Entertainment Tonight Canada: Announces Big Brother Canada (Video)

After the press release of Big Brother Canada a few days ago, the news has been spreading like crazy through various media channels. Not surprisingly, Entertainment Tonight Canada (ET Canada) announced the news on a recent edition of their show. The show is sure to be a success as it is still probably about a year away from premièring and is already getting a lot of attention. The executive producer from Insight Productions recently spoke about the overwhelming response he has gotten from Big Brother Canada hopeful contestants and hosts vying for their opportunity. One thing is certain, if you are planning to apply to be on the first season of big brother Canada, make sure you stand out and leave a lasting impression.



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video isn’t working


Works for me.. It may be GEO Blocked outside Canada.


yeah that’s probably what i was thinking


Canada ah!


Can’t wait to apply to be on it!
Hopefully there will be open castings near me!


Finally! I always wondered why Canada doesn’t do shows like BB and Amazing Race like other countries do. If I was a little younger I’d try to get on it, but I think I do better playing from the couch at home and knowing better than the houseguests. LOL! Just a few more weeks before I can scratch my BB itch. I sure hope they don’t bring people back this season. Hopefully it will be a good one for a change cuz the last three seasons really sucked.


Love the iPhone App! Can’t wait for the season to start 🙂 Good job Simon and Dawg(?) !


THANKS! glad you like it. If you would like to leave a review on the app store it would be much appreciated.