Big Brother Spoilers THE HAT “The truth of the matter is I do have a big a$$”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


6:44 Cam 3-4 Sleeping arrangements Nick, Jessie, Gina, Aaryn
The havenots want to sleep in regular beds tonight which is causing some drama for the haves who now have to share beds.
Aaryn: “I’m telling you this I’m not sleeping three deep in a bed.. tomorrow is HOH F*** that”
Gina: “Thats why I don’t understand why we can’t keep it the same for one more day”
Aaryn: ‘I don’t want to get into a fight with her.. I’m exhausted”
A: “Everyone is all commbya now except for me.. that whole blow up last night all that did was turn everyone on me”
Gina points out that the beds people are calling 3 person beds are only 6 inches larger than the regular doubles.
Nick offers that he’ll take some pillows and go into the Have nots. the girls cannot understand why.
Nick: “It doesn’t bother me”
Gina says she went to production and they told her the larger beds hold three people.
David walks in..

Gina: “If I get HOH i’m dragging his a$$ up there” (Nick)
Nick smiles everyone laughs


7:03pm CAm 1-2 Aaryn and Nick
Aaryn is showing them that the hat is buggered..
A: “You see the hat situation.. it was bent like this underneath and completely flat.. it just doesn’t do that on it’s own.. doesn’t magically flatten”
A: “It pi$$ me off when it’s messed up.. People are serious about the shape of their hate.. you don’t f**** with someone hat.. it’s their Hat”
Nick says he understands.
Aaryn says all the days negative energy is getting to her.
Nick mentions all the little comments people are making about him, “Why?”
A: “I say them because I love you”
N: ‘I know.. but with other people.. Umm OK.. it’s little tiny pickaxes”
They both agree that right now before HOH is not a good time to “D!ck around” with sleeping arrangements.
Nick says he’s serious about sleeping in the have nots with two pillows.

A: “If one of us doesn’t win tomorrow I am probably going to get BackD***d (sorry about having to censor this word :( ) “
Nick thinks the target will be either himself or Jeremy.
Aaryn points out that Jeremy has gotten very buddy buddy with “Them”

Nick asks her who Jeremy has a beef with. Aaryn says during Jeremy’s blow up he had issues with Andy, Helen, Candace and Elissa. Aaryn: “now all four want to get me out and he’s kisses their A$$es”


7:35 cam 3-4 HOH McCrae and Amanda
Mcc: “I’m in a good position and you are not because if they get a chance they’ll take a shot at you they will”

A: “WHo.. why..”
Mcc: “The other side.. “
A: “They have been confiding in me I’m a good actress.. I think i’m a good actress.. you know”
Mcc: “they keep saying how good of a social player you are”
A: “There’s just one person.. Jessie”
Mcc:”It’s not just Jessie.. “
A: “If i’m a good social player I’ll be tough to get out of the house”
Mcc: “then take the hosts while you can”
A: “Today was a good day but you’re stressing me out“

Amanda says that she’s been talking to the other side and they think that Andy, Candace, Helen are trying to recruit people.

Mcc: “Be very’re playing with the other side and when this thing turns..” (He thinks they’ll suspect her for voting out David tomorrow because she’s been so buddy buddy with Elissa.

Mcc asks her who she would put up if she won HOH. Amanda jokes Elissa and Candace. Mcc asss if Aaryn goes up. Amanda thinks Aaryn is gunning for Elissa she doesn’t think she’ll put up both of them.

Helen comes up into the HOH “I think I’m going to get MVP”


7:48pm cam 1-2 the beds Aaryn, Candace, kaitlin and Jeremy (Kaitlin and Jer are cuddling)

Chatting about beds. Candace thinks they should all go back to the beds they had in the beginning. Aaryn agrees

Amanda charges in .. Candice tells her she’s had it good this past week sleeping in a comfortable bed she hasn’t “Had this bright light shining” in her face.
Aaryn: “And Candice I don’t know if someone is trying to start sh!t by telling you about the hat”
Candice: “I don’t know who told you about the hat.. and the truth of the matter is I do have a big a$$ and if I had sat on your hat it would have been ruined… In real life situation .. lets think about it I really do have a big butt and if I did sit on your hat it would have been ruined.”

Aaryn says she’s sorry about the whole hat thing.. Candice doesn’t seem mad anymore about the hat situation but she again says her a$$ is big and would “Tarnish” Aaryn’s hat.
Aaryn: “I was just mad and I’m sorry”
Candice: “Ok.. just for future reference if there was anybody that said I said something then you come to me.. 9 times out of 10 I will just tell you”
Aaryn: “people are just trying to stir sh!t up”


8:34pm Cam 3-4 (Bieber fever – Nick) + Spence

Chatting about a drink called x-ray
Kaitlin: ‘It’s a passion fruit liqueur.. it’s the same thing as kinky.. “

Gina joking saying she still wants to go home.. everyone is telling her nope nope.. Aaryn: “Gina you’re going to win HOH anyways”
Gina: “If you had my life back home you would want to leave to”

8:38pm Cam 3 Howards with them now

Gina says Elissa told her this the other night “Hey GinaMaria you’re sitting there doing nothing go mix us some F**** alcohol.. “ (The f part was probably added by gina)
Gina: “Why so I can celebrate when you f*** leave”
Aaryn: ‘She said that.. wait”
Gina: “Ya.. she said you’re you’re sitting there doing nothing.. Hey I don’t even f**** drink”
Aaryn: “Who asked you”
Gina: “elissa”
Aaryn: “I would have told her get off you a$$ and do it”
Gina: “I was like How about this.. your sister lic** my f**** a** h** and you can stay right in the f*** front so I can go back and forth” (She starts rocking back and forth.. see pic)
Everyone starts laughing
Gina: “I’ll open up the f**** ch**ks and snuggle it right in there.. f*** brown noser”
Jeremy: “Ohhh” (LOL)
Gina: ‘Alright lets go play checkers”
Gina slaps Howards a$s, “Can I just try and bounce a quarter off that cause I know I can”
Howard: ‘You’re a pitbull”

8:53pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Elissa and Howard
Howard tells her she’s good this week. She thanks him tells him he’s a good man.

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Jeremy for MVP yo!


OMG shut the fuck up about the damn hat. They sell them dang things everywhere go buy a new one when you get out!


Seriously… Someone should burn the stupid hat just to push her over the edge… SHU UP already about the stupid hat!!

Chilltown Fan

Someone should anonymously hide Aaryn’s hat. I remember in BB8 when Evil Dick took Jen’s stuff up in the HOH room and locked it away after she destroyed his cigs. Dick said that in the rule book, “you can hide, but can’t destroy other people’s property.” Now Aaryn should go call out Spencer about the hat situation, it was him after all that said it was Candice, hopefully get his big mouth in trouble. Spencer is one of the better schemers, but needs to be taken down a peg.


I LOVE for someone to pour a jug of juice on Aryan’s head, E.D. style.

Cant believe Aryans talking about her problems to Nick and he’ll be kicking rocks in under 24 hrs.


REagan sent out a tweet saying Amanda looks like Big Ang from Mob Wives pic included. LMAO!


That is actually Renee Graziano not Big Ang.


Again the hat……the damn hat wtf.

MC Dream Crushers

MC is off to a good start, and if they play it right after the eviction, they can have this whole house in utter chaos.

Still in shock that Country Bumpkin Barbie thinks she has a shot at MVP. Malibu Ken will be hanging ten out of the house tomorrow.


I really hope David goes home, then Aryn, then Gina Marie!


Tonight’s show was the first one I have watched this season. My congratulations to casting. All of you who have seen Fast Times at Ridgemont High have to agree, in whole or in part, that David is the living breathing reincarnation of Jeff Spicoli. I laughed my ass off every time he opened his mouth. It is too bad that his dumb ass will be kicked to the curb tomorrow night. A full season of him in the DR would be Big Brother gold.


the only reason I don’t dislike him, is because he is COMPLETELY ignorant to the fact that he is indeed a living breathing spiccioli.


Wow just speechless….. I love TMZ I myself almost go there everyday and I went on there just awhile ago and guess what I seen….. Big Brother its about the houseguests saying them words Aaryn, Spencer, and Gigi Please BB don’t let them go home I love them 3:(( I don’t know if you guys are shocked that BB was on TMZ I myself was I didn’t know it would be that bad for it to go on TMZ and I myself NEVER saw Big Brother on TMZ so that’s why im shocked that they were on there oh the other thing whats weird is isn’t TMZ supposed to be about celebrity’s? It isn’t supposed to be about realty shows?? I hope Aaryn don’t get death threats she don’t deserve them please Simon tell CBS not evict Aaryn just because she said some words because if she goes im going to be bored without seeing her in the game:( Im just shocked that Big Brother is on TMZ are you shocked Simon and Dawg?? Team Aaryn:))


…” Please bb don’t let them go home. I love them 3:((” REALLY??! Please shut up

Shaking my head.....

?????? OH and did I mention ?????????


OMG, it’s a F%&$ing hat!!! Get over it, you can buy a new one if you win any money… aka prize money cuz we know you’re not gonna win Aaryn


LOL does anyone think Candice looks like That’s So Raven?


I think Amanda looks like Nikki Reed from movies 13, Cherry Crush, and Twilight

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Eww, this years cast is creepy and more gross every day. That Gina chick is reaching for new lows. I don’t care for Spenser (does he call his g/f the C word?)
Almost makes me miss last years cast. Hope Howard, Elissa and Helen go far.


Ok, I’m confused again, now I’m far from Elissa’s biggest fan, but what has she actually done besides being Rachels sister has she done to deserve all this vitriol. I mean to be honest she seems to be one of the more tolerable houseguests all things considered.


I don’t think she ever actually did anything. Her personality doesn’t really resemble Rachel’s at all.


I have to agree. I actively hated Rachel. I thought she was trashy, a poor loser, a poor winner, a whiner and that she would never have won without having Brendan in the house with her, an epically dumb cast of newbs and more than a little help from the Grodbeast. But so far I get none of that with Elissa. I have a sister and we are nothing alike. Elissa will benefit from Rachel’s fan base, but in the house she will be everyone’s scapegoat. After David goes home, Aaryn will be shaken. Everyone is assuming that Elissa will win MVP again, but what if she doesn’t? Bieber Fever thinks that everyone would put up Elissa except Elissa, so lets say Helen, Howard or MC get MVP. The smart thing to do would be to not tell anyone and put up Aaryn, Kaitlin or Gina. It will cause major drama. Elissa will take the heat, just like she will when David walks out of the house, and she would be innocent. She is not in a good place unless someone friendly to her wins HOH. I don’t really like Elissa, but I don’t dislike her yet, which is more than I can say about most of the others.


I couldn’t stand Rachel or whatever character she called her playing if that was the case. But they act like Elissa is some type of super hero they stuck in the house with them. I guess they assume she has some sort of inside track or something.


Does anyone know how everyone is planning to vote tomorrow? I know they’ve all decided to keep Elissa, but I wasn’t sure if that’s changed.


The movers are voting out David and the rest think they are all voting out Elissa to put hem in chaos. MC put Elissa up and is protecting her!!


Awesome, thank you!


Ginamarie is such a feral creature, almost as if she were locked in a training crate most of her life and rarely let out to interact with the rest of humanity.

I would take her out in public, but only on a leash, and wearing a mussel. Wouldn’t want her dry humping the legs of strangers while I was standing in line to get a latte, while barking at the women in line beside me to lick her f***king as*hole. Bad dog! That would be embarrassing and reflect, surely, on my lack of properly training her.

Wonder if her parents feel this way about the bang-up job they did with her, exposed now for others to see? Naw, bet they think she’s a little princess ;)


She is pretty disgusting!!!

King Silva

LMFAO I LOVED your comment!

So true that she is a nasty feral creature!

Like really some of the shit she says is so gross.

Add that to her being blatantly racist and she should have her tubes tided by the government!

Janelle pov queen

I’m pretty sure Elissa did not say that to Gina and if she did it was a joke I’m sure, And rember how everyone was saying how Elissa dont want to be in the house and was makeing a big deal of it? But yet Gina Ben crying how she want to go home and no one said anything? I don’t get it and why did Gina bring Rachel in her little joke about eating her pu**y? Like such a dumb bitch


Why is this cast so sexual? I really do not like Aaryn and Gina Marie (GiGi) or whatever they call her. I think they are very childish and immature. I cannot wait for them to leave. I feel like everyone is here for showmances and not to play the game. I just really hope Elissa stays and wins HOH so she can send Beiber Fever (mainly Aaryn, GiGi, Kaitlin) out the door.

Chilltown Fan

I’m somewhat of an Elissa fan, but I did think it was funny when she accidently called Jeremy, “Anthony” multiple times just a few minutes ago. Aaryn jokingly said GM and Nick will conceive in the house lol. As for the people that question Nick’s sexuality, I don’t think he’s closet gay like Shane was. Shane is from Vermont and said he had a conservative family, all the reasons in the world to stay in the closet. Nick is 28, somewhat successful in real life, and lives in Manhattan, if he was gay, he would be full on out. Nick is just very wound up and focused on the game. He needs to up his social game though.


I don’t care where he lives. If he walks like a closet case and quacks like a closet case = HE’S. GAY.


Houston we have a problem.. My hat is ruined stop the launch.

Janelle pov queen

Omg everyone is talking about jermey wipeing his ass with Elissa hat Simon or dawg pls post a pic if it and talk about it


Will production seriously let Jeremy do that, and not say anything?! That is one of the grossest things I’ve seen a HG do. I actually feel really sorry for Elissa. :(


Aaryn’s family should be ashamed! As well as any of her fans!


am I the only one who thinks mcrae is the luckiest pizza guy ever? I mean really. hes going to sleep with Amanda depending on future HoH wins. if he can get her and himself to jury….oh man

meanwhile Amanda’s real life boyfriend is like WTF YO

Suzy Sunshyne

Aaryn and GM take everything that anyone says to them and turn it into an insult. Like for instance,. “Hey Aryan Nation want a burger?” Aryan nation replies, “Did you hear her call me fat!” Such the victims!! I honestly can’t believe no one has made any comments on the bang up job editing did tonight! Aren’t Aryan and Beach Bum so cute! We should cal them, Rude and Worthless!


And with no irony at all, David pronounces Aaryn’s name as “Aryan.” Perfect way to pronounce the racist Aaryn”s name. Priceless.


The Hat (Aaryn’s) is the newest cast member on BB15. They seem to talk about it more than anything else.

Bambie buns

This cast for the most part blows….half of them are dumb as rocks. The other are just young dumb spoiled ignorant fools..I can’t wait for aaryn to see how ugly she really is.. For someone who is so beautiful on the outside she is ugly as hell on the inside. Jermey is a total tool. Ginamarie, well let me see…..where do I begin…pageant coach my big ass…more like trash can coach…ugly inside and out…not for nothing and no disrespect in anyway shape or form..she looks at nick with those Jodi arias eyes…aaryn,kaitlyn,Jeremy,ginamarie,amanda I can’t wait too see u all walk out the door…I don’t think Jeremy will win shit ever…he’s all bark no bite….so far thee fights are bologna…can’t wait too see aaryn on the block I hope her BFF is next to her…too much bigotry this seson


Just curious. Why would u have you censor back doored? Just doesn’t make any sense to me.