You can’t say one was a huge game move and the other wasn’t because they basically did the same thing which was get out a stronger competitor. As for Adam well he’s not as dumb as everyone thinks. If you truly watched this season you knew he threw most of the competitions. You knew he was waiting to win hoh when it was the final 4. I’m pissed because he could have won and kept jeff of the block but he didn’t want to make enimies. I will say this Adams game play is very boring and I don’t like people who play that way but the fact is he played it smart so far because he’s in the final 3. If dani didn’t try to get jeff backdoored so early she would have probably been in the final 3 right now. Hopefully BB will make some changes so in years to come we don’t have a bunch of people who throw comps make it to the final 3

  85. If it was me, I would have gotten Dani, Jeff, and Jordan out the first 3 weeks. Dani and Jordan already won large amounts of money, and Jeff won America’s vote plus a trip. If it never dawned on anyone that Jordan, flew under the radar to the Finals before then isn’t that same on them? Dan, great player, made himslef look weak. Jordan sailed on through, Laine and Hayden, everyones buddy played pool all season. Maybe next year the HGs should not worry about being the best “Competitor” (jeff and Brendon) or the best “move maker” ( Dani and Shelly) maybe they should think about sitting in the final 2! However you get there, thats where the money is waiting.

  86. Does anyone else think it’s F#@cked Up that Jordan voted to evict Porsche just to gain Cowlias jury vote, leaving the blood on Ratchels hands???

      1. well although it’s still unconfirmed, apparently Kalia was pretty upset about Rachel’s good bye message? so maybe she never really cared about her vote in the first place.

  87. Looks like Porsche won the POV. Adam was talking about if Jordan goes home tomorrow and Porsche seems more happy then Rachel while playing cards..

  88. dani looked like a pile of shit tonight. I am So happy that she cannot win. POS failure as a daughter even to those closest.

  89. can Adam actually win this if he’s in the end with Porsche? I think if Porsche wins the next HOH and kicks off Jordan then Adam will still be on good terms with the J/J/B/R and that would be enough for the win correct?

  90. Best case scenario is…Rachel gets evicted because Jordon cant win any competitions so she will be sent to the jury house after Rachel leaving Adam and Porka to be the final 2 which confirms the vets worst fears that a newbie and a floater will win Big Brother 13.

  91. Please, all this vitrol toward adam, doesn’t anyone recognize that whatever his tactics, he is in the final four.
    how dumb could he really be? Is this ageism, or is he just not good looking enough for all you airheads?
    maybe floating is exactly the way to make it to the end. Sure seems to be working for him! Put aside your denial and face the truth for once.

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