Spencer: “If we keep this together we’ll be the most dominate bada$$ alliance that’s ever been”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


4:39pm HOH Amanda and McCrae

Amanda is still pretty pissed that Kaitlin was throwing her name out there as a target for next week. She keeps asking McCrae why her etc etc. McCrae: “Because she’s a stupid girl in a showmance.. “
Amanda thought she was closer to Kaitlin. McCrae points out Amanda argument with Jessie early in the day.
Amanda laughs: ‘She wants me up because of that.. “ (Previous post has McCrae giving Amanda more reasons why Amanda may be the other sides target)

Amanda: “You must be pretty convincing for her to open up to you like that”
McCrae: ‘Damn right.. “
Amanda: “I want to cut her”
McCrae laughs..

McCrae tells her they cannot “F*** around” he doesn’t want affection between them to be shown any more.
Amanda: “But they all know I have a boyfriend”
McCrae: “yeah I know.. “
Amanda keeps calling Kaitlin dumb. McCrae tries to explain to her that everyone in the house has their own game.. Putting Amanda up may be what the other side want


4:55pm Cam 1-2 Andy and McCrae HOH

Andy: “Every night before bed all I do is think”
McCrae: “Thats good”
Andy: “All I could think about is why put Elissa up when she’s not targetting us.. and why keep Aaryn who will cause sh!t all week”
Andy: “david is a reality TV junkie.. he’s like us.. he knows survivor he knows Big Brother.. He even said things about live feeds.. I don’t even watch Live feeds.”
McCrae thinks that David is playing up how dumb he is.
Andy: “GIGI is a F*** wildcard..” Andy feels that he can pull Nick off to the side and smooth things over. McCrae says that Nick and Bradon 2.0 are hiding something.
Andy: “I couldn’t agree more.. I swear I didn’t see David at summer camp.. I remember every other guy thats here.. so whatever he’s gone”
McCrae: “I know he’s lying about something”
Andy: “I know Nick is lying to”
McCrae agrees says that Nick’s strategy is so good, “He keeps out of everyones business” (Feeds switch to bathroom.. )


4:58pm Bathroom Cam 1-2 Amanda, Kaitlin and Aaryn in the shower stall

Kaitlin: “You boys are so sexy I love watching you boys work out.. “
Kaitlin: ‘Jeremy says it was so uncomfortable”
Amanda: “If Jeremy give her a f*** bat of the eye she’ll jump at it.. I just want her to know watch it.. in a sly way but it’s not really my place.. I like you girls.”
Kaitlin: “I’m trying to let it go.. It’s getting a bit annoying and it has to stop”
Amanda is glad they saw it to because she thought she was the only girl noticing.
Aaryn in the shower says “Why didn’t she just put it on her back herself like I am doing right now”
Amanda: “I was thinking why didn’t she ask you to do it for her” (you = kaitlin)
Amanda thinks they should just cool it with Jessie right now they want to focus on getting Elissa. Amanda doesn’t want a fight to break out before Wednesday that changes people’s votes to evict her
Amanda: ‘I just feel like she’s focusing on the guys more than the game.. she needs to keep her eye on the prize”

(they were talking about Jessie)


5:05pm CAm 1-2 Judd, McCrae and Amanda

They’re chatting about how set they are. Judd is finding it hard to keep his mouth shut because when he’s back home he speaks his mind. Amanda leaves asks McCrae what he would be doing this time back home. McCrae says he would be delivering pizza, he always works Friday and Saturday night because no one else wants to, “They’re dumb because it’s the best for tips”
Jeremy joins them.. he starts saying they should do a cannonball in the pool and get Elissa wet in the Hammock.

GiGi joins them and starts talking about a YouTube video she saw that had these little imaginary fantasy creatures in it (She thinks it could be real). Jeremy tells her that it was probably fact. GiGI is unconvinced she doesn’t think any one would go to all that trouble for YouTube, “it;s was like filmed with a iPhone.. ”
Jeremy: “you can do that with the weakest program.. I got pinnacle studio 9 and I can do some of that.. Adobe Premiere can do it.. Windows media movie Maker can probably do that.,, you know aliens vs Predator that was all done with a computer”
David joins them. GiGI says she keeps stepping on things cutting her foot they need to clean up more frequently. Jeremy: “I got something in my foot.. F*** it” Jeremy leaves. Judd asks GIGI what she would be doing this time back home.


5:18pm Cam 3-4 Kaitlin and Jeremy

Kaitlin: “You smell like outside”
Jeremy: “you smell delicious.. you look gorgeous”
Kaitlin: ‘Thanks… it’s my weave” (they both giggle)
Nick joins them says talks about the crazy facial hair he plans on growing..

Jessie comes out of the havenots room doesn’t look too happy. Kaitlin: “good morning”
Jeremy: ‘She look pissed”
Kaitlin: “She just woke up”


5:39pm Cam 1-2 Nick and Jeremy
Nick: “I have a blind faith commitment with all you guys and I have nothing else.. you guys are it to me thats it”
Jeremy: “You guys are the only ones I’m listening to.. ”

(they now talk about hair for 1/2 a hour)


5:59pm Cam 3-4 Aaryn and David
Aaryn starts of by complaining that every time she cleans something up someone comes by and messes it up then leaves it, “Theres no point” Aaryn points out that Helen use to be really nice to her but now she’s mean. Aaryn wonders why Elissa and Helen are so close based solely on them both being mom, “I’m a texan does that mean I’m nice to all other texans or only bond with texans.,. whatever”

Aaryn: “What she said last night was kind of rude.. “
Spencer, Jeremy and her were sitting at the couch when Helen comes out says “C’mon Spencer come talk with me at the hammock.. you can be my showmance seeing as everyone else is in a relationship”
David: ‘She said that”
Aaryn: “Ya even Even Jeremy thought it was weird”
Aaryn warns David that people are going to try to manipulate him he has to be careful and come talk to her first, “Don’t listen to the first thing someone says”
Aaryn gets up “I’m gonna take some adderall.. “


6:11pm Cam 3-4 Jeremy and Spencer Hammock

Rehashing the Moving Company’s plan. Jeremy says he was a bit worried about McCrae and Amanda. Spencer explains that McCrae is trying to shake Amanda but she’s all over him.
Spencer: “If we keep this together we’ll be the most dominate bada$$ alliance that’s ever been”
Jeremy: ‘No doubt in my mind”
Jeremy asks if Elissa is the next one to leave after David. Spencer says it’s Amanda.
Spencer tells Jeremy he has to play dumb and just make sure Spencer, McCrae and Howard are safe and they will make sure Nick and Jeremy are safe.

Jeremy is a bit worried that he’s losing a person from their side but if it’s good for the cause he’s all game. Spencer points out that they are taking out a strong player.

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I hope so, MC alliance needs to stay strong.

Chilltown Fan

Agreed, it makes no sense for people to stick their neck out for people that they rarely interact/socialize with. In theory it’s very smart for MC to meet in pairs, and never together, but it neglects the social aspect of BB. Jeremy spends most of his time with David, Kaitlin, and Aaryn, and briefly interacts with other MC members throughout the day.

Eli Rules

But because they never talk to each other all day that’s why their plan is actually solid. They know that they have a core Alliance, and they go off and spend time with their sub Alliance And report back when they have the chance. It’s actually a pretty good plan.

Chilltown Fan

In theory it’s good, but there is no social bond with Howard and Jeremy. To me, what you would call the “core” of the MC is Nick, Howard, and Spencer. McCrae has Amanda messing his game up. Then you have Jeremy that is more interested in David, Kaitlin, and Aaryn. Jeremy is already dropping reservations to Spencer and Nick about going after the side he’s supposed to be working for the overall benefit of the alliance.


if it were week 3 or 4 or 5 i would say that…but its week one and big alliances formed week one will not last well…rarely….you cant trust everyone right out the gate!


I don’t either. I think there are too many differing personalities among these guys.


David needs to campaign hard to stay, but he is to dumb and stupid that he ain’t campaign anything.


He has to ask Aaryn first! The guy is already pussywhooped and it’s only been a week….so pathetic he deserves to go home.


Am I the only one who thinks Aaryn has some serious control freak issues? “Don’t talk to anyone before me”, “Don’t do anything w/o asking me first”, really? And David does, so he either has a dependent personality, is actually totally clueless about the game, or is only looking at her and thinking “How soon before I can get her to have sex with me?” That may sound a little mean, but I cannot believe the dynamic of these two. I have a friend over in Iraq who says that to her right now it would be scarier to be housed in one of the trailers with her than go on patrols, she might be right.


I think we all think that at this point.

Chilltown Fan

Jeremy might be the person from the MC that will eventually get caught in the crossfire, and will have to be cut loose. Aaryn might come off as catchy, and bitc*y, but she’s smart about a lot of the things she observers in the game. She had me laughing last night when she was talking about how Dick left Season 13 because of drug withdraws. If David goes, she’s going to interrogate Jeremy, and Jer. needs to stop telling other MC members that he is worried about losing a member from the side he’s supposed to be working for the MC.


Aaryn will be up all night if she took adderall at 6pm.. I take adderall @ 10am everyday & i normally dont go to bed until 3am … no way would I be sleeping if I took it at 6pm !!


Isn’t that used to treat ADHD?


The alliances in the house are so messed up it’s not even funny.


So true only it is pretty funny you have to admit.

Janelle pov queen

At this point I just need Elisa to stay


So is Aaryn just taking Adderall to take it? She would have to have a prescription right?


This combination medication is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as part of a total treatment plan, including psychological, social, and other treatments. It may help to increase the ability to pay attention, concentrate, stay focused, and stop fidgeting.


It is used to treat ADHD it is a stimulant


Adderall contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Both these medicines are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.

Adderall is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


I know some people take it who aren’t ADHD to focus better/study better (kind of an ethical issue) so that’s why I was asking


I am LOVING the McCrae/Amanda flirtmance. They are adorable!


You guy saw how Jeremy was playing with Kaitlin’s ass in the hammock? I thought Aaryn was stupid. At least she doesn’t let a guy feel her up on national TV.



I NEED ELISSA, HELEN AND CANDICE TO BAND TOGETHER BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES NOT PLAYING SO HARD SO FAST..Besides the HATE that elissa is getting…I Can See Them linking up and winning shit..

Ane TBH Candice is a WILDCARD, she said HERSELF that she will not play hard on the first week..I can see her winning the next HOH or POV.

besides from that , candice is the only won I can see getting far without getting her completely dirty.


Does McCrae go to school or have an actual job? He can’t be delivering pizzas his whole life.


Does McCrae go to school or have an actual job? He can’t be delivering pizzas his whole life.