Cirie – “I don’t want to talk first thing in the morning.. Leave me alone..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Nothing new since last night.Veto is being used Cameron going up.

9:50 am Houseguests waking up. Cirie has been complaining about being sore from the Veto competition.
Cirie – I don’t want to talk first thing in the morning.. Leave me alone..
Mat joins her. THey talk about how nice the day is.

Cameron flips to Cory brushing his teeth.

Cameron flips again to the POOL

And a third time back on Cirie and MAtt
Cirie says next week will be slip n slide. “I feel like I have to prove it.. In regular life in normal life I’m a smart person”
They talk about their zing.
Matt- it was funny they chose Survivor to roast you. They could have gone harder on Blue.
Bowie walks into the backyard.
Matt -they could have gone harder on her.
After some chit chat. Bowie leaves.
Matt says he’s had some good talks with Bowie. He adds that Cameron has been swarming Bowie.
Cirie – telling her not to change the noms
Matt – you know why he’s saying that? He’s getting the feeling it’s going to be him. All week he was campaigning for it to be Cory. Now he’s like you know what I don’t want to pressure Bowie.

America and Felicia join them.

10:10 am Jag and Bowie
Bowie – what do you think about this.. you can start telling people you are going to use the veto but you don’t know who you’ll use it on. You think that’s a good idea?
Jag – yeah.. I was thinking about this the comment we were talking about We tell Blue that Cam was targeting you. I actually don’t think we should do that. The reason why initially I was thinking we should however. I think if we do that Blue will question, Why didn’t you tell me.
Bowie – He’s unbeatable really
Jag – he’s won 7 comps
Jag is going to try and persuade Cory and America to not tell Blue that Cam was targeting her.
Jag – they’re going to say Cameron was targeting Blue ask Jag, Ask Bowie, ASk Matt.. I’m going to say no. truly Cam wasn’t targeting BLue I’m nopt going to get caught up in that lie it makes us look worse.
Bowie – he wanted Cory this week and Blue next week.
Jag – if that’s true we should have pulled Blue in that moment.
Jag says the mommas know he’ll use the veto.
Bowie – He was totally giving it to me in the morning. He said what’s good for my game is good for you game. I laughed out loud. I said you know that’s going to be edited pretty bad.
Bowie – He goes I don’t care. I said. It sounded weird.
Jag – that’s not true in any way. Literally what’s good for his game..
Bowie – People are saying that you will take me to final 2 because you think you can beat me. I said. You know I don’t even care final 2 is a good spot. And he goes YEAH 75000 is a good amount of money.
Bowie – I was like.. It’s one thing for me to say it but for you to then say it. Dude you are so cocky
Jag – he has mentioned you as a easy pawn. He apparently said that to Cory and America. You else is he saying that to in the house.
Jag – the order of operations is Blue then Cory.
Bowie – next week could be risky.

Matt joins them. They fill him in that they’re pushing the breaks on the plan to tell Blue Cameron was targeting her.
Jag – at the end of the day she needs to think we were down with backdooring Cory.
Jag – he’s a big competitor, He’s throwing people under the bus
Matt – he’s a wild card
They proceed to talk for a solid 30 minutes about the plan this week to backdoor cam and what they are going to say to Blue and Cam.

10:27 am Cameron and America
Cam – I’ve always wanted to work with you
America – just me though. Last week you were telling me something different
cam – how else was I supposed to phrase it. I had all the power last week and chose against it.
Cam says everyone in the house wanted Cory up last week but then decided against it. “I told you that flat out”
Cam says it’s a joke that everyone is putting him and Blue together.
America says it looks like they are working together now.
Cam goes on about how Big Brother has not been “A fun f***ing road” for him. “I still have trust issues with every single person in this house. Including one person I want to work with but I can’t because she’s with the guy everyone is after in the house now I’m getting painted as the guy going after him”

Cam – none of this sh1t is black and white. I know you little but I at least know your emotions. I can tell when you are feeling something, I can tell when you are pissed I can tell when you are upset, I can tell when you are nervous and I can tell when you are faking it. (Jeepers)
America – Okay Sure. C’mon.
Cam – I’m not your f***Ing enemy. iF you want to come after me just do it on the open field come out and say it. We’ll fight lets go.. F***ing go for it. But I am not, will and and AM NOT going after you. Don’t want to.
America – I’ve heard this before Cam.
Cam – what do you want out of this game. You want Showmance, Notoriety. You want to be able to look people in the eye and say I played my own f***ing game. You think you have a shot to win in the final 2.
Cam – I want to work with you
America calls him out for suggesting something stupid. He’s insinuating she cut Cory.
Cam – I’LL leave if we get heated I won’t do this.
Cam – I can’t work with the both of you.
America – why can’t you work with both of us.
Cam – He’s going after me, You’re coming after me. I’m not going after you.
America – you’ve been working with us that last four weeks
cam – what changed?
America – you changed up
America – you want to work with me and not involve cory I get it.
Cameron presses the point that the WHOLE HOUSE wanted Cory out last week.
America – I thought we were good CAm I thought we were fine. We could finally work together. Izzy wouldn’t be gone without us. Especially Him, We’ve been behind you backing you up.
Cam – if you think I am gunning after him and going hard why did I go after Izzy?
Cam – I felt like she was coming after me.
America – nothing else?
Cam – I was her number one target. i had to do what I had to do.
Cam points out to her that the same two people that are going to her telling her he’s targeting Cory are the same people that are coming to him saying America/Cory are targeting him.
Cam – I don’t know how many times i Have to prove myself to you
America – well they’re not wrong. I said I don’t trust Cam so I’m sure you heard that.
Cire joins them eventually America leaves.

11:00 am America, Jag, Matt and Bowie
America – I just talked to CAM he’s telling me everyone is coming after Cory.. Everyone is telling him.
Jag – he’s saying DON’t use the veto
America – he’s saying this is happening to me again everyone is blaming me America.
America goes on about how Cam is saying that the house is coming after Cory.
Jag – he wants her to come to me and beg me not to use it because if it’s true everyone is going after Cory.
America says Cameron has been insinuating that Matt and Jag are the two pushing hard for Cory to go.
Matt – that is funny..

11:20 am Cory and Cam
Cam says he was never coming after him.

11:23 am Cory, Cam, America and Cirie..

Chitz about air fryers

11:30 am America and Bowie
Bowie says she’s putting up Cameron one million percent.
America says for a second after she talked to Cameron she was second guessing herself. Thinking “Are people lying”
America – I know he’s lying, he said every single person in this house wants Cory out. He said there’s two people that don’t want him gone it’s Bowie and HImself
America – in his head he warps it. I’m not buying it.
Bowie – No it’s bullsh1t
They confirm they have the 3 votes to get Cam out.

11:40 am Matt and Cory
Talking about Cam being nervous.
Cory – he’s terrified
Matt – he knows if the veto is used he’s going up.
Cory – he keeps throwing Blue under the bus

11:46 am chit chats about being remembered.

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Team Taylor

If Cameron goes OTB tomorrow, it will be a nice surprise. Just make sure they evict him for good this time.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I don’t see who benefits from the back door attempt (besides the saved house guest, both floaters), especially if there is a vote swap at the eleventh hour. I believe that Cerie would be taken off. She would potentially be fine with getting rid of Felicia. Heck, Jag and Matt could be convince to do so and even America and Cory. Blue as well. Cameron is perfect cover for a few weeks as they take out a few floaters that oftentimes make final 2 due to no one picking them off.

Game fan

no way would he survive
it would be even harder than the first time.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

You never know. Some of them could realize what a good shield he is, especially those that he isn’t going to target anytime soon, such as it appears, Matt, Jag and Cerie.

Personally I don’t think that he will use the POV…


Everyone in the house benefits from cam leaving, he’s one of the biggest comp threats and has a great argument to win if he makes final 2. No one wants to continue playing competitions with him nor do they want to sit next to him in the final. Plus Bowie would get to boost her resume by taking credit for his eviction. He also has like no allies so there will be minimal blowback for taking a shot at him

Spot ON

” he’s one of the biggest comp threats”

Does it REALLY make a difference given that everyone else seems to NOT WANT to win a comp, and they end up throwing it anyway. Latest example is BOWIE.

I agree. I was for noms staying the same and saying goodbye to Cirie. She’ll be happier in the jury house.
Leave Fel in to stir up some more crap!


Cameron was evicted but won his way back into the house unlike the nothing floaters. He deserves to be there.

Nether Region Euphemism

He earned his eviction by virtue of his abysmal social game.

BB Fangirl

I’ve decided I can’t watch tonight haha. I’ll wait for the update on this page and if Cam gets back doored I won’t watch again until finale. Can’t stand to see these scumbags, but especially Bowie Jane and Jag, do this to him.


Tonight we just see the nominations though. Right?

BB Fangirl

Yeah you could be right. I guess we’ll see noms and maybe veto plates but not renoms. I guess they’ll get one more show out of me haha

Phyllis Moran

Watch BB AUSTRALIA OR BB CANADA. You won’t want to watch our BB again.


How do we do that? On what platform? I would love to watch.


Do you stream? On my tv I have a fire stick from Amazon and I watch them on Paramount Plus. Some whole seasons can be watched on your computer or TV on YouTube. My favorites are BBUK , BBAU, and BBCAN in that order.

Game fan

once bowie talked about it with everyone (even her noms.. ) she cant back down. cause they would tell on her anyways.
this is what happend to cam! cory knows he intented on bd him.
you cant tell the entire house a plan and you dont come throght.


I’m with you! I can not believe how dumb Bowie is well I can she is a follower and she has no balls! I can not stand Jag, Matt and Cory. The only thing that kept this season a little interesting was Cam!


Bowie has NO mind of her own WHATSOEVER. I AM SO DISGUSTED AND DISAPPOINTED IN HER! Cameron was HER CLOSET FRIEND IN THE HOUSE WHEN SHE WON HOH! If she backdoors Cam then this season is useless and done for me. And WHY does everyone have no problem with Cirie sitting in a robe for weeks doing nothing winning nothing and still protecting her so much?? I DON’T GET IT! Thats why I couldn’t stand her on Survivor! DO NOTHING, AND GETS TO THE END BY ACTING SO INNOCENTLY NON THREATENING ( OUTWARDLY!) Just give her the check and end this season…it’s infuriating. Cameron makes this a good GAME, he plays,he fights,he wins, he strategizes,he won his place back into the house, HE is a good player whether you like him or not. BACKDOOR THE 2 FACED WITCH CALLED BLUE!


Bowie Jane, aka: BJ, has been jerking off Cam. I’ve lost respect for her, not cool BJ shame on you. Cam is the *one* person who has your back.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

If cam goes, next to go is either jag, Cory, America or Matt 100% no dispute. In the event that Felicia, Blue or Cerie win the next HOH, guaranteed that they put up Cory and America. Cam is cover for both of those alliances as well as Bowie. They need to quit wasting their time doing anything but getting Cam to work with the pairs due to his dominance and get him to target Blue and Cerie, and then take him out. If Cam goes, you may as well quit playing and just give the money to Cerie.

Cam is in a desperate position being that he knows that he is vulnerable and smart players would manipulate this situation for at least a few more weeks. These people control the votes so they can eliminate him and better their odds by eliminating floaters.


Yeah, somewhat surprising Matt/jag and Cory/America don’t want to use cam more to indirectly target each other but ultimately they still would need to take Cameron out and they may not get the opportunity again


CamFans it’s time for CreepyCalvaryCameron to go.

CamFans REALLY don’t watch the live feeds.

Seeing him emotionally manipulate (threaten) Jag on the day of Otev veto being played in the Comic Room reminded me to look at my “notes” (old comments) and it reminded the following:

At the beginning of game talking about Kristen in HOH room calling her “Cotton” (who talks behind her back about a woman of color FROM THE SOUTH by calling her “cotton”? (Reilly says Kristen is following her around the BBHouse and Cameron says. “That’s a Bold move Cotton let’s see how far that gits ya!”) Unless a person of color GIVEs you that nickname you don’t say that nickname it’s racially insensitive knowing it is a movie reference but who are we kidding here it shouldn’t be said) and saying about Reilly feeling her tears because she is like “his daughter” but also that he wants to date her outside(going to look her up) the BBhouse got him the “CREEPY” status.

Oh CamFans here have “forgotten” that he has played emotional abuse commando (his second HOH when he told the house Jag and Blue will be nom’d then put up Felicia and Izzy. He never said sorry to Jag and Blue he ENJOYED pressuring all the BBHouseguests to get information. Not to mention how he tried to manipulate other HOHs to do his bidding but get angry called people weak when no one would listen to him)

Last week he PITCHED to Jag and Matt when he knew his vulnerability once his HOH was done, he said Bowie will go along with anything and he didn’t NEED to “win the game” as the OTHERS in the house are playing to win he just wanted jury to get extra money to buy his daughter a house. He just wanted one extra week. Well he was given that extra week get him to jury and off live feeds.

I didn’t even comment on how Cameron is JEALOUS over a showmance because it doesn’t include him. How he said Cory is his “little brother” and how upset he was at Cory and America when he TOLD them they shouldn’t hang around with each other? (Notice now when it is just America and Cameron live feeds switch off? Wonder the REASON for it? The BBhouse calls someone to be the third party since Cameron doesn’t respect America’s boundaries.)

Evict Cameron, I have TRIED to be impartial because he is a veteran and for his daughter getting her own home but the character he plays CreepyCameron is not impressive to watch he hates on the women in the house and is wah wah wah.


The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I think that you just made a case to keep him. He is a shield for every single player and has a chance to take out anyone at any given time and is so desperate for acceptance that he will take out those that are not even competitors at this point. Never forget that Blue spent the first half of the game being disgusting with Jared, Cirie spent the first half doing what she could to protect her son while turning on her own people and Bowie just stood around looking like a 45 year old raver. Do you want to see a Bowie, Blue or Cirie final 2?


Ew just ew to keep Creepy Cameron. His social strategy is for SH1T! His emotional commando manipulative attitude is why he is target. How many times has he been on the block? He keeps getting back doored because his social game is so awful. His time is up let him go. Creepy Cameron is RUBBISH. Plus double eviction coming will get out Cory-America-Blue-Felicia-Bowie-Matt. Show finishes in 5 weeks. He has to go. He said so himself.
Jag and Cirie final 2 with Cirie winning. This boring season I really don’t care it was geared for Cirie to win anyone that says different just isn’t watching the live feeds or reading this great spoiler site.


We’re at the point of the game you stop needing shields. Cam’s utility is waning fast and you don’t want him able to compete for safety every week when they get down to six and everyone plays veto

BB Fangirl

This page tells everything that happens in live feeds and yet most negative things about Cam are referencing things from actual episodes. No one is saying Cameron hasn’t also played the game, which is slimy at its heart, but he has not done the vindictive blatant lying Jag has done. Also, he said he was told by production that he was not allowed/not supposed to tell the other houseguests who his noms were, not to mention he kept their hands clean by not telling them. You’re really digging for the racist comments too…that’s the first I’ve heard any mention of that at all.

We DO watch the live feeds and this page transcribes them. Clearly you’re new here.


Yes, the bb rules very explicitly state you can’t say who the noms will be but it’s always enforced very loosely. “I’m putting up so and so” is bad while “I’m thinking of putting up so and so” is completely okay, some houseguests deal with this silly distinction of language better than others


You say BBFangirl about Jag Vindictive Blatant Lying? LMAO ok so today Cameron telling America that everyone was after Cory on his HOH is the truth? When it was his idea to use Veto to put Cory up? Jag had to talk him out of it.

This grown a$$ man is jealous of a 22 year old man. America is attracted to whom she is attracted to so Cameron being bitter it is not him is BLATANT.

Cameron telling Cory to stay away from America because she is talking is VINDICTIVE.

Cameron saying he wanted to work with America is just LYING.

Be for real pay attention, if you were you would see I have been commenting on this site since the beginning of this boring game. Look up link on TikTok, YouTube and Twitter X when he was talking about Kristen in HOH you will hear it and see it. I know it is not a far reach it is just common courtesy not to call a woman of color from the south “cotton” Cameron from the south he knows it is racially RUDE.


I DO watch the feeds and also transcribe them. Cameron is a good player and you just can’t stand it because you just don’t like him due to your own issues. You are a toxic hater, Mayarha


You can be a CreepyCamFan I tried being impartial you calling me toxic because I SEE Cameron’s way he manipulates doesn’t bother me. Try again LMAO


JINXI?You can be a CreepyCamFan I tried being impartial you calling me toxic because I SEE Cameron’s way he manipulates doesn’t bother me. Try again LMAO


Maybe the reason CamFans love him even though they see everything he’s done on feeds is that they don’t actually MIND the things he’s done on feeds and don’t find any of those behaviors offensive. (These types of people exist and I know a lot of them lol)


I’m a Cam fan. You make good points, you absolutely do. But people can and do evolve along the way.

Example: I really liked Matt, now definitely not.


Lawd have mercy, that’s a whole lot of your opinions based on your assumptions of Cam’s motives and character! Pick a paragraph, baby! Geez!!


Now it will get good (I sure hope)!!


It’ll get good if Cam stays, which I don’t think will happen.

un autre nom

The title.
I feel seen.

Cirie and Matt are sore from OTEV. Cirie’s legs, Matt’s head. At least nobody got stitches THIS time.

It still puzzles me when a houseguest doesn’t realize this house leaks like the Titanic. Been that way since night one. Remember the save Jared project? Kirsten got bused, the bus was a milkrun tour, and stopped at every person to bury her so that Jared would be removed from the block.
Week One sets tone.
For anyone in week 10 to think conversations stay private is stupidity.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

They all babble so much that you cannot gauge how votes are going to go based on watching and reading the feeds. I predict that the veto won’t be used, despite all of the conversations that you are seeing and reading about…unless Jag hates the idea of bettering his change to win! It Cam goes, Matt or Jag better win every single HOH going forward as everyone else will put him up! He isn’t that foolish and can continue convincing Cameron that he is working with him…


I’m really not sure if the veto will be used. Overall I don’t think it’s a great move for jag’s game as cam still thinks fugitives is legitimate and I think jag can potentially beat cam in a final as jag’s generally better liked by the house than cam. Meanwhile if it is used Bowie taking a shot at cam is pretty good for her game as she needs a resume builder, and she can’t beat cam in the final. So we’ll see what happens. I do think Bowie was wise to throw the comp to jag though if that’s what she did so he’s forced to make a decision instead of continuing to hide


Cameron is the dumbass. You can’t badmouth the hoh right before veto renoms. That’s a red flag.

no mo bro

It’s possible all Cameron wanted was Jury because he knows no one will take him to final 2. Maybe he feels he might as well exit now.

Spot ON

“It’s possible all Cameron wanted was Jury”

CAM previously stated that his primary focus was to make jury because that was the only was he would win enough prize money to pay some bills. So, insofar as he is probably concerned, he has already won. And if he wins the America’s Favorite, then that another load. CAM HAS ALREADY WON.

no mo bro

I hope it’s a double eviction and Cory goes to the jury house with Cam. I wonder who America will run to?


Nah, Julie would have announced double eviction already if it was happening

BB Fangirl

Just wanna throw this out there for anyone offended by Cameron making comments about Reilly or being “creepy” towards America…America is a grown 27 year old woman clearly taking advantage of a still in college, 21 year old boy. I’m sure he doesn’t FEEL taken advantage of but do we forget how America clearly was interested in Matt first and then rolled over to a Cory once she realized he wasn’t interested? Cam made a few comments and flirted a little (which America reciprocates). Why are we sooo creeped out by Cameron but not America…

no mo bro


un autre nom

21 year old boy?
old enough to vote, old enough for military service, old enough to legally drink alcohol.
Come on with the whataboutism false equivalencies.
Just be honest.
Call a spade a spade.
You’re a Cam fan. Cool. I’m not, but go for it. With Integrity.
The argument you just presented:
Cam’s done creepy shit, here’s a list of someone else’s shit.
That doesn’t exonerate Cam from having done creepy shit.

BB Fangirl

I’m just making the point that everyone is up his ass about flirting with perfectly legal aged women who can defend themselves meanwhile no mention of America and Cory. As I said, I’m sure Cory doesn’t feel he’s being taken advantage of but try to imagine if the genders were reversed; people would be making up all kinds of crap and calling it creepy. I don’t think I’ve been at all subtle about being a Cameron fan. Didn’t think I needed to say it out right. My bad though. God forbid someone else play devil’s advocate…

BB Fangirl

Also, I don’t know your gender but as a 33 year old woman, I haven’t found anything overly creepy about anything Cameron has said or done. If you wanna talk false equivalencies, let’s not forget how people automatically put a negative spin on everything a person they already don’t like (or who is beating them at a game) is doing.

un autre nom

Want to devil’s advocate America’s game, by all means do so. I could and at some point likely will. start with week one when she was made a plus one to an alliance, and immediately stopped forming social bonds with the hg’s outside that alliance. She’s easy to devil’s advocate analyze.
Want to imply being devil’s advocate when you are actually trying to cast stones at someone else in order to save your fave from criticism? Cut the pretense and just say hatchet job to get attention off your fave.
My gender, my race, my sexuality and any other factor other than human being is 100% irrelevant, it doesn’t add or detract from the legitimacy of my opinions.
Do I care if Cameron flirts with America or America flirts with Cameron? No, with 2 caveats: the moment either one says they felt uncomfortable; the way it impacts gameplay. Whether you are uncomfortable or not is not paramount. The moment Reilly mentioned discomfort 3 nights before her eviction, and the moment America mentioned discomfort after an HOH lockdown, that’s when it became an issue. In saying you haven’t felt discomfort, are you not taking away the legitimacy of their right to feel uncomfortable? I hope not, because that’s a slippery slope.

The Beef

I call BULLSHIT on the so-called discomfort mentioning. You nor anybody else has EVER mentioned Reilly or America “mentioning” discomfort, either in week 2 nor during any HOH lockdown, yet here you come once again with your unsubstantiated “facts” to tear down and denigrate Cam. Me and many other posters were begging for evidence and/or substance to back up the smear campaign you and some of the others here were running on Cam 2 to 3 weeks ago, and nobody had any specifics other than the typical “he creeps me out” or “He’s a lot older than she is” type stuff. One poster mentioned something about Cam’s leg and foot touching America and her pulling away from him, but if that’s all you have with no complaints to BB, then basically you have nothing, especially when America has openly admitted to flirting with Cam even after that incident.

It takes a lot of gall for you to accuse BB Fangirl of doing a “hatchet job” on America, merely for providing an example of how an older woman with a younger man is treated differently than an older man with a younger woman by some people, when that clearly wasn’t her intention whatsoever. All she was trying to do was show that people weren’t at all upset with America for “flirting” or being with Cory, but for some reason, the thought of Cam with America is super Creepy to some (including apparently YOU). I gotta admit, I don’t understand that given he’s only 7 years older than she is, which isn’t a lot.

So stop with the bullshit lies about Cam. Matt and Jag have already got that job covered inside the house, and they don’t need any help from you out here. You don’t like him and that’s fine, but there’s no need for making up fairy tales that never happened to support your case.

Spot ON


You make a great point, time and time again.

CONSTANTLY scratching head in trying to find alleged social transgressions without a victim.

un autre nom

Aw, poor Beef.
I’m not one of the people that’s going to quit posting because you go on the attack.
You may have been able to drive people that don’t agree with you away in past seasons by calling them liars and attacking them personally because they don’t share your point of view. That doesn’t work with me.
Keep hating. I don’t care.

The Beef

I’m not trying to drive anybody away. I’m just pointing out facts. If this BS you say happened actually happened, why didn’t you or anybody else post about it when it did? Why didn’t you or anybody else post about it when me and several other posters here were practically BEGGING for evidence of Cam harassing or bothering either Reilly or America several weeks ago? You didn’t and neither did anybody else, yet here you are, at least 8 weeks after the fact with the so-called Reilly incident, and I’m not even sure how many weeks it’s been since the so-called America incident, but if it had happened recently, SURELY you and the other Cam haters would have let us know about it, right?

But no, you come with this “new” information all these weeks later, which nobody saw and nobody heard, and we’re just supposed to take your word for it? Oh, and by the way, if this had really happened, don’t you think it would have been all over the news media? Do you think you’re the only person with access to the live feeds, and thus the only person who sees what’s going on in there? I flat guarantee you had this happened, Cam would have not only been called on the carpet by production, but given today’s world, it would have been NEWS and publicized for all to see.

So, no it’s not my intention to get you to quit posting. It’s my intention to point out you’re posting lies about Cam in this particular incident, and the above is my reasoning and evidence to back that up. You have the right to support and to not support whoever you want to in this game, and I don’t have a problem with that. It does however piss me off when someone as well respected as you sinks to the level of Matt, Jag and Cory, and lies about things that happened in the house, in this case I suppose to support the fact you just don’t like the guy.

un autre nom

sure, you’re not trying to drive anyone away. We could ask the ones you’ve successfully driven off before… but they aren’t here anymore.
Feign your outrage,
I’m not going anywhere.
I quit reading your response after the first sentence because, in my opinion, it was bullshit. If the lead in is bullshit, why bother?

Spot ON

“My gender, my race, my sexuality and any other factor other than human being is 100% irrelevant”


Nether Region Euphemism

The false equivalence is in trying to equate flirting with inappropriate crossing of boundaries and lack of understanding regarding the concept of consent.

Have you seen the clip where Cam is touching America and putting his leg over hers while she pushes him away? Do you feel that’s a respectful act of benign flirtation from any man?

As well, there is nothing inherently wrong with the reversal of genders wherein a 27 yr old man dates a 21/22 yr old young woman. My best friend from college was dating someone 5-6 yrs older than her when I met her at age 19; he was the most stable, mature, ‘non-doggish’ man you can ever know, and they’ve been married now for 40 yrs. No one batted an eye, it was not a scandalous situation at all when they began dating. If anything, he was shy and she was very bubbly and baked for him until he asked her out.

Hers was a much better relationship than that of many of the young ladies dating childish college guys.

Spot ON

“Have you seen the clip where Cam is touching America and putting his leg over hers while she pushes him away? Do you feel that’s a respectful act of benign flirtation from any man?”

Bringing THAT up AGAIN?
Did AMERIKA formally complained??

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

You avoid answering, that’s very telling. Saying that America didn’t ‘complain’, is part of rape culture. She obviously wasn’t comfortable and did not want him touching her.

Do YOU find that behavior to be benign flirtation? Answer that on its own. Your opinion of THAT BEHAVIOR. LEG OVER LEG.

Spot ON

“as a 33 year old woman, I haven’t found anything overly creepy about anything Cameron has said or done”

You sound pretty NORMAL to me, and reasonable too, unlike others here that are DESPERATELY trying to defend ALLEGED “victims” that have never cried “wolf!”.

Felicia’s Photographic Memory

She doesn’t get to be the spokesperson for all women, just bc she’s internalized the misogyny.

The Beef

No, she just gets to be the spokesperson for herself, and for whether or not SHE is being harassed or bothered. If SHE doesn’t feel harassed or bothered by his behavior, then SHE is not being harassed or bothered by his behavior! That’s the long and short of it.

Who are YOU to determine that she’s “internalized the misogyny”? You have absolutely no way of knowing that’s true or how she feels about things in there. Why not let her determine those factors and decide if she needs help? I’m sure if she felt like she did, she would at the very least say something to Cory, and she hasn’t done that.

Nether Region Euphemism

Seriously the 6 yr difference is no biggie. Cory is a man, not a boy. Do you have any idea how much hard partying and socializing is happening amongst college students and their extended social circles, which includes young people who are either in grad school or already working for a few years?

As for moving from Matt to Cory, that’s what young people do. One interest isn’t reciprocated, you move on to the next. It’s silly to expect her to lay around crying over Matt and give up on further relationships.

Essentially you’re slut-shaming her. She never crossed any boundaries.

Whereas Cam has continued to touch America when she clearly was pushing off his hands and leg.


Throwing back FGirl LMAO
Cory is a 22 year old man. Very intelligent. Very funny. Plays BBgame and takes nothing personal. Reilly was interested in Matt first. America wasn’t interested in Cory until later in game. America consoled Matt because Matt said he was having hard time following all conversations Reilly would help him and because America didn’t want anyone behind she made sure he understood everything. Since America’s reasons starting her showmance with Cory are HER reasons they shouldn’t be disparaged Cory is grown. Cameron is bitter America and Reilly and Blue and Kristen and Meme all called him CREEPY oh and me because I have watched the live feeds and see CreepyCameron not respecting America’s boundaries. Try again


100% CORRECT on all your points. America STILL flirts back and enjoys Camerons attention. She is the creepy one taking full advantage with sexuality but that’s ok?? NO

Spot ON

Just wait until this is over, and CORY finds out that AMERICA returned to South Texas, where she is probably used to eating big beeffy burritos for breakfast instead of a small frozen breakfast sausage.


I’m only creeped out by those 2 ugly housecoats!!!
jeepers creepers,


Not a Bowie HOH; it’s Jag’s HOH. He’s feeling the power more so, since Bowie gave him that VETO.
Cameron in jury will be great. Every time a new one arrives and they show how it happened, Cameron can say, “I told you so!”

no mo bro

It’s the same thing that happened with Cam’s HoH. Mat and Jag made the decision. They are playing the house like puppets and controlling the narrative. They get all the power of HoH with none of the risk.

I really dislike those 2, but I still dislike Cory more.


If Cam is evicted all the HG’s will be scared to be 2nd into Jury house.
LOL, hardeeharhar

un autre nom

Why was Cirie talking about staying on the block?
2 fold answer.

  1. Ingratiate Felicia. OR
  2. Not a voter for juror number one, so likely earns his vote if he’s bitter and she’s final 2.

Does this pass smell test:
While everyone is squirrelling away and plotting what to say, Cirie is having a full on therapy session with Cam. She’s Cirie. She’s social gaming his vote.

Game fan

she can also ask to be off the block next week as she was already used as a pawn.

Not Jasons Holly

I heard Cirie say, “I just want to go HOME.” She said it first thing this morning. Quietly, into her microphone. No one was around.

un autre nom

was that after she took 4 advil? just trying to remember order.
She’s mentioned wanting to leave since before Izzy’s eviction when she still had social stranglehold on info, hasn’t she? If memory serves the first time was when she told Izzy that Rachel said she’d hate it.


So disappointed in Bowie I thought she would make a big move and get Corey out not be manipulated into doing the dirty work for people who are going to evict her too. Wish she would be smart and play her own game.


Getting Cory out is terrible for bowie’s game. Cory’s no threat to her at all and it just puts her in America’s crosshairs. I thought she’d play it safe and stick to Felicia/cirie/blue as noms but the targeting cam play also works as cam has no allies and she doesn’t beat him in a final. Only players she can’t really target are Cory, America, Matt, and jag as they raise her profile too much and leave a bitter ally targeting her. The rest of the house she’s clear to take shots at


Me too. I thought better of her,I’m very shocked by her being so gullible and easily led

no mo bro

Now that Bowie Jane has proven she is not to be trusted, I shall call her BJ for the rest of the season. She’ll drop to her knees for anyone.

Spot ON

“She’ll drop to her knees for anyone”

Wut ’bout BLEW, AMERIKA, and REILLY??

Gan ainm

In an alternate universe Cory and Cam could have teamed up and run that house.

BB Karma

This is absolutely a bad move for Bowie but great for the rest of the house

no mo bro

LOL.. Matt sitting outside in a food coma. His non stop eating is catching up to him.