GIGI says she’s going to quit “Waiting to Wednesday but I’m Bouncing “

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


6:45pm Cam 3-4 HOH Spencer, Amanda and McCrea

They are talking about comics. McCrae has a first generation Samsung galaxy tab that he uses to read comics. He would rather have the physical copy but he lives far away from a comic shop

Spencer: “I live close to this place called the bat cave.. theres also a coffee shop” (LOL every comic shop is called the bat cave)

McCrae says he’s pretty drained from last night he glad things have chilled out.

7:05pm backyard Cam 1-2 Aaryn and David

Aaryn saying that the house wants her gone before Aaryn because they think if they can get rid of her David will be easier to manipulate.
Jessie joins them asks about the Big Brother fans.

Aaryn says she heard there is 9 million fans, “every time you sit like this (Legs open a bit) they take 5 million screenshots.. everytime you look like sh1t they are going to take like 5 million screenshots”
Jessie: “So they are not nice fans”
Aaryn: “No.. I’m sure most of them are nice but some of them are super sketchy there is b*** pictures of every girl”

Jessie :”have you ever had a n1p slip”
Aaryn: “Ya the other day”


7:20pm HOH Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Spencer, Howard
Briefly chatting about GIGI’s breakdown about clothes.
Spencer: “My very first impression of her was she was the type of person with high highs and low lows.. this might be a low and it’ll take her a copule days to bounce back.“
Amanda starts impersonating and making fun of GIGI. Amanda thinks GIGI is the type of person that needs attention and when she’s not getting it she’ll make a show.
Spencer: “I hope she screams so loud she has a aneurisme and falls dead”
McCrae: “No no we don’t want that”
Jeremy joins them
Spencer: “Sometimes the first poop of the day is the best part of the day”
Jeremy have you ever had a poop so big that it stretch you little b** h**e”
Spencer: “sometimes it looks like someone tried to flush a cat.. sometimes I need to use a coat hanger to break it up in the bowl so it doesn’t plug”
Jeremy: “Ohh sh!t man thats never happened”
Howard: “You ever have diarrhea and it’s diarrhea the water”
Everyone laughs..
Jeremy says his longest P** was a “banana foot”
(“Poo” talk seems to be the one topic that really engages these guys.. lol)
Amanda leaves..

7:34pm Kitchen table Nick and Danielle opps I mean Jessie

Jessie: “Why do you hate me”
Nick: “I don’t”
Jessie: “Why are you so adverse to me”
Nick: ‘I’m not”:
Jessie: “You do this to everybody”
Nick: “No”
Jessie: “Just to me.. why”
N: ‘I’m being sarcastic.. it’s in your head.. it is. “
J: “everytime I get within 10 feet you leave.. and I want to talk to you.. I miss you we use to sleep in the same bed.. I’m having withdrawls”
Nick: “Thats cool”
Jessie leaves ‘Alright you’re free”
N: “Thank you”
Amanda joins them in the kitchen: “I just shoved my Br***ts in Andy’s face.. I just made Andy motorb*** me and he didn’t like it ”

Big-Brother-15-Feeds-247:54pm HOH Helen, Howard, Andy and Spencer talking about how Gigi is probably upset because she’s now realizing that she picked the wrong team to be on. Spencer drops hints that they’re final 5 is solid but they need to worry about McCare and Amanda. Helen agrees, she feel confident that McCare is still loyal but they do need to worry about Amanda.
Spencer: “McCare has a lot of whispers in his ear..”
Helen: “I think it’s partly HOH it’ll be a big tell after Wednesday how he acts”
Spencer: It’s going to be a big shocker for him cause he spent his entire time in this room”
Andy: “I feel so confident in this 4 to stick together”

Spencer and Howard leave .

Andy and Helen start talking game. Andy wants Nick out right away he doesn’t trust him. Helen says she’s already started getting closer to Jeremy she thinks Andy should to. Andy is going to continue to play “Floater Andy”

Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year

8:05pm Cam 3-4 Hammock Nick and Andy

Andy and Nick agreeing that the best thing to do for them is to lay low..
GIGI comes by.. “I’m going to quit”
GIGI I’m probably going to wait to Wednesday but I’m bouncing “
Andy: “WHAT!”
The only reason why GIGI is staying until wednesday is she doesn’t want Elissa to stay and screw up everyones game.
GIGI: “Serious bro I need to go i’m done.. “
Andy: “Should I leave and let you guys talk”
GIGI: “No it’s OK he’s nobody to me”

Andy: ‘I really don’t want you to go home”
GIGI: “My nails are a disaster.. I feel like a dirtbag.. oh my god I feel like sh!t”
Andy: “have you talked to anybody else like this”
GIGI: “No”
GIGI top Nick: “What’s up man you gave me the stank eye stop it”
Nick: “What happened today”
GIGI: ‘I want my clothes.. everyone is shady as f*** this isn’t the surroundings i’m use to.. I can’t do this for 3 months”


Nick gets up puts his arm around her and comforts her.. they go into the house to talk to in private.
on the way into the house all you can hear is gigi repeating “i want to go home I want to go home”

Nick: “What is up what happened.. what changed from yesterday to today”
GIGI: “I want to go home”
Nick: “We’re in the best spot GIGI”
GIGI: ‘I want to go home and be with people that like me”
Nick: ‘People like you”


GIGI goes on and on about how she’s feeling bad about herself.
Nick: “I like you you are a cool chick to hang out with.. all those things that they take away that’s not you”
Nick pleads with her not to go.. he explains about Jessie and how she was following him around. GIGI is cooling down sounds like she still wants to stay (LOL she’s jealous of Jessie)

We now find out that GIGI is starting her period and it’s making her feel disgusting.. she starts to explain that the past 4 years her period has changed causing her to me emotional, “It’s a change I guess because i’m over 30” GIGI says her hair clip looks like a vagi***a they both laugh ..


GIGI starts talking about her past relationships etc etc.. she says that her and Nick live really close to each other in New York and Jessie lives far away from Nick. She says she feels lonely.
GIGI: “can I ask you a questions”
Nick: “Ya”
Feeds cut..


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Period or not, I can already tell Gigi’s gonna be on an emotional rollercoaster after the first eviction.


This is total speculation…but based on experience:

I think Gigi has an eating disorder. Maybe she was really upset about her clothes (like maybe after she binges, she feels comfortable in bulky clothes) or maybe there’s something she requested like a suppository and production said no. She keeps saying she feels like a dirtbag. The girl from my experience also used the “dirty” terminology after a massive binge. Earlier Helen said she woke up at 5 am to use the bathroom and Gigi was eating ice cream all alone. Then there’s her mentioning her period. Eating disorders can screw up body chemistry to the point where the period vanishes. Now it’s possible Gigi is not used to her period and that’s why she’s unhinged by it.

Or maybe Gigi is just an emotional train wreck and all her behaviors that are similar to the girl I know are simple coincidence…time will tell.


She is a pageant gal and knows cameras are around and she has to be on them without make up and cute clothes. She is all about looks!!


I will never understand the purpose of “poop talk” or discussing the biggest dump they have ever taken. Or people taking pictures of theirs and sending it to their friends. My boyfriend needed me to text his friend something for him while he was driving and as I seen in the previous messages a picture of his turd sent to his friend a couple days before. Again, will never understand.


Aww Nick and Gigi are actually kind of a cute showmance…I think if she sticks with Nick and stays away from Aaryn and Kaitlin it will be much better for her gameplay

Chilltown Fan

Gina Marie will get her clothes back if she wins HOH soon, or a little bit after the 1/2 way mark if she’s still there. Porsche had a lot of her clothes taken by BB in Season 13, and got them back about 1/2 through. I wish Nick would give her a little more attention, she needs it.


Why do they take her clothes, just to mess with her????


They want to frustrate her enough to make her quit (b/c of the bad publicity she has been generating for the show) which is just stupid since half a dozen other castmates are guilty of making disparaging remarks


I wonder if they found some stuff in her clothes- maybe sewn in or in the cuffs- diet pills, etc


Nick is laying a part and does not like the blond gals!!!!


**Playing, not laying

Suzy Sunshyne

I wonder if when David gets evicted if they will all gather around the table and morn him and then lose their mind like Chima!? One can only hope!!


Aaren did say it will be defcon 5 if david goes .. now that I would love to see …


I can not believe the gull of Aaren thinking that America loves her … is she kidding .. did they give her some funny smokes… what an EGO ..


He should of walked her to the front door, bye bye now.


Aw I was hoping Gigi would really quit 🙁 bummer


TBH, I just think GM is sexually frustrated. Seeing that all her lady friends (Aaryn and Kaitlyn) have open showmances and Nick is just not giving her anything. You can totally tell when she was crying he was not like being physical (hugging) at all.

Chilltown Fan

Jeremy or Nick is my guess. The blondetourage is going to flip out Wednesday when David leaves, those two are the ones that will take the most fire from that side of the house. Nick is more solid with the MC, while Jeremy is a loose cannon and liability for the group. Spencer has been covering for Jeremy amongst the other houseguests.

Karen S

Hey Simon, I suspect that if McCrae keeps winning comp’s.. they’re going to push him out the door first.
The guys have already discussed it. The only thing that I see would ensure him to stay longer is if the MC
gets rid of Amanda.


I think so as well. he is a busy body!!


I agree about McCrey spending way too much time in the hoh room. He’s got that Willie Hantz syndrome going on.

Chilltown Fan

Amanda is the worst thing that happened to McCrae.


I would be sick of the caddyness too but I think she is upset because she is not part of the majority now. If she tones it down a bit like she is kind of doing now(and no more racial and homophobic slurres), other huge personalities can shine and have a bigger target on them. She just needs to lay low and stay away from those potty-mouth, girl bullies who think they are above everyone else….Annoys the you know what out of me.

Suzy Sunshyne

these girls make Danielle look mentally stable….lol


So my wife’s convinced Nick’s a doppleganger of Dan, and with Jessie’s glasses and clinginess, does that make them Dan and Danielle? With McCrae as a young Boogie, Amanda as a voluptuous Dani, nu Rachel as Rachel, Spencer as what’s his name bacon guy McTori stalker?

What other parallels? Helen as Shelly? Andy as Reagan?

Suzy Sunshyne

Andy is no Reagan! I do however think Nick read all of Dan’s books before going into the house.

Karen S

I saw Nick as Dr. Will. David/Frank…


idk about you guys, but if you close your eyes and listen to Nick or McCrae in the DR, they sounds exactly like Boogs…




Okay so I was away from the computer all day ’cause up here it’s CANADA DAY (woo-hoo) and I missed the OBB updates and I don’t watch live feeds AND this cast is getting stale (until the first eviction, probably) .
So, long story short (too late), What The F**k Is Up With Taking Gigi’s Clothes? Could that actually be true?
I recall Jillian saying (BBCAN) that ‘they’ gave her those shorts to wear (PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION was immediately sounded).
Something is weird because Helen and Elissa have been wearing tights so why doesn’t Gigi?
Anybody – somebody – have any answers because I missed a whole bunch there or something?
Who knows – maybe that’s why the dudes take their shirts of so quickly. Maybe they’re ‘supposed to’?

Really Confused.


Not sure why Gigi’s clothes, make up and hair products were taken from her. I am a little confused as well on that. Gi was crying that she doesn’t like her body with out big loose clothes on it, which is funny because she wore a really tight dress going in the house. I would also like to know why they took her clothes!

Janelle pov queen

I hope when Elissa stays that really makes Gigi leave.


Yes and she walks out the door with David!!!! Funny

Suzy Sunshyne

I hope Aaryn goes with her! I would love to be there when she reads what everyone is saying about her! Danielle can come and console her, seeing as she knows what it feels like to think America loves you and find out they can’t stand you!


Off topic, but my live feeds don’t seem to be working. It’s just showing me a black screen. Everything else is working, like the camera choices, the flashback options, and the live chat. Has anyone else had this problem?

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Gotta come up with a new name for this season. Anyways, I am liking the way this season is set up. Well other than some of slurs and other comments made by certain HG’s. So far, I like Elise which is more than I can say for Rachel. If McCrae distances himself from Amanda, I think he has potential to go far. And I am absolutely loving the MC’s plan so far. And Wednesday should be epic, the look on Malibu Ken’s face will be classic. And his girl, Trailer Trash Barbie is going to lose it. I think BB cast her as a Britney type. Another HG that I wasn’t a fan of, but at least Britney was funny at times, whereas Trailer Trash Barbie isn’t funny at all.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Allow me to amend my comment. She’s not Trailer Trash Barbie, but a far more fitting title would be Country Bumpkin Barbie. So, as long as she’s inside my favorite summer house, I will refer to her as Country Bumpkin Barbie.


I just love this site! I check it numerous times a day! I think I might have a problem….


That was impressive how Nick handled that and got her to change her mind that quickly.

King Silva

Ugh I wish Gia Maria would leave on Wednesday.

Hopefully after David is given the boot and say Elissa or Helen win HOH she can go snap and leave.

I don’t like GiGi but I have to sat this quote from Spencer was wrong:

Spencer: “I hope she screams so loud she has a aneurisme and falls dead”

Day Yum Yum

GiGi just wants attention whether it be positive or negative! Once she gets it, like she did from Nick, she will be fine! She may have issues but she sure is more tolerable than Amanda, Kaitlin, Jessie and Aaryn! Spencer reminds me of the bacon-obsessed tori-stalker too!! He thinks he is running that house and acts like he knows everything! The guy is so delusional and will go before the halfway point with any luck! Has McRae-crae been wearing that maroon shirt since day one? Has Spencer taken a shower yet?? I have not seen him do so! So many of these people are just plain old disgusting! They need to stop with the homophobic comments too! Especially that dumb bitch Aaryn! These girls are the worst and they are so jealous of Elissa it isn’t even funny! Even though Elissa doesn’t need the money I hope she wins just to spite these bitches!