McCrae to Amanda “I’m telling you she’s not going to stay.. your holding onto a sinking ship”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


1:28pm HOH Aaryn and Kaitlin
Aaryn talking about how Amanda came up to the HOH last night and told her and Jeremy how they are being portrayed on the show. Jeremy is being portrayed as an A$$hole and she is being portrayed a b!tch. Amanda told them there is no way they are getting MVP. Amanda thinks McCrea or herself will get them. Aaryn: “She was like Y’all don’t have the votes we have the votes y’all are both the biggest targets in this house”
Kaitlin: “Why would she do that”
Aaryn: ‘I don’t know she’s trying to scare us into being on her side”
K: “Was McCrae there”
A: ‘No.. he would have lost hi Sh1t”
K: “Did you tell MC”
A: “no”
K: “I will”
Aaryn thinks Amanda was saying that to tell aaryn that she would probably be friends with everyone in the house because she’ll probably never get MVP.
K: “She has no control over who gets MVP and why would she get MVP”
A: “I know.. it makes me feel like sh1t”
Aaryn: “Elissa’s votes have nothing to do with her being a valuable player.. it’s who she is”

1:40pm Elissa in the backyard


1:50pm HOH Aaryn, Jeremy and Andy

Andy says even if Nick goes it’s not devastating. Aaryn is glad it’s Nick being nominated because Nick is so smart he will be able to figure out how to stays.

Jeremy says “that side” of the house is getting really sketched out, Elissa wants to make a deal “she’s throwing you all under the bus”
Andy: “what do you mean what side “
Jeremy: “the people that are coming after us “
Andy: “like Helen “
Jeremy: “No she’s cool with us”

Jeremy says it was Elissa, he just wants Andy to know he’s got going through with the deal that was offered.
Jeremy: “This is why we need her out of the house”
Jeremy tells him that ‘Texas don’t f*** around” they are solid whereas the other group isn’t they are already throwing him under the bus..

Judd joins them “kusdfh lkajsdfhg klasrjhgklsadfjhg ksadljfgh sdfaksadk” (I fell asleep.. i never sleep so much)


1:50pm Cockpit Helen and Spencer
Spencer is saying if Amanda goes up she will get voted out Elissa has the power to stay this week. Spencer adds that they need to get the flip flopper out of the group. Helen will talk to Elissa.

Helen says that Nick has a final two deal with Jeremy. Spencer says that Week 2 the least thing you should be worried about is final 2 deals.

Spencer saying that Amanda is dangerous the best thing for their alliance is to get Amanda out. He says that Amanda is going to jump ship they will lose the numbers and the strength they have the power to get her out now.
Spencer: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda tried to reform the 7 on the other side with Elissa being weaponized”
Spencer: ‘Amanda is the poison in the well right now” he points out how MCrae is under her control.
S: “She’s flirty and takes dirty.. big titty buxum brunette”

They start talking about Nick being Dan’s relative.
Spencer: “I dunno maybe
Helen: “We have to assume he is based on what Elissa knows.. I have figured it out.. “
Spencer: ‘You figured it out”
Helen: “yup I went to Diary last night..based on everything we know”


2:04pm cam 1-2 Bedroom Spencer and McCrae

MC: “Jer said people are gunning for me and Amanda”
S: “They are”
MC: ‘Whats up with that”

S: “People see you as the king and queen of the this side of the house and everybody trusts you but nobody trusts Amanda.. they are not gunning for you they are gunning for her “
S: “She’s always scheming”
Spencer explains the story “you are going to flip to the otherside and possible pull Elissa and target us”
Mc: “Amanda is doomed anyways”
S: “We have to do what is best for the moving company”


2:10pm Have nots Jeremy and Amanda

Jeremy: “Regardless if it’s true or not three people came to me this morning and are trying to make side deals to kick your A$$ up on MVP and throw you out”

Jeremy: “They are telling me to keep Elissa and throw you out..It’s been nobody on my side.. they say you are the puppet master and they want you gone”

Jeremy: “I’m trying to let you know that you might not be on the right side of people right now.. we have the strong players this is the time to jump on”
Jeremy adds that they are saying they are saying Amanda is throwing nick and him under the bus telling people they have a final 2 deal.

Jeremy says it was two females and one male.. Jeremy adds that they are saying they trust McCrea but not you and think if they get rid of Amanda they can get mcCrae back on their side
Jeremy: “If you want to jump on board with a strong team then do it now.. “
Amanda asks if it was Helen.
Jeremy: “No but they did say Helen was on board”
Amanda : “Spencer howard? “
Jeremy says it wasn’t howard it was spencer and one more
Amanda Candace
(So it was Candace, Elissa and Spencer)
Someone is at the door so Jeremy hides (See picture below)

Amanda: “I’m with you 100% we’re all strong and the best looking”
J: “For sure”


Howard is telling Nick that Spencer and Jeremy are making a play to see if Amanda will go up. He still wants to get Elissa out this week.
Nick: “It’s better for me if Elissa goes home”
Nick: “Right now Elissa is stirring up all this sh!t about me”
Howard: “Elissa out is best for me to”
Howard points out that everyone is going to be targeting Amanda next week.
Nick: ‘Dude whatever it takes whatever the Moving Company needs”
Nick’s boot list is Elissa, Amanda, Helen, Candace and then they can widdle down their girls.
Nick: “We need to get rid of the ones we have the least influence with.. this is why Spencer needs to get closer to Helen”
Howard: “Helen doesn’t have the power it’s Elissa.. but I would rather Elissa go home of course but i’m scared Amanda is sleeping with McCrae every day”


2:41pm Helen, McCrae and Amanda

Amanda asks Helen if what Jeremy said is true. Helen is saying that she is not on board with getting Amanda out that someone is lying to Jeremy. Helen starts in on her Nick is the cousin of Dan and he’s gotta go because he’ll win all the MVP’s

Helen says that Spencer was suggesting they put someone in their alliance up with the MVP. She told him no F*** way. Helen is concerned about Spencer but right now they need him.
Helen is saying she telling Elissa to put up Nick, “I can control Elissa to the point of making sure that third nominee isn’t one of us”
Helen leaves
McCrae :”Do not talk to anyone.. you are on everyone’s radar right now”
Helen comes back says that Nick will win MVP and they will never have a chance to get him out. Helen leaves again

McCrea: ‘Everything is going to be alright.. just listen to me.. we’ll be fine”
Amanda: “I don’t trust Jeremy”
MC: ‘We ahve to we have to go with them..”
McCrae: “If Spencer is the shady one we don’t have the votes anymore”
McCrae: “I’m telling you she’s not going to stay.. ”
A: “You, me, Andy, Howard, Judd.. who else.. would Spencer be the only one?” (To vote out Elissa)
MC: “Do not whisper to anyone today.. your plan for today is not to talk to anyone you are the shadiest person next to Nick”
A: “I want ELissa to stay”
MC: “She’s not going to stay.. if one person turns we don’t have the votes anymore”
MC: “She’s not going to stay I’m telling you she’s not going to stay.. the best thing is to vote her out
McCrea: “You are holding on to a sinking ship

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A$$hole #1

Amanda holding on tight to that failure of a Reilly..


I don’t see what was so great about the original Reilly lol

A$$hole #1

Original Reilly was a beast in competitions and a fun train-wreck to watch…

Let’s fact facts here, the only reason Elissa got on the show because CBS was desperate for Rachel to come back, but she stated she didn’t want to do the show again.. So they thought maybe, Elissa a fan of BB would have that same emotional train-wreck/beast in competitions appeal to bring the ratings in, but she’s a dud.

A$$hole #1


Chilltown Fan

Rachel was a comp. queen, but was bad strategically and socially in the game. Dick ranks people like Rachel and Janelle highly, while he $hits on Dan and Boogie. I’m the opposite of ED, I value social and strategic play ahead of comp. king/queens. Rachel was one of the worst winners, in my opinion. I rank Jordan higher than Rachel because she had a better social game than Rachel, and I rank Jordo pretty low too. Elissa doesn’t have Rachel’s comp. queen prowess nor does she have a good social game.


Amanda: “I’m with you 100% we’re all strong and the best looking”

I’m slowly learning to dislike you, Amanda

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

I am so confused!! Where is Spencer, Jeremy, and McCray’s head at? The MC seems stable but unstable.. Is Nick still going up? Is it Amanda going up? In conclusion which group of people seem the strongest right now? Help please!!


Looks like Nick is going up for sure, but the MC is 100% for Elissa leaving.


I dunnno, but I think McManda showmance is on the kaputs.


Ha, and there goes Spencer…everyone put it together and realized he’s the liar. Amanda, Candice, Helen, Andy, and Elissa realize that there is a boys alliance in the house and Spencer is the mole…looks like MC is going downhill fast.


Jeremy is goofy… Idk why he thinks he’s beautiful lol


His name is not Jeremy. it’s Eddie Munster.


I looking forward for next week that Aaryn will be evicted and whole entire audience heavily booed for her. Julie Chen will probably confront her about the racial remarks and have zero tolerance of racism.


For Nick to go, all Amanda, Andy, Candice, and Judd have to do is lure in McCrae (which Amanda could probably boss him into voting their way) and work on Jessie.


MANda will soon be toast as she has overplayed, and is too arrogant, and overly annoying, mean spirited and bitchy…serves her right…she has made herself a big target


Moving company puttin in work

Poon Hammer

McPizza Boy is gonna get eaten by Amanda. She will pick her teeth with one of his femurs.

Just WiL

simon/dawg. sometimes u guys put the wrongs names up when you are telling us who is having a conversation..and it leaves me confused when i actually read the conversation and I have to reread it. Like the last convo, it has Candace’s name, but she’s not in the conversation,lol. Just an observation. Thx for all the work you guys put into this site. Been riding with you guys for four seasons strong!


only reason why Amanda wants to keep Elissa is because she wants MVP, and she wants to make it seem like she’s on Elissa’s side to get America’s votes
good work

A$$hole #1

Yea, America, is pretty stupid voting for Elissa to get MVP, when she’s being used and abused by the enemies… NVM, keep Elissa, this is hilarious…


Simon, do you agree that the others are underestimating Helen right now as far as being a strong player in this game? I think if Amanda wasn’t so vocal some attention would go Helen’s way.


This house is so paranoid. Everyone in the house is starting to distrust Nick, but for all the wrong reasons. This, “he’s Dan’s cousin!” nonsense is getting on my last nerve. If he does go home, I’m going to have a hard time watching this season. No one else in the house is really impressing me with their gameplay. Most of the girls simply acted like hoes and are hiding behind men, and most of the men are so stupid that they think they can compete their way (or in howard’s case, float their way) through the game while having zero social game.


.Howard is loyal to the moving company.Do you consider a house guest that’s loyal to an alliance a floater?


Not to sound argumentative, if you like Howard’s gameplay you’re entitled to feel that way, but yeah I do. He may not be a floater in the traditional sense of shifting towards the power, but he’s contributed nothing of value to his alliance other than his vote.

Enzo was a major floater in season 12. The brigade all had their side alliances, but anyone who paid attention knew that Matt did the most work to get the brigade as far as they got (which is exactly what got him evicted, he was the brains and they knew he’d outsmart them in the end-I’m waiting for the same thing to happen to Nick). Hayden had Rachel and Brendon’s ear, and Lane had Brit…what did Enzo do? He sat around and did a whole lot of nothing. He rightfully got 3rd for his lack of participation, but “loyalty” to his alliance.

Likewise, Jordan was very loyal to her alliance, but again, what moves did she really pull off? While I was glad she won her initial season, I’d love for anyone to tell me what real strategy she utilized that didn’t involve sitting in a bikini by the pool and voting the way Jeff (and then michelle) told her to.


all of this confusion has be lol the house inturmoil elissa trying to fight her ass of … this is sweet i likie ha ha ha


.Is the veto ceremony today or Monday?


For me nick is by far the strongest player this season. He is quietly manipulating everything. Howard and Helen could both be good, calm players too – Howard will be interesting if/when mc falls apart. Aaryn is politically incorrect and all but she is hot. She looks like someone from a soap opera.

yoga stretch

I don’t have the live feeds, so is it true that Amanda, Candice, Helen, Andy, and Elissa realize that there is a boys alliance?
Why don’t they get together and start convincing some others…
I would like to see the Moving Company (all five) get played – big time!

A$$hole #1

GiGi might start playing hard if Nick goes… a Rampaging Gigi and Jeremy + potential DRAMA = Ratings boost… maybe??


Jermy is vile…..these alliances are imploding…everyone is suspicious of everyone…..I was hoping to see Nick leave this week, but maybe for Elissa’s mental health it would be better if she leaves….I wanna see Amanda win HOH this week and MVP…..they need to get rid of some of the sewer rats: Jermy, Aryan Nation, even dingy Ginamarie……the so called smart strategerists are gonna be going home early while the dingy floaters will be sailing to the end….Is McCrae down with getting rid of Amanda too ? wtf ?


Interesting that they think Nick could be related to Dan… from the begining I have sort of thought maybe others are relatives of past house guests as well. Like maybe Jeremy is related to Dr. Will or Evil Dick or something. I don’t know but it seems like there might be something to it.

Ranger and Tonto movie is a bust

I wonder if Jeremy celebrated Independence Day on the fourth, when he and his people got liberated.

George Zimmerman

Amanda is playing Mcrae, she is not interested in him at all, she is just using him. By the way both of them have pu$$ies, Amanda is a lesbian and Mcrae is a coward.


Aaryn is the popular girl everyone hates… Ick.

I wish production would tell Helen and Elissa about MC so we can see some women dominating because honestly all the others are too dumb

A$$hole #1

OMFG, I fucking HATE, the HOH dedications it’s so phony..

At least Aaryn Nation and her Bigot Bunch are getting the edit they deserve….


Before Bb15 started, there was a rumor floating around
that Dan’s brother may be on. Dan just retweeted the
conversation that Helen and Elissa had about Nick being
related to him. Dan didnt comment at all when others asked
If it was true. Dan’s Mist lives on!

A$$hole #1

Damn Jeremy and Nick can both get into 3somes in the BB house Nick got Gigi and Jessie, and Jeremy got Aaryn Nation and Katlin….. Better take full advantage of that shit….


Aaryn makes me physically ill and Jeremy is a pig, can’t wait for these 2 to be GONE!