BLUE & JAG WON the TWO VETOS! “It’s poetic justice, that’s what this season is!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: Blue & Felicia
POV Players: TWO Veto Comps (All 8 play in the first, winner doesn’t play in the second veto comp.)
1st POV Winner: JAG
2nd POV Winner: BLUE
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) He wants Blue out this week.

“Power of Multiplicity has veto holder seeing double”



– Jag won the endurance swing rope veto comp
– Blue won the luck / chance veto

6:39pm The live feeds return!
Kitchen – Matt – That’s usually an HOH too. Cory – yeah, and the Comics is usually a veto. They did it backwards. Usually Comics is the veto and this is the HOH. That’s what we were predicting this week would be.. just.. Matt – reversed. Probably because it was easier for 8 people to do the swing than 8 people do the comic. It would have been another house. Cirie – right. Cory – right and I think they just liked because it is Comic Week for Comics to be the HOH. Matt – right and to just switch it up too to have us guessing. Cirie – so what’s next?! Cory – slip n’ slide. Or shuffle board?

Bedroom – Jag, Blue and Bowie.
Bowie – You both looked like you were never going to fall. I was like this is ridiculous! Blue – I am glad. Because that’s not what I thought to myself. Bowie – you both looked super comfy up there. Jags arms are hurting from hanging so long.
Bowie rubs icy/hot on both Jag and Blue’s backs.
Blue – when I saw that, that was endurance I was hyped bro! HYPED! Jag – I know when I saw it I was like OH BOY! Bowie – I was the opposite to hyped. I was like maybe I don’t get sick anymore. NOPE! Jag – that’s why like .. what is this.. its poetic justice, that’s what this season is. You hold on that f**king long and then the immediate next veto which is a chance .. you know?! To the luck of god! Blue – I know crazy! Jag – that was really just a pain tolerance comp.

7:06pm Bathroom – Matt and America.
Matt – he has to put up either me or Cirie. America – Cirie makes sense. Matt – or he puts Bowie next to Felicia. America – But we want to make Bowie feel comfortable. She can’t go up. Matt – yeah. America – especially when she is a part of the five. I think it will be like …why are you not putting up Cirie. Like why are you putting me up. Matt – yeah that’s true. America – she was thinking it anyway. Matt – Its good that Jag won .. because he would take me down if I go up. America – yeah.

7:24pm Cirie got 24 hour solitary confinement punishment along with a tent for her toilet. Felicia – well Mr. B its me, myself and I for the next 24 hours for the rest of tonight and all day tomorrow. I will be in here by myself. And the negative of that is that I can’t campaign for myself. I don’t get to do nothing but talk to myself. That is it and that could be a problem but if I do go home I will have done 79 days. I am not mad. 79 good days. I will have almost made it to the end but I ain’t counting myself out. If we figured out how to get rid of a target bigger than me … Cory, America, Bowie Jane.. if we can figure out how to do that.. lets see who is really telling the truth. They all wanted Blue and Blue saved herself. Now what are they going to do .. take me as an alternate. As a pawn. Just get her the hell out.. does anyone feel aligned with me to save me. That is the question. Does anybody feel aligned enough with me to save me? Or do they feel better aligned with Bowie Jane or Cirie. I do believe they will keep Cirie. They’ll carrier her all the way to the end because they think the can beat her and that’s my negative. They think they can beat her more than they can beat her. That may be my demise. I can’t worry about that .. All I can do is keep my faith of the mustard seed. Felicia start studying.

7:50pm Havenot room – Jag and Matt.
Matt – Good Job! Jag – thanks. Matt – I feel bad, I’m not contributing my weight. That’s 5 and 3. Jag – I am literally going to be like I put you up and.. I am just going to be honest. Matt – she (Blue) already knows that they’re pinning her against us. Jag – if I am honest, I am just going to be fully honest. If not though, I don’t know if there is a way to pull this off.. Matt – If Blue goes first she could pull herself down. You put me up, I go up and you have the veto so you take me down.. Jag – but but but .. if you pause right there lets say Cory was HOH. Why would he put you up, if I have the second veto. He knows that I would take you down. Matt – so they could say that this is their doing to make it.. Jag – but who goes up next after you? Cory? You get taken down because I take you down. Blue joins them and the conversation ends. Jag – its crazy this whole F**King comp that we did. How do you feel? Blue – I feel good. Jag – I feel in pain.

8:07pm Havenot Room – Blue, Jag and Matt.
Blue – When I was talking to America I was just like I just need 3 votes can I count on you? If its not Cory, I understand and she was like I’ll talk to him. I’ll try to convince him. And then now suddenly the plan is to send Felicia now that I am off the block. Now that I have the veto, he was just like oh its going to be Felicia haha. I was like.. Jag – like why was that not the plan the whole time? Blue – yeah. I thought that was interesting. They seemed a little nervous. I told you guys what was happening the last few days and how they were trying to recruit me and all that bullsh*t. Matt – they’re doing the same sh*t to us. Blue – They’re just saying hella sh*t. Jag – they’re being extra as f**k! Its because numbers are dwindling fast. Blue – if they say anything let me know.

8:20pm Bedroom – Bowie and America.
Bowie – have you spoken to Matt? America – yeah, he thinks its going to be Cirie (as the replacement nom). Bowie – yeah, that makes sense. America – that’s the only option. Like honestly. America – I told Cirie worst case scenario if you do go up and you’re next to her (Felicia) you’re fine. Bowie – totally. America – I was like you’ve got my vote. 5 votes, you’re fine. Bowie – yeah you need three votes. That’s madness.

8:36pm Bedroom – Cory and America
America – I feel like he would tell her that’s he’s HOH but what’s the point in that. Cory – did you tell her (Blue) the Jag situation? America – nope! Cory – you just told her that its got to be Jag or Matt? America – nope, not even that. Cory – so you’re saying its not me? America – I said I don’t think its you but I’ve never been its definitely not Cory. Cory – I just can’t be named as the replacement nom you know what I mean? America – yeah. Cory – that is all I care about right now. America – fine, I’ll talk to her. Cory – but its not her (Blue), its him (Jag). America – why would you be the replacement nom unless she is pitching that to him. We have to trust Jag. Cory – I trust Jag more in a world where we’re not sh*t talking him to Blue. It works out if she wins HOH next week. America – I’m not sh*t talking to Blue. Cory – are you sure, you just said you were. America – not directly. Its fine, its fine. Cory – I know.

8:52pm Havenot room – Jag, Matt and Cirie.
Matt – I guess you can enjoy one day without Felicia begging you. Jag – for real! Matt – she would be like this .. you take me down? Let Matt go on the block. Cirie – no she didn’t!? Matt – no, I wouldn’t be surprised though. Cirie – listen, I ain’t volunteering this time. Jag – no, I wouldn’t let you volunteer for that. Cirie – only because it was Cameron.

9:14pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. Cirie also got a unitard punishment. When BB announces “Cirie suit up and test your superhero abilities by rolling from one end of the yard to the other!” She then has to go inside to the telephone booth and suit up with boots and a superhero mask.

Kitchen – Cory and Matt.
Cory – This could be fine. This is going to sound stupid but I am over Felicia. She is just annoying me.

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Will Cory go up?


If Fe and Cire have the power Cory will go up with Matt and they will evict Matt.

Big man 2

What power??? I may have missed that


Felicia doesn’t have anything. Blue and jag won veto. Blue will pull herself down and Jag has to replace her as the invisible HOH.


Then Blue, Fe and Cirie will know that Cory and America are not HOH but probably Jag. Blue will not be happy.


i’m hoping cirie or bowie


According to what I watched late last night, Jag is going to put up both Cory and America. He was going to tell Cerie and Blue that he is the HOH.


4 Vetos for Jag (and one HOH) is quite the resume and by the looks of things he will win at least 1-4 more competitions before he likely wins the game (cut Matt at the very end to ensure it).

With Blue winning Veto it seems Jag has to put up Cory or Cirie.

It will probably be Cory which sucks for me since I like him but that would be the best plan for him and Matt.

If Cory does leave then I don’t see how Jag and Matt don’t steamroll which really makes this season boring and predictable.

Especially since Production conveniently let Jag play in the next HOH. So he will probably win that too and then get Blue out.

The girls better all band together if they are not stupid AF because Matt/Jag are never going to target each other. They very likely could trade HOHs though which is very scary. If they fail though then the girls need to put them both on the block to break that shit up.


The dummy told he was hoh so now he has to show his cards. If he puts up Cory he’s in trouble also can’t put up cire or blue. Lol. He won’t have the balls to put up Cory.


If I know BB the way I know BB. My guess is Cire or Fe have the secret power. They’re not freaking out. BB does this trick as a power flip. Cire or Fe will use the power and put up Matt and Cory, Matt’s name has never left their mouth before. In this case my guess is that the house will take a shot at Matt and evict him because everybody knows they can not beat Matt… only Jag thinks he can beat Matt and Matt can carry him to the final two.

Watch, the nominees will be Cory and Matt if this power exists & Matt will go home,


There’s no secret power, if there was we’d know about it.


What secret power are you talking about?

I’m so lost at people claiming that Cirie and or Felicia have something that will shake stuff up.

I actually want it to be true so that Matt goes on Jag’s HOH lol.

Everyone should know that Matt/Jag are the real power duo of the season and while Jag is the stronger competitor of the two and should go first (he is safe of course with his Veto win everyone knows about and as the ‘secret’ HOH) they need to get Matt out asap too and of course that would be the next best move this week if someone can make it happen.

Getting out Cory before Matt or Jag is just dumb. Unless Cory has been VERY ballsy and has been throwing the last 5 competitions when he very well could have gone home/can still go home this week then he is not a great challenge threat. The same goes for America.

Cory and America are playing a dangerous game if they have been throwing all of these and if that is true and they end up going home for that then that serves them right!

Even as fans of them I can’t defend cocky stupidity…

Just The Truth

keep it simple. put up cirie. and let production cry.

un autre nom

Matt is in his weekly whining about how Co/Am made them get rid of the last evicted houseguest.
He’s also pushing a plan to Jag that culminates in the house believing America is invisible HOH and renomed Cory. To hide she’s invisible HOH.
The d/r doesn’t have enough koolaid for anyone to buy that.

un autre nom

spinning disc results if i heard correctly:

it lasted almost 5 hours.

un autre nom

Cory came second in the comp Blue won apparently.

Queen Catia

I would be happy if either Cory or Bowie were nominated after Blue pulls herself off the block but Jag is not going to nominate either one of them because he ruined his invisibility power and he doesn’t have the nerve to do that cos they know he’s HOH…


jag is a total putz not putting up coremerica.

Team Taylor

What a nice surprise! Blue finally wins her 1st Veto at the most critical moment of her game.

Now that she’s safe for the week, I’m ready to send Felicia over to Cam in the Jury house.

un autre nom

Currently Matt is hyping Jag to shoot at Cory America. Jag’s going for it right now.
I say right now because it’s Saturday night and he’s puffing his chest to roar.
Chances he follows through? 50/50 at best.
He’s going to need at least 2 d/r calls every 2 hours to keep this juice.
He’s going to need to not be left alone with Cory at all until Monday.

BTW, chances are just as great Cory buses America. Remember Cory week 1-6. To stay off the block he’d bus her thinking he can swing votes to save her against Felicia.


I heard Jag told Blue he’s invisible HOH and now he wants to put up Cory and America. I hope it backfires on him big time. I don’t understand these people no one should feel safe and they should give all they’ve got to win competitions. They all seem like they give up too easy and it’s so boring to watch. I was rooting for Cory but he needs to try harder unless he’s voted out this week.

un autre nom

jag has not told blue yet.
plan is to tell her when they do the plan, or before if they do it.
Current thought is Cory is more dangerous.
America is actually more of a comp threat. She was second or third in Comics and third in spinning. They just think she’s coat tailing.

un autre nom

The plan to renom Co/Am is real IF Matt gets Jag to spill to both Cirie and Blue tonight while he’s puffed up to force Jag to follow through.


Had Jag kept is damn mouth shut, and not told the world he’s the invisible HOH, Jag could have put Cory up next to Felicia, Jag still can put Cory up next to Felicia, he just needs to grow a pair and stop playing BB like he’s so afraid to upset people.

Jag putting Cirie up next to Felicia is a waste, Does Cirie know Jag is the invisible HOH ? Because she told Jag, last week she volunteered to sit next to Cam, but she’s not going to be volunteering this week. Why would she tell Jag & Matt that ? Does she know Jag’s the invisible HOH ?

Matt had better up his game and start winning competitions, because the way it stands now, if Jag wins HOH next week as well, the following week, Matt would really need to win HOH finally, I bet Jag is scared to death to have to depend on Matt winning HOH to keep him safe, so far Matt is not a comp beast like he thinks he is.

Jag should put Cory up, let him and America tell Felicia & Cirie Jag is the invisible HOH. What can Cirie or Felicia do other than be mad, I would not give a damn about Cory and America exposing Jag, so what if Cirie, Felicia & Blue are mad, what can they do ?

I don’t want to see Jag & Matt steam roll the house, I want Jag’s ass on the block, and I hope he will be sitting next to Matt, they all better get together and go after Jag & Matt.

Cory & America have not been able to win anything since Cory won HOH on the Double.

As for winning, everyone in the house has won either HOH or Veto, except for America & Cirie, they are the only 2 people in the house now that have won nothing. They better be hoping for another no skill, luck based HOH like Felicia had, or they’ll never win anything.

Matt is a big whiner, Jag has no balls, I’m really tired of them having Power. Blue needs to understand that Jag is not on her side, Jag & Matt want Blue gone, but she so dumb, she still thinks she’s working with them, Blue is just as lost in this game as Bowie Jane.

Not Jasons Holly

I’m hoping Bowie is throwing comps to get to the end then she will be final 3 and step it up and shock them all.