Spencer wants to Weaponize Jer “All his bravado and b*llsh!t can be used to our advantage”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


4:50pm Cam1-2 Aaryn and GIGI pool

Gigi is pissed at Jessie because she was flirting with NIck and is giving her dirty looks.
GiGi: “She’s next to go in my F****ing book.. she gave me a dirty look and from where I come from b!tches don’t give eyes like that”

Aaryn: “She ths type of girl that sleeps with other peoples boyfriends.. she’s the type of girl my ex would have cheated on me with”

Aaryn: “We gotta get Elissa out.. if she stays it’s going to get nuts.. it’s going to be defcon 5”
Aaryn: “ how can you hips be that small if you’ve had a child
Gigi: “she’s a weird individual.. I wonder if she has any friends”

Gigi about Andy: “I really don’t F*** trust him as far as I can toss his F*** a$$.. I may joke with him but I don’t give him Sh!t “

GiGi: “he doesn’t talk to me much the sh!t he says makes sense”

GiGi about Jessie “She’s a sketch f***ing little midget”
Aaryn thinks GiGI is the one that will have to take out Jessie she suggests putting up Jessie and Candace.
Aaryn: “I’m probably going to get MVP at some point.. If I was America right now I would vote for me”


5:12pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom random chit chat Spencer, Andy, Jessie, Candace . Elissa comes out of the shower


5:24pm Helen and Spencer Cam 1-2 Hammock

Helen brings up David playing chess with him and doing a bit of campaigning on the side.
Spencer about David: “Bottom line is he’s going home”

Spencer plans on going to David and saying that he’s voting for him to stay. Spencer thinks Helen to do the same. The reason is that David will go back to his group saying that Helen and SPencer are locked votes. When he goes home on Wednesday the bieber fever will be even more confused.
Spencer: “You got to give him some time so it sink into his sun bleached brain”

Spencer says that the only reason David is talking to her is because he’s on the block nothing he’s saying is “Heartfelt”

Helen:L “I went to the bathroom at 5am in the morning and GIGI was eating icecream in the kitchen” They talked about the evenings events Helen says she really built up that she is not targeting Jeremy and she accepted Jeremy’s apology.

Spencer: “Can you be honest.. do you and Candace have something going one?”
Helen: “No i’m closer with you.. I want to go with you, Howie, McCrae, Andy and Judd”
Spencer: “I’m not 100% with Amanda.. I think sooner or later she will pull out Judd and McCrae”
Helen: “We gotta keep McCrea”
Spencer: ‘To be honest she’s a real turn off to me with all her gutter talk” (Amanda)
Helen is pumped about their final 5 (Andy, McCrae, Howie, Andy, spencer, Helen)
Spencer: “This group that we have is so big it’s going to fracture.. I don’t want us to”

Spencer starts to play down Jeremy as a target, “At some point he may be more help to us than we realize now.. he’s got heart”
Helen brings how in her conversation with Jeremy she used his mom “as a weapon” She was able to get closer to him.
Helen: “Last night we were verbally abused.. he was one step away from hitting one of us” (Thats a massive exaggeration)



Andy joins them says he talked to Nick. Nick told him that he felt all alone.
Helen leaves

Spencer is worried about Helen talking to him and using her hands to count votes in front of everyone. He thinks its a sure fire way to tell everyone what they are talking about. Spencer mentions that Jeremy is best to keep right now, “Take out his alliances”.

Spencer and Andy agree that Amanda should go soon. Spencer believes that Jeremy could be used to take her out.. “All his bravado and b*llsh!t can be used to our advantage”

Spencer: “Listen this dude she’ll cut our heads off in 2 seconds”
Spencer points out that everyone is complaining about the other showmances but never a thing is said about Amanda and McCrae. he believes that Amanda is closer to Jessie and Aaryn than the group.
Spencer: “nobody denies that Amanda is shady or has the potential to be shady”
Andy: “She’s the only person I’m worried about in the group”
Spencer: “The group is stronger without her”
Amanda: “Will try to get McCare, Judd and Elissa and maybe Howard.. she’ll use Eliss’s MVP”

Andy says they need to get the Nicks and GiGi’s out sooner then worry about Amanda.
Spencer: “Gigi is sketchy.. we know what we’re doing to Aaryn”
Spencer thinks that GIGI is the type of player that might win HOH and put one of them up, “I would rather have someone like Jeremy around that won’t put us up cause he wants to get these B1tches out”

Spencer: “I like Helen she’s a super brilliant person and I like her to a fault but I need to coach her how to deal with these people.. I don’t think she’s as savvy as I wish she was”
Andy: “you and I are her best assets in the game”


5:57pm Cam 3-4 Backyard Howard, MC, Jessie and Candace

Howard talks about his ex-fiancee and how after they broke up. After that we went back to “lady with three kids”

Candace asks if the premarriage counselling helped.
Howard: “Yes it doesn’t help you get married it helps you see everything inside and out and see if you want to get married”
Howard: “I was ready.. she had things to get over.. things from childhood”
At one point Howard and his girlfriend decided that they didn’t want to get married. They have grown alot since then. Howard adds that we went to his pastor and told him he’s ready for a girlfriend and his pastor kept asking him “Are you ready to get married.. because that is the final goal”

Howard adds that they really wanted to get married but she wasn’t able to allow herself to be loved, “She was never loved before” all his affection didn’t seem real to her.

Howard brings up the time they took him away for big brother. His dog is usually really cool and chill but when they came the dog was going crazy. Howard says he didn’t even know I was picked just got a phone call one day and everything went very quick.


6:16pm Bible study with Howard and Jessie Going over verses..


Pool side.

Nick telling them that erlier today Jeremy was saying he wanted to spray the lwn down with water to cool it down and Judd said “Don’t water it I done’t want to have to cut it”
They all laugh.

Aaryn: “once 1/2 theses people are gone I’ll start making some southern meals for you.. right now there is too many people.. and I’m a Mexican cook from hell.. From where i’m from when someone says your a Mexican cook from hell it means you are THAT GOOD”

Aaryn has a new nickname for Elissa “Fembot”

Jessie is on the hammock.
Spencer: “Is she sucking her thumb”
Nick: “that isn’t really happening”
Aaryn: “she’s missing home FO SHOW.. I feel her pain”
Nick: “Oh she is.. oh well”


Jessie joins them site right beside Nick and lights a cigarette. David, Nick and Jeremy leave for various reasons.. Nick is the last to leave.
Jessie has a problem with him leaving.. she’s 1/2 joking/flirting about it.
Jessie: ‘Why does he leave every time I come up to him.. that’s weird”
Aaryn: “Ya that is”
jessie: “I feel like he will put me on the block.. he’s weird.. he likes you (To Judd)”
Judd: ‘No.. ”
Aaryn: “he doesn’t really talk to me .. I don’t know”

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“I’m probably going to get MVP at some point.. If I was America right now I would vote for me”


I love how they always perceive themselves differently then what is going on… lol


I’m on the edge of my seat to see what her edit is next episode


Just wondering how to contact site administrator. Was wondering if they can update bios? It’s so hard this season to keep up with the names of all the idiots on this year!


Simon you’re a machine. The website is so good ! Thanks for all the updates, they are fun to read.


Hey Simon,

Has there been any talk of Gigi having an eating disorder? The losing her s**t over production taking something (maybe it really is just clothes…but I’m suspicious it’s something more like suppositories) and then up alone at 5 am eating ice cream (like binge and purge while the HG’s are asleep) has me wondering.


Thanks that was quick!


Hope Amanda can stay she has a lot of potential in the game and is the only decent female…Helen and Elissa and GiGi are okay but I don’t see there gameplay…



La la la

If Aaryn only knew that America hates her!


That is why she needs to go home before jury and see how America really feels!! 15 minutes up!!!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

For me its sad that the reality of this being the last season. It is not because of ratings, but the recent bad press with this ridiculous cast and their racial slurs. It saddens me that after production telling the house guests to cool it, Aaryn and her bit*** friends are so mindless and rude that they cannot stop. BB really fu***** up this time and there is no way to fix it.


Did they say they’re going to cancel the show? I would be so infuriated if the show got cancelled because of stupid Kaitlin, GM, Aaryn and their crew. Honestly Big Brother needs to intervene and tell them to shut up before they ruin BB for everyone.


Did Big Brother actually tell the houseguest to stop saying racial/homophobic slurs? For real? Was that on during the live feeds?


Yes and Amanda talked over them word for word leaving the impression it wasn’t the first time


They need a game changer and put the gals in time pout, (have not room, for a week) to bring back up the ratings!! That would be worth buying the feeds!


I don’t think they would cancel the show, because of mistakes made by casting, but I can definitely see casting becoming much more careful in future seasons, and much stricter rules for future houseguests. I could see production threatening expulsion if this kind of behavior continues this season, at lest I hope they won’t let it continue it is only week 1.


Amanda decent!!!! Are you kidding me with her anti gay comments. She is nasty!! She needs to go just like Aaryn, GM, Spencer and Jeremy. They are all racist bigots!


She said she’s experimented with girls herself, she’s obviously not homophobic, but I don’t think what she said about Andy was appropriate.

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn to GM: “We got Elissa out, if she stays it’s going to be DEFCON 5.” Hehe I wonder if she thinks if it isn’t Elissa that it will be Jessie, and that she can’t even fathom David being the one to go? She also thinks America is going to give her MVP?! Wow, just wow. Spencer has done a lot of damage control for Jeremy the last couple of days, and Helen seems to be buying it.


I never would of thought Elissa would be one of my favorites, I’m having a hard time finding a favorite this season but as of now I like her and hope she goes far. Aaryn is the worst. I mean, everyone is guilty of saying things that ain’t right to say, but she is a truly hatful person and I hope she gets help/realizes it one day. Seriously! Everyone is like how they are for a reason and anyone can learn to change their ways. But boy can she talk some shit, day in and day out.


The scary part is she believes what she says. She has forgotten she is in a game.


watching the girls of big brother 15 is like watching mean girls. Aaryn is Regina George, Gina Marie is Gretchen and Kaitlin is Karen.


all the drama – yelling, crying, showmancing, backstabbing, namecalling – from the guys and the girls, and we haven’t completed week one…hang on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Chilltown Fan

I like Nick, he’s my favorite, but he’s playing a terrible social game. He schemes all the time, is the intellectual muscle of the MC, then decides to not build social relationships with the houseguests. Howard has the best social game so far out of the MC. In fact, it would be to Howard’s benefit for the MC to eventually implode down the road, he has built up social relationships with almost everyone of the houseguests, he would be absorbed into any new alliance. Nick is very much like Boogie, where I get the sense he thinks he’s socially above the rest of the houseguests in real life.


Nick said earlier it is really hard to spend time with the gals. They are not his kind of people!!


Nick is gay if you ask me

Biff Tannen

I can’t believe it’s only Week 1! There is going to be a complete meltdown at some point and I personally cannot wait…


Amanda is not Homophobic.
I have been watching Big Brother After Dark the hot crew are mind numbingly boring.
The upstairs in the HOH with Amanda, Andy, Nick, Spencer and McCrea is more enjoyable..
Dump the Muscle Jeremy and David.. rid the House of the Barbi and her sorority girls and lets
get this started.
P.S I say give Elyssa a shot.. most younger siblings, like myself, have a dumb ass sibling you wouldn’t
want to walk in and say is your brother or sister… or be judged based on shared DNA.

Janelle pov queen

Y’all think Aaryn is talking shit now waite for her boy friend leave and Elissa stay in win HOH epic

billy bob

this is one bi-polar ,pill popping cast, haha i don’t know if i should feel sad are just laugh at these dumb asses,


I don’t have the live feeds. Can someone update me as to what kind of racial slurs were being used?


“Aaryn: “I’m probably going to get MVP at some point.. If I was America right now I would vote for me”

Ahahahahahahahaha! My stomach is beginning to hurt over how much I am laughing. Girl, you will NEVER be MVP, and I can’t wait for her to get out of the house, and see how much she is despised.


Aaryn is giving us Texas girls a BAD name! I’m sorry but I am born and raised in Texas and never once heard “Mexican cook from hell means you are a good cook” and I live in Houston (not far from San Marcos). And “sitting on my hat is disrespectful”… Yay maybe if it is a REAL cowboy hat and not a 5dollar straw hat!!