TVGN After Dark Commercial Promoting the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds!

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The much anticipated Big Brother 16 2-night première kicks off tonight at 8pm on CBS. In addition, there will also be a Live Feed Kick off tonight before the première for the Big Brother 16 live feed subscribers. The Live Feed Kick off show will include Jeff Schroeder (Kick Off Host), Kevin Frazier (Co-host, The Insider) and Andy Herren (Big Brother 15 winner). They will break down the cast, twists, and more! Make sure you signup for the live feeds TODAY because the live feeds go back up to the regular price tomorrow, June 26th!

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TVGN has released a couple of new promotional commercials for Big Brother After Dark which in my opinion promote the unedited / uncensored live feeds more than anything.
In the first commercial is of Julie Chen states:

“Big Brother After Dark is really for the hard core big brother fan because it can get pretty wild! You just have to see it for yourself! I guess what I am trying to say is that this season of big brother after dark is going to be F**KING AWESOME!” “Big Brother after dark premieres Thursday at 1am/12c commercial free on TVGN!”

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In the next commercial TVGN is again promoting the list of words that you won’t hear on BBAD by having each of the house guests say swears that they’ll be bleeping out.

“And now here is this seasons big brother contestants with a list of words you wont hear on Big Brother After Dark. Joey Van Pelt “F#&@!” Brittany Martinez “S*&$!” Amber Borzotra “C*&@!” Paula Shea “WAAA” Hayden Voss “C*&^SUCKER! Frankie Grande “MotherF!#$ER! Zack Rance “I love these words!” “Big Brother After Dark premières Thursday at 1am/12c commercial FREE only on TVGN!” Cody Calafiore “F&^% YEAH!” Frankie “F&^% YEAH!” Brittany “F&^% YEAH!”

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List of people who won’t be watching BBAD… every fan that’s annoyed with TVGN’s unnecessary censorship for a live show.


Yeah that is fuckin lame.