CAMERON WON The VETO!! “Don’t you want to pull Red off for his birthday?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

CAMERON WON the Power Of Veto Competition!!

1:23pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the veto competition.

Bathroom – Izzy and Cory.
Cory – I think it would be a waste of time. I think he is arrogant. Izzy – I know but wouldn’t it be a nice gesture for his buddy? After f**king stabbing him in the back to move forward with him? Put Jag up? That was your original target. Don’t you want to pull Red off for his birthday? Cory – I am sure when Cirie was pitching this originally it sounded like it would not work. Izzy – I thought it immediately, why don’t we try and convince him not to use it? Cory – I .. I mean its a long shot but why the f**k not? You know what I mean? Izzy – that’s what I am saying. I think Cirie is talking to POO right now. Cory – we’re about to have some replacement nominee conversations. And I know who the nominees are… So what is this really Bowie, Jag and America? 3 names. Izzy – yeah but I don’t think Bowie is in the running. Cory – well at least she didn’t throw it at least. And I will tell POO that. It was either going to be her, him or Matt. You know? That’s who was doing this. She didn’t throw it. Cory – oh my god. Just f**k. Izzy – MMMmmmHHmmm. Cory – I don’t want him to be here another week man. Izzy – F**K YOU BB GODS! Put me in coach.. LETS GO! This is why I am always sick of people think of the person to immediately pick .. its always the buff person because these comps are even… its an even split. Cory – It would have been a good Izzy week. Izzy – I am just saying the comps are always an even split but no one ever thinks about that. Cory – I think Jag is a better all around player. Are we going to have conversations about voting out her instead of Red? Izzy – yes, but you’re going to have to be okay with it because we’re going to vote out Red. Cory – and look I am okay with it. If it ends up being her I am okay with it. It just doesn’t make any f**king sense to me knowing what I know. Izzy – I think it needs to be Red. I think that. Cory – we can’t have Red, Cam and Bowie competing in the next HOH. Izzy – I agree. I agree! Cory – this is going to get so messy. Are you worried about her just spilling sh*t if she gets put up? because I think she will spill the seven. If she is put up as a pawn. Izzy – I don’t

Games Room – Felicia, Cirie and Red.
Cirie – Here is what we thinking. This is going to be a tough one but either way we are going to try and figure out how you stay here. What we are thinking is if we can get Cam to use it on you. Because its your birthday and just because to keep you in the game .. and we put Jag up next to him. Just like he tried to do from his 14 hours. And he will strongly consider it. Ya’lls friendship is good enough that he would consider doing that for you. Felicia – you cannot say anything. Red – not the way that he has been talking. I mean honestly he is only in on it for himself. I doubt he would even think about it. I don’t know though. Cirie – if he uses it for himself, then America goes up and goes home. Which then we get two birds with one stone. Either way you’re not leaving here. Just don’t let him know that you’re hurt. And then we’ll talk to him and be like come on Cameron do it for his birthday. You his best friend. Either way America goes up and goes but we just trying to get two birds with one stone but that is what Bowie Jane going to tell you.

Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cameron
Felicia – so we know that Red is really depressed and we were thinking it was because of this but it really isn’t, its because of other.. BB blocks the feeds. Felicia – then we put up Jag again and we do the same thing we did last week which you were trying to do under your HOH. And we would get a unanimous vote again. Cameron – well anybody sitting next to Red goes home. BB blocks the feeds again. Cameron – of the three we had a prioritized hit list, we could at least get one of our top three out and we hold all the votes. We have seven votes even if one of us sits next to him. Red stays. We still have the six votes. Felicia – who is in our eight? (LOL) Cam – me, you, Red, Cirie, Izzy, Bowie, Matt and Meme. Felicia – so take out Red. Cam – seven votes. So if America sits next to Red. Red ain’t going no where. Felicia – okay because we were trying to think of how to do this where Red doesn’t go. Cam – Red isn’t going no where as long as one of us come down. Felicia – there you go, you’re on top of it. Cam – Happy Birthday Red.

1:40pm HOH room – Jared and Cirie.
Cirie – Red was talking about going home last night when he was really upset so we are going to see if Cam will take Red down for his birthday so that Red stays .. the only way that will work is if we put Jag up against Cam .. so then Cam will be sure that he stays and he will feel like he is redeemed from his 14 hours and his HOH wasn’t just a waste. The second option is obviously is if Cam don’t do it… then still we might want to think about putting Jag up. I know you wanted America out but I think we might have this opportunity to get America out. Its America or Jag that you can think about. Okay I just wanted to leave you with that. Jared – Hhmmmm.

1:40pm Bathroom – Felicia, Jag, America, Meme
Felicia – he (Red) has always had bad birthdays, his birthday is Tuesday. Would you (Cam) be willing to use it and give it to Red bring him down so that he doesn’t have this continuing saga of sh*t always happens around my birthday. I said, .. well he said well who would you put up? And I said we could follow your plan and we could put Jag up… Jag stands up – this is bullsh*t. Felicia – but listen… sit down.. we had to use the only thing that was believable. Where he would say okay that’s a good idea. And he said but we already have enough people without me doing that. He said we already have Legends eight … he said I don’t have to let Red come down, we just put someone else up. And I said oh well we just thought this would be good for you because then you can feel like you got vindicated from last week. That was our sell. And he said no. America – yeah he is not dumb. Felicia to Jag – so I want you to know that we were seeing if he would be stupid enough to use it on Red but he said no. America – yeah he knows the game.

1:55pm – 2:15pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Meme.
Cirie – I think Jag goes up. Meme – you think? Cirie – because then I don’t think Red is ever going to trust Cameron again. EVER! Meme – what did they.. what conversation did they have here? Izzy joins them. Izzy – Jag should go up. Cirie – you think America is that dangerous right now especially when he said her name? Meme – I think it is still time for America. We would be doing the lords work if we got Jag out this week. (LOL) Cirie – you would do two things. We would gain Red’s trust 1000% and Cameron is redeemed from his 14 hours trying to do it but got nothing done. Meme – do you think that Cameron actually still believes in this thing though? I don’t think he does. Cirie – even if he doesn’t who is the better target to get right now? We have one empty seat. We have to put the right person in that seat. Meme – then I think we have to decide who is the most dangerous .. Jag or Red. Izzy – in someways Red is now going to want to get Cameron. Meaning maybe this is a good time to get Jag.. We keep Red for him to go after Cam. Cirie – I don’t think Jag got over the 10-0. He is saying that but I don’t think he really got over it. What are you going to do walk around pissed off and not come to dinner. Somebody that knows that we all wanted to get rid of him and somebody who thinks it I think is more dangerous. Felicia joins them. Felicia – I don’t want to put Jag back up. Cirie – he is going to be hard to get rid of. I don’t know why people are so blind. I don’t know why Red don’t believe Cam would dog him. Red had to win today, he had to win yesterday .. he ain’t winning. There will be something that he can do like climb a tree or something but I think Jag is more well rounded. We will have less and less opportunities to get rid of Jag… you watch. Izzy – I think Jag has a wider breadth of skill for this.

2:52pm Games Room – Blue, America, Matt, Jag and Cirie
They agree to wait till Cameron has a conversation with Jared to see who he pushes for Jared to put up as the replacement and then go from there. Jag – it was anyone’s game. America – Na he was so fast. There was no way. I don’t understand. Cirie – he recovered so fast. Jag – he was lightening fast.

2:57pm Comic Bedroom – Cory and Izzy.
Cory – I just feel like I want to be happy because I’ve had a sh*tty couple days. Did you have a secret coming into this house? Izzy – no. Cory – okay do you happen to know mine? Izzy – no. Cory – I am about to tell Cirie and Jared the same thing but I thought one on one would be more fun. You’re a big survivor fan. Do you remember the first boot of season 42? There was a crush on Mary-anne. That’s my brother. Izzy – wow! Cory – yeah Zach Wurtenberger. Izzy – wow! He got kind of shafted. Cory – he got 17th. My plan going in was to not mention it because I didn’t want people to think I was part of the reality world. Izzy – I won’t tell anyone. Cory – I was only going to tell you Cirie and Jared.

3:08pm HOH room – Blue and Jared.
Jared – you can not trust him (Jag) at all. I think you know that about America but I don’t know if you know that about Jag yet. that is up to you to figure out who you want to trust and who you want to believe. But just be careful. I am completely done with them. Like completely done them! Both of them bro. And I don’t trust that if they was to stay in this game that they would do something that we needed them to do especially considering that Red is going. If that was the case. My number one thing I wanted to talk to Red and see if he is still feeling the same way he did yesterday. Man to man if you really want this, I will help you do it. (leave the house) But if he changed his mind then I am heavily heavily considering America or Jag. Like almost definitely one of those two. I can’t with that bullsh*t no more. I told him (Jag) before you answer this question, just think if I may know the answer already .. and he still lied. I am like Bro come on! After like crying in my face… that sh*t is sick. I don’t mind game play and you just .. you going around certain things but its when you blatantly lie to my face when I know the answer already. I am positive. The only way they stay is if Red still feels the same way as yesterday. Blue – yeah that is rough.

3:20pm Havenot room – Cory and America
America – I just don’t want to blow up on you BUT What the f**k?! Cory – okay I will tell you exactly what I have been doing the last couple hours. America – two hours because I walked in on them talking about putting me up like 30 minutes ago and counting the votes I am sure for Red to stay because everyone loves him. Cory – I told you my conversation with Jared yesterday. This morning after the pick for veto he pulled me up to the HOH room and starts freaking the f**k out. He said I would rather have anyone f**king picked for this veto than her (America). She is going to throw it. She is with Cam. America – isn’t he with Cam? Everyone is with Cam!? Felicia slipped and said it in front of Jag. Cory – Felicia also slipped and said it in front of you apparently. America – yeah and me. Cory – So I already talked to Izzy. America – also the plan is f**king stupid. They told Jag they are going to put him up. They were trying to get Cam to use it on Red because its his f**king birthday.. BOOO F**KING HOOO!? Cory – Izzy is stupid and wants to do it because it happened in survivor. MY pitch to Izzy is the same I would give to Jared. You’re more likely to win a comp than Bowie Jane. America – not since I am apparently throwing them. Cory – the good thing for you is that no one thinks you threw that comp. Jared said that you said you were throwing all the competitions. America – Why would I say that, that doesn’t make any sense. Cory – yeah it makes no f**king sense and that is why I have to talk to Jared. America – lets talk to him together… well I guess that wouldn’t work because I know how fragile his ego is and he will feel attacked. Cory – you’re in danger, you go talk to whoever you want. I am doing everything I can. I f**king told Izzy about my brother. America – why!? Cory – because I f**king need her to believe me. America – about what, your brother doesn’t have to do with anything!? Cory – that I am loyal to her and not you. I regret doing that. America – you think she isn’t going to tell everyone. Cory – here are the options they’re talking through right now.. you and Jag and Bowie. I think you’re the leader right now. And I think the only reason it is not clear is because they know I will be f**king pissed.

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Mad Max

what a bunch of idiots!


There was no way that plan was going to work


OMG leave Cirie and Felicia out of negotiations put up whoever and vote out Red. Easy solution.


No reason to keep cam red and Bowie together.

un autre nom

Jared wants Bowie final 5 now as the only person he can beat in a comp.
this is after everyone stopped the Bowiebullying immediately following the 6 hour feed block for HOH that was over 2 hours before feeds returned.

un autre nom

Now when Jared says America’s name feeds cut. Three minute delay from live to feed.
There’s definitely SOMETHING being covered up. Same as when anyone discusses Cameron’s fixation.
Yeah, we’re getting whitewashed.

Spot ON

” Cam – Red isn’t going no where as long as one of us come down. Felicia – there you go, you’re on top of it. Cam – Happy Birthday Red.”



Nether Region Euphemism

Cerie stunts are so cocky trying to convince Cam to take down Red, without any concern that Cam might realize he was the true target of all of them.


According to the #BB25 Twitterverse (after 14 years of being on there professionally, I am adverse to calling it X) Jared called or referred to someone as the R word.

Which is a terrible slur. As a just retired Educator and a Auntie of 3 special needs kiddos one of which is MR and non-verbal autistic – this just disgusts me.

Does anyone know who he was labeling with this word?
Jared does NOT seem like an admirable person.
Where did all the condoms go, Jared? Hmmm?


He said it about America then told Corey he didn’t mean that & it was a slip up. As we know nobody slips up & says the R word!



Another Dixie

All I can say is that if Cam does fall for that crap, he deserves to go home and, if Red encourages him to take Red down, then he’s not his friend. This is the stupidest group of contestants they have ever had.

un autre nom

So Jared hates America because D/R monkeys keep asking him about America.
People shitting on a houseguest… and prodo covers for the ones with their asses out, not the one covered in shit.
Stuntcast seasons, ladies and gentlemen.


Despite Cam being one of my least favorite in the house, as a long time BB fan, I am soooooo glad he won the veto. Those 13+ hours he spent holding onto that button aren’t a complete waste now.


Cirie- “I can’t believe people people are so blind.” Me, neither. Why are YOU still there and running the show?!

un autre nom

Jared: I’m considerig Jag way more than you. To America, who doesn’t flirt with him, is in a showmance taking attention off his grossmance, who D/R is pushing to him.
He’s trying to get her to say anti-Jag things. Just my opinion.

Felicia’s Tooth

Cory…. Your brother…. That’s ridiculous.
Nobody cares.
Read the room.


Hahahaha exactlyyyyy. Worst secret ever

Felicia’s Tooth

Ok…. This convo between Jared and America is painful.
And pointless


What convo? I didn’t see it here.

Felicia’s Tooth

The next post…. I was early . Oooops! It was mid convo and they hadn’t posted it yet. It was seriously mind numbing


I missed why Red is mad at Cam, and basically said this is the end of chillbillys. Cam didn’t know why Red felt that way, but Red wouldn’t elaborate and said you should know. What did Cam say about Red?


Jared told Red that Cam threw him under the bus as soon as Jared won HOH. He said he would go up a pawn next to Red.