Big Brother Canada Start Date Tentatively Set February 18 2013

Big Brother Canada
Big Brother Canada

We couldn’t of been more excited when we found out Canada was finally getting it’s own Big Brother Series. Finally information is release about the Time Line, Format, Casting and Start date is known so we can start planning on how we are going to apply and get Simon and Dawg on the show. The Format so far looks the same, no word about feeds. From the press release the game rules looks like a duplicate to the US version.

Big Brother Canada Casting

  • July 2012 through January 2013
  • Casting call to coincide with premiere
    of Big Brother on Global
  • Teasers air beginning July 12
  • Online casting submissions
  • Cross-country tour September

Big Brother Canada House Construction

  • September through November 2012
  • Construction begins in September
    at an indoor location near Toronto
  • House includes an indoor/outdoor

Big Brother Canada Start Date

  • Airing on Slice
  • Feb 18 x 10 weeks with 3
    one-hour episodes per week
  • 2 episodes taped, 1 episode live
  • Airing on Slice

Press release *Tentative timeline

Let us know if you are serious about applying to the show.

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15 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada Start Date Tentatively Set February 18 2013

    1. I’m sure it will be and if it isn’t OBB may be able to rig something up to allow our US fans to enjoy the show.

      Of course if Simon and Dawg get on the show than OBB will have to take 3 months off.

        1. Simon, if you get in, you have to “mule” a blackberry in and give us first hand accounts as they happen. We would expect nothing less from the #1 site for BB

  1. Are links to apply up yet? I feel like id be perfect for this. Ive always wanted to do this. Im like the perfect candidate, the nerd, somewhat athletic, Christian, black, and young all rolled up into one haha.

    1. I have watched all seasons of BB, and I want IN. I am totally up for participating in the Canadian version of the show! Tell me how, where, what I need to do? thanks :)

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