Big Brother Canada Live Feeds

Big Brother Canada LIVE STREAMING Confirmed!

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds

Get ready Big Brother Fans – Big Brother Canada Premières in 2 months on February 27, 2013! Recently unveiled is that Big Brother Canada will not only have the three scheduled TV episodes per week and Big Brother After Dark seven days a week, but will ALSO have LIVE STREAMING & social engagement!

“Fans of Big Brother Canada will be able to connect with the series outside of the 3-day-a-week broadcast through a myriad of digital extensions including live streaming and social engagement opportunities that allow online users to impact decisions in the house.”

It is still unclear what the full extent of the Big Brother Canada live feeds will be and whether or not they will be 24/7 throughout the season, but it looks promising. From the sounds of it, I am guessing that they will not be streaming the live feeds 24/7 but rather limit them to a select number of hours and days. It could be similar to the live streaming ABC had for their reality flop “The Glass House”, however I would hope that Shaw Media / Insight Productions would have realized how big of a mistake that was and how it contributed to the shows failure.

It will be interesting to see how we as viewers will be able to impact decisions in the house and hopefully it will be more than just deciding what the house guests eat. If you missed the first Big Brother Canada commercials with Mike “Boogie” Malin and Dr. Will Kirby you should check them out here.

Source: Big Brother Canada Facebook Fan Page

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Its starting to look like this BB Canada will be like the Glass House…..those 3 hrs After Dark will be from 2am to 5am… if we get early birds in the House then they will be sleeping every nite during After Dark…….then the indoor backyard is gonna suck just like the GH…..and these Live Feeds…..i betcha anything they will be edited just like the Feeds were in the GH……

Finally, all this stuff wont even matter if WE Americans Cant see the show….they should be trying to bring the show somewhere in America so we can see it on TV here…..oh well, at least if u live in canada, u will be all set…. :-(


The first thing I thought was Glass House


They have to understand that the Live Feeds make the show, right? I mean, if I know that and you know that, the BBCA producers have to know that, right? Think how much better MTV’s Challenges would be if they had Live Feeds in that house!!