Big Brother POV Results “You’re a Fu*** Animal”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP)
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


1:10pm HOH Jeremy wins the Veto Kaitlin: “You’re a Fu*** Animal”
Jeremy says he has ears all over the house, he tells her he has ears in Ellisa’s alliance. Amanda and Nick join them. They talk about who is going up as a replacement. They think it will be Kaitlin. They don’t seem to be worried because they know Elissa is the target. Kaitlin is very excited saying things like Jer is a beast.

Andy joins them. Just chit chat..

Elissa, Helen and Candice are in the havenots room Helen is working out Elissa says she’s putting up Kaitlin. Jeremy tells them whoever doesn’t vote out Elissa is going to be his target the following week. He reminds them that he gets to play for HOH next week and he’s a beast.
Gina raising her voice saying that Elisa should have gone out last week.
Gina: “I don’t why all those people are retarded.. I’m sorry for using that term… ”
Kaitlin: “dude her sister is probably so embarrassed at how bad she is at competitions. ”
Gina says that Rachel has the brains and elissa has the body, “She has her own circuitry up there”
Kaitlin: “Rachel is a blob”
They all notice how nervous Spencer is.


1:26pm Storage room cam 1-2 Spencer and McCrae

Spencer is saying that he’s going around saying that Kaitlin is the only thing that keeps Jeremy together. “With her gone he’s going to be off his chain”

McCrae agrees he now has to sell that to Amanda. Spencer: ‘Push it push it real good”

(The moving companies currently wants to evict Elissa)


1:36pm Howard and Spencer Lounge
Howard: “Elissa will put KAitlin up”
Spencer: “Thats what I’m hoping.. We gotta get Elissa out”
Howard: ‘Hell ya”
Spencer: “Next week I want Jeremy to win HOH and MVP if possible and anonymously put up someone in the 7”

McCrae says he wants Amanda to stay until jury.. thats 5 weeksaway it going to be tough
Howard: “He’s getting involved”
Spencer is nervous McCrae is in deep with Amanda, “He says he’s true to MC”

Spencer: “The only people i am worried about are Amanda and honestly Helen “
Spencer has noticed that Helen is forming some sort of group with Candice he heard her say “our group”
Spencer wants Helen out next week. Spencer: “She’s got kids and a sick dad so I don’t feel too badly about it”.


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Oh, yes, exactly what I expected, now Katlin will be put up, and possibly evicted. This keeps Elissa and Helen safe for another week, which I expect them to repeat the same thing next week with the MVP if one of them don’t win HOH. Ellissa should use the rest this week to make that MVP twist her best argument to the other HGs.


I gotta disagree. Elissa has unknowingly betrayed the MC and tried to strong arm Nick. Howard, McCrea, Spencer, Nick, Jeremy, GinaMarie & Jessie will evict her without a second thought, but the MC is going to try to get Amanda & others of the Blowmance to turn on Elissa and hide their involvement.

Elissa needed to show the MC that she was willing to work with them, but because her and Helen didn’t work with anyone on who to use the MVP on, their game is done.

I hate to say it, because Elissa isn’t a horrible person, but she had some bad gameplay in a crucial moment for her. The MVP would either have been her ticket to the top or her ticket home, unfortunately it is the later.


She showed them last week that she wanted to work with them, she gave them everything. They were just going to use her till they were tired and they are tired. She was onto something, all she needed was to win veto, sadly she’s done now.


I think you might be misinterpreting what’s happening. The Spencer/McCrae conversation is about vote manipulation, which is the MC goal of keeping a house divided. Elissa is the target and Spencer wants to put out the Kaitlin target 1) to keep Nick off the block and 2) to get Andy, Judd, Candace, and Jessie to vote to keep Elissa, ensuring the mean girls still feel the threat. The last thing the MC wants is a unanimous vote and lines of communication between the two sides opening up.


There you go, Simon. You got your wish. Jeremy won and Elissa will finally be going home.


I really think her only play is to go Evil Dick/Rachel and just make life miserable for Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina, and Jeremy. Elissa has to make the target on her so big that the others see Helen as expendable and want her around to take all the heat. She would also be smart to try and reverse her earlier MVP power play and try to sell the idea that the MVP being up for grabs with her gone is a dangerous uncertainty. She could sell the idea that her votes could split between each of them (which plays to their ego), while Aaryn’s side might be concentrated in one person. She needs to submit to everybody on her side and make a deal that the MVP will be a communal power if she stays.

But whatever he next move is, it has to be with the willingness/understanding that Helen could end up being sacrificed, since she needs to reach out to Nick as a secret partner and pray she can reverse the ultimatum she gave him a few hours ago and make a deal based on her sharing the MVP in exchange for her not nominating him as a replacement. Unfortunately, she still thinks she’s in control of the votes and her replacement nominee will be evicted regardless of what she does.


We’ll have to wait and see how production goes to work in the D Room.


The problem with this is that Elissa is clearly a complete moron. She has absolutely no idea what she’s doing. I want her out just so that the others have a chance to win MVP. Just to see what they’ll do with it.


Although I have read Simon accurately predict this would happen, I do not recall reading he “wished” it would happen. Simon correct me if I am wrong.


NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why did Jeremy win?? I hate that. I want him gone so bad. Like I said before, he is going to be hard to get out:( I just hope whoever Elissa replaces him with, goes home.


Bye, Elissa! I knew it was a dumb move to put him up! Now he will come down and I am a little unclear on who gets to make the replacement. If the MVP does, that is bullsh!t! If HOH does, then Elissa is going. She should have put up Kaitlin. There was only a 2 in however many chances for Jeremy to play in the POV, chances are he wouldn’t have been picked. Now Elissa is in real danger, even if she puts up Kaitlin. Just like Rachel, the girl is playing defensive and personal. At least Rachel could win competitions.



Rachel never stopped playing personal every move she made was personal, but she had comp wins to back all her BS up. Elissa won’t have that, all she has is this MVP thing, which she isn’t even fully using to her advantage.

MC Members + Amanda could save her, but I don’t think they will, at this point she’s too big of a target, they save her, they’ll hurt their own game, because they’ll be outed.


I was so hoping Elissa would put up Kaitlin and the MC and others vote her out. How priceless would it be to see Aaryn’s face when her best friend for week 2 is now gone.

Looks like a lot of people think she will go up as a replacement because she would be safe and it would insure in their eyes Elissa goes. But I don’t think Jeremy will allow it. I think if Jessie is replacement nominee, there is a better chance that Elissa would stay because those that want Elissa to stay can stir things up about Jessie and get her voted out. We still have a lot of time until eviction and how many of us thought Rachel was done for but things changed and she didn’t get evicted. I am hoping for the same luck for Elissa.


Jeremy doesn’t give a fig about Kaitlin. It was his MC mission to get cozy with that side of the house, and if he can get some T&A while he’s at it, it’s the sacrifice he is making for his MC bros. He would rather keep her as a shield, but don’t fool yourself, the guy is a pig. If Kaitlin wasn’t around, he’d be pawing at one of the other girls. There is still hope, Jessie. What they see in him I can’t fathom! If MC wants her out, he won’t turn on them.


no matter who she puts up, Elissa is toast – she got her 15 days of fame, but she goes home thursday

the house guests will then appreciate the opportunity of fairly having a chance to win mvp

and elissa fans please dont vote for helen to win mvp after elissa goes – it should go to the person who is playing the best game that week, not who you like the best


I just wish CBS would put After Dark back on Showtime so we don’t have to endure the censorship. I ALMOST don’t want to watch After Dark now.
Also, CBS good pick of contestants this year….how about creating a Senior version of the game. Would be interesting to see if us seniors would play the same or better with all of our life experiences under our belts.


I clearly doubt Elissa has no chance to stay with this outcome. All the other HGs will be too afraid to vote out whoever replaces Jeremy because they are thinking about the next HOH, which Jeremy can win. The fear is in their heart. I expect that, in the next few days, all the HGs will be avoiding Elissa like the plague or treating her like dirt.
If Jeremy doesn’t use the veto because he fears that Kaitlin will go up, then maybe the other HGs will realize how strong a player he is in competition. I just don’t seeing it happening. With that said, I dislike Jeremy so much. I wish he goes home.

BB15 Unfkingbelievable!

I agree, Whodunnit. Elissa will be gone this week. However, I don’t think Jeremy would give a sh*t about Kaitlin going up as a replacement, nor do I think his game would fall apart if she leaves. He’s a self centered bully, who will probably be glad to be free of her whining. He’ll just move on to Aryan.
I don’t know if I like Elissa, don’t like her, or what.She’s been vilified so much for being Rachel’s sister, I’m sort of happy for her that she’ll be getting away from all that poison. And best of all, these a**holes will have to start turning on each other.


The one thing that could – and I stress COULD because they still seem to to think they’re in control of the votes to evict Kaitlin- happen is if the scared HG’s realize that keeping Elissa next week guarantees one nomination if Jeremy wins, while if she’s gone there would be two open nominations. Aaryn’s speech only confirms this as she made clear Helen was only nominated to ensure Elissa’s eviction and was not a target at all, so Elissa gone makes Jeremy’s potential nominations unpredictable since Helen was not a secondary target. The point being that if any of them stopped to think they would deduce that under a Jeremy HOH everybody but Kaitlin, Aaryn, Gina, and Nick is in danger with Elissa gone and keeping her improves their chances of staying safe through one more week.

But Andy, Jessie, Judd, Candace, and Amanda would have to coalesce around this idea…AND Spencer and Howard would have to go along and not head it off, then convince the other MC that it works for them to evict Helen and keep Elissa.


Bobsky-if Alissa stays boats n hoes alliance already stated they
would be done nominating her. They will be going after those who
Keep voting for her to stay. So there will be 2 nom spots open.


I just hope that Elissa doesn’t put up Nick as a replacement nominee because him and Howard are the only ones who are really playing the game that I can stand at least.


I hope by some miracle Elissa stays.


Yay! Go Jeremy! Let see if I’m still his only fan? lol.

Helen on the feeds now is a total spaz fest.











There is no reason to evict kaitlin… she hasn’t done anything except hug and kiss that moron… Elissa goes balance out the game and play some BB.


I want Elissa gone just so someone else has a shot at MVP.


Another voice of reason.

I’m completely unbiased this season. That twist needs to be up for grabs so every has a fair chance at it.


Fair enough…but the reality is it will still likely just switch who gets it every week. So the odds would be Elissa voters switch to Helen and then she will just keep getting it, then after she’s evicted, the power will go to somebody else and stay with them until their evicted. I really don’t see the MVP becoming a hot potato jumping from HG to HG just because Elissa is gone.


could you imagine if they scrapped the mvp and 3rd nom after elissa is evicted? production to houseguests: well the rigging didnt work guys so we are going back to the regular 2 nom scenario without mvp…enjoy playing bb properly


I hope Kaitlin is put up and then back door and to see the look on the beast Jeremy would be so priceless.


this is going to be an interesting week in the house. if kaitlin goes up, she may not be safe – it will boil down to who makes the better case to the hg, elissa (potential mvp next week, could be useful) or kaitlin (jeremy’s less than stable showmance, outside mc & distracting jeremy). helen is probably safe, since she’s the smallest tartet.

can’t wait for the ceremony so we’ll know who’s on the block.


PLEASE put up mean girl Kaitlyn….make her fear a reality !


Now Spencer’s job ispissed of at him for his comments on BB but, he didn’t get fired as of yet.


The girls need to smarten up. Put your heads together and realize there’s a guys alliance! The only chance Elissa has to stay in the game is to expose the MC. Aaryn will be onboard with getting anyone that voted David out ie. Nick and Spencer (I would LOVE to see Spencer evicted this week). Judd and Andy will see they’re not part of the guys alliance and work with the girls. BAM problem solved


Wow, Jeremy just said (2:01-2:o2 ish cam 4) that he would rather F**k a F*g than to do her (Elissa). CBS better get this crap under control.


I thought that was what he said at first too, but then Spencer yelled, *Andy!* right after Jeremy said that.


Or hag -lol!


To all of you Jeremy haters I have sad news. Jeremy will stay a while in the Big Brother house. He has the alliance who will have his back and keep him in.


Do you think Elissa has a shot if she puts up Howard? I guess a lot depends on what (if any) ideas she has about who might be in an alliance. But I think it would be an interesting strategy choice: would the MC stick together? Or would Nick/Jeremy/McCrae see that as a chance to trade out a physical competition threat and let Amanda in the club, while also keeping Elissa as a convenient target.


Howard’s in moving co alliance. So how would it help?!


Bye, Elissa . . .
. . . but I’m sure production will find a way to bring her back somehow. Expect the unexpected.


Spencer is going to use Amanda to spread Kait eviction rumours, and get her in trouble.

Though, if K goes Jer will snap and Aaryn will freak.

Roisin Dubh

It doesn’t look good for Elissa, but remember, there is a lot of time between now and eviction day. Jeremy might be Kaitlin’s worse enemy because of his big fat mouth. Just remember how bad they ALL wanted Elissa gone the first week and surfer boy got the axe instead. Give Nick a couple of days to digest all of this, he just might decide it’s in the best interest to keep Elissa around for another week and give Jeremy’s squeeze the boot. But somebody better tell Spencer to dial back cuz everybody’s watching him now.

I'm Tall

the mystery has now been solved! Aaryn Nation is a racist due to her ADHD! All that Adderall she is popping has fired her brain! Naw, she’s just an out right racist! SMH


If Elissa goes, my votes for MVP will probably go to Helen……then Andy. Licking my chops for the day that “Ringworm man ” goes home..then the skanky mean girls


you do know you are supposed to vote for best player right?

therefore surely you wont be voting for helen as she is clearly not the most valuable player

please bb fans dont vote emotionally – its not a popularity contest

vote with your head, not your heart

imagine you were on bb as a house guest…you would want to be rewarded by fans for good gameplay, if that is what the mvp is supposed to be given for


Jeremy is a bully! racist, bigot and woman hater and that is it, Shame on him, they should have backdoored his ass! between him, Kaitlan and the Aryaning girl and now will add Gena Marie, I never seen such hate on this show, will not watch these people even talk, I watch the after show and skip all the BS coming from these people, as far as Elissa goes that girl has done nothing at all wrong, all I know I wouldn’t let anyone talk to me the way they talk to her. No need for Violence at all just put them in thee places where you put hateful people like that, yea we all don’t like everything but to use the words there are is just wrong. Can’t wait till they find out they lost there jobs…. Dumb Asses!!


holy shit shit,,, shit,, shit … well if we cant get jeremy lets get katlin his fuvck buddy so him and aaryn can hook up .. my head is hurting to see this bitchass win …nick with his weak ass .. holy shit


So Elissa gets to choose the replacement for Jeremy? Why is she so confident she has the numbers to stay? Who does she think will vote to keep her? Also wouldn’t Kaitlyn not be a good choice to replace Jeremy with since her only real chance is flipping MC to her side, and if Kaitlyn is up, I doubt Jeremy will give up Kaitlyn


I don’t have the feeds this year. Can someone confirm that Elissa makes the replacement nomination? If so, that is so unfair! HOH basically means nothing if that’s the case. It only puts a target on your back.


Why am I not surprised. The Grodbeast always finds a way to rig a season.


holy shit


I’m over Elissa going home. I think it dumb to send her home, but it has to happen. I think Jeremy is going to be in the house for a long time. He is this summer Frank, but much worse. I really don’t think the MC are going to stay together and Spencer and Howard are going to be the first ones leaving that group. This is going to be so painful watch Jeremy crap on this house all summer but if they don’t see him as a huge threat these people better strap on some glasses. Jeremy have three girl on his side and he is a beast. Howard, Spence and Nick need to look at that. H,S&N should keep Candise, Elissa,& Helen close to them. I hope Howard start thinking for himself because I don’t want to start calling him Howard the Coward.


Jeremy is like BB14’s Frank like Mother Theresa is like Hannibal Lector.

No, I get it. His ability and or luck in the Comps and POVs.


Why doesn’t Nick & Howard notice that Amanda & Katlin are distractions for McCrae & Jeremy? Once Elissa puts up Katlin the Moving Company needs to evict her.


Jeremy did say what we thought he said……this is getting out of control….I guess production won’t do anything until physical assault is involved , if that’s the case, here’s hoping that Jermy boy loses his cool and pops someone…top of my list is anyone of the house bigots……..Spencer or the Aryan Nitwit…GinaMarie is getting on my last nerve as well


Why doesn’t Howard & Nick notice that Amanda & Katlin are distractions for McCrae & Jeremy? Once Elissa puts up Katlin they should get the votes to evict her.Then next week target Amanda.


Kaitlin should be put up. MC can then corner germy, who obviously is making sure his a$$ is safe, and convince him that without her around he can have more control over aaryn Gina n possibly Jessie. If he bites MC is good on both sides. If not MC better keep an eye out on him. With these girls up his butt he may control the votes.


This cast is a bunch of disrespectful trash. CASTING SUCKED THIS YEAR.


MC need to convince germy it’s best to get rid of Kaitlin. MC will still be good on both sides. He’ll have his hoe harem(aaryn Gina and possibly Jessie) with Kaitlin gone. Otherwise MC better watch out germy doesn’t turn on them too soon.


wouldnt there be a tie on these votes and HOH will be the tie breaker sending Elissa home instead of Kaitlin?.


bad idea sending Kaitlin home shes not a threat ..Elissa going to win mvp every week. plus she will win the 25k favorite player…hgs wake up..


lets just hand Elissa the check now… its so obvious bb is rigged

eli rules

The MC plan is going perfectly. Even though Candice has figured it out, none of the other girls are willing to buy it. The numbers are all in their favor and Elissa is going home this week!!