Big Brother 16 Spoilers Backyard House Guest Photos – Girls Vs Boys!


PHOTO COMPARISON Of the Big Brother 16 GIRLS Vs the Big Brother 16 BOYS!

CBS just released a short video of the first 8 house guests competing in the very first HOH competition of the season called “Go Fly a Kite!”. The video was released to promote the 2-Night Big Brother 16 Première that starts tomorrow night at 8pm, followed by the second premiere on Thursday night at 9pm on CBS! In addition, CBS has released the usual backyard photos of the Big Brother 16 house guests with a bit of a twist this season. Usually the house guests photo is of all of the house guests in the backyard together but these first released photos show the boys separated in one photo and all of the girls in the other photo. True to previous seasons the house guests are all wearing their swim suits. There is also a new promotional commercial below of the house guests singing …

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Photo source: Zap2it

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Jimmy 64

I hope it’s not the battle of the sexes I hate when they
do that.


It doesn’t seem to be BUT the way they lined everyone up during that HoH comp. All the men and women grouped together and even Frankie positioned closest to the women. I’m guessing those three guys at the very end are toast.


I think i know this years twist! Frankie’s not there for the money, he’s there for attention!

King Silva


With that bathing suit I can see why you think that is the twist. -_-


I hate recruits but I think Frankie will be hilarious in the DR


There is a little difference between annoying and hilarious


Do they have to always have one gay guy, one black male one black female and one cowboy?

Brit Brat

I agree….every year BB completely ODs on the typecasting


Got my money on Zach, Joey and Frankie on winning this HoH


I think Frankie is gonna be a huge drama queen and have a mean streak. He could prove me wrong but we’ll see.


Amber’s donut swim suit suggests a sense of humor I wasn’t expecting


Why is the only hot guy this year derrick. Usually theres at least two cute guys in the house but the last two seasons have each only had one cute guy. Last season was Judd this season is derrick


Derrick is also a Major BB fan live feeds and all.. could be a fav 😉