JAG WON The VETO! “Bowie could have won that competition, she picked up the wrong one intentionally”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Bowie F**King Jane wants Jag to use the veto so she can put up Cameron.

At 1:40pm the live feeds switched to the pound cams for the power of veto competition. The feeds return at 5:54pm.

– Bowie – A lot in common with a great white shark, both Australian with big scary teeth.
– Cameron – Lieutenant Loser to Major Fucking Tool
– Matt’s was something about being a dumba$$..
– Felicia’s was about being old and wrinkled
– Cirie – was something about All her friends are gone and she sucked at survivor..
– Mecole – Instead of MeMe it was MeNap then MeSleep then a weeklong MeComa, oh yeah she’s not here.

JAG won the Veto!

In the bathroom – America – I f**ked up! I am so mad. I dropped it. Matt – I kept going the wrong way. I had a good spot but.. BB blocks the feeds. Cory joins them. America – he is going to be on top of her.

Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie.
Cirie – I’ve never depended on people. I depend on myself. Felicia – in the church we had a saying.. What you can’t do alone we can do together. Because I relized that you can’t do nothing by yourself. Cirie – I’ve done everything myself most of my life. Felicia – I know and what you can’t do alone we can do together. There are two books ends. There ain’t no bookend without the other. This whole is game is about using and being used. We’re fine! Bowie Jane could have won that competition. She picked up the wrong one intentionally because she didn’t want to win and have to remove someone after she put them on the block. Now it looks like she is forced to take somebody down. I watched her a$$! She’s been underplaying herself this whole dame game. Cirie – Jared said that. Jared said watch Bowie Jane turn it up at the end of the game. He said that exactly that to me. He said Bowie Jane is faking. Felicia – I really wanted Matt to win. Cirie – I almost feel like Matt didn’t want to win it either. I almost felt like that. I could be wrong. I thought Jag was going to throw it. He was waiting for it.

6:37pm Kitchen – Cory, America, Bowie, Blue and Felicia.
Felicia – Bowie Jane you did really good! Bowie – oh thanks! Felicia – I was like Bowie Jane you might beat Jag. Bowie – I knew I wouldn’t beat him. America – you could have. Cory – Jag sucks!

6:40pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie, Matt and Blue.
Blue – how are you doing? Cirie – I hate my life. So yeah I am just f**king hating it. F**king idiot! Blue – yeah I know. Cirie – IDIOT! IDIOT! And I flew up the thing .. it was so fast. I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to get up. Matt – I thought it was more slippy.. slippier.

6:44pm Bathroom – Jag and Bowie Jane.
Bowie – that was great!! Bowie – Cameron is already up in the room just camping there. Jag – oh boy he shouldn’t have said everything he said right before the veto. Bowie – yeah and he was like so you want to keep everything the same .. he said. And I said I haven’t decided yet. BUT I have .. HE IS GOING! Jag – yeah because now he is going to switch up. Before the veto he was saying all this stuff about you and about me. Bowie – that’s right. All I needed was a little excuse. Jag – yeah. Bowie – Because if he has any doubt with me or you .. this is not going to work. Jag – yeah that is what I am saying. Bowie – like even if it is all in his head its not going to work. Jag – and he is trying to pit against each other. Bowie – now we have to prepare for him playing dirty. What he is going to put out there and how we’re going to counter act it. Jag – yeah we’ll talk about it. Bowie – we can just say no he was saying that not me. And just make sure Matt says that as well. Jag – yeah. Bowie – because Matt and you would be the only people that would know that so .. I haven’t said that to anyone else. Jag – yeah.

7:10pm Games Room – Bowie and Cory.
Cory – Cam goes up and he goes, then next week all we have to do is beat Blue. And Jag has never lost to Blue. Bowie – and don’t let Blue get wind of that. 1 million percent. Cory – and then after that final 7 guaranteed! Then we have to go against Cirie and Felicia. All that matters now is that no one get greedy. Bowie – I am solid as a rock! Cory – my name has been out there for so long I just want to get there.

7:15pm – 7:35pm Bathroom – Felicia, Matt and Jag.
Felicia – do you know what you’re going to do? Jag – I don’t know. Felicia – you’re going to use the veto right? Jag – NAAAAAAAAA! I am just kidding, yeah of course I am. Felicia – I don’t know what she (Bowie) is going to do. Do you think she has made a decision? Matt – I think she is still deciding. Felicia – she is still considering opinions, thoughts and options. Jag – there aren’t that many options. Felicia – right! There are only two options really. And both of them are going to hound her and just keep sitting in her room. After the competition he (Cameron) was already up in the room. She left because she didn’t want to be up there with. I would tell him to leave. Matt – week one he said that was his strategy. Felicia – she is making him feel comfortable so that he thinks that he’s staying. Jag – who do you think is better to go this week. Felicia – there are pros and cons to both… Cory is a better strategist. And he has his hands in a lot of pockets. Cam is better at competitions. Jag – Cam has won 7 competitions. Cory has won 1. Felicia – if you let Cameron go to the end .. his record alone is enough to give it to him.

8:06pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie, America and Cameron.
Cameron is asking Cirie questions about Survivor again. He tells her he is going to apply to be on survivor right of of the gate and how he is going to tell them he knows her.

8:36pm – 8:47pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie, Felicia and Matt
Matt – She wants Cory gone. But everyone wants Cameron gone. I think she will still be okay with that. Felicia – she will have to be. Cirie – of course. Matt – Cam’s going to go for our a$$es soon. He’s always planting things .. I am just not having it right now. Cirie – he can’t say I said anything about you. Matt – oh he did. Cirie – really?! Matt – he was saying that Cirie is saying that you’re a f**king snake. Cirie – OHHHHHH.. Cameron said that to you? Are you serious!!?? Matt – I don’t believe it. Cirie – are you serious?!? Matt – yeah but that’s why I don’t say anything. I want his a$$ up don’t worry! Bowie joins them. Bowie joins them. Bowie – whatever just don’t worry. Whatever you hear, just don’t worry. I’ve committed that job will be done. No matter what anyone says. Cirie – I have no problem with Jag using it on her (Felicia). Give her a break. I’ll pack. Felicia – thank you. Bowie – yeah and then just lay low. And then get ready for the onslaught of whatever.

8:50pm HOH room – Cire and Bowie.
Cirie – the smartest thing you can do. I am not saying nothing about nothing. I am going to mind my business so I can get off the block. Felicia joins them. Bowie – yeah this is definitely happening, He doesn’t trust me so.. How can I? He will turn on me. If he doesn’t trust me I dont him. He is just a loose cannon.

9:20pm Bathroom –
Cory, America, Jag, Matt, Cameron, Blue they’re all chatting about past Big Brother seasons / comps.

9:55pm HOH room – Matt and Jag.
Jag – if Cam tells people about the Fugitives what is our story? Matt – we can say that it was something that he wanted to create. Jag – we’d be like the only time he mentioned it was before eviction. And if they ask why didn’t you tell, we’ll be like bro there was nothing to tell. Jag leaves and Cameron joins Matt. Cameron – I’ve got all my trust in the two of you. If something is wrong, tell me what’s wrong but I’ve put everything I’ve got in the two of you. I had a weird moment today. I never feel safe. One of my allies wins HOH. She puts up two people I definitely want put up. I don’t get to play in the veto. I see weird conversations happening and I am like this is feels a lot like me getting backdoored again. Matt – but its Bowie’s HOH and Jag has the veto. Cam – I know. I know that now but I just felt weird. We’re going to have those times. I am just not used to any comfortable. But I am with you guys and if you say you got me, then you got me. Matt – yeah and you told Jag to keep it the same? Cam – no he does whatever he wants. I don’t care as long as I don’t go on the block and you don’t go on the block. Matt – I know. Bowie shouldn’t do that. Cam – she was like I want to do what is best for me game.. I am like that is a weird thing to say. Matt – I wouldn’t think too much on it. Bowie is Bowie. Cam – I don’t think she would make a move against me I just don’t want anything to get weird between America and Cory.

10:30pm – 11pmComic Bedroom – Felicia, Cirie, America, Jag and Blue chat about past comps from the season. They laugh about all the funny moments.

11:23pm – 11:40pm Comic Bedroom – America, Felicia and Cirie.
America – I left (the HOH) and Jag was like you can’t just leave right after me, Cam will get suspicious. I was like I didn’t even notice. Cameron was like this is where I am hanging out. Felicia – he is not going to let them talk tonight. Cirie – he is going to follow them and stick to them like glue. Felicia – he is trying to convince them not to use the veto. America – which is so funny because he really wanted the veto used yesterday to backdoor Cory. Cirie – wow .. and now.. now he’s telling her not to use it. America – things worked out perfectly because he would have been good in that competition if he had played. The picks worked out perfectly. Cirie – the stars have aligned. America – everyone is on board. I am going to have the biggest exhale after Monday. Felicia – now I am just wondering where everyone will shit to for next week. The Plan is and all that sh*t. This is going to get stupider every week. America – I think the double will be not this Thursday but next Thursday. Felicia – right, this week it will be Cam and the next week two people will go behind him and that will take us down to 5. Oh my god. America – this is something we’ve really wanted.. Cirie – for a long time! America – you know where my vote is. There is no flipping.

11:55pm HOH room – Cameron, Jag, Matt and Blue are rating celebrities on a scale.

12:30 am Backyard chit chat

12:35 am Cory and America
America calls Cory her “Boyfriend”.
Cory – you really screwed this up being my girlfriend a couple weeks before
feeds cut.. When we’re back they’re talking about putting on tanner. Cory says she put tanner on his groin. America says it wasn’t his groin she tried for his knee.
feeds cut.
When we’re back they are talking about the rumour that Felicia is related to Denzel Washington. America says she doesn’t sound anything like him. Cory says he believed it a bit at first because out of nowhere Felicia use to say “I love denzel washington”
On the backyard couch is Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Bowie and Cirie. They get out of the hammock on the way past the backyard couch they mention something about during the exorcist trailer America mentions “is that Denzel’s son” and Felicia said right away “No it’s not”
Cam – I had a few people bought in… I had a few people say you’re on to something there
Felicia – No.. no.. I wish but no.

1:20 am Cory, Matt and America.
Cory says when Cameron gets put up he’s going to know it’s over. COry says Him, America and either Cirie/Felicia will be impossible votes for him to get.
Matt comment’s how crazy it is you only need 3 votes this week.
America mentions how when Cam goes it’ll open up the competitions for them.

1:00 am – 2:20 am Cameron and Blue
Chit chat about the season.

3:00 am – 9:00 am Zzzzz

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Do I think it’s smart for Bowie to BD Cam for her personally? No not really. Is it good to put a “big move” on her resume and gain capital in the house? Yes, but I think the scrambling that would happen in the coming weeks should Cam stay would ensure Bowie skates on through further and further. If she starts revving up with this HOH as her starting point, she could even have a good argument to win at the end (given she sits next to one of the other women at the end, which I currently see as unlikely).

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

I’m finding Jag really attractive when his hair is loose. He has beautiful eyes and a great sense of style.

Spot ON

He’s a DI*K



Spot ON

By lying to everyone’s face, making agreements never intended to keep, and backstabbing. But I suppose one could say the same about everyone there.


Its Big Brother, not Big Nice Guy.


still Jag n Matt will be always be known as twin Jack n Ass

The Beef

That doesn’t mean you have to stab the people you’re working with in the back. It also doesn’t mean you have to make up lies for reasons to take people out. How about coming up with good strategic reasons for making a move?

I guess if your only reason is that you’re scared you can’t beat someone in competitions to get them out later, maybe you don’t want to admit that since you claim to be a “comp beast”, when in reality you’re just pretty average in a house full of weak competitors. That pretty much describes Jag and Matt.

Nether Region Euphemism

So with that logic, you should believe that they are all di*ks. Or do you favor Meme? If we go back to analyze her game step by step, I’m sure we will find that she was in support of the lying and backstabbing that her alliance was engaged in. She’s not any better than the rest, just repressed.



The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I don’t believe that it would be good for her game to backdoor Cam. She is a floater, he is an obvious target. At this point, her worst case scenario is 5th or 6th place. If she gets rid of Cameron, she is securing that 5th or 6th place as a floater that isn’t part of that alliance with Cory and Matt plus America and Cory. They aren’t going to go after each other until final four. Matt is going to make sure not to win HOH so Cerie can be put up against either Blue or Felicia and BJ will be put up in the event that one of them are vetoed. Keeping Cam is a wise decision to make sure that she that she is able to be around long enough to see the alliance or four turn on each other.

Game fan

Cory isn’t going to wait for final 4 or even 5 . Neither Jag & Matt are

I can’t believe she’s saying she’s going to back door Cameron!!!! Absolutely ridiculous! I’m praying that she’s just playing along and that she’s aware of some sort of “comic twist “ and that the reason why she threw veto comp. Praying she is better actress than she appears to be loyal at the moment.

The Beef

I hope you’re right, but I don’t think so.

I think Bowie is just like Jag and Matt at this point – playing scared. Sounds like she intentionally threw the veto because she didn’t want to be the one to both utilize the veto and also put Cam OTB, because then she would truly be covered in his blood. This way, she only gets half the blood with Jag getting the other half.

But, if she doesn’t go along with Jagoff, Matt, Cory and America, they’ll all be mad at her, so she’s “scared” to go up against that group. What she SHOULD do is put Cory’s ass OTB, then Cam, Blue and whoever comes down (either Fellatio or Cirie) would vote him out for sure, making it at worst a tie situation, which Bowie could break and send Cory to jury (assuming Jagoff and Matt didn’t vote him out – which they probably would). Then she should stick with Cam, Blew, Fellatio and Cirie to bust up the duo of Matt and Jagoff, preferably the latter. America will land wherever she lands, but she’s not winning anything anyway.

That’s what I’d like to see happen over the next week and a half.

I mean doesn’t she remember all the lies Red was told Cameron to make him turn his back on Cameron? Wouldn’t that thought cross her mind just a bit???

Not Jasons Holly

I think most of these house guests’ brains are fried!

Remember the commercial about your brain on drugs?

Big Brother you can’t allow this to happen to Cameron a second time! Not an orchestrated coup by the same type of lies! Just because Cory and Jag are nervous about their game competing against him. I don’t recall Cameron being that low of a player.


In the first week, cam did screw over the Riley, jag alliance (forgot the name). Granted jared was also part of it and reporting back but I think Simon and Un autre summed it up by saying he was mad he wasn’t the leader. That’s why a lot of the house and viewers don’t like him.

BB Fangirl

Can you remind me how he screwed her over, all on his own? Genuine question because I don’t remember. It was Hisam’s HOH that got out Reilly, correct? And he was on the block beside Reilly? Did he just do what he had to do not to be the one to go? Again, genuinely can’t remember and I definitely don’t recall it being such a big deal that the houseguests are still clinging to it 60 days later. Let’s be real they all want him out because they all know his resume is the best in the house. No one wants to sit next to him on finale night.

Not Jasons Holly

Saying Cameron was mad because he wasn’t the leader is only speculation and not truly based on facts, IMO.

Truth Hurts

When Cam is under fire with being a nomination he throws the ones that are closest to him UTB! He’s proven it time and time again that is what he does. Matt and Jag will always come back to how he screwed over reilly and their first alliance to start the game by giving them up and ensuring reilly left. Then on cams first HOH he has the whole house target jag where he only stayed because of Matt. One week later cam votes to evict jag proving once again cam didn’t seem to care about jag or the handful. Jag has a reason to be sketched out and have trust issues with cam. Cam has doomed himself when he has no power by having a poor social game by having his double exposed and verbally talking crap about Bowie, Matt, and jag not doing exactly what he wants and they end up finding this out. What do expect them do because Nobody wants to work with cam when it has been proven multiple times no matter how close you are to him he will throw you UTB. People are sketched by him because it has be proven that he targets allies even non-allies are still in the house. Cam fans I’m sorry but his social game is just truly abysmal. Each time Cam has had HOH he couldn’t position himself in a better spot socially given the social capital an hoh power can have he did a poor job of being manipulated by others to come to a final outcome. Twice he was dead set for getting out felicia then he flipped his mind all because others told him to go after Izzy and Mecole. Changing targets while in power and throwing others that are close to you under a truck does not inspire confidence it only makes you more untrustworthy. Going on out on a BOWIE HOH speakes volumes. Cam is Frank Eudy reincarnated. In spite of each getting a second bonus life. No matter how much grodner fancied them. Both of their social games were truly so awful that is became their ultimate demise.

The Beef

He did switch sides week one, but only because he saw the other side was the power side in the house. Not defending what he did, just making a statement of fact.

But others also switched, including Jag and Matt! Those two not only switched but delivered copious amounts of intel from their supposed allies to Cirie and her minions to be used against them beginning week 2 and going up until Cams HOH where Izzy was evicted and power started to swing. It was roughly week 3 or so where Jag and Matt learned about the “middle” game from Cory, and became obsessed with playing it, and that’s when they really started spreading lies about anybody and everybody from one end of the house to the other, in a never ending effort to somehow put themselves in “the middle”.

Cam didn’t do any of that. Cam’s biggest mistake was trusting Jared when Jared was lying to him and ratting him out the entire game. Now it appears that mistake will be his second biggest one, as trusting Matt and Jag is going to get him backdoored and evicted.

Et tu, Brute?


He is the only one that makes this season worth watching.


So Cirie is gonna win because no one will take her out.

House dynamics are f’ed if Cam goes home.








Does Bowie realize she’ll be alone?

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

These fan boys are so easily manipulated by Cerie. My hope is that someone will figure this out and take her out but let’s say that America does…she can’t vote and Matt, Jag along others…‘aubergine even Cory wouldn’t get her back. I do fear that she wins and her game plan really is to play poor me, I’m a celebrity…

Game fan

America and cirie are always studying together and even this week she really wanted blue otb and cirie off the block. I believe she would nom blue & Felicia .

I'm guessing

She too hyped out! She just wants to have fun guys!! She’s finally getting attention and forgetting who was always down with her, not just during her HOH.


I’d like the vile mean trio of hags gone then let the 6 Duke it out.


Most boring season ever!

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I think that you are right…

Gan ainm

Cirie gets another pass.

BB Fangirl

I highly doubt this is happening but I just soooo wish that Bowie Jane and Cameron were in on this together and that Bowie is actually planning to back door Cory. I just don’t see how Cameron could be so blind to the fact that Jag and Matt are fake. All he’d have to do is reveal the Fugitives alliance to get Bowie to see his slimy those two are for trying to back door Cam. If she goes through with this she will never be able to live with herself when she watches this back and sees how they manipulated her. Didn’t she see how they did this same thing to Cameron with Red??? This is so painful to watch without being able to knock some sense into her!!

Another Dixie

I can’t believe that she was a barrister in Australia. Unless things are vastly different there, they usually have common sense & can read people. This woman doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. I hope I have to eat my words & it’s all an act and she’s ready to make a move at the veto ceremony.


She left that profession to be a DJ… a D J in another country no less!!!
What’s that say about her sense?

Not Jasons Holly

I was going to say the same thing. She can’t have too much sense!

Spot ON

“She left that profession to be a DJ… a D J in another country no less!!”

YEAH…LOL… That’s why I keep scratching my head on that one. Maybe she lied about that too. Or maybe all the probable vaping she’s been likely doing playing techno music in those clubs has burned away all remaining brain cells. She is “off” in a LOT OF WAYS.


She’s also a criminal lawyer.

Spot ON

Tell you what, she doesn’t even strike me as being competent enough to represent Snow White on a speeding ticket where the cop doesn’t show up for court to testify.


I really don’t like BJ’s game play. She is one odd duck. I can’t believe she isn’t evicting one of the two women who’ve made her life miserable and is instead possibly turning on Cam – probably the only person who hasn’t made snide comments about her. Honestly, she is such a dunce … I know she said she didn’t know she could do the calculations on the board, but her number wasn’t even close. Did she mishear? Misunderstand the question? Was she actually trying to throw the win to Felicia? I really hope BJ doesn’t make it much farther … she has the worst instincts and this is brutal to watch.

Another Dixie

Wouldn’t it be entertaining if, after Jag takes F or C off the block, Bowie replaces her with Cory? That would get those hamsters scurrying, trying to figure out which goes without hurting their games as much. Poor Jag, he’d probably need oxygen administered. Of course that play would blow up Bowie’s game, if she has one, but it’s already toast anyway if they boot Cam.

Not Jasons Holly

She should put up Matt if Jag uses it.


What would have been an OG move would be to talk Jag into using the veto on Felicia (presumably to backdoor Cameron) but the actual plan would be to use Matt as renom.

Just as Dan did with Danielle and Shane.

I’d be pulling for Cameron and her if she pulled that off. Alas, she won’t.

BB Fangirl

Yes!! I’d rather Jag go than Matt but since that can’t happen, this would be perfect! If she was smart enough to figure this out I would cry happy tears hahah

Not Jasons Holly

Where’s a wall teller when you need one?!


If Cam is backdoored I am officially done with this season. He at least provides good drama and game play to watch. Everyone else is annoying af.
What a lame season this is. I was giving big brother one more chance this year, but they blew it. I will no longer be watching future seasons and I have been watching since season 1!!!


Cam for AFP!!!! Vote!!!!

Felicia’s crusty feet

How can BJ be so dumb as to be sucked in by Matt & Jag? Can’t she see that they float to the power every time, kissing ass? If she does this back door on Cam, hope she’s the next one out!

Game fan

If cory or America are hoh, blue wins veto . Who knows maybe bowie can be the target.

C’mon Bowie

I used to think people who stopped watching BB because a player they liked got evicted was lame. I know it’s just a game and they all backstab & lie. For the first time, I really do think it’s scripted and certain HG’s are given advantages to remain in the game. I’m finished with this season. I hate how Jag’s playing. I’m sure most people think he’s great and just doing what he needs to stay but I think the total character assassination is unnecessary. Hopefully BB 26 will have a better cast.

BB Fangirl

Totally agree! Usually I swing week to week on who I hate and love but this season Cam has consistently been the only one I’ve liked, both his personality and his game play. Jag is NOT just playing the game. He’s flat out lying to everyone with no remorse. Just keep your mouth shut and play the game. You don’t have to be friends with everyone but you also don’t have to be vindictive at every turn.

Backseat Driver

I’m with you Caitlin…..this whole thing “stank” from the beginning when they brought in a mother-son team. Enough said…..


I just don’t see an advantage for Bowie getting rid of Cam. She doesn’t even have an alliance.


Me either!


She thinks she’s with Jag & Matt. I believe Cam when he said she’s his F2.

Carlito's Way

She thinks she is now with the “popular kids,” Matt and Jag. She is so delighted and acting like she is in high school. This woman is in her 40s and a barrister? Desperate to be liked and part of the “in-crowd.”

Spot ON

She’s missing A LOT OF MARBLES.

Queen Catia

I am hoping that Bowie is the greatest actress ever and that when Jag uses the veto to save Cirie or Felicia then Bowie is gonna put Cory on the block not Cameron…

BB Fangirl

Honestly she has never shown this much passion towards disliking anyone, so for it to be Cam, she’s either really really dumb, or she’s acting. I’ve never watched live feeds before so I don’t know if they can manipulate it so we never see private convos between certain people, but it doesn’t make sense that Cam and Bowie really haven’t been shown talking one on one at all. Really hoping they’re not showing that so as to make the aired show more entertaining!!

Carlito's Way

Cam and Bowie are not talking. He went up to HOH right after comp and there was incredible awkward silence and NO game talk. She kept eating and never offered Cam anything. Then they just sat there not speaking. The vibe was a-w-k-w-a-r-d. Finally she left and he was in HOH alone and she did not come back. After that, everyone she spoke with was “bash Cam” talk. Everyone was lying to her about Cam, seriously just throwing anything and everything against the wall and Bowie was eating it up. Even in her talk with Felisha, who was one of the people who was so cruel to her, they Cam-bashed. Cam has his issues, is a braggart and is socially awkward, but he did have Bowie’s back and he was true to The Fugitives until final 4. What I don’t like is all this bashing and isolating. Ok take the best competitor out, that’s fair, but just say it’s because he is the biggest threat. Don’t make up horrible lies and outcast someone. I had big hopes for Bowie and this week. Thought maybe she had played it up to be a dumbass, but turns out she really is one. Bowie has always just wanted to be in a group and now she is with the “cool kids” (vomit), and I don’t see any way to turn this ship around. Cam needs to at least sit with Bowie, let her know he was her for-real for-real final two and out The Fugitives. Thought this was going to be a good one but now I hate everyone.


I agree. CORY HAS TO GO.


I vote Bowie for the dumbest player!!!!


Seriously she is the dumbest player.
so tired of her saying yeah, yeah, yeah.

Spot ON

Don’t know what’s worse: “yeah, yeah, yeah” or “bro”


Possibly the dumbest since Marcellas Reynolds (S3)


Over Matt???

un autre nom

where we’re at.
sorry it’s smaller than usual, i didn’t realize i’d saved it in a different image format.

bb25 WEEK 9.jpg
Just The Truth

Don’t use the POV and this week will be good either way.


Cirie is already a millionaire. She’s not playing a good game needs to go now. Cam has played hard to get back in the game . I like him! Can is blind to Jag and Matt for some reason. I do not like Corey either could get back doored

Tre Billis

Is she really going to backdoor Cam? The move makes ZERO sense. Just give Cirie the money already.

un autre nom

turned on his alliance week 1.
verbally agreed to pawnstar week 2 on his supposed number 2.
pawnstar’d week 3.
plotted double dipping alliances week 2, 3, 4.
was caught double dipping alliances week 4. blamed bowie and jag for getting caught planning to evict Izzy (a member of his 2nd alliance) evicted Jag (saved by twist).
verbally agreed to pawnstar himself week5 on his number 1
targeted 2 members of his 2nd alliance week 6 in retalliation for losing his number 1.
thought the HOH that took out his number 1 was his new number 1.
Evicted 8-0 week 7, the HOH was the guy he called his new number 1 that took out his old number 1.
but it keeps going….
comes back. makes a fake final 2 with the woman he blamed for his double dipping being caught, proposes a fake 3 with the guy he’s targeting and the woman he covets, and forms a final 3 with the guy he previously evicted and his number one, a four with the showmance of the guy that nom’d him, getting him evicted, and a 5 with both pairs he’s talked final 3 with, and a 6 with the 2 pairs and the fake final 2…. and they are all comparing notes while he’s targeting one of these allies until the last moment.
His fake final 2 is HOH, and he shit talks distrust of her because she won’t do as he says…before veto is played.

There’s no disputing this. These are the facts.
plotted the downfall of 3 alliances while he was a member of those alliances.
shit talked every member of his newest group to the other members of the group.
targeted allies while there were non-allies still in the house, and did it loudly enough that everyone knows it.
Every time he had the power of HOH he failed to socially maneuver himself into a better position moving forward and failed to utilize social capital to determine which nom was evicted. It was always others that socially manipulated a determination.



Wow, I thought Jag was lying on him. Cam is a fool, I just did this long post, saying how bad I felt for Cam, I was totally unaware that Jag was telling the truth, that Cam was bad mouthing Bowie.

Cam is a fool, his social skills suck, Felicia was right about him not fitting in. Cam should have listened, and tried to mend broken bridges, well I don’t feel bad for him now.

Cam said he needed to make it to Jury, so he will be in jury, and he’ll have $$$ to pay his bills when he gets out.

Wow, I can’t believe that Cam was so stupid to talk crap about Bowie, Jag, Matt, hell, everybody, when he has no power, Cam’s a narcissist.

un autre nom

He told Jag that not agreeing to take out Cory was a huge red flag. He couldn’t trust Bowie anymore. He told Jag that he believed Meme’s post-eviction busing, Bowie must be with Am/Co, otherwise she’d put Cory up like he asked.

BB Fangirl

It WAS a huge red flag. It showed Jag wasn’t that loyal to his alliance. Right then and there he should have just done it anyway. But he’s trying to be loyal to an alliance; something Jag knows nothing about.


A reminder that Cameron had told Cirie that he wanted to break up that group. That strategy backfired on him like it did before

Gan ainm

And yet somehow Cam Fans think he is a great player. Bizarre.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

It really is bizarre. I’m in Big Brother groups on Facebook, and one of them (the biggest one) has become nothing but a Cam & Matt fan club. It’s really sick!

BB Fangirl

You left out all of his wins and comebacks despite the entire house being against him…you left out them turning his final two on him and ruining his friendship with Red…you left out him keeping Jag safe twice and Jag immediately turning on him…you left out him not back dooring Cory out of loyalty to his alliance with Jag and Matt…you downplayed the fact that he got out Izzy, regardless of what he had to do to make that happen. And maybe most importantly of all, you left out how he has been on an island the entire time whether he realizes it or not. That alone makes him someone worth liking/winning, because every other person is aligned and is so unlikable. It’s that simple for me. And if Cam goes this week I will stop watching until the finale. I really don’t think there’s an argument he’s a bad player of this game but even if you could say that I don’t see where the argument is that he’s a bad person. Nothing that he has done has been entirely selfish, even though it could have been, and he is still somehow calm with everyone who has screwed him.


Point of clarification Cam did not get out Izzy. If Cory and America had not orchestrated the flip to take Izzy out it would’ve been Fe that was evicted that week.

I do not think anyone is denying that Cam has had to fight to stay in the game, what all are pointing out is he does not have the social skills to really manage his game. If he did there would be no doubt he would be the best player, but he doesn’t and as a result his actions are speaking volumes irrespective of his comp wins.

this game is all about lying and backstabbing and they are all doing it, some just are a little better with the social aspect and keeping behind the scenes.

un autre nom

Devil’s Advocate means pointing out the flaws, not preaching to the choir.
I’ve pointed out the tactical and social flaws.
It bears stating that four times with Red, Cam stated that his strategy was to break up alliances from the inside. Once he says that, any loyalty question becomes moot: when he states his strategy is to infiltrate, befriend and backstab a group he loses the ability to be called loyal. Everyone in the house has seen him implement alliance breaker strategy proving his loyalty is word not deed.
While he’s saying I’m riding with fugitives, why is he telling Matt not to trust Jag? Jag not to trust Matt? Jag not to trust Bowie? He’s trying to break the bonds between his allies that he’s so “loyal” to. He can’t help himself. Literally.

The Beef

I find it hilarious that he says “There’s no disputing this. These are facts.”

Those aren’t facts. Those are his opinions of what he thinks happened. In MY opinion some of what he wrote is true, some of it is half true and some of it isn’t, but around here, whatever he writes is taken as gospel. He doesn’t like Cam, so nothing good about him will ever get written.

Sounds like it doesn’t really matter though, as Cam will probably be gone by Thursday night. I hope all the haters and “nopers” will be happy then.

Another Dixie

Sounds like all the rest of the houseguests who are playing the game.

I'm guessing

Cameron, Cory, Blu, America, Bowie, Felicia, Matt in Jury. The f2 will be Jag and Ceri. Jag will actually get out Matt by allowing Ceri to win the final round. He thinks he’ll beat Ceri but he won’t. Ceri wins BB25. Ceri has done zero in the game but is spared or saved every time. They all say,”oh my gosh, whenever I have a conversation with her, I feel so happy”! How??? Most of her conversation is filled with, mhmmmm hummm, uhmmm. Jag actually deserves to lose because of horrible jury management. Jag is playing a Paul and Tyler game and their poor jury management cost them the game. He NEEDS 4 votes to win. I don’t see Cameron voting for him. Rightfully so, because Jag’s game play is quite over the top, when it comes to Cameron.

Spot ON

“The situation Bowie F**King Jane wants Jag to use the veto so she can put up Cameron”

WOW….What a worthless backstabbing bit*h.

Gan ainm

WOW….That worthless backstabbing bit*h is taking out your hero.F’nBowieJane!


I agree she’s a smart player keeping Cirie or Felicia


Bowie is so excited, she thinks she’s a part of an alliance. Yea, she is this week because she’s the HOH, Bowie is such a Floater, she’s so hungry and desperate to think she’s in an alliance, she’s actually kind of making herself look like a fool.

  1. Jag & Matt ( Bowie 3rd wheel ).
  2. Corey & America ( Bowie 3rd wheel )
  3. Cam & Bowie, ( Bowie is being used to destroy her own game, Back door Cam ).

If Bowie would have actually pulled Cam into the HOH, tell him she has been told Cam is doubting her, talking about her, be upfront and honest, tell him this cannot leave this room, Jag is telling me, you are bad mouthing me, you don’t trust me. I don’t think Cam would say anything.

Cam would not let Jag or Matt know he’s onto them, he would keep his word and not betray Bowie. Bowie would be protected by the guy who’s proven to the house, he wins. Let Jag use the Veto, then put Matt or Corey up, I’d put Matt up, Corey, America, and Cam would vote Matt out.

Jag’s alone now, now Jag has Corey, America and Cam playing against him. Even if Jag has Blue, Cirie & Felicia, Jag is still weak, Blue, Cirie & Felicia can’t win shit, Jag would be all up Cam’s ass trying to make a deal, Cam then can play Jag, make him feel safe.

Cam wins HOH, back doors Jag, tells him, now you get to see how I felt, you lied to me over and over, I kept you safe 2 times, you betrayed me, used the Veto, Jared put me up.
You used the veto when Bowie was HOH, because you thought I was going up, Matt was evicted.

Strike 3 Jag, you’re outta here, now I just have to deal with Corey, you should have had my back, but every week, you FLOATED to whoever was the HOH. Jag you can Float your ass out the door, go meet Julie, Then go hang out with Matt in the Jury house.

I know I’m dreaming, this will never happen, Bowie thinks she’s hit the lottery, and she finally belongs to an alliance. Bowie just can’t see that she has teamed up with a duo, Bowie is going to be used as a pawn, and as a vote, Bowie is not in an alliance.

Bowie should have taken the time and talked with Cam, WHY did Bowie take everything that Jag told her as the Gospel truth ? WHY DIDN’T BOWIE TALK TO CAM ? Because Bowie is also a floater, this is the worst cast, they keep making my blood pressure rise.

I love BB, I hope BB26 2024, we need a cast that will play their own game, stick with their Alliance, Get rid of FLOATERS. Don’t be so easily fooled or led, think about BB25, and do the exact opposite !!!!! Learn from this boring, pathetic cast of wimps & floaters.

As for Production, we don’t need any of your stupid twists, I remember the first Season of Big Brother, you let the audience have a say, we use to be able to vote who was evicted.

If Production can’t do any better next year, than let the Fans vote for various cast members, let the houseguests know America voted, maybe then these floaters and people who want to play the middle, they will step up their game.

  • Production, make the houseguests stop telling people they are going to be nominated.
  • Stop telling houseguests who’s going to be evicted.
  • If the houseguests tells someone, they are going to be nominated, or they are going to be evicted, they receive a penalty, they lose their vote for that week.
Another Dixie

“WHY did Bowie take everything that Jag told her as the Gospel truth ? WHY DIDN’T BOWIE TALK TO CAM ?”
See, this is what I can’t get with this group. They believe everything they are told without questioning. So much that is being passed on are lies, made up to hurt the person they are talking to. Look how well it worked when Cam was told lies about Red. he believed that the one person who had always been honest with him was stabbing him in the back. Why did he believe that when all he had to do was talk with Red and he’s know who was lying.
In some ways, I blame Cirie for this. She is lying just as much as everyone else but does it in a way that she is believed. No one doubts Cirie’s words.


I knew this would happen. So Bowie is going to put up probably the only person that genuinely has time for her and who would take her to final two? She is such a genius. The people in this season are utterly demented. Cirie will win.


I knew I didn’t like Bowie Jane just something about her n now I see why She’s Sneaky, n backstabbing ur #1! Poor Cameron for trusting these people n being loyal to people to be done shitty!!
How dumb is she! She shouldn’t even make it to Jury to be honest Idk how she has made it this far!! N the fd up part is they might take her to final 2 because they know they’d win against her ass! Cameron for AFP!!!!

I'm guessing

Wow, Bowie is a disappointment. As much as he defended this moron. But, crazy Felicia said it! She said, Bowie would dump Cameron first chance she gets because she just wants attention from everybody. They’ll use her to get to him because Bowie has no game. He keeps protecting her and she talks crap about him when he’s not HOH. That old broad was right. They did the same game play with Cameron and Red and broke up their friendship, so she can’t pretend she don’t know what they’re doing. Weeks ago, Bowie said she didn’t care about winning. She just would like to make jury. People like her should be voted out before jury.

Game fan

Felicia and cirie knows what they talking about. But they are blind about Jag. Wish they wake up soon.

Gan ainm

I have seen Cam for AFP ad nauseam,gross,but does anyone think Cirie won’t be voted AFP?

un autre nom

Bowie was in d/r for 3 hours.
To be fair, she’s got 28 d/r for the season so far….
So she’s not good in d/r without provided lines or just 2 second 5 word d/r’s.
Not tinfoiling this until she suddenly changes her mind after telling everyone except Blue and Cam her intent, or until she gets 5 d/r calls in 18 hours like Cam last Sunday. THAT was sketch.


I wish they had chosen better zings for Matt, Cirie, and Felicia. Don’t know if there was a better zing for Bowie or not

un autre nom

zings are written at least a week in advance. That’s why Meme had a stronger zing than Felicia. At the time of writing Felicia was likely leaving.
Unless there was a screen, do you think Matt even heard his zing?
Note: Cirie’s zing was meant to make her look weaker and less of a target.


Bowie is a dumbass if she backdoors the only person that actually worked with her


If Cameron gets put up and voted out, I will no longer watch this season. He is the only one that plays the game. The rest are useless.


Bowie Jane just wants so badly to be accepted into the popular players club but she can’t accept that it will never happen. She is wasting her chance at the prize money just trying so hard to fit in.
It’s been this way from the beginning because she made little to no effort to establish her place in the house, nor did she align with anyone. She’s trying now but it’s too little too late.

Now, she thinks she will gain favor by taking out what has been her closest friend, Cam. He is the only one that hasn’t bad-mouthed her or made her feel out of place. Her only true ally in the house. What she plans to do is totally wrong. She will have nobody as soon as she takes him out.

I hope she realizes what she is doing before it’s too late. Next week they will all drop her like a hot potato and her game will be done.
Keep Cam and prove me wrong!

Not Jasons Holly

Does anyone else realize we, the audience, are the REAL hamsters?

no mo bro

If the number of comments on this site is any indication, this season is a winner. It doesn’t matter if you hate it, as long as you keep watching.

Some of the things I hate are feed cuts in the middle of house guest strategy sessions and very long duration or frequency of diary room visits.

We all watch the TV show and they only show 10-15 seconds if anything at all. Yet right in the middle of a strategy sessions we hear, “XxXxXxX please come to the diary room downstairs”. What exactly happens in there? Have all the house guests signed non disclosure agreements and they are fed the script in the diary room?

I also hate the mics being at full volume while people eat. Blue eating cheese and crackers damn near made me have a cringe seizure. Chewing with her mouth open while mouth breathing heavily… it was … … … I don’t even have the words. Every time I notice her about to eat, I change feed or watch something else.

no mo bro

Now Felisha is dressed and sitting outside while Cameron is in a robe in the kitchen…. I’m SO confused.

It's me

When Cameron is gone, big brother is gone. He us entertaining.
I hate Cory and America kissing
Felicia and Cirie in bathrobes
Matt with that Floss in his mouth.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

My prediction is that Jag doesn’t use the veto. He can’t afford to make any more enemies. I am in a camp that believes that Bowie is just humoring those that say that they want her to back door Cam. If that’s all that people are talking to her about, why would she not pretend to give a crap about what these people have to say? They have been alienating her for two months. Jag has to read this and unless he isn’t a complete idiot, he has to know that there is a possibility that she may put up Matt or Blue as replacements and he cannot afford to make more enemies. If Cam goes, Jag is going to be nominated every week until he is gone. Cam is the perfect cover. Besides, these players are so paranoid that they can’t assume that Bowie and Cam aren’t conspiring to have a Jag ally put up and are using Jag to win the veto. His odds of winning are very low with Cameron gone and he is in a good position at this time! No one but Matt will trust him again if he conspires to put up Cameron a as backdoor. The smartest move would be to get rid of Cerie but Felicia is totally fine to get rid of too due to the lack of retaliation in this event.


Cirie has two skills: making friends and keeping secrets. But in Big Brother, the potted plant has more game than her. 1. Others are better at making friends, as they are thirty – 30 – years younger. 2. They win comps and can lie as well as Cirie can. So: no game. Felicia and Cirie are goats that may be dumped in a couple weeks.