The Moving Companies Next play “That C****’s gotta go this week, We need to get MVP to break up the 7″

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


1:50pm Lounge Spencer, Jer, Howard and Aaryn

Spencer mentions how horrible Elissa did in the POV competition.

Jeremy says that Helen had a really good strategy about knotting up the rope, “I was like shit that’s smart.. But I didn’t noticed until I was finished..” Jeremy thinks that Helen knotting the rope must have took too much time but it was still a good idea.

Spencer: “That C****’s gotta go this week”
J: “Yes she does and if she doesn’t I’m coming after them like a vendetta”
Spencer tells them the next HOH will probably be A or B or Majority.

Jeremy really wants Elissa gone this week and he’s going after whoever doesn’t vote her out. “I’m sick of the negative vibe she’s putting out”
Howard: ‘I just hate the fakeness.. it’s all fake”
Jer: “Ya.. I didn’t like the personal attacks against my mom“

Spencer: “She thinks she’s better than us because her husband has all that money. she asks like she’s slumming it here.” Spencer brings up comments that Elissa makes about having to eat all the processed foods in the house.
Aaryn brings up that Elissa wanted to be in an alliance with her day one and now they are enemies.
Howard: “I think she got intimidated because she wasn’t the prettiest woman in the house”
They all agree..
Spencer: “Dude she’s far from it”
(2:01:47) Jeremy: “I would fu** a bag before I f-***d her “
Spencer: “Andy “
Jeremy: “No”


2:05pm Lounge The Moving COmpany minus McCrae

Nick tells them that wearing that head band was “Clultch” if he didn’t have it on sweat would be “All up in his grill”
Nick says he has a crazy story to tell them about what Elissa told him. It’s going to blow their mind.
Spencer: “Elissa’s gotta go”
Jeremy: “Bro she’s gotta go”
Nick: “Oh trust me bro.. you have no idea.. we’re good don’t worry”
Jeremy saying he got buzzed last night and it’s given him wine farts.
Spencer tells Jeremy to not drink the alcohol next time, “Give it to the ladies so they get f*** up and show some T!tties”


McCrae and Spencer
Did she know about the MVP
McCrae: “Ya.. f***k I don’t want her to talk.. cause she’s going to say something that gets us in shot”
Spencer: “Dude the 7 has to be broken up somehow”
He wants Elissa out so a member of the MC can win MVP and HOH and they can have 3 people from the 7 up on the block where they will decide which one goes home.
McCrea: “MC plus Amanda”
Spencer: “YUP”
They are not worried about Candice’s vote since it’s not needed. Spencer says they need to break up the 7 so it regroups


2:30pm HOH Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy

Jeremy had told Amanda that he knows she wants Elissa around and if Elissa stays this week Jeremy is coming after her. Aaryn says Amanda feels safe with Elissa here because she can beat her, “Elissa is on Amanda’s team.. until now”
Kaitlin is worried they don’t have the votes because she’s sure she’s going up on the block.

Aaryn tells them to stop saying Elissa is the target because otherwise the house will keep her to keep them occupied.

Jeremy: “Triple thrusts”
Aaryn: “no its triangle of thrust “
Jeremy leaves
Kaitlin says that Nick and Elissa must have made a deal before the Power of Veto competition because he wouldn’t give Kaitlin the details about it. Aaryn asks who was in the room. Kaitlin says Jessie and her. Aaryn: ‘He doesn’t trust Jessie”
Kaitlin says it takes all her willpower to not rip Jeremy’s clothes off. Today when he was pacing around it really turned her on.
Jeremy comes back with food

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never heard a bunch of foul mouth losers in my life, its like they are 10 years old and earned their first swear words, CBS did a lousy job, show should be canceled.


The ratings keep going down and sponsors will pull. Ratings are going to take a nosedive once Elissa goes. CBS… you had an opportunity to nip this in the bud but gambled in hopes that the attention these maggots of society were giving you would bring higher ratings… ummm… CBS, dont go to Vegas. I hope America makes it so that this will be the first season ever cancelled. Hey.. anyone know where Jerm’s boat is docked? It’d be great if their was a wet skidmark all over it when he got home.

Killer K

Cancelled season? That’s crazy talk! Last time I checked the ratings were low and that’s WITH Elissa …if anything was a bad idea it was bringing her into the house to begin with! There’s no way she’d carry the show……No more Rachel! We’ve seen two seasons of her on BB, one season of AR and now her sis? That’s about enough of the lovefest for Rachel Riley …we get it AG….you love her….problem is, not many others do……not to mention what game does Elissa even have? It’s gonna take more than feeling sorry for her for me to give her any credit….

ashli rae

I don’t want the show cancelled. I love BB! Even when the cast sucks lol. The game rocks.

Micah Dawson

These people are so disgusting. I wanted Elissa to go so far, not just because she is rachel’s sister but because she and Helen and Judd and Candice and even Jesse are the only decent people in this game.


why does the house hate Elissa? Is it from all the drama Aaryn talked the first week about her? I haven’t been able to watch the feeds 🙁 (inlaws have been in town since the day after the premiere) so I am not sure why she is SO hated. What I really can’t understand is why the guys are just as bad as the girls? What is up with this house, they (the majority) are absolutely horrible. I was excited about this summer, new cast- even if Rachel’s sister was on it, but I don’t think I want to pay too much attention to it. Aaryn and Jeremy have got to go.


if you were a house guest surely you would want a fair chance at winning mvp

with elissa gone that has a better chance of happening

again mvp is supposed to go to the best player each week

Pete Petersen

They hate Elissa because she’s a producer plant who has basically been handed a major advantage created specifically for her. I can understand the others’ resentment to this and their ostracizing her because of it.

This doesn’t excuse their overall nastiness/sleaziness, of course. But Elissa should have known this going in.


I really don’t know what to think about this season. I love bb so I really want to continue watching it, but I don’t think I can. If I was in the house all hell would break loose. I would not take any sh*t from these as*holes. Aaryn and Jeremy are the absolute worst. I can not stand Aaryn, coming in I was like “oh she is adorable, a cute little texas girl” but then she opened her mouth and her true colors really started to show. I saw someone post and I have to agree I hope Elissa gets evicted this week and Helen self-evict. I will then have absolutely no reason to watch this HORRIBLE season. Negativity spreads like wildfire and Aaryn and Jeremy are heading it up.

Oh and it p*ssed me off that Julie didn’t say a word about what has been said in the house. She should have come out with a statement like ” I know some viewers have been offended of what has been said inside the house, but they are not views that I or CBS share….” IDK something but when they don’t say something it is like they are condoning it.

What a bunch of f*cking loser cast members. Yuck


Man, I absolutely HATED Rachel. I couldn’t stand her voice, her expressions, her laugh, UGH! I hated that laugh. But I am actually rooting for Elissa. I think more so because I can’t stand the little “teenage” crew and want to tick them off as much as possible.

Roisin Dubh

Howard’s a floater. Such a letdown.


Howard has clearly picked a side.


We’re watching very different games. Howard is in the perfect spot. He has a secret alliance that’s running the game, in which he has his voice, while publicly to the house, everybody is a bigger target from his group. Jeremy is seen as the fool, Spencer is seen as the gameplayer, Nick is seen as the schemer, McCrae is seen as controlled by his showmance.

The goal of the game is not to be seen as the mastermind on the live feeds, the goal is to be the last man standing, and Howard has minimized his risk and maximized his chances for victory. For my money, the only true floaters are Andy, Jessie, and Judd. They float for survival, not strategy.

Roisin Dubh

H’s floating, you are giving him way too much credit and I like the guy, but he’s a floater. He’s making his votes on majority rules and he’s even said it. If that ain’t floating, I don’t know what is.


What? How? ‘cuz he’s not making moves every two seconds that leave him exposed, considering that he’s already been covered from almost all sides? Don’t floaters usually migrate to the power? Where’s Howard? Waaaayyy far away.


This is totally irrelevant and should be unnecessary, but because I see so many comments that feel compelled to negatively remark on it, that I just want to say: Every single woman in the house is SUPREMELY physically attractive…now personalities are a very different story, but if you showed me a picture of any of these ladies, all I would say is WOW!

It would just be nice if fans could have their favorites, their opinions, their theories, and deliver them without having to take low blows, the types of petty and immature low blows that so many in the house are far too fond of.


You clearly don’t know what a floater is. You seem to think floater means someone who doesn’t take part in the action.

But there is no question Howard is firmly on the side of the Moving Co. And he may in fact be their leader. But he does not allow himself to get involved in the social clashes.

If you re-watch the 10th season, considered Dan Ghesling’s masterpiece, Dan followed the same plan as Howard. Pick a side. Lay low. Get involved in the mid-game.


Anyone that thinks production is on Elissa’s side can eat crow now. Not only was this veto not catered for her like most of Dani’s HoH comps 2 seasons ago. But let’s never forget that the current HOH cheated to win, and made no reservations about who they were targeting.

Very simple stuff here folks.

Time Will Tell

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet….


You are certainly right, I’m just sick of hearing people assume Production is going to save her. Maybe, maybe not. We just need to be honest here about what’s really going on.


Are you joking? Production not only saved Rachel in her season by rigging the Pandora’s Box that when open re-activated the duo twist, but they also catered at least 3 comps to her… They also did that for Dani, most of season 13 was heavily rigged in favor of the Vets. Remember Shelly Moore(straight shooter) she was vying to get Rachel out the house, and then she got called in the DR and they convinced her to save Rachel by putting Lawon up, there was no reason to do that, it didn’t help her game at all…. Production even tried to save Dan by having Ian use his newly won POV to save him, but he told them No, so they created a Pandoras Box with a Golden POV, which Jen won, and they got her to use it on him, check out Evel Dick’s twitter for the he had Ian on as a guess.. They do manipulate the game in any way they can in favor of certain HGs.

If Production wanted to save someone they can and will do it. But they can’t make it too obvious or they risk being completely exposed. Elissa said herself, that this POV was made for a girl, and Jeremy won that shit, so now they’re scrambling to see if they could get the HGs to save her.


Forgot to add

Most of season 13 was rigged in favor of the Vets, UNTIL they started taking each other out, and gave way to comp wins for the newbs. Had the Vets stayed together, it would’ve been a clean sweep with t final 4 being all vets.


COME ON – BB has and always will be about production and their pet – where have you been – you can’t really think this is real…


Very simple – BB will do what it can to save their favorite – guys, that’s what BB is, and has been about.


How did they cheat to win HOH?


Elissa will likely be gone this week, her best chance to stay is too put Nick up. Going forward I m not a fan of GM or Spencer I would like them to get the boot next.


Wow, why does the girl have to be called a c*nt? I don’t even see where Elissa seems to be that great in comps yet. And it’s not like she’s in their with a bunch of out of shape people etc.Other than the MVP and being Rachel’s sister it seems like a lot of hate. If a whole group is going to go in on one person it should at least be based off that person’s actions. I don’t even see where Elissa has a threatening social game. It doesn’t help that she came in with a target on her back. But not being able to read what to say and who to say it to. Elissa also strikes me as a type of girl who is used to using her looks. So I don’t imagine the game even really being starting to kick in for her until after week 4 or something. But by that time she’ll be gone because unless she plays some mind or social strings I don’t see how she would survive with their being so much animosity against her. I would like to see her try this next week to do what she can. But I think it would be worth a try to try to get some of the girls on her side or try to get them to see that at the end of the day they are at the bottom of the totem pole. The men in the house will probably only use to advance and than dump them one by one if they can. What’s interesting is that Rachel may be Elissa’s sister but Rachel didn’t play the game by herself. She played with Brendon and then with Brendon and Production. Well, if Elissa does go this week. I wouldn’t doubt if they find a way to bring she and Rachel back on the same season or something since someone seems to be obsessed with Rachel. And I’m sure they are thinking of ways to bring her back again.


Please keep in mind that this is not a defense, rather just what I see as an explanation: People who aren’t used to competing often feel compelled to vilify the opponents they’re trying to beat. Elissa became a target because of her sister and the belief that with the MVP, she would have a built in fan base voting for her. Now I think their was opportunity that most HG’s missed, but it is not without reason that some felt threatened by this power (coincidentally, those who believe production created the MVP to help Elissa should also realize that the very creation of MVP helped ensure Elissa would be a target for eviction). So once those who felt threatened decided Elissa had to go, rather than just playing the game, they needed extra justification. They needed to make Elissa more than an opponent, they needed her to be the enemy and then ultimately a bad person.

I work in a competitive office. There are a dozen of us, many competing for the same business (and money). I’m always fascinated by my colleagues and their need to make certain guys “villains”. We’re all just working, trying to make a living and support our families…but some guys have to make it about more than that. So when they do something underhanded, in their mind, it’s justified because it’s not just competing for business, it’s good vs evil. Now in my opinion, this need is very immature. And if you look at the mean girls, Jeremy, etc, I can’t imagine maturity would be a descriptive term anybody would ever reach for.

I think this dynamic is the same reason that we see past BB enemies become friends shortly after their season ends. The second you remove competition from the dynamic of any relationship, especially among those who lack maturity, more often than not harmony will ensue. I see it with my nieces. They are loving sisters…until I break out Candyland and then all hell breaks lose, but when we go back to building legos, they work in perfect unison. Of course my nieces are 4 and 5 years old, but I think the analogy still holds…


You are on point!


master Observer, You Are, You Are!!! Bet If You Tried Out For The Show, They Wouldn’t Let You on


Wind bag! No one wants to read a book!


they actually created the mvp so elissa could at least survive the first week, which is what happened, knowing the house guests would figure out who she is and target her

they probably had a strong feeling alliances would try do a deal with her to use her power and keep her safe, which also happened, but now the house is wanting her gone because they want a shot at the mvp themselves


Elissa has to go so the game can get moving. Don’t know where her ” fans ” come from. Kinda make me puke a little. Her lips are done identically to Rachel’s pout. Yuk! Hilarious the way both of them turn that child’s pout on.


Is your last name Gries?


Nope, just couldn’t stand Rachel or ding bat Brenden. If Elissa will be MVP each time it takes the fun out of the game. 😉
Actually, so far, I am rooting for Helen. You probably have a problem with that too huh? Geez, I think if you have that much of a problem with the scum on this years show….turn the channel. It is so simple. I like the banter and different opinions in the posts.


Ummm apparently you don’t.


I doubt anyone of MC will get MVP I’d rather give it to Helen just because the rest of this house are trash.


Personally, I don’t think anyone outside of the MC would get MVP.


I have never loathed so people in the BB house as I do this season……past seasons maybe 1 or 2…this season it’s 9 or MVP votes will be going to Helen or Andy now…..I don’t want any of the other sociopaths to get it …..Spencer is a pig as well as Ringworm man…..I’m disgusted by these people…only reason to stick around is to see them humiliated later….no human being deserves the treatment that Elissa got..don’t care who she’s related to


Why is it that only the girl have lost their jobs because of what they say. Why isn’t there any petitions to get Jeremy or Spencer fired from their jobs. They are just as bad. Spencer is always insulting women and Jeremy is the worst kind of bully.


I heard there was so homeless people having hobo sex on Jerm’s boat while he is away. Sigh… well… I guess I didn’t hear that, just hoping that it’s happening.


Jeremy has a job?


I agree!!! someone please correct me if I am wrong but aside from the racism/homophobia, when was the last BB season where the men we sooo misogynistic and crass! calling women broads and c**ts like it’s nothing, sure guys from past seasons talk about the women’s attractiveness/hotness/bodies – but the particularly way these men do it comes off seamy and primitive. I ‘m a little shocked.


I agree, but I think it’s because the jobs Aryan and Gina hold are highly dependent on PR and to continue their working relationships with those two witches would damage their reputations/brand/image. Spencer’s railroad conducting or whatever his job is could probably care less.
However, that doesn’t change the fact that he is still an awful person. I mean you know I get that they might all be threatened because she keeps getting MVP and because her sister won the show before but I mean what has she deserved to be called a c*nt? I mean really I don’t get it. You can not like her that’ fine but its just sickening

Dawn Boone

I have loved Big Brother but I cannot believe what has come out of the mouth of these people! Nsow Spencer has decided to call a women the worst thing u could call us I wonder how his Mom and girlfriend like it. Then once again GM keeps using
the word “retarded “. This cast has shown so any forms of discrimination. I will be cancelling my live feeds and may not continue to watch. I think us fans need to take a stand!

ashli rae

I’m really sick of Spencer calling women c**** I can’t believe it doesn’t offend the ladies in the house. I know I would have said something to him the first time I heard it come out of his mouth. Elissa’s days are numbered and that’s fine with me. I want to see someone else get the mvp. Put it all back on a level playing field. The MC should see Jeremy as a threat and get him out as soon as they can. None of them will beat him in the comps.

Join TheFun

Spencer is another house guest that’s going to lose his job. The guy is degrading women on to many occasions. First Spencer says he pokes them then moves on to the next female. That might be true…and that’s how you want to handle your relationships. However, Spencer do you realize how that comes across on TV. It seems that you are a user of women. Next, at every opportunity he calls Elissa a cunt. Spencer you will be joining the unemployment line with Aaryn and Gina. Can you imagine a female that works with Spencer at the rail yard. Female rail yard worker upon seeing Spencer: He doesn’t respect me, he thinks this is job is only for men……and that I am a cunt. Yep its going to be difficult for Spencer to work at the rail yard after BB.

Roisin Dubh

Let’s be real, Spencer couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a pocket full of $100 bills. That’s why he talks about women the way he does.


Jeremy is such an F’ing animal. Seriously. And not the domesticated, house broken type.


I really hope Elissa does leave. wait… wait… standby… BECAUSE, that house is horrible. It will only bring her down to their level, get out now and you will get attention from other shows. Leave those pitbulls (actually, that’s an insult to pitties…) to fight with each other. Helen will probably self evict… actually, I hope the ones with dignity all self evict and stick it to CBS. Now THAT would be awesome. Then they can be on the outside and see what those miserable excuse for human beings have in waiting for them. How satisfied is Elissa when she turns on her internet and news this week.


Great point!


I know every time she’s on the feeds I keep thinking ugghhh elissa you would be so much happier at home with your child and your husband, you don’t need this. personally, at my age (32) I would be offended to have to spend time away from my family to deal with people like aaryn, Jeremy, and ginamarie (who is my age!)


I don’t care if Elissa goes home, I just want Jeremy out of the game, I’ve never hated a house hurt as much as him and Aaryn.


i understand this is Big Brother and this is a game, but really.. Spencer/Jeremy/Aaryn/GinaMarie need a reality check on life
like you’re being watched 24/7, how do you not stop for a second and think about what you’re saying
and did i miss something, why is Elissa receiving all these personal attacks from the housemates when she hasn’t done a thing
attack her game play, not her character.


Her character is what won her americas vote. this twist is designed for her, thats what is so f@#$#@d up. She has to go.


It’s obvious that Spencer & Jermy don’t respect women… hear that Spencer likes to ” eff ” women and then he’s done with them ? He is a gross slob……hope their families are viewing the vitriol that they spew against women ….hope Spencer receives the same fate as the other bigots and gets canned from his job!


no one in the house will say it to spencer’s face, but let’s be honest here, no woman is effing spencer. just look at him.

yoga stretch

Spencer tells Jeremy to not drink the alcohol next time, “Give it to the ladies so they get f*** up and show some T!tties”

This guy is unreal – does he seriously think he has a chance at MVP? or anyone in the MC?
Not likely.


I just don’t think I can stand to read this crap anymore. Spencer is a vulgar and disgusting pig. Most of the other so-called men are being so disrespectful to these girls (and I don’t even like most of the girls!). I loathe these people. I would hope that America stops voting rather than give any kind of validation to most of these guys. My vote will also go to Helen or even Candace if I continue watching at all. Of course that assumes that America is actually picking the MVP


I’m so disgusted by the comments on this show. It should be pulled off the air.


Thing is though, CBS thinks that they can get away with this because none of this controversial drama is actually shown on air.


Exactly K. It’s Not part of the show. Never has been and never will be.
And the show will go on. Don’t like don’t watch!! I love bb! Will def continue
to watch!! Maybe they should stop live feeds. How happy would you
complainers be then??


I love this game, but I seriously considered stopping the feeds bc it is disturbing and it seems to be getting worse each day, but if all of the normal, respectful, conscientious houseguests (Helen, Elissa, Judd, Jessie, Amanda, Howard) get evicted, I am going to stop.


Does anyone know how to create an anti BB15 or Cancel BB15 FB group? Just curious as to if one is created how fast the membership to it rises before CBS takes the public seriously. Obviously whatever warnings these people got are being treated like jokes, what doesn’t CBS understand about people being offended. It’s not even entertainment anymore.


OOPS hit the thumbs down by mistake

Join TheFun

You are joking right? CBS got just what they wanted. Hot girls with low self esteem. Guys that prey on women with low self esteem. Mix in a few racists and the sister of a former house member and you have BB15. A lot of people are viewing in just to hear the next racist comment. Once the girls lost their jobs, that brought in more viewers with all the publicity. Just like when everyone was protesting Jersey Shore at first, that network just laughed. Controversy sells, nice is boring….CBS is smiling all the way to the bank.


Actually, the comments did not drive up ratings…ratings are waaaay down! I think a lot of people know that the show on CBS is fake, so most are just reading the feeds…which is what I’m doing. Loved BB for years, but not showing the true colors of Aaryan, Kaitlan, GM, Spencer, and Jeremey is beyond disgusting. I can’t understand why our version is so PC and full of B.S., Big Brother in UK would have wiped the floor with these idiots, would make them read out loud their racist comments, give them an opportunity to apologize, and broadcast it all. U.S. BB needs to grow a pair!


What a bunch of douchebags…Elissa’s personal attack on jer’s mom???? Because she said his mother would be disappointed in him and she was sure his mother didn’t raise him to be like he is? Elissa thinks she is better than everyone because she doesn’t want to eat processed foods? Seriously?

Great job CBS. You have gathered the biggest group of ignorant, sexist, bigoted, racist, foul mouthed losers and presented them to your viewing audience as the best you could get? Perhaps it is time for BB to die…or change your casting department. By putting Elissa into the mix, you have done two things 1) you have guaranteed that no other relative of a past BB competitor will go on this show unless it is ONLY relatives and 2) women with half a brain and sense of self worth who are not mean girls will refuse to participate.


ok elissa’s mistake was putting up Jeremy instead of Kaitlin

BUT as for the rest of the house, what do they think that once elissa is gone so is MVP? ummm no, so now they have no idea who has it and they will have no way of controlling it and they are all at risk, at least with elissa they knew she it and could be influenced to work in certain people’s favors as needed strategically……not to mention elissa is the biggest target and she obviously cannot win comps so why would you get rid of her when you can always beat her and she keeps the target off of you….I can never understand why in BB people are afraid to get rid of strong players in the beginning – not all but get at least a few out especially in the beginning when its easier.

I don’t like Jeremy but I say this not in a biased way but in a completely game-based objective way – the longer in the house, the more of a threat he will be, the more power he will have and the harder it will be to get rid of him. he has three very loyal girls on his side (Kaitlin, aaryn, and gina) and he also has people in other alliances – plus he wins comps. How is this not obvious? If everyone else is too stupid to make this move, he deserves to win as far as I am concerned. Getting rid of Elissa or Helen at this point would be the stupidest game move. What a waste.

Roisin Dubh

To everyone that wants Elissa gone because it will bring the drama down, are you smoking crack? The only people that start the entire drama are Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlain. Do you really think it’ll stop when she’s gone? These people need someone to bitch about and when she’s gone, they’ll still talk trash about her because that’s what petty people do. I would almost put Amanda in that category but MCcrae is boning her silly so that’s keeping her in check a little more. That dude must be swinging a ten inch club to get the girls fighting over him.


Trust me, the b#$@#ing will def not stop once she’s gone if anything they will bash her even more.


HA! That’s awesome… he does have a certain “A la Tommy lee” about him I guess. Agreed as well to the drama continuing Post Elissa given the dynamics of the HOH room right now.


LMFAO Roisin ! McCrae reminds me of a burned out pot smoker……esp when he told the other guys that he wants to get to the jury house so he can ” bang ” Amanda… that’s his goal here ?…he must be sporting something big cuz from what I see, he doesn’t bathe very often and doesn’t look like a ” catch” to me lol


You all need to tell Robyn Kass @Kassting on Twitter about what a horrible job she did this year. (She’s the casting director for BB). This cast SUCKS! Besides Helen, Elissa, and Andy, the rest are HORRIBLE people – can’t stand any of them. What a waste of a big brother season.


So many of these HGs are vile human beings!!! Jeremy with the f** word and Spencer and he constantly referring to women as cu***. The Aryan Nation (that is Aaryn Kaitlan and Ginamarie) have been atrocious and now nothing they say surprises me, but I want to root for the MC, but these two males (I will not respect them with the title of men) make it very difficult. Its so sad that such outwardly attractive young people can be so ugly and vile on the inside. I hope their parents are thoroughly ashamed…I know I would be.

Mike Piff

I think people are over reacting regarding some of the Remarks. Anything Racist is unacceptable and has no place in this game. But everything in-between is all good in my books and makes for some good entertainment. Some of the remarks Spencer has said I think are funny(Kermit the Fag) and should be expected from someone who works as a railway conductor. People just like to complain If you didn’t have anything to complain about you probably wouldn’t watch….

I think this is an awesome season with all the strategizing and gameplay. I think this will be a great season when it is all said and done as long as production stays the hell out of the mix…. but hey who are we kidding LOL

Great Job Dawg and Simon keep it up. I’d be lost without you !!!!


This gay man would not find being called a “fag” funny nor acceptable!! That the same word the homophobes that beat and almost killed me used when I was somewhat younger. The word is very hurtful and totally offensive especially when it is used by a heterosexual asshat like Spencer. I do not find him amusing at all. Its apparent you are speaking from the comfortable place of straight male privilege!!


What part of game play and /or strategy is using vile language to refer to another person? How would you like your mother to be called a c***? It is a vulgar, offensive and dehumanizing way to refer to any woman.

Join TheFun

Mike, would it be safe to say that you are not a minority? So they only make an occasional race comment here and there,,,,Bravo! Those comments don’t affect you being of the majority race; however, if you are one of the Black, homosexual, female or Asian house guest, your take may be a little different. Those comments are exclusionary in nature. So when they tell Helen go make some rice. What should Helen’s thoughts be, how these are the type of girls I want to hang out with? So in Ginas mind when she said it…what was it Mike….it was all fun….Asian people like their rice! Do you really think Gina’s mind set would give an Asian a break. Gina might accept a job from an Asian employer, but if its the other way around, I doubt if she would give the Asian a break. So when they call Andy a fag, is that respect for Andy? Does that seem like a bunch of guys that would accept Andy. I assume by that comment they tolerate Andy and need his vote; however you don’t call someone a fag out of respect. So Mike, because they don’t use racial comments even more often…people should relax….lol. You see according to Mike everyone, they only make 3 racial comments a day. Everyone should relax! Mike don’t ever go to China for a long stay or better yet….you should go for a long stay and experience all the fun of these racial comments but from the other side. Yep…those that tolerate racism, rarely have the opportunity to experience racism first hand.

Mike Piff

First of all I am a Minority. All I’m trying to say is don’t let a couple bad seeds ruin a pretty good season overall. Don’t let their actions reflect on everyone else in the house. Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Howard, Candice, Judd, Nick, Andy, Elissa and Jesse are all in the house still and for Jeremy, Aaron, GM, and Kaitlin’s bad attitudes to reflect on the rest of the cast as being a bad cast and bad season is not right. In regards to Spencer Im just saying it should be expected since he works in the railway industry and thats how a lot of those guys are. I don’t condone these actions I just don’t like all the negativity towards the show and people saying cancel it. Don’t let their actions put Dawg and Simons work to shame. I personally expect this kind of behaviour from booth Spencer and Jeramy from first impressions. Anyone else is a complete shock and I was happy to learn gina and aaron were fired.


so anything racist is unacceptable but gay slurs are all in good fun?? wow, really? ok. you just proved why this is such a big deal and not at all “blown out of proportion.”

Mike Piff

“Anything Racist is unacceptable and has no place in this game.” So why the hell is your whole comment about racism?? way to blow it out of proportion.

Dawn Boone

Sorry calling women c**nts is NEVER ok, or using the n word, saying” fag” or retard, shoulg I go on. I am allabout good Tv but this is horrible these people know they are being taped 24hours a day. I would love to see when they find out they no longer have a job! PRICELESS! !!

Michael Marsh

You know Jeremy is such a Loser….He says that Elissa is bringing down the house with Negative Vibes?? Well, last time I checked YOU among a few others were ACTUALLY the Cause of those negative Vibes.


Congratulation Aaryn, America hates you.


Honestly, this season is good drama however this cast is terrible. Such a young crowd. I feel like I am watching a high school drama. This cast is so young and the girls are just constantly picking on each other. There is never an all girl alliance, if these girls would just stop bickering about who is prettier then they could take out MC. MC will make it far. Candice is picking up on it but no one will listen to her. I do feel like production rigs things in peoples favors. Everyone has been saying that Aaryn and Jeremy cheated, which is probably true. Elissa is not Rachel. She may be her sister, but she certainly is not her. The girl cannot win competitions and her social game is bad. They just want to get rid of her because they want MVP. Big mistake on Elissa telling people she is MVP. It only puts and even bigger target on your back. Aaryn and Jeremy are very disrespectful. They must not think people are watching them. They are too full of themselves and they really are young and immature. I don’t want this show canceled but I think the cast is very bad. I do like certain people but I don’t think those people will get a chance to go far. I think the top 4 people that have the best chance to win this (in my eyes) are McCrae, Spencer, Andy, or Judd. I want to see some real stirring of the pot. Aaryn’s man (David) gets evicted and instead of going after the people in charge she goes after someone who is weak (does not have a true alliance and cant win competitions). She is being a “bully” and doesnt have the guts to take out a guy or even attempt to. If people would believe Candice that she voted Elissa out and they realized there was an all guy alliance (MC) then the girls MIGHT have a chance. But instead the guys planned this perfectly and they have the girls hating each other. I can’t wait for these fools to go home and watch this season and realize how stupid the all look. BB does promote some houseguests more than others but America decides who they dont like, sorry Aaryn and Jeremy. You both look bad by America because of your egotistical attitudes.


Can’t wait to see the surprised look on KKKaitlyn’s face when she finds out that Jermy was using her as a play toy…….and oh yeah gave her a nice itchy STD for a souvenier……Spencer the slob looks like a know the kind that makes lude remarks at a passing young teenage girl…..I’m hoping one of them gets booted soon; it makes it hard to watch at times…hoping for a double eviction soon to hopefully rid the house of these rodents !


It’s very telling how CBS allows the most hateful, contemptuous, salacious words of misogyny, racism and homophobia as well as bullying and threats of violence among it’s houseguests.. But say something about CBS or bb and you’re shut down I instantly.

Canadian Jules

Lost all interest in this season. I’m a long time BB fan, and in the past CBS has picked some pretty decent players. Sometimes something really rude or uncalled for slips out, but it just happens, and it never happens again.
But not this time. It’s like watching all of those kids that no one liked in high school sit around and talk smack, hook up and cheat. It’s disgusting.

I’m done.


I wish Elissa could’ve stayed longer so that she could have created an all girl alliance…like she said it hasn’t been done before. If those idiotic girls would cease the drama that isn’t even needed, who knows how far they could have gone in the game, and could have gotten rid of the strongest players.